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Episode 735 Scott Adams PART1: FISA Shenanigans, Tesla Truck Windows, #Shampeachment

2019-11-23 | 🔗

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  • CNN’s Oliver Darcey and Brian Stelter, recent reporting
  • Should American voters WANT to know if Joe Biden is corrupt?
  • My 2016 prediction that Trump will change how we view reality
    • Two movies on one screen concept
  • Seth Meyer’s brilliant Netflix comedy special
  • President Trump welcomes the possibility of a Senate trial
    • Do Democrats welcome a trial also?
  • Helping Iranian people free themselves
  • Kamala Harris patent-snatching plan to lower drug prices

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um cam on o er om bo bob upapom pon pumpummebable mo em harebake moton yer harry could see it a fify twenty twenty always a pleasure john austin vus what a pleasure to see all of you in the morning to share the simultaneous ep and if you're prepared if you're the kind of person who sees opportunities if yeel the kind of person who seizes the day
carbadiums then you're probably already prepared but the rest of you you still have a few seconds to grab a you copy your mugger your glasses mister styne celles ty could tho his last canteen grail gobler vessel of any kind solet with your favourite liquid i like cougheeg enjoi me now for the unteralleled pleasure the dope meaned ins the day thing makes everything better the simultaneous feel connected to everybody in the world who is doing it even if it's asyncronous oh ea ye i feel connected to all people i believe i have a a godlike quality in which i am one with the universe you probably feel it to ay you can be god to there's no reason to is to be just one
let's talk amout some fun things my book loosyer think that is thi sweek onwalstre journal's best selling business book gist yea well the non fiction business books the entire world nin the united states i guess thi's list is for yunite staytes ah i've got one of the best elling ones in the entire country so you should certainly chake it out scot lose you think ind i's the best christmas present you ever got and the best one you ever gave because as i often say about my books if you read them carefully and you don't don't bend the pages after you read it
it's something i call a gift item that's right you can consume it and then you can give it as gift you can have your cake and you can eat it too how many products have that quality where you can consume it and then give it as a gift not many but my books got that all over it all right am this is amazing every one so ell you see balanced news coverage and it makes you take a doubl tak an ye hade that experience ship have hou had the experience recently of watching the news it doesn't matter if its left leading o right leaning news and thinking to yourself ah i think you yourself what's going on here that's a balanced news i confused
and that happened to be as reading oliver darcy is so he said cnn guy he was writing about donald trump junior's book it has been a number one basseller it may still be number one and think it ance actually and there was some controversy because the republican litty bought a hundred thousand dollars worth the books and people say that's cheating because the republicans brought a big gut books and then your number one book that's other's a little lah astrichs like indicator little dagger that they put next to us ow the list so all over darcy who works for sea an en who is no fan of the trumps writes an article in which he completely
am completely pe's all over this report and it makes it very clear that donald junior absolutely observed the number one spot and here's why math turns out that a hundred thousand dollars doesn't buy many books and if you look at what a commanding lead don juniors book ad i think he sold seventy thousand the first week and the next best book was half that and the honder thousand dollars buys you something like yet three to seven thousand books depending on disconso whatever so a see then writing an article no hesitation i don't think there's any word in this article that even tries to be like snarky
about tromp her normally you'd expect to see this article say something like well despite his best efforts to cheat that cheating didn't make much difference in the end ye you'd expect that some kind of flavor o that but asnone it straight up reporting it is straight up saying that the charges that i don junior's book was number one because of this by by the arancy is just false by math and so oliver darcy i say good job so i will give you an unqualified compliment for to only accurate reporting cause i know enough about the business to know that
the way the way explained it as accurate and the way it was originally reported was with illegitimate so good job oliver darcy an seen then and for clean reporting there ah however see anenzar brian stalter i saw little clipp in which he was talking about how fox news a equal discards all the damaging information from the impeachment ceremony another i think they did distinguish bet the news a portion of fox news that they think covered it similar to the way they governed it but that the opinion people ah were in brian's view discarding all the damaging information from the impatient what does that make you do sing past the sale he's making you think past the sale what's the stale
tale is that there was damaging information in the impechient earks if he makes if he makes you think about whether or not some members of fox news have discarded it it makes you uncritically assume that it exists caus you can't discard something that doesn't exist so he's talking past the sail i talk about it when trout does this all the time and he doesn't lot ihm llier her you see the same technique and it works every time it works in the sense that it may not change opinions but it it's a good persuasive stratgy but if you won't apply the same standard
