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Episode 748 Scott Adams: Abuse of Power Everywhere, TDS Pandemic, Angry Biden, Employment

2019-12-06 | 🔗

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  • Boris Johnson and “people of”
  • Pete Buttigieg’s belief about half of America 
  • Is abuse of power impeachable for Presidents…and Congress?
  • Everything MEASURABLE is trending POSITIVE
    • When will Democrats notice that?
  • 20% of left-leaning bosses say…
    • …they would NOT hire Trump supporter?
  • Black Americans and Republicans are natural allies
  • Joe Biden confrontation with Iowa Elizabeth Warren supporter
    • CNN notes Joe’s “unvarnished masculinity”
    • Joe Biden didn’t call the Iowa guy “fat”, he said “fact”
  • My Joe Biden pushup contest challenge

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Bump bump bump bump unbearable Then come of age, old gardener, Tyler could desire component, take a seat, it's time for a coffee was got out and the best part of your day. The part that makes well everything that much better Jerry, Garcia First Super hard from Herbert appreciate it well you're, probably prepared, because I know you you that kind of people here, and people who are prepared before you even click the button to watch this periscope and you probably have with you in your possession already a copper among your glasses lifter Stein, cellist, anchored, thermos, flask anti in Braille goblet vessels, any kind fill it with your favorite liquid
I'm partial, to coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine dope of the day, the thing that makes everything better simultaneous, oh yeah, if you, if you can pick up the subtle hints of coffee and simultaneity The sort of mingled dinner in a magical way really. Speaking about it. All the news is full of wonders and curiosities. My everyone. One is that Britain's channel for apologized Friday for mistakenly reporting that Prime Minister boys just I'm said he wants to control the number of quote people of color coming to the UK. So, according to
Britain's shadow for they actually are. Port it as actual news the Boers Johnson had said in public and allowed that he wanted. You quote control the number of people of color coming to the UK. Except He didn't say that what he said was people of talent. There's one of these Yarly Laurel things. Where, apparently, people are listening to the same, the same audio that I am because I watch the video with him. Making the statement and I'll tell you, It couldn't be any more clear to my ears, but I'm realizing, there's a subjective nature to this. But here's what I hear I hear him say as clearly,
is I'm going to say it now. I am in favour of people of talent And people hearing talent or hearing it as taller The reason, of course, is a he says people of before the word in question and when you say people of people fill it in with their whither amount donation, people don't wait for the end of sentences. There is a thing: but you should know it's a element of our psychology. People pay attention to the first part of the sentence more than the second part the reason they don't always listen to the second part of the sentence. It is that the first part of the sentence often tells you how the second parts gonna go, see. Listen to the first part. You assume, you know the second part, and you start thinking about other things. So basically a shilling
in the sentence in a different way, those actually deliver now before did apologise, because when they play the back and somebody told them what it should have said,. That problem. That was probably enough for them to hear the correct way, but is one of those those moments where you can see the Two movies I won screen completely clearly Then there is no ambiguity whatsoever about what is coming out of his mouth, but you can see exactly the mechanism that triggered people into being fooled these at a completely different thing. It was first part of the sentence. So when you can see the mechanism that trigger them legislation is a little bit more fun when you The laurel and Danny you can see the trigger is just some people
here, a differently than others. But in this case you can see the trigger this right. There's the first part of the sentence, people love, so that was interesting. So am I of course, tweeted yesterday that people judge can never be our president, because he crossed the line that you just can't cross. If Europe, for president, and he said that he said quote. Anyone who supported this president is at best looking the other way on racism at best, so is basically classifying over sixty million people as well. Exist or racist, adjacent or racist. Let's say softer racism, that's that's disqualifying you. You can't
you care insult and entire class of voters? Now people have been pointing out to me since I said that way to address got the irony is rich. The irony. May I bring in detail to complete the sentence: the irony of Red Scott, the ironing irony all over, although with place earlier, in the sky, theirs I only everywhere, because President Trump does exactly the same thing. Does it has President Trump ever said that the entire class, Ass of people who vote Democrat are defective in character.
