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Episode 747 Scott Adams: DNA News With Othram CEO David Mittelman, Impeachment

2019-12-05 | 🔗

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  • Joe Biden’s think-past-the-sale response to grudge question
  • DNAsolves.com a private database for law enforcement investigations
    • DNA identification of suspects and victims
    • The days of unsolved crimes are coming to an end
  • Biden political commercial saying other countries laughing at us
  • Kamala Harris as the VP choice for Joe Biden
  • Pamela Karlan’s presentation at impeachment hearing
  • How can there be top constitutional scholars on BOTH sides?
  • Can Representatives be impeached…for abuse of power?
    • Haven’t Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler, abused their power?
    • Aren’t they destabilizing the Republic for political gain?
  • Abuse of power to create laws that don’t exist
    • Nobody is above the constitution
  • Pete Buttigieg disqualifies himself from the Presidential race
  • What’s up with Judge Napolitano?
  • Speculation that FBI was NOT plotting against President Trump
  • Reputation and respect for China, at lowest level in my lifetime
    • How long can Chairman Xi remain in power?

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done bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bumper may everybody come on in here good to see you it's always good to see you today we have an amazing coffee scott items no i know it's hard to imagine there also amazing to imagine that today is extra amazing is almost unfathomable don't i know it but in order to enjoy this day thank you know what you need i think you do i think you need a mugger glasses drifters dying jealous tankard thermos last canteen grail goblet vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine you of the day the thing that makes everything better
does go oh yeah that's good stuff where let's see if all goes well i'm going to be inviting a russian gas who in a moment you do who in a moment will be revealing himself so that i can add into the i guess last year the bump bump on let me just check here the tie up the system could be a little bit better i also welcome things away from my special guest to make himself available here and then i will ask him to join so few things going on here
joe biden was asked what thought about kemal heiress for vice president maybe or what is zero what is joe biden think of her now that she quit joe biden they had some excellent things to say about cobler such use very talented could be vice president could be president could be attorney general everything should she's so talented and somebody s joe biden did he hold a grudge for things colonel harris said during the debates and gotta give credit where credit is due here i know you don't know you hate it when i do this clause is not good team play but joe biden they had one of the best responses you'll ever see their entire life
really good some gonna call this out as something you should borrow it so good issues using yourself so when asked by reporter went by possessed by reporter behold a grudge against calmly harris he looked at the rapporteur and he said i'm not gonna holding grudges the him that's good that was so good here's what it does make you think pass the sale the sale do you have a grudge or do you have a grudge had he done the most obvious answer which is now i don't have a grudge what would you think you are well he might be a lion maybe lion you may have a little grudge there ok recycle my guess is i'll join and i'll be adding him in a moment so
what joe biden did was by saying good holding a grudge here the comment about himself which is actually compatible with his reputation because he's known as well yeah you're the nicest people even if you don't like is politics or skill level or even has given his opponents say is really nice guy the answer was the nicest nice guy thing i've ever seen in my life i mean it was so simple i think it was spontaneous it didn't look like it was practiced but he said good at holding a grudge it makes you think all the way past yes or no is holding a grudge you think all the way pass that too what kind of a person joe biden is the person he is his answer was compatible with his entire reputation he's just at the first little begrudge it awesome
i really really like it so now as you know joe biden was not my choice for president but you gotta call out good technique when you see it i'll talk volume a little bit more in tibet let me see if i can bring my guest technology is working in one moment i'll be talking to david are you there there may be a little there's a little bit of echoed you have two devices listening to me now i like i when i talk i want now now is better right so david middlemen you are ceo of authorised and authorise does what reminders yes is there is basically a forensic laboratory and we try to human identifications roma crime scene on identified remains
ah monsieur le left even crimes you're somewhere else and help identified victims in the case of a crime scene browser perpetrators might occur tribute to the crime together a few everytime i watch loses use like there's a new news story that involves dna in one way or another so that's why i won't have you onto updated solitude thanks there was a exciting things which figures into something i wrote about in my book losers where i talked about the golden age and now the the days were crimes are unsolved might be ending for a variety of reasons this technology to solve crimes is becoming insanely good and if you don't see this coming year missing a big trend so can you tell us about dna solves dot com yes so there's been a there's been no almost thirty million people that have been tested with consumer tests some of those folks