let me ask you this question how many times have you seen unsee an end them ut a grapple with the following question so iti not even say which way they come down on this question i'm just saying have they even discussed it and they discussed it in any fashion and here's the question was it i've united in the united states interest that there be an investigation a a grain about the bidon's activity given that jobiden was a leading the poles to be the next presidentn as he then asked that question i'm seeing yess but i don't know if you saying yes that you saw it or yes to by point as john with the comments sometimes are out of timing so i can't tell if you're agreed with a mere disagree
but let me jut say this ah i know that i know that sianena has said and i've said it myself i've agreed with them about she times that there's no of there's no public information that would suggest that joe baton did anything illegal oh i think that's fair ight there's no there's evidence that joe buton to day thing it legal there's certainly things which wou'd like to know more about because i they suggest that is worth looking into ah it seems to me that seein im continually skips over the only question that mattered and if this is why is the only question i ttered if there was no legitimate reason to be looking into jo biden in other words legitimate in terms of the the united sit
citizens well then that's a big problem cause it means that that our foreign policy was you hostage in some sense to a political question something was is purely political for the president but suppose it's the opposite which i've been saying for the entire time then it is the opposite i'm a citizen and i conchect that i conject acked with you we can do a fat check ray now i'm a citizen on the united states i understand that not everybody in the united states agrees with everything in the united states scarcemen we have different priorities and such but if there're a lot of people like me and i don't know what percentages enough but whey all say let's say thirty percent of the voters had the same opinion as me would it be worth th
into so my opinion is that i would like to know more about you grane and jo bidn and hunter bidin to ow a few grain has any kind of compromising information on them given that they joe biden might be the next president according to the bulls so is there anybody out there if it so in the comments just tell me as a citizen of the united states do you have an interest a legion of ate interest not as curious not just wanting jo bidend to get in trouble by actual legitimate interest if you can just take your political hand off does it make sense especially given o alleged and le actual russian interference ye and you seel the yesses going by in the thength now would it matter the democrats disagree with you
so that i would imagine if i were doing the same presentation to an audience that was mostly demograths and i sent is it legitimate to ask these questions about jo bidon you'd assume lotef people say now is nhot legitimate as ther as not enough there ye an start enough that we can see that would suggest there is a crime so therefore its illegitimate but does that matter it actually doesn't matter cause if you had and i'm just goi to pack a number for a conversation's sake imagined thirty percent of the voters if if presented with this situation and he said should we look into it there's knows there's no indication of an actual crime by jo bidon but because hunter's cussin swampy things ing on there and that could be enough to create a little less a blackmail material because it wouldn't take much if joe bidon simply knew
a little bit more about the situation than we know he knowsell ten that's already a problem right so if i'd say if three per cent of the country are twenty five per cent of the country and legitimate need to know that information the president has every right authority of ponsibility fidotiary you responsibility to look into it given that election interference is one of our top priorities and should be sas he then skips thy question i'm and here is the interesting part i think fox learse skivps that question pretty often too don't they
have you noticed that ah i know that some of the opinion people on fox dews have made the point that is worth looking into i think i've seen that but i don't know if any of the news people have oh somethy fact check me on that have any of the newspeople not the opinion people on fox nairs ever pointed out or even dealt with the question secause his newspeople we don't want their opinion but have they dealt with te question interviewed an a e to have a story on it asking whether it's worth looking into he isn't a legitimate thing for anybody to do and le the question that all the inexperienced people are saying yer why would the president have to do it himself and why would he have to send ruddy and only inexperienced people would ask that or soe he says for akonish covered unsianin spacanish would be opinion
rth an but i am ordering young fox news if that is ta newspeople govern it ah anyway sures who says a little bout that did you all see thee ah there's a tweat lot people to eat it's a double screen in which it shows the thing is se chairon or the what he galt the little label that the news puts at the bottom of the screen that tells you what's happening on the screen and at the i apparela at the same time or wer around the same time ah seaen sat at the bottom of their screen when songland was testifying sonland confirms a quick proquo and that he looked at the fox new screen in about the same time is said silen confirms trump told him nok quid broke well and people are people are really waking up to the two movies of the one's
