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Episode 735 Scott Adams PART2: FISA Shenanigans, Tesla Truck Windows, #Shampeachment

2019-11-23 | 🔗

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  • Kamala Harris patent-snatching plan to lower drug prices
  • Kamala Harris and predictive value KEY Democrats
  • FISA evidence tampering prediction
  • Meme of Chris Cuomo’s call to his Mom, REALLY FUNNY
    • President Trump retweets and pins it
  • Tesla’s bulletproof truck windows
  • Is China robbing Russia like they’re robbing America?
  • Joe Biden’s lifetime struggle with stuttering, bullied childhood

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of a worse thing to say on the campaign trail no they're not in of pattle or snatches othegootars apends so he sai snatch your patents is my safeword i i think you all just noticed something which is that the word snatch and pattents go together earlly well those are two words you know here together i've often said that to make something funny and memorable you just have to replace the boring words with interesting words snatches and the ing word if she said we're going to reclaim them it wouldn't be interesting we're la sa wele euze with eminent domain or something on their patents just wouldt be interestling but snatch their patents i i might remember that phrase for the rest of my life i got o s
yourpents in fact i wils saying that to people my real life anybody makes me mad if if christina does something i don't like i'm going you do that again i'm going to snatch your pattern so fast your head will spin yep snaes or batnns asked ey oh else leskebear a camalieris is plan to snatch the patents with the trump administration plan which there also a making some making some noise about sopparetly am the trump administration was to do two things thas should make a difference what is price transparency and i think that invulve pharmacetacles as well a and of coure send market forces we know with lower prices and we know that thou works ah and of course how can the big companies complain
much about better information in a market transparency they can but it's our argument for them to make now the other thing are doing ispparently there's some kind of legislation going on where some states but maybe not all of them i think florid is one will be allowed to buy a cheap earth pharmacutacles from other countries maybegin and i don't know the details of that but but once again the trumpedministration is is reducing regulations shouldt abend there in the first place because put there obviously by pharmaseuitable pharmaceutical lobbyists not by the public and price transparency soa the troubleers ition is using all the things that the entire public thinks is a good idea price transparency mark
competition is literally nobody wo thinks those o bad ideas and camel harris is running against that with her idea fer snatching patents tell me the truth you y a home an you hear this phrase snatching patents did you say it out loud even if you're alone did you at least one say ha ha snatching pates you almost can't say it you you almost care avoin saying it aloud at such a term anyway am i do think e other of you sa that turn to his zerde jef dullington who was tweeting round i think you reserve day's silvers website five thirty eight dogcom and i think they were tracking the number of democratic
am important people indorsements for each candidate and the interesting thing is that the person with the most indorsements i believe is biteem is he first i forgot his first but where i'm going this is that number two is comell harris have camelers as the most people who are important in the democratic party a backing her campaign and apparently thess very predictive so the candidate who has the most internal an democratic support from thee the big player it is very likely to be the nominee so we see seen the harris got rid of at least for now got rid of her laughing at her own jokes for silly giggle
she had a good debate ad were watching bydon burning and warren go down who is going up who is going up pee boot a judge pee boot a judge again thati have to compliment him for persuasion and just being it all round capable guy peap booto judge as a really strong game for a mayor of a small town to be knitted at the bud as the the leaders then is a democratic party ye got has some props he i don't know the yensome so miner like hiccoughs that the news was getting on i was watching a clip where
cappe was listeing some of things as campaign did you've huart him probably they used a stock photo they came from africa to say that i was a mother talking to her kid they use that in their thing saying that they had lot of a afri african american support that people said thus thatly little american utsecially in african n dear picture does that matter no a sike the least important thing then i guess ti had this list of a black leaders who were supporting ah but a judge but some of the people in the list were not black and some of them were nosporting so that was in a personon from the campaign and to munder one other thing ayway so jake dapper mentions these things to put a judge on caeroso that bujudge can respond and i was really waiting to see how he handled it
and man did he handle it well if you didn't see that i want to call attention to one of the best the best ways i've ever seen something like that handled so this is the question boota judge getss ne yer camp has made all these missteps and they seem to be in the same category whe tegory of your black sport know what about that and on paraphasing but bulle jedge or doesn't react lay visually so he doesn't look like yis bother that's good so he's not reacting like hyou did some wrong and looked straight n the camera and he says that the i take responsibility for any mistake my campaign makes that's un me and then he start salking about the gustsof hisdemn i thought i was really good that was really good ye lookd