Does he ever so they like that? No no he's gone after all of his critics. Probably everything one he's gone, hearted them he's gonna, hearted ideas like socialism is One horror that illegal immigrants he's gone hard as other countries, China, Russia, etc. So he's gone, all of his critics the closest he's gotten there. He said that the end, I think I have the exact could somewhere, but you use court where he said that the anti trappers were human scum. He was talking about Republicans specified, so tromp was talking his own party, when Trump said, who use the human scum label, he was I they talk about his own party, the people were, the critics of the president
in his own parties. We're gonna use talking about specifically critics who are doing a specific thing, and so the part, I think was, I think, use he was taken now harder on his own team that he has ever taken without the other team? I dont believe he's ever said. There's something wrong with Democrats. My right now fact check me on that has, as president ever said, the Democrats in general have some kind of a character defect is that he did go after never Trumpery who are report. Again? Let me you specified Republican because there's something different about the group that is a group is acting in a certain aggressive way towards and he acted aggressively back.
An interesting well, that's enough on it, so I probably the tweets, though I might end up getting more retreats and likes them do you think I have ever done it's too early to tell them is heading in that direction. Is the wonder I said if abuse of power as a standard for impeachment, I think we can agree that once it fails in the Senate, for being purely political which it would be if its. If only one party votes for it, you could you could conclude its purely political. That is sufficient cause for impeaching plus easier for network for abuse of power. Now somebody tried two or more successfully fact check me, my use of the word impeach for senators, and I'm so little confused about that. I think has more to do with the word you using that there is,
process, by which you can remove a senator just as there is a process called impeachment for removing the president, but I dont know what that's Calder, how different it is, but basically there's there's an impeachment like thing for senators now: don't you think that this outcome? lately fair statement? If you see these three characters, Pelosi chef another pushing through patient when they know they're, not gonna, get on the other side, and when they are on record. I think both in Adler and policy are on record in the past. In the case of closing, not the distant past say that is bipartisan. You shouldn't be done so if he does something that she says shouldn't be done and cares. Said what is other than political.
It is the other than abusing her power I don't know how you could possibly see that Like you see, any other spending can put on that then abusing their power. Now if they had gone this far done the entire hearings in everything and then said gosh, we don't want to put the country through this there's not enough there are. We now have enough votes from the Republicans we, I wish there were. We think the president's terrible, but with all have we don't have enough to go forward with Ambition that I was. I was just politics just politics but once you go through with the impeachment vote, I think that's. Especially when you're year away from the election, and the thing that the president is accused of is pretty minor on the scale of things that you could do if you were being really bad? So I'm completely serious about this.
Is there no process that can be started to remove those three politicians? It seems entirely fair if Abuse of power is standard is not a standard. Then. I think that in that case, so here. The two cases of abuse of power is the standard that I thank you and use it against pollution for never easily. If it's not a standard. Then you should also impeach or whatever. The word is policy chef in that letter, because a using something that is unable to stand in the political way using the power of their office to damage the present slowly, two possibilities: the standard is a real one, in which case they would have to be removed from office. Says well same reason or is not a real one, in which case the President guess this day and the people
brought not a real reason for purely political purposes and abuse their power. Probably they need to be at least voted now. Let's talk about the bite in a situation where you ve also video by now he confronted a Warren voter in Iowa got heated and he said some things and I wondered how CNN would cover it. Now. Imagine if you will I hate doing this, but in this case is just irresistible imagine if you will the Trump had done the one who said exactly what mindset said in exactly the same situation. How would CNN cover it. I am going to read you some of the sentences from any CNN Opinion- peace
under website today, and I want you to see if you think that's how they would have described Trump if he went off on this vote, the same way the bided. They said that of Biden. They say he answered the man's Buber yeah. He this talk about Biden unseen in the website. You says he answered the males attack of his age and his mental guilty by showing the streak of unvarnished masculinity theirs. London part of burdens, public persona. Do you think if trumpet done this, they would make a call out to his unvarnished masculinity. And the article goes on to call it a mano motto: money away, mano moment there was.
