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Episode 744 Scott Adams: Troll Attacks, Loserthink in the News, Bottom Circle People, Lisa Page

2019-12-02 | 🔗

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  • Civility on the internet…and insulting trolls
    • Who’s giving the trolls their marching orders?
    • Troll themes: kids in cages and Stephen Miller
  • Senior correspondent from Vox favors going after Trump voters
    • Shunning people socially for what he considers bad opinions
  • Is Rob Reiner crying for help, signaling a mental health problem?
    • “Countless impeachable offenses”…really?
  • Whiteboard: A Hate-Based Political Philosophy
  • Zack Kanter’s economic blindspot
  • Democrat’s Voter Shaming Project
  • Mexico’s gigantic gun battle with cartels, 21 dead
    • Are Mexico’s cartels a Chinese proxy military force?
  • Iranian and Hong Kong public unrest…is it a Trump effect?
  • Lisa Page “insurance policy” texts, prediction update
  • If Kamala can’t fire her sister…she’s unqualified for Presidency
  • Jerry Nadler’s panel are drawing up articles of impeachment
  • Ukraine’s President Zelensky says AGAIN…
    • …there was NO quid pro quo implication
  • Joe Biden’s finger nibbling and hairy leg talk

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bomb on everybody coordinator i hope you're sleeping off your already weekend got enough arrest and you already hit it this week hit hard and the best way start that is with coffee or a beverage of enjoys doesn't it doesn't take much all tax as a cover among your glasses differs time shall listen determined laskin grail goblet vessel of any kind following your favorite liquid i like coffee enjoyed me now for the unparalleled pleasure dont between the other day
the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous up ready ready rarely come save read hold save it good ok well i love you noticed but the the troubles in the left avenue have new marching orders and man is frightening so i spent the last day or so slap controls on twitter now sometimes i just your blood and walk away but when the trolls get new marching orders and they all combined in with the same kind of message it's a little more interesting
i tend to engage now one of the questions that people ask me is because there's a article from wired wire did a big envy with me when i was doing my book timorously heavy wired interview just dropped now i haven't read it because i'm somebody articles this month on a rhythm all but tweeted it and what i do the article the article focuses on really there's no reason to focus on the six up there was one interesting part from my book loser thank what does it say focused son was i talked about how to have some new rules for stability on the internet talk about my forty eight our rules for apology apologizing that my
twenty year rule affords just letting things go somebody did something more than twenty years ago and it wasn't murderer something bourbon that way you just let it go desert forgive anyway the point is the trolls came after me and there were noting that i was insulting my trolls just for fun the internet i do have provided entertainment and people said scots got scott you never you hypocrite how can you say you're the favour of fill the internet at the various
same time you are insulting trolls insulting trolls is the opposite of civility to which i say i am also opposed to murder but if you break into my house at night i will kill you that in a consistent i am opposed to murder but if you break into my house in the middle of the night i will kill you are those inconsistent i don't think so like so at all if they draw comes after you on twitter you have a free punch you can be as often as you want there's no ruler slowly says you need to be nice to rude people last night is there any meant any form of manners suggested you need to be rude your advice to an asshole there's the ruler
other items suggested anybody do it now you i want to know why there being the whether their big there's something wrong with them so your mental problems let me be one walk away but if a troll is coming in for political purposes origin to be a sociopath i heard a stranger those people are just a free punch why would you not take a free punch i'd somebody who completely deserves it so i do it for fun and entertainment and fuel but so the newest batch i'm trying to figure out where they're getting their marching orders because if you noticed in the last twenty four hours or so maybe maybe a little deserve that you're coming with the same approach add the lots of them and they're all trolls you can tell by the by their accounts though they may not be page rules but whether obviously organise because they're coming with the same messages so
passengers against me always take the same form there's always the sincere guy like the sincere patrol the sincere rose i used to love your comic but now because i know you are a terrible person i condemn her joy it again so like others the sincere charles they try to hurt me with sincerity now believe there were reading dahlberg yesterday i am sure none of its true that's one flavour the other flavour are the people are asking me if i support kids engages in the worst even miller and why so apparently there's some kind of general instruction that rules will go after whoever they think is trump supporter
and they're going to ask him those questions do you favor kids in cages or stephen miller and it's sort of a do you still beat your wife kind of thing because you know that they want to concentrate the entire trump presidency into one person question that i don't know much about i mean i couldn't tell you everything that stephen miller dollars were thanks same with all the rest of his advice there is i don't know much about it i know people say bad things what are the odds are bad things said about thing people they entered our true love a theater and we could be too could be that you so i don't have an opinion about something i'm for about then really don't have a way to become informed but