in do you emember the first time you heard from me and sixteen might have been might have been fifteen fifteen the sure but you remember the first time you heard me say we're watching two of his one screen and you'd and sha remember what you thought about that the first time you s the first ie be heard what was your first thought no not really right that your first thought well that's thu's a little bit of a hyberble scott the sleugh like were seeing different that ings maybe some people are just lying about it or maybe some people want a spinnen a different way but no scot were not actually seeing different things at the same time that's not true that's prolally what you thought the first time he heard it right
i'll bet you don't think that now did i not tell you in twenty sixteen in these exact words that president trump would do more than change politics i like reminding you of this i predicted more than once in twenty sixteen that he would change more than politics that he would change her he would rip a hole in the fabric of reality and change how you saw reality now the first time you heard me say that what was your reaction to it abeut you just flushed it at your head her that when if you are that in twenty sixteen ye prologous obs crazy talk ye he's dock in a change reality or change wi view reality he is just a politician that has of his plusses and minesses is
reality are the way we see it that's probably what you thought the first time i said that what you think now is it not completely clear completely clear at this point that are are individuals subjective interpretations of er environment or insane different now it's always been true eh it ifs the thing that you got at of this was suddenly wereseeing the world differently that's not what happened we always saw the world differently we just didn't know it and when we when we could realize we're siing it differently we assumed wrongly that the other team was just lying
right if you saw the world one way and the other team sought the other way what did you think about them you thought they were stupid uninformed we're lying right the thing you didn't think probably the thing you didn't think is that it was an honest perception in other words they were there le trying to interpret their world and they came to a completely different young different version of hit than you dint bt they were lying to themselves and they weren't any more stupid than the average person they weren't any less inform than the average persons were pretty informed now he realized them is an actual perception difference yet yani and laurel helped a little bit too we actually are seein reality so fundamentally different that even debating it makes sense you not even debating the same reality
suly young in the comments soley saing i used to think the other tea was crazy cause it looks like it right if and if you're in your little a manufactured subjective world and you see somebody else's manufactured subjective world it kept plained because you believe that people have a good perception in general yo at least we have enough perception to you they our environment and get jobs and so so oh we are now waking up to the fully subjective reality fully subjective so that's one ah i would like to put in a good word for something that you think is bad but it's not alright so i'm didn't hear imprimir you notice how i primed you i'm pacing you now so i'm telling you what you were thinking before i change your mind the first i agree with you
the thing i'm going to recommend next and in entertainment property i'll get a amanda and your first reaction is as pledomo nono no no that's not funny and i don't like that guy cause he says says things that don't like are ready on netflix seth mires to comedy special it's really really good ha and you should watch it i don't i know what most of you just said in your mind jujust said seth myers that's a guy who says bad things about president trup and that i've watched i show a a biri in is lav funny if i've watched him a million times unto thee and it's not that funny to me and he says things about politics that alie
why in the world would i watch his comedy special but let me tell you why its brilliant is really brilliant so as not just good at it it's a bad as good as you ever going to see is a really good as clever it's not terribly political except one portion they he handles in a very clever way so he does talk about a little policy some politics and unlikely given away but the way he frames it makes it go down oke so i watched a number of yo anti trump jokes so just in one little segment and he he walled off the segment in a way that i think you will appreciate hits kindy clever
but he did it so artfully that i really thought i wasn't youll like it but not only o like it it was great it was really great so do yourself frim favor im e as the holidays are coming as o maybe thi solidays in te wicked night het on each other as much yo maybe we could dile down the hate on the hate elisen terms what t me rae just tiwle down the hate just appreciate seth and sethmeters for an insane le good performance it's really well written i tell some he says it's not funny but i i remind you the humour is subjected right huer is subjected so there's that but don't funish yourself that
