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Episode 727 Scott Adams: A Stone Pardon, The Next Scandal After the Perfect Call, Other Fun Stuff

2019-11-16 | 🔗

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  • President Trump has merged entertainment and politics
  • Ever met anyone IRL…that’s offended by President Trump?
  • The Ukraine thing is dead…isn’t it?
    • ”fateful convergence”, “endemic”?
  • Protecting America and the President from a coup attempt…
    • …for this crime, Roger Stone is going to prison for LIFE?
  • Kamala’s campaign chair, her sister…might get fired
  • Why do we protect other countries, FOR FREE?
  • “Abundance mindset” versus “scarcity mindset”

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bundling doom gloom hey if you all check out your copy of loser thank you just paid two more best seller lists that's three best seller list so far too boring the wall street i think it's in the business book bestsellers and the digital book is in the ebook bestsellers this best selling all over the place like crazy if you don't have yours feel sorry for you you know i think you're here for a little something called this it's sweeping the country it's the biggest thing ever and this should be this is the thing that makes your day amazing it it starts like this first you look around your environment
and you see where you can find a couple of monger glasses stifter stein jealous tanker service flash canteen grill goblet vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and we now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine into the day the thing makes everything better the simultaneous up go yep yep still good still good it's better every time let's talk about a few things with things here so it looks like the perfect phone call scandal is winding down i don't know what to call this one you want to call it the
ukrainian phone call doesn't really have a name does it the scandal doesn't quite have a catchy name let's call it perfect phone call gate he who frames first wins so the fact should be here but does it seem like the ukraine phone call thing is sort of already done now i know there will be more hearings and stuff because they feel like it's got it done it feels that way to maine 'cause i don't think we're going to get more stuff out of this what was the big revelation from the last round of hearings that it turns out that president trump sometimes inappropriately
since also people at the wrong time did anybody see that coming is there anybody here who could have possibly imagined resident trump would send a public tweets insulting somebody who is testifying at the moment let me say this i believe the hundred percent of the people who have commented on this so far what we're talking about is that ambassador you wanna was doing her testifying and the president was trashing her by tweet wall she was trusting while she was testifying shocking shocking were all shocked now i think it sometimes i feel as though there are only a handful of people in the world who even are understanding what's going on sometimes
so we're watching it is the complete let's say collapsing of serious politics and entertainment there no longer separate this president has merged entertainment and politics now before you say that's the bad yeah he's been doing it for awhile and it works really well he says he's the first person is smart enough to do it now other other leaders of course have put on spectacle let's take the the british royal family with wedding for example big spectacle so spectacle so very common for governments to put on a show you know whether it's the romans throwing christians to the lions whatever it is military parades leaders put on shows this
regular leader president trump is basically putting on a wrestling match show every day and people are still treating it like it's not a show if you were to look at trump's tweets through the filter of government they just say alright this is the government i'm watching let's see what the government is doing well it looks like the leader of the government sent this tweet let's see what it says the leader of the government just we did some trash talk to somebody who was testified to congress while she was testifying to congress and she's a good
person who served the country loyally for many years 'cause that's the government filter now let me let me move you over to the other filter you know the one that's actually happening not not the one that's ridiculous here's the other filter entertainment and government have merged we have a president who understands that 'cause he created it he's the one who merged the entertainment he's one who puts on the rallies is the one that tweets funny things he tweets memes he's putting on a show was there a better show yesterday then the president tweeting trash talk
to this about about the about the hearings while they were happening now now you can pretend to be offended by that all day long and i will consider you part of the show so all the people who were so offended almost heaven they fixed my lighting here i'm so offended i do not consider you to be observers who are offended 'cause you're not you're observers but it's more like you're part of the show the thing that people who people who were offended an comment got it don't realize is that their part of the show i'm sorry you're part of the entertainment literally i literally consumed your comments as entertainment i didn't read it for news 'cause it
doesn't really have any news value that i care about but i read it why is it that i consumed stories about the people who were terribly offended at the president why was i consuming that at all why did i pay attention for now nope i didn't get it in knowledge but nothing i care about was it for entertainment yeah it was it was for entertainment i consumed it like enertainment let me ask you how did you consume it the knowledge that people were deeply offended by this tweet you consumed it as entertainment how is it intended it was intended list things it was intended to get your attention the president doesn't tweet to be ignored the president doesn't do anything to be ignored
