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Episode 750 Scott Adams: Trump’s 3rd Term, Mind-Reading Impeachment, Persuasion Trick

2019-12-08 | 🔗

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  • President Trump’s directionally correct hyperbole 
  • North Korea takes denuclearization off the table
    • Suggestions to put it back on the table
  • Mind-reading Loserthink dominates the impeachment report
    • Excellent analysis by Joel Pollack
  • Adam Schiff and 500 Democrat lawyers demonstrate Loserthink 
  • John McAfee announces Presidential candidacy…from exile
  • Tehran experiences Pre-suasion periodic horrible odor
  • The “small ask” persuasion technique

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Bump bump bump bump on from oh hi, everybody yeah, it's diver. Another round of coffee was got items. The best part your day you could probably feel your body chemistry starting to ramp up. You feel you're dope mean getting ready to just larger big dose into your bloodstream. That's how you feel when you see cough who's got atoms and that's not the best bar. No, the best part or one of them involves a beverage and you can participate without too much trouble at all. All it takes is a couple mugger glasses, differs time. Tell us Tankard service, Laskin team, GRAIL, goblet vessel of any kind filled with favour liquid. I like
and join me now for the sable tenure sap, the thing that makes everything better the dope immediately the day wow it's gonna, be a good one, go nowhere. Simultaneous caffeine for soulless others simultaneous having. all good. Let's talk about some stuff, as you know, from my prior periscopes, I took the Joe Biden: push up challenging. Did twenty five push up the person my video it took all of one day four times our two publisher to post a video of himself had from tower. I think in DC dropping you get and doing fifty perfect military pushups, to which I said dammit,
terms, our decided another video and which I used Tom's technique apparently is allowed in the military were eaten pause at the top of your push up as long as you don't lose form too much it's I paused. I tried it again, got to thirty seven and had to admit defeat so good job term sour, and Oh we're not done. I hope you can do more than fifty, I'm just getting started. so more on later So, in from the arrangements in Rome, news as seek up who works for CNN and pretend to be a conservative but doesn't do a very good job of pretending and she tweeted remember when Bloomberg demanded a third term as bare and got it trump
Do the same. Beware! The same autocratic impulses. They were now here's. What would not be crazy? So, just as we had said Trump could do the same job might do the same. There's a as chance. The trump would try it. Those things would be things. I were deeply disagree with. but they wouldn't be crazy. But you know it is crazy. Trump will do the same once you go all the way to. He will. try to become a decade or not leave office. that's it No longer part of the same world? Here's a mother, throbbed insult.
Did I hear a lot and I'd like to test them with you if you like to test these other criticisms about trust, all you need, is your beverage less deston, you're going to do. It is a red each claim about Trump, a criticism, and then I want you to take your beverage and see if it's any different number one truckers insincere. I don't know, did anything change in your world. Do you check your wallet? Do you have less money? Do you have less money now, because President Trump is insincere, anything tastes different. Anything at all or we better do for you or Trump is incompetent. Nope, it's all the same,
score on here. These are gigantic problems that are threatening the world and I can't see anything different How about he hurts America standing in the world nope, nothing, nothing check again Jack! You out! Take you for a one care. They down. Because Trump is our standing in the world, that's gotta her right. Why am I not in vain Here's another one trump cares only about himself. Ok and here's another one. The world is laughing at him meaning trump. Ok,.
What then lavish Gerald Ford really about troubles? Impulsive is important not only is the impulsive, but it takes a really long time to decide whether to room to release aid to Ukraine, so he's impulsive and he takes a long time to make decisions. Apparently there bolster check your beverage I will say he wants to be a dictator Walker What are the odds of that happening? Still? Zero still he's corrupt. in what way that actually affected you. blah blah blah Trump University didn't affect me. Even the p
What they ended up making money under the deal about he's a con man and affected me. How he's a liar? How did that affect me? What was statistic is suffering because of all these horrible horrible horrible things the orange managed. It and it gets worse, believe it or not called was I lying. I think it was yesterday day before trial, was caught up flannel lying about the number of times you have to flush toilet these days. That lie the correct members once or so,
times twice Trump allied, he lied his lyre. He said the sometimes you have to flush your toilet toilet. Twelve to fifteen years now, I have to say that I was at the door, When I heard I heard the the first I've ever the video clip I'm working out over the stair machines and video collect comes on watching job talk about light bulbs and toilets. Guess borrowers as these modern toilets you after you ass a flush of twelve to fifteen times. I just I just reckon lost it. I just started crying goes laughing so hard in the german, untried too. Of course, I've got course. I've got in my ear buds so. Nobody knows why and laughing and tried to the trader and try to not forward to stare regime, not look like of having some kind of a medic mental breakdown. Song.