d mac arrans and attaked all responsibily for aneything like it campaign does an ye a mistake they make thats on me and then he talks about the good stuff it was really really well done yet it said it's a small yer that the news doesn't focus un technique so much but technique wise that was as good as you can get i was about as good as you can get now i believe that buddhajudges a support in the african american community is too low to get him elected and i believe that democrats know that when comal harris was making noise about you need somebody who can bring the quote when she called the obama coalition together she is really saying buddha judge can do it she does not say buniec cause everybody fills in the black k
oh elizabeth warren and to judge they can't get it done am but but maybe she now i don't knowat her support is in the african american community either but became lo the a nominee i think it would be pretty high am so there's this news that there's something in a comount will him xan o anonymous reporting that agaist the horroitz findings concerning the falsified fires of document tor were turned over to durom
durhams the the criminal investigation duie so so some x f b a lawyer allegedly changed something on a fiser document to try to get a cordt to approve their fisa request and that that change is being reported as significance but i am i don't of its signific i would say we're in fog of war so hears what i would say about that everything you hear about this story you should assume is false someys hold your fire in this one ctly whan i was goin saying see you t of be luement this is fog of war stuff your yeh
you're your early opinion on this should be that you don't know anything that nothing has happened ah my prediction is there's nothin the be of bomb shell i think croblays just go to be a fizzle which doesn't mean there is nothing in the future that will be a bombshell every time you see a story that sort of feels like this it's like this kind od thing there's a little laking and at my a bob shell but other people saying well probably not i think you can bet on probably not if there's anybody saying us a bomb shell and there's ay by saying it's probably not then on the probably not probably not winds eight unte ten times am trumpery tweeted a meme about chris cuomo when he was testing that cell phone to see if you can hear a selfon conversation
coming out of the speaker when it's not unspeak of him and ye proaly alsaw this you knotes chris covered it all live demonstration of this with his cohorts whose data bash and he called his mother crisscross mode it and then held it up you away from data back to see if he data could hear his mother on the cell phone without the speaker from fear now he wanted to show i'm sure that you could hear it but it was sort of the fail because in the basque country here
now some mea maker took that venio and change thee the label on the bottom of cen and scream a tou a to very funny versions and then instead of a the blank space where the mob would have been talking on the phone if you could hear her they inserted clipse from trumps speeches you have to see this thing is really fun
this was funny for two risons one is that thatthat the little label on the bottom of the screen is says that trump is at chris gulomo's mother's house so he answered the fhone o if that's na funnya you're dead on the inside the fact that criscovo's mob might have been with trump because you ow your head goes to the funny place wait was strom doing with criscovo's mob again eh so is funny just by itself somemything that carpe doctor did it i didn't see his remark on that but this seems like his i be his work so was sactic that if it was kurpydantum ah then that's another omerun but i want a fact jackment ah so so the first funny part is that trump is as they reported at criscolmost bolm's house oh
egeinfonny and then when you hear what the clifs are that he sang it's it's to solid gold but then i sombly says he pened it is a pin tweet so the second funny part is just that the president of the united states twin igai is hilarious by itself an eotilaris just that the other set up is hilarious the way was ecxes and without his triple hilarious because resolutely united states was always being criticised for being unpresidential twis lafrican lek and and you practically cry when you see it because it's st so wrong that is perfect o m and for the people who can
stand the humour in that you have to understand that the wrong this of it the fact that is coming from the office of the president is what makes a funny that that that's the humor and if r surpresent goes thut and he knows that is is that eporter's lemon so we talked about theya test less siber truck tat ilan musque is reduced and of course he had the bad lock of they threw the bulbearing at the window that was was to be bull a proof and it broke the window n the late lays as well as tried this souther window and i broke that one too and of course i said ah maybe you shouldn't try that for the first time of live you alife to y ve but i thought to myself alsoi
is it really possible that isla musk and all of these engineers the top engineers and sport as people in the world is a possible they wouldn't have tested that first and sure enough elan is taking it with a good sense of humour because he has a good sense and he's etween dout a behind the scenes picture where they showed the same guy with the same object testing it against the same car sis throwid against the window and its just bouncing back and and so then the next question i ask myself as dedote the next questions some of yours aid and on purpose i think that's unlikely but ah do not my second question is but your engineering annon was the second question they tested that worked but then apparently it didn't work in the real thing what's the second question