everything the president does is with a very conscious and you don't have to be a mind reader to to know the obvious everything he does is with the understanding that is going to be a big public thing of course he wants attention who wouldn't so the people who are pretend going to be offended and pretending it's the end of the world you're part of the show and apparently i'm the only one to point that out so as i said to you before nearly one hundred percent of the people who pretend to be ended by anything president does since the campaign people have been offended i'm so offended i'm so offended if if the picture seems frozen to you might have to leave and get back in or something
so do not treat the people who say they are offended as real offended people there's nothing like that going on there are people who are pretending to be offended for a fact and there are people i think some sincere people who believes that other people are offended ask yourself if you've ever met somebody who was actually offended by the president i've probably never you know everybody's pretty sure that someone else is offended i i would never be offended by this because i'm not a small person i would not be offended by the sense of humor the way somebody phrase something on the other side of the world wouldn't offend me but i'm pretty sure other people are offended so on their behalf i'm going to be twice as offended as i assume the other people are offended
who by the way or not that offended 'cause i don't care too much alright so i was trying to get ahead of the next new cycle and trying to figure out what the next line of attack will be 'cause i think we can think past this ukraine thing do you know what i think kills the green thing most effectively i think what kills it most effectively is the slow realization that all conversations between leaders are kind of a negotiation and the slow realization that the public had a legitimate interest in knowing what the president was asking of ukraine he's not the only person who wondered about joe biden and ukraine he's not the only person we all wanted to know that even the people who were thinking of voting for him they certainly wanted to know if they were getting a clean cabinet of course
now they may not have the supporters may not have ever asked for it themselves but you can't say that they don't have a big big legitimate need so now so candidate is clean or not and it's the same thing with the russia collusion except the russia collusion was a little bit more yeah it was more transparently bs at least it seemed like that to trump supporters but was there ever any point where you said to yourself you know i think the presidents surely innocent but wouldn't it be good that we had an official statement on that and the one molar came out with his thing and it looked like ok there's nothing here russian wise anyway weren't you better off as much as you might have hated the muller investigation i think we were better off because we
just to eliminate if that that set of concerns same with biden i don't think there's going to be anything there that biden himself is guilty of in terms of a crime but don't you want to know i mean there's certainly enough there to ask questions so i think that this slow realization among the public that the president was asking the same questions that we would want to know and that is pretty normal for people you know have leverage and use it there's just nothing there that's we go way here's what i think might be the next attack this is from a a line on cnn's website i feed full convergence of events friday reflected a culture of corruption intimidation and direct to the circle of a president who vowed to drain the swamp but instead became its incarnation now if i tell you it is if you have
use that many big words to make your point you don't really have a point that the public school never care about even if everything said here is accurate and true it's irrelevant because if that's the best way you can express it the public isn't going to get any any interest in it let me read it again so ridiculousness this is using words to try to create something that isn't there right so as manufacturing something with words yeah now that you know is manufacturing something out of words listen to it again events i fateful convergence of events friday was it fateful wasn't a fateful convergence of events or did just stuff happen on friday already it's ominous is not just
the happened it's a fateful convergence of events whoa oh and fearful convergence of events on friday reflected a culture of corruption and intonation a culture you say can you give me some examples no we're just going talk about the culture of it and apparently it's endemic to the circle of a president who endemic how many people in the united states could pass a vocabulary test in which they could tell you the definition of endemic seriously what percentage ten percent uh so if you have to write in a writing style
that the public can't understand in order to make your point maybe you don't have a point 'cause things you'll learn is that the more true appointment is at least in the political realm the more true it is the easier to explain if it's this hard to explain it uh huh maybe you don't have so much so it could be that that's where the next play will be the next play and it looks like maybe somebody is a b testing a little bit here it looks like the next play is hey look at how many people went to jail on the president's team and then people will say well guilt by association if there's so much in the atmosphere with some of that atmospheric endemic riff lected culture of which there's a fateful can