seems to be the neutral attack is going after trump supporters directly one of the people supporting this idea of going after trumps borders so you remember in twenty sixteen one of the worst mistakes they hillary clinton aid was the deplorable comment but eve hillary clinton limited the deplorable to a subset of republicans so even hilary was saying where you got your republicans that we just disagree with it ass in some paraphrase the other than the ones we disagree with politically but under the deplorable as you know a percentage of them irredeemable horrible people now that didn't work out for her because people correctly or incorrectly deplorable to me and she was really talking about all trump supporters she wasn't she wasn't
but it was easy to twisted into that as a political attack so calling some percentage of trump supporters deplorable turned out to be one of the worst political moves of all time so they decided to double down instead of saying that some portion of transporters are deplorable the newest attack is that anybody who voted voted for emphasised good things about job is supporting kids engages in ways supremacy so they double down at the thing that didn't work that's so typical them
there's a fellow who works senior correspondent for vocs now if i introduced started by saying that it came from a senior correspondent for vocs what's your first slot well here's a hop mess of thinking it right here so whatever i say back you knows just gonna be so bad you're crazy i almost daily not say it i could you say and that a senior correspondent for vocs said some things that are bathsheba crazy the deed they'll probably don't even matter but i'm gonna give them to you anyway so he says about bob bob she says seems to me by my
notes or out border order ensues i find it well alright i will give it to you in reform he said that we should go after dammit the most important thing i wanted to copy and paste sorry i'm making you wait for this totally worth it i guess i didn't print for some reason i saw the boy does this box correspondence so basically is in favour of going after people as voters so he said that the days of not knowing after people for being having bad opinions should be offered but you should shun people so we and you should go after them social
leon and otherwise for having done attendance at i responded i said remind me who gets to decide which beliefs are aborted so the word that the youth was borned then he said that you should show people with a opinions and you should be able to ostracism and better and so i said who is to decide which beliefs or report for example i don't know this to be true but i'm guessing that a senior correspondent for vocs isn't ever of abortion now i i stay out of the abortion question because i would rather reduce myself as a ban let women work about than all support whatever they they come up with so i don't have a dog in the fight per se at least in terms of
doing about it but it is nonetheless a objective statement that half of the country believes that someone who supports abortion hasn't a boar and belief if we were to use his standard half of the countries should by his own standard showed him and try to drive them out of the countries are now i guess so is price goes bankrupt ridiculous stupid opinion you'll ever see in life because if you i have a standard for what a board be it looks like you can't really measure to it you can't really manage to it so this is part of a larger thing so than the other trolls or the laundry list roles in a whole bunch of came out at the same time the laundry list list looks like this this one from glenn craven on twitter
or maybe he's got atoms could have decided not to support day now watch the list of ironic races narcissist carbon with no real leadership vacuum and clearly ball into russia enamoured of dictators stooge rob writer rob writer comes also with the same of the same kind of rob writer said yesterday every elected republican knows that this precedent is guilty of countless unbeatable senses i would list them but that i would have to show that there are no unimpeachable chances for their countless careless so many unimpeachable defences i couldn't possibly list them all on twitter but they leading the republicans along with many waited angelika borys and white supremacist have made a pact with putin have them
have the weight evangelicals and white supremacist made a pact with food but unlike a pact with the devil this one can the unsigned in other words the republicans can change your mind is not too late so when i read this i said myself is said prolific lebanon or is it a cry for help in other words is rob writer signalling a strong political opinion or is it a strong signal that he's got a mental health problem as the actual serious question that's a big completely serious that's not a political statement is this aside of mental illness let me read it again just just just list
two it now imagine that this is a problem that person who knows he'll be noticed he'll be noticed by lots another problem that people can affect his life and his career and sorry savers in public and i would say it leaves out because you so consistent carried is buying but he's a silken system i suddenly please it so he thinks that every elected republican knows the tribe is guilty of countless appreciable offences disasters like the same opinion the every republican knows the president who is guilty of countless unimpeachable offences there is no evidence of that there is plenty of evidence to the contrary but there's only dynamism laugh they even on the left is the evidence that republicans thank yous dunlop unimpeachable things