engineer now so he says sabbadtage maybe that would be very clever somebody said two hints s not an to test im ye that's a fair engineering statement ah he threw i think wo can ve ball bearing that was maybe the size of a small baseball some ly says maybe i's only a bullet proof once bengoh ha
whoever is the engineer or smart enough to be an engineer who said maybe it can only take two heats there you go eh i don't believe that a bulloproof window is designed to take infinite bullets i think it's sort of time to run away it is all and when he threw the object against it it didn't actually i don't know that it actually penetrated the throwh hit just cracked it and depressed it you knowed i would call it if you shot a bullet into a window and at cracked it and depressed it but it didn't didn't let the bullet through what do you call that bulla proof eh i think his demonstration
actually proved it was bulleproo felloe so i obviously was tested but i think there's some reason to believe that may be the early tests weakened the structure of the of the the and so maybe there was a reason that ipte ebroke ire only tell you a funny story this is a true story but awas a bank teller i got robbed a couple times at a gun point now i was working in the branch so i was just a teller at the window and somebody came up and ye one case put a gun in my face and th case tod a to dissimulated pocket gun thing but i a robbed twice a gun point when i's a teller and my boss told me the story about when he was the teller they put him on the of the drive up window at the bank now if you see the drive up window you knowis got this bullet proof
ass and they hand things tho the little the little a yittle pocket there so that you can't ge robbed and my boss tells the story that his bluss when he told them about the job he said if some leypulls a gun out and tries to rob you don't give them any money because you're behind a bulle proof glass and so so my bossiers the strainings like i bullproof glass even if i see a gun i don't need ta give them the money so one day he gets robbed god drives up pulls out a magnum forty four
h now if you don't knorwy your guns i don't know about like a gug guy but if you've ever seen begun the dirty hairy used it's a hen gun bus like this log it's like the most horrific looking hen done you'ave ever seen in your life it looks like it coul shoot through your titaniam se tolls out the sand gun puts it up to the glass i the guise on the other side of ask looking at this hand git the biggest hamd gun in the world they sar shoveling money tu elp hare yo go here gon begup so the robbery is successful and then afterward is being debraved in the a and his bloss says to him i told you it was bulle proof glass you know i told he is fol
why did you give him the money and as my boss tells the story he turned to his boss and he said to him to find bullet proof which is one of the all time dust lines because i think with those two words to find bullet proof of course he was out of trouble because bulla proof does need a definition doesn't it does bulla prove mean in every se it will stop every bullet does it mean as a good chance of stopping the first one does i mean it works great for lower calibre handguts does ' mean it'll stop a shotgun but nota machine gun to fine boolooroof so
think with the testela truck there is a similar situation in which it would have been a great demonstration as the es they window had not cracked in any fashion like they did in the tests but the fact that this thing took a whole bunch a heads with a ball bearing in practice and then even though a crack it didn't crack through is pretty present i got a say sprany present so it didn't did give didn't give vhe tessle what they wanted on that but looks like a still still pretty good glass i here's my question ah this is the dog that didn't burk i'm going to ask you why we don't know the answer to this we know that chinais doing olkinds of bad stuff o the united states
stillinger i be the giving us bad tradeals or shipping fentinel here so in all that let me ask u lis are they doing it to russia and you shave a thought to yourself why don't i know that when no i know the answer to that question is china screwing russia as vigorously as their screwing united states ah you just had you just had a reaction didn't you because you don't know the answer thyt question let me pro huve some assumptions by here 's the question if there not shouldn't we learn why not and try to get it in an if it not but here's where i gess more fun what if they are what if they are i kae tell you that we were negotiating
they spake tha save friend of me mer rival country is we negotiate that with them as if there are shortages that if they get something we don't get it but we're not in the shortest world were in the world of abundance where in th ldwhere if we get along we both make more money it's really that simple if we don't get along we both lose money if we do get along we both make money every time i don't think there's any exception to that yer in the past you could actually conquer another country hold their territory tax them you can make a profit you can actually make a profit for more not every time obviously the losing arwe didn't make any profit but least she had a chance in to day's world there's no way to profit for more and there's not even a way to profit by being at each other now obviously china thought it was getting awy