She did not like I would tears- are coming out budget You really said you have to check the pleasure dollar twelve devoted. And the reason Latvia's if I've said at once, I have million times that Trump uses. I probably, of course, but he's also, direction away correct now what he's not internationally cracked? It's just because Maybe the facts don't agree with them or something, but typically maybe always is is exaggerating in a direction that positive in some way. the the issue here is that there are some places, the country where they don't ever water shortage in the present,
If you dont have a water shortage, why don't you have a better toilet that does job so that their personal crazy? So, but will he says you ve got a flush, your toilet, twelve sessions? That was just forty years because I assume I thought I realized. I was gonna, be a headline. Tromp says: toilers need to be flushed, twelve or fifteen dives than they were. check it struck me as well.
We are more information about Epstein guards, so apparently there are some, I guess losses resulting against them, so that allows us to see more information about the guards were doing now. Remember my theory. My theory is that he did kill himself, it was suicide and that we should not think there is anything unusual by the com. Wait and honor and a thorough and competence of the staff because well, I said, is and remember the Through Dilber so. Every now and then I talk about a subject actually know something about, and I do know something about big incompetent organizations, There things I know is that if you find a little bit of incompetence, the odds of finding a lot of incompetence are pretty good. A competence travels in bunches
and when I, when I read the part about at least one of the guards who was sleeping during the Epstein suicide, allegedly that that the guard was working, the second eight hour shift. If you sixteen hours in a row and your job is just the sort of be there. Your security guard, let me guarantee that the you're planning, not just accidental but if you're working to eight hour shifts wanted overnight you're planning to sleep. It's not an accident that you fell asleep. You take those two ships and one of them, is overnight and there's nothing happening. Typically, you're your planet sleep. I say that as someone who once worked as a security guard for those in college, I worked as a cigar.
regard at a resort, so I was the only one who is supposed to be awake. Did I ever take a nap? during my eight hour overnight shift when nobody else was awake. moments in mapping in there I have been a so every everything about the situation looks like a typical incompetent organization for someone who takes the job, of sleeping in jail or even bigger, you're a guard. It's sort of a job that don't take if you're well like this, and I don't want to insult guards. But let me just say that if I had to guess, therefore, re really highly qualified and sincere and hard working prison guard, of which I am sure there are many.
There is at least one who is not that, so and apparently there were some kind of a security camera there was working. They could tell with certainty that nobody else got into the absent area. So if nobody else got in that area- and we have perfectly good reasons why guards were falling asleep. Looks like suicide me, don't tell me about broken bones and exquisite. Think Epstein would be clever enough to do a really good job of killings. Of let's talk about North Korea, so North reassess its taking DE nuclear station off the table and present troubles are deterred again and they ve test.
But something, but we don't know what that is really awesome and and Kim Jungle and rode away horse upper mountain in the snow. Now I think, what's happening with North Korea is that everybody is waiting for everybody else to go first and somehow we got in a situation where both sides imagine that the other side was for more than they were ever offered. So Kim Jong NAM seems to be under the impression there. We will start giving him stuff before he gives up his nooks. which is sort of exactly what we're not gonna. Do this time maybe mean us. tromp doesn't have any chance of giving of giving anything substantial while they saw their looks So I guess there just figuring out that he is not going to do that, just because he's friendly
so he so I ask myself what could break the log jam? What would it take for North Korea to put dinner polarization back on the table, and let me offer a few suggestions. No, I don't imagine that these suggestions have not already been thought of, so I just put them out there, so you can kind of get hence of persuasion to what my work I so so Kim Jong IL needs our side to go. First. so. Is there anything that we can do? There would be considered going first. That would be meaningful and yet one causes anything. In other words, it wouldn't make us less safe and anyway, but it would seem like a big deal. Energy there is something one of the things that we can give them their wooden cost us anything.
