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Episode 749 Scott Adams: Well Spoken Insults, Maddow Versus OAN, Denmark Idiots, Iran

2019-12-07 | 🔗

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  • 51% of likely US voters approve our President’s job performance
  • Michael Bloomberg says Cory Booker is “well spoken”
  • OAN lawsuit against Rachel Maddow, “really, literally”
  • My entry into the Joe Biden Pushup Challenge
  • Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine, digging around for more dirt
  • Iran and China’s economy versus…
    • …America’s ROARING economy
  • Bjorn Lomborg analysis of Denmark’s new climate law
    • Estimated cost: 1% to 6% hit to their GDP
  • Are Twitter Democrats suffering from a mental condition?
  • The power of “OK, Doomer”

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bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody tomorrow here it's time for coffee was got atoms i think i'm looking pretty dapper in my values were sure today well it's again so i can wear anything i want that's right i'm running this media empire in my pajamas with assuage or non haven't even shaved beat the ever a business model will you i don't think you can but i know what you can do you can enjoy the same
mauritania is up with all of the goodness they your beverage plus the simultaneity can bring you it doesnt how much i need is a cover bugger glasses snifter stein jealous tanker terms last kantian grail gabbler vessel of any kind of feeling when you favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the documented the data thing makes everything better the simultaneous up go her be up just because i thought no surprises there so in the news there is a tragic shooting
and some navy base by a seventy citizen who is there also training here is a picture of the perpetrator now i ever suggest is there no way we can do a facial recognition algorithm they can spot this guy as the guy who's likely to do a mare shooting compare here's my face and ask yourself i see this place is he likely to do a mass shooting here's me posing for a photo here's another one
here's another one do any of those faces say to you think that guy is going to do a mass shooting they do not and i would be willing to bet that each and every one of you could take a photograph which jackie of observer would look at your photograph and say here's a photograph of bob does bob looked like a probable serial killer no no law bob's face does not say serial killer at all now take a look at this guy does our guy look like he's happy does he look like maybe he's got langer in there i'm completely serious if you care right an algorithm to pick this guy and that the pact
and say maybe we should keep a little more keep an eye on that guy it's gotta be a thing right it's gotta be a thing he is dead now but this will be well this is just a tragedy is nothing doesn't also say about that in other news the rasmussen report their daily presidential tracking ball for friday just put the present trumpet fifty one percent approval rating of likely you as voters fifty one percent its above half how many people somebody says on military ideas rarely people smile ok is not the lack of a smile that's the problem here folks is not the problem that he'd looks unhappy there's something else
goin on here quite literally if you can build a machine that can pull them out either i just think that you run a bunch of faces through machine is gonna come out with this guy he's going about with every other serial killer obviously is gonna come up with adam chef he hasn't killed anybody yet but i think it's only a matter of time they weigh the restless and paul is about fifty percent everybody has talked about that forever as being a sort of magic indicator this as woe more people approve of the present than don't so that fifty percent is kind of magic should you expect to see today what you should expect to see today is seen running the pole to show that as natural so within within one day we should see from cnn a counter of all
this has now rasmussen law nor rasmussen you're no accurate you're not accurate but rasmussen does have a pretty good record of being accurate i think in the last lasted twenty sixteen election they were probably about the best right so less interesting but way for the counter pool so you can have a good laugh at that in other news might bloomberg referred to corey booker as well spoken now as i wrote in my incredible bustling book loser think which should be sitting right next to me and i should be holding up right now but it's nothing
next to me and i have my microphone so imagine that you can see here this is me holding up my book so do you like it do you like the cover brigand in my book loser think i talked about run centres whose now govern gonorrhea governor governor what does he there centres was that when he was running he got a lot of you got a lot of grief recalling an african american opponent articulate i believe so here's my team and i wrote about this in my book if you were one of the people who knew that if you make this particular kind of compliment to an african american citizens this country is viewed as an insult because if you say this
individual is articulate the thing which immediately makes you think is why would they be what why there couldn t be yeah dissenters governor afforded thank you for reminding me but when the centres it i said the same thing i'm going to say now which is if you were to just grab a bunch of why you folks and say ok you random group away folks i'm gonna ask you the following i are you aware that it will be considered an insult to say a compliment of an african american married or they are articulate how many white people wouldn't know that that would be considered an insult wider another percentage but it's not all maybe half i was a half