but they along with many white evangelicals and ways supremacist made a pact with putin really is that is already seen mentally stable statement the weight the premises debate a pact with putin one is uneven mean one is that even mean so i think it's just a mental health problem this disguising as a political opinion that you struck because i'm not trying to exaggerate you know my basic flow we live so people come up with their opinions first and then they back into the rationalization while here's my opinion because my feeling and i'm going to return should weigh make yourself like there was some reasoning that went into it this is
the cleanest example that because his opinion appears to be just a mental health problem and again i dont mean that as hyperbole now i'm not a mental health profession so i can say that he has a mental health problem here a nuanced distinction i'm saying that i as an untrained professional simply observing them then he register's willoughby as having a metal the priest severe mental problem that doesnt is true and i am certainly does anyone qualified to today it just tell you the ways received by me my impression as a non professional non not qualified person is that it's a mental disorder of some type that he's back to
to some kind of a reason envy and you can tell because the reasons to make any frickin sense at all who could possibly think that every elected republican knows not just suspects not just as a few problems with the president but every elected republican knows the president is guilty of careless repeatable offences you actually cognitive account of them some money this is no way that as a serious opinion from a person with a stable working intellect it just doesn't feel like it to me there can be wrong is under qualified to diagnose mental illness but if i were you looking here to find some so look for that i wonder if there be testing it but it looks like the new approaches to go after chopped
supporters and say do you like stephen millard like gives engages and try to try to make all transporters feel like their garbage people exactly as does the most common to guide the thing i see is the obey garbage person because i write and talk about job of a garbage now let me let me tell you let me show you a picture i came up with see if you can see this so sorry about that i don't think i can lighten it up let's see if i can put it back like i just ignore that
just ignore that bright spot aware so this is how i see the world i see it as a politics a sort of a circle serve at the top of the circle you see people were exactly in the middle of the left and right and they provide that they're just as one example you sort of close the gentle but he's he's laughter tribe is farther from the middle i put him right in the the far right and i put a lisbon were in a sort of the the opposite of that but down at the bottom which would be both the far left in the far right it's where they meet that's basically a hate based philosophy now they hate different thing our different people but they all start with eight other they rationalize backwards so i see them is the same as it was the difference between nazis and anti far you could argue
through the nazis and a bigger desk out but you ve started eleven part the relevant part is after all starting with eight other reasoning backwards from that's like well i hate this good people so what's that mean about my political opinions that's how i see the world and
the the trolls and anti far and the neo nazis and the white way supremacists all the saints all the same category of make any distinction and i think this awful such i fear the things canada is going more nuclear so group a previous three premiers from three different regions in canada got together and decided that they would start supporting the design and building of small budget were nuclear power stuff now it's gonna take five to ten years before any
many of these actually get built but it's important is important that there are three of whom as important that they came up with longrange plan now on twitter on twitter age evelyn said that that canter theories on the user under that canter areas is solid articles and what are you to draw back nuclear power is then it doesnt dismantle systems of oppression it only produces clean energy
this makes it possible for solving the climate crisis which isn't just about the environment and that he showed a picture which is saying that one benefit of climate change will say policy would be to dismantle the entire patriarchy system basically the entire system of government so i said to myself what background would you have to have to have such a bad opinion i what kind of training experience would you have to have to hold this point of view because one thing i could tell you for sure not economics and politics probably not so i said to myself what kind of background is yes i look there's lincoln profile yes a ba in science and marketing
and is involved in some startups so he is technical and they also as marketing forget smart guy so you say if you ever fewer taped to taken iq test probably do really well because he's gotta advance degrees but what would science and marketing tell you about changing the economic and political system in this country now much right so he's got this giant like spot if you study academics you're here are certainly not well if you're honest about it you're not trying to turn the country into a completely different socialist experiment but here's the thing that most smart cannabis would now if your country is doing better than it has ever done
history of humankind year economies the strongest summer then and not pretty much every metric were improving under those conditions do you make a large risky change dear system it is the right time to make a large risky change to the entire system dismantling rebuilding it things are going better than they have ever gone before now knows that a hundred per cent of economists will tell you the same thing you unless there are also in politics in which case you know that that can change links but i don't think there's any anybody who has business experience or economics experience who will tell you that a good times
