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Episode 739 Scott Adams: Talking to Ben Askren, Y**Tube Alternative, #Shampeachment, Cartels

2019-11-27 | 🔗

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  • Special Guest: Ben Askren
  • Devin Nunes accused by indicted Ukrainian
  • What are the chances UN monitors will get access to…
    • …China’s Xinjiang concentration camps for Uighurs
  • Designating cartels as FTO, Foreign Terrorist Organizations
    • Will that move result in legalizing drugs?
  • First Lady Melania Trump, booed at anti-opioid event
  • CNN poll says #Shampeachment STILL at 50%, no reduction?
  • Joel Pollack’s interesting hypothesis, Democrat candidates
    • Why all those weak candidates are hanging in there
  • Kamala Harris biggest problem is her current advisors
  • CNN’s impeachment BOMBSHELLS…timelines
  • Dems SUPER SUCCESSFUL impeachment persuasion play…
    • …Convincing everyone to “think past the sale”
  • Democrats new demonization of Trump supporters, cultists
  • Conservatives: Everyone should follow the same set of rules
  • The Imam of Peace accusing Representative Omar, Qatar

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people come on don't pay everybody let me get my wires set here it's great to see all of you and it's in another amazing day another day to enjoy the simultaneous up man is going to get this time scooby off the hook wild i tell you i'm gonna bring out against a little bit too after eu signs on but first before i do that before we get to my special guest i would like you to enjoy with me the simultaneous happened doesn't take much to do it it doesnt they much all you need is a copper mugger glass after staying jealous thank returns flask canteen grail gobbling vessel of any kind fill with your favorite liquid coffee and join me now for the
unparalleled pleasure the delta meaning the day the thing that makes everything better the sun let me go let me up i can feel it coursing through my body as we speak get into my extremity easy ass for caffeine exposure though happy now save my guess says found me yes he has you bring em technologically speaking and i'm gonna break on a guest ben ass grim retired you have seen and mme fighter who's gonna be talking to us about none of that but something more interesting and alternative to youtube
you might wonder why i want to talk about a youth alternative to youtube but you may have seen my tweets the senator ted crews actually retweeted this morning or last night in which i talked about how you tube is suppressing i views and that decision andrew i thought it was time to talk about some alternatives and so ben are you there yeah here can hear me i can hear you fine so bad i you're part of a start up can you
don't worry about that well you know what i'm not technically part of the start up writer i dont have ownership in the company it's my friend who he thought it a company called for sports into does seven it's got really big he branch office tarzan called roxanne but really what i think we need to talk about asher i think it is unfortunate that ted crews comrades issue because all these things become whether size right tickets it doesn't need to be put aside the fact of the matter is theirs it there's a distinct power a ballot between content aggregator such as youtube and content creators such as yourself yes out i'll go further and say that i would like to correct their crews on one fact which is i believe the youtube democratization is not limited to the conservatives what right granted here i did hear from david pachmann
who had exactly the same situation end users left as you can get so deftly definitely wasn't the left and right thing it was it was more like it a lower level people talking about politics verses then suddenly msnbc is i think it was that yeah yeah it i dont know why every issue as they put aside it under smarter to know whether they are youtube said so it can serve as more than levels are anything to that matter but you know said martin started his company called rocks in that are ok if i had for years watering image i really good friends had long conversations that he's got me to see the greater light at a lotta people talk about this and there are a few alters out there trying to do something about it but the power a balance between these large media networks and their content creators is such that scot i mean someone as big as you and you're you're kind of a big i've got
you're you're were literally witnessing then taking your money away and there's not anything you can do about it you can't say thank you and you can say no giving more modern here and that that in itself is what the biggest problem is so what what does roxanne do is it is up and running yet it's been up and running i believe it was a brawl ethics with six six months since got running so well i'm trying to explain it really simply but you know it tries it that really roared the cards and creators because a card that the content that you provide to the network is not just valuable labour into infinitely valuable into the future so for example the first thousand people on youtube which got youtube started dating looks like we lost her connection so i think you'll probably
back on libya fill in a couple of details that he probably would have gotten to so you probably know other alternatives such as bit and one of the big issues with any alternative to youtube is if you created the alternative to youtube and the these new doing it is because a lot of people are getting banned on youtube you ve got a problem because only all you that is the people were banned follow you get or the people were banned battle coming back i catch it if i were you i were the people were banned you wouldn't have much of a platform benny back the light let linear refocus you you're so rocks roxanne dot com is an alternative to you to be aware that you cut off because i was his babbling over here
