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Episode 741 Scott Adams: Hong Kong, Kamala Harris, Google Bias, and other Disasters

2019-11-29 | 🔗

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  • Black support for President Trump
  • Hong Kong protesters waving American flags
    • Waving meme posters of President Trump
  • Chinese spokesperson Zhao on American race relations
  • Google search bias study by Dr. Epstein
    • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey abandoning Google
  • Kamala Harris campaign advisor struggles

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Come from those of our age. Jennifer got every twenty twenty commanded here could see. All of you erika always a pleasure. Do you have your copy of loser thing get it's Christmas season, and this is the perfect book for reading giving away. So Make sure you get yours does everybody is talking about it. You might wonder why you're here is because today is black coffee Friday, you know have their black coffee, but This delicious join me now for the simultaneous up. All you did.
The governor mugger glasses, snifters time jealous typewriter was last canteen, grail goblet vessels having council it with your favorite liquid I'd like coffee. Are you ready for the dopamine end of the day, the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous said go yes always good. Why do I am surprised Thank you for via my book, sambo and Jonah. Well, let's talk about what's a news As you may have no last week, Rasmussen had a boy showing that President Trump had thirty four percent or so support from African Americans.
And people like me said: that's not true. I saw that Paul and the first thing I thought I was added. He asked the question then and Emerson Poor came out soon after asking the same question and getting same answer: thirty three thirty, four percent support for President Trumbo among African Americans and I thought to myself.
one of the areas that there would be two poles that would get the same result. Yesterday there was a third three balls. Three different companies have all found unprecedented support for President Trump by African Americans now does not translate into votes some of it, but we don't know there. Are you surprised that the present is spent three years Fighting to reduce immigration primarily for the benefit of the african american population, as well as others, but there's a bigger bigger impact and doing prison reform lowering of employment. Helping the historically black colleges.
having opportunities zones allow, this might be real. If it turns out that is real, that the president has a third of the support from the african american communities. Thank you and as islands need some kind of the Nobel Peace Prize. I don't think they give Nobel Peace Prize for domestic politics, but The genders, Owens is change things. but other people are involved, but she's, probably most effective. Effective will say, advocate for the present I do so. A weird and unusual and wonderful thing happened in Hong Kong were mostly. Situation is dire and terrible, but after president from signed the legislation that was overwhelmingly passed by Congress other two bills- that
were sort of police or pressure on China for was happening in Hong Kong. I guess one put some pressure on the individuals who are involved in other limits, the lid- I guess limits the things that we sort of the police force. No, neither of those things has much impact. China is not going to be to influence. By those tiny little bill signed in America, but they don't like it then like it at all and. What was interesting is that the Hong Kong protesters gathered on Thanksgiving, which is not their thanksgiving, obviously, is our thanksgiving with american flags and big posters of there being a prison trumps head photoshopped unto the body of a must.
You're boxer, that's actually sliced alone, and there they're holding up here the poster assorted shown the power of president job, and I don't know about you apparently there were there were saying the national anthem were suddenly and I watched so that coverage just near the fire. A bachelor, articles, and I have to I gotta tell you. I had a strong emotional reaction to it. I don't know if that happened anyway. You watching people only the the opposite side of the world, what their basically saying, maybe I'm reading too much into it. So tell me if you agree, I think, we are saying, is that there are only hope. Is President Trump
now they wouldn't word that I am sure, but the more I think about the situation. The more I think That there is literally only one person on the planet. Has any chance should he tried to do it I'll, protecting Hong Kong think about that. There are seven billion people on the planet or so Hong Kong is in desperate times Obviously, if China gets there, Their away with a lot of those protesters, their lives are over and they gathered to sing. wave american flags and show pictures of our president, because I think they understand he's actually the only person seven billion people. He's the only one who can save them now I don't even know if he can save them. I don't Murphy if its practical at her love, it's good.
the country than the saying is gonna happen, but I found it very powerful that they ve they that they focused on President tribe as their swords symbol of hope. There's there's a lot. Their takes a while to reprocess that thought that the United States, the through its Electoral process produced a leader who is the only later and the whole world there's. Nobody else can make any difference realistically. Who could save him? It's is a remarkable situate It is certainly worth watching now. There was a tweet from an individual whose only chain his government Legion Joe, I hope, prevent pronouncing right, z, age.
