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Episode 726 Scott Adams: Bribery, Kim Insults Biden, Healthcare Breakthrough, Delightful Sipping

2019-11-15 | 🔗

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  • Quid pro quo wasn’t working for Democrats, so now it’s bribery!
    • Wait a minute…bribery?
  • CNN reports that FOX is trying to trick us!
  • North Korea has a sense of humor, hilariously slams Joe Biden
  • Trump Administration makes MAJOR healthcare breakthrough

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bum bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bum oh you know what time it is yes you do that's why you're all piling in here grabbing the good seats up front it's because you know that this is the time for the best part of your day the part that makes everything better it's called the simultaneous ip and for good reason did i say for a good reason for a good reason for good reason would be what your dog is but join me now for little thing i like to call the simultaneous set all you need to play
there's a copper mugger glasses lifters i'm jealous taker thermos flanks flask canteen grill goblet vessel of any kind filled with your favorite like red and joining me now with a great moment the moment of simultaneity in which we step simultaneously for that dopamine the other day here comes go yep best ever soon the sheer beach meant is getting more and more fun it turns out that the whole quid pro quo of framing of the president's horrible horrible crimes you know the crime of talking to another leader
it turns out that quid pro quo being latin was not landing in the rust belt states so i don't know who saw this coming but it turns out that the the voters in the rust belt they don't speak as much latin as you might have thought and so when they hear that the president was involved in a quid pro quo they think doesn't sound so bad to maine and that's a problem because no where in the constitution does it say you can impeach a president for a latin phrase called quid pro quo which would apply to pretty much every negotiation of president ever does what is one of the problems with the quid pro quo what's the big problem with it if i've taught you anything in my prior books not my new book which is the best one yet
call loser thank and you can order it today but in a prior book i told you set an argument that is susceptible to what i call the high ground maneuver is not a good argument did you see that that finally you saw some people going high ground on this it made quid pro quo go away the high ground this is simply point out that every versation among leaders has a direct or an implied quid pro quo so you can't really impeach somebody for doing what is the basic job of the president which is every time he talks to another leader there should be a little bit of a sense of what we want to get out of that so quid pro quo wasn't working so nancy pelosi and now the
the media is following along as they do and they've changed the word to bribery why did they change it to bribery because bribery is specifically a word in the constitution as one of the grounds for impeachment if there's a bribery here's what the democrats have hello larry is lee somehow missed the bribery is supposed to work the other way bribery i'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure the bribery was in the car institution as another country bribing our president is it bribery when our president tries to coerce another leader to do something that the public in this country wants also good for the president and for his reelection but the public wants to to with
i don't know what's going on with bristol what's going on with our foreign aid you know is it going to a safe places are going to a place that bribe to the guy who might be the next president we'd like to know so the whole area is part is that sometime in the next twenty four hours somebody's going to point out that they got bribery backwards it was i think now i'm no constitutional dollar so i just tweeted that dershowitz to give me a fact check did they mean bribery as an osprey bing another country because i i think we do that a lot we do a lot of bribing of other countries if you mean we won't give you something unless you do something for us i think that's all we do like we're a big bribe and country if we wake up and our country isn't i've been some other country we're just not we didn't go to work that day in fact the
only time the united states is not actively bribing other countries is on vacation days when we're not working during the war days is pretty much bribery all day long we'll give you something if you give us something so that's hilarious i'm and by the way this is i i didn't even have this realization myself which i think is funny the realization that bribery should go the other way just like when our president gets bribed that's the impeachable thing i didn't even think of that for some reason until jeff cooper pointed out on twitter at at cooper palooza i won't even spell it 'cause it's too long but jeff cooper said that first alright
so i had to look up the definition of bribery so here's the miriam webster definition 'cause we're all going to be talking about today so a bribery here's the definition is the offering giving receiving or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influence the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties um ok also money or favorite given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust in a position of trust so if you give money to somebody to influence there
in our contact and they're in a position of trust it's a bribe show you're probably bribing your spouse all week long but that's between you and your spouse all right i think this whole bribery thing is just going to go down in flames as people are pointing out that in the comments that they're going to have to explain how joe biden was not bribing any threat and ukraine that they better get rid of that prosecutor because the prosecutor was looking into bruce ma
though there were other reasons to get rid of this prosecutor politically it's a good question logically of course the answer is that biden was not least on paper he wasn't doing it because of his son it just coincidentally was good for his son which if i'm going to be consistent if it's true that biden asked for something that other officials were asking for and was just generally good for the united states which is get rid of this the prosecutor it doesn't matter if it's also good for his son and also good for him is the same argument i'm making about trump i'm saying that what biden did was almost certainly not illegal it was questionable it was swampy we need to ask questions about it but
he was getting rid of that prosecutor because everybody wanted to get rid of the prosecutor and it was just good for the united states europe thought it was a good idea it just doesn't matter if it's also good for joe biden and his son it just doesn't matter all right fox i'm sorry cnn is reporting the fox is trying to trick you fox is trying to trick you and and this is this is going to be hard i don't know if fox can pull this off but apparently cnn is reporting the fox is trying to persuade you and
