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Episode 72: Causes of School Shootings, Terrorism, Fake News, Plus Hypnotism

2018-05-20 | 🔗


  • Jordan Peterson getting pecked to death by his critics
  • Jordan’s premise: Monogamy reduces violence
  • School violence, common factors
  • Video games association with violence
  • “top of mind” thoughts and influence on beliefs
  • Scientific study: Journalists more susceptible to bias than other professions
  • Understanding the power of hypnosis
  • Darren Brown / Simon Pegg, demonstration of memory being rewritten
  • Journalists have taken role of hypnotist, rewriting audience memory
  • NXIVM Raniere interview
  • John Legend becoming the thing he hates

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i don't do dudes bump bump well it's a wonderful sunday some of you are off churching it up but not me i'm here working and drinking coffee and talking to you so if you're lucky enough to be available it's time for the simultaneous sip up and coffee with scott adams that's me raise your mugs grab your beverage and let's simultaneous sip ah if you're still growing i see somebody still growing will we will will get you another simultaneous up all right we have sent several fun topics in no particular order number one i am watching with great
payment and interest as jordan peterson is being picked to death by the by the less educated media and i love it because he tends to say things that i have in the past and gotten in great trouble but unlike maine he can back up he says so the big difference between a lot of you know i'm not saying that i agree with everything jordan peterson's ever said i might i just don't know everything he said so i'm not disagreeing with him i just can't claim i agree with everything 'cause i don't know everything he's ever said but he's getting in trouble right now for saying something i got in trouble several years ago i got in trouble for exactly the same thing or very similar maybe not exactly but he can back it up with research and you know and
ship so it's fun to watch him with the fight that i so i'm getting hit entertainment value out of them and the idea that he's putting down is monogamy is good for reducing violence i hope i'm not mis characterizing him like everybody else in the world is characterizing him but essentially the idea that if you pair a man in a woman the ban is going to be a little less violent on average at least less violent society might be more violent to the woman i suppose but in terms of societal violence outside of the outside of the actual couple so apparently there's there are a number of studies in the biological evolutionary field that make it pretty clear that if you have if you have a situation
where the rich guy has a hundred wives i've got a lot of extra males and they end up getting in trouble and causing trouble one creating violence and such now when i set it of several years ago i said it without the bed of any scholarly anything yeah i might have linked to one article or something but just got a for the idea that there's something about so let me generalize a little bit 'cause i got eviscerated several times for related ideas and they thought was here's here's the dangerous part of the thought that there's something about the way society is organized not in every place but you know we're talking about the whole world there's something about the way society is optimized that's bad for boys and that one of the side effects of that system that is
organized to optimize mail experience is that the the men who are not optimizing their experience get in trouble now listening to me say it i'm going to develop myself so you should ignore everything i say on this topic because there are people who know what they're talking about jordan peterson is one follow him on twitter you can see lots of links to scholarly ripped scholarly things which make the same point so as we're trying to figure out what the heck's behind these what will shootings and what the hecks behind terrorism and problems in the middle east and pretty much ninety eight percent or whatever of the vial people are males and most of them are young ish so what's
now i made the i tweeted this morning but i deleted it because i i got caught tweeting a the sheik connie a account you should never tweet before you have your coffee in the morning every time i've re tweeted a fake account which i've done a number of times it's always before i have my coffee like it will be re tweet this looks good though it's not the real cognates a fake id but the point of it was still interesting at least my point so i was saying that if you're trying to understand school shootings it's not that complicated here's the equation schools right you need a school to have a school shooting guns you gotta have guns boys so always boys bullies
there is always a bully oh but i'll bet hundred percent of the chance times there's a bully involved an outcast who doesn't have a girlfriend really english to the first point it's a boy who's been separated from any sort of meaning does it doesn't see a path that looks like he's going to be on the winning path that seems to be a path that other boys are taking then you add to all of the feelings that this person is of the bullying the lack of hope maybe there's some you or mental problems that wouldn't have been a problem in the past is in the they would not have all these other elements at the same time those elements is and this is just me talking this is not science one of those elements is video games and then the news itself about all the school shootings now people will be quick to jump on me and say you ready
scott why are you not aware of all of the studies that show there is no link between in some video games and violence in the real world well i don't know if those studies exist or not because they're not exactly what i'm talking about i'm not saying that the average boy is influenced of violence by video clips right that's but i'm not saying likewise i understand there are studies that also agree with that that the average kid is not inspired to violence by the video game here's what i do claim something like in this is just sort of just to make the point an approximate perhaps one out of one hundred thousand kids boys who are sort of on the edge and they're thinking but like what my situation is what do i do