no victims or families of victims some of those folks are unlawful or no law enforcement and they have read the same articles you ve read and come to the conclusion that they want to make a difference helping us all you know some of these cases are as you that have gone on sulphur decades users a government data days it's called a nameless dot gov and it catalogues unidentified remains is over thirteen thousand remains many those have dna and indeed remained unsolved and and dna testing can can help bring up bring a die there so dna solves dot com is a private database that we built a compliment sweated private i mean it's not it's not publicly accessible the way i'm just not to some of the other tools are built in
sign only for use in law enforcement which i think the risks of how other databases can be used it can only be used in a lot worse investigation can only be used according to give it a policy and it is generally used to identify dictum said work or players and violence so is the idea that anybody can donate their dna to this the debates dna souls and then once again there is anybody in there was a family commits a crime its away too narrow it down because you can say well i don't know if this person is but i know their family members are because we have the families dna is something like that sort of yap from from former genetic what have you
we're all were all related so you and i are related so it is not really relationships in the sense that we would society described but were all wrong you know forthwith six cousins of each other by some way or another as of now perspective of you may be this to be related the genetic sense to some one that was either murdered died no by no means but died was never identified wars perpetrator and a crime and so for those cars scenarios that with it with a fourth cousin or third cousin you can work large family trees and with people's information as a scaffold you can cut it might be forgotten these folks are so so worked on both sides you're finally not only perpetrators of crimes by the victims of crimes who had long
other identified for four days thousands emulous story this this is a torso torso found in nineteen thirty nine in idaho cave went decades on unidentified they found the arms in the nineties the arms and legs perhaps in the nineties and and an end its they were not able to identify the person and i don't even know the full story perhaps however disposed to that person purposely removed the limits that could be applied and of our laboratory kinda percent unanimous and we took material that was very degraded makin city nine were able to pool the decent amount of dna sequence and give us personal name pursuit of an unnamed an anonymous society semi nines
about the law enforcement will be announcing that pretty soon but i'm sure there's a real humanitarian diet being able to take folks had been lost time and reactor them society and then to your point i think also in being able to to curb violent crime not being able to solve it but i think just the ability to to deploy the technology the deterrent against future violence he ill it let me ask you this what percentage of violent crimes do not what what percentage of all violent crimes don't leave any kind of dna for at least us the perpetrator there's always the victims dna but what percentage of the of the perpetrators leave their dna atlas i a violent crime or even baby of property crime
is it a hundred percent at this point it is definitely not nanos deftly not a hundred percent i wish i could give you an exact number i don't know there's a number of things go wrong right you may you may execute the perfect crime and leave no dna evidence
especially if you're planning a crime right you may you may have left evidence but the evidence gets lost her degraded or not enough you may do anything so this certainly is not going to help a hundred percent of cases with our substantial cases particularly in my crime of passion we have abandoned the doubts were dna is looked at a scene in those those crimes scenes remain unsolved and of course if you either by malicious or unintentional means die on the side of the road or your body is less somewhere lobbies dna there so certainly really advanced saw ability to help identify victims and for a good number of crimes but certainly not all we have the ability to help kind of provide a little bit of admission to contrive investigation for and of course the other thing to notice a dna testing doesnt single handedly solve anything guinea testes one data point that goes law
but you know investigative work i wouldn't testimony all sorts of things and it helps drives things for its just there's a lot of peace that will still allow that could be reunited within accustomed well let this is a question for the audience and what are the odds that if epstein had been murdered in his cell is there any chance that wouldn't be dna there i mean even as the perpetrator war gloves you're still gonna be some dna either i'm here i don't know i don't know how how it happened but i'm but it would be a good chance that someone would be dna i mean it is crazy the different ways might be dna unintentionally love you if your home
being an item you know there's you didn't does even stories along a catholic drama series lotta different ways you can do that i mean in the future i guess if you wanna if you wanna take someone out you'll want to leave any dna ability to send someone else or maybe nita futuristic drone to go in and shoot somebody but if you're there amid your leading relieving united so i'm not let me ask you are you are you following the story and uttered even if this is true china is developing technology that they will be able to take dna and figure out what the personal probably look like so that they could do facial recognition just based on dna zat even the thing i guess what i did read the story i will tell you my assessment and then i obviously have