change everything like a big risky major change from the ground up a new society in iraq it out of everything is when everything is better than several bet that's exactly the time you don't do that so this is a perfect example of what i call loser thing which is that the person involved zack canter from all indications is a very high i q person so there's nothing about what i'm saying which should be construed as saying anything about his general intelligence which pre i but he's got clearly a blind spot for something really important somebody says he's trawling meaning that you cannot tell the difference between parity add reality because i tweeted that this morning this is one of those opinions where you look at it you go see just don't
really good troll i actually believe this then i look in his eyes all we can believe us he's gonna blind spot for economics i wanna be weird effects of the democrats voters shaming project so this was happening now guess who tried to shame tromp supporters into that voting form what does the unintended consequences that will be we feel that we can predict but what are the unintended consequences that all of your political poles will be shitty from now on would you trust a political paul where people are being shamed for supporting one of the candidates now you were not so the
voter shaving should have the effect of making all future political poles complete bullshit because republicans are just going to stop answering honestly now let me make a recommendation if you're a trump supporter you should answer the poll you know if somebody calls you and says let me boy you that you should lie you should lie to the posters because it really funny i know some people are already doing it's obvious to me as obvious let some republicans or just line could because i don't wanna be overheard by their own spouse that's a real thing but i would recommend to all trump supporters if you get a chance to be part of the pole because it's funny you should lie
so he says we already did an hour and i've got a feeling i didn't need to tell you that i i think i didn't need to tell you that i think is just sort of spontaneously happening one of the reasons is republicans like a good practical joke am i right people can serve those enjoy a good practical joke and i'm not sure that we will be left of the same type of sense the humour on average obviously individuals or are all over the world they spend on average i think the left us like a good practical joke as much as people on the right so play good practical joke somebody says i lied forty years ago here
so he says yes it's a reflex yet look at all the people saying that they already lighter bolsters well i think that's gonna go to to over dr imagine how much fun you have an election day if all the poles were wrong again travis reelected landslide can you imagine how much fun you gonna have if it gets the electoral legislation in all the poles were wrong right up to lecture they come on that would be funny you know it would i let's see what else we are going to do
a few more topics here mexico just had the straggling gun battle between the military and police and the cartels twenty one people dead that's not even carried wounded so this just happened i think yesterday twenty one people dead in a gun battle between police on the cartels could you imagine that kind of news happening in this country and apparently was started at all was the cartel your rolled into some town in mexico near the border and an the actually tried to take over the town like isis that this cartel actually came in with a military sized contingent actually just take over a town and they succeeded they took over tell they held territory in the mexican military capability and kill them and assure the several copsewood
policemen were killed at the same time unfortunately now apparently the murder rate in mexico is a hundred a day on average a hundred a day so let us make no mistake the corral are now a centrally chinese proxy force to strong there's a too strong to say that the cartels are a chinese proxy military i think there has been less now they see themselves of course but in effect because their handling
chinese sentinel witches shifted to this country and kills tens of thousands and that's supported by china supported by their leadership because they they have the ability to stop at that you stopped him so i think war is guaranteed between the united states and the cartels and i'm gonna make a further protection not necessarily put it necessarily evangel that won't necessarily been with the cooperation of the government of mexico do you think there is any chance that the government of mexico is not honoured by the cartels there's no chance the cartels have clearly control the government of mexico
so getting the mexican government to agree to u s military action against cartels could never happen does the cartels on the military and if somebody in the on the government the only governor to mexico said yeah go ahead commanded help us get rid of these cartel people will there politician would be dead by the afternoon so we can't get mexico's governments approval and we can't let a chinese military proxy force on our border so i think we have to attack china by wiping out the cartels does the cartels decided to change their business from not being here to something was not a chinese proxy military force
was by my change my idea of what we need to do about it but given that it is an active attack on the united states by a chinese proxy force the cartels i think we have every right to go and militarily without anybody's permission and in fact there is no practical way to get anybody's permission you could ask but there's nobody really task because it just cartels and people controlled by cartels i was wondering if there is something that might be called a troop of act there hasn't change the psychology of the hong kong protestors as well as the uranium public early uranium public is getting pretty serious about protesting in rioting and training down their government or at least influence recovered so there's
