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Episode 732 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment, Sondland

2019-11-20 | 🔗

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  • Weak defense strategies by the President’s supporters
  • Vindman was offered job of UKRAINE DEFENSE MINISTER?
    • Ukraine made the offer…3 TIMES?
  • CNN Chris Cillizza’s weasel words and spin

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tamtamta papapebum on umumpame hey everybody are you watching thee sandland a testimony oh it's a barnber but come on in here we'll take a break from that i think we ferred what he's gon to say there will be many questions but i think his opening statement probably says everything it is to say come oney near gune ah you know let's get riht to it quick quick grab your cofp mug glass slifter steinjellous tanker theras last cantin grail gobling vessel of any carriage with your favorite liquid enlessenjoy simultaneity of knowing the people all over the world are going to enjoy the simultaneous sip and their dobe vin was
like at the same time your part of it be part of something bigger than yourself the simultaneous sep go oh ye that's much bigger than myself a so the only news that anybody cares about is the ifyoum peachman trial sh a jhambeachmen theatre i call it i i like i love the way devennewness is framing it before each day of impeachment eas he you frama like theatre well it's a act two of champs a theatre he doesn't say that way but almost which is exactly the right way to do it no i'm i'm going to criticize a lot of people onpresident trumps to
fhence he's getting the worst defence iveve reseeved i ha now bottom line i'm sure the president's can tho be firen there's no cunt be any impeachment but mand are the people defending him screwing the bootcheer and i' got to call out a jordan as the worst offender here is the defence you' never want a hear from your own lawyer are you ready if you ever hire a lawyer but say you're accused of a crime and you have and you hire a lawyer and he comes at you with the following descent
you need a new lawyer here's the defence my client totally did not commit the crime and also it didn't work what that's right my client didn't commit the crime and when tried it didn't work that's not the lawyer you want at the lawyer who says there was no crime now some of the republicans are saying that but in fact the best defence i think so far of everything i see in every every king had every every pondered and of all the people who have been talking about the sham peach
i've only seen one i'm competent a'm piece of writing on us as from byron york and it's to day so you can say it in my twinterfeet and byronoric points out that there are several well documented no
nobody is doubting the following facts the ukrainian officials people in the government did in fact publicly publicly tried to influence the election in twenty sixteen against trump publiclyas that's the important part apparently i that there were some facts i didn't know bow had just pread the article and i t live the examiner washington examiner byron york and he lays out the numerous times that publicly again there's no doubt there's no no ah dispute about the facts but publicly the diplomat for a eukranians ambassador apparently rhote a negative peace in the hill thr during the election that's pretty direct
nfluence there was a negative piece about president trump now that the problem tig you qrane had with trumpes genidaite as they thought he was too friendly with russia that was a bad thing so apparently they are documented as working against the president and trying to prevent him from getting like it i guess that's not even an indispute i so let me tell you what matters an what doesn't matter and unfortunately the republicans defending the pres or spending a lot of time on the stuff that doesn't matter and is hurting his cause
here's some things that don't matter that the process itself is unfair do you know whe that doesn't matter now it is true that the republicans are not getting to talk to the people they want to talk to some things are happling behind closed doors and then yesterday he saw something that blew my mind which is that the accusers got the last word so the last person to speak after each of these events is chef that this everything is backwards from how a trial should be held so i would say it's true the
the process is unfair if judged against a legal process in which history has decided with kinds of the processes are fair it's unfair but it is a succer's game to argue that why because nobody's questioning the facts both sides agree on the basic facts there's not really a big difference on facts if you're trying to decide whether the facts are accurate then the quality of the system the other othersystem that that brings out the facts makes a big difference but if you both on the basic facts you don't really need to question the system cause this stom gave you what you need he gave you the facts you both agree on them even if this system is terrible as long as you both agree that
ray facts it doesn't matter how terrible it was so don't argument it's irrelevant te get a gat and guy into the same point i'm in also doesn't matter why anybody did anything doesn't matter wha men is saying what he's saying saying it matter matter that he wore his military uniform doesn't matter what he was thinking know that matters sir irrelevant because what matters is what byron york rodeabout did the presidenthae reason to think that you grain needed to be investigated some of the things were sketchy like the yen then the crowd strikes cerberthink there's no evidence that you grained hat anything to do that but it was not a list of things but the prese was concerned about you crane being generally corrupt and had acted against him to