Above all by the then it went on to say is reminiscent of the time he accused somebody of. Having a lower iq them is. The later in same article said I also had the red blooded ring about violence challenge to trumpet when he says that Bob. Why did he take him beyond the german people enter them? Do you think that if Trump had suddenly those things that- and it is worth calling out that I believe the writer a woman. I forgot to write another name OSHA, but do you think that a woman would use these words to describe Trump in the same situation that it Then it was a case of unvarnished masculinity. It was a mud I know my motto: how do you say
motto, a motto a moment and then it had a red blooded ring of burdens, challenged Trump blah blah anyway. So that's funny also funny is that at the same time that we're having these votes on impeachment Rasmussen is coming out with some poor results. The show, among other things, that twenty six percent of national democratic likely voters approve of the job that tramples doing now. If twenty six percent of the Democrats approve of what Europe is doing and something Ninety five percent of Republicans do is really the time you want to impeach their president, probably not the best time,
Let me ask you: a question I don't know why this came up. I thought it was because I was thinking appalling, but how many times have you heard and less for years from people like Dale Scott Scott? Can you explain to me trying to explain this to be Scott good luck with this, but try to explain to egg whether so many raises who support president Trump GO go up was what you ve Leyla missile. Explain that explained they have, to which I say: how do you explain all the african american voters who support president Trump And which group is more just asking, I don't know the answer that but making assumption of the answer. I haven't seen members, but don't you
that there are more black supporters of President Trump. Then there are raises supporters of President Trump, to which I say detail have explained that they'll hastily. So it's just one of those interesting statistics to keep it in your keep it in your pocket. When you visit your relatives for the holidays when it is a relatively start giving your time and they they like to ask that question say all explain all the black people support the present. Explain that didn't we just have some poor numbers, the shutters, a pretty high, fair, higher there,
We expected favorability ratio among black Americans. Explain that what are they say so there's just one statistic: Sue Professor Turley did his. Gave its opinion at the testimonies apparently use inundated with threatening messages and bans that you be fired before even got done, testifying so is lawyer was being who was was being attacked. Oh, my god he's a Democrat and by the way I think was yesterday the day before I said that Turley was a Republican who didn't offer trump, but I was wrong is actually a Democrat which he clarified. Speaking of Turley getting in trouble for
simply having an opinion. There was a survey. Report? And I didn't see you ran it, but whose eyes I heard it Fox news and apparently says this survey said that one in five left leaning bosses want higher trumps supporters, which would be easy to determine. Who is a trump supporter if, as you just check their social media,. One in five left, leaning bosses, wall, higher trumps supporters. Why would be the percentage of bosses just bosses in general, who would not higher and african american slot. Alas, what the number is, but I dont think, is one in five
do you know racism? Israel will exists. I get that. But do you think that you have is as much as one in five bosses wouldn't hire a qualified black applicant. Do you think that's do you think that numbers? I guess I don't think so. I don't think so. You're, not a northern areas, but I feel like it's way lower than that, but one in five left, leaning bosses won't hire a trump supporter, and you know what I think I think you know is much higher than that. I think one in five were willing to say it. Don't you think that's a real numbers liar. So we have this weird situation where Trump supporters, at least in terms of employment, more just screaming
aided against then black Americans I'll just let that so little little bit now. I can't prove that is based on an assumption that if you did a pool of bosses, though you could never find as much as one in five bosses whose would say they would not hire a qualified, qualified being that in all cases were talking about qualified people. Do you think you could find one in five bosses who wouldn't hire a qualified black applicant? I don't think so. I don't they not even close. I literally, I don't think I've even met or heard of, or talk to any boss who would have them. I don't think I've ever even encountered it in my entire life, because there,
they started on the same point, which is why you qualify but of course, the sort of what was his ass three qualified? but what was would not want to hear I get a little a little bit more trouble. What was less, they want. White boss would not want gyre more black employees also qualified same qualifications, who wouldn't want that most wipe employers want to get their diversity numbers up, because it looks good so I don't think you get anywhere near the amount of employment discrimination that this pool suggests. There is for Trump supporters, as you could, even being black in America. Now I'm not gonna say I know this will all be taken out of context will be an article somebody writes about this, in which lay per praise part of what I said, but not all that will make it look like.
I'm a big firms or which are which exposes the problem here, problem that people think mega people are all bigots, but has enough on that? That's enough of it but let me just put that out there they are, The survey is true. Then it is harder to get a job as a trump supporter than it is to get a job as a black personal America I may then I think that is a fact, but I don't think it's even close. I think I think that in the weirdest way possible- and I've been saying this for a while- well I'm gonna double down I don't plan these periscopes too much. So even I don't know where things are gonna go by Europe.
Here's where I'm gonna go in. There have been saying for a long time that Republicans and black Americans are natural allies. Republicans and black Americans are natural allies. Why, while number one the well here is the main thing that the main thing that I think identifies, serve additives and Republicans if I can use them interchangeably just for this purpose. The main thing that I think identifies them is that they like a well defined ingredients. Of rules and the rules are for Republicans in Qatar The rules are the constitution, which says everybody should be treated it. The law which says everybody should be treated equally and in many cases, the Bible
which, as its popularly interpreted says, everybody should be treated equally. So conservatives and Republicans have by philosophy. Our rule followers list is loans were all following the same rules. This is good, as we can get. You can't get equal oil comes, you can wanted, but you can get it, but you can get a similar set of rules that everybody thinks is fair. So here's my belief. I believe that the black. Population in this country are natural allies of Republicans, because Republican say here's the question the river.
