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Episode 728 Scott Adams: Orange Man Bad #Shampeachment, Buttigieg Surging in Iowa, Fun Stuff

2019-11-17 | 🔗

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  • The life of a man in 2019
  • CNN notes PLENTY of…inappropriate Presidential behavior
  • Overly seasoned diplomats
  • New Iowa poll shows Buttigieg LEADING at 25%
    • Biden’s poll numbers fell off a cliff
  • CNN assigning “no blowback” opinion to their viewers
  • Deval Patrick’s Presidential chances
  • Sam Harris, famous for being rational and VERY smart…
    • …thinks President Trump’s success and election just luck?

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tonton tonton tonton tonton the open room below everybody do see what time it is are you kidding me it's time it's time everybody one in it's time for the simultaneous sip best part of your day and it just keeps getting better and does it take much to participate no it doesn't isn't very little preparation needed i see some of you are already ready but if you're not there's still time to grab your copy your mugging class used after to stein jealous tanker thermos flask canteen grill goblet vessel of any kind show it with your favorite look
i like coffee and join me now for the simultaneous set the dopamine here the day the thing that makes everything better go coffee through my body making my life better it's like magic so in the big news of the day there's a man from the united kingdom age thirty two and the headline says he nearly died poor man he nearly died after a parasite crawled up his penis and lay laid eggs as he swim in a lake in in a trip to africa so here's why when i go to africa i do not swim in the lake
'cause apparently they have some kind of gnarly parasite that will crawl up your penis and lay eggs there didn't have anything else to worry about where you got that now you're welcome there's a trending hashtag on twitter today this why men need a break and i saw that it was trending i thought why men need a break and i thought huh could there be a positive thing about men that would be a trending hashtag on social media is that even possible it's two thousand and nineteen could there be such a thing as a positive about men that would be trending and i thought to myself my god
i didn't know that was even a thing anymore so i clicked on it eager to find out all the reasons that men need a break as somebody finally realized that men work hard and sometimes they need a break well it didn't workout that way it turns out that the hashtag is mostly a way to mock men for being worthless and stupid so at least i wasn't surprised so that's the life of a man in two thousand and nineteen being told you worthless and stupid in a variety of different ways we have her own hashtag now why men need a break so if you'd like to get in on the telling men why they're worthless and stupid just use the hashtag and you can be part of the whole party because that's what brings us together one of the things that brings us together as a culture is uh complete agreement that all men are trash their stupid and worthless
if you don't believe it turn on your television or watch a movie or a commercial they all have a pretty pretty soon similar theme if you know what i mean so there's this new thing i don't know how to do it is i see it more and more when people want to be mad at me as social media usually because they he's saying something positive about president trump they like to come into my comments on twitter and say bad things about me but they used to say bad
things about me that were based on a rumor that wasn't true or they say bad things about me because my opinion or or they didn't like who are supporting but now they've just given up on reasons and now people come into my comments and they say with sadness i think there are following nancy polo sees lead because she's very sad about the impeachment she feels bad for the president i think she prays for him and people are starting to do this with me too instead of saying scott i think he got a fact wrong or maybe you should think of something differently they come into twitter and they tell me how disappointed they are for maine no reason is given to just disappointed
and they feel bad for me because i used to be somebody who is worthwhile there was a time i'm told by my critics there was a time when i was not waffle once but that time that time has passed i'm now a person to be pitied without reasons and so to all of you who are my critics who are putting me and are very disappointed in me i thank you for your concern so i'm loving watching the two movies on one screen with cnn mostly i'm watching and fox news now they're covering the impeachment over on over here cnn it's it's all over the president has been shown to be impeachable
why is the president impeachable you say well just in the cnn or read their website plenty you plenty of reasons for example
this is an impeachable i don't know what is he had a phone call that some people thought was inappropriate that's right i don't know if you've if you've got a whiff of this yet back in twenty sixteen and you probably didn't notice but there was this president elected his name is trump and apparently this is the first an appropriate thing is done so people are calling it out wait what i'm getting a message that this is not the first inappropriate thing the president trump is done hold on i'm hearing from the control room okay twenty seven thousand to twenty seven thousand th time he's been inappropriate but this time well he's going to far
the other twenty seven thousand times he did something that other people thought was an appropriate was just short of impeachable but the twenty seven thousand th and one well i think that's the final straw we've had too much of this inappropriate non standard behavior which we don't want to normalize we don't want to normalize this nonstandard behavior because look what it's done to the economy ok the economies find but i think it's pretty clear that with all this inappropriate inappropriate behavior thousands and thousands of inappropriate behaviors i mean that's the reason the isis is winning okay isis is a winning