i have no idea what happened we just sell technical glitch but away rockland com is up and running it should also look to you to turn the question everybody's ask is what difference between that brushwood ok so i don't know i can't speak bet you that no less here's moroccan gas that is so you need that my partner who is a creator is getting a by applying such patents then don't let lobby help folk issue that my audiences of re ashore attention span alright let's just so tell me tell me not conceptual firms utility i am guy me i'm a user guy get on this system why is my experience as a user better in concrete terms further contact creator user experience is better because on an everyday basis you get paid a token
at that time you can exchange immediately for u s dollar of course or if you decide to hold the token the illusion again we're gonna happen ok so where he was going on this is that the there's a crypto token component to a rock them so apparently you you get an option because you get the token first you cash and immediately and get cash or you can hold it and if rockville is more successful a if you're more successful i believe that make sure you're talkin worth more so you'd have more of an upside you be getting these tokens sell em right away or you could you can write it on the upside so i think that the basic idea now as you heard ben is not a founder of the other start up he's just got an interest in it
it's a psychological interest as a friend but i want you to know about it and if i can get him back take one more try to see if we can get it back and wrap up here i then we'll get it will we we only ever another minute or two guy i keep on getting cut off on this future this is this is crazy it just keeps cutting me up here i don't know if it's really the periscope upper were just getting a glitch in our communications but anyway ok by me but let me just say one thing i think is different than other networks then things i said stacking patria there you're there from their applying simple principles that are talking but in that case is one individual and so with the call of the profits
conscription consortium so sadly you're not by yourself and you you care about how much to other people which makes it infinitely more valuable when you can do something like that i then nobody understands that a conceptual level that the only way will understand it is i'm a user i put a video on their yeah how's my experience different from if i put a video on dispute or a video on youtube hey i got i agree i bet you on you too i think if you don't see the problem with what's happening with your lack of modernization then i guess i can't help you but the fact that that either that so much power over you and you have will have no recourse to do anything about it i think that should provide a kind of alarm swell you but that would be true with every platform heavy every player for no plenary platform owner who would have ability to kick it
are you after platforms doll rocks in if you get kicked off for whatever reason they don't screw you deal with the terms of service than you keep all of the emails that are attached to your account service you keep a personal relationship with your customer which is also something that the large it of digital now i don't want you to have scott you don't have it you'd have everyone's you too about it arose email whose value on youtube of course true so that there would be good but if you got kicked off you'd still be kicked off cracked and was worth i think you gave me a preview ye the things you would get kicked off we're not for just being a conservative ever being liberal you have to go for nazi they kicked off your eyes i sat in the terms of service yesterday and literally it literally spells out some examples why survival
during the year not a year and the year knows no word agriculture sunday like twitter they they kick off people for political reasons and then they have hard core primarily on their site it means kind of what'll i well ben ben guy cut off again but then if you can hear me thank you so much that's what we want to get out of that people will go and take a look themselves so gutter are ok if i m dot com if you want to see an alternative now i want to say again that first of all thank you did senator ted crews it's always great to wake up in the morning and fine that one of the most prominent senators and in the country just retweeted here to eat because is that the issue was was worthy
it is the issue of people being demonetized and especially conserve the voices being demonetized here's here's my take out what's going on and this is just speculation so i don't want to say this conspiracy theory this is pure speculation saw not asking you to believe it i'm just trying to understand my world and thinking aloud if i were you tube and what it looks like what they're trying to do is continue to evolve upscale so the content on youtube is more like television show quality so their deal besides in things of lower production values in favour things with higher production values now david pachmann as mentioned before at was also impact in the same way i was there were were pretty much opposites on a lot of stuff sir wasn't the political leaving
it was the fact that we were low level production political talk i think that's lee the key that's that's getting put in the same been now here's why this actually is not completely fair if you were to remove from youtube the end funded and voices both on the left then the right what would be the result of that do you see it if you if you if you get rid of the independent voices and the platforms like yours social media platforms but you do that particular what would i do with what's left what's left is overwhelmingly mainstream media plus a little fox news so it seems to me that the net effect of getting rid of the evil at least say the lower lower production value independent people like me and even david