at most because it's one of those things are you really have to be paying attention to even notice in all likelihood you ve never encountered the situation you haven't read about it you just did never seen it so what should we make of the fact that my bloomberg called corey booker well spoken inquiry booker who and this is the fun part of the story apparently corey booker and might bloomberg know each other really well have campaigned together david endorsed each other's campaigns bloomberg is donated money to korea booker they have they have a relationship that goes back awhile do you think the court booker believes that might bloomberg is a racist no let's be honest might bloomberg is not a racist and i don't think they corey
i think so either cuz he knows him personally he's known him for a long time and then bloomberg's a liberal and it doesn't seem like really how much odds that that sort of accusation should or could stick but here's the thing you're really does it makes bloomberg field a little bit off his game in other words if you're watching it and you say to yourself yeah all agree with these got that only half of your typical none african american people have even heard of this well spoken particular thing being in pencil bomb like bloomberg has do you think there is any chance than might bloomberg is not in the fifty percent
the people who know that as an insult of course he is now i can't read his mind so you have to let you have to be open to the possibility that we get this age with that amount of public exposure that amount of brilliance amene bluebirds are really really smart guy can we believe he got their point without ever hearing that articulate or well spoken word insults in this context well it's hard to believe so when it makes you think and i want to be very careful here there is the possibility that i never heard of it before cuz like i said a lot of people haven't it's not that uncommon i think ron desantis probably was in that category
boy just didn't register as something that he was familiar with as an insult until after happen but it's hard to believe the bloomberg didn't know that it's possible it's possible so i'm not gonna make the statement that he did know because as possible freedom but whether he knew or who is just a senior
meant when he knew it but he wasn't was none the ball and after connected in this context the anyway you look at it is bad for bloomberg but what he isn't his racist certainly not resist so there's that anyway so all of you have now heard right so everybody was listening to this affair scope knows that well spoken or take a lead and i think i think a word that the violence used to describe obama our point was clean it clean are you fucking kidding me if you don't know that's an insult but at least the least biting his famous regards i'll get to my favorite story of the day i know this is why you
so it turns out that away in the air the network away m has a lawsuit against rachel meadow because she sat on the air the oie em really literally paid russia russian propaganda site and she used the words really cover literally now rachel that out is news network but ass she news is she news or where she opinion now here's the interesting thing so this lawsuit is going on in that we know what the the lawyer for rachel meadow what their defence is going to be ready here is rachel meadows defence from her liar against the accusation that she sat on the air in these words
oh and is literally no really literally a paid russia propaganda outlet now they're not they're not anything like that so is a completely false statement now when you make a completely false statement on a news network and they call you it is obviously a very damaging one i mean this would be a really bad bad accusation if people believe that this would be really damaging financially too oh yeah so what possible defence can you imagine that the lawyer could come up with two to argue that there's no defamation year
when on a news network she said that they are really literally paid prop russia propaganda and not what would be the defence yes they call it the alex chose the sense the defences the things i say are not true and i know it in other words the defences rachel matter was full of shit i'm not making that up the actual defence is ladies and gentlemen of the jury my my client rachel meadow she did say those words is on video so there is no question about that she didn't say that that the oil and really literally paid russia propaganda and
literally really not true even a little bit even slightly even anyway that you want a slice it not even a little bit so what did you mean she didn't really mean that another words yes the area of defence is the area or a liar defence now here's the funny born i save the funny part for last can you imagine the meetings in which this defence was first floated so you can imagine that rachel matter was probably in the room with her lawyer and i dont know that this is true but it's fun to imagine that somebody from msnbc and executive one of rachel madhouse bosses might abandon the meeting to and of course if you're msnbc you don't wanna get spread with the same slow
so maybe you like a little distance between your corporate brandon something one of your on airhole said so who was the person who floated the idea to rachel battle in the first place and didn't go like this ok rachel i've been thinking about this i've got a great idea for a defence i think this will work i think us work all you have to do is claim that you're a fucking idiot no now i'm saying just hear me out just hear me out if they think that you're smart and you mean what you say it's gonna cost us a lot of money
last thing you want to do is say that you're smart and you mean what you say so you're gonna have to go with the defence that everything you say as a bunch of bullshit does i can work i would also point out that those words that you learn musk just prevailed in his in the suit in which use defending against the guy he called the patio guy knows real dave unfortunately i don't know the name the real name of the guy who is brought the lawsuit but i know him is guy