president have a legitimate reason to want to investigate what's going on in ukraine not only with bydon and brisme but sort of more generally cause they were acting against the president yes once you ve answer that question did the president may have a legitimate need the legitimate concern that the country should also share all the other questions are relevant you dont need to talk about the system the process because it got you all to the same point you all believe the same facts and one of those facts then nded isn't really coming out in the yea apparently not nobody thought to bring out any of these facts in the newis those testimonies so again the president's defenders are doing a terrible job ah a dozen
tter that the that the transcript was originally put on a secure server nope doesn't matter because everybody agreed that the transcript looking thing was close enough does the matter it's elmin doesn't matter what anybody was thinking does my what anybody's motives were even the presidents does what his motives were doesn't matter what is internal thoughts were there's only one thing the matter did he have a legitimate interest meaning public interest american interest in investigating ukraine a little bit and finding out how rotten they are over there it doesn't eveit matter if you agree all you have to do is that yourself given president trump's experience and what
what he knew at the time was it reasonable for him to push you grain for some investigating sure even if there's nothing there totally o once you said is totally justified that he he asked those questions you're done there's nothing else about cause it doesn't matter if he pressure them doesn't matter if he had a expl a quid pro quo away indirect quidplt it doesn't matter which which of the witnesses thought there was one thought there wasn't one thought it was about the meeting thought it was about the funding doesn't matter doesn't matter how how long it was withheld doesn't matter why i was withheld does matter who thought what doesn't matter that
juliani was over there your making things complicated for the professionals none ofh matters there's only one question the matters did the president have a good reason to suspect there needs to be so investigating over a new grain now suppose you crane had said yes i think it would have gone something like this yes mr president if you have legitimate concerns we'd like to look into it tell us what you are looking to specifically well one of them is this crowd strikes everything i will look into it twenty four hours later we looked into it there's nothing there's no basis for that
can what else d you hornust look into really twenty four hours later eu crane would say the same thing that biron york says that everybody was looked into his sense the crowd strike servithing isn't real but what else you have well there's the bidin thing look an we can look into that hor there's the interfered in their in the election before is her anything going on over there that we need to know about we'll look into it so that's the only question the matters dies the president have a good re to look into it the a democras have gotten away with framing it as digging for dirt on an opponent the republicans have failed miserably complete failure to defend president on the question of did he have reason to think there was some bad stuff over there in ukraine that needed to be looked into yes
that's the beginning of the story and the end of it all the rest is theater and and so our say republicans of totally failed this president in their defence i suck my garden sunland he's in is a test find today and of course all the headlines after this we're gonna be quid pro quo discovered because someone says it was one now they're gonna start can fleeting and job jaw pollack pointed this out i don't know if i want to call it myself but point
doubt that what sondlon says was the quid procoil that he believed was about the meeting having a quid pro cuo for a meeting with the president is probably kind o stand your business yeand no everybody gies to meet with the president egane scatterd little gi me something you get something i mean even i met with a presient was there was there an implied quid proquo sort of sort of because between the time i got invited to visit the president until the day i actually was standing there talking to him did i say bad things about the president i did not do you think i would have said bad things had i thought of any well i might have waited a few weeks
so there's always a quid broquo even i felt the quiod broke well and i was just visiting for fun now as it turns out i usually say things that are supportive of the presidency even y criticize a number of specific things that they 're doing so was it a big risk but even i felt the quid broke woll i mean is real there's no way you have a potential meeting were the bresont of the united states and you don't thinkto yourself o kai got it and not blow this no wondn't what all i do to make sure n this doesn't ge castle of course there's a good broko tat so so much will be made to day that sandlin believed there was one at least
the meeting port i think he's saying that he understood or it was his opinion that the aid was also connected but you didn't have a direct didn't have direct evidence of that that was just as impression doesn't matter now it doesnt matter was silent thought it makes no difference it will make any difference doesn't matter if there was a good broke workers are always is doesnt matter if you thought it was explicit where it was indirect doesn't matter case there's always one all the matters is that the president had re to believe that de craye in a little extra investigating before he felt comfortable giving them money or anything else ay i i can't not comment on the vie bt listle of the
this is put off and vibe the sunland puts off he reminds me of some actor that you often see in movies and he plays the guy who in the end of the movie is gon lose the girl and he's a bad boss and you wouldn't want of your father in law doesyou which actor is it there is an actual actor who looks just like him but that actor always plays the part of the character in the movie you're not supposed to like he's just you sirlut a goovy unlikable guy so someone has a goofy unlike a bull vibe sadly because he looks like that actor who always plays its part in that matters its unkind to point out things like that but we're talking about how the public is going to rise