why don't you run into ran whether we have a lot of your reporting from it but it getting really pretty hot down there and to hong kong as well and i think that you would say about both those situations is what are the odds the hong kong could ever prevail over china i just saw the surface of that you say rose zero right i mean if you have to bet if you have to make a long term back alright twenty years from now does china have full control of hong kong or did how come so now when their autonomy which where would you bet oh yeah you put all your money on china eventually having full control of up just geographically there there's no way that's not going to happen right yet the hong kong protesters are fighting as they feel they can win does if you didn't feel you can win you wouldn't put up this kind of fight
he had moved very had put up with it or something similar something about the psychology of the hong kong protesters they make something they can prevail in what looks like an impossible situation likewise the iranian protesters appeal we feel they can make some kind of indifference as they would be doing what they're doing yet what are the odds that that the street protests can overthrew the regime given the control that the regime has love when you say not done impossible you nothing impossible bore the odds the iranian protesters will succeed on the surface of things looks pretty low but they don't think so apparently because are working very pretty hard to do it so that's what i'm calling the trump effect i think there are people fight
for freedom who maybe before didn't think it was within reach there's something about shrub that makes you think anything is possible only because he got elected and then he keeps doing things that are supposed to be impossible but he's doing them fairly routine how about starting a trade war with china the impossible ok is doing that about wiping out ices territorial holdings about ok do that and if you can think of other examples wrote how about moving the moving our ability to jerusalem he can't do that ages did that how about recognising the golan heights as part of his relief gather ok
to that i feel as though there's something about the psychology of the world and you see the whole time protesters in particular waving burke and flags and thanking the president for signing the that hong kong legislation that put suppression so i feel as though trump has changed the psychology of struggling people in oppressive places you just might have convince them that i've got a shot nothing i hope they're not depending on the united states to step up because they might be and i hope that's not the only thing that rely on because i don't know how to how much we could possibly step in either of these situations without making far worse because if the united states gets involved directly some obvious way then the early
the regimes in both cases can get tougher because i like their fighting the united states so that the tough place to be but i think the world is being affected by that the trump example in some way here is the harrison got a couple of other topics that is a site well lisa badge you know i like to update you on my predictions both good and bad for example at the bedside i predicted a year ago the cobbler harris would get the nominations for the democrats if you
had to guess today you probably say scott that might be your worst protection but i'm sticking with it because the reason for it didn't change just i found out new information which is she's worse campaigner in the history of campaigners but is also flexible she has the only problem they could be fixed get rid of your sister is your campaign fairly easy now i dont know this exit goes far users pretty tough below let me say this as clearly as possible if you can't fire your sister you can't be our president global harris i'm talking to you if you can fire your sister
you don't have what it takes to be president fire your sister showers she gasped he got a little spoke shows that you are in charge and now your sister goes is based on the reporting is very obvious that the sisters the problem so that would be an example of what will probably be iran protection both sticky with it because i think it wouldn't be fair to revise my prediction and that you know just because even there are some new information but there was one i in a long time ago that as far as i know i am the only person in the world who made it so fact check me on this this is a prediction i made that i believe i believe literally the only person who ever made this protection
to do with the the texan emails between lucid age and peter struck in which they mention they quote ensure its policy and you know that everybody on the right side of the insurance policy clearly and unambiguously firstly the fact that we need to get rid of trouble with you are clever legal manipulations as an insurance policy in case you get selected right and i said i was i said it was nothing i said that once you're the context i you would not think that the meeting was we have to get rid of trump this way casey selected
so now she's testified and she said though what the insurance policy referred to is the following that they had this investigation in which there wasn't much in the way of evidence that there might be some suspicion of trumped campaign colluding with russia if we elected job and he had that connection to russia that be a big problem but then say they expressly believed it was very unlikely he would get elected they were kind of slow walking the investigation because they thought it would probably not matter you know it would just one battery just want to get it like that it doesn't matter wasn't case he got elected in which case you really do need to know if there is a russian connection but so much about removing them from office simply in the context of doing her job if you if you are selling
