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Episode 734 Scott Adams: Loserthink on Twitter Today, #Shampeachment, Teaching You Magic Trick

2019-11-22 | 🔗

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  • Teaching you two magic tricks
  • Preet Bharara’s persuasion slight-of-hand tweet
  • Joe Biden’s loserthink tweet…”FULL STOP”
  • Anti-Trumpers couldn’t name single best impeachment reason
  • CNN’s Stephen Collinson reports Fiona Hill “nailed it” 
  • Chris Cuomo calls his Mom, Dana Bash’s difficulty confirming
  • Criminal investigation of FBI person altering FISA support document
  • Elon Musk introduces unbreakable Cyber-Truck window
  • Swalwell’s EXCELLENT reply…asked about going on FOX news
  • AG Barr’s odd comments about Epstein’s suicide
  • My 3 favorite Twitter idiots
  • Clever framing to brainwash public for impeachment
  • A provocative suggestion for boring Yang

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aam humpump u bump of thum thumpumbun bumbabone pompompapum pampam bombon opu bo with to duty who in to do foo duty to to do that's not even the trick because better but first but first i think we need to start the day out right not randomly started right it goes like this you know what to do i think you do
ye'r ready i need is a cupper mugger glassi sliftersteine shell his tanker there was flast cantien grill goblet vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee enjoin me now for the unparalleled pleasure tha dopamine obeniet of the day the simultaneou said go hum that's magical too so i told yhe os go man teach you a magic trick betlonging to teach you two magic tricks this first one really good for the holidays let's say you've got some young people in your family or just some people were not as smart ye want i amaze them with your magic skills
i'm to teach you the easiest magic trick and the world you start with a napkin in a crunchwrap is and yo put it in your hand and by the way this trick worse works best with children and adults whoere not that bright it goes like this you go to the person just as i'm going to you imagine that that you are looking through the screen just as you are now and you see me say i'mging to make this disappear watch fo my hand and i'll just going to shake it h get until's gone but don't leave side of my hand a gait she any ague it has gone
how magic r if you couldn't tell how i did that i feel sorry for you for these three people who didn't know how i did that let me tell you you take here napkin fold it up od put it in your hand any move your hand faster than people can can pay attention and then when you 'are at the top just at the end of their line of sight you just throw it over their head so all i did was thrown over thee over the head of the person watchings i look now if you do it was something that's heavier that a napkin somebody's got to hear a hit the ground behind you in those cases you need a partner have a confederate who just catches the object she could do with something havy like a batteryto
rcoin just have somebody standing behind the subject who just catches it when you toss it over t but that's not the treck ouwas can to show you no it stad tho s the treong can show you there are four cards here this part is no trick there really just four cuards and the really real cards and you see i've got them organized with siwe got the black ns on one side a little eside you get the red queens and what'h this i will put thee we'll put the kingson on the inside llsay queens are on the outside if you you see that the queen's on the outside the kings are on the inside now watch this
kings are on the inside like kings put hem together then just goe blow on hm and nother red queens are in the middle and the kings are on the back how that happen will see it again was due in reverse queens are in the middle i put the queens right together queen queen reat together n gi blon now the kings are in the middle how how well there are two tricks to this trick there's a little bit of slight a hand which is really easy and then there's a cognitive trick which is i'm showing to the cognitive trick is that i lured you into thinking that these are black kings
and i lured you into thinking that these are red queens but there actually more than that there's a queen of hearts an an ris the queen o diamonds if i had called out attention to the suit instead of the color you might have known how the trick was done and that's your first hint i that i missed the ed you by calling them kings and queens and saying that there'r the the black kings and the red queen and thi misdirected you from thinking about which suit now watch it again but this pay attention to which suit is where lookgat save these goes here and then you've got te queen's ah
sius he've gather diamond got a diamond queen on had just i just just pay attention to that iamon queen is in this hand er there sh thot's ther so they did more than switch sides they switched they witch from the hearts to dimons in me from time and starts here's how the trick is done okay these really artist nor for normal cards all um doing is and putting him together except what i blow on them i'm actually doing a sleight of hand which trading which hand is holding which cards so right this hand is holly this guard this to this and is holding these two and i just switch so now i make my this hand over here holding the
ards that are on the site and when i take them apart i do it quickly but i'm doing this get it ch me do it in slow motion the blackings rond the middle andelve the red queens rer the middle i soc you drink gone go i i want to show you that because it was o little troduced introduction to how your brain can be so easily fooled am i studied magic when i was again before i studied hypnosis you would be amazed how closely the two skills arl fit together because indeed indeed indeed damn it bages roll mist up here