ceive him and he doesn't have he doesn't have a sympathetic look if you know i mean um so there's that as opposed to vidlan who wore his military stuff and of course i go him much more much more of as sympathetic look than if he hadn' so that was a smart choice by vennan to wear his military stuff i vend an got a little bit duch baggy by insisting that ye be called by his military title even though he is civilian now right now at the funniest story that came enthis and of vinban's testimony and it was so weird that i thought i heard it wrong and it wasn't until i i saw i saw
talker curls on talking about it that i thought to myself i actually did hear that right i completely blowed off as it couldn't possibly be true and that was that apparently you cream had asked american military of veteran ginnman to be their secretary of defence in new grain three times they asked him to quit his job merica to be the defende secretary of you gran now when i heard it in that in the testimony i thought what did i just hear that you crave est an american will very person to take over their entire military and he's justa lieutenant colonel did i jos her o and i i actually convince myself then i heard it wrong because it couldn't possibly be
true voluntarily apfairly it's true so here's the funny part am the united states was one yes away from conquering you grain all ven ben ot to do as say yes and the basically a united states sai would be rubbing the military in new grave now there are some things which we can speculate about why they would as et now one speculation one speculation is that a is that if there was some american connected citizenand
their military baby that give more military aid maybe they're so dependent on america that they migsell just put inan american in the job no keep in mind i believe he was born in eucrane so technically is a dual citizen i think ed he speaks fluant eugranian annie is very pro uclanted so it wouldn't be a crazy thing for him too you know take a job you qreck but that job that specific job of what a so h so here's here's the other a possibility the other possibility is that ukrainians don't trust of the ugranians men that they needed somebody who was unbribable and sometimes the only way you can get but let's call them untouchables
and there isn't the other the way that the and the u sk government when after a gangsters in the old days as they had to get people who were not local ed were not known so that they couldn't be bribable yet the badguies couldn't get to their families and bridewoman stuff so it could be that dhay they just ad enna we just can't find any pre entire country who isn't just livia a crook so you know we'll take the one person who we think is not bribable to be in charge until we can turn things or so it might be that they thought he was on or they thought he was bribable is both both are possil could be they thought he was bribable lessila they wanted him goodby never know i
but that was a weir little story which tells me that they don't have a deep bench there a new grane they do not have a deep bench because if you looking for an american to be your head the head of your military i guess i'd be worried about pudent too i guess he yed just walk right in there with a tricycle and takle of the whole country am le see what else we got i was looking at the sea end's coverage from yesterday yesterday it was all about there's no good pro quow because eve nobody saw a problem yesterday so i wondered nowsie and end would handle it and
they had to somehow make a good day for the present look like a bad day and i want to see how they do it purely friend or tabled so christen solicit said this and a pair of raising but i had to paraphrase it because it was so confusing you had to simplify it to see how confusing it was this will make more sense the moment one of the conclusions that chris is made for saying then was that and again this is my wording but i'm taking his more confusing sentences and summarizing them
there's not a known fact a known fact and so uses known fact as opposed to effect swas so it's not a known fact that ukraine had not adequately looked into joe and hunter new ukraine it's not a known fact that ukraine had not looked into joe in other words soliza was criticizing the president sighed for not having a fact they had not been i don't even understand it is his word salad is this too many natives here is not a known fact that he had not adequately looked into the bidened brismithing but if it's not a known fact that he had not adequately look looked into it they had had not adequately been looked into it's also a known fact
that we don't know if his had been looked into another words this is worded in a way to take away the fact that the president of the united states could not have known whether it was true that they had looked into brisma already or was that true another words it was completely i'm
of the president asking the question because we don't know it's not a known fact the eucrane had not adequately looked into the brismething it's not a known fact that we hade not and therefore it's also not a known fact that we did right it's the same thing so it's not a known fact that they did not already look into it so therefore it's not a known fact that they did if you don't know that they didn't ye also don't know that they did but they had to word it backwards with a double native to take away the fact that the president asked them to do something the
the president did not know and could not have known if they had already done it and so it was useful to ask for it because maybe they say we already did it so he says you are shameless you are stupid and blocked fire am due to do it's funny no matter how many times i criticised the president so maybe it will come in here and say even over a predecessor problem you're shameless how many times do i have to criticise as president before somebody will notice as i yo don't even notice a am so there's themp a new anonymous book that's a recicling a
