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Episode 724 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment, Ukraine Hoax Funnel, Loserthink, Road Coffee

2019-11-13 | 🔗

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  • MUST READ: Breitbart’s impeachment article by Joel Pollack
    • Gives you KEY info from the transcript, HIDDEN by media
  • A trip down the hoax funnel, reviewing the arguments
  • 60 Minutes interview from years ago…TOP China Fentanyl guy
  • Iran’s economy crumbling, oil exports only 5% of what they were
  • A sharp-minded observation about Joe Biden and Ukraine

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hey everybody thanks for joining me one in here do you have your dainty little cup today i will not be drinking from a man's size cup and by that i mean any gender you like i got to just that for two thousand and nineteen but one thing i know is that the simultaneous set will set your day off right i don't care what's happened so far is about to turn positive and all you need is a copper bugger glass steiner jealous the canteen thermus could be a shot glass anything filler
your favorite beverage i like coffee and prepare to join me now for the dopamine it is the day the unparalleled feeling the the feeling of connectedness the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous up go sublime there's no other words to describe it supply alright well we got some things going on here got some things first of all i'd like to give a shout out to the best room service deliver of all time if you've ever ordered room service in a hotel you know that when they deliver the food the one thing you want more than anything else is for the person who delivered the food to leave your room lee leave the room bring me the food no
leave the room very fast because i want to eat my food but you don't get that instead if i may do an impression of everybody except this one awesome person who delivered my food today it goes like this they'll bring your food down and they'll say at all say and i do this is sort of a mental experiment as part of a psychology thing i'll say just leave everything it's great just the way it is just leave it right there and where is the check i can sign and they're so trained that they will say oh just leave it here ok and then they'll start taking the plastic off and i'll say no leave leave these saran wrap on just leave it where it is and they'll say oh ok just leave it where it is ok we put this over here no no don't rearrange it leave it right where it is okay okay so i'll just pour the coffee no
no just leave it where it is alright alright so what would you like me to pull a chair over no no just leave it where it is anyway i've been doing this is sort of a running experiment to see if i can break any of them brother their habit and today and i swear to god i've been doing this for years for years i've been trying to see if i could make them stop touching my tray of food and just leave and today the best deliver ever he comes in with a tray you slap sit down he hands me the check doesn't take anything off doesn't move anything and that he says and i will love him forever for this i will love him forever he's a stranger but i love him he backs up to the doorway and says out loud i'll just be here in the doorway with the doorway
halfway open and one foot in the hallway while you sign the check and i have the check and i looked at him standing in the doorway ready to leave without once messing with anything on my tray and i felt love i felt love for him and i gave him a little extra tip and i believe we are bonded now the best server ever and has i gave him the body i had to i had to shout at him because he was already halfway down the hall i couldn't even give him a compliment he was already gone he was like disappearing into the hallway and i shouted magnificent food bring her i love you you're the best i've ever had and then he was gone it was like he was never real and angel perhaps so i shall drink to the best
in room dining experience of my entire life it's probably true so kudos to him let me tell you why why in part this matter to maine i used to be a waiter slash busser years ago when i was in college i would be end tables there was some other boxers and we we work the a big breakfast was at a hotel so all everybody would come in all at once in a shift and the breakfast i need serve and my job among aside from picking up the plates my job was to keep their coffee filled and i thought the best way to keep the to do good service was to be raining and i'll come up to my table and i hate how is everybody how you doing you know would you like some more coffee let me let me
set off elbow you you've got like a millimeter left between the coffee in the top can i warm that up and i've got to the tables not work the tables and not be so entertaining and everything my coworkers workers his name is willie willie was known for let's say not having a good work ethic he would just sort of give them coffee now and then if they really needed it but he just walked up half asleep like wait and then he'd walk away know entertainment willie would not entertain his tables and i'm thinking poor bastard i can't i feel sorry for him 'cause it when it comes to tip time the guests at this hotel will come for a week and all the tipping would be at the end and i'd say it poor guy at the end he's not going to get any tips he did not entertain his table and then the end of the week we busboys sometimes would compare our temps yes that's what we did