is it you get rid of more people like me then you would get rid of david pack them even if he were sought to help the same standard or lobby another out like that i don't think i could support that it would be more conservatives then liberal thus anecdotal what would be true is that all that would be left and therefore would be back to fight in value would be the mainstream media is that there is a side benefit to youtube just wanted to get a higher production value added out but i will tell you that a lot of people like me food believe that they got on you too because you too bad a certain set of rules and opportunity and it feels like
you changed the rules after we got there they'll as a train the economist in case you didn't know that one of the worst things you can do in reykjavik says this change the system midstream unless you really fixing it in this case is a change that was good for you tube presumably but certainly not good for many greater such as myself so anyway enough on that the ever the story that dead nunez is being accused by a unindicted indicted ukrainian that he went over and that was choking over him over new green and tried to get dirt on biden now i tweeted what i saw that is when you can't find it
anonymous source to make a claim your next best choice isn't indicted ukrainian if you want the truth you really want to know what's gonna talk to an indicted ukrainian because you can depend on them to give you accurate information not to worry about any stories about nunez that originate from indicted ukrainian in fact if you wanted to if you have your doing a comedy routine and which you are trying to come up with the least credible witness that you could ever imagine it's easy to use brain stories say i will say i'm writing a story and i need a character who is the least credible human being on the planet today maybe a
indicted ukrainian that'll be the day the choice in other no other news united kingdom is pushing for the eu and have access to i think is ich changing pronounce that is the area where the wiggers are being rounded up and pulling cause asian gaps it is one of the big three holocausts going in china the what the holocaust is their rounding up the wiggers and assigning rapist to their wives i'm not even make it up yeah that was in the news that the state of china is assigning a rapist for the wife left behind when they rounded up the battle and put him in concentration camps since the allegation the other as you know the other of there was harvesting the organs from the flung follow
gung folks practitioners and of course are sending sentinel over so will the uk be successful in getting you and monitors to go see with the workers are up do not a chance let me ask you this if you were china and you not running a holocaust would you let people come take a look to make sure that everybody was sure you're not involved in the holocaust i think you would i think if you were not involved in the holocaust and people said you were and all you had to do to prove you not to say only mean it's all a cost come on over what will our by your ticket bring you cameras become talk to the holocaust find me holocaust there's no
because here that's what you do when you are innocent what do you do when you are actually perpetrating a holocaust you say get out of here you gay stop bothering us in no the u n doesn't have any right to common checkers out stop by bring us in our sovereign decisions that's what you say so is it confirmed that there is a holocaust of the weaker community i'd say yes i'll say that their china's denials of anybody to come in and take a look i'll be one thing if you know of an individual country wanted to come in and take a look by asking the united nations to take a look you say no to that you got some explaining
yet other news president and administration have said that there are looking into and they plan to is just a long process designate the mexican cartels as terrorist groups how about that her now the main reason that you wanna doesn't let them as terrorist groups and so you can go after their banking relationships and smart people are saying that that will make a big difference i don't know what's going to happen to the price of bitcoin will check that today in theory if you announced that you're going after the banking relationships of cartels what we should expect is a response
and we should expect that bitcoin would be up up two point two percent this morning uttered authors cause and effect but if you take the banking relationships away from the cartel where are they going to put their money crypto maybe so in utter know if the government can actually track down crypto stuff these days maybe they ever way maybe they rode away that's good news now it doesn't necessarily mean there is somebody saying in the comments a two percent move of bitcoin is the noise bitcoin you up and down the eight nine percent today without any effort
so i will look for is to see if the moves are mostly up based on that matter of maybe the cartels don't have enough money to make a difference although there seems unlikely so designated the carter the cartels as terrorist groups does not necessarily therefore give us military options i think congress probably still has to get involved and what the president can do on his own legally in terms of combating the cartels without congress on his side but this is a big deal i think it looks to me like a big deal to designate carter this terrorist groups i think we're getting serious now the smart people have also warned that if we do get