then the china i can't tell you play what i read but i will tell you based on our understanding based on scientific understanding of cranial official genetics drawing people's faces from dna is lot more science fiction than it is real so so i would tell you i'm remarkably sceptical that on that i can get a sequence and pretty face when i will tell you is that there are some parts of europe physical appearance right eye color hair color their party fiscal parents that can be very easily map dna and never too there are on their interposed numbers for years but if you know it s a story of an individual to some extent you can approximate whether face might look like and so some of the people that have tried to claim that they can predict faces from view neither the using that kind of approach but to actually dross monstrous dna is not possible as you could you couldn't catch you because could you take lightly ass your specific question could i say
what i know from somebody's dna if they had a broad or small knows that there are some markers that will that will be able to trust you know there's some markers and resources are done talking like distance between the eyes with it knows that there are plastic landmarks for which some of those how genetic so i think the most accurate to say it is there are some genetic features that can be described with genetic markers some inherited station if you just described genetic markers but you definitely can't do what i can to advertising and what i've heard others advertise over the years but never produce then he substantiated evidence that you can draw face from dna certainly would you know the air cotton everything all place so spanish suppose you ran you had some monstrously large computer and you just ran a whole bunch of different dna through it and then you ran the photos are the people we match their dna through it and you had millions of them down
i think that the millions of faces matched with the millions of sets of dna would probably start to be predictive overtime you're even or even if you didn't know exactly which genes were predicting what
wooden when you be able to computed out without even knowing exactly why so the biggest makes sense and i think that we certainly can know what will happen in the future but i'll tell you that there are two big challenges here the first challenge is that how people get the dna so to speak i'd want markers and looking out on looking at every marking the dna subset that's gonna described whether able to make correlations facial features the second one is really important is that correlating dna two things is very hard we know how to exact descriptions and mace is by nature not exact the fish changes over time as you get older right the face changes dependent anymore orientation the faces of treaty object projected onto a treaty plane so under saying it's nothing it's possible say it's incredibly high
i know as demonstrated that can be done and fundamentally i think it's not a two thousand and eighteen phenomenon but i do i do want to point out something that i think we will make the discussion mood because according to article in your times china is advertising that they have collected dna information for eighty million people right and so i told you a minute ago that we're all credible sidled network of genetic relatives right writers publicly
our chinese like one and a half billion plus i guess i wanted out and i'm doin ok so so with eighty million yogurt you're beginning to approach you know you're beginning to approach a substantial component right proportion of the population you know once you start getting even a few percent of people genetically tight population you don't leave tastes you just like that i find them and if it is literally identified interrelationships so i think that on the article i don't know where they got the information i don't think this can be drawn from the bigger issue is that china will dust in taking eighty million folks growing that number and dig up to identify anyone regardless you don't you the face as other relationships is it possible david is it technically possible their choice i could ever develop a chemical biological weapons there would effect people with certain dna that are less aid not chinese and
without affecting somebody was chinese just the type of radically that even possible i mean you can serve people are targeted drugs two things in your dna whether even target ethnic groups as we would think of ethnic groups i figure he's your draft basis for dna right now i david i'm gonna move onto politics is anything you want to the final thoughts
what i want i want to mention that like in a long with no recognition gps tracking other technologies that have come to bring good in the world is all a negative component to it as well and i'm right now with thirty million u s mostly u s folks tested with consumer task is asymmetric grist to the united states for other countries in having this data out there and like every other kind of these data technology it's out there and it will be developed whether we note right legislation against you out about it or ignore it and so i would encourage everyone what is the best way to bring value help victims and their families identify perpetrators but do it in a way that would lead us down the road that china is taken in some how did you know like an eighty four like big brother surveillance initially but you simply ignoring has consequences too there are consequences to acting and also not all right last question yes or no some day there will be a dating service that matches
people by dna yes or no the oie i would do that is if you told you who not today right so you two related dante ok i got answer thank you david middlemen at arthur m o d age are a m we appreciate your updates and we'll talk to you again david thank you like scott by right that's always fun to get that so futuristic do here to hear was going on there do that the success of other things biden or his campaign work maybe some somebody is running an anti trump ad focusing on the event at the nato conference in which just in trudeau and some others were seen potentially laughing behind his back the commercial
