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Episode 737 Scott Adams: Talking About Bloomberg, The Next HOAX, The Trump “Cult”

2019-11-25 | 🔗

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  • Why has Michael Bloomberg joined the race for President?
  • Predicting the next HOAX…what will it be?
    • The Democrat need to understand their confusing world
  • Does “free will” make sense in a world determined by physics?
  • Simulation theory explains every otherwise unexplained mystery
  • Cybertruck thoughts and sales orders

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come on bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump thumb hey everybody come on in it's is truly be thanksgiving week here in amerika and well thank you the day to all of you i think you would like to enjoy a little thing called the simultaneous if you would like to play along i know you do all you need that's all you need as a cover among your glasses snifters time cellist anchored thermos last canteen grail gobbler vessel of any kind fellow with your favorite liquid like often enjoyed me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine hell data think makes everything better the simultaneous up go
so first i would like to clarify update the excellent mean we saw the president wait where it looked like with chris glomeris mom was with trump that was acre bay duncombe me himself copy duncan scalp emails another home runner i would like to update you on my predictions member i told you that your filter our life is probably subjective like everybody else's but you could tell us you have a good filter by whether it predicts well so i like to make predictions in public and then see if the right or wrong which i talk about in my book loser think one of the ways you can tell us here at a bubble is by making predictions and then putting those predictions out in the real world
to see how they do and if you predictions are always wrong well maybe you should rethink you're a worldview but if you prediction are often right maybe you're onto something so track your protection cely let me up there you are mine so protected the online betting market i have one two three four and five that's some you'll tell you what the bats are there all of these except one that i adopted recently by adding to it are all ones that i've had months and months so yeah by word then nothing on this list was recently bat so these are all older best with the exception of one that i added to so one of the best i have an event for many months is who will be the twentieth in democratic nominee a year
go i thought it would become a harris and i had a better that the ban is not looking good but it's the bachelor double down on the price of shares are so low and there are some extra cash in the accounts there wasn't use i thought was the source of our money in there now the thing is when you say to yourself there's no way they should you get elected remember that you are also saying that about all the other candidates if there were one candidate that i thought was more likely to be elected i would say well you know that's a dumb bat cuz why would i better than somebody who is unlikely when there's somebody in the race was likely and the answer is there's nobody likely there's just nobody in the race do you
say here this is the one target it i'm gonna kick maybe that's so we don't know that right or wrong it looks like it'll be wrong but all of the reasons that i made the original batter the same because she's still the one who could bring together this so called obama coalition maybe as well as anybody else can slowly that will mean that that will see other dust i heard mother that's i add i actually bet on whether not trump will still be the president at the end of this year which is our money so so what i m gonna win their bad believe what i made this bad i couldn't believe there was even available as a bet i had trouble believing that it wasn't actual market for the question of whether tromp would still be in office and i think i did this bed and the beginning of twenty nineteen somewhere render
so of course i bet doing well it looks like he'll be present at the other twenty nineteen that i also bat will trump be the twenty twenty g o p nominee said ninety five percent approval level with a geo be again i couldn't believe that that was available here the odds for this women last one we're not very high but i just looked at it i thought i think that's funny i think i think i'll have to do is put some money down and they'll give me more money back so i've got about that that's looking good another was interesting i had a bad again this was many months ago that's a twenty twenty democratic nobody will be a woman so you could that work there would be mailer male or female i bet female so i will win if its warren or
harris were club which are or were tolls he gathered now we have more of a chance of winning i suppose warren than the others bookkeeping they're back then i had a bad you can use your own judgment about why i made this bad but there was about to whether nasa would record that twenty nineteen was the hardest year on record debate yes i dont know if it will be the hottest years on record but does this evil i forgot to say so it just seemed away there whether or not this year on record i feel like masses go to say so
i feel like they're going to say it is so at the moment that bed is down this way down actually so apparently the temperatures have not been cooperating so those are my best so you can see how they're doing apparently there's their choose to pulls out they say that tramples thirty four percent black support why so the rest museum and emerson poles i think those are the two separate poles about the same time and they both came to the same conclusion the trumpets thirty four percent black support now do you believe that