elephant has been completely destroyed but it certainly the reason that n korea is firing up their nuclear weapons ok they're not firing up their nuclear weapons and aiming them at us they're actually sorta talking to us but one thing i can tell you is it because of all of the presidents inappropriate behavior there's no way he's going to be pushing back on chat ok he's pushing check on china i i'm trying to figure out what all the inappropriate behavior has done to me personally i anything did any you have anything for me has the president's inappropriate behavior of which there are twenty seven thousand samples have any of you it felt any pain because of it as a male awesome job as anybody in las to spouse did anybody's children
late for school is anybody littering more not exactly is the inappropriate behavior doing fill in the blanks i don't know but i know it's very irregular it's a regular and inappropriate and if you can't be impeached for being irregular and then appropriate i don't know why you can be a beach forty that's right bribery reverse bribery you know reverse bribery where you try to get somebody else to do something in return for a large amount of foreign aid now it seems to maine that the democrats have as a party they're starting to define themselves the following way we should give a lot away from foreign aid
but apparently were not supposed to ask for anything in return if it would also be good for the sitting president but i can imagine anything we would ask for from any foreign country in return for foreign aid that wouldn't also coincidentally be a plus for the sitting president whatever that might be so i think the democrats want to simply give away money with no conditions is any kind of condition would be good for the sitting president that's why would ask for it politically it would be good because it be good for the country so number the democrats want to open our borders invite everybody in hey everybody where is the money
the citizens are earning for mid to make sure they're covered for healthcare and everything else but also if there's any money left over after that we should package it up and give to foreign countries that they can spend it any way they want or just the government could just keep because apparently corruption is not a big deal not something you'd really need to look into so the democrats are actually running on a platform of giving your money to other countries i am not even making that up there at the the the democrats are actually running other platform of taking your money and giving it to other countries without conditions without conditions really i mean that's actually what's happening
and that's how bad they want to get rid of the present so i'm referring to this impeachment as the orange man bad she impeachment because they don't really have anything more damning than orange man bad got lots of examples ever again apple is a little bit trivial let's just non standard he had regular group of people including rudy doing some things not legal as far as we know just a regular so stop all that a regular stuff
at the end this is how bloomberg puts it a handful of loyalist led by rudy giuliani wrested control of us policy from seasoned diplomats well did they did they rested control of us policy from season diplomats or did they do what the price president who sets the foreign policy did rudy do what the president asked him to do because the seasoned diplomats weren't worth a shit yeah are you watching all of the praise that you have on ivic your language in my saying it right you have an image ambassador jovanovic
just getting i mean notice that all of the democrats are praising her long service and great character and stuff and i'm thinking i don't have any reason to doubt it and she might be the best employee we've ever had or not or not how many of those democrats actually know what her record is on the job any i don't know she's getting a lot respect from people who don't know one way or the other now i do think we should show respect to our public servants unless for some reason
i do and i'm not aware of any reason not to but it's kind of weird how confident people are that she's the best employee we've had recently or one of the great ones she's one of the greats might be true i have no reason to doubt it but if you've ever been around employees they're not all that great not all of 'em all right here's the most interesting part about the orange man bad shin patients you'll think it's not connected but it is i'm going to connect it right now there's a new poll an iv iowa of likely caucus goers so that people who might matter now it's only five hundred people but still that's enough probably statistically pete bridge edge
it is now leaving the field at twenty five percent and who did that come out of well ok man of bernie and it also came out of warren no it came out of bite and i think mostly right biden and bernie does warren is still in second place so connect the dots now joe biden just fell off a cliff in the polls why what has happened recently that would make joe biden fall in the
is it just because budaj edges doing such a good job maybe could be that can be part of it but a judge is doing a good job but here's the other i don't see anybody nobody is connected the dots yeah there you go i'm watching in the comments yeah you just connected the dots let me put it this way democratic voters and here's the key it's not not just republicans democratic voters in iowa just told the country that the biden situation with ukraine was important which means the president trump asking to look into it is what even the democrats wanted because even though the fact that the polls had been so consistent in fact
biden was your writing writing a new high and that then this week he falls off a cliff what else happened did biden have a big gaffe nothing unusual did biden come out with a new policy nope and somebody who's a democrat attack biden in a really effective way nope there is exactly one thing that happened exactly one thing the sham peachment and the then and the knowledge that the out the rest of the public is filling in the biden had some questions that needed to be answered now also a again i'm not aware of any evidence that joe biden committed any crimes with ukraine or anywhere else i'm not anything like that