hopes that the president has been issues and he can't remember anything these always asking questions need here never deep well of understanding of anything the whole politics has turned into dilbert dilbert workplace this whole anonymous book this is everybody complaining about their boss everybody thinks they're boss doesn't pay enough attention to t to their details doesn't know what's happening they think their bloss is making selfish decisions their bosses selfish and stupid their bosses villion i got rich specifically on that fact that everybody think
or bosses didiot that's the olly rison yor even listening to me you never even would a heard of me except everyone thinks of bosses an idiot so when you see an anonymous report this as some people think they're blosses an idiot you didn't see anything cosette's every boss everybody thinks of boss's an idiot sometimes i will i will agree with lhia a anti trumpers who say that the president's visit to walter read was not a plained adequately by well i just had some free time and i thought i'd do take care of this a that is ud fort le is laughably unrealistically true why did you see what i just teod there for those of the
i haven't yet blocked who say scott you you defend everything the port president says listen to me again the president's explanation that he just had some free time so you went to get a routine physical and walter reed is not even slightly believable i as even slightly believable but what does it mean does it mean there's some horrible health problem no ne it could mean he as a minor health problem like everybody his age age souz'n want to share it you could imagine a thousand different house problems that would be minor there wa just
e embarrassing where you don't want to talk about it edward you knowesa i's a fun guess it's a rash et sah it's anything it just could be anything so there's no reason to believe there's a problem but there isn't the slightest chance that it was just because he had some three timeb that didn't happen there was something going on we just don't have a reason to believe it anything important i think privacy would be the more likely
explanation ah although have to be i after admit i was worried than i heard there was a cabinet meeting that got called i thought to myself oh he went to a secret medical sacilty well wasn't sacred but and then he caught aticola cabinet meeting it was probably already scheduled but i thought to myself that doesn't so good but apparenly it was just normal business five ah those were the mean things that wanto talk about if the president's defenders continue to do such a bad job they might actually defend hem right into getting a speeched
and in think it was possible but so far their defences have been so bad that might actually happen if they known to pivoge pretty quickly and start leaving on the fact that he had a pretty good reason to ask questions about your praying and that's the end of the story then i don't think to serving it well tis the argument that he didn't do the crime and by the way the crime didn't work that's what therd playing now and that's just the worst the worst predictions for north korea probably just more of the same you know my guess is that president trump simply doesn't want to give them what they need and he's willing to wait cuz every day that the president waits on a rand every day that he waits on north korea they get more flexible does they're getting poorer and were getting richer and
ime is not on their side so it could be that he just as as long as he needsed to there's no hurry i am oh yes auth the kodah as i ad about trying to get people off a mesth but it's it's no ideal snowersh talking about but it's not ideal ah some he says i'm wrong the health gare will oly cost ten per cent morockers were not paying for the current at ninety per cent well that's the another example of somebody who mischaracterizesy
pinion to to criticize it here is my opinion the entire system including your employer paying for your health air including the government paying for some people's elshkire the entire system is only about ten per cent away from being able to cover everybody des are only about ten per centive people not covered so ah if we had no way to claw back their money and o the worse to tax employer
because they no longer have to pay helth carelessy if the government is paying eve rylay oltker companies sit save a time of money so in order to cover that you would have to tax them in some degree that similar tow much they were paying for healthgare i had to pake up the difference so there you go i'm not saying thus practical ufter saying that the money exists in the system now suppose you gave businesses such a mass tax break that they didn't have to pay health gerantmore in other words they didn't near the government's bag it so companies can stop payng it that would be the superstimulative bcause every company would suddenly become a far more profitable for not having to bey someody somebody says you're assuming no elasticity of demand if it's free
assuming no no alas dusty i'm assuming some alas dusty but the the place where there are two last thursday and will be the cheaper stuff so the year the heart attacks on the cancer were already being done d it's the smaller stuff that youan do by following an emale and here's a prescription that people will do more of for shore
o i think that if the government covers health gare there should be some kind of a system in which if you shall pfer a better deal egived to skill so there should be in some issemptive for every consumer to shop because it's good for the consumer if you know have that i don't think you have a good system ah government has no incentive for efficiency yet that's just why i said the individual needs to be in charge of somehow getting a kick back if i can get cheaper service or if they or if they do the right life sdell thing
urely take their meds or there must be some way to to measure it ah ay i will revolutionise helth gir that is true ay i will completely change helskare ah there are not enough practitioners well eh presumably we'll get more of them oh a ha bargeli you coets i i a so i got for to day less i'll watch the sodlon stuff and what should now the republicans are screwiend the booch on their defence i hope they get better at it i've
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