as a russia entanglement then you better make sure you have looked into the insurance policy was just lucky and that's it it was a russian entanglement someday do you believe her eyes less affair question so the first question is do you believe her version of it or do you believe that she well look was diagram out in order to believe i stay with me in order to believes that what she meant was we need to remove the president in sort of a coup if he s elected in order to believe the coup version of the insurance i'll see you would have to believe that lisa page thought it would be a good idea to have a discoverable digital record of her coup attempt
do you believe that do you believe that a lawyer involved in the fbi was whether the f b i guy her boyfriend do you believe that she would have written in eight discoverable digital taxed her intention to be part of a coup attempt to overthrow the government do you think that because you would have i believe that in order to accept your interpretation that she was talking about a coup and she just put it right there in a text message maybe yeah that that falls under the category of anything is possible right now compare that to the interpretation that she was justly government person doing your job because interpretation fits all of the evidence and it is perfectly within her job description is perfectly consistent with how you'd want an employee to act
would you want her to treat the investigation as our highest priority given that there was in her opinion ninety one percent chance it would never better she did exactly what you want your employer to do she she's i walked a little bit but make sure that they had they were looking into one enough it just in case there was something to worry about that i know that some of you are hearing this because his triggering went to talk to the distance if you just spent the last couple of years thinking there was a smoking gun and it was lisa page talking about the insurance policy you have to compare that interpretation yeah i think i'll put my coup attempt and they discuss bull digital form she's a lawyer working with the fbi
nobody has a lawyer working for the fbi puts a coup attempt in a discoverable electronic form nobody you it'll never happened i did say anything is possible but there's nothing less likely now what are the odds that she dinner job the way you should do a job which is she set of priorities she said what our priorities were then she told you how she was working toward your priorities what are the odds that happened most normal thing in the world so one interpretation is the most normal thing in the world will you prioritize your work and she said well others probably won't matter but as an insurance policy let's make sure were chip away at it most normal thing in the world verses most unusual thing in the world
then a lawyer working with the f b i would put her coup attempt at a discoverable text message seriously seriously i made sure anything is possible but that's pretty unlikely so i believe i am the only person who said that there would that there will emerge and ordinary explanation can anybody fact checking others from the very beginning did i not say and i am not the only person who said this find me one other person who ever said this i said that there would emerge and ordinary explanation for the insurance policy that there is now disbelieve it bother you but aren't you
arrogance let me talk do jack lou one who was saying with a question mark arrogance if you care handle this periscope in which i clearly started with an example where i was very wrong and that again example of which i'm right so i can balance it out and your comment is arrogance you need to step up your game there jack all right on this periscope you are allowed to say when you do good things and you are allowed to say when you do bad things yes that looks like arrogance do you need to check yourself maybe there's something about you there's begging you interpret it that way people
people can be right about things that people can be wrong if i only talked about the things i was right about well you may have a you'd have point there but you don't i think you're missing so big pieces of the story like the caves secret meeting well the sacred meeting wandered off the eastward secret but by far the most likely explanation or ordinary things stick with that so representative jerry devilish panel is drawing up articles of impeachment and are you not completely over this impeachment stuff i feel as if the democrats i just put it get around their own acts under twenty like we'll get him the more twists and look at him i just gotta twin sister
on my own neck feel more times than that trouble will be out of office the vessel is what it looks like he means leases arrogance obviously if the arrogance covered was about the lawyer you think you think they're issued the arrogance why and why a lawyer for the f b i would put treason and undiscoverable text message
think arrogance arrogance doesn't point should the situation i didn't block enough you grady president zalewski continued once again to deny he spoke with president trump quote from the position of a quid pro quo so he gave this interview to simply publications and he was asked about that and he said look i never talk to the president from the position of a quid pro quo zaleski and they said that's not my thing i don't want us to look like beggars without you and you ask yourself how did this comedian become president and then you see this sentence with a sentence that's not my thing i don't want us to look like beggars that's sentence