so is it says that when you talk about it now but we would we take out like dollar bills you know or singles in our stuff put it in a little pile out of bed we count him up and see who did the best thing and willie would beat me every single week every week willie got more tips and i did by giving almost no service they were practically begging for coffee my people i couldn't get enough coffee for maine i was like spraying coffee everywhere here coffee coffee coffee but it wasn't until i was old enough to become a customer in a restaurant that i learned and this is an important tip for you
if you decide to become a waiter it turns out and i was quite surprised by this that people would do not go out to dinner with their friends and loved ones so that they can spend that time talking to the server i didn't know that i thought well they're going out to dinner obviously part of the reason is to see maine so willie was lazy but he was also the best the best way to run the place because he didn't bother the people somebody says they love the store it worked in restaurants for twenty five years you know the the the best server you'll ever have that in any kind of a restaurant situation is one where you can't remember them if you leave a restaurant or it let's say it's the end of it it's the end of the meal and you pick up the check
you said yourself i don't remember where this you know who set the check down i can't remember who the server is i can't remember i guess i never had to ask for a thing i had a four chord i needed at my food came i don't even remember the server thirty percent tip i am if i can't remember you you're getting a thirty percent tip 'cause that's
nail in it anyway that is nothing to do with why you're here and it's just a little little walking through the past alright number one ford today you have to say because most of you are interested in the hearings today before the hearings make sure you read breit bart and specifically i tweeted it joel pollack's article in which he calls out what some of the important parts of the transcript are and here's the fun part he shows you what the democrats don't tell you also from the transcript so it's here's what the democrats said and it
the transcript and here's the part they didn't tell you which kind of refutes the first part andorra clarifies it so to see it in that format is somewhat brilliant and i think joel is probably going to have some more of these and it's one of the most one of the most useful pieces of journalistic reading you'll ever see i have to tell you what i read it as i was reading through it i can feel my opinion of the whole situation changing it real time because it was stuff i'd never heard as right from the transcript right from the transcript and i had heard it it was important so i feel as though we not being served by the media in general but joel has stepped up and done some incredible work for jules also the first person who told me that eugene
he apparently had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to governor newsom in california and for his wife's i guess some charity she was working on it was the biggest problem in california the biggest problem in california is well that in the homeless i suppose and we've got this enormous financial disincentive for the governor to get tough with pg and e if he needs to so that's something also i didn't hear anything from any other source so kudos to joel alright what is things you keep hearing about trump is that
tweeting anne's tweeting policy is instead of working for the normal thanks and are you hearing that he said was rudy juliano guiliani to do some stuff that maybe we have official official you know diplomats to do and if you've never worked in a big company your thank you so this is suspicious how good leader send one group had to do something the official people who which is their job to do it and simultaneously send out a completely different person or team to do the same job at the same time who does that what kind of disorganized that's right all of a if you've ever worked in a big company and i've done comics on this very thing it's actually fairly typical for the ceo to assign the same job to two different groups of people for different reasons some
sometimes sometimes is miscommunication sometimes he figures one can't do it sometimes he thinks there's something that one team can do a little differently whatever reason is the most common thing in the world to assign two completely different people and one of the things we learned from the transcript and i think joel pollak writing told me this is that even the diplomats did not think that was unusual or wrong so i think it bill taylor i may have the names wrong but i think he was one is at the other one that's let even unusual to have you know have a civilian go out do a little work also for the president even if it's in there don't make it wasn't that unusual so put these two things together three things if you count all the deep state russia collusion stuff
there is some some something like a deep state we know from nikki haley that members of the president's staff tried to thwart his is orders we know that we know that he's had to tweet and send rudy giuliani to do things that apparently he just can't get regular deep state career people to do and so if trump didn't have twitter i don't think he could do anything because he is this ability to simply tell the public what's going to happen and just go completely passed his all of his diplomats and all of his deep state and everything he could go right to the people and then it makes the deep state in the diplomats in those guys then they have to cooperate because the orders out and how do they explain not doing their job to the public i mean you could