something stealing our ip and getting away with good trade deals and stuff but it can't last goes eventually you get a trump and trump says how about now and then trytus as says well if we do what we've been doing to you for years we'll stop trading with you and then you get a trump who says o kh o k if that's your other choice there were happy to just tariff the hell out of your products and we can do it as long as you want which just not going to do the old thing we used to do where you just robbed us every day so here is my hes we're ameting with us i think we should be making china and russia compete for our affections now why is it the first time you ever heard that
about it is we live in ae world where work were like their our enemy and were pokin tan and their pokulose and were pokin in the pocleuse or trainter you contain them and all that what are we to say you know we're the big three countries and we'd like to be really good friends with both of you but if that's not an option will taye one of you who wats to go first because whoever goes first that's going to make a tong o money and you will be militarily completely safe ye we're pretty safery now but but if we were to say hey russia here's a deal you stop poking us we'll stop open you you stay out of erelections all that stuff we'll stop trying
or throw you regime with er whatever we're doing cause we probably are and the only thing we want from you besides not poking us any more and we won't poke is that you be our friend and e how tos try to feel about that so i think we should be negotiang with hese countries from a a mind set of abundance i trumpet use this with north graea but he has not used it as les they ask emly i'm stating it with russia china although he has expressly said these same things that they could make more money i think we could we could push on that harder i think what a hears was missing i think what's missing is the way i framed it the way i framed it as it were we have i
i'm an old mind set that we have to be enemies and that by being enemies we can maximise our own game that's an old mine cent it just doesn't match anything in the current world the new mind that i should be abundance that if we can work together productively we just get richer and the way i tosaid it as almost um it is almost indescribably effective because everybody likes more money and there's nothing to argue with in that statement i think every every spare person would agree that if we can get along we both make more money and if we don't get along we most lose money is really as simple as that i ave i i saw villies and i heard e fact that i didn't
that might actually modify some of my opinions on joe biden were you aware that he had a lifetime struggle with stuttering did other i didn't know that until yesterday so jo joe biden had quite a bad stutter when he was young which first of all would explain why he has such a negative reaction to trump and who he sees as a bully somebody sings stammering ow the technical difference between the two but something in that family stuttering or stammering and so he was the biden was a subject of intense bullying as a kid so you can imagine that he's pretty triggered by anybody who reminds him were ats like a bully so i could imagine that tromp is exactly the a persons who would like the least sat that was like really interesting but it also
gives you some i will say context for his guests so he has a lot of gaps and i'm goin to tell you something that you would never know if you can hear from somebody who also had a lot of experience with a voice so that was you know for three and a half years i could not speak because i had this exotic problem called a focal dysfunction now when i say i couldn't speak i could make noise but i couldn't form lots of valuable sales and some vowels triggered me vowels consonants mostly some cousin is triggered me so that i can speak and others did not so for example the letter d or tea would cause me not to be able to say the word and so if i tried to communicate i would be
to think the thought i'm trying to say and i be try to think what words to use and that i hoad have to also evaluate whether any of the words in the sentence had a consonant in them that i couldn't pronounce and so the first sentence i think before i would say it i'd have to read it in my mind and say is reconcident in there i can't pronounce cramp there is what can i istitude or substitute this different word it's not in a sout like in make sense but gou try it no that won't make sense now you have to think of all those thoughts in real time while you're talking public imagine being on camera and knowing er certain words especially in ligh stresse situation certain words the gin ner make you stutter you don't want to do that so you're thinking of the right word and then rejecting i casess it has the wrong consident and then tried to substitute it and
during all that thinking in public while you're trying to convey a difficult content would that make you have a gas well doesn't make you have the gaffs werri you don't know an stay here an tho those worce things but it would make you it would make you stammer to make sure that you're not dealing with one of the hard words so i'm just ause i keep the yon mind everybody who the people who talk about bidin have you ever heard this about any other politician in his situation have you ever a politician who even all the people on the other side say well but one thing's true he's a great guy are even the people who dislike him say he's a really gregy guy like one of the best guis ever and i think that may be that's true am oh you know so he's talk
expidentially no me maybe he is trying to avoid a wordy cam pronounce maybe i dunnow am so i would say of jo biden that you should at least a factor in his age factor in the factay's cup some speech difficulty is that no doubt linger i so put that all in there and remember he's in thy skui so we don't have to hait of am i don't think you's quot i to be president but we don't have to be mean about it ih as sagganel and i will i will talk you all later
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