the commercial takes the seem that the other countries are laughing at our president behind his back there i gotta tell you it's a really good commercial so again to things that the biden campaign did exceptionally well completely surprisingly i must say so this is the first time i seen that biden or at least people associated with him whoever made the cap the commercial are willing to go where to go all the way into the mud does deserve commercial sort of off brand for biden whose lee bring the country together you don't let let's all hold hands and saying but a dire this is pretty pretty brutal brew commercial is very personal is against trump
it is well done from a effectiveness perspectives here it's not fair the type of add that that here the trouble folks do about biden new pudding misleading clubs together so it makes you think that the misleading clubs described the hall and i'd give changes serve the right back the trump a pretty good job execution was only talking about execution there was well executed so as you know i made the risky prediction that come lairs would be the democratic nominee but she dropped out of the race my worst worse prediction of all time but i double down yesterday and said what about if she becomes bindings vice presidential back in biden doesn't make it all the way to election day for one reason or another and apparently
that protection is a little more popular than my original production so i got some press today google does your articles about that so apparently the sought the cobbler could be a vice presidential picture biden is not that crazy that's so crazy so at least the part about being a vice president john pic is not some crazy let's talk about the impeachment stuff right i gotta say this again by java them totally who the one experts who i get you could say is on the side of republicans but he's not approach from guy per se he's just a republican did not vote for trouble it is our euros i found by far compelling but am i biased am i biased
is it is it just my bias thoroughly seem to have a rock solid story we don't even needs talk anybody else to anybody else that's all you need to know is a clear nothing to argue with it seemed pretty solid but is that just my bias because when i listen to who was the other experts carlin so they had three experts in the other side one of them was a woman named carlin and i dont know how to talk about the story without saying the obvious but unfortunately if you say the obvious you like it access to settling something sergeant yeah and so i'm gonna word very carefully
no opinions about carlin doctor professor gal no opinions about because i don't know her personally so i but just speak about how her presentation was received i can't know what's in her head i can't no i can't anything about her so i'm not pretending i do all we know is her presentation some judging only from how it looked look like a crazy cat lady who is just bitching about the world she did not look at again and make a distinction between what i know to be true you can't know anything about her personally with what it looked like so just save the presentation across and was received by me as actually mentally unstable and i don't mean that you know
it's hard to talk about this topic without sounding like a partisan without sounding like you just saying for effect i'm not saying this just for a fact that actual reaction to it was over this looks a lot more like a mental health problem literally i gather that i'm not trying to make a joke and i'm not saying that any that is true does you can't die those subsidies mental state by watching one one presentation but she came across as the least likeable person i've seen in a decade which is at a lot i mean i would not want her in my home with you if you invited somebody's your house this re gonna break your friend and you find out later that the friend is this profound berlin and
she comes over to your house would ever have read your house again again i don't know i personally she may be perfectly nice yo in her actual real life that we don't have access to but based on the presentation she was the most unpleasant crazy looking person you get ever say so i don't think that worked the way the democrats hoped it would work then of course well i'm not having to say that there is a topic i will talk about i'm just not going to do two explosive so if you're not watching ellen dershowitz is twitter feed about this impeachment you're missing a really good show between that yesterday dershowitz was sorted live tweeting i guess you call it while the impeachment stuff was going on
and he was fact checking the experts in real time now people get on me when i say i don't trust the experts in in one field or another look at this situation look at all the look in the constitutional experts jabbering about impeachment am i right or am i wrong but there are highly qualified experts on opposite sides what the hell does that mean what does it mean when you have the best constitutional scholars in the world and i can't even agree what's unimpeachable and whether or not this is one that's a pretty big deal it should give you some pause about what it means to be an expert but again i might be biased but when i look at a thoroughly is
explanation and when i look at dershowitz his explanation who by the way agrees with turley who by the way agrees with me so prior to seeing turkey's explanation i think i'm the only person who had been saying the only thing that matters is if trump headache a national interest in finding out more about policemen enlightened if that's true or if you can't prove its untrue that's the end of the story all the other stuff doesn't matter all the other things don't matter all the matters that one question the present have a reasonable reasonable reason to look into it for the national interest in addition to his his political interest because we don't care if it's also good for him politically his lungs is good for the country system allows that encourages and