indeed indeed an hypnotist as a little bit of a magician and a magician is little bit of the hypnotist the rach heoverlapping skills you wouldn't know that until you had studied both of them i so unger he give some examples of bad thinking and the intinat after so many of them to day he's a really good so you'll know a prete barera he's a big anti trumper lawyer of one of the lawyers that trump fired when he took office so preat is not a big big fa nother president and he treats us he says have reporters asked congressio republicans this simple question do you sincerely believe donald trump cares about corruption generally seriously
can you give an example not named bydon just one so here's pray to is a lawyer soa the high anlawyer so is trained in persuasion but also trained in the law which one is this is this persuasion or is this like a good legal point well it's not a good legal point ah but it is good persuasion if you if you didn't recognize the track you would think this was a good point pret and li to read his mind but let's just say he's a tr dpersuader he has a point of view that's not ambiguous at all and it's fair to assume the somebody with that level of trading doing some
this irrational he knew what he was doing ing that it re works as a persuasion point but it doesn't pass the logic tes tears why basically saying why is at the double truck only cares about this one bit of corruption just coincidently helps him get reelec reelected is that a good point no oh it's up as first small it doesn't matter it's completely irrelevant yet if body does the right thing it is not a good argument that they didn the racing in the other cases a thus on regument ah you can only judge the other thing you're talking about you can't say why did he do different things the past men that might be an interesting question
it would have no legal validity and i suppose you piece of exceptions but in this case it really doesn't matter if he was doing the right thing in this ase it does not matter if you think he d the wrong thing in the other cases you can't get blamed for doing the right thing dick somebody thinks you did the wrong thing in an entirely different contexts somewhere else in a different time ond place that doesn't make sense but it does raise the question on it goes to the question of whether trump was doing it for personal reasons or was he doing it for the country nother words we voters had an interest i certainly did i wanted to know if there was anything i needed to know about mitin who might be my next present i wanted to know as ready bidon stuff we need to know over a new craind now if the answer was
others not really which is actu the answer i would expect i would expect r hunters littl little shady but there's reason to think his father was directly involved in anythan so i was expecting us look into it it is not much there great no it of a fair election without that hay or us m so i here's the thing does it pass the sniff dest the trump is only cared about corruption in this one case so pre puts out the assumption uncritically the is only caring about corruption in this one case can you think of an their example oh yes although trump talking non stop about the clintont foundation about trump talking nod stop
how the democrats screwed burney in the election about trump talking non stop about hilary's server about troubled talking nod stop about russia cillusion and the f behyind being corrupt about trump sending the o bar to investigate all of tus how did they ye yoe the outed everything from the fighs of words to lee dascier get connected does tromp talk about much else besides corruption and an one trump was it was reported that he was talking about you crane when he was non talking about bydin in general but he was talking about your crane did he not say that ukraine is like massively corrupt independence of the connected bhe separate question of byden doing anything bad which
ofm not aware of any evidence that he has joe blind mos am and then here's the outher the other thing part of this is a failure of imagination problem it's one of the things i talk about at my amazing book luzreth in which all of these dumb ways of thinking are catalogued with suggestions before improvement and ah pretty much everybody who read the book called this owl accurately t another words simply reading the bacchamat look at this tweed differently than you might have before before ye mu ifit you might hy said hey that's a good point why is this the only time he's interested incorruption well it's not he talks about it all the time usually talks about it in the ways that are also good for him our system is designed that our leaders do that are late
can pursue their job wallad simultaneously good for their reelection it's actually designed for them to do that if they didn't do that that would be a bigger problem imagined electing people who the iventment never tried to get re elected oll that wouldn't be a good situation ecause they wouldn't be doing what the people wanted there isn't the way you get re elected as by doing what the public wants so of course we want them pursuing their personal political self interest as long is public as long we can see it and trump apparently wanted a a public statement about this a investigations in ukraine he wanted a public transparent i really donill have too many complaints about anything this transparent
because if we're watching we can say was a good for the country to that is that's fine doesn't matter if it's good for trump it is good for the country that's how the system is designed here's another eh lose er think so jobidant tweats it's clear that double trumphas abused the power of the presidency full stop have i taught you there would be ntheir statement with full stop it's because they don't have reasons if you had a reason wouldn't ship provided have you never seen anybody who had a really good reason who would leave it out other argument if live to be a million you'll never see somebody who has a good reason leave it out of their argument that's what ed debate is if you to persuade somebody is very useful