and what video games do and what the news reports about the school shootings do is they taken yeah that might not have occured to the kid and they make it top of mind now i don't need to study i don't i need to study to tell me people are more likely to act on things that are top of mind nobody needs to show me a study on that that's just too obvious right so if you add the the fact that they think of this idea because of video games because of the news our school shootings probably takes both of those things and by the way who has shown who has studied video games plus the news because you have to study i'm saying that they probably interact just in the obvious level not the not the kind of level we have to study and really do a controlled experience but at the obvious level humans
influenced by what's on their mind we are far less influenced by things were not thinking about i don't need a study to show you that so my point was it would be surprising if we did not have school shootings and it would be surprising if so we have lots more of them now that's slightly different you know the predict that we're going to have them in more of them we have the conditions for that to happen and to be lots more of them and nothing is changing so there's nothing particularly changing that will change them now the question of whether we could harden the targets the answer is i hate to tell you he here's the honest answer to
we harden the targets at the schools i hate to say it but here's the honest answer we don't care enough that's it seoul answer obviously we could art in the targets of the school usually we could protect all the schools there isn't even the slightest chance we can do that we could we could protect those schools problem all the problems that we have if you look at all the big problems in the world this is the easiest one we could bring school violence at least the mass killing types with guns down to zero do you know how we would have to do to make that happen care more we just have to make it a priority it's just not a priority because most people say
even now yeah even with all the school shootings we've seen the odds of my kid guided getting shot still very small but if you want to take another one thousand dollars out of my paycheck per year to cover all this school enforcement that thousand dollars is real the odds of my kid getting killed my specific kid getting killed very small so people don't care enough that's the only problem right we could we could solve it easily just by putting lots of car lots of you know fixing some of the physical stuff yet there's probably ten ways we can solve it completely if we care so let's not pretend that we care enough to solve it because that's the problem all right i'm well it's still about there was study that business insider talked about
see it in my my feed twitter feed that and i talk about this more because it's fun and funny then because it's necessarily scientifically valid right so i'm not i'm not going to put too much credibility in the study but there was a study recently that said that journalists are below average in executive function and below average in the ability to get past bias now i think it was a small study with forty journalists or something it would have to be reproduced reproduced lots of times before you can say there's anything to it but it fits with my preconceived notions so i like any kind of study that matches what i already thought was true whether or not it's true or not i'm gonna like it just as much now
observation is that if i need somebody who's let's say an engineer or somebody in the technical field and i disagree with them so this is a continuous me i'll meet somebody professional a professional engineer and they disagree with me unless politics will have a discussion i will note absolutely no cognitive dissonance thing in the engineer the engineer will say fact fact show me your source but pretty much you know they're going to follow the fact chain to wherever those and i've actually seen engineers change their minds in real time which kinda weird you almost never see that right
but if you give an engineer a new set of facts the engineer will go alright i will take those new that new set of facts i'll put that into the hopper and maybe i'll change my mind you do the same thing with a journalist you will get anger you know it's true you tell an engineer they're wrong what's the first if you tell an engineer the wrong the engineer will have two feelings they'll feel a little bit there you in a little bit personal nobody must be wrong right so if you show engineer the wrong have two feelings 'cause i hate being wrong i don't like that at all but the other one that is unique to engineers and people who think like that right not just the people who went through engineering school but the other thing that's true them is going to have a second emotion the first
may be wrong i don't like this at all the second one is this is kind of exciting it's exciting to be wrong if you're an engineer because you just me might be sing something this might be improving your power because it go from being wrong about something to be right about something as an engineer that's pretty important right so think engineers are unique in that they are they hate being wrong like everybody else in the world but they also like it because it means they learn something and they went to a better place do the same thing to a journalist and again these are gross generalizations of course there are lots of it except to both groups but generally speaking you tell of a journalist the wrong what is the reaction it's not excitement let me tell you that they will write a hit piece about you about what it
