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Episode 723 Scott Adams: A Simultaneous Sip, Better Late Than Never

2019-11-12 | 🔗

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  • Understanding the Ukraine phone call issue…or non-issue
  • If IRS has no problem with the President’s taxes, why release?
  • AMA with viewers, various topics

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but the bumble bee boom boom boom everybody if you're wondering why my sound quality so bad there is reason for that give my microphone but will that stop me from the simultaneous set out legs now i think so i ve got a wifi problem in my hotel among the road and hotel wifi doesnt work so i'm hot spotting it today so this is your hot spots simultaneously the best there good everybody at when it's late is better than ever this major wait i'd grab your copper mugger steiner challenge you were beverage holder of any kind could be a canteen shot glass thermos it doesn't matter
with framer liquid i like off a jointly now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine headed the day the thing that makes everything better and gets better every time you do it the simultaneous it sue irma among the road again promoting my book i know by now every one of you has acquired most you have read some of you have acquired several versions of it from kindles too hard copy to one you book yes i'm going on dave reuben today a measure exactly whether his show ears all or find out then all treated at you but what is better than being in southern california and getting to talk today reuben nothing nothing
the best thing ever i'll let you know when the episode shows so we'll be there in a few hours so i've been trying to figure out a swear i've been trying really hard to understand ukrainian phone call situation and i've been debating with people on twitter to try to get a better sense of where my buy a bikes where where do i have a gap in my understanding that needs to be filled in its are you maybe having the same the same experience of trying to understand it but it's really hard this year's here's where i am this is my current stake the question of whether there was a quid pro quo or not is irrelevant
the question of whether there was a quid pro quo is a complete distraction and the relevant because if the president were asking for something totally appropriate that he's allowed to push we would want him to do that so if he's asking for something appropriate he's allowed to to push you was asking for something that was inappropriate is he still allowed to push doesn't matter because if you have a good conversation with a man who controls the biggest military in the world and has the fate of your administration on the line and you ve got to make him happy how could he turned off the quid pro quo is there a way to turn it off
question is not whether or not there's a quid pro quo because you couldn't turn it off if you want to do if trump walks in the room is quid pro quo all around everybody watching everybody was an assistant everybody has acquitted across the quo or they wouldn't be there so arguing about whether the quid pro quo exist in the in the specific instance is just loser think cuz it can't matter it doesn't matter if you said or else or if he didn't say or else leave the implied relationship is always at stake in every conversation there's no quid pro quo so the arguments about that may have some legal significance but because as far as i know
there's no claim of the law being broken so what if quid pro quo did have meaning in a legal context would it matter not this case cuz there's no there's no allegation of a crime the president is not accused of an actual crime by at least by people who know what they're talking about so i think the whole quid pro quo thing is a complete waste of time the only question we should be asking is did the president do something that was appropriate or inappropriate and hearing s interesting because i've been debating with some people were smarter than normal people online to try to see their pain i'm actually really trying to understand because i'm having some trouble just really grasping the other point of view
and so it was somebody you simply smart yesterday and we we went all the way down the rabbit all and then the end this is where i came out he said the president violated norm a norm that it wasn't what it wasn't the question whether this particular request was good or bad but rather the problem was that this type of request is bad so wasn't about so the best my opponent could come up with to argue that the president should be impeached animals has like making this up the most you come up with is that this sort of thing not this specifically but this sort of thing would be violating the norm and there should therefore
you should be impeached and i thought to myself do you know what else violates a norm everything about everything violates a lower if it's this president there's no normie hasn't violated so the question should be your kid keep going down the rabble quid pro quo is irrelevant because it's just there all the time than theirs is an approach why is it legal question but apparently it is the next question you should ask yourself is was he trying to hide it i did it in front of a lot of people and here's the gay not only did he do it in front of a lot of people he asked ukraine to to announce it in public or rudy debt or some baited now do you think the president if you were trying to keep the sacred would have would have asked you grain to announce it because obviously that would be too