Lagoons asked: are you a legal American, yes or no? If your answer is yes here on the team, that's what the team looks like if you republic, in the team is people who respect the constitution. If you love the Bible, that's a little bonus, both unnecessary and follow the rules. If you're black American and you respect the constitution, obey the laws and optionally just nice, but not required. You. You buy into the Bible or any religion that kind of compatible republicans are gonna. Like you, they're gonna hire you they're going to here's the part that I wish black Americans understood if you want a leg up, if you want
If you want to be men toward, if you want a favor, you want a job. You want somebody to give you a little extra help. A little little advantage in the world. Ask a Republican goes Republicans. Do that just automatically, What what does it take to get a republic into like you enough to hire you, mentor you help you give you a little boost, give you give you some business recommending. What's a take respect the constitution. Follow the laws and optionally some Ghana, religious belief is nice, but not necessary. You do those things republicans love you like, you cannot imagine being loved, you dont do those things and then you got a problem. So is very simple.
Now and then weirdly, because Trump Trump supporters have become the new maligned Rube weirdly we're having an experience. I say way because I'm amended group of another report again, but I'm in the group of people were malign for saying good things, We feel a continuous social discrimination now is comparable to the black sea. Cohesion is not comparable in any way to coming antislavery having the legacy in institutional bias and all that, but at least in the sense that you can understand other Paypal. There's this weird coming together of much maligned groups,
yeah. I think give if the black vote for a trump, he had some kind of a record territory, and I think it might think trumps. Gonna get more black voters in this next election than any Republican. There's ever has that's my guess, and if that happens, I think candles Owens deserves some kind of a Nobel Peace Prize or something pure colonies in Chinese, certainly a force that has something to do with this is well. Let's talk about the jobs reports we saw. The job gains were
Great unemployment, three point: five percent rate and a three point: one percent growth in average, hourly wages, that's the really good one, the other ones. The other ones are white, get you the higher wages. She can't get higher wages until unemployment has gotten so small that the people are competing for employees, so it makes sense, that eventually, you will get the unemployment down to a level where wages go up and then they did so wages, went up three point, one percent, but I haven't seen a updated inflation number, but I dont think installations anywhere near that right. When was the last time, you even heard a news report on inflation.
Don't even think it's are. We ve been tracking and anyone is like that. It is like it didn't matter, sawab into inflation, that used to be a thing jaw. Balikh pointed out and break. Today? That policy is using a quote taken out of context to totally misplaced through it as a reason for impeaching the present. That's right, Pelosi, saying repeatedly in public that the president should be impeached for a quote there. She took in a context in which is easy to demonstrate, Does you can just look at the original call for an end and jewels article and bribery and you can see the original- you can see what he says about it under different different enough to be completely illegitimate. So, specifically, what we'll talk about it?
The crowd were for the president in the past as something about article two, which is part of the constitution that gives the executive branch its power allowed him to do quote anything he wanted now. He actually do. Say those words. He used the words that the that the article to part of the constitution allowed him to do quote anything you wanted and that's the part that pollution His clothing to say he says, he's a game now he's a dictator. Is he thinks that the constitution lesson to do anything? You want it, except if you look at the actual quote, and you look at the context, he's specifies very clearly these talking about, specifically only the question of whether we have the right to fire call me Or not, so the only things he was talking about is firing. Call me or not, firing call me, and within that context he said in article two
allowed him to do anything he wanted to fire him or to now fire that that was the entire context. Just to do that, one thing hire and fire and policy is, is speaking to the world and telling them that their president believes that article two allows him to be a dictator. Never happened, never happened, and it's easy to prove. You just look at the four can't access obvious. I think she needs to be removed from office for a gross incompetence, maybe who lose dating, but a very least abuse powers. So have you noticed that the least online I've made this observation before about
as the jobs, then economy numbers have come out in their? So positive is even more obvious that I tweeted again that when will Democrats noticed this pattern, the everything everything that is easy to measure such as economic health is trending in a positive way, but everything that you kid measure such as what people think the president is thinking is all is all our disaster? Look at the comments that you're seeing on twitter today. Do you know what the most frequent criticism of the president that I've seen,