now along the same lines i'm not toing give you the details on this casetto word your attention to it but once again i'm getting some heats by just somebody on the rrap and nobody i know because i must have said something good about somebody and there somebody i something good with or associated with has an opinion which they should be executed for now whul i say an opinion for which they should be execut i'm using hyperbole but it's my this been my experience they're just about everybody i've ever associated with either personally or professionally
has at least one opinion that i think they should be executed for including me right i probably have at least one opinion that if you heard if you heard all of my opinions you'd say almost of those are pretty good that one i think you should the executed for that and it is about a few of the left and the right doesn't matter if you that if a seems like you the worst person in the best person almost everybody has at least one opinion that i personally think they should be executed for now because what d' you do that yet would you do with the fact that almost everybody has at least one opinion that so odious thet you wish you wish it did exist in your world while you could not associate with those people and then you would be a hermit because i wouldn't be able to associate with litte
anyone literally any one ah so here's what i recommend when people push me for any association i've had this hasn't happened yet but i expect its can happen some time in my life sooner or later somebody's go take as selfie with me and it's got t be somebody who has an opinion about something that i think they should be executed for or you think should i be in that picture letme let me put down my marker right know so cause this is public i will i will appear with whoever i want for whatever i want anywhere i want and you know what i say to the people who tell me that they would like to remove that right from my freedom as an american
you know what i say in its two words one of them starts with uf i won't use it to day cause it's weak end who gets rome but you know you know my reaction to this is almost violent nobody tells me i can talk to nobody tells me who i can take a picture with who i can have lunch with whor i can associate with no yever never and here's the first thing you should know about it associating with me is good for people ha i think i'm a good influence well ye put it this way if i spend
wer somebody who has i will say a terrible and wrong opinion about something important whatever it is is it likely that associating with me will make them more terrible or are they more likely to get talked out of it you know the inselent for the most part i don't have yet i must have at least one of bany you would execute me for i just think this universal but i'm i'm not a bad influence lat look letly just thus as clear as possible if you saw me having lunch with david duke why should you think about that should you think of my god scots become you orasist nope i that's what people would say of course cause that's the world we live in what you should say is david duke is becoming less of a racist caus that's what's come to happen
right he's not ging to make me more like him does work that way ha if you spend lunch with me you're goin to be more like me when you leave that's how it works in my case it may be different for you harry than by the way anybody's said lunch os bai can confer that ah i know its a strange claim but true ah so no i don't have any plans to have lunch with daveduke amusing batis the extreme example my point is associating with people who dis with you is first of all necessary you couldn't live in the world without associan with them and far
when you got a year a holiday family greeting you're goin to be associated with the lot of people you think should be executed for their opinions i mean you don't want them to be executed because of your family most of them buter there wit we have to drop that standard that people take up the bad qualities of other people by being associated with them that there's thae
one of most destructive standards i've ever heard my life i e let's talk about trump says he welcomes a senate trial for the impeachment stuff so another words trump is saying a ye go ahead take your best shot you gnad at you genaa now like it and i guess if he goes into a trial situations sent at is love more like a is more like a judicial process but different but there'll be all disupina people such as hunch bin and joe waden and they'll be able to subpina adam chef now be honest don't you want to see that show be honest i know most of you do not want to see your president because most of your job supporters of
watchingless periscope i know you dnowt want to see your president and teached i know you dot want to see him accused of things that are even impeach o bold i know you don't like any of that but you know how a choice you don't have a choice about what happens we the public don't have a lot of yo sway on us so if it's going to happen anyway yon that i think the sena trial is likely is the other likely to vote for impeachment in the house how much would you enjoy that i cannot i cannot contain my level of joy that i would have for that
spectacle i don't know if there's anything i can enjoy more than then in fact there's no movie no tellevigion show no no special no play there's no poem no book thee lo you to vidio that i would like more by washing republicans be able to supena whoever they want a come on you know that's goin te be a good sholl i think is heading that way and i would love i would love to to be in the heads of the tob democratic leadership the apolozi chefs those guns what he thinks are thinking that's a serious question case i don't have a good theory on that is this one of those two reality situations in which it was cheff and