back to the president asking for it began there were plenty of witnesses so could you really say that the president was trying to keep this a secret it looks like the opposite it looks like he was trying to make it as public as possible he did he made the phone call from the people that this question about the the transcript being on server i think those probably just a cover your ass sort of thing where they didn't want you maybe they don't want you to look at the language and pick it apart you can always find something has i think that that should be looked at as just normal bureaucratic caress but the sun s heat reserve anything but in general
if that was trumps decision to put it on the server that doesnt suddenly something he gets involved but in general the president wasn't trying to hide anything if you asked for it to be publicly announced in its obvious who was beheaded you kind of asking for it to be read out there i saw a quid pro quo doesnt matter because it's always there no matter what can you get taken away if the if the godfather asked you for a favor he doesn't need to say or else if your boss asks you to do a project the boss doesn't say or else is just always there it's not illegal nobody's claim that isn't shouldn't because he clearly didn't do the things you would do if you were trying to hide it and then you go down the rabbit hole and then it becomes you don't want it to be a norm and what they mean by that is you would not want it to be a norm
their words for these sitting president to use its power to dig up dirt this as this would be their oars opponent is that a norm you would want to avoid or is that a norm you would want to normalize let me ask you this if don jr had been taking money from let's say russia would the democrats want to look into that yes if we're taking money from russia and all the guard connected putin and had some tat his sweetheart deal now this was harder to imagine because dodging years already rich so you probably wouldn't be involved some like that you wouldn't be too would make any sense but just imagine would you want to die
you mostly transporters underscore scope would do you want to know what was up with that if dont you knew was taking a bunch of money from a russian allegorical star source had no he's not but if he were that's not democrat republican so so the next thing is you have to be consistent if this very specific situation were reversed i would want it to be a norm another words if president obama while still in office had learned that candidates who is listening that normally by that time if if president obama had learned that somebody in the immediate term family was taking a lot of money from russia what do you want the public to know what what do you want that navigation to tell us what we need to know probably
give me that would seem like an entirely legitimate thing for a president to want to know so when somebody argues we don't want to make this a president or we don't make want to make it a norm that's loser think because this specific case is something you would want to be ignored you would want your government looking for anything that is so clearly and publicly known to be potential conflict so i would apply that both sides would be entirely appropriate now some might take this too well what about looking at trumps taxes as a special cases well you you can't take every case and say well let's just like his taxes is the irs doesn't see a problem with its taxes
and nobody else is complaining about something specific then i say sort of up to the candidate but yes new york state or somebody else found something that was evidence of an actual potential problem that i would my government to look into it i wouldn't want to be saying supportive things of a candidate who had some big problem with an entanglement summer so first of all you got to be consistent say that whatever you whatever stand is about joe biden and the president asking for whatever he asked for you got to say would you do the same if the and i think it would why wouldn't you why would you not want to know if your leader is owned by another country how could we possibly not want to know that
so here's my summary of all that and i've said this remember times i saw today that the currently the gop has for talking point defenses about what the did or did not do and one of the defenses is that there's technically no quid pro quo and is on record as saying directly it's not quid pro quo use the word favor and apparently that's something ukraine's according to pro trump gop apparently the ukraine didn't know anything was being held up so there was no they got the money anyway without doing the thing so they're arguing that the quid pro quo doesn't exist and i think i think that might be
losing argument because although it may not technically exist there's no way any normal voters who sale used to the president of the united states the only one who had the power to save his country militarily case your moscow got out of control i think it's a losing argument to argue quid pro quo doesn't exist because although it maybe it doesn't exist is losing argument because it just always there is in the atmosphere you can say it's not sitting on the table it doesn't matter if it sitting on the table where you can see it is in the atmosphere you can't you can remove it it's there was every conversation so i will go to the next argument which is was illegal and was trying very hard to hide it and it wasn't illegal i wasn't trying very hard to hide it so then the next question is was it appropriate