game the system and say well i'm going to get around to it and maybe we should have a meeting first and just not do stuff once the public knows you're not doing stuff it's a little the more pressure so it seems to me that trump is sending out rudy giuliani to do stuff and trump tweeting are two of the ways he works around the fact that a normal president and especially an abnormal president can't get people to do stuff or at least i can't get can't get
just of his way yeah you may remember that i created what i called the the hoax funnel for the the old fine people hoax and the idea was that when you start debating people you can debunk every point but they just keep going down to smaller and smaller points until there are none left and then they reach the bottom and there are new defunct everything they've said what are they do start at the top again like it never happened if you're using this with the ukraine a hoax so i just slept together a little bit of a an order of how people surrender to me what i debate them on this topic on twitter
so it starts like this president trump committed a crime with that phone call and that quid pro quo it's extortion so that was so when they say they committed a crime i usually say something like well alan dershowitz arguably the best lawyer working says there's no crime and by the way and then of course people say yeah but he's he's in trump's pocket to which i say but you know the even the top democrats have stopped saying it's a crime because it doesn't you don't see poulos ian schiff saying it's crime do you know fact check man but it seems to me that they've they've moved off it's technically a crime and they moved onto it's inappropriate and in an impeachable way so fact check me on that but i think that's true
once you move people off the idea that there is some crime on the books that was violated they don't go away and say oh i don't know that there's no crime ok i guess there's no no reason to impeach they never do that somebody say the dish was lost credibility because the epstein connection no he didn't if you want a good lawyer he wonders what's dershowitz will never tell you that his job is to only two only be a lawyer for innocent people it's nobody's lawyer job to be a lawyer only for the innocent you need a system in which there are qualified people who take take every case so dershowitz actually just did good work on that that's not using his effectiveness anyway but when people get off of the there's a crime what do they go down to they go down to well it's not a crime per say but it's a quid pro
hello and then i point out that ukraine didn't know the aid was withheld which i wasn't sure about until just recently having seen enough of the notes largely through joel etcetera and so you say well the beer that ukraine's ended the and even know ukraine wasn't even aware plus there's a report that trump was asked directly is this a quid pro quo and he said directly know pretty quid pro quo
so suppose you say alright i looked at the transcript it's not there directly but indirectly he doesn't really need to say it ok sure he didn't say it's quid pro quo he didn't say it but it was implied and then i say well you know where else quid pro quote was implied every conversation between leaders you can turn off quid pro quo because that's why leaders talk in the first place i got something you want you got something i want and again you don't have to say specifically what is if if netanyahu and trump have a good meeting do they have to say i'm being nice to you so you'll give us foreign aid and being nice to use that i have to say it 'cause it's quid pro quo from the flu
at this at the meeting to the the time they fly away there's nothing but quid pro quo so say i guess sony to understand that the go okay every interactions quid pro quo sure so it's not a crime it doesn't it's not really relevant if it's quid pro quo is that just would be every interaction so they usually back down to well if you do it was okay why didn't you have bill maher do it what the president should never get involved especially if it's in also a competitor president should never give all that's the problem the problem is president got involved if you just let bill party with that would be okay but the presence of all that makes it in a proper to which i say is bill barr could have done this on his own why would the president even need the phone call if that was going to work if if you crave going to do everything that bill bar asked them to do trump
expect a phone call obviously that wasn't going to work what happens in any big company when you can't get when you can't get some other organization do what you need you go to your mutual bosses and you say can you talk to them boss to boss
and then that will let the the in the employees the people who are lower ranked do their job because now they know both know that their bosses what this so that's all that happened the most normal thing in any big company as for the bosses to have to agree in order for the lower rank people to do anything so and when i explain that away then my phone it will go down the hoax funnel and they'll say yeah but if everything was okay why did they try to hide it by putting it on the secure server to which i say according to the transcripts and again i just learned this from reading breitbart according to the transcripts that was normal completely normal there's nothing about that was that was unusual so it's been reported that is unusual but when an actual diplomat was interviewed
whoever it was i forget the diplomat said no this normal ordinary business so and then i say if they was trying if you had been trying to hide it would there not have been fewer people in the room 'cause that's how we hide things do you think trump doesn't know how to minimize the number of people will hear something that they should here he probably didn't even know who's listening he probably assumed foreign powers were bugging him because that's probably pretty common uh and then he apparently they were asking for a public statement from ukraine which clearly would have tide back to the administration so there's actually nothing that's president did this suggests that was supposed to be hidden in fact everything suggests that should have been public that's why he wanted more than anything he wanted to be public which would have of course