actually give a reason now sly enough to be a rational one but giverism when you tuate your statements as if it's just obvious full stop chop is abused the power of the presidency fulled up or period or end of story they're all the same thing there this huge glowing tell that you le don't have reasons if you had reasons you had you mention there is a really really interesting vitio that i tweeted you can see it out by twitter feed a just this morning so one of the ones towrd at the top and i don't who it was but you can see it in the in the tweet was doing bit like person stry interviews with trupp um trumpprote
sters swas little group wehd signs they were protesting trump and the interviewer asked them basically what is it specifically what's the main thing that bothers you a bad tromp can he give me an example of your greatest complaint about trump they the fun part they couldn't she actually of by her questions she are revealed t there were a bunch of people who decided to spend their day baking ains and protesting to a trup of which she asked him what's your best reason for why he is to go none of them could come up with anything at all and what it uncovered is that they had been susceptible the laudry list persuasion that the laundery list as one you
have any one good reason if ye a good reason you just stick with you good reason because it's sawl yo need a the other ones might exist but you don't need him he got that one good reason and pecham hthies one good reason i only tad look i get is one good one let's letus go with the strongest one and thery were not but if you don't have one good reason tried the laundry list instead well was the time you said this the time bethought thought that the time you wanted to do this but we stopped him was we didn't do this that i me almost in that but that look at each individual ones in the laundry list and they just heard dissolve they yo individually they just ll have any power at all you like serveo nothing and people of a gein the allo that nothing adds up to something and then he put the microphone in their face and say i
ape why are you here what your one good reasonand they go ah whoo bestsries so men so many reasons ow well there's that character in stuffend from i think a be a good example of the crobtion well all the reasons so many yet where do i begin bob what won't you say is the worse reason i'm busy over yer old side doad don't bring me into us now i exaggerating what was on that video that was my shift version of it but it wasn't too far off ye af that ye have to see a bunch of people who have spent their day protesting and can't explain why it's totally igh opening and by the way it is also my complete experience of life
if i go to the biggest anti trumper i've done it i don't know how many times i've done this now but ihave done it so many times just i was the one biggest problem they have a tough time they wanted a little the laundry list right away fra there's an illlist on ah who writes a lot for seanenn's webside a collinson recommend his writing to all of you not for a good reason ah i always look for him because he writes the funniest anti trup up off of a fairly regular basis is one of the most frequent contributors it is funny because it's so and so ridiculous ly i actually read it as compony not joking about that and when i read his stuff i do with an eye toward having a good laugh and he never disappoints let me give you the example
and so i missed much of the testimony of fiona hill yesterday and saw little clipse for thet i like i had the the full sense of it so i said to myself oh i'd better catch up this morning before i go on periscope sied i know what hap so gode and to the analysis by stuffen i i staff am no stephen steffan collinson then and thatline says this feon hill dales the demograt's case and i thought woe she daled the democracs case its fulnly ih i didn't see that on fox news but there must be some good reasons here so i'll i'll digaint the good reasons so here's more of what stuffing conson said fiodihil the last witness in two weeks of tullive
zed the hearrings made the case against her old boss president trump better than democrats ever have and i thought wol there's a good stuff comvin in this article cause the democratc as a lot of accusations but apparently the fioty hill has wrapped him all up in a tight little package and really bade them persuade that i can't wait to see how she did that so i read on the former national security council official meeting fiona on thursday distilled the fog of shady dealings and competition between trump trupapointeese and career bureaucrats with a crystal clear condemnation of hisr
fore in palsy operation in eucrape what she distilled the fog of shady dealings o cable what was specifically oh what what exactly did she add to this was it distilling the fog was that her addition to the process was it a talking about her crystal clear condemnations i cannot eat a little detail on the crystal clear condemnations but obviously those wall ber the just setting us up for the the real evidence that's to come so i shouldn't be too judgemental he's just framing that she's ddistill the fog of shady dealings and christold
lercondemnation abett is rogued for hir policy look eyh waiting for the facts ah then it further denis has hill said she only really began to understand the scandal herself while watching testimony from troops add ke a messenger to the new government in keyv gordon sidland wait what fioni hill only understood her own testimony by watching television they're watching somebody else's testimony whath haham what he's actually writing that she didn't understand what happened until she watched televism