you are so they definitely are different people so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that journalists are uniquely biased compared to let's say people in other professions such as lawyers doctor engineers technical people people who are using logic and rationality all day long riders are not in that world i let's talk about a clip that somebody sent to me and i treated around this morning in which hypnotist derren brown he's a famous sort tv hypnotist i guess hypnotize in just with words not not an induction but just by com station hypnotizes actor simon pegg into believing that simon pegg had written a note in his pocket the said something different than what is said now the actual situation was
they asked simon pegg to write down on a piece of paper a gift that always wanted to have but he never got so open peg wrote down on his piece of paper leather jacket sealed it signed it put in this tiny envelope and put it in his own wallet where he is sure that nobody touched it then he goes to have noticed what aaron brown yeah who was so derren brown who talks to him and through just a conversational technique plus manipulation of the scenery in in the room which is probably the more important part simon pegg believes that he wrote on his piece of paper that he wanted a red bmx bicycle what he actually wrote was that he wanted a leather jacket so brown actually rewrote simon peggs and memories in real time
while you're watching it and it only took about five minutes so in five minutes by just the choice of birds derren brown the hypnotist made simon pegg who knew i was talking to a hypnotist right simon pegg knew he was in an experiment he bends he was wary of all the tricks looking for the tricks did help him to know that he was being influenced it did not it did not out of some of you watch the clip i see the questions coming in what do you and by manipulating the scene read what do you do there see the room that they are in the room is mostly two colors mostly white but there are lots of red accents red the red the red so if you're sitting in that room and somebody says what color bicycle do you want
the odds of you saying red go up by a huge factor and you would think it's because you prefer red bicycles now red bicycles are fairly woman so you're also starting with something that's at least in the top that's in the top three or four right if you said what color bicycle do you want a top three top four answers going to be read so so the room influenced the color by being only white and red and why is probably in a less popular color for a bicycle at least you don't see many white bicycles then there were a number of round objects that were paired like the wheels of a bicycle you can see over shoulder of the hypnotist there was an old style reel to reel and the real to reel was going like a like bicycle tires behind him so wal simon pegg is talking to the
the test he's looking over the hypnotist shoulder at two things that look like bicycle tires but are not right then and i will tell you that i saw the technique as it was happy you could see that derren brown was using words this sounded like a bike and bmx so he was working them into the wood in two sentences that were not were not using any of those words but they sounded like it so for example if you were going to say if you want to somebody to think of bike you might say the sentence it was a there was a store called the craft master you can say yeah i was parked by craft master bike this in
trying to say by craftmaster if you said a quick and suddenly bike it was over a bike craft master now that's the terrible example i wish i had thought about it a little bit more i could give you a better one in the actual clip you'll see own doing that trick but more elegantly so the word bike is not spoken but you still hear it like what you see here bmx and acts and stuff so here's the here's the shocking part so once the hypnotist i've convinced simon pay that what you wanted was a bicycle and also there was a very large box in the room and they have to decide that the gift is in there now might be a big thing and it might be a big thing in a big box or it could be a small thing in a big box so the hypnotist says you know the boxes not a clue the size of the box because it could be a small object here's what the hypnotist knows they had
just knows that the person saying the box is going to logically now it could be a small object but you're rationally they're thinking big object and it was about the size of a bicycle right so the box itself was huge persuasion even though the head with a sad don't look at the size of the box because when you tell people don't think of the size of the box what does that make them do think of the size of the box and that's part of the trip now what's interesting is that once simon pegg said yes what i want is a bicycle then they have to decide is that what you wrote on your note before we talk that that's what you want and simon pegg would be yeah i wrote bmx bicycle of then he takes out his own note in his own handwriting and opens it up and sees that it leather jacket and you watch simon peggs reactions like
i don't know what's happening here now if you have not studied hypnosis you probably think there was something about that that was fake maybe you think the simon pegg is in on the joke he wasn't 'cause what everything that happened would be normal within the hypnotist world towards this demonstration which seems amazing to you would be ordinary for a trained hypnotist this would be very ordinary in fact there's a magic trick i often did that is the same trick so here here's another way you do this the version of the same trick let me just finish the point so simon pegg actually rewrote his own memories to believe that he wrote bmx bike originally but in fact it was letter jacket and it wasn't that long ago that he wrote the note so