appropriate comes down to is a good for the country can you imagine any situation in which you as a voter be u republican or be u independent or be u democrat can you imagine not wanting to know what's going on there what do you want to know as a voter by this leading in all the polls he's leading in a in a head head to head to the polls he's leaving head to head against trump your next president don't you want to know as much about that guy as possible that's how it works when you're running for president in your the number one guy people can ask a lot of questions and the public wants to know so the only thing i would want to know any of this whole thing true or false it is in the public's interest the voters interest that we have more information about whatever was going on there was that's the only thing i would argue everything else is
sort of not understanding the question because if you are going to quid pro quo it's like you don't know how anything works because you couldn't take it even if the president had no intentions of quid pro quo you can't erase it from the situation situation no it's not the situation that you can take this part now it's the situation to leaders talking and especially in this specific situation where ukraine needs the united states and will need us probably for a lot of and for a lot ears so that's my that's my taken this as my audio quality by the way i'm surprised us like streamers working as unjust i'm just her husband and offer my quid pro quo threats or violations of labour legislation is irrelevant
so also one of the items is it wasn't actually the president's job so what what law is that violate so wasn't to present his job is law now sailor what is it when you say it wasn't the president's job what is it it's a norm is a standard practice that the president doesn't get involved investigations and then doesn't get involved especially with investigation of opponent but if that investigation of the opponent isn't happening why should the president do let's say the sable bar or whoever goes over there and talks to the ukrainians and isn't getting the kind of response he needs what you do does bill maher just go back to the president decide i tried but they're not answering my questions
bill barr do that and if you did what would the president do gosh i can't get involved in this because that would be against the norm or would the president say while we do have a legitimate right to know what's going on over there and if can't get if you can't get it done through you're more official sources justice to justice sends me what are you doing you always kick it up to the boss do you think that the president would have made this call if no barking going over there and done it himself the only people think that buildbar can do it without the president's help or people who have very little experience in the real world if you work for a big company and you didn't want marketing to talk to sales sometimes
bosses have to talk first in fact normally in order for people to get anything done i've never tried to get another organization to work with you without the the agreements of the it's hard cuz the people in the other organization to work for their boss they don't work for you they just reported why would they waste of time just cuz you want it you only do things cuz your boss tells you to do it or you know your boss wants it tell the bosses to talk the underlings are a little bit toothless and obviously now and let me ask you if you think that could have gotten it done on his own do you think do you think trump would have gotten involved now obviously
this happening for whatever reason wasn't happening so we violate the norm and they got involved now again if this were reversed and an trump and dont you do right through don junior under thee the analyses boss because he hasn't done anything done nothing except produce about people like apparently but if you imagine that the other way i feel the same you you'd want to know what's going on and you'd be happy that the president got involved if there wasn't any other way to make it happen it's not perfect it's not perfect but we don't live in a world where everything can be bought and nothing perfect alright that's way too much on that but it seems like that's the only news today will you be able to visit with james woods while in la
itinerary i have to admit that was not unlike hundred list of things to do in their like other james ones is kind of wasn't in his way so do impeachment hearings help trunk probably it will have to see other go nicky anything so the helios at that tellers and enjoy kelly were trying to undermine the present everything tellers and at least has said that it happened so once again its she said she said and i am not sure that even matters about buying the not bind the theory that nicky healy is playing this game where she's trying to replace my pants and that hang around it'll trunk ass a beached and take over the presidency
maybe seems on seems are unlikely sunnyside how often do i change or update my glasses way too infrequently i should do more often and christie there was one impact these out so you would have to you'd have to give her credit if you like on my old ones i think maybe look older these these at least make me look more courage if not younger and my buying dvds book triggered many books the island but i'm sure that would be a good we're losing you somebody said having problems with the connection
you see the climate change gretta thornberry mural unnecessary but i do see the babylon be version where they they also diesel looks like lasers coming out of her eyes to shew suvs a day the babylon b is just kill you if you're not following the babylon bee you're missing some of the best youtuber that you'll see so sort of like the onion except they have a conservative bent which makes them usually the political relevant is pretty pretty hilarious i did a podcast for them which i'll tell you about what areas i think you're gonna