they watch somebody else talking about it that's her damning case against the president as she watched television with the rest of us i watched television too why didn't sey it did you iw i watch sodwa's testimony i didn't see it but she watched tella vision at the same time you and i did and mo she sought and all came together at that point a and then the article goes on to says hills comment summed up evidence that build a strong case or here i cubs i ah as i was spoke to soon bee the strong evidence is obviously yet to come at the article so w it we'll get a strong evidence o ah buills a strongkiss that trump as sunlad put it
when the hill was watching television she watched suddenly put it i in an overheard telephone call so it's based on somebody over hearing the telephone call oh we'll talk about that in july quote talk about trubs that he quote didn't give a shit about you im but wanted the venerable exovia state to cough up political favors cough up that's not a biased afraibing cough up some political favors now what is a favor if not something that doesn't have aqui broke well so every time i see thee critics use the word favor which is what the president used i think
isn't this a self refusing statement ab ye if somebody asks for a political favor it's a favor and's a sort of different that i quld broko no a the ere is mat lewis who pointed out that the president's statement where he directly said to sullyn i don't want a quinpro klo and this is an important fact doesn't change anything but is important to know it accurately apparently trup said noak woild pro quo i just want you great to do the right thing after after the news had come out that there was
quid pro quo questions so when he used the phrase no quid pro quo it's because he had already been blamed of a quipro quop so that so trumps a clear statement that he didn't want a quid pro clo quo unfortunately comes a her he was already being challenged which means that a dozen doesn't have the same credibility as if a unsaid before if he had said before anybody'd even questioned it you say all that's as clear as can be milk wood broke lo but he said after hi but accused which pisited a for light plumping there was in a different light but is also the only thing reported by anybody the kame oun of trump's mouth or directly from trub they said anything about his state of mind so it's not as credible as it could be but
ill it's the only thing that is directly from trump and that is counterfactual to the charge that's not the strongest counnor actual i thought it was sprogger when i thought it came earlier but bet louis correctly i upgrated that typelide it doesn't change them yo bob lihat aything but's good to know cause that was deffly faint news in the sense is the way i understood it so i think fagnused myself without knowing that the dates o stuff ah did you'll see chris clobor's demonstrations of a self onary he called his mother and then he you wanted to see if dana bash could overhear it without ling that flowed up to her ear he called his on air there to show that you can easily hear a cell phone conversation without without it being unspeaker phone
and so he yields it up and daya bash is lik he could tell she ca' hear it an then if the cobo tries to save i goes oh she prelicae hear me meaning he sang that his mother doesn't know that you'd just asked her to say something so like a alber sabab says something and then apparently she was talking you least as supplied that she stalking and you couldn't hear said even daya bash could be heard so that was sort of the ye if the glode doesn't say you must wit situation go nowt there a but what if she had heard wel what if you could hear it what would it mean well nothing in my experience every folkal s a little bit different there are definitely fo gals that are louder than other foe calls so
whether she'd heard it or not and wouldn't tell you whether trubs particu fo gall was allowed so that was his folly didn't prove anything it wouldn't have proved anything it work so was a interesting television bu wouldn't have proved it any i ah it turns out that if so let us say waitwan's go down here out i'll just go changed topics wrap up the impeachment thing i would say if we'd if we've heard everything we're wigany hear that sort of the end of the story there done ta fair ah it were or cendeth a allow the ajensep i peach wit i think you can just take tham off your assumptions now a let's talk about the
apparently were learning now that a former fbi lawyer is under criminal investigation after allegedly altering a document probably iffies a document related to twice xten surveillance of the trump campaign so do you think trouble talk about that corruption we don't know what it means yet we don't know if it's really the fies document we don't know how o know how relevante this is to the russia the russia clusion hopes but were fid doubt and so it certainly tantalizing it's tantalizing i but here's the funny part ttiture is likely to oh
i see that says that this new news is quote likely to fuel accusations for president trump and his allies that the f b i could be wrong doing in its investigation yes if this is true it is quote lee kly to fuel accusations you know what else is likely to fuel accusations murder murder if yo burn her somebody well you know if you murder somebody there's very good chance somebody's got make ou hit's go fuel an accusation that you rebued murder thus ou works if you do dthinkgs things fuel's accusations that you did bad things but in putting this on my list with the republicans have get a pounce on this seiz it e gan seizs it for their point thend there gan a political a tha's the elthor one eared they get a