no i dont know how that translates desire translate into anything like votes because it may not translate into boats but if anything like that's true nothing else matters new rubber you probably remember that i was saying way back when trump first get elected that if he could boost the black vote all the other variables don't matter does that sort of if is the democrats get really really when the blackfoot completely overwhelmingly decisively they care when so i just don't know if this is true does it does it feel true maybe and is now
impossible but it's in the category of things i want to believe is true so therefore i'm totally subject the subject to confirmation by us because i wanted to be true i say keep a little scepticism on that one but is funded watch so the secretary of the navy gave himself fired for apparently i'm not sure if we know the details but he's required tour he fired for displaying order or disagreed with the present something about the pardon and so far it everybody i've seen his had the same comment which is good i feel good about the country because of this is where the little things like this make you feel good
but the fact that the secretary of the navy didn't want to have an order and it wasn't really a terribly important order had to do with one person it wasn't about a war battle or something the secretary of the navy decidedly did we're obey the order for the commander in chief and so the commander in chief immediately fired him he fired for that though you gather is hard to think of any other job where are you give fire form what is relatively small thing but everybody i saw who commented on this was happy about it and i was happy to know i don't know if it's a good secretary of state whether he is doing a good job in general have no opinion but i feel safer
in a world where the civilian elected commander in chief can fire atop military commander at the drop of a hat and fora disobeying orders even the even those in the in the larger scheme of things it was a small order because was about one person the small order but i just love the fact that even open even disobeying a small order you're fired nothing else matters though you like that there's something terribly encouraging about that that's that's the way you know the tears elected person
who has complete control over these military people who were not like it i like that like bloomberg is in the race as you know i predicted you would not be so there's another protection that didn't go my way but i still think there's more we need to know about this i'm wondering if sunday we won't hear that my bloomberg didn't expect to win that he got him through some kind of strategic reason the do you think that's possible am i am i trying too hard to find something where there's nothing there because the simple such pollution it is by bloomberg thinks you think she could win the thing sets
worth getting an is it's worth a try so suppose simplest is exactly what it looks like he just things taken when doesn't think others can win thinks and stood for the country could be that might just be that but i feel as if yeah sorry saying yes you're trying to do that i can certainly i can respect that opinion but let's just speculate is it possible others at a more clever play here because i think one of the things that will do is take biden than other race right because bloomberg is sort of that middle ground reasonable person and so biden should be heard the most
now what would happen if biden is taken down would someone else emerge bull judge probably has a cap on whose total support it how much black support says the losing proposition i feel as if it's almost as if bloomberg use coming into some kind of a spoiler to make it possible for someone yet maybe we having heard out to run a minute just doesn't make much sense to me i kept there is now making good decisions anymore arabia's issues that i caution you in my incredible book the best book you ve ever seen in the world
annabelle book the best book you ve ever seen in the world everybody is talking about it loses egg i caution you about life and all those who say that i'm sure it was really good it was really good serious bare of nursery why wouldn't you want to be a polish again while you suddenly seven that's that's why anybody who decides at age seventy seven to run for president well i mean that alone is an indication of bad judgment is do we want a president who was i likely not surviving the entire term so let's keep an eye on that they'll be fun i'm trying to figure out what hopes will be next
because it looks like the impeachment thing completely failed in this light the poles are moving opposite shifts direction not where's the president is picking up support is that we always gotta record economy an all time high republicans support it is really a good shape the present there's really in good shape for the reelection so the democrats you have to come up with another hoax because the horses that their tried so far about work amazingly enough so let's try to predict what is next and starting to see some test balloons go up and i thought to myself if you're republican how can you explain your world based on what you said so my worldview is completely consistent so my
world view says president job did not do anything in teachable and therefore will not be removed from office now if he is not removed from office my worldview will be consistent but one of your worldview is that you're here democrat what if your worldview is not only the heed the president did something this unimpeachable but several unimpeachable things and their worldview is it's all obvious there is no question about the facts just use all obvious what would you think about the present not being removed from office how would you world makes sense in my world he doesn't get removed from his office because he didn't do anything that would warrant that but if you think he did plenty of things are worth it how do you explain it a year from now on is still in office well
