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Episode 751 Scott Adams: Impeachment Plus Coffee

2019-12-09 | 🔗

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  • Impeachment
  • Terrorist manifestos that shall not be seen

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i'm going home did you wonder where i was yes a little bit late as not like me at all i may have to simultaneously before even gayer but now await because as the kind of guy up if i see you a little bit tired and a little bit out of it well there's a story behind that tell you about that but first why don't you grab a copper bugger glasses snifters dying jealous typewriters last getting grail goblet vessel i'd tell you with your family but i love coffee enjoyed enough as documented in the data that makes everything better simultaneous up go
so last night before about time i had a allergic reaction to something in the house there was broad and severe reaction so i took a thing called belgium have you heard of this thing old benadryl oh my god now normally i go to bed whenever i feel like it in their wake up automatically three or four o clock in the morning and i usually just get up because i don't like sleeping so last night i said to myself i just try one of these better drill thinks so pristine said hey take a belgian i thought i never even heard of these but i've heard it and of course i never think of it
but she had wanted i took one less you say i did not wake up at three or four a m this morning i woke up about fifteen minutes ago while they're not we're so i have two choices than the one i could delay the simultaneous up that's unheard of my cab number two i u kimonos periscope completely out of it unprepared haven't even looked at the news in which case you will get a terrible show but you will have the simultaneous and i could not i cannot let you go day without delivering that so with your permission
they like it or not their lights and see what we can tell blah blah blah impeachment blah blah blah patient have you heard there's something called debated there if you haven't following the process it works like this it works like this can i just say it works like this i think now just repeating myself people i was i say a bunch of acts and then the people on the other side say those facts are not true they added a new some facts of the road and then the other side's as our factual right by your factually wrong it was both says decided that they can decide on the facts they have a vote along party
lights and there was the vote is taken with decide the losers says is illegitimate and depending on who they are they either try again where they are the mad like god my brain i think were raiders were here about twenty five percent capacity tops so others see then they ve got fact checking geography impeachment hearing clubs like look over there is jake tapir end subject dot org going through claims made by representing the jordan i i went to click idly click on them
like where their effect checking the people on the demand side so i looked for that lakers why there's only a link for checking the republicans her about that well i guess that's because everything that the delegation was completely i accurate no need to back check that the gnp representative slabs star witness shift for skipping and understand that but it does seem that it does seem that one day the republicans might want to do is get a chef under oath can you imagine getting out observe under oath testify any chance any chance the adequacy of wooden be they say trapped and decisively there wasn't really do it
i think i've heard of you have ever testifies under oath he's got a jail because i just don't see how he could tell his story becky compatible with what has been saying all log and also still true so we'll see i just tried to get one of these tracked adds next by computer i just tried to move my boss by moving my finger elsewhere by desk they're just happened yes
the battle is for me i heard your binders blame you staff calling to fox news for not tell you there should be some problem with day this could be some kind of a problem with bereavement think it myself do you want a president who needed his staff to tell him that would be a problem with it i'll take you baseload as somebody from the most corrupt countries an oral too bad his son to bed gonna get him for such as this is terrible stiver second the simultaneous up is the only thing we can save this go i will be groggy olive all morning somebody says boy will i
don't i pray heavy covered well that's gonna ruin my whole day if i can soon which slash indeed no twitter suspension you don't mean certain image spending somebody society now get splendid again when you talk about last night although you baby curious that now i must check hold really enjoy your coffee talk among yourselves to see if there is a suspension so based on your cryptic message i believe what that certain events no an exit had been suspended for posting the shutters manifesto why
but why would everybody gets suspended for that nobody even pigs i've got back up what the hell a twitter spoken in responding to the post millennium advisers or damage though i cannot believe that that are based on what my god like heavy with some wrong here i understand that story sir
well either you really go watch the hearings and try to catch up and when i ran into like suited edge i dont know exactly so this must happen just recently khazars tweet from eleven hours ago clicker lakes profile soon as is always back users forster deleted street that being forced to do here too it is not the worst meanwhile depending on the twin but certainly like that's all it's all there was required was formed its delirious tweets on his back they were on their way up on all the stuff i got nothin for you today i have an empty bag escape i have no incites lou humor nothing to offer so the daily mail has linked to the manifesto
why no world would we not be allowed to see the benefits to get you know you know what's going to happen now right so thanks bikes or intervention any doubt be eggs s because i just about everybody this periscope are gonna go read the manifesto now so that is not as if i had a fire was now to do that anyway if i were that they were actually will talk i'm gonna call this fight you in the style i'll talk to you
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