this is pretty funny i never thought about that that the only name we know if no up for that guy is better but i i hastened to say that there is no truth the rumour that guy that elon musk referred to in a tweet as pillow guy there's no truth to the rumour that vs any kind of activity that would justify the name but elon musk prevailed in these suit because it's just something that angry people say underwater it's just something there how people sandler so in the case of two citizens must gives a citizen these not somebody on the news and the
i who brought the lawsuit is just a citizen and they were having some words in public on twitter and so in that context the jury you're the judge i don't which was has ruled that that's just trash talk and should not be taken seriously just trashcan but what if you're a news organization if you're a news organization and you use the words really literally before you present your fact can a news organization get away with is just trash doc i'll think so we'll find out but i'll think so so in can the news organization get away with everybody should know that we just make up
news that it's just invented is not based on facts which one of those defences makes them is and we see and rachel matter we're good i think none so let's keep watching that if you ever have achieved if you ever chanced to make a lawsuit against somebody and you push them into their only defenses that they're really really stupid and they lie that's a good lawsuit circle regulations on o n for putting the boot down on that absolutely justified the claim that rachel meadow made that they were paid russian propaganda of totally false that's worthy of a lawsuit i would agree i i don't know if you notice that i took up joe biden the push up challenge so i did a tweet yesterday
you can find it in my towards aid in which i did twenty five pushups video as my entry into the joe biden push up challenge now i was surprised by the comments because i didn't realize that there are so many people in the world who barely can't do twenty five pushups so i didn't think that that would be impressive but i can forgetting i live in american people are not fifty people not ending the gym baby as much as they often now i don't know the joe biden couldn't be that deserves as i said before is if you did pushups every day of your life even jos age he can maybe him around thirty five hundred or so i would actually love to see and do it now asylum politics aside let me go let me say this
clearly i dont think joe biden is the best choice for president but my opinion of him has gone up quite a bit in the last few days i have to say the more i think about is confrontation with the with the guy and i are the fact that he challenged into an iq contest a push contest and may or may not have called him fat like i have to be consistent if trumpet done any of that stuff i would be laughing it i would like more for it so i m going to apply the same standard that i kind of like joe but joe biden a little bit better for it tastes and we're good things about joe biden warmongering i think is good to say good things about the people you don't want to be elected
it makes you at least look like here you are capable of being both sides that's always a good thing here something joe biden being the touches guy you ve ever heard of his is touching right to the point where there are means about him being too touchy but he's better public office for like a billion years as the tongue she got in the world as far as i know there's not a single me to claim against and the can in fact checking it joe biden has managed to go decades in the public eye being the touches sky and the planet release in person i mean in public and yet i have now heard one meter complaint about him i don't think you could find you if you just right
we pick three politicians from congress do you think you could randomly pig three politicians in congress the don't have any meat to allegations against them after fifty years in office they mean spraying present the other thing is impressive bad joe biden which again doesn't make him a good precedent but its impressive is that he apparently even the people on the other side they republicans they all agree he's a nice guy which you think about that there's there's literally nobody accusing joe biden of a character flaw think about that nobody is accusing joe biden of a character flaw another saying use these loss step is is policies are right and centre and those are all fair things but that's pretty darn good if you ve got that far in public office and even the your opposition like you and the reason is
go like unsavory claim nor is that there is not even a corruption claim the has evidence i mean i guess rudy giuliani still sniffing around in ukraine which is a to me by the way and then lastly i'd like to compliment him were being a good role model for fitness is he's got good weight italy has been a lifetime exercise guy and i i respect that but again and i think he is right choice for present but he's gotta go now form was appreciate that you mentioned the rudy julia now how funny is there really giuliani in the middle of all of this noise impeachment in ukraine phone calls and all that in the middle of all that apparently rudy julie goes to ukraine to the ground for some more dirt now
my first impression was the same as most of you which is why wouldn't now be exactly the worst time to do that and i think maybe that because as long as these over their digging around what does that make you think what what is what is your brain irrationally and uncritically assume is true if rudy flew over at the very worst time because all the attentions on it and he still digging around over there for some dirt what does that tell you well uncritically because there's no reason to believe this is true your brain says there must be something there right because why would rudy take the risk insuperable big to go over there now draw that attention make it look like there's something going on why would he do that well