political ay an this like it's a bad thing the facts of the facts if it's true that this happened that relevant to the whole story at an office liv yet but if it's true i think republicans zigin up pounce it in season make political hay and they might hevvenged it might even fheel the a cusations but that doesn't make a did you all see the vilio of a ela musque introducing the testless hyberdruck so it's a it's more evidence that you things for the first time in public so one of the claims of the cyber truck is that you can't dent it erly somebody came up it the sledge hammer to test it and it didn't dat which is pretty pressenvt
there was also claim that the and the glass of the windows was a break brief so they brought a guy up with a brickler's rock and to hav him try to break the window so he th his heavy object at the window and it breaks it on the first try poorl agbusque of a huge fan of elove musk so i i just feel bad about it but it's news it has to be said so i've never an example of a technology of atagology you would he call it to demonstration that went that wrong that's the most wrong that's the most wrong iv ever i've never see that
tacnolodgy demonstration go now is it important no because i don't think too many people were going to buy that truck because the windows were shatterproof aybe that would be cool baybe that's more shattered than or windows and then degrate great o the makes a difference to sale of the product but mallow glad it was lib ah there's it a lai this interview with the swallwell also by a crisquebo and se thad and a it's what ab da quobo asked him about going on fox news and thes swallow response about going on fox news i have say this is one of the best responses obla politicians i've ever seen eric swallwell says ah they yes to go on a fox news because it's the only way his parents could see abontivi ha ha aup
a now i'm not mocki erc swallow as a really good answer that's a totally good answer because the first thing it does is it is thyself dep gaving it in a way thet sailoway's parents conceive o tivi like lifetha's mporten a so it is very human so i like that ah but it also just that he is very familiar with conservative ways of thinking cause his ba apparently parent fox news views so it was actually we've all had fun making fun of swallow was running and making fun of his a alleged passing gas otivi which did really happen but it looks like ye did i but a give them credit thus actually really clever answer i liked it and then he went on to blame president trump for not getting any work done because he's always focusing on peachmen
a i don't think swallwall can have a completely good day as if it seems beyond him with this point i so if if you're if your party is working a sham impeachment and that your worst complaint about the president is he spending too much time defending himself against the shab a peacement you know astrong case that's almost as bad as though your window is as breakproof or yo could hear the sulphone conversation what is non up to you hear thes just delightful public examples i ah i read a partisans opinion i think thi an eed to that the house democrat strategy was quote nothing short of genius and what he says that the house democrats strategy is nothing short of genius than he went out to te
ethe the order of things the son of e sthat they used which were good for their side and i think that was true that the the ways shift set up was quite clever so i think that fair statement yoe say nothing short of geniuses i perbalave but was very clever oh but here's the thig it didn't work it's n't work how can it be just sure o genius if it didn't work m he has not goin to get impeached ind he is nothoing to be move from office anyway and it's deafily nok in help uf in the election it's got to hurt im i think that really easy to predict so a's a pretty low bar for genius is if everything everything fails well that's nothing sure to genius icase have to be full genius we before something actually works billboard said something interesting about epstein
bar told the associated press and i had never heard this before and i also don't believe it's true i so this nextly ovd good to say i think you died to apply whole bunches skepticism to it cause is opposite of what we've heard might be true i'm not saying bill bar is wrong i don't know if just saying that other evidence seems to suggest that what i am about to say he said isn't true so we have to figure out whose version is true bill bars were what has been reported outside of him yet he said that eh ah that epstein's death was suicide and part of the reason he said is because he personally reviewed security footage in the jail they confirmed that no one entered the area where apstein was housed the night he died what we learned from all the reporting that the
cameras were working now is it could a e that thei rvoltable cameras and sum orthem did work os that is that possible but there was some other kara that by itself was sufficient to know that there were no other ways for a bay to get in aren't you skeptical alet show us the video or jo she u say as still show was one still picture from vidio that bars barsad that we look at and say oh yeah hisfamiliar with the jail would have to do this so therth unfortunately there are plenty of people familiar with that jail guards of mates i just have somebody who's been there say oya the scabb review is all yedeed does there's no other way to get there or maybe's two camb reviews roduce but would one camera view convince you