so thoroughly is the only one who focused on that besides me so guess i'm i guess i'm a constitutional scholar now you're welcome now since i am apparently as qualified as the greatest constitutional dollars in the world based on the fact that i agree with them see what i do there i'm going to extend my ex constitutional law opinion are you ready here comes the early there's some disagreement about whether the constitution accuses whether the constitution says that abuse of of office or abuse of power which are similar did the president abuses office or abuse the power of his office they're all the same and alan dershowitz says show me in the constitution whereas says abuse of power or abuse of office is impenetrable care
your point to that in the answer is not there it's not there and indeed as the standard were applied lots of past presidents would have been impeached but here the fund park did you know the senators can be impeached well i do a google search surgeon some random stranger reference that part of the law says that they can be so i'm gonna say that that's true by the way the fact check me on that subject on the question kids measures be impeached i believe the answer is yes ass he was president now if senators can be impeached if the standard were using is abuse of power meaning abusing the power of their office how in the world do you not
lucy schiff nobbler meddler up for impeachment because there are one or two possibilities one said the president innocent of all unimpeachable offences if the president is found was a innocent was well innocent is wrong word listen the senate votes i'm party lines to reject lee the impeachment would we not be able to conclude that policy shift and adler had abuse their power by bringing such a weak case all the way to a set of vote i you can make their case taking such a weak case that they know was weak is an abuse of power because they would be doing it just for wait for it political reasons now
there were three years before the next election you'd say well that's just for political reasons must be something here about when you're this close to an election it is impossible to imagine that has any purpose other than political their argument is we have to remove him immediately because he might make another form her like that ukrainian thing are you kidding me are you kidding me that's your risk you want to bring down elected president who is doing a great job and general great job over that that's purely an abuse of power so member situation number one is the senate rejects the impeachment one party lines that should be enough to prove the policy mother and child abuse their power
for taking such a weak case right before an election through the process but what about the other possibility what is this looks at the argument and says oh i think we're going to accept the standard let us accept a standard that about this power is unimpeachable offence what then if you accept the standard you can still impeach meddler jeff and and closely because they would have met their standard so i'm quite serious about this i think pelosi chef another should be brought up impeachment charges and i dont know why we won can you think of any recently wooden i think maybe i m in it in a chess sense maybe there's some reason not to but i dont mean this politically
i'm not saying this politically enters and actual danger to the country that shift policy and never have created there are actually destabilizing the republic for as far as i can tell purely political reasons it looks like an abuse of power and the worst one we ve ever seen perhaps would you agree that this is the worst abuse of power we ve ever seen i think i wonder would rival this now maybe somebody who's the historian can give some examples of worse abuse of power but a short of actual creating new short of actually breaking the law which a different standard i dont know we ve seen a worse abuse of power there are actually trying to overthrow the legally elected president your crap that's the worst abuse of power i've ever seen so i think three have to be brought
upon impeachment charges and i'm not kidding even a little bit i'm not kidding even a little bit that's that's important i think they're trying to destroy the country they're doing a right in front of us is pretty obvious that is an abuse of power i don't know how you could you could you could possibly see this any other way let's talk about so closely and democrats keep using the phrase no one is above the law i think that should be examined the standard than and peaches them because they're using their abusing their power to essentially create laws that don't exist the policy is trying to be above the constitution says serve close he says no one is above the law here's the right response yes yes he blowsy no one is above the law
but also no one is above the constitution and the institution says you should be impeached not even for breaking the law because the lies here prostitution is here one what blowsy doing is she's she's twisting the constitution in the way it was not intended in the framers were pretty clear about what they thought about should what they thought it should be impossible the why shouldn't and there's nothing that trumps done that besides standard so seems to me that no one is of the law is the low level bumper sticker but the higher level is no one's above the constitution as a you can't make up stuff and put it the constitution i get to the bank somebody in the next twenty four hours on a major news network is going to say
no one is above the constitution failed as soon as you heard that the new said yourself oh there is pretty good because there's not much you can say when somebody says nobody is above the law because he whatever your responses to be down in the weeds instead say nobody's above the constitution and you're just adding stuff to the constitution and the rig up apparently the president was overheard confirming that when he called just intruder two faced it was joking reference to the black face history that dirt you do as so how much do you love it president trump intentionally call them two faced because all talk about two days black face i love it good move