maybe maybe he would do it because he thinks you're something there maybe those more than we do but maybe it's just a really good way to make us think there's something where seek airily now and i dont know this nothing there but it was an interesting super aggressive choice they go over there now and i suppose if he dug something up it would be interesting boil probably just end up getting his picture taken with unsavory ukrainians make everything worse when it was the other anything comes of rubies drip other than the fact that he got his picture taken with the wrong people i got a feeling that were there but go but in the meantime makes you think well if he's over there if he's over there must be something there
or at least enough this worthy of looking into maybe not trump was funny talking about here is a reversal of the ban incandescent light bulbs because he talks about the light bulbs that he said about himself he said of course being a vain person that's very important to me talking about labels make you look you says gives me an orange look i don't want nor look say says so have to change those bulbs that whistler a couple of rooms were opened the way out now this quote doesnt show it but i will say this in person you using a year gives me an orange like it and then he said maybe maybe you ve noticed it was they left out the funniest part will listen maybe you ve noticed
so about the push up challenge will biden before before i leave that my best case scenario would be for joe biden to take the challenge and yellow video a rip off thirty five
pushups on camera now i dont know if you can do it and if you can't do it it's better if he doesn't dry but i would love that happen like that would be the most motivating thing ever to watch to us joe biden do thirty five push up some care if he can and i wouldn't dealt in again seems unlikely but i wouldn't out so there's report that europe is rationally up the pressure on a random if ran keeps moving toward its nuclear programme in a way that looks dangerous now here's laughs about that i've sent i make this point in a lot of different context but it's it's always worth repeating the psychology of situations whether it your personal situation or in this case world events the psychology of events that were much more in
once by the direction of things then by where things are if i ran woke up today and the economy was in bad shape than it was in it wasn't your fault as well as about example little let me just say this about way let me just say that in the context of the united states having record economy and having them a month like nobody's ever had i think jim cramer has referred to it as the best numbers these ever seen in his lifetime so we're having the best economic growth in our lifetime and largely in this country most things are going in the right direction but in ran things are going in exactly the wrong action in every day that around wakes up the ayatollah and
citizens every day they wake up and ran the united states scots stronger israel gus stronger and around got weaker so you don't need to look at where or is or how far they need to go before the doll falls apart you can just look at the fact that the trend is a sort of an unbroken trend of bad news for them and untrue unbroken trend of good news for us so the difference between us is growing that psychological sigil we probably leads to a revolution and ran now some of them might depend on whether the iranian population really knows the other countries are doing well and by the way it's the same thing with china china is watching our economy do well while their sins poorly and the president quite rightly with both
ran with china is say i'm in no hurry now don't you think that the president's prison trumps strategy is exactly right if your country is getting better every day and not just better sonny records we don't need to hurry on trade deals we don't need to hurry about iran and as of today the news is that things are going to get worse for em if the europeans give serious both squeezing them as well so it's impossible to predict were around goes but one thing we can predict is it if they trend
them doing worse every day every day doing worse where we do better every day every day that that is not a trend that can go on forever without something breaking and something it looks like something's about to break in saudi arabia beyond lumbered who talks about climate change from the perspective of was say economics and common sense as opposed to science he tweeted day that denmark just passed a new climate law
so in a revised pre happy about that denmark is a new climate law look at us battling climate change in denmark but has borne bjorn lumber it points out that then it may cost cutting his estimates i guess i want to six percent of the gdp in their country or a greater than two hundred and twenty billion dollars so
they're gonna do some new stuff with climate this gonna take put a hit on their gdp modern twenty billion or more and there are no estimates about it benefits but i guess bjorn at some estimates and he thinks that if they do everything they plan to do in denmark it will cut the temperature in twenty one hundred twenty one hundred that's a long time from now by a ten thousandth of a degree celsius celsius a ten thousandth of a degree celsius and thereby to punch their economy in the face to get it now our point do we just say this is a china problem can we just say that climate change and china are really just the same problem now are you gonna throw indian there but i think india is probably going to work with us and maybe
be a little more serious about about about the that the world than china maybe so feels like just sort of china problem renew one more holocaust coming into why in the world would we ever do business with china it just doesn't make any sense apparently cnn reported that trump is still using his personal cellphone recalls and trump called them out and that he says big news cnn is reporting that damn still using my personal cellphone recalls despite ribbon security warnings that is it then this is totally false information and reporting trump said i haven't had a personal cell phone for years only use government approved and issued phones retract and see you some of the reporting we stand by our reporting so