And again when I talk about these issues, I'm open to fact Jackie. adding context. Yo, Scots God, you don't know the details, but just tell me the details you don't have to tell me I'm an idiot. You can just tell me if there's something I'm missing this analysis, so one of the things we could give Jong genuine that wouldn't cost us anything would look like we went first is declaring p How are you gonna be. To simply declare base, secondly, now, of course we don't want to give him anything unless he's doing some stuff. We want an apparently I'm seeing that. But could we say to him look here's the deal. You can keep your nuclear industry, but just that year, transition period to domestic nuclear power,
We don't know how long that's gonna take, but you know you can work with international clarity and turn it into a money making domestic nuclear energy kind of a generation for safe nuclear energy situation, and that would still be nuclear. So how do you do new eyes, North Korea, without delay, rising North Korea because ok jungle doesn't want to give up the fact that use developed this industry- that's your first world combated. And the way to do that is to say we are not asking you to do. Nuclear eyes were asking you to make money. So you could maybe do with words something couldn't be done with an actual agreement. In other words, we could say we're not asking you to do nuclear eyes were simply ask you to convert those
Those resources into domestic nuclear stuff. Why would you do that or you might do it if we declared at the end of. The hostility of an official end of the war. He might do it if we transitioned some of our troops that are in South Korea into someone function right now. What does? What does not Korea and the rest of the world, think we have troops in South Korea for What what does he think that there will? He assume he thinks so there we might wonder: Attack North Korea I'm sure that can Jungle thinks that That was re thing we could do. That would keep our forces. There were some percentage of the forces there by re labeling them.
Maybe when we label our forces to something else, maybe said defensive force against China, now, where I'm going with this, is that both leaders, Trump Kim Jaeger need to be able to say that there are winning, even if their negotiating areas are both gimme. Something other than they give so maybe how to create a world in which what cameras getting is for them, Let's say a security agreement, violence. China, Russia and the United States take it ever security agreement they can have the end of the war and they could remain. A nuclear country they just after transferred over too
peaceful means overtime with some inspections. You're gonna have to have inspections. There's no way around that. So could all of that we put together a sort of a first offer, will do all of these things, which largely symbolic. Will you do all of these things which are, in the short run, largely symbolic, now all sides due largely symbolic things in the short run, can you ever get to things that actually mean something? Well, yes, North Korea could, if they gain trust that are not about to be attacked, could overtime have no real? nuclear weapons, so maybe they look to their security agreement with the big countries if they could come to trust those agreements that I think, maybe there's something they have to work with. And in terms of the? U S, could
we ever remove troops from South Korea. If we became comfortable that North Korea was well on its way to being no threat it all, I think it so in this short, The only thing you can do is make promises the Seymour. Let's say the radical and more about persuasion and more about how it looks, but those things if successful could also lead very long term to something good. So maybe there's a way together will say: I've got people coming Abbe on Twitter, saying Scott, you stupid cartoonist. Why did you think Korea. Whenever they nuclear eyes to which I say, What are we done it? I didn't know about it, because all I see is North Korea walking away. Just North Korea walking away from the negotiating table
the way we walked away while the same way the walk away again, walking away from the negotiating table doesn't mean you done the measure in the middle So don't tell me, I got it wrong. we know how it ends, which might be yours, sir. Here's something interesting have you noticed that if you saw Saturday alive, they were marking the Europeans who were marking president drop, so they did it escaped where the crowd and Trudeau and poorest Johnson, or at the cool kids cafeteria table and tromp is ostracised ostracize because the cool gets back. You follow them, but what interesting is it was weirdly pro american.