do they think they really have something and do they think that what they're doing is still a good strategy i don't know do you ti wall would be your best guess i iwas warn you that we can't do my reading so you know your guessan my guess are completely useless the mere because they ware accurate i mear we can't resume that ye any o us can guess e by his mines at a distance but you stall have to operate in the world in which you make those assumptions is just were bad at the assumptions but hou' stolved to make em to sort of operate and understanding world
i don't know what the democratic leadership was thinking because if i put myself in their shoes i'm i'm bringing my own brain over there and if it were my brain in messiplose's or ship's body i would think i lost pretty hard but i think i'll just buy us right i consume more probably more news that's friendly to the president than the kind so probably buy us but it does look to me like the democrats a just start a gun in their mouth and pulled the trigger a min it looks like they committed political suicide but i could be wrong i mean i won't put that ours at some kind of fact but i will say that i i would
spect that the poles will continue to show that the independents are not on board here clearly nokin to see anything like on republicans yor jumping ship if anything you'll see some demograts jump ship the other way i lookd like a gigantic loss for the democraths now does i mean it was a bad play probably not it's a good play because they didn't have a better play what are they going to do try to win the presidency with whom with who or with whom i don't know what twill that is with what can didate from the demograts did they really seriously in their quiet private moments think is good to bee trump in the in a fair election i don't think they do or at least they're pretty worried about it so
to make sense for them to try a hail merry passin to get him a beach and to try to crave something ot of nothing yes probably know from a purely naked political perspective it wasn't bad plight and i'll even go further i'll say that there their persuase game on the sole ipieace to thing was extraordinary so if you were just look at their technique that the way they put on the show they yo're all the bad ways they spun everything i would say that their performance from just a persuasion perspective was really good i daresay plus for the democrats collectively for the show they put on in the persuasion because it did it did persuade their side it totally persuaded it
the persuasion was excellent they had they just hav one problem even though their persuasion game was on point just one thing acting against them the evident if they hadn't had the evidence working against them at least according to half the people in the country which you to persuade to get anything done unfortunately the evidence was not as friendly to them as it could have been the sycometter ran so there's not much reporting out of erand we're getting this sort of generic reports about massive protests about gas price increases and rohani is blaming the u s and ah and ran as se af their inner net is almost totally off line
so we don't really knows going on over there doing but of course you know it's all the u s and israel's fault according to her in which they said of course now i've heard it said that our president is being blamed and some of our politicians are being blamed for not speaking out more forcibly in favor of the aranian public and i think that's probably a good strategy i think trump yo i'm noting to say he's got to stay quiet about this frever but if you're trying to play the the persuasion game here right as long as things are owing the way we'd liked them to go en ia ran meaning that the citizens are rising up against the gove
the best thing the united states could do is stay as far away from that as possible cause you don't want anything based on reality that the leadership can say uk look yer they sent these weapons to the re ten ore they they sent this message as clearly there behind it so so gidving near keeping some distance from that is probably the most sober and smart thing to do now that calculation could change if les ey la sey ar a intelligence services reliably reported that the the public was organized
they wanted a coup and all they needed was short of a green light from the united states that the other the coup would be recognized as the new leaders so you can imagine some future situation in which that the tipping point would be so close to tipping for a revolution that under those very specific situations shou could imagine tromp kack i said coming out saying ye we'r were with the citizens
ran get this dung that will give you a great trade deal but i get i don't think we're there yet i would say the odds of ram disappearing in the next few months at least the leadership probably low because i think they could they as in the military backing lacud folly last a long time either as the citizens were completed i by yeurs here's a persuasion play that i'd like to see oh tell me if anybody has done this r w mdes i'm the doubante thing isn't interesting question because i think a ran has to pretend thir sort of heading toward w ntes without going too far cause there is some point at which the u s will get tougher and it's all ready pretty tough and i don't know if a ran can get