regions i mean if you are going to be worried about something you should be worried about the endemic intimidation corruption of the culture of this part of a fateful convergence i mean if that doesn't scare you want dogs so that might be the next play they might just say hey everything about trump's circle was looking bad so therefore he must be bad bad bad bad but we do you have any proof of anything the president did said might be next let me ask you this so roger stone got convicted two looks like fifty years maximum i think that might be reduced but certainly that's
and president anyway you look at it 'cause he's sixty eight years old do you think roger stone should go to prison for his crimes well nobody is above the law right no one is above the law and i think it's probably a matter of fact i would accept this is true that he was found guilty of lying to congress and witness tampering i don't know the details of the witness tampering but maybe you talk to
the i don't know did something with the with us now here's the thing what was that he was trying to accomplish why would roger stone lied to congress and why would he tamper with any witnesses what exactly was he trying to cover up was it his own crime no it i don't believe he was trying to cover up for himself the the accusation is that he was trying to cover up for the president to protect the president from the russia collusion accusations which turned out to be absolute bullshit so roger stone is going to go to jail forever and his entire family will be devastated of course not to mention
obviously you know his own life would be over for all practical purposes for the crime of protecting an innocent president for the crime of protecting the country from having his president removed by dirty tricks now did roger stone know that there was nothing there probably you probably knew there was nothing there at the insiders probably don't do that did he commit a crime according to the sorry apparently yes do i deny that any of these things were illegal i do not i don't have an independent opinion i imagine legal system does a pretty good job of determining what the facts are but if you've got somebody who's going to jail for life for the crime of trying to protect the sitting president
from being removed from office by a coup attempt let you say that again he's going to is going to be serving life in prison for the crime essentially of trying to protect the country for losing a legally elected president to a coup attempt that's actually what happened have you ever seen a situation there was more conducive to a presidential pardon i have not except for people who innocent and were wrongly convicted and literally weren't even there so certainly that's the easiest pardon the easiest pardon is somebody who was in this and somehow you found out later and i don't i would think those
i will get off anyway without pardon but there must be some that are easier than this the second easiest kind of pardon is somebody who is trying to interfere with a coup interfere with a coup that's what roger stone did roger stone if that's what he was doing and all evidence suggests i mean that's actually the accusation so it's not me reading his mind the legal system has decided the roger ku tops are the roger stone is guilty of trying to interrupt a coup and he's going to jail for life easiest part never so easy that i think trump's gonna lose supporters if he doesn't do this pretty quickly i don't know when is the right time to do it young maybe the maybe the
legal process has to wrap it up a little bit more so that we know exactly what was going on but i suppose doesn't do it anytime you want it and i can't think of a better time can you think of a better time to pardon roger stone than this afternoon think about it can you think of a better time to pardon the guy who just got life imprisonment for trying to stop a who in the united states then right now right now if you were waiting for lunch you waited too long and i think every day that trump goes without pardoning him roger stone we're talking about i don't i think it looks good from the president now obviously the president is going to take the hit simply for being associated with roger stone
the president's already been punished the president took his punishment roger stone is going to jail forever somebody who's been fairly i don't know how close they were but there they've been they've known each other for a long time roger stone and the president and his friends going to go away for life for trying to stop a coup against the president united states how about now about pardoning him right now by the way this president have that full power in this case i think he does right so president trump i would say that you have no downside no downside whatsoever in fact it this is just a plus if the president pardon
stone for trying to stop a coup let's just all win because the other side is going to hate him the same no matter what doesn't matter the democrats they're locked in but you could lose some republicans on this the president could definitely lose some republicans if he plays this wrong and not pardoning stone or even just waiting too long and let him stone twist i don't get it this afternoon's right time to do it this afternoon is the right time to do it all right um uh what else we talked about so comala harris is getting more bad press of course for her bad campaign and there's some calls for her campaign manager to be fired but it turns out that her campaign chair