Was weirdly approach trump, even while it was mocking job, and it feels like there's some kind of shift going on at least as Saturday they're alive, because I watch this get and I wouldn't I came away thinking. Oh yeah, they made fun of present trump, as I always do, but they also made fun in his critics and it looked to me. Gregson this case, the european leaders looked to me, like you,. Saturday night life was giving it to them just as hard. So here we job, which is The gentle comic running I don't know if that means anything Maybe it means answers, but it could be that they're just doing for ratings, but it does seem like a shift here. Somebody else present trumped. We did that we ve done all the work to be able to designate Mexico aid were not Mexico,
the cartels terrorist organizations which would give us more power dealing with them, especially financially, and the President of Mexico for reasons unknown talked president Trump. out of doing that, so we were already to get tough on the cartels designated I'm terrorist organisations President Mexico said not so fast monsieur work together, see what would you do? What do you make of that Will the down the real story is that we don't know what to make of it, because there is obviously information that were not pretty too, but we can speculate. One speculation as its President and Mexico is just part of cartel or owned by the cartel or doesn't want to make the cartel mad or. or the cartel will kill his family or something so
If that were the case, wouldn't president Trump just go ahead and doesn't need the cartels. A terrorist organisation does nothing to lose, under the assumption that the president was already corrupted by the cartels. you might want, doesn't let them terrorist Organisation Lucian button? I don't see there to be a downside that so it makes me suspect maybe the president actually go- has some kind of a bland there we're not privy to, could be sharing with them could be ruled out, maybe just better cooperation, so that the United States can help Mexico with resources. So Mexico can go ahead in and take out the cartels themselves that way they keep their sovereignty, so
hardly so we don't know. What's going on there, I mockingly tweeted that it looks like it's hogs. It is because it looked like the least. The least effective thing we could do is nothing. So what like? We were even trying That sort of a wait and see I've seen him move that line mostly from conservative twitter people to try to get people then mostly to start looking at porn. Have you seen that so quite a few smart influence, all people mostly on the right are, I don't know where the movement came from, but a lot of people are simultaneously saying the same thing: that port our goal and ruined your brain and your relationships and your energy and stuff.
and I would just like to add this to the conversation it is probably like alcohol and marijuana in this. One sense that everybody is response to. It is different in a different situation, There are clearly people where they drink alcohol. They have the gene, they become an alcoholic, roads or life. No doubt about that, There are clearly people get into marijuana become model lazy, whatever ruins of life? I believe it is also true that people him watch or an untold, our brains are required and ruins of life. So I think that all through those things have definitely the potential to ruin people's lives, but all three of them are legal. It is also true that some people
just get all positive, so some people can drink their whole life. They never become an alcoholic. They just keep it on the weekends is a social thing. It adds to the enjoyment of life that helps yeah party with their friends. So why Alcohol is poisoned. In my opinion, I cannot ignore the fact that for some people, they get more positive and negative. Just just doesn't work for all people. Likewise, marijuana is for some people, especially if their medical use work more positive. The native you, although I am a big fan of marijuana, and but I wouldn't be a big fan of it, if I were not a rich cartoonist with flexible schedule- and I have already made my money- there's not much downside at my age with my career,
I can pay somebody else to drive. I mean I don't really have a downside. The way other people have a downside, so they're wanted to can destroy some people's lives, I'm sure and but other people just get mostly positives from it pour. It is probably the same way. You will notice that the people who were advising the public to keep away from poor first of all, there are well meaning and they're all smart, pretty much Everybody was saying. This, I would say, is very smart, very well informed a well meaning, that's all good, but I would add this following caviar The people who are saying that you shouldn't use board are almost totally the people who have options. If you have an alternative. Well, that's a pretty good reason not to look at it.
If you don't have an alternative and that's gotta describe a pretty sizeable chunk of the population. There are a lot of people who just or Aren't capable and never will be, enjoying a normal social, even physical life, for them. I would imagine the porn is fill in some gap that they would not really really physically, be able to fill in another way, so The only thing I add to the conversation is. I will agree that alcohol marijuana import can destroy them, I will agree, definitely agree the poor Rewire brains and make you Alyssa, can sap your energy It can do very you for more important things that can make it less social can make you get about bizarre can ruin your sex life again. Do all this things definitely do all those things
but the individual differences, and that's all I have to say about that? John Mcafee announced his candidacy for present. Now always somebody saying in the comments were also talking. about keeping young kids away from it in terms of keeping young kids away from Adam a hundred percent on board no exceptions. I don't. I don't think we should even considering the possibility just as we would not. Without all you. Nobody, because they well some sixteen year olds. They can do the alcohol now nope. Until you get your brain at least been more mature if there were a practical way to do it, and I think there is, if you get children, z, they'll, be great, and the offer that I am. The Democrats are preparing their impeachment report and, of course we
have some advance information and everybody is trying to frame, and instead it, Joe Pollack, is doing a public service by actually look into it. Most of the news that you here on this topic, Will they people didn't read it people Probably won't read the butter. A few things that stick out even early will be a lot more to talk about this. But apparently the report says- and I am quoting the question- is not whether yes this club? This is mind boggling. This is one of the main points in the impeachment report, quote. The question is not whether the president's conduct could have resulted from permissible motives
It is whether the president's real reasons, the ones in his mind at the time, were legitimate. Do I drive and have a comment on that? The impeachment report is literally a loser. Think document in which there are trying to make the claim that taken deduce president trumps in her thoughts, now really we're going to impeach the president based on the opinion of strangers about his inner motivations. Really, it is that the country we live and let me make a prediction: that's not gonna happen. now. Of course, the Democrats my vote to impeach, but when amusingly casual language drew to talk about removing from office, which would require the same.