i'm not going to do with democrats do and use the word yet i i freaking hate that because the way they would say a different if this were them they say there's we've discovered it no evidence of a crime by joe biden yet you saw that you had in there and you need to be off the air let me throw if you're a professional and you throw a yet at the end of that sentence you need to lose your job that's not a yet sentence that's just sliming somebody for no reason so i'm not i say yet inviting 'cause i don't think i don't think anything will come of it but it's certainly something that the voters wanted to know as soon those voters in iowa found out that there was some kind of a purisma thing did they care it looks like it now i can't read their minds
and certainly i would expect there will be other interpretations of why by disney people were saying he might lose iowa anyway so maybe there's no surprise here at all but and judge topping out there might be a little surprising might be a little surprising all right hum now let's see if let's see if it in this coming week any of the republicans make the case that i just made which is that biden falling in the polls proves that even democrats cared about the there is a connection which means that the president asking about it is doing the people's work let's just like i've been saying from the from the start if you and i care about the breeze ma connection even if all we care about is understanding it better i think that's
there we want to understand it better and you know make sure that we know the facts it's proven now i would say that that's a done deal right uh i watched with amazement as cnn assigns opinions to their watchers now of course fox news does that they'll do that but someday this is a little more heavy handed than other times and here's one of the assignments or the opinions they're trying to assign to their their viewers and it's that there will be no blowback from the impeachment so there's a there's a one of the founders wrote an article on cnn site today in which he's saying that there should be no blood back because they're doing such a good job on this
peachment so that no matter which way it goes there will be no blowback now do you think that's predictable first of all if i had to bet i'm gonna bet there's blowback because joe biden just dropped in the polls in iowa now again there could be other reasons for that but as you it's like blow back to me i think in blue biden right out of the raised in it that's about as blow back he is you can get and i wouldn't be surprised if some people in congress some little
little struggle because this cnn is trying pretty hard to tell democrats that no no blow back i don't know if this is the last time you'll ever see me because i'm gonna i'm gonna bring up the topic they could just they could give a canceled a ready for that this is the fun ones the ones where you can you can you can detect palpable danger on my part so you can use the danger part i'll try to protect myself with the following framing so when i get quoted in the context this will be the part that has to be left out so that i sent to you
okay as you know if you've been watching my periscopes i am super pro gay super pro lgbtq q very supportive transgender athletes much to your disagreement right so you know that and you know i've been saying i'd love to see gay president assuming that the president is qualified and all that right no i don't know that i want to see it instead of president trump one of the great to have a great like a present i think the press i think the country would feel you know the move in forward now again we don't want to like somebody just because of their gender or just because of their ethnicity just because there's actual warrant but it would just be really healthy i see somebody signing off already
i don't know where i'm going with this yet so x massachusetts governor deval patrick is looking like you might be getting into the race now
i didn't know anything about devol patrick literally nothing i've never heard him talk i didn't know what he looks like and so yesterday i had in my head phones and i was just listening to the news and i heard an interview in which devol patrick came on and started talking and up again didn't know anything about what is the first time i've ever heard him talk and i said to myself oh my god this is amazing we're gonna have to get gay candidates for president of which nobody's talking about them being gay i mean except for general description and i thought to myself that's like the healthiest thing i i'm i'm so happy about that literally i am not joking i was happy about that was like wow hello the the democrats the other talk about inclusion and diversity but look what their their field they've gotten
bunch of women they've got a woman of at least one woman of color they've got you know they've got everything covered and now they've got a gay black guy we just entered the race and all anybody is saying is that he's a strong can't date and i thought to myself this is a really healthy situation and then i thought to myself what if he's not gay and i thought i better look that up 'cause i don't want to be saying hey it's great that we got a second gay guy in the race if he doesn't identify that way so i googled it turns out he's not gay and by not gay i mean he's not telling anybody anybody's gay i think he's got a family
the daughter i think his daughter is lgbtq but there's no it no indication that he's gay so i hope nobody signed off after i said that because the the punch line is the way he speaks signal to me gay but just because of a bias or a bad pattern recognition and so i'm not proud of it right i'm not you're not cleaning up right because i heard is so i'm not making any claims about him or his personal life i'm just saying he doesn't have a chance of getting elected and here's why because pete budaj edges had the race what's the best thing about people to judge and i've said this before what's the best thing about pete bridge as a candidate is authentic