and how they could never do this but apparently fox is trying to persuade you that the hearings are dull i don't know i like their odds that's very tricky of fox to persuade you that the hearings are boring it's going to be a stretch i don't know how they're ever going to make that case 'cause when i turn it on scintillating i feel alive when i'm watching those hearings so i guess he had known as a good point fox is trying to gaslight you return the gaslight you into thinking that those credibly interesting hearings are actually boring when
you're lying eyes know otherwise all right so i would say that the the democrats changing from quid pro quo to bribery which is simply another no win frame they think they basically can't win with that the bribery thing will just fall it'll shatter in front of this it might take a few days but it's not a winning proposition and i think that that signals the deaths
if they can't even figure out what it is is done it's like well we want to impeach him but we'll try to figure out a word for it that actually makes sense because if you have to if you have to change the word for it what it what is the signal there is they have to change the words the refer to those actions why did they have to do that i think it's because if you look at the actions you can't figure out what's wrong with it yeah that i've used this example before but if you if you could magically find somebody who would never heard of president trump and never heard of the issue about the ukraine phone call they never watch the news
but somehow they knew about what our american system was so they knew everything is they've never watch the news if magically such a person existed and you said hey i want to describe this phone call and the situation with ukraine tell me what you think of it if you didn't leave the witness and say do you think it's legal or illegal you just described it what would this independent person who had never watched the news and had never had their opinion assigned it to them like most people watch the news have what would they say about it i think they'd say why are you asking maine it just sounds like a phone call between two leaders i don't think they'd see anything it's so you signing the word to it that criminalizes something that the average voter would say
that's illegal i don't even know why you would say that's a bad thing i don't even get it so so the quid pro quo didn't work 'cause those rust belters are not speaking a lot of latin surprise came as quite a surprise to me i thought the entire midwest spoke latin but i'm finding out that they're mostly english king sir quid pro quo didn't work but maybe bribery will bribery backwards bribery and is not the regular kind it's the kind where you both get something out of that and we're our president is trying to influence someone else to do something the public wants we'll see where that goes all right the other funny story is that north korea unloaded on joe biden
so i don't know how i could enjoy this anymore north korea for all of its dangers and and the difficulties you can't say they're not funny and then i like to say they're not funny but they're funny and so they unloaded on joe biden who must have been talking tough about them and they called him these are quotes there translated but there quotes a profiteer and of course you know where they're getting up from a profiteer so that they're watching the news and watching the purisma stuff so they call joe budden not even hunter biden they call joe biden a profiteer
who ran for the two failed presidential elections they're basically just quoting trump here who is now going zealous said this is a translation or maybe they wrote it in english and they are not so good english i don't know which one it was but now going zealous joe biden is not going rogue he's going zealous uh in another presidential election campaign this is what they actually say n korea wondering about like a starving wild dog you must be a doe toward maniac greedy for power they're not done yet such rabid dogs as buying them can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about they must they must they must be beaten to death with a stick before it is too late
i think the funniest part about this is before it's too late like according to north korea there some so there's some urgency to this that they're not they're not just saying he's a person who should be beaten with sticks no they put a timer on it so you better hurry you better get the stick get the sticks because time is running out you better hurry now i think n korea is probably is probably reading the same pools that we are and they see joe biden leading there's there's suddenly seeing their whole country going up in a nuclear fireball because they're going to be dealing this dotard was wandering around
here's what is he use wandering around like a starving wild dog and he must be beaten to death with a stick before it is too late before it's too late if they hadn't added me before it's too late part it wouldn't be nearly as funny but it makes you think past the sale they're learning for trump b words to latest trump talk i thought i've given you a million examples of this by adding before it's too late they make you think about the question about whether there's a timing issue to the beating him to death with a stick so they said the way they worded it it's very trump like persuasion they make you think past the sale the sale is that he should be beaten to death with his stick and they're making you think past that too what's the best timing
just so that you could put off can we wait till tomorrow do we need to get a stick right now should you drop what you're doing is it is it something we should do by the end of the week when should we beat him to death with a stack because you don't want to do it at the wrong time that would be that would be a huge mistake well hey we beat him to death with a stick but we waited too long i could not enjoy the news anymore than i do now the interesting thing about this
and the and then they close it off this is the best bar i forget because of a separate page only printed out i forgot the best part i have to read it all together this is the passage of the part i left out so they must be be they must be beaten to death with a stick meaning biden before it's too late doing so will will be beneficial to the u s to so so kim jong un is pointing out that the best thing that the united states could do is be by him to death with this i think it's fair that they're giving us advice after all you remember that graves in the of the president trump crayons in which
which he gave advice basically to north korea and he showed the video of how they could be like s korea and they could have a great industry and and if they if they play well with the united states they can have the economic aid and things will be great so i mean we give them advice how to grow their economy indeed become a prosperous nation it's only fair that they give us some advice back that we should we should be by both with the stick you're forced to that's what that's what friends are for friends are for giving good advice like out the the the tricky part here is that apparently president trump