so the the head person of the campaign who isn't kemal herself is kemal's sister now if komala camped fire her own sister in the quest to become then she's not qualified if you can't fire your own sister you can't run against president trump you don't have what it takes so komala if you want to show that you have at least a trace of what it takes to be president prove it or your sister she's obviously the problem obviously you have the worst campaign anybody ever had i've never seen worse not a republican not a democrat i mean this i'm not being mean it's the worst campaign i've ever seen but your sister who's in charge if you can't fire sister you should just quit right if you can't fire your sister you should get out of the race
because you don't have you don't even have the the most basic capability that's just so basic if you can't fire somebody close to you the desperately needs to get fired you don't have the right stuff all right rob is squeezing south korea and japan for more military funding for the us presence in both of those places and is a this is one of those situations where you ask yourself why did that take so long why were other presidents not doing exactly this why or we not turning our military into a profit center you know people ask me all the time scott scott scott sure you're happy about this performance in this or that or this or that but what about the death
it doesn't matter what he does that's good if he runs up the debt world were you know we're all ruined anyway and the dad is going up like crazy like crazy is that a good point probably remember national debt is not like personal debt so there's some basic difference is one of the differences you don't you never have to pay it back personal debt you have to pay back national dance if you want to you can just pay the interest for ever and i would never pay back because over time just inflation will reduce the amount of your data to where you know i don't know sixteen trillion or eighteen trillion or whatever we're at now seems like an enormous number today but in thirty years it will seem like you know a third of that size even if
didn't pay anything back so a bank would never let you and i never pay back the principle but the government can the government can also print more money and just inflated away which has its own problems but again that's an option that you and i don't have but there's another option that you and i don't have that makes our personal debt different from national debt and that is that you and i do not have nuclear weapons well i can only speak for myself personally have no nuclear weapons so you might have some but uh i'm using nuclear weapons as a proxy for the biggest baddest military of all time now if you have the biggest baddest military of all time and you're protecting countries that don't have as much debt because they i don't have a big military to support shouldn't we be charging them
in what world does it not make sense for us to be charging countries we protect like crazy the president is apparently the first person who's figured out that the military should be a profit center because you know what the military should be a profit center now i don't think it should be a profit center in terms of starting a war we never want to do that like that would that would be the worst kind of military profit centers like hey let's start a war to make some profit that never works we military to never fight that's where the profit comes in so our best situation is our militaries the best in the world by far true they never fight well at the moment there's not a lot of fighting going on uh another people pay for it so that they can be protected by the same
bella it's sort of a perfect world uhm i also think we should be working harder to make alliances with countries that are still operating from a shortage mind i never heard this apply to countries before i've heard it this apply to people let me let me give you the most important mental re framing you've ever seen so this is a change the world re framing i ready for this i'm going to change the world right now probably so see if you think this is true i'm going to say something in the next sixty seconds they could well change the history of the world and it's this our foreign relations continue to be in a shortage mindset that there's a scare
actually yes there you go somebody says in the comments we manage our foreign relations with a scarcity mindset that used to make sense because in the old days you didn't have enough stuff you had to why are some resources you know somebody was always going to copy you for financial gain or military gain etc but all the old rules the scarcity rules don't make any sense anymore is the united states and russia are like poke each other with cyber crimes and you know little things where that where you can hurt each other but not start a war does that make sense doesn't make sense anymore is is russia really going to focus with these little this little bullshit stuff until the united states doesn't have the biggest military anymore i don't think so
and i think the message that trump has been bringing to these various frenemies and nemeses yeah i think he's bringing them in abundance mindset which he doesn't using those words but he says n korea why don't you let us make you rich nobody's ever said that before there's a reason that kim jong on writes love letters to trump and yet he wants to beat joe biden to death with a stick according to recent communication down the north korea they love president trump and they want to beat joe biden to death with a stick before it's too late they actually said that what's the difference probably the difference is that biden is in a scarcity mindset and he's competition trump is very clearly an abundance mindset where he
hey i've got an idea why don't we both do something that's better for both of us how 'bout we be friends i'll spend a lot less money trying to protect this all from you you'll make a bunch of money 'cause will invest in you how about we just make more stuff and then we all got everything we want about abundance so the same thing for russia can you give me one good reason why russia once the united states as an enemy why why i would love to see anybody explained to me in any rational way how russia would get an actual advantage that makes some difference to them in the real world i can see lots of things that will hurt them if they poke us and it's enough for us to notice