YO uneasy. They have big big titles over there. So the deputy director, General Information Department, Ministry of Foreign affairs, retainer and his profile on Twitter says try my best to tell the story of China and spread the voice in China. So he's a he's sort of eight one of the spokespeople for China, and he decides to treat this. He said in Washington, talk about Washington DC and I'm going to read it the same way as written. So his English is a look there. Ok! So I'm just going read it where you wrote it in Washington, the White seldom go to southeast area as it's an area for the black president,
even demanded for women law makers of color to leave you S out of respect for President Trump: U S and the black there. Please follow quote America First policy and take care of it. He'll discrimination. That goes on in the thread to talk about the bad conditions for african Americans in this country. So their response to us, meddling in their foreign affairs is to interfere with our election Now it's interesting that they one for this target. President Tromp is doing everything. It can that's your practical to help the african emu, american community, and apparently the poles are showing that there are recognising that we are through, balls now show. Yes,
unparalleled unprecedented support for a Republican and China's decided go after that. They see that weakness domestically like Alice, Stop that racial division, but is there anything, was happening in those countries that could be at the moment that could be compared to what try to do with Hong Kong they're doing with a wiggers by you, concentration camps, what you're doing with flume God wishes literally bartering them for parts and selling their organs anything we're doing in this country. The ceiling slightly slowly as bad as any of elderly four holocaust holocaust, going on.
In China, the four are the wiggers, the saloon gum, the with the fence and other sending to this country, and then how come now I am calling for hollow class to trap idiots into debating it. Now is, if I've taught you anything, One of the best ways to get attention is to be wrong because when you say something was just true dental laser lasers! Well, it's true doesn't have power but if you say something provocative, that's a little bit wrong. People pay attention because I want to tell you you're wrong. So I ve been talking about the for chinese Holocaust in progress. and by throwing Hong Kong into the next, because they have been killed a lot other people, yet people stop asking others, Hong Kong is a fourth Alek last year, the other three I can see the boy there
but their fourth one? I now think that belongs on the list. That's right! You have fallen for my trap, So I'll be saying publicly, therefore, Holocaust letting people debated, It's almost too easy. I dont you, Robert Epstein, you might remember any decision justifying in Congress about Google's a bias. So now he is operating a study in which he is a whole bunch of people that I didn't Finally, within the study, but not publicly who simply using Google and using regular search term and stuff there trying to see if they can get different results over time as the election approaches then they would on the other search engines. And the hypothesis here is that if Google continues to show by us. That is not present and being
your yahoo or doktor go that that will show something. It will show that Google, intentionally biasing their search. Here's was interesting there definitely going to find out about, Google is massively biasing their search. Then what Google massively biased their search? Laszlo there were a Google and anyway doesn't look like it. What would stop Google from just doing it completely getting caught? And you say well no, I didn't do that. You can't look at our internal stuff, we didn't do it. I don't think, there's anything to stop them. It looks like you just go home. Look! Those are the news today that Jack Dorsey CEO Twitter, you tweeted. I think that is using doktor, go on his phone,
as your browser because of the privacy stuff, and I just downloaded the doktor go up on phone, I was already using the browser at my computers, but I thought I should I should move to that on my. phone as well so for privacy reasons, and because Google is really on American on American in the sense that their messing with our election, which is not the first american thing you could do. I am also looking into doing some research or some alternates for Youtube Badge. You know you tube is throttling my content and it's just shrinking
is that a growing even those is growing in viewers and shrieking and revenue, so obviously something going on there. So there are several platforms on the way and already up and take a look at those and see which want to move. To your mind, Stockholm is one. Rock fin is another, and I don't know the differences between them. There is at least one start up that I know of that's coming our line as well, so that their some alternatives to Youtube, and I will be properly selecting one of them or possibly using all, always has been issued as the other. Now, there's a problem with the alternate: if you, if you go for shoot and you're saying a word up. One October. six areas has been issued.