but a judge is the real deal you know if you're going to run for president and will think you're gay whether you're gay or not if they think you're gay there's nothing better than to say me my husband because this is a and again g a yet so but a judge is not only not he's not emphasizing the being gay is some kind of an advantage you know wouldn't it be good for that the country british judges and saying any of that which also proves he's smart
can saying that would be a turn off to a lot of people we don't want to elect people because of their sexual orientation we just want to be able to get to a place where doesn't matter so uh so i think that the average voter is going to take a look at duvall and i think they're going to have the same oh apparently incorrect first impression that i did which is that he's another gay candidate people have their opinions about that i have to tell you i see
most of my time interacting with trump supporters i've never heard one person say anything anti gay in terms of not being you know not being electable we're not being qualified or anything like that i need people make bad jokes but they they just come across as bad jokes i never heard any trump supporter have any negative thought about anybody running for president because of their sexual orientation which is i suppose a good thing 'cause you kind of expect you might hear that but you don't and i haven't heard at one time so sorry says your generation is a lost cause
a good to leave you for that that's a block so i'm pro would you judge as a candidate because he is moderate is one of the smartest people in the race and like trump it just seems to be authentic and people can really put up with a lot you know you can disagree with somebody's lifestyle you can disagree with their choices and you can still be okay with them yes they come off as authentic and when the judge does and i think that by comparison it was just a comparison lange is going to make the ball patrick look in authentic even if it is authentic
so he's going to he's going to suffer from i think people's opinions of who he is and should be that's independence from who is so this so let me summarize by saying nothing i've said should be considered a uh an insult or a negative about deval patrick i'm just telling you that my pattern recognition heard his voice jump to a conclusion when i googled it it appeared not to be true uh but there you go alright so i hope i don't get cancelled for that but we'll see so here's one of the funniest cognitive dissonance things you'll ever see
it goes like this do you know the story of it chauncey gardner so it's a it's a movie being there i think is the movie and the idea is that this guy was sort of an idiot just gets lucky as through a series of misunderstandings becomes president and so if so when somebody is compared to chauncey gardner this basically saying they have no talent the he became a leader just by lock being in the right place at the right time and i've heard this from now from two of the smartest people then i'm likely to talk to who is they have told me directly and both of them democrats well one of them told me directly in one of my just heard an interview that their best explanation of what they're observing over the last three years is that
trump just got lucky that one of them is sam harris so sam harris is literally famous for being smart and rational they what what is sam harris is brand smart rational scientific follows the facts right and but of course that doesn't make you immune from cognitive dissonance and it could be i who had an experiencing the cognitive distance right now so probably one of us is or maybe both it could be the both of us are in left field but i i actually wonder i wonder a lot about sam harris
as internal thinking process 'cause imagine being literally famous for being rational and smart and both of those things are true by the way he's rational and super smart but he's watched trump become president and then have one of the most successful presidencies for the people who voted for him of all time and you his current thinking and this is because he just added an interview i i heard i think it was with at one stage he said that it was the chauncey gardner thing that trump just got lucky now how how many things can trump do in a row that are exactly what he said he would do before you discard the chauncey gardner hypothesis how how much do you have to see
before you say okay well maybe there is some technique to this maybe there's a style to this it's just a question could we ever get there could sam harris ever get to the point where he says ok i don't like the policies but i can see that the skill is what got in there now again i could be the one who is suffering cognitive dissonance if we're being completely rash if i were if i were the one experiencing it and sam's opinion of what happened is just right on complete luck present just got lucky i wouldn't know the difference because of my cognitive dissonance would make me see it as an absurd even though it makes perfect
so that's about all i got for today i hope that you of all check out my book a great gift you should be ordering it now for christmas it's the greatest gift of all time oddly enough it's battling for number number one in cognitive psychology so so if you go on amazon that is listed in number of different categories but one of the categories is cognitive psychology slip this is the number one or number two book it keeps going back and forth with condiments thinking fast and small which is funny
it's funny that i'm in the same list with a book that famous and that good that's what's funny all right isn't related to judgment somebody says yes it is iq is totally related to judgment if you really believe i q doesn't help you make better decisions pretty sure it does but anyway this look for another day and i will talk to you all later
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