in the past week is women. I want to save you. Can gases in the comments and see if you can guess what is really one criticism or family of criticism? Slow sectors are a little bit different, but it's all the same family. What family of criticisms of the president or use this week more than you seen in a long long time. Somebody saying he's a liar adieu, tarred these and appropriate a bully, the power, but that's in the news, races liar yeah. So I'm the one thing more accusations about his alleged sexual improprieties. Now, if the Democrats in and the trolls, if they feel like their best attack it of the president,
is allegations from people who, unfortunately, because we live in a world where these types of allegations from a credible again, whenever I say credible, this is just me talking, but whenever I use the word credible, it means I dont know was true and was not true. That's different topic but there's something about some people in situations that are more credible, more believable by their nature, so ass, the best the best you have to criticise the present
and because all of the things that you can measure or trending positive, most of them, except for the dead? What do you do yeah so so they they ve turned to just in Seoul words, so the entire democratic party is turned into trials. The insult dog, like he's, he's dead, tired fat liar con man, coward, corrupt he's, sexual abuse of power in Europe liar con man doesn't care about anything but himself and all of those. All of those accusations have the same quality. You can't measure them and they exist primarily in the mind of the person whose saying it exist in the real world there almost entirely based on being brainwashed. Now, once you get to that,
point we're all you have left are the flies litter buzzing around inside your empty skull, that's like all they have left right now, that's a good place to be that's a does. A healthy country is the worst. You can come up with our things, your imagining, I see what else we got here, our little bit more about Joe Biden and his confrontation with the man was reported initially that he called the man sat here, but he he actually use were the fact, as in a true fact- and I think the actually said it was a face eating. I think that actually is true. So that was in fact news about Biden, which should be noted was not true.
But he did, he did suggest that the guy maybe was little do sedentary and then he could be written pushups and he might have IQ now. What do we make of Biden going hard at his critic? Somebody says bull, he said fat, I don't think there's the slightest. Yes, he said TAT. I know a lot of you believe it but I believe that that is your bias. Making year Jani and Laurel situation not make sense because if you look at it in context yet say it's a phrasing he's used before where he says, look facts, and then he tells you. The facts. So it's his normal way of talking. So that's say you know, and anyone say, look fat, let's not even an insult,
If you believe the actual actually used the word fat, you have to check your own cognitive dissonance here. Because I think the odds the actually said fat are so low that you should question here. Your perception on that night, but here's my overall take out. He was super aggressive against the voter and I like it. I like it because I'm not gonna be. I don't want to fall into the hypocrite bucket Few unseen trump go after a chronic like this. When she came to like it be honest, yet you know if trumpet gone after a critic in the crowd just as hard, he would use different words right, but if he had gone after him justice
Finally, I just as hard you'd kind alike it you know your word and it wouldn't make you dislike trump or novel for us and I have to say watching Joe Biden go hard at the sky like I liked it. Guy, like that, and I dont mind at all that new that he pushed their hard. Don't think hard about all so there's that I think we ve covered everything. That's interesting software, Hilary so Hilary said once again that hidden a ruled out running through president's, but that time time is running out and if you had to do something, she knows that the timing is shortening.
Now I am going to triple down my prediction that she is not running for president. Do I think that she's fantasizing about it? Yes, I do. I do. I think that she is seriously considered. Yes, I do. Do I think that she would be done enough to do it now? because you can say a lot of stuff about Hillary Clinton, but no thank you, can call her dumb. Kenya muted dislike her. Politics are ethically and dislike anything you want But is there anybody you ever said you know they. Hillary Clinton, her brain does not work very well. She's dub. Nobody says that cause she's, really Smart Do you think that are really smart person does understand what would happen to her if she got in the race now remember the Democrats have fallen in love with her own candidate
What happened to the but the Bernie Supporters when Clinton One and they thought that didn't seem fair because they didn't think it was ere. They were not loyal to him. If she were to jump in let's say now were sometime after somebody else was at the top of the poles. How would that be supporting. Whoever was already at the top of the poles, how would they take it when she came in with her fat foot and took over Democrats would have a revolution in internal revolution, so the fun park has nothing to do with. How Republicans would react, because we know a hundred percent rate of Republicans would vote against her there's. Not even the slight chance. They, Hillary Clinton, we're gonna vote from a Republican just wouldn't happen.