the point where they've got got a nuclear weapon and therefore we say okay aqua back no no sanctions with that i they could have new clear weapons and just like north garea they would still get saying d as much or more o i think there is a sort of a race against time in which a ran was to pretend his making some progress that might be actual progress without being so close to a bomb that we just have to do something so thete's a weird little bellance so eve to wait and see ho that comes off bayer's my suggestion if we were to aid the uranian revolution without a a heavy hand with the looking like were involved this is what i would suggest we should publish
meaning social media were some friendly news organization new yeur times or something should publish a best estimate of arans a budget and heres the persuasion part the percentage of the budget that a ran is spending to support their proxies in a has ballade and in yemen et cetera and wherever on sorack against so now you say to yourself but wast scot there is no way that the united states or anybody elseside of veran could have any idea with the budget of eranus there's no way
could really know because they've got ose secret funds for their military and yoo it's loking to be public and all that none of that matters none in that matters let me tell you something as some one who was once a professional who made financial projections there's no such thing as an urof financial projection they mean sometimes by lack but financial estimates even for corporations even if your job is to analyze apple computer an some company as a
me are predictable than others by even a financial analyst whos predicting what a company will do it's pretty close to just guessing now even though most of these financial predictions are closer to guessing than fact do they have an influence on people yeh people by stacks based on financial estimates even though they're worthless because we can't not pay attention to them if you give somebody of spread she they act as if it's true even if it doesn't so just putting things in numbers if it's the only estimate out there and there's nothing to compare it to people will accept the only estimates this out there so although it would be impossible for us to know the budget of her en surely there's some one out there who is willing to take a guess somebody was in the contnst some organization some think tank
and they can say well the budgeon of her an is axbilion and there the republic is thirty per cent in poverty whatever it is and theire giving twenty per cent of their entire budget to other countries how long does the leadership of a ran last with just that just that data in the simplest form on one page just just one page no details just say total budget a percentage and dollar dolarme this going outside of her end so notwords is not the benefit of the people in ran and then poverty rate in a three numbers for numbers if you count percentage plus
ah imagine imagine that estimate and then you wanted to come from some authority looking organization maybe a think thank produce that a page one page make it look professional i do whant a look like you know a mean maker made it but make it aclaining from a governmen from something tank and just put er on social ading will will treat thee living the jesus said of it now even though the aranian public is largely cut off from the rest of the world it's fair to say the things that are important to er en or getting in right when you agree that he
the area is affected lee shut down something as important as as that not many things will get through but something that's that central to what they care about old i would get through that we could certainly our intelligence agencies could easily make sure and got through so he says the inrenette is no longer shut down so laft te fact chak that so i'm here's here's whythiss works the the arani public if they're starving their noc
be willing to keep funding the revolution in other countries that they don't really care that much about there's no way that took in a favor that and it will be huge fuel and what would be good is that it would be a simplification simplifications are one of the biggest parts of persuasion yetno its repetition simplification build the wall build th wall build the wall simplification and a repetition so we could probably push er ren over the edge just by providing a real realistic if not totally accurate estimate of their financial situation in just giving into their public it's all they need
er a coml harris is on villio was little titheoclip i tweted around at which she was talking about lowering drug prices to which i said athas good lowering drug prices that's a popular thing what is your plan to lower drug prices i could be really in on this maybe maybe she's ager arun for the nomination after all is before i was thinking that the am the harris campaign was so bad there was like they weren't eveen trying but now she's got this idea for lowering pharmaceulical prices and im take
ocquet now you got a good issue mean something to just about everybody important let's hear it here's your plan if the pharmaceical companies don't voluntarily lower their prices she's could have the government quote snatch their patents you probably think you heard that wrong the first time you hear that you say to yourself and now add the context because obviously nobody's running for president in the united states and say we'll take the patents away from private companies now her her reasoning is that many of these companies god t where they are a because of government research in fundon so she say well the the
fares made it possible for these companies to do what they're doing and earned so much money so if they don't lower their prices she'll have the government if she use this word snatch snatch their patents have you never heard of a worse thing to say on the campig drill no they're noctk in o pattle er snatches other gosnessa
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