completely persuaded me because until then until here until i read this exact sentence i thought to myself yeah well you know maybe nobody said quid pro quo but he had to at least feel that way like he had the least feel like you know there was something on others certainly must have felt that way but that limited this perfect wording because that's not my thing when somebody says that's about my thing that's really persuasive i use a lot by people accused me of whatever people it gives me a horrible things and if you ve ever try this it works really well you say you know that's not that's not my thing do you feel how our persuasive that is because if somebody is really guilty and defend themselves they use like
your loyally arguments like well must not exactly what i said do you miss heard me in a well i don't think you'll hear the full context but when somebody is truly and clearly nowhere even in the same zip code as the accusation depend the accusation sometimes this is just really persuasive you just say you know that's not my thing this is nothing i would do now i don't have to defend otto after defended in this situation because i don't have defended in any situation that's in the category of things i don't do just now my thing is very effective think about it but then he goes on to say i don't want to look like beggars and i thought once again good command of language because when he says i dont want to look like beggars
do you feel how do you feel when you hear that will you feel is you believe it the is so persuasive i dont want to sell like beggars the reason you believe that is that you would believe that no matter who said it it wouldn't who said it that sort of this statement what does it look like beggars everybody believes that nobody wants to look like a beggar so that's not my thing i don't want to look like beggars this is the first time i've been convinced that it literally never crossed his mind that there was any kind of a quid pro quo hanging over it he said they have to understand were at war if you're our strategic partner talk about the united states then he can go blocking anything for us so you say it is not a quid pro quo as is
it's a simple question where a war your allies the stuff you said you'd give us i'm not negotiate that's that's the wrong context is it is not even a question of negotiating it's like you should just be giving us because as already agreed very good framing though he says i think that's just about fairness is not about a quid pro quo and he goes it just goes without saying although he said and the fairness of course is pursuing tournaments not there's nothing fair in the real world but in this context it works really well so interesting though i don't think that matters because the impeachment we'll go on no matter if there's a victim or not a victim was the victim knows his victim not that's gonna manner
pretty sure i had at least one other thing to talk well you see if i do but above all there that's about it so i think you can see a lot of a race grip nurse come after you in the coming months between now and the election the all disappear right after the election but the other violent video his finger by so binding biden joe biden there's a photo of him biting his waist finger now if you see it out of context we'll talk about the air and land clinton if you see that contracts that looks really bad if you say it in contact slowly looks a little bit bad but it's weird so his wife was speaking
adjust ring and she didn't know that he was he was standing to her side and when she was gesturing with her hand her hand was going to go in front of us and he was he was reacting in a funny way to the crowd by your life to avoid her head in a humorous way and then to sell the gag you were handled style very what better hand say is just being funny but if you say it out of context you to see him by the hand and the first thing you thinkers so works are services what's a race grafter array swifter is all the people who were coming after trump supporters say that if you support gives engages in stephen that you're a bad person so that through using race to get a result
so the race drifters than a really care about against engagements they really adult they care about using it as an issue so they're just drifters because little care about the issue they care about the power the other video of joe biden has to be seen to be believed and listen to the people it is the one about he talks about being a swimming pool and the funniest parties is heavy surrounded by african american children and he wanted to say you could tell you wanted to this and if you didn't catch this replay the video and watch it casualties you'll find out why you went off the rails he started to say they hairs on his legs because he said harry legs the hairs were and then he paused did you see that let me goes the hairs are it looks around this all african american gets rather
and he wanted to say white he wanted to say the hairs on my legs were white they looked around any rises but that's so now the wrong word if you standing in a group of african american children because there is on my leg which are blood do people have blood here a leg i guess they do but he has blood and from that way just off the rails it talks about people in the poor reaching and smoothing wrote his blood leg hairs just they could watch them come up again and i just watching this video and unjustly why why won't my saying so that video alone
that video alone is certainly enough to take him out of the race so if you think there is any chance of joe biden the election she s watch the video a lot of the other videos like that the compilation videos of his gas i really exaggerated way to look at something was not as bad as it probably looks but this video this is the real deal this is the guy was not quite up to the task i arrived and with this i have them and i will talk to you later
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