you saw in real time somebody's memories being rewritten that that's the amazing part of the trick now there's a similar trick that i do in which i asked i take a take a deck of cards and i'll pick one card out and i'll put it aside and will say all right i'm going to have you guess what card i picked now if you do it with a woman and you do it in a room this color water red stuff you pick out what what the subject doesn't know is that you always pick the queen of hearts so you just no matter what you always pick the queen of hearts and you put it inside now they think you've picked a random card but it wasn't random you pick the one you know would most likely guest why will somebody guess queen of hearts number one if you say to somebody mentioned think of a card just think of a playing card people gravitate toward the
the face cards rarely will somebody say seven of spades almost always say king queen jack so the tendency to say one of the one of the face cards is very high then if you're talking to a woman the eyes of the woman will say queen versus king or jack which were the male cards is very high and the odds that there was a hearts instead of diamonds that gets a little bit you know closer to to even but if you influenced your your subject buy something that i think about hearts or heart surgery or valentine's day if you would prime them with any of those thoughts and then put the
a room with some obvious red objects the odds that you can get somebody to say in a farce yet the odds of somebody's in queen of hearts is a proud in my experience of a percent of the time so thirty percent of the time i would just say odd trick didn't work seventy percent of the time the person would pick the queen of hearts and would be blown away blown away because they were thinking and a fifty two cards how did you guess the one i was going to guess and the answer is you who is going to be in that area and i just influence you to narrow it down a little bit more same track alright or david lean's recorded tricks staged yes yeah the so called tv magicians as opposed the tv happens the tv magicians
i have an obligation to be honest to the viewers an entertainment product so because tv magician only they're only obligation is to entertain they can they can just use trick photography will say what and then just tell you they didn't you know or just not mention it by the way that doesn't mean though all of their tricks are a magic they'll give you a couple examples you probably saw the famous trick where the david bill has although the people stand in a circle with their arms around an airplane right so they've locked arms and they put an airplane in the middle and later the airplane is gone but the people are still locking harms didn't hear anything moving and how is that possible here's how it's possible the p
on tv were all in on the truck that's it that's the old trick of there's a there's a david blaine track where he levitates on the sidewalk the scene that you see in the commercials where it looks like just goes and he goes he goes off the ground and just stays that way about this i have you ever seen that one um do you know how that was done ruin it for you but all he does is turn in a certain direction so that the audience can see that he's lifting up on one to but not the other to so he his lifting up on one to the audience is seeing the foot that's completely off the ground and that foot is covering up the to but not the heels two heals off the ground and one to off the ground the other to that's on the ground is covered and it's school little illusion it only works for the people who are in it
just a narrow range of view so when they show me that they just make sure they show it from that perspective and the people on the sidewalk a likely saw how the trick was done but then they will also splice in people who are answering different questions so you'll see in interviews as you know how to do that make us look the but then the the the person on the street will give an honest response and we'll say i got the blue my mind i can't believe that happened but they might not be talking about the same trick alright so the things you see from the video missions they have no obligation it's not unethical magician is there to give you an experience and make you feel full so how they fool you it doesn't really matter 'cause you're getting the same experience
the however the the ship in the tests as far as i can tell are actually doing exactly what they say they're doing that there doesn't seem to be a much of any tv trick no let me take that back let me take that back i'm going i'm going to reason order that the tv hypnotist like darren brown does have one tv trick and that is that simon pegg experiment had not worked you wouldn't have seen it an and trick the derren brown did on simon pegg probably works seventy percent of the time
so if it had been in the thirty percent you just wouldn't have seen it so it's likely that he would not do that kind of tricked on live stage what was kreskin a was just audience participation so kreskin was press can to read the mines the audience and there wasn't much of a trick that the those cases it was either the audience was in on it or the audience was filmed ahead of time so that they can see some stuff or they had confederates working with the audience so though so for example kreskin might have i don't know if it this is just one way it could be done could have somebody who's in the audience that works with them who just strikes up a conversation in the lobby before the audience goes in and the person i was talking to
they got any kids you know blah blah blah maybe they find out their name and then they can use the name to do a little search quickly and find out a little bit about the person if possible and then press kit and finds all that out before this show those are just some ways they could be done but they're not mind reading tricks will i have derren brown is a cast member of the not what about mediums that people who talk to the dead oh i've done that trick so in other mediums who pretend to talk to the dead and the amazing part is they seem to know things