implied that the that the us was behind the ukraine so everybody would figure that it will dull all right so then if you can if you keep going down the the final we've we've we've gotten rid of it's a crime turns out there's no crime quid pro quo turns out that's normal business well he he didn't actually say quid pro quo but even if you imagine it was implied that's every interaction among leaders he tried to hide it no we didn't tried to make it public you tried to do the opposite of finding it and then any of course he released the transcript and is begging people to rate it so then there's a question of whether this little shadow government with rudy giuliani was was good or appropriate and it turns out it's normal now what
really did specifically i'm not judging i'm just saying that have it having a second entity that's not not part of the normal process do this stuff kind of normal and then i find that my debaters have going all the way down the hoax from the really bad stuff like it's illegal global and they get down to a buse of power to which the answer is is an abuse of power to get to what the citizens want another words i wanted to know if if the bidens have any problems in ukraine i'm i'm sure you wanted to know if that is the voters want to know and the new president goes out and gets of and it uses his power to do it is that an abuse of power or is that why we elected him didn't we elect him to use his power to get us things that we want so he went out and he used his power to do list
try to get us information that we the voters would like to know i mean biden is at the top of the pole do you want to know if ukraine's got some leverage on him of course you do even the people who support him are probably kind of thinking in the back of their mind it would be awfully nice as we knew he was cleaned and probably is and by the way let me let me say this for the record i don't have any information that would say that joe biden is dirty we have plenty of information to know that his son was swampy with prisma but not illegal so then then i was debating with somebody and got him all the way to the bottom of the floral and the last thing he started to say was that trump was violating a norm a norm to which i said that's why he was elected
violating norms that's not a bug that's a feature that's a feature he was elected to violate norms he wasn't elected to violate laws if that happens people got a problem even his supporters are going to have a problem but if he violates a norm in the service of getting voters information that they want as much as he does hello violate those norms all day long so in that of course you also have to ask who's that who are the victims and sometimes you'll get this argument you'll get that the president compromised foreign relations to which i say
what what would be an example of something that went wrong or will go wrong or should go wrong or could go wrong what exactly goes wrong when he was violated i don't know he's compromised or form can you give me an example can you tell me what it cost can you tell me what new risk i i can't see anything i don't see anything that happened in fact the the country that was supposed to be the victim of all this they don't they didn't know what was happening the down the ukraine didn't know that the raid was being withheld and the way we also learned that the javelin rockets which were the important things because they're the ones that killed that the russian tanks and if you don't have tanks it's kind of
hard to hold territory i'm no military mind but it seems to me that if you can stop russian tanks you're pretty much have stopped the invasion you feel half a tank you're not going to hold territory so well you're not going to be able to take territory so well so the javelins pretty much take the russian tank force an out of the game which probably ends their ability to take over crane at least in any way that we know about so that already happened and that wasn't even being withheld uh so here's where you get to the bottom of the hoax well once i've debunked it's you know it's against the law quid pro quo which normal everything is normal he wasn't trying to hide it he was trying to make it public
insider and you get to the bottom and then i i try to turn it around and i turned it around like this and i say this if the president had not asked for that information in other words if he had not asked what's the deal with biden and and and hunter biden was their deal and do they have any problems over there in ukraine that would cause any influence should he become elected if president trump had not asked for that investigation he's could be impeached 'cause that's not even doing your job if you think that the guy who's pulling to be the next president of the united states as a as an obvious public connection
to ukraine and one that the entire public would like to know about you better look into it if you don't i would say you're not protecting the country maybe you should be impeached for that alright so that's the bottom of the hooks in the hopes that thing i just waited sixty minutes interview from i don't know how many years ago in which they actually talked to they haunted down the guy in china who is the top fentanyl dealer china no not not one of the nine who just got arrested and sentenced to life but there's some guy in his son we have there