i'm serious with cartels especially if we get serious and a military way that there will be a blow back in other they're not just roll over they're gonna go completely savage innocent citizens americans will be kidnapped and tortured it's gotta get really ugly but at the moment i don't think i could get much worse now i would like to suggest that if you wanna take the cartels out does david terrorist groups is a good start but also we need to take a look at legalised legalizing their product we have to look at legalizing the drugs that are being shipped from mexico and wrapping those users in some kind of a protective medical you know our wrapping if you will
so i think we have to legalise because we're out of options even if we were to go in with the military and wipe out every cartel member it will take about ten minutes before there was another sentinel path in the united states so if you really want to take a mail you gonna make their stuff legal take away all of their options that you can it could all legal and still wiped them out butter i don't see any any point and waken wiping out other than revenge which i in favour of so once you have observed i millennia went to an event in baltimore think a youth summit opiate awareness and and the news is reporting where she got booed she got booed by the youth is summit for open awareness
i just don't want to say about that first of all malaria is not trump not donald trump malaria is malaria and is anything the millennia has done since we began beware of hers as the young candidates wife is there anything that maloney has done that isn't just positive i mean really if anybody deserved some kind of a battle it's gotta be malaria because not only does she put up with her husband i have bushy she does it with class and grace and completely just one of the best first ladies reverberate outside so the fact that she gets food which he's just trying to help keep my eyes she didn't run for office if she's nobody would awareness some at this cause
he's just trying to help just trying to help like there's no politics openly lights there's nobody on the other side of this issue the boeing her over that let's just some wrong with the country there cnn has magically produced a new pole saying that that in future there is still a fifty percent brutal so because the news was working against cnn the other news was saying that other poll said that there was less support for impeachment after the hearings what do you know see you then comes up with a new poll they are quite coincidentally quite coincidentally so
zat that impeachment is still just as popular is not more popular so the the impeachment hearings did not make it more popular but it's exactly the same as before the hearings isn't that a convenient convenient ball for cnn do you believe that you say no alone so buddha judge as surged into second place in at least one the other involve i'm not sure the other poles who go to back them up yet but it looks like buddha judges really making the play for it now i would like to
i'll run by you age all pollack hypothesis that i find very compelling joel pollack of bright bart i had this thought twitter and it goes like this actually together article about it it goes like this there are so many candidates running for democrats the democratic nomination and nobody seems to be getting a dominant purchase on the other domination who also could win in the general election so bite in his eyes paul numbers but nobody thinks he can win in the general centres and warren who would destroy the economy and could not women general there they were one two and three now button edges surging up into the top maybe seconds depending on
now the bull shape up bubble judge has an african american problem which makes them probably unelectable in a general action so what do you do if you're the democrats you go into the the convention and nobody who could win as a dominant position unless you do the first round of votes and there's no decision now not an expert on the new rules about super delicate etc but my understanding is if you don't get if you don't get a clear result in the first round of voting i think it's after the first round then the delegates are released in other words they can they can negotiate and they can work either a deal behind closed doors
now what would happen if the democrats and let's say the super delegates can't work out a deal somebody in the comments just said i'm cobble errors and i approve this message you nor i'm going on us if if it's a brokered deal they're gonna broker the candidate they're gonna end up with a candidate who smart people in the party the people with the money the people with the power that the democrat here that the big wigs whoever the candidate as if its brokered is gonna be somebody who could bring together the so called obama coalition cause that's how you can win its democrat who could do that
right a camel hers they'll couple years is policies still look a little sketchy she'd have to work on our policies but that's not unusual it's not unusual to after we had a modified your policies towards the middle or something if you become the candidate so do not rule out the camel heiresses in the strongest position already does keep in mind that she has the second most endorsements from important democrats and apparently that's a pretty predictive pretty active thing well now i dont see anybody outside of the the group democrats getting nominated in brokerage dimension it can happen but i think that there will be a revolution in the party if somebody who who is