people to judge took him and of contention for present today now you didn't quit the race in the usual way but rather he did something said something disqualifying sir if you ve been watching this periscope a while you know that i've been saying the buddha judge the system on candidate and i had to say here that i like the lot of value so i want to reiterate other things i liked abandoned buddies summary he's smart he's closer to the middle i'd love to have an energy be to you president eventually just because if he gets healthy for the country doesn't have to be him doesn't have to be now but as a general concept let's get results and algae bt q present sooner or later was yeah let's was at least be open to it
hope it happens doesn't have to be this year doesn't have to be that year just the airbus just let's get that done in the same way that it was good for the country to have a black president just so wicked check their box get past it be able to save for the rest of eternity you could be presidency or black it's a really big deal we shouldn't big people based on their ethnicity the president is different president sends judges by just being who they are so that case you do want to check all the boxes eventually you want a woman to be president you want you want to get beyond one of everything eventually they said the buddha judge said the following i think it was yesterday or recently anyone who supported this president meaning trump is the best looking the other way on racism comma at best
and he's done you can't run for president calling after the country yes either racist or racist supporters you can't be president that way our current president i believe has never made that mistake am i right correct me if i'm wrong but acerbic and insulting and aggressive and bullying as our president can be can you think of any time branded half the country let's say the half that involves room is there any time be branded them assholes effectiveness is there any time didn't trump the most insulting bullying person who has ever lived even one time
has he ever branded the people who didn't vote for him as assholes because but a judge just did that you bet buddha judge just said raillery dissenters again tell me if you think of over interpreting it but it had said anyone who supported this president is the best looking the other way on racism at best he's got you assholes there is no other way to look at that now he is now saying that you that the people who supported the president are necessarily themselves racist because he's is is allowing the could be there's something wrong with you maybe not your racist but if you are supporting a racist you're an asshole people to judge now can't be president it can happen
his his campaign ended today now i actually feel pretty bad about that i have to admit does i liked him yet a lot he had a lot of maybe maybe in the future he well but you can't say that let me tell you what you can say and still be president they let you grab and by the way you can be caught on tape saying that when you're famous and rich and your celebrity women will lay you lay you being the important sentence like you grab him by you're parts apparently you can say that and still the present people just put it in contacts like you
we know where we're getting there's no surprise ere he did say they let you so that technically snapped assault because they let you yeah i know everybody a debate that but you can say that i still be president what you can't say the people who supported this present half of the country or assholes than that basically what he said i didn't use that word but it's pretty clear so he says but you like the volatile why didn't like her to be my president i expected she would do better and i have confessed continually that's what i didn't see coming is a cobbler would run the worst campaign in the history of all presidential campaigns now be honest did any of you see that coming
is there even one person here tell me honestly that you knew in advance her campaign would be not just unsuccessful there are a lot of people knew but did you know that she would run the worst campaign of all campaigns are not of all time nobody knew that right now tough to predict so am i i don't take i won't make an excuse for being wrong if i'm wrong because i don't think she has a past to become the nominee you she gets the vice presidential pick the candidate and then joe biden slides way you weren't you wanna hear another reason that i think a cobbler could be added the ticket by election day i predicted shoe it wooden that when the nomination but why this who supports cobblers
well she has the second most endorsements by important democrats of anybody she also had a lot of hillary clinton supporters who supported her who else does that describe the person who has the most the only person who had more endorsements from established democrats was joe biden and so if you were to combine joe biden with the support of the most support from democrats with the person who had the second most in horsemen from democrats you have re combined sort of hillary clinton in in virtual form the only thing wrong with the picture of biden plus here as a team the only thing wrong with it is vital suppose you were a hillary clinton type supporter but you you're looking for a different candidate
wouldn't you dream situation be that biden who may not be able to let's say beer capable as when he was young guess the nomination has harrison the ticket and before the election they switch or biden drops out an end harris's was left think they might like that they may like that what is up with the judge napoletano are you watching the judge and the volatile commentary on fox is it just me is there something wrong there get away for your tablets to catch up as was loaded delay but it's one thing to have