we're seeing the answer to that you already know the us right the answer is that the republicans are a cult thus there seems to be the answers are looking forward to makes our world makes sense because if report the kids are occult and not looking at reason than that makes sense because the republican majority in the senate we'll never vote to support judgment but not because there's not evidence according to the democratic in view of the world it's because the so called and i think that most of us when we hear that our first reaction was the last night there's just laugh because its first blush is just the sort of
humor slightly ridiculous but soon see then actually had a cold expert on to describe how trump supporters actually should the definition of a court now is a court leader that i actually who actually interviewed variously you must go think i'm in the book there was mentioned were lisi interviewed me as part of that men into a book or a wish list for his website sharp by detailed them so part of his evidence that the so called tax were part of his evidence that the g appears they called is that they have an all powerful leader a leader whose near like a complete power is that's one of the definitions of to which i humorously tweeted
i belong to a call to whose leader is so powerful that he almost got fired for making a phone call that's how powerful trumpets he almost got fired for making a phone call does not exactly the most powerful leader in the world do you not putin never almost gets fired for making a phone call do you know a presidency of china never gets almost fired for making a phone call do you know what i almost never get fired for make a phone call trumps the only person in the world it loses job for making a phone call now of course he's a little hyperbole but the point is in what world does trump look like he has all this power
he can't control the border on his own he can't get a bill passed on his own he can the trade deal done he can't get to you some see a signed he can anything on its own it seems sue the thought that the eu be is a laughably predictable funny because it is low this week i'm going to challenge you too i guess this is a joke i often say that while it let me come at this from a different angle i haven't been watching a lotta nerdy shows on youtube lately and looking at different clips of new studies both physics
and all these weird things in physics so here are some of the mysteries of the universe and fuel and i'll just let them make a point about them one of them is do we have free will now without getting as the details does free will make sense if we live in europe swear there's physics cuz the rules the physics should apply inside our skull as well as outside so how does it make sense we are very well and yet we think we did our ancestors were those mysteries of the universe why is there no boundary to our universe so we can get to have you noticed she can get to the edge of the universe interesting we can't get there what would it look like if we could
every knows that at the smallest level if you look at these subatomic level that there's nothing there is nothing there only probability what are the odds if you drill down and the smallest components and avert the building blocks of a reality that you would find nothing there that's what scientists and found there's nothing there there's only probability and if you there's the other part reality apparently is subjective there been some studies show that and subjective what i mean by that is that your observation of things collapses the wave or whatever they call it but reality doesn't exist until its observed this actually unknown thing at the summit quantum level until somebody observes it it's only a probability that makes sense when give you some more
dark matter eighty five percent of the universe has made us dusted seems invisible and doesn't there we can identify eighty five percent is just sort of dark matter whatever that is why is it we can see other sea intelligent life on other planets because we would certainly expect we would is it a coincidence that we haven't run little to mystery did you know that scientists have shown some studies recently that you can change the past it's on some small level like the level of photons or something but there and some studies which they showed that they can alter the past under special conditions in what what normal universe can you alter the past currently there can also be multiple histories they can both be true and then there's a bells theorem worry of entangled particles and if you
if you make it observation at one collapse as the other one no matter where it is and it does it instantly as in faster than the speed of light so so you can change something in one part of the universe the nation instant change too entangled particle on the other side of the universe with no time no time transpired happens secondly on the other side the yours has apostle rents mystery about a magnetism i talk about this when all the time that it if you if you wish to put a sea some kind of barrier between two magnets like on his side and a barrier you could not put any kind of a barrier between them they would reduce the magnetic attraction there's nothing you can put between two magnets
nothing there were even reduces the even enter the theoretical way there's nothing you can do to stop a magnetic force as a possible doesnt seem possible does it so let me ask you this is there anyway to explain all of these paradoxes amiss mysteries with one mary yes there is simulation very actually answers all things every one of these mysteries is solved or could it be explained by buyer simulation theory there were actually of software world somebody s bamboo metal somebody is a good engineer metal em you metal is a magnetic shield but it's not a shield in the normal