I am exaggerating somebody will always crossover, but the real question is what it would do to the Democratic Party and we would just be an internal revolution. It would tear it apart. So I think she's certainly smart enough to know that, even if she imagined she knew she was the more qualified candidates that going and under the current situation, which is causing internal revolution, and I don't get would allow her any genuine and I don't think she would go in if she thought she had a low chance of winning, which I think is the current situation
Let's just about all I got to talk about, then I see many of you are disagreeing that Scott is wrong on fat. So you believe that he said what was the worries and before allegedly factor fact look, he said. Look I think, look, look, facts. Blob lawyers and tax cells perfectly natural now try this look fat. Did anybody ever say to somebody? Look fat. It's not even sentence. Look fax is a sentence. So if you believe you said the thing that isn't even the sentence, look back, look that I think you have to we have to examine your own, your own cognitive, illusion there. Because in pressure, that is one
yeah, so ill. We had another coughing. It was interesting that a physician was I'm doctor, Karlsson shall talking about it and, of course no physician can diagnose. Somebody was a stranger that they just see on tv, but the doktor did give some possible completely innocent reasons for the coughing and one of them was actually interesting. The physicians. And the physician is known as sort of fox dues, pundit souls other Hilary supporter, but the physician, said one of the things is dress. If you're distressful situation and you're you ever propensity to coughing, the stress can trigger a cloth. I thought that's good to know, because we, if she's, giving a speech or she's on
Howard Stern, as she was less coughing attack, it does seem, it does seem to me as some of you are trying to tried to protect your cognitive impact. By saying that Biden, said, look fat so except nobody's claiming he said fat. So The fact that somebody saying that he stopped himself before the so look that so terribly that I don't believe for a minute they use, Call this guy fat so do no. I don't believe that bind was gonna call him sat, so he was an hour. Are there any other Eddie FED Democrats an hour, Midwest, one of the things I learned as the Dilber cartoonist men
years ago I made a joke about one of the characters: weight So as a joke, but I think the boss about the boss, being overweight or something and somebody emailed me and said Scott: do you understand the two thirds of your fans. Are overweight and eyes? myself, her that's probably true, and I also don't believe in free will. So I dont have a bad feeling about people have way problems, because I, We have different brains and if I had the same brain as a personal with await issue a beating more than eight, so I don't Personally, I believe negative thoughts about people wait problems because I think it's like every other addiction Sometimes you Your brain is not working in your favour. The reason I can maintain. My weight is that my just I'm not that
compared to other people, apparently stop because I have good willpower. Ok, maybe he asked christine- and I are looking to record something this weekend and will see how that goes back a little more about that. What actually happens ally somebody asked me was to deal with the pushups I'll. I challenge Joe Biden too. Push up competition, because I think it would be fun now. Let me say that Joe Biden has set a few times. They can be people and push. I don't think you say that in public more than once, unless you can do some serious pushups now, when I say serious bookshops, I mean for his age and use
thing about pushups, if, if you do pushups every day, you can do a lot of pushups. Even if you don't look like you could do a lot of questions. Because you you just get good, are doing the specific thing that you do every day for a while, I was practicing my pushups gazette. I was actually get have a push up. Competition with with somebody at one point few years ago saw its practicing my pushups and I was just doing more pushups than other near way, training and sure enough. Yet I can get up like sixty five pushups without without a break, but if I tried to do today because I dont practice pushups very often much less
no I'm just as far as I was when I could do sixty five of them. You have to be doing this specific thing to be to be good at it in the moment now, if binding does pushups here was they every day which would not be unusual? He could probably rip off twenty five pushups now. Could I do twenty five, probably America, Friday, twenty five? Without practice, it would hurt like it probably twenty five for their madness. So I think we close. The reason is interesting is because one of the things that I really appreciate about, by which I also appreciate about several of the other Democrats, especially Elizabeth, Warm Elizabeth, worn in and Biden are really good shape does physically they seem fit.
I think it would be good for the country to see Joe Biden do a push up competition with me, especially if he wins a cool Debbie were tomorrow. Do. You think it was entertaining no matter who one death. If do more push up. Suddenly now will be a great a great story. I would love that because If, if at his age, he could do twenty five pushups? That's great! That's right! That's that's nothing but positive. So politics aside, fitness is important job I'm. If you would like to do a push up competition with me. It's a real offer. We can do a buy Skype and we can even do it is synchronously. You could do yours.
Then I'll do mine separately and we will see the other one. So we both have to create a video, that's continuous, showing it and I will just compare, but none with the sole do. As many as I can. I can do it at the same time on Skype, which would be even better, but it's a real offer and its end. The real offer is bit not because I want to embarrass Biden is actually opposite, I'm much younger than button and I should be able to be remote pushups, but I think he might be me, which would be terrific goods. Country, good for people of a certain age, confer good for fitness. So it's it's a genuine offer, a push up, competition! I'll talk to you all later.
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