The trouble is that is that they do attract a lot of bad elements. I think what I'm likely to do. Somebody's mentioning think thing spot. I don't know that thinks body is used to rethink spot. That join Petersen sake. Little look it up here, so I know what I'm talking about think spot is your Jordan Peterson's thing that zone, he's working on with the Dave Rubin. So I'm looking at something on medium. So there's a blog on medium. That in the title is Jordan, Peterson thinks pot is doomed to fail to fail. I think people say that about everything,
video, so I think what I'll do is maybe for twenty twenty ability- to put my content on more platforms in the very those other platforms work out? Well then, I just get often for you too, but in the meantime, approaches that multi platforms There's report that the Tumblr hairs campaign is totally falling apart and I guess my Bloomberg desired. Whatever top campaign advisers, as I suspected you now, I was telling you that that camel errors seems like a talented politician, but I couldn't understand why her campaign was the worst I've ever seen, the worst just the worst. There's nothing,
no campaign is every bit as bad as Cobbler Harrison's, and I had speculated that the campaign staff was bad and I learned some boiler that her sister was I guess the chair, chair of the campaign or something, but today I learned is even worse. Is that so indeed, cobblers sister is a leader in the campaign, but there's a another leader. So the other leader is apparently associated with the political advising company. That's that brought cobbler ass to the Senate and got up to this point. So she's got to it. eyes, ears that are now on the same page and she cared Really get rid of either one, because once a sister and one is the others political group that got her where she is now. I guess he's running out of money and people are talking in coordinating their message.
bad and their slogans of change, basically just a complete mess. Now they kind of highlights the problem with Senator running for president. Does it do you notice managers. Don't do lotta, hiring and firing The new sub but Zella running a business, a is famous for firing like crazy he's. How many people has Trump fired. Fire fire fire. It was a sport as things I've heard. This is something that involves us that that the real talent in hiring and firing is the firing part, because when you hire people you. They usually look good on paper. Maybe they can gather the interviews. But you don't really know how they're gonna do in your company. You can sort of find out how they did in their past job
well. You don't really know how they're going to do in your company, so the real skill, given that hiring is a lotta guessing. The real scale is firing. If you can do it quickly and kindly in a way that doesn't make you enemies for life, then you're a good manager. So he looked for the firing skill as the real skill. That's it sort of you, look for the blank space situation. Does tromp have good hiring skills, were a lot of people say no, but that's mostly guessing. Does job have good firing skills while his firing skills or a lot better than his hiring skills and the firing skills? more born, so Cobbler Harris has apparently no firing skills because she's got to be
were a caravan that either one of them is to be fired or both probably both, but certainly your sister, no doubt about it. Her sister needs to be fired me that's what looks like from a distance. So there's some some talk that here as well. Even make it long enough to get into the ticket in telling Callaway brokered convention, Fishes run out of money and he's got no message. No nothin, I feel as if I could fix our whole campaign and like an hour, she spent an hour with me? I feel like I can fix all
While she loses better message and to ignore her advisers and just stick out or better message, because she's got everything else, she's got the Democratic Party, like Sir she's got the right democratic thing: she's right age, while while people saying don't do it, don't do it? Why don't think you have to worry about her contacted me for advice outside the US that very low, very long and Sunday saying why smoke all your we'd somebody said you don't tell me, there are likely lose do now, I'd like lose yet when I predicted that she would be that the air, the nominal, I don't think anybody could have predicted. It would be the worst campaign staff in the history of our campaign. Staff
I mean I can see that common, so you're right, it is. It is tempting for me to want to fix her just well enough, then she could, with the nomination, loosen the general I don't think, there's any chance that trumps gonna lose in the general election. Why are you sideways somebody ass? I'm not so, there's somebody happily at year, end! get runner campaign. How could she run the country? That's a good question poorly. It appears Scots them all.
So there's not much news going on at the moment, so were mostly you'll enjoy or forty one weekend and our simultaneous up. Do you think this translates into a promising presidency? Now, let me Louis as clearly as possible. Come lairs would not be a good precedent and she does every chance a beating drop in the general election. But I did think she do well enough to get the domination will Hilary run. You know what you know. It's weird is that from the land Style I've been thinking that Hilary was too old, but early, she's actually cut the young compared to the other people, the race she's what seventy one or something- so a Hilary it would actually be, one of the youngest people in the rays of the people. We get a lot of support.
but I can't imagine her doing it. It's just seems too difficult to imagine because if you are her, could you take a chance of losing again. So he says down down. Two percent is down two percent or zero point. Two percent there's one thing I want to check on the stocks right now looks like stocks all turned down a little bit, but let me check what am I was up, I so things that are relative, relevant to bitcoin prices. So Bitcoin went up six percent yesterday, another three percent if you put them together, is one of the biggest. two days ago, a number of weeks, so
where things I said about the Bitcoin. Is that if it's true that what the President says that are due to designate the cartels as terrorists, it could be that cartels, while billions of dollars, that they don't have anything that that they can put into a bank does the bank's just will be out of a play. So what are they gonna put their money? If you're a cartel, you ve gotta billions, billions of dollars, worry it upon it. I was I was suggesting it might be Bitcoin. Now I don't know it is not a drug dealer, but I don't think they put it in any other crypto my spreading rattle of it, but at the very least they put some abounded Bitcoin does it have to, and then we have the southern news bringing Jack Dorsey back into it again apparent.