most of you saw me on the greg gutfeld show i hope and you know what's interesting if you heard me on the greg gutfeld show what i played it back i noticed that everybody has a better voice than i do then they have a more commanding powerful voice your greg has a really powerful moreover as this cat he or she has a different gotta voice but really it cuts through the noise really gets your attention tires of course and then dave psmith comedian was areas a great voice now listen my voice it was for the end of my day you hear me in the morning whenever this periscope and probably sounds lot better but by the end of the day i've been talking
i like you do twenty five interviews day at the book to her and much less than the stake by six pm europe is by day starts three or four morning will i watched the hearings only if i'm a round that was up again you say so he says be more natural before natural on the gregor pilcher uttered one national would mean that case is important to match the energy of the show so anybody in fact in my book you're my book loser think things i teach is that some of the worst advice you'll ever get is to be yourself or to be natural because that never works
you should be whatever the situation calls for and who you are is what you do so if you're the person who comes into room and simply acts happy you're that guy doesn't matter what you're internal thought is that's who you are that's when you become so for whoever said i should have acted more naturally maybe act natural is not be national i couldn't be more natural but i swear act natural the other words i could put on a different kind of performance that look to you more natural but that's the best you could do acting natural would be the worst advice cuz i would just sit there and low energy bubbling like i use if you're on the tv show you're not supposed to act natural you supposed to crank it up to unnatural and later dating so i tried to do that but
the others the others were here with me are more extremist that's one thing you can tell you seem canada arrest you does it s funny i wasn't jervis at all i dont get nervous for most things i believe it i visited the president united states in the oval office and i don't even think my pulse was elevated self service that point my life where things like the stone embarrassed be they don't treat them as a risk and was something isn't a risk then you don't really to worry about it i mean i was you probably detected that i was concentrating to try to remember what i thought i was gonna say in case i got the questions i was hoping to get that sort of thing but my pulse was probably baseline
do i like attempts humorous very much i think tat is incredible wooed would like to hear you and rush limber talk while i send my book too slowly and we don't know if you ve ever if russia will want to talk to me about if you ever does i would love to do that you got to do is act naturally yeah you seem a little nervous but it wasn't what you may have seen me looking unnatural which is different from being nervous cuz i didn't have any service at all actually you look taller on periscope this true i noticed the same thing
when you see me on the couch with normal sized people i look smaller especially if tyrus's is the one on the end ah you like my epic times interview thank you papa do you do i always operate at maximum persuasion know it's hard to turn it off because it just becomes the way you act you know some people ask me are you trying to be persuasive and very particular context and i always said the same thing wishes persuasion is something that you know something you become because all communication is that helped to be persuasive sometimes you persuading people to just have a good time so you're trying to entertain them sometimes you're persuading them
sometimes you just wanted to like you but i'll communication is persuasion and once you know the right way to communicate your also just automatically persuasive so you can't turn it off it's just who you become what would you do differently next time i guess he'll die was smile less i would smile less well i i was actually really happy and when you there in person it's even funnier that it is on tv because there's also stuff that happens during the commercial breaks which is just as funny as the stuff easy unscreened sometimes sometimes the good stuff happens in the brakes and so the entire time you there from the from the moment i reached the green room i had time it's all fund people by now i do most of them and then the energies high everybody's joking around embracing a good mood so
really good type by far the most fund show to do did anything get edited out yes but only for time so we went a little belong at the few in the south but about you is there on my training you recommend for learning hypnosis i'm not aware of any way to learn it from a book or from the websites i've never heard of that i'm not saying it wouldn't work but there's something about the in person experience because it's you physical process where you have to do things somebody has to watch you and all that energy practice
yeah don't you think i have held by transfers for not taking questions now much more story your book kindle verses audible well ass a personal personal choice about breaks it you know i just can't get interested breaks it i want to be but it now
just look at your comments i'm glad you're ready to do my first thing today and only to run and i did what you miss the simultaneous it is noticeable gave her teens to quit vapor versus would not work on your team to quit vacant usual type about hypnosis hypnosis does not work better than any other well known method for quitting cigarettes or rapes or losing weight the secret is and you learn this as evidence that the person has to decide to quit