sure as we know where they are and sixty minutes found among the the street actually found at a supermarket and interviewed him the top fentanyl dealer in china so obviously china the government can find this guy china the government could rest him china the government could stop him tomorrow is the top dealer over there but they haven't because we hear about it if they ever stop that guy that would be headline news so they haven't so we can conclude that china has no interest in stopping the defensible business coming this way and therefore there is no chance that we the united states should make a any kind of a trade deal with them that could help them in anyway
so it was weird that somebody said somebody was jokingly and i have to throw in the joking way this is not serious said i should take out a contract on them and are you wondering why that's not already a thing or are you surprised that nobody is using cryptocurrency to order hits on people in other countries i don't want to suggest it cuz i'll probably be the first one to get hit but make sure it was the other thing the news out of iran is that there were a colony is crumbling and they get real problems because you're not being able to sell the oil currently there oil experts is the oil exports or 120th five percent of what they used to be five percent which means iran it is pretty much in trouble so i don't know how iran ends concern you know they're cranking up there
i guess their refining the nuclear fuel and they're trying to suggest that you know they're getting all tough like that but it feels as though it feels as though it's sort of erase sort of a time race i think we have to keep the pressure on until the i ottola dies of natural causes 'cause he's in his 80s right said that might be five years could be eight years or whatever but i think you just need a different leader uh oh somebody saying that ordering a hit by crypto is what took down the silk road i don't know about that i don't know anything about that story let me alright so iran is
admin a direction that looks like something's got to give so we don't know what that will be but will see now uh so in other news so one of my followers terry kinder i don't know if i'm pronouncing right kinder or candor at ti kinder had this great thoughts that i haven't
anywhere so i retweeted it and it was that essentially that the democrats have locked themselves into a trap and it goes like this i i hope i'm saying it right because it was so clever and so right in front of you that that i missed it but it goes like this if joe biden get suddenly gets much less support and drops in the polls it's going to look like it was because of ukraine right so if joe biden drops in the polls people will say uh the ukraine thing got him
it is that's true it will also be a validation of trump looking into it so if biden goes down it looks like trump was right all along that the ukraine thing was important and it needed to be looked into 'cause you would see that the public would be responding to it as important now it could see that the public is just changing their mind for other reasons but the way it would be interpreted interpreted not truth but the way it would be interpreted is that ukraine took biden down now if they let biden go down it makes the president put a lock for reelection does the impeachment thing just falls apart and there's nothing left and he would have taken out button but what if biden stays in if he stays in then president trump gets to run against the weakest candidate ever
field for the presidency and he wins reelection in in in a stroll so the democrats have created two situations with ukraine i think yeah i'd love to tell you it's forty chests and the president had this will figure it out and it's nothing like that it was just chance that we got here but they only have two just to lose and no way to win either biden goes away which makes the president right takes impeachment off table and everybody says yeah it looks like we should have looked into this button thing everybody cared or he stays in the race and he doesn't have a chance i don't think there's anybody in the race c as chance i said this on dave day show yesterday i did dave ribbons the day ruben report shell and so that you'll see that pretty soon
ultimate around when it plays but i was i was saying that i'd had never met a supporter and and dave laughed because it's one of those things that the first time you hear it she laughed because you hadn't realized that yet why you haven't realized is how can he be the top polling candidate in the whole country and i live in i live in california and i've never met one person who supports him about this have you ever seen anybody support by him a punted on television who wasn't working for the campaign have you ever seen it no you haven't even seen anybody on cnn supporting biden
unless they work for the campaign the other people who have not said bad things about him but the only people you've ever seen support him or his campaign at his wife that's said nobody else and then when you realize that you have to ask yourself is it are the polls completely fake what was happening is it only the people are not paying attention my theory is that the his support comes entirely from people who haven't seen him lately because if you see them lately you know there's something wrong
so i think people have a memory of him that's all positive because the open up all the year my i'm seeing the super just going crazy right now so mrs said something you like but just think about it start asking this question around yes ask if you can find any obama's