pundits on your news programme that you know which whether gonna go but what is wrong with judge and a politician is there something wrong there does he must hate the first and when i see his comments it only looks like that here he comes the cross as the least credible lawyer type person on tv who isn't it was the other guy who is who's the guy at harvard who is always marking the present mothers those few other lawyers were completely non credible but nepal autonoe a sort of is is created this little niece where he just looks like no i don't i don't want to assume an emotive on his part but there's something go around there that's
not right that's all say apparently the horowitz report and we don't know for sure butter the rumours and i think maybe bar turning general bars it's all about this it's spected to say that the fbi had it i did have a legal predicate for its investigation of the trunk campaign even though some lower level f b i people's maybe maybe nothing's wrong now let me ask you who are the two people in the world who had the following protection the following production which is that what way back at the beginning of the russia collusion in scam
how many people had the following opinion that president trump did not collude with russia and endlessly and this important part because a lot of you believed he did not collude with russia so that's a big population by i believe that and at the same time believe that the fbi was not part of a deep state plot to take down the president i only know of two people i only know of two people who had the opinion the president did nothing wrong and although there were some wrong activities individually at the fbi but there was not an identifiable plot and organise plot to take and the president who had that opinion to people in the world me me in jonathan turley
as far as i know only too the people who suggested that that was a good possibility turley wrote about eight months ago and i wrote about him he's actually in my book i wrote about charlie's opinion and it was in the context of imagination trying to imagine possibilities and one of the possibilities that i imagined and turn we also imagined and also that we imagined at more than we predicted it is that maybe everybody was just doing what they thought was right tromp was just doing his job and had nothing to do with russia and maybe the f b i was just doing there job and some of them did wrong so it's starting to shape up like thirdly is description of what was possible and mine might be the right ones
so i don't know who else had those opinions but i suppose if it turns out to be true a lot of people are going to say they are those opinions what else is going on raising else you want to talk about that lawyer says don't bruise you back patting it laura that's what i do here i make predictions and then when the wrong i take it like a man and when the right i put myself in the back so that you can understand which ones were right but you also see which ones are wrong so i'm going to be fully transparent there now some of you are saying that brennan set up i see the in the comments so some of you suspect that there is still something there now horwitz didn't get it look outside of the fbi right i think
we're horowitz his domain was just the f b i so when he says the f b i wasn't part of a plot that might be true it does not mean that the cia was also not part of a block so i that the durham investigation which can go broader than just the fbi department of justice i think that investigation will get more interesting is that it gets into the cia etc all right look here comments we we i was just incompetent somebody says apparently really that's what it's gonna come out you also hilary went on howard stern and howard stern asked hilary if she had ever been a lesbian nor had a relationship with a woman s hilary said no no no i have not
if that's what you wanted me to comment on i don't care who i don't care who slept with him i mean would you like hilary less if she'd had a special relationship with a woman some time in her life do you care does anybody care would you would you like or less because that if you people if you'd like women less because they may have once had a sexual relationship with another woman i get bad news for you you're not gonna like many women maybe it's a california thing but in california and adult woman as a very high likelihood of had of having had at least one relationship with another woman very i as what does it mean nothing it has no value talk about baron ok i'll talk about baron so millennia
was a punch back or punched here too it should at the professor carlin by miss anger name right because the professor when she was s fine tried to make a joke where she was taking she's make he upon about the president being a dictator or a king and could he have a baron but deal you can only have a child name baron get appoint a barren so so she brought a minor child into the conversation as i just did so i guess i'm just as guilty and malaria she said she i grounder until she apologized so maloney said i'll bring minor children into these things she's right
you certainly don't bring minor children now just did the same thing so similarly i apologize i would like to apologise to millennia we're doing exactly what she said you shouldn't do witches stop talking about politics and bring a thirteen year old into it lets me let's maybe just act like nothing it's happening ceaselessly thou behind millennia you are perfectly correct and i apologise reed and bring it up so he says it is not about hilary whether she's lesbian now her hiding it now it isn't nowadays if there's one thing you should let people lie about it private sexual life he has not always a good idea died you