that only your dead relative could have known i personally have done fake medium readings with people who were blown away by how amazingly accurate i was it's the trick is called a cold read where you make some assumptions about people that are just
digital gases and you get enough of them right and they forget the ones you got wrong and you pretend the ones that were wrong were really right because you modify them after the wrong so there's there's just a technique to make people think you're you're getting information from their relatives when you're just making logical guesses somebody said what's the dogs were wearing behind me that is a little space elephant from my book the book cover the dilbert future from nineteen ninety eight or whatever was what about cartoonist to convince people trump is not a disaster well you have to look at the data for that house at a con me doing
you know i was thinking about this yesterday so trump spent on the job for what year and a half and it's possible we don't know this yet so it's too early to say that this is true but it's possible in the year and a half trump won wars north korea and isis and presided over the strongest economy we've ever had as of yesterday it looked like there might be some success in negotiating with china over trade deals he's lowered illegal immigration
he is eliminated so far every every actual isis i'll guide a terrorist act on our soil have we seen one since he's been president i don't think so he is lower taxes he is lower the deficit and here's the fun part the temperature of the earth has gone down since he went into office now i'm not saying he cause that to happen apparently the reduced temperatures were expected because we were coming off and el nina orny el nino and whatever the opposite is lower temperatures after that
we were supposed to have a few years of lower temperatures and that does not that does not invalidate the climate models is just funny this is funny that the the the one person who most you know most identified with climate skepticism comes into office and the time immediately goes down i mean you can if we're not a simulation hello i mean it's a coincidence but it a fun coincidence yes he's going after the human track traffickers and now when somebody says to me as they did in this comment you know what about cartoons to convince people the trump is not a gigantic disaster i i i say to myself we now understand the cause of the problem as
started in my periscope i said that there's a study showing journalists are easilly influenced by bias compared the more susceptible to bias than other people what we've seen is journalists who are susceptible the bias buying into a story of trump monster and then they convince half of the public the other half was not convinced but if you're on the side who believes let let let me say this as starkly an provocatively as i possibly can if you watched the derren brown exhibit he easily change somebody's current opinion and also their memory in five minutes using simple persuasion techniques
but it's true that really happened and he can reproduce that anytime he wants not one hundred percent of the time but most of the time yeah i believe the arm touches by by the way derren brown touch the arm a number of times i think the arm touches were correlated when when he was saying bike or or bmx to see the video again but it looked like he was correlating that so somebody would make special note of that that part of the sentence but which would be i suppose that would make sense hi so if you saw how easily people can be influenced then the real world in which you you're in the trump derangement syndrome and you think that you live in the country managed by a monster despite all of the objective data saying the opposite
pretty much there might be some exception there might be an exception like so you know it's it's a fact don't have health care that we're all happy with and it's a fact that race relations are bad so those two would be you know if you had date on those i think that would show but on every other level you can see that the presidents electively the economy is up optimism's up we're in good shape with n korea the wars etc so for half of the country to believe that they are living in a disaster run by a monster the only way you get there is if the journalist take on the role of derren brown that's how we're here the
analysts have taken on the role of the hypnotist who hypnotized just by language and just by influence of the room the influence to simon pegg it's exactly the same mechanism you're seeing a play if the journalists say it often enough if they act like they're all on the same side if they act like experts if they give you one example after another to to demonstrate their point even if it's just confirmation bias half of the country is going to buy into it because we're wired that way and half of the country will be susceptible you're less susceptible to it because the the team protection another words if you were on the team that is likely to support you're a little bit protected against the the fact free bias telling you to change your opinion
but if you're already biased stored not liking that side of the politics is very easy for the media to derren brown you and that's that's what we're watching happened so the example would be when the media is somewhat universally said try is calling immigrants animals even though or right in front of them was the evidence that that did not happen so these all you saw people re writing their health and their own personal history in real time just like simon pegg and you saw how that happened it's because the media convinced other people and convince themselves as a sort of the echo chamber thing thank you in some cells that they were dealing with a monster so why wouldn't a monster talk like a monster if trump some monster why would we be surprised that he would talk in monstrous terms