and its aid divert her it diverts the force it doesn't reduce it so you can diverted for speak and reduce it are you impressed that i knew that i know my move metals all right electric field disruption ideas yeah you can disrupt or add things to the magnetic field that changed the whole situation but there's not there's no material you can put in the middle that reduces the attractiveness well then there are the new mental thing let me answer better the moon metal is attracted to the magnet so it's actually does the magnetic situation there's nothing that's none magnetic that you can put between two maggots though has any effect under their attraction the retraction so
you go every mystery in the universe can be explained by us being a software simulation alone somebody says moon metal can conducted divert or shield yes all those words are correct but is also magnetically attracted to the mechanization said there's nothing there that there's nothing that's not made headache itself their effect the magnetic field entails a simulation explain epstein stuff well yeah you heard bill bar now what what did all of you think when you saw the bill bar believes that epstein death was definite answer
what did you think about remember i told you it was a suicide so i'm solemnly the one person in the world besides bill bar i guess the other a handful of us with a new suicide what'd you think when bill bar said he looked a video in there was nobody else you got in there i met us only like ear the details and were that video wasn rarely to nobody else could have gotten in their without going to wear them do you care was so when you saw bill bar say was a suicide to change your mind bar has conflict of interest i don't know that what do i have so many people here is because you're on vacation today are there more metals is called new metal under
impressed i how many people on eager effort of mew mental a magnetic shielding material as very impressive now they said it i'm good also there's somebody euros actually convinced by someone must have you to thank you is a suicide right oh no oh no somebody just pointed out an obvious plan so you ve heard of epstein bars syndrome we actually have in the news and epstein bar story what are the odds of that
in one day me so long to realise that the embargo was the story is oh my goodness so such cyber truck apparently there are two hundred thousand we are sure that thing and i told you less couple days that i started with a thing is ugly a day later i'm starting to think well maybe i i wouldn't mind having one of those cyber trucks then the third day em really want one i totally wallen so what ever magic elon musk uses to make us what is products is doing it again and i always was amazed at the the old pay pal mafia that it was called so you i'm asking peter deal and other folks would
the paypal startup years ago that's where they made their first money and the thing i always wondered about paypal was yellow greatly you can make technology to send money to people the technology is great but how do we get people to use it how do you get people to trust the first financial the m sunday miser by a little ass well i guess was another photos computer how did you ever get anybody to trust it wasn't that the magic the magic was getting people to trust in it wasn't the technology they problem to talk big banks into working with them and stuff
there's some kind of magic they're all of those people mafia people have that they can recreate they can make you want stuff and that is really interesting people are agreeing that the truck is growing on you i don't think the truck is ugly i think the truck is just different than what you expected and that i think that's what hit us all cycle i didn't expect that and then apparently there's a reason why it so angular source straight lines and musk tweeted something about the the super hard metal that are using is hard to bend and stamp so there aren't that many shapes you can actually make if you want metal to be that strong so now
here's a question for you what happens when that truck runs into a regular automobile if you ever highspeed collision you're in the cyber attacks and the person that you have the high speed collision with is not do end up like your truck is unhurt and you're just like you have to use the wipers to wipe off the other person's body parts from mere your windshield use keep driving it's a serious question what happens if you have an accident with cyber chunk did does the car the hits the sober truck is completely destroyed because there's no give on the other side is just a solid object that never dense could be an issue i did i'm buying
truck somebody says for honour dollars refundable you can say you ordered one looks like explain novelty i don't know what that questions so i guess paper was an ebay thing first okay all right i got to do with anything else to talk about but i have two point seven thousand people here see if i have any questions
genes on my book by the way albion tucker carlson's show tonight so look for me tonight and every person referred to the laws of physics i am eager rescued yes posters the jaws of life situation and you're in a crumpled cyber truck can anything get you out maybe in every problems fascinated by all of your comments that truck is a lot of comments look how many people are interested can you imagine any other product and i would mention that everybody wants to talk about god weird
i bore you all to death because they got nothin else it's such a slow news weak can i talk about generalise i am in germany the notion there are many powerful leaders who are generalise canoe asked president trump kennedy but there are powerful leaders of all national and regional sign so it doesn't mean and i'm gonna go do something else and i will talk to you later
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