Jack Dorsey just spend a number of weeks in different places and Africa is decided. He's gonna, move there for part of the year, so he's gonna spend substantial time in Africa. We don't know the details but trying to be a positive force and when talking about that check, Dorsey mention Bitcoin So big point in Africa could be solution to what per option Ocean to know banking, I suppose it be some kind of a solution. So imagine if Africa goes back coin and cartels go Bitcoin in both of these pieces of news came out and sure enough Bitcoin is up on the news. I should say that I own I own some decoyed Jesse. You know for a full disclosure
also tell you that you should not make any financial recommendations based on what cartoonist say, periscope and this is not a financial advice. I am not advising you indeed. If you buy any kind of crypto currency doesn't This is not really investing it's more like guessing so. Buyer beware, I will tell you what am I investments, so I made the worst investment in the world a number of years go by buying the turkish cell phone company, so the thought was no matter what happens in Turkey.
Probably be more people born is likely that they have a high birth rate and all need phones and their cell phone company s kind of a monopoly there, and so a while ago, I bought shares led by the United States of the turkish self on company Turks cell and lately that sub sharply, probably because the dangers, the dangers between the United States and Turkey seem to have passed. In other words, you, Essen, Turkey, don't look like they're having for something that at the moment. So that's up. I do
not recommend anybody by any of the stocks, and I mention or any the assets, and I mention this periscope. I'm just tell you what I did and I feel I feel that it is necessary to share with you some of my predictions. So it's very rare for me to buy individual stock I and by Apple, The individual stock quite a while ago, that's worked out really well, in fact, is the best stock investment. I've ever made still have that, but don't do what I do, because that would be a bad idea.
we'll be talking about whenever a little bit more. In fact, if your holidays as your holidays are coming up, you might want to use one of our products called approach, As you all these are coming up, you might want to use one of our products called approach which I have talked about before so approach allows you to see a little map and you just send out a link from the app and your? You can see your friends on the map where your family members converging on a point, so it's fun to watch a variety of people coming to Christmas or coming to an end, and if you use that up, which is free, you can, you can do it in the purchase and buy a little better, so your company will show and if you're, a small business and you service owns, you probably want this up
step here as a feature like that structure has snap map. So, if you're on step chat, and if you share your location, you can see your friends on a map. That's more about where, where is all where all my friends at the moment? But what this says is it's a temporary tracking as a timer, so it times out Jesse see the people that you want to come to an event that Have to be utterly service or sign up for they don't even after the app of the EP, is called approach by went up to free up. and you just can send out a link. Email still track little. It and everybody who hits it can see each other on the map and if they don't have the app, they can still track a little browser map. So it still works, even if you don't have the app So he says it's too invasive: well, is it
for people who are willing to share their location when people already another location, so the air? The point of it? Is Then, if you invited somebody, your house or your friends are meeting at the movies. You sound like they ve already share their location cause. You know that they're gonna be travelling from where they are to the same place. So it's just being a little more space. having about something that you already know where they are there on their weight in this restaurant or on the way to the party. If you have a phone, you ve already been invaded yeah. I feel like I've gotta, given up any kind of the thoughts about privacy. Have you I feel, like privacy isn't really a thing that I need to work to protect. Guess it's already gone.
Yeah, so the idea is that if you share your location of the EP eating get rid of all those text, messages and say I'm already in the restaurant. You know I got a table, I'm in the back. I'll be there late, you don't have to do any of those messages. People can the host or anybody else can just look at the map say it looks like Bob's going to be late. Its optional every time, every time you use it and at times out so we built as though you couldn't track people permanently you don't have. An option is just on the way to a meeting. for permanently you don't have an option is just on the way to a meeting. I'm just looking at here
the other. When will we have the news and went up, but I've gotta meeting coming so we'll wait on that, have anything else to talk about. Will Africa become a social justice? Mecca What was the name of the turkish cell phone company one words character cell: the cell is like cellphone sea alone. Turk sell one word, but I'm not recommending I'm just tell you. I bought it and so far has been a terrible investment. So do I do that? What you want? I that's enough free our talk you all later after you're done with the earlier shopping.