what's a person has decided to quit every method works and maybe one in three people actually have decided the other two other three want to quit or maybe somebody else wasn t quit there's no method that will make them quick hypnosis cannot make somebody changed their minds to want something different least in this context in other contexts yes but now it losses would have no value in stopping somebody from vaping because the reason a vape is that they want to vape now if your team came to you is that i really super want to quit i'm not kidding i just can't quit can you find me some help now under that condition hypnosis would work the same way everything else would work
it wouldn't matter what method do you pick what's the decision is made the rest just happens so what we often confuse wanting to quit with deciding to quit and those are completely different wanting to quit means you're not going to quit decided to quit sometimes you can tell the difference either the report had been times in your life where something happened there was the last straw and you said yourself ok all the other times i wanted to stop doing whatever it is but i just decided and you feel that moment if you don't feel the moment today is the day i decided don't bother there's no matter the wealthier you not require something you want to do yeah that's where else car stresses book how to give up smoking should that's
see a bunch of you wherever you realisation that the first time you hear that is quite a mind like you our below you mike because we go through life thinking that our wishes and our decisions or somehow the same thing and likewise when this is stolen from somebody rich who once said this i wish i could credit right person but i get somebody said that
the way to be successful is to figure out what the prices and then pat now be it the first time you hear that you said yourself all that sort of say nothing figure out the prices success and pay at the greatest got put down your bumper sticker put on the bumper sticker means nothing to me but it's the most powerful thing you ever heard your life when i first got in and offer to be a cartoonist i knew that i would have to work pretty much every day every morning every weekend and every night for years to make it likely i would succeed and i actually made that decision they won the day that i was offered a contract to be assumed to get a cartoonist and by the most people get that contract sail the overwhelming number ninety percent maybe
ninety five percent fail even after they get a contract to be syndicated in newspapers because you still have to perform and i made a promise to myself an actual promise in real words epic moment and i said scott i make a promise to myself i won't fail because i didn't there will never be a time in my life when i look back and say you know that cartooning think could have worked out for me if i worked a little carter and i said to myself i can't control everything but i'm going to make sure there will never be a day in my future what i say to myself if i'd only done that
a little bit more and so i redlined my effort for years and if you're wondering why so few so few cartoons ever make it to the victims of snake is because they they don't canter won't do what i did witches i put my i put everything into i left nothing other table i didn't have a scrap of energy left at the end of every day and i would fall asleep for four hours wake up and i would run actually run during the day to get everything done and that this is done joke back in the days of fax machines that if you're my fax machine going off in my other
my little condo i would run to get it pick it up and if i have to throw something away i would run to the garbage pail and then if i got a phone call i would run to the phone i would run to everything while i was inside my own home and the reason was that by running i could buy myself an extra three percent i left nothing i left nothing to to chance that i would ever ask myself why did i work harder redlined for ten years so i tell you the story some of you said that's inspirational i'll do something like that i have also my objective i'm leaving i love there i don't want everything regarding but others over you just said
i don't want any of that and that's a good choice for some of you this level of sacrifices just not something it'll ever work for you don't do it but go back to my advice if you want to be successful i note the price and then pay it somebody says where you single yes our relationship but i was not married haven't you better get the stress that came with that persistent effort i exercised almost every day end keeping busy turns out is good for me so good things were happening and i enjoyed it and it was mentally stimulating and i'm kind of like i kind of like pressure i've always performed well under pressure
so precise i did the same as a heart hair stylist good for you you figured out what it would cost and then once you do the price you didn't ask yourself could i afford it we just went down to the damn thing sometimes you just have to decide not what you want it's what you decide the exact way i was able to retire at forty three spread their ego drugs back then than those is there a period of my life when i was more or less prone to smoking massive mirror amounts under one but during the time that dilber was starting was not one of those times but the areas often during that period i dislike of now you have to go get ready i would like to talk you all day but i gotta run and i'll talk to you later
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