i'm sorry and the biden support what are the odds i would never never find one i yeah i think i think i know supporters of every time speaking of that by the way i did make contact with the tell c gabbard campaign and i thought i told you have been contacted before but they followed up and we're talking about an actual date to bring her on as a guest it looks like well the governor will be the first sort of presidential kim presidential candidate to have on my little periscope here my influential little
the let you know when that's going to happen all right those were the topics i was playing so i don't have a date for when i'll talk to tell c gabbard but will were working that out so i gave them some possibilities the if you love reading the comments you're missing something so funny horrible coming i'm sorry that was too funny so
whoever said something that made me laugh you know who you are and that was pretty funny i was totally inappropriate which is what made a funny oh wow that's funny chef is still claiming he doesn't live in the whistleblower his that can't be true he can't be claiming that so today is my last day in la and then talk to dennis prager a talk to adam corolla yesterday doctor joe came in that right after i was done with adam kroll us i got to him and hello let me run something past you so you use all the idea i guess tax
this is already doing it it may be california is considering it which is using some federal or state land to move the homeless to so that at least they're not you know corporate on sidewalks and interacting with people who who would find some danger in that l up when i heard that i thought that is borderline great idea 'cause these are people who don't want to live indoors for whatever reason there already intense when they rather be in a tent in the forest or in a in a place that's meant for it versus a tent on the sidewalk where you don't have facilities and stuff so to be a sound like well brilliant idea brilliant idea will just move those homeless people to a place where it's basically camping
and the weather is good all the time or at least could not end their lives will be much better everybody wins right and the i read that by dr drew and he brought me back to reality do you know what's wrong with the plan is it obvious to you because i thought it was a good plan and then what exactly thirty seconds of hearing doctor drew tell me why it wasn't change my wind here's the problem the problem is mental illness and drug use them and the overlap mentally ill people don't tell
logical offers so what i was thinking is hey guy in the street wouldn't you rather be in this nice wooded area you could have same amount of drugs everything the same you just have a nicer tent in a nicer place when do you like that but that that assumes that you're talking to rational people who can make rational decisions and there's nothing like that so unless you could force them to move and you can't apparently in california you just can't do that there's no way to make that work it wouldn't matter how much better their life was camping they just wouldn't want to do it because they have mental illness and drug addiction so every time i think i've got an answer dr drew reminds me that i'm forgetting the primary thing which is this is not a homeless problem that should be your mantra it's not a homeless problem just run that
every time you hear the story it's not a homeless problem it's a drug and mental illness problem and if we don't treat that first which probably requires force i can't imagine any the way it would work we probably need laws would allow law enforcement or the medical community to institutionalized people who can't make decisions for themselves so i don't see it happening 'cause i don't see the law allowing that anytime soon maybe i'm seeing more and more the word is zombie it's like in a zombie apocalypse and i haven't seen my own step son when he was live under the influence of water the opioids were that were in his body i can confirm that it's like a zombie apocalypse that somebody with a certain amount of
words in them there's a body there and the he is moving and it's doing things but there's no there's nobody home yeah whatever's happening in there has is not even remotely like it's not like a joke a drunk person it's not like being stoned it's not like being stupid it's not like being crazy it's like there's just nobody there but the body works and there was one point i thought i was going to have to beat the out of my own steps on which one of them not the easiest thing to do because he was bigger than me but i kind of got it done if i needed to because one day he was he was under the influence and his body was bag and he was threatening some people who were
not intentionally but in his lack of control he was in a threatening situation and it was up to me to stop it now fortunately i guess i'm really good at threatening because it didn't come too didn't come to a physical altercation but it was right on the edge and it was it was right on the edge where i had to take him down but but i didn't have to in the end and so that's what you're dealing with you're dealing with a zombie apocalypse which people used to be normal in human are combined with some kind of a drug and the combination of the drug plus the person creates another creature service let me creature now we hope that some of them can be recovered and become once again fully human bye
at the moment it is very much like a zombie apocalypse and it's growing so it's sort of scary alright kinda looks like an open coffin behind me it sort of does i just want to tell you i'm a vampire alright i got stuff to do today i'm going to go do that stuff let's all watch the i might miss some of the hearings but i'll catch the good stuff and i will talk to you later
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