private sexual life deny the gay experience shows it was better to come out of the closet and live live above ground so to speak but i'm not going to say that any individual needs to tell me about their private life and his i give i give all of you i give all of you blake its permission from i perspective just be personally to why tell me about your private sexual life so if it ever comes up and i ever say hey have you ever had ex with an animal let's say you have i if your permission to say no i have that i've never gotten with an animal so that's what i prefer i'm not i'm not comparing animals with anybody else right so dont
don't try to inflate the underlying that whatever you're into i don't care and if you lie to me about it you're ok with me you did it recalling a story i don't know that was about you weren't being militias nobody i would agree that even i should not have brought up the topic because it's an appropriate all right what else we gotta go around here yes server who cares there right is she being authentic
well has anybody ever accused hillary clinton of being lethargic i don't know the desert plus reminds you know we'll do like authentic people but i wouldn't require it so this is my personal opinion is true the voters are gonna prefer authentic people that parts good just speaking for myself i dont require it serve if if all authentic you is is kind of a jerk and you're willing to pretend to not be a jerk in the service of being a politician i'm ok with that i don't need you to be authentic i just need you to do the work and if you do the work well these values you out of here china is about to collapse well
makes you wonder how long president she can hold on to power because while it is true that it is a dictatorship it is also true that the dictator probably needs the support of at least the upper echelon now you may have so much control over them in various ways that there's nothing they can do that's possible yeah it's our trust in over here but there's please least the possibility that the leaders of china as the power and ability and maybe even the will sometimes too the presidency should he do and unusually bad job for any reason now as the economy continues to suffer and this presidency become the face of the weaker the weaker holocaust as she becomes the face of the
flung fallen down folks were being murdered dramatically for body parts they then sell too people who buy them sometimes from other countries they come to china for the operation china the kills a saloon gum takes out their parts and cells into that's actually happening at least it reportedly and reporting seems to be pretty solid as far as i can tell of course cracking down on com you know there's gonna be lots of jailing and torture who killed whatever they give for control of that and i'm even leaving out stealing i'll be leaving out sending us sentinel etc so president she has taken china's reputation to its lowest point would you knows would you not agree
the present she has brought china's reputation and was re word respect to the lowest level in my lifetime i thank and does the leadership of china looking at how he is essentially destroyed their credibility here destroy their credibility you can't get a trade deal done with the united states because he's apparently not competent so how long does leadership of china the guy who is a dictator stay in charge while he is systematically destroying everything good about china i know maybe forever because if she's if he's got full control nothing matters but i
that is the sort of thing that could change quickly talk about she german she yet if you look at china polluting the world and literally according to the democrats china is actually destroying the planet with pollution india has some explaining to do as well but china being the bait the bigger one china is actually destroying the planet according to most of the people were democrats so if you put all of those things together and the they're not even willing to sign a trade deal are you kidding me they're not even willing to save the sign a trade deal because they are not willing to offer anything that even broaches a fair deal well he was appointed not voted in that is correct
but you still need the support of the top the communist party to stay in power somebody says revolution in china is that possible remote because i think the party would remove she before raising like that happened you know at the same time that there that population order to actually go to the streets in revolt would be about the same time that the the party leadership would say well maybe at the wrong guy your respect changed yes he's holding a press covered saying that impeachment is about russia somebody says so go back to russia for their impeachment stuff this is done in denying its politics she's gotta be impeached she has to be encouraged
no blue bird this is less than my bloomberg said that china is not a dictatorship he didn't say they were democracy somebody in the somebody in the comments were saying that use other democracy you didn't say that he southerner dictatorship fats i ain't a technically sworder right but it's not a democracy it see communist party gets to decide who is the leader is not exactly the dictatorship exactly acting exactly like one so we're going back to collusion nowhere obstructing justice let me tell you if you can create a situation in which your pursuing a witch hunt against the present basis nothing and then in the end you decide to impeach him
because he resisted the witch hunt the only person who knew there was nothing there for sure who is the present any resisted us charges what that guy in jail doing it's the guy who resisted the witch hunt even if resisting the witch hunt meant maybe obstructed justice in europe in it even if he obstructed it given that he knew it was a witch hunt with him you and i didn't know for sure until until the mulder report but now we all know the president new from day one because he knew what he did not know what they didn't do so your email if if you can get impeach for that well i think a babbling now i'm gonna go listen to blowsy and policy shift and never just have to be impeached before me the power drug dealer
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