has offered has offered kim jong moon economic aid if they yeah yes they denuclearize and this seems like a there's a little quid pro quo going on here because now kim jong moon is a write in campaign commercials for president trump now isn't that bribery is that bribery is president trump has offered the that north korea should they get rid of the nuclear program that they could have economic aid and in return for such a generous offer kim jong moon is
doing campaign commercials for president trump solely to get him reelected it looks like bribery domain impeach and page all right let's move on to another topic so while everybody is talking about impeachment in bribery and quid pro quo all of the nonsense quietly and with no fanfare whatsoever the wall street journal is reporting that the trump administration on friday released a far reaching plan that would for the first time
force hospitals and insurers to disclose their secret negotiated rates administration officials said the final rule will compel hospitals in twenty twenty one to publicize the rates they negotiate with individual insurers for all services including drugs supplies facility fees and care by doctors who work for the facility now if you don't know how big a deal that is it's a real big deal because pretty much everybody who knows anything about anything says hey bill anybody who knows anything about anything knows that if you if you create a price transparency with these hospitals and insurers and with the medical industry in general prices are going to go down fast 'cause people will start shopping for better deals
the medical industry is what i call and i coined this word years ago a confuse opoly the reason that they can charge high prices the entire medical field is that you don't know what to compare it to you can't shop for a better price 'cause you can't tell what you're paying you don't know what the other ones paying you just don't know it's all invisible it's called a confused opoly it's how it's how companies exist with competition without being competed down in price so they're still competing but not on price so that's what a confused opoly does nobody can shop 'cause you just can't tell and the trump administration now barring legal challenges 'cause i understand this will be challenged in the courts of course by the
but the people affected will have less profit but this is one of the biggest things that's ever happened in at least in if you don't care wars you know big international threats if you don't count international external threats this ruling is one of the biggest things is ever happened in the united states 'cause it's going to have so much impact presumably so much impact on your prices for all practical purposes this is a tax cut i think about it this is a tax cut
to the middle class it just works through the system in different ways for different people but it's basically an enormous tax cut or could be overtime if the market does his thing now what is it that the democrats did this week well what the democrats did as they tried to come up with new words for negotiating with a foreign later that's what they did democrats came up with new words for the president doing his job so that they could use the words to impeach him that's what they did for you what the trump administration did for you is
potentially if it good if it succeeds through the courts and i think it will i mean it doesn't seem like it's that doesn't seem like he's violating anybody's rights necessarily at least not in any way that we don't have president it looks like one of the most successful important things that's ever happened in the history of the country i mean this is right up there in the top ten of big deals
so you got that going on well here's a thing which i wonder if the democrats have consider this so they're making the the face of impeachment is adam schiff and i don't know if the optics are good here because adam schiff has a face this says pick me last for dodge ball you see that right if you see adam schiff face what's the what's the first thought that goes through your mind
my first thought is a picky last for dodgeball and that's the face of your like main guy he's is the face of the beach but your only hope it's our only hope sorry it's our only hope then they put the last place dodgeball selection as their face anyway i just want to point that out i like to teach you that persuasion matters and and visual persuasion is more important than anything and if the visual that you're putting on impeachment is picked me last for dodgeball face well i don't know if you've done your best job maybe not and the other person is most famous for being wrong about russia collusion he just lose it to you
another russian speaking country right so russian speaking or is there a ukrainian language i feel i feel dumb that i don't know that give me a fact check on that how many ukrainians speak russian or is there a ukrainian language that's play this sort of thing i should know being a modern person in the modern world but i don't all don junior had a funny tweet to whoopi goldberg i'll just read his tweet i guess yesterday from don junior he said happy birthday whoopi give my best to your fugitive friend roman meaning roman polanski
and thanks for reading on me and cagey kimberly guilfoyle so much it got me to number one on the new york times bestseller you're welcome for the highest ratings of them in months perhaps someone perhaps have someone on the show who doesn't hate america hashtag triggered hashtag one oh my god let so much fun that one of the i just have to tell you this i probably shouldn't we shouldn't tell you this but i'm gonna tell you anyway i'm the don junior has the number one book non fiction book in the country it's a big deal it's a big deal he's also pretty busy right i mean you would say those two things are true don juniors got the number one book in the country that is pretty busy despite that i get a message from him you just on twitter
saying congratulations for my book being on the best seller list now you never hear like the personal stories of any of these people are in the news but i got to tell you he's a good guy and he was was he was congratulating me on my little book as being and number five on the the self help last when he's got the best selling book in the whole freakin world the good guy so you probably would want me to tell you that but i did anyway up above the mobile phone i think that's about all i got well thank you for joining me for the last of the day
and i hope you all enjoyed simultaneously something i hope you also will watch me on some of my many podcasts of interviews will be quite a few of them i'm doing more podcasts than regular interviews this time because the podcasts are the long form and the long form interview i'm just better at i think so it's just more interesting i don't have to like pack all my talking points into three minutes for an interview and i'm i'm getting amazing reviews for the book which makes me very happy
and all right that's all for today i hope you have a chance to check out lose you think and would make me happy if you do and i'll talk to you tomorrow
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