they ve been running got nominated there there was i think that would be an internal revolution they couldn't they couldn't survive that i didn't mention bloomberg because i dont think that the party leaders so strongly that he could win in the general election but i think they could they might be the turn cobbler harrison to a good candidate wont let me tell you this what but his cobble heiresses biggest problem so far you probably have different answers i'll give you my answer the biggest bro with double heiresses campaign so far is her campaign staff in my opinion because it looks like she had been getting terrible advice just terrible advice about iran a campaign weapons if you become the national guard it if you become the national candidate suddenly you ve got money but you also have the best advisers the democrats can come up with
does come lawyers have the best advisers now she does not probably not even close but if she were the candidate yes she is she became a candidate in a broken convention the fixtures would get busy fixing her she would be ill she would be scrubbed up and and polished the people were really good at it we would assume that in order for her to get the nomination she probably after agreed to help you should have to agree that the party would take a role in shaping harassment or message in your candidacy but i think she could do that i think that she would be flexible enough and she's smart enough that she could learn and sort of grow with ie
with the party so i'm gonna stick with my original bet uncommonly harris based on the the jaw pollack sphere that if it goes to a broker convention you're gonna end up with somebody who's not the top for necessarily and once you're after the tab for only a few choices and only one of them has a realistic chance of getting the coalition you could say corey booker but there has to be some reason that he's not getting much purchase even within the democrats she's just not lighting anything on fire there so i dont know that they can change that area and we heard the theory yesterday that the reason that the bluebird might be a candidate
as opposed to just putting money into hurt trump is that as a candidate he gets a lower and lower prices forever i don't know how that works so don't take it from me as your software then heard on fox news yesterday that something about being a candidate but get you some economic advantages and they're pretty big ones maybe that's why he's running right so if you if you ve been noticing the two movies on one screen situation about impeachment oversee and under a whole bunch of bombshell happenings in these new bombshell happenings impeachment are definitely definitely gonna take this president down it's a lot of new stuff is very damaging for the president and his he's really in trouble now thus see them if you click
the fox news do you know how their covering that stuff that's not even the very recovering i don't even know if they have an article on it so uninteresting the fox news just looked at it but i've seen em it's the beginning of the end and i want to give you suddenly the language because this is a amuses me i you then can make something sound like more that it is so the basic new news is if i can get this right is mostly about timelines stuff so we know now that when the president was quoted as telling which whichever one of the diplomats simon he tells island that he didn't want any quid pro quo but we know now that was after he already knew that he was gonna get accused of quid pro quo
so the president's statement to some sunland they you didn't wanna quid pro quo doesn't mean what we thought him because after he had after somebody had already complained about a quid pro quo course you're gonna say them so that one of the things and others some issue about when the hold was put on the the funds and apparently the hold was officially put right after the phone call making it look more like a queen grow etc so here the ways that these important revelations have been described by cnn and their website the presence claims of innocent innocence look even more incredulous so there must be some good reasons coming because his claims of innocence are looking more incredulous so whatever follows that state statement would be something about this new information
after the dear ties reported the trump released to the hold on ukraine aid after he was briefed on the whistle blower report outlined in his dealings with ukraine what so he released the aid that literally everyone wanted him to release everyone but because he did it after the whistle blower thing came up that must be evidence of his guilt it would also be evidence that he was doing the right thing isn't it because can you have go to jail for doing the right thing if literally everybody in the world said you should release this aid and then he releases the aid do you go to jail for that is that is that the
the evidence of guilt that you did what nobody thought was a good idea to do does a better when he did it it'll better when you did it if you did something that was a reasonable thing to do the charter sorry to see that it put you in jail but wait there's more this more from sea website but the timeline reveal tuesday in conjunction with the transcript of testimonies from office of management and budget official barks andy listen the lead up there remember complexity is a big part of the story so if the public i understand the story it's like it didn't happen
so see artist understand the story but the timeline revealed tuesday in conjunction with the transcript of testimony from office of management in budget official marks anti and that's just the beginning of the sentence i am i have not even got into the content of the sentence yet so after all that outlines and industry the belief clear set of facts about the bizarre away the ukraine aid was handled what it outlines and indisputably clear set of facts about the bizarre away the ukraine it was handled is our against the law in whose in whose opinion was a bizarre that what kind of accusation is bizarre can we go to jail for being bizarre now than they also say new revelations patrol on shaky ground that's that's thea