but if you believe he's not a monster you don't hear it i listen to it live and i thought how the world did anybody interpret that as meaning all immigrants are monster well it was mind boggling that anybody could have had that interpretation but then you watched turn brown change the memory of simon pegg in real time and you say ok that's how and it's not even complicated to explain it's very simple all right um somebody says its tone if you're referring to hypnosis some people think that the way you speak the the the you know the timing of the way you speak the maybe
tone that you're using when you speak a lot of people think that those are important to influence they might be slightly important in the sense that if you had a bad voice it distracting but there's very little technique in the way you're rewarding things and one of the best evidences of that is this some of the best hypnotist of all time had terrible voices and they don't all talk the same right yes let's talk about an ex amber whatever it is the cult i think it's in upstate new york it's getting some airplay but not a lot i just before i got on this this periscope i watched a video clip of the leader of that cult whose name is rainier i think his name is rainier and
here's what was interesting so i only watched three minutes of rainier talking and people sent it to me because they sent it to me because they were curious whether he was tweezer for him this is to whatever it i couldn't tell from that one clip i could tell that he was speaking in a way that would it into your certain people to him that was clear just because he sounded smart and empathetic so somebody sounds really smart and they also have empathy a certain number of people we're going to be drawn to them but the but the woman who is interviewing him it was fascinating because uhm i would have judged how do i say this without being sexist are getting in trouble i think i can say this just objectively if you were to
see the interviewer and then run the person being interviewed on the street you probably he said that the woman was far more romantically sexually valuable than him in other words he looks sort of like a nerdy sluggish hi and she was unusually attractive in a way above average but what was interesting is if you watch that that interview she is clearly in love if you look at the way she looks at him is love now i don't know if they have any history and that's why he's that she is the interviewer but it was kind of interesting to see how much
there is serious love in her eyes when she's looking at is an an ex girlfriend it is but i to watch that indicates that he's got some persuasion power that's probably pretty special apparently used it for evil if the if the allegations are true please explain my tweet about john legend somebody says so john legend has been sort of the anti kanye west and in public right to be friendly with kanye because i guess they are friends and but also quite aggressively argue against the idea that with anybody should be pro trump essentially it what i'm watching is
john legend exhibit bias and hatred in his in his effort to discredit bias so you're watching him become the irrational angry i hate filled creature which are his whole point that you should not be no i don't think you realize it or maybe it does i don't know but it's it's hard to watch because he's he's going through something that see my guess is that he is he's a smart guy but he's watching other smart people disagree as causing him some dissonance he's trying to figure out how you could be so so sure of something while he's watching other people that he thought were smart have
from where he was to something different and defending it pretty well you know candace owens does the cleanest example of defending that point of view and for him to watch that and see that that point of view is just more persuade should in theory throw him in the cognitive dissonance and question to act irrationally if everything we've learned about how people are wired is true you should see him you should see him acting rationally and instead of acting with love which is what he promotes he is acting with bias and hatred which is quite palpable to argue against bias and hatred so it's the least persuasive thing you'll ever see in your life and it's hard to watch only because his intentions alright alright so let me say this again i don't want to be the guy who insult
john legend for simply in the world to be a better place and putting himself out there so he's doing all the things i admire he is he cares he's got empathy he's been he's been the skin in the game he's putting them so out there he's not sitting on the sidelines he is mind his his hopes and dreams at least as far as we can tell all in the right direction his mechanism his to get where he wants to go is completely dysfunctional and so that's what candace talks about she's not talking about hey i want to get to a good place and you want to get to a bad place you know
but i agree is will want to get to this good place candace says your system together doesn't work and it's obvious you can just look what it what results you got keep doing your system keep watching the results it's obvious it doesn't work then look the people who have rejected that system that way of thinking that that being caught in the past being caught in anger look at the people of just translated there there our minds into well let me just use the stuff i got let let me take advantage of the things that i do have let me look at the things i can do instead of looking at the things like and we know that those people get to a good place so so the part is watching john legend who i believe is smart and capable engaged his
and as in all the right places but he doesn't see the his mechanism to get there is just completely broken and there are there are better ones that are really speaking suggested right now all right that's all i have for today does anybody have any question or comment about today's personal i will give you another minute to to weigh in yeah so while you're making your comments let me just talk about so there's a story that meek millz if i'm saying his name right was maybe talked out of attending the the white house that was going to be about prison reform so