if they focus on that we don't notice i suppose you could argue there's some advantage there but we always notice we catch them when they hack we catch them if they try to interfere with the election we certainly know if marching into crimea we certainly know what they're doing with everything else so the day is of pokey each other and having a you know a scarcity mindset where if we have to get this stuff before you do it's just ancient thinking and when the president says we should be friends with russia the way you should read that is not the old mindset which is my god you fool don't you know the russians are a big enemy and were competing with them for this and that the president without using these words is in an abundance mindset is the thing that is his
most basic personality element you can see and everything he does and he learned from the power of positive thinking remember his his i forget if there's a pastor or minister i was forget which the name is preacher pastor minister when he was a kid was normal since and who is really the the i don't the father of the abundance mind set he didn't he didn't phrase that way at all thank but if you took did talk about the power of positive thinking and you go out and just make good stuff happened suddenly says pastor maybe pastors right word uhm but trump is bringing that to the to the international realm at exactly the time that you should do that because we are at a time when cooperating is uh
really big advantage and being enemies doesn't help either side tell tell me which side has benefited by being in a war lately i mean really benefit even the winners of the wars end up we just that they end up with more there's more they have to protect and more poor people left just doesn't seem to work all right so we should work out something with russia where we just say you know let's get back to a let's get to an abundance mind set and everybody wins all right what else is going on yes actually is a good point somebody says the jerry was making that same pitch for middle east peace i think in the middle east you gotta
anything going on the abundance mindset is good everywhere but with middle east you've got religious you know concerns that you don't have with russia the the reason that it's just makes me crazy that we can't work something with russia is that we don't have an ethnic problem with them either way and we don't have a religious problem with russia either way so if we can't work out something with russia i don't feel like we've tried hard enough because it seems like there should be the easiest abundance situation where we say look china might still be a problem but hey can we just can we just make more money for each other can we just need to make this work alright would you like to hear more stories
about loser thank i know you do and you know you do so i'm not that fun part of the process where soon as i mentioned loser thing made the best seller list i made three different bestseller lists this first week now what might happen is it because you do a lot of publicity the first week the second week it might go down a little bit until word of mouth kicks in so this is one of those word of mouth books so so you should expect that the real fun is next week the week after this one that's what it was with word of mouth is kicked in so he says the new york times there's some leak about the wiggers
i don't see any chance we're going to have a comprehensive trade deal with china do i think china is just got too many issues and as long as their top fentanyl dealers still walking free and apparently is uh have any kind of trade deal they both seven copies loser so loser think is on the following the best sellers it's on the new york times self help list and number five which is a great place to be by the way that's a real that's that's a list everybody would drool to be on if you get on the self help list you can sometimes stay on there for decades that's the one you want to be on but the wall street journal also has a top ten for digital business books and a top ten for
oh books in general i think digital books nonfiction books and then it's also a top ten for business books is it in the airport it is it is in the airports and should be in the window at barnes noble if you go by barnes noble you should see it in the window will into troopers like losers thing yes yeah now my life my book before this you saw it had to be either a trump supporter or at least not hate him too much in order to read the content in the book which was about persuasion but because it talked about trump a lot you'd sort of need to be a trump supporter
to love that book but this latest one goes right down the middle so i talk about some topics on the left some topics on the right and apply the loser think filtered to both and nobody comes out perfectly here so i really did put effort into taking it right down the middle on this one 'cause i didn't want people to miss the book we think it was a political bias in it i don't think you'll find it swalwell appears a lot for some reason for some reason i wonder what that reason could be yeah my representative in this area eric swalwell who full disclosure if you times
he is a perfect example for some of the some of the material in the book all right it's personal improvement yes it is a personal improved book all right i used to defends well well i remember exactly what that was but yeah we talked about roger stone all right that's all for now i don't have anything else left hi love talking to you guys every morning i gotta tell you this is always fun for me so goodbye for now i'll talk to you later
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