make of that what you will currently the taliban is ready to talk again i don't know if you can get too excited about the taliban being ready to talk is is never work before but it's better than that i think you'd have to say it's better news that there are willing to talk them if they were now willing to talk the baker be too optimistic about afghanistan so here's she's a little filter on the world if you will so you know that the entire trappers and democrats are in their little bubble and if you're being honest you know the republicans and approach on people are in a different kind of bubble and the two bubbles can't communicate is weird and what happens is that if you looking at the other bubble from europe
bubble you could only see them through the yellow through the membrane of your bubble and then through the membrane are there bubble and why you're getting is completely misleading so let me ask you if this seems true to you this characterization when i see people on twitter ranting about the president by non medical opinion is that it looks like mental illness do you have the same the of have the same take his is mental illness i'm saying that from the perspective of a non professional who of course could not diagnoses diagnose mental illness from a distance in a stranger
you need ever want to do that but i'm saying the way it registered with me as just a human being who operates in the world of human beings when i see the democrats complain about the president my impression is that it looks like mental illness now is it true like that is actually could that explore in all this going on could it be that half of the country is mentally doesn't know it now seems unlikely right now what i say mental illness i would include cognitive dissonance and all that implies so cognitive dissonance is not a mental illness in terms of it you being listed as something needs to be treated but it is a condition and having cognitive dissonance could put you in a place
where you can handle your life and relationships and your mental your mental sanity i guess as well as you should so as a kind of distance is not a mental illness per se but it's a mental condition there could be a big problem in your life now let me say again i'm not saying that the democrats who seem like their mental problems to me have mental problems until you that's how looks from my bubble now what does it look like from their bubble well you don't have to gas because they sat the devil i try to explain their world in a way that the available information is compatible with and the way that they have done it is leave imagine that they can see inside the minds of trappers and
gop and conservatives and what they can see and there is corrupt criminal selfish basically common criminal diligent you know abhorrent behavior so when democrats look at the tweets and messages and and all the things that are happening on social media etcetera coming from trump supporters what do you think they're honest impression is without the oh if you take politics aside because you know we're all we tend to play a game with politics but what do you think in their quiet moments the honest opinion again then not they can't read minds they're not medical professionals are not mosul
we're not you in the justice business but what do you think they see i think that they see criminals so we have this weird thing in what i say criminals i mean everything from drifters the combat to people who were changing the system too selfish people were capitalists were trying to rip off all the money so all of those things was just call them criminals weathers actually a crime in faltered out so i think those year two filters that the anti trouble look to the term supporters like their mental illness and i mean that literally to me it's like a yard laurel thing if you you hear yanni and i hear laurel i can't your laurel but i can recognize a year we are hearing something else but they look inside
to me but it seems unlikely that that can possibly be true release all of them and then there looking at the geo p and seeing the thrall criminals and bad characters and i think we would all agree that that's not an explanation of of republicans are trump supporters as now to do in that area that stuff so those here too bubbles the insane versus the corrupt either them are true position looks drew depending on which my boyfriend i think that's about all we got for today i have been trying out you know these things saying ok bomer you're that a lot of if somebody in my age range at the bottom of the baby boomers the youngest
the baby boomers so anybody my age or older whose boomer he'll see people dismiss their opinions with ok boomer and as much later started doing utterly who came up with a first but i've decided to amplify it i've been trying ok duper within a d instead of a be ok duma reviews us a few times twitter and it completely stops the conversation when you use it correctly so ass to be used in the context of somebody who just set out the president is bad character will have reverberations forever that the country will never recover from am i to say ok duma seems to work i believe that's all i had to do i have to talk about today is raising also listen
everything that mrs says overview of dimmer danny obviously your comments i lost a lot of you likely ok dumber counterparty boomer is zuma someone under thirty here while i do much better i'm just looking at your commands ok doers scott widely that's funny i others story about them there's a photo of trump and pants eating lunch it looks like a pencil tiny little some salt pepper shakers and trump as big ones being called out that the prisoners
national big soldiers my guess is that at one point or another year maybe said these soldiers are too little so yeah big ones but nobody else it that's that's what we call news if that's your biggest nearest things are going pretty well they think they are also not counting a few crazy people who by the way this is is this how all democrats look do you know angry like that just getting just getting just says scott wasn't maybe you new book again well thanks for asking job is called loser think and you can find it everywhere books are sold so please do away our talk to you later
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