jz may have been part of that conversation i don't know that he specifically talked him out of it but but after consulting with people make mills decided not to go up because the yeah the meeting was a sham so some people are saying that this was really just giving the president who was a big or system their point of view they're just giving him away to look good and nothing can come of the plan this is what i call the loser philosophy this is about the cleanest example you'll ever see mick mills again probably smart capable well meaning guy so this is no insult about the person right i'm only going to talk about the technique there are smart people who use bad techniques happens all
i do it you do it using the wrong technique doesn't mean you're a bad person just means you got the wrong technique in this case the correct winning play was to the meeting because you go to the meeting your part of the conversation you raise your profile yes you do make the president look less like a racist and maybe it didn't like that but we live in the adult world where you make you make investments for bigger gains the bigger gain is to be in the room the bigger gain is to be part of the conversation now i know enough about because i have personally talked to somebody involved in the prison reform process so i've had a personal conversation with somebody who works there only for jerrod kushner i know that this is a genuine real
reform effort there is nothing purely political about this are people who really do want to fix this part of the world it's unglamorous it doesn't help them only in any frickin way this is absolutely for the benefit of the people who will be helped now to walk away from that meeting because of the smaller the smaller a question which is true that it would make this guy you don't like this president trump you think is racist it would look like it make him look like less of a racist and you don't want to you don't want to do that let's say that's all true it's still a loser philosophy it's a loser way to go to not attend the meet smart people attend the meeting all right let me give an example i don't know if if hawk was invited to the meeting but i did connect into that process
and if you've been invited i think you want to go so hawk is a smarter operator and he understands that having the right system is the only way you're going to get to the right answer now that's not to say all of his systems are right but in this particular case they certainly were had he been invited i think he would have gone because he would want to be part of the solution because he's he's he's just operating at a higher level now it's also true the for a younger performer make mills let's say he does have some legitimate career issues and i would not fault him for saying at this point in mycareer i'm going to
protect my base a little bit maybe later when i'm a little safer i can do some risky stuff like like connie is doing i don't know what his thought processes but i would not i would not criticize make mills for making the choice he made 'cause that's probably the right choice for him at his his age his place in his place in the industry later later on maybe he gets a little more flexibility yeah he's trying to keep his base and there's nothing wrong with that people are allowed to make selfish decisions and i don't judge people for making selfish decisions more risk equals more reward false more risk it equal more rewarded for an individual more risky
or reward for the average of the crowd if you know if it says something like investing anyway for the individual that doesn't that doesn't play out necessarily looks like you just did scott so i've seen this coming twice just did wore out tell me what it is you think i just did i can tell i don't know if that's a criticism more agreement
we'll make selfish decisions yet and that's allowed i i i approve of selfish decisions especially when you're explicitly banned it it in fact is make mills and said look i'd like to get into this political stuff i think i could be helpful but at the moment it would just be bad for my career and i'll come back later when i'm stronger a little more secure in you know where i wanna be where i want my family to be and then i'll and then i'll get into the stuff later if he had said that i'd say that's that's and lightened selfishness i would not ask for anything above that
clean coal one issue where we talk about clean coal i will agree with you that there's no such thing as clean coal as far as i know so to the extent the president trump was calling the coal clean i'm not sure that even qualifies as hyperbole it's well it does qualify as i probably if it's cleaner than they used to be as follows yeah cleaner coal i haven't seen trump's tweets from this morning brendan clapper in call me yeah we've talked about them separately we'll talk about that more yes so ilan mosque is talking about now his bricks a little bit more so the bricks that are made from the door
that is boring company makes when they make tunnels he's looking at selling them for maybe zero dollars and ten cents a brick so that building a home would be practically practically free imagine if you will that wherever they build these these hyper loops you creating the bricks and then since it's probably not expensive land well potentially you could be putting the tunnels under inexpensive land and then people could be building inexpensive homes on inexpensive land the entire route of the of the high speed tunnel and it have access to transportation 'cause it right next to the tunnel it's a pretty good deal you need shell for good brakes so there might be different
different criteria for different dirt alright i'll go look at the trump tweets after this and i'm going to sign off for now talk to you later
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