the headline ok is on shaky ground because because whose careers because the developments on tuesday illuminated the fact that there is still much to learn about the president's actions regarding ukraine wait it's against the law that there is much to learn does that boy you on shaky ground because there is much to learn about it s not much about the confusion that sandy the only guy and other lie level or be aids felt about why the ukraine aid was being withheld along with their inability to get answers show but how the trump administrations unusual enterprise was shrouded in secrecy even from the very people who are handling the money shroud in secrecy now this is quite a shocking allegation
the allegation here is that a large bureaucracy was not communicating well i've never heard of this before killing me see those breaking big news the large bureaucratic government the united states has people with let who don't know what the others intend and they're not communicating well first time i've ever heard of something like that as other turning a normal bureaucracy where people are complaining about the boss they don't know why the bosses doing with the boss is doing i literally got wretch just writing about that that's does gilbert office every single day in delvers office the imf please don't know why the bosses doing what the bosses doing and they imagine that's for the wrong reasons that's
every employee with the boss but it it turned into news because it's bizarre offenders in this parliament shaky ground so that's how cnn had to turn a lot of nothing into a something by words so the power of words they turned nothing really that's new evidence against the president it is evidence against the exculpatory stuff in other words is less exculpatory than it was but it's not evidence of crime which is completely different so i thought i made a note but i didn't so byron york was tweeting rowdy a lawyers analysis of why the president job is not us
in any trouble illegally in observer clever legal argument about why why the bribery charge would be a good play but i we did back and i'm starting to get some some good agreement with us that everybody's thinking pass the sale in fact this is one of the greatest persuasion plays i've seen in years better then maybe better than anything trump has done but the democrats have managed to make everybody think past the sale serve were arguing about whether there was bribery your quid pro quo or whose water what it was the timeline all of those things we're talking about a hundred percent of them are passed the sale though we haven't talked about and the sale is whether the play then was appropriately asking for an investigation was
the president's job to look into it and the answer is yes it was unambiguously unambiguously in the interim many of the citizens of the united states not all them not every single person cared but certainly were plenty of citizens in the united states who are aware of the biden bruce birthing who wanted or information on that it would be happy to know that nothing happened because this is potential next president of the united states and they be happy if they found that something happened we'd be glad we found out so we didn't get into any kind of blackmail situation are influenced by your great so no just the fact that many of the people in the united states were not following the story and therefore were not interested in calling for this investigation doesn't change the fact that if they did know about it it will be
legitimate interest there is there is much that our government does we the citizens are not new voting on are clamouring for their just ordinary the business the government so the gun when those whether these two due to serve the public so does the was asking the same question of ukraine that many citizens voted for him would also want to like to know and also people who did not vote for him what so like to know the answer that they might ask for it they might prefer he didn't ask for it but that's a political fashion they still want to know the answer the information still important though even if it comes out that there's nothing there which i imagine would be the other the outcome we'd like to know we'd like to know if there's nothing there so i'm waiting for the world to catch up to me and realise that
entire thing has been thinking pass the sale so you saw me tweet and talk about michael harriet article in the route which use what about people judgment i said it was really good were writing in his read it she barrel run an article that was re run on fox news and he was about the the de article going viral on twitter i thought did i do that who else was talking about this this obscure little article in the route did i beg the viral what was i part of making a viral i don't know the answer that actually but so ben had some some disagreements with the article which are worth reading i will not repeat them because i know ban will be
all kinds of bad names for having an opinion as he often is so bad i hope you can survive the kit heed the push back and then article so steve cortez as an article i just tweeted talking about how the it seems to be a more coordinated strategy by the democrats too ooh slander republican then supporters of the present so there there is more and more were saying it's not brand new but it seems like is picking up steam the the labeling of trump supporters as being bad people this is kind of new this is kind of new i dont know if i can't think of any time in the past when the supporters of a candidate were demonized for me