nobody got in unless thiy can sright right on his cell i don't know that that quite be all the evidence you need now an mind that i'm ferbly oudeside that it was suicide i might be the only person in the world besides the corridor who did the case believes at suicide but i'm staken with it hither the rules that are musing to stick with it are that i the normal explanation is always preferred over the extraordinary one that you have two extraordinary situations odos that he could kill himself with all these coincidences happening in all the just coincidence and that he had rake that bone in his deck which you would expect only from murder so would be an extraordinary if he pulled off such a successful suicide what everybody thought of was going to happen
but it would be a little more extraordinary for this big plan of a murder in nobody saw a comin ah and i also wonder could nobody hear what was penigan epstein's sell like it wasn't e was a yelling light crazy when somebody tried to murder so i'm sold the side of the the least spectacularic lation is that he's really really got a killing himself isn't too surprising cause he was really really good and doing a whole bunch of things that you and i could ever do i coul never budy buddy the way he made it i can never blackmail people layyy blackbuildin i could never do the cribes he got away with for so long and got away it he was a super apable guy just very evil so it is
super capable guy kills himself more effectively maybe just figured out the best way to do it a that's now surprising cause he's a supercapable guy who keeps doing things that other people wouldn't think would be possible ah verses a clever burder scheme than many people involved it balbois possible can't rule it out so bully dealing in statistical likelihoods here and yes i know every single person here disagraeceully that's why is fun remember you all disagreed with me or most you did when i said that the cuban a solic weapon would never be discovered cause it wasn't one remember how most of you thought dowat their all reporting its acitic wepivep at its assotic weapon well not so much do you remember what i said that the vagues shooter was not isis
even after isis claimed credit for it and i still said hits thot ices to rub that there were' many of you who thought i was right but it was so we'll see mind big o love minordy abet a yeare by threecat three favorite kinds of illiots on twinter i can't tell you how any times i've seen this some form of us you think you're a genius by your really just stupid and then they misspell the word genius or when people call themselves a genius and they dispel the how many times have you seen that i've seen that a lot of times that exact thing it's one of by favorites the other one is what i got to day i get us almost every day somebody tweats at me and just a that i am irrelevant
why are you tweeting at me if iam irrelevant that's the o the mirrelevant irrelevant is the person you don't wead it ah a an i talked about the evoy they would e say full stoff at the end of tha sense of less whaler favor i here's here's a little la oh people asking me why yeng is not getting attention at wiig a sort of block better bedia and ijit i said he's boring the problem wit with the aig as that he says smart sensib things which is intellectually interesting you can see why a lot of people would be interested but ill boring his pin la hy wears says bath
as others have pointed out jason if you watch in you one doubt math is not sexy most plel don't like bath if you had to say make a list of things that puopil don't like bath would be pretty near the top it would be number love that gur on the top so i suggested that yea yas 'll do something more provocative oh i jall just give you a suggestion he could say i had the solution to climb a change its nuclear power plus these carbons scrubbing machines plus other agree af energy now ind get a attention now is lso true that it is the solution to clem a change he coud yo say i have the solution to climatage she is already proud nucler
be a little more interesting be more provocative eb i a the best braid washing trick that i've seened a long time is the framing the people are using for this ugrate situation o radio tweat te somebody tweeted at me to give you an example of it so this was tweated meatoday as you know every person involved in this meeting the athing including balvadis land volker in the duck hill trop the pointees at all all agree trump abused his power by using publicly funded military age for a personal political favor zatrue did they all agree that that's what was happening well here's was left out this is why such a cleverer brave washing technique here is my response i said you fell for the faulty framing
tand by the way you should use this technique the first thing you should say when some dey framed something in that that way that are triing to trap you to join their frame is he always say the frame as ridiculs so i said you fall for a a faulty frame i like to say that they fell for it or that they're gullible thiy got brain washed cosette that really sets the tone and then i said it is the president's job to look into exactly the sort of thing needed for an interference if it isn't getting done at the staff level and it and it wasn't do you think the president would have personally asked as a limb look into this if he thought it could happen at the staff level without his envolvement of course not
ah the fact that it is also good for him politically meeting trub is how the system is spposed work he is supposed to do things the republic this was pretty public good for the country i thought it was good for the country and also good for his reelection that's the sistef working the way is posted harrer i think i had dothe els eh si'll get a stop u there and i am going to do some other stuff you have a good week end i'll talk to you lin oh i get t beyond dat tucker girls o munday so look for me monday i'n tucker across it by for no
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