So the revolver waters, there's no chance. There's knows well, there's no chairs odor. For this reason, I author know, if other reasons that were here but If there was anything they gave up the game more than, The southern know, which is that the Democrats went into the meetings to write the articles of impeachment Before they had agreed what they would be think about that that the people who went to write the articles of impeachment garden room together. and we're not even in agreement about what was a Even the people were writing it. They had to reach a consensus in the room of what things even talk about Now, if that doesn't tell you that the whole thing is, you is look for crime, as opposed to show me the personal show you the crime, as we often hear Islander, she would say
that should be the end of the story. Is they went into the meeting? Not knowing what even there we're gonna write down? Was the impeachable nonsense? That should be the end of it, but, of course, We don't know that world. So, let's see how often you hear the phrase mind reading so this will be a test. of how much influence I'm having on things. Most of you, but why should we want for, while no that, I believe under the first person. who introduce the idea that one
one part of losers, ages, imagining you know what other people's bodies are carried out so see how many times you hear the phrase mind reading in the analysis, analyses of the impeachment report, I think he's gonna come up then also, as Joe Pollack pointed out. Apparently the document. The impeachment document refers to Andrew Jackson and his impeachment as an example of precedent, except as your points out an unknown historians, I'm just repeating wench all set. Only the Andrew Jackson epistle was widely considered a sham, so the Democrats apparently being either ignorant of history or hoping that the public is ignorant of history, which would be a good
that. So we cannot assume that there were just ignorant, because the better assumption is that they do exactly what they're doing by referencing Andrew Jackson, and they know that the public will know the difference, always Johnson, that Jackson, Andrew Johnson Johnson Jackson come on. So anyway, so he says, were pregnant Andrew Johnson awoke infuse Nelson, not sure that I got the right of everybody in the comments as a Andrew Johnson, so just at it everything they sat back to Johnson. In any case, the Andrew Johnson, impeachment, was concerned the sham they're using that as a precedent. It probably will work because people don't know their presents
another thing that I think it was Adam Shift waited, and I don't have this in front of me, but so fact check me this. I think you said something that there were five hundred, maybe constitutional scholars, but at least legal experts? That say there are plenty of impeachable offensive. that the present president Trump committed. So are you influenced by the fact that five hundred people signed a document and apparently the experts? They say, there's plenty of impeachable material. In twenty nineteen the year, twenty nineteen, how much weight should you put on five hundred experts say they agree with Democrats The exact amount of weight you should put on that is zero in my book, loser thing, which I hope you're all buying as gifts for your entire
what things are described as if you only know what happened. You don't know anything. Don't know, I didn't happen. So in this case, if five hundred experts are willing to say that there is plenty of impeachable material, what's this was missing is how many experts are willing to sign the document. The says that they don't see impeach about conduct is that five hundred zero is that ten million is it a thousand? Is five right, so somebody in the comments, five hundred out of how many, if all you know, is that five hundred agreed really here. So you should read that of the five hundred lawyers who are also Democrats. That's that's that's exam We have. You should read that there are five hundred lawyers were also Democrats. That's all that tell you.
John Mcafee, as announced his candidacy for president, which is interesting because he is not allowed in this country without getting arrested, so he he acknowledges that it will be difficult for him to be president, given that he can't suffered in the country without going to jail but Ban is John Mcafee interesting. I dont know what drugs he's on me. He admits to enjoying his drugs going to bed. I don't know what drugs he's on, but there are good ones, and I saw you tweet and for some reason I wanted to see. If he follows me on twitter, and he does so John Mcafee actually follow me on Twitter. I followed him as well, Sir John Mcafee, if here listening to this, you should come on my periscope as that would be fun.