the devil because they support the devil i guess so we went through the phases of being deplorable rules and racists and now the latest cultures so steve cortez as a great article that check it out and said my twitter feed or his you can see the link ed i were i started to wonder is something that republicans should do back the delawares is out of the nets should be returned i suppose you could say that is already happening because jobs supporters light to call people on the left socialists and communists accept those names they used for themselves so it doesn't really hurt anybody to call the socialist when their labeling themselves socialists calling them communists goes another level but that feels more like hyperbole doesn't really feel like an insult
here we always that's true we do referred to them is as a zombies sometimes but i don't think there's any equivalent can anything i've gotta go back to the region rule gross generalization here's a gross generalization the thing that describes conservatives the best and i think i am the only person who's ever centres we heard this anyone else well sure somebody said it but i am not aware of any real say the thing that defines conservatives is a collective agreement that everybody should be following the same set of rules not say male comes but that we should all have the same set of rules and that those rules must be agreed upon in a credible way such as
constitution such as the laws now i'm always impressed by conservatives who think that and other could argue a knock at our u abortion yourself my opinion will not be present in the next comments i'm talking about other people conservatives believe that abortion is literally murder murdering babies and is happening by the millions every year have ribbon amazed the conservatives were armed to the teeth believe that murders are happening by the tens of millions babies leave the babies are being murdered by the day civilians at this country their armed to the teeth and they allow it in other words there is no resolution now you get a crazy personnel then who shoots abortion doctor but i'm not talk about that talk about in general conservatives have not taken up arms
against the thing that they would describers tens of millions of babies being murdered every year by the by this they innocence because they made at legal now how can we have a stable country with that going on and the reason is that conservatives have a tremendous respect for the process the process in this case is the constitution the supreme court are laws and as long as the press this was followed even though they didn't get the result they wanted and even though they complained bitterly about the supreme court making up laws is still went through the process and look at this look at the power of that i mean there's incredible power to the fact that conservatives will even under these extreme extreme conditions what they imagined three tens of billions of murders of babies they still
stay stay within the system they don't leave the system thus the most basic belief the system is the only thing that can protect us all in the long run because if you violate system everything falls apart is chaos whereas the people were knocking servers people on the left are increasingly driven by hate and fear seems to be hate in fear and that's not much of a system so it's no surprise that winning winning the presidency recently ok that's all i got yeah the conservatives are still fighting for pro life
but they're doing it within the system but that bomb scott what are your best threads ever feel like you the fourth holocaust as abortion well you can say that in china even more than the u s right i think there is massive abortion in china so you can certainly make that case oh anything on omar a guitar yeah let's talk about that i've been watching with interest and of any of you have noticed that the the mom the alarm of peace that want to go my twitter so i think i've got the right the alarm of peace that's how it labels himself on twitter
he believed he saying that he has evidence there were tie you learn omar representative omar to funding by cutter and though the middle east connection that would be super super bad two words exactly the way is described now he's gone into great detail with his various sources and i've been sort of following casually as i don't know i don't want to get too excited about it until the until what he sang cry does over into at least one of them major news organisations that i don't think that's happened yet as i keep watching for these these
the mamma of peace his story about omar to cross over into the more fact checked mainstream or or fox news can a world in a hasn't dont know why so i would say i'm gonna put their big question martha that story it could be that we need to learn a little bit more could be the cutter as too much control over over what over the media here or something i don't want the prisoners but for some reason his story which looks gigantic if true is not passing a passing into the mainstream media so just keep an eye on it i can say i would say my understanding the source of this is credible zaire understanding as well by the way
so those of you who are familiar with i'm talking about the amount of peace would you agree that historically these credible he's got a conspiracy theory guy at all somebody here says do not trust the amount of peace well so where that is you should put a big question mark next to it not to tell you to trust him i trust him but if it doesnt ever pass over into the professional news organisations giggly after ask yourself why that whether it didn't happen that's all i ever day i'll talk to you later
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