So this by official invitation- just dear me, if you dear me a few years and you except I would of the interview you now you have declared for president. It can you think of anything more fun than me interviewing John Mcafee. seriously, can it I will maybe me interviewing present drunk but of all the people you can interview. I might be the most fun. So here's a story that sounds like a small story but might be a big story. It is yours, there's a persuasion lesson. in this apparently Turann Tehran. How do you pronounce the
The big city in IRAN is at terror or turann. Well, as one of those fill it in a new mind. Whenever one is right, Turann, apparently they ve got a problem where they have periodically a horrible odor coming from some parts of the capital and they here seem to figure out what it is. They don't know if it's a sewer problem or some. other weird effect, but not all the time, but is bad enough that even the Ayatollah at all said to the president. You need to fix us now. Here's why this is important. Whatever happens in turann in terms of the public in the protests against leadership is probably the most important thing right. So if you say so, helping pronunciation, except that you gave me. Giving me different different answers, so
Oh, I guess I can't read your comments and decide because their opposite scared. some people are saying tie around Tehran in some or saying to rod- and I guess I don't Maybe it's a difference whether you live there or whether you dont whither, I backed my bad smell in Tehran. Tehran. Here's the thing, the moors senses that you get involved in an opinion, the stronger it is. that's your that's! Your persuasion tip for the day, the more of your five senses that you can get involved. Let's say you're trying to persuade somebody if you can get them to see and touch and smell and hear.
It was another five. If you ve all five other senses engaged in suddenly you're trying to persuade this does powerful Tehran. Quite accidently has the smell of failure. The smell of wrought, the smell of a decaying. Old man who needs to be deposed now. Is there anybody and ran in Tehran? Tehran? Tehran is ready anybody there, whose thinking that the smell is connected in any way to the protests against the government. probably not theirs, there's probably nobody. There was thinking in exactly those terms, but here's what gets interesting here is where it gets interesting Have you heard of a book called pre suasion. Pre suasion.
Written by Robert shall deity, who also wrote the incredible book influence, which is about ways the people are. Pre suasion his follow a book which is a newer one talks about how people can be primed for an opinion with a priming material that doesn't seem to be related to the thing you're trying to persuade Now the best example in the book is that people who are exposed to images of the american flag are more likely to vote Republican. Soon after now. The american flag, of course, is the symbol of the entire country. The american flag is not a republican symbol It is one that the Republicans tend to use more often, but I don't think that's why it's priests ways I think that when you do, you see the flag use. Sort of hold in, but your brain goes to the constitution, and
or traditional historical, happy thoughts about the flag and apparently those have some Kind of weird overlap in your mind with republicanism or a republican values, so it's true, that something unrelated Republicans at least not directly related a flag. Can cause you later Devout Republican, Are there other things that can prime you? In the same way. and if there are are the intentional, for example, if you're, Israel or the United States and you have read the book pre suasion and you wanted to topple a rotten old regime. What would you do to persuade the people who are on the ground TAT one of the ways you could do it and unjust speck?
Leaning, because these things will have to be tested, so there's no way to know if this would be a good good idea about idea. The less had been tested, but it's easy to test. All you do is you bring people and you expose them to a smell, and then you asked their opinion and do you see if their opinion is changed because they were exposed to a bad smell? Now, if I send you Taron smells like failure and death an old man, At the same time, Some were unrelated. People are trying to get rid of their failed government is run by an old man and that sensations the smell one of them, the big five five years. This is: is source floating around in your brain. Does that make you more likely to want to overthrow your government? here's. My persuasion answer
Probably yes, I probably a lot now what I've taught before about persuasion being a game of millimetre. Yeah, you could be a candidate and try to persuade voters all year for a year and you be lucky if you move sliver of the independent it's so persuasion is not always a strong force discovery weak forces such as candidate, trying to move the electorate and that it has strong forces like a really good advertising campaign, for example, of adding this priests ways of smell to tear on if it came from the United States or if it came from Israel just speculating on nothing it did, but if they came up with that idea to make Tirana smell, like failure
It's one of the smartest things ever cuz. I would be really powerful, I think now. I dont think they do unless they are tested it in some way, but as easy to test a pretty sure that if you tell us that you will get the result that I imagine you get you would be priests waited to be more was a moron. And devised to get rid of the government and the smell because they would emerge in your mind it's the same thing then you would even have some logic to that because you say well if we have a good Functioning government yeah, I'm sure.
they would have taken care this smell, so I just but that there are not going to say that the smell is intentional, but I might ask why isn't because it's probably a really good strategy, so present used another technique which I will teach you. It's called the small ask if you are a sales person in you trying to get somebody to buy up a million dollar item, one, the techniques that A salesperson will do, is try to get you to agree or say yes to something smaller we're trying to get you to do anything attend a meeting to do you
favoured? If you get somebody to do something small for you, you're primes unto do something larger basic salesperson technique present trump when he got you guess and hostages back in an exchange with random some passages, That have been there for a while very he tweeted taken during the Obama administration. Despite a fifty billion dollar gift returned during the Trump administration, meaning hostages. Thank you to ran on a very fair negotiation, see we can make a deal together. The president says see we can make a deal together. So the president is calling out this very small deal as success and is something that around probably got a year while they were happy about
and is a very small ask would actually ask you to give a nukes, but we should do this little exchange. is very smart to do little things and then call them is successful. If you try to get a big thing done, so let's go technique from the president. I assume that the reason there do the the exchanges, Gaza we're gonna, do it anyway. I don't think they did these. age as part of a persuasive package, but once you ve done it, you should do it. The president did, which is call it ill. As a tiny example of progress that you can build on this good technique,
Do they talk about ass, he copier, then I forget it. What else we are here, I believe. That's all. I think we ve solved all play in the older, easier. So have you noticed that the Anti travers flailing around to try to find some new attack on the president says he policy she pivoted back to Russia? Is Ukraine did work out social like back the Russia back the Russia, it's all about boon, so apparently they are using the cabin bacon, six degrees and separation to say that anything that Europe does in the international round is good for both and it's all about burdened and s,
cab tweeted there that the real reason, then, what that the president is leave office now, if, if you're, throwing in the next the possibility that the present might not leave office, after second term. Aren't you out of ammunition? Isn't that a big hole signal this? As you know, we ve got nothing, So, let's imagine we can read his mind, and not only read his mind, but that he will do something that is literally a possible nice pose ethics possible. But what are the odds are any president could get a third term the United States, but in that is close to zero as you can get so they first of all read his mind. It's his intentions, crazy! Then they think you somehow capable of doing that, while at the same time,
the most yeah incompetent president in there, in their view of all time, What why is the president? So competent are just as one thing being. The dictator really is Yo Use, impulsive and confident and everything else according to his critics, but there's one thing he's really gonna be being the dictator in the future, so it's Cray. You're are leaning on mind reading way too much, which would be the example of what If you think that I am relying on my reading, because I'm saying that the Democratic out of Emma I will acknowledge, I know what's in their minds, but if you're a monster and you're running as somebody who s garden.
They decide to throw the gun at you. Instead of shoe you you can usually not always, You can usually assume the gun is empty because they threw the gun, so what see people say, he's gonna become a dictator and stay in office. that's a lot like being out of ammo and just throwing the gun at the monster. That's what it looks like, but anybody who says I'm not a mind reader. You are correct, but I will tell you that you should read loser think because the entire impeachment processes can be nothing but loser. Think this gallery have opinions. Were people look at the core? open about the benefits or vice versa. You get to see people leaving out context. You can see. Reading you're gonna analogies, you gotta, see everything in my book. Loser. Think this coming away
When the impeachment report comes out, so that'll be fine, yes, loser think is available as an audio books as well. Thank you, I'm glad you like the audio books, so some people are saying they have enjoyed it worries. Nerdy is rent three times already. yeah, I'm hearing that a lot of you. A lot of people are reading and then re reading the book, which is really good side, was well Saudi Arabia so just quickly, so I saw a tweet buys on me and I drove her who said well, yeah we're being awfully nice to Saudi Arabia awfully awfully non belligerent after other one of their citizens shot so.
military people on a base and kill them and with the critic, said her if a random that we be looking for war. But Saudi Arabia does out and were just like, whatever now? Is that the dumbest comment you ve ever heard. because there is a difference between Saudi Arabia and ran lots differences, but one of the best One of them is our ally in the others, are our Why in the world, would you treat an ally and an emphasis the same way Why would you treated the same? Cookin tweet in public, something so dumb that they I think we should treat our allies are in our enemies exactly the same day. So what they do now, I'm not defending Saudi Arabia say like the Essen. We got some issues, the GSM
questions that need to be answered, but it is nonetheless true that if a saudi citizen kills a mirror since you don't really think is because it came from the top, I think it was ordered by you and be ass, but If an iranian military person killed Americans, you and kind and think it came from the top. So why would you treat those two situations? The same? You should not, as I got an out and out we'll talk to you later.