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Episode 754 Scott Adams PART2: Colluding With Russia, Impeachment Theater, Greta, China

2019-12-12 | 🔗

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  • Continued from Part 1 

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specifically allows us to hire mercenaries we just there's some for you yogi there's some process and i guess it was you in the year closer to the revolutionary days it was used to essentially higher pirates to attack the ships of countries we wanted to attack so here's my question do you see a day when private drone operators will be authorized by the government of the united states it's to fly their drones into cartel territory and start killing cartel members with the droughts now what i say private jones and talk about you know that the hobby sized roads that you can
gotta it's not gonna be it's not gonna take very long before there militarized your bullet shooting don't you see them already on the internet right if you gotta youtube you can google somebody attached a gun to drown but nobody i don't think anybody has yet build a drone that that is built from scratch to fire a gun maybe somebody stole that i haven't seen yet but can you imagine just visualizes some letters of mark and reprisal there would authorize a certain number not everybody in the world but a certain number of a drone operators in this country to send their drones into card el territory simply hover around for a little bit find somebody who looks like they're up to no good come down and just shoot them and then disappear
now let me ask you this suppose you were a cartel compound you're full of armed guards and what not and a swarm of privately operated mercenary drones appear above and they're all armed how are we to be for a squad of drones each one operated by an operator to real look through the view scream light up people on the ground and shoot them somebody says already exists and i would imagine that's true so here's what is easy for me to imagine remember the big problem with going to war with the cartels as you can't get the gun when the mexico to ever agree also don't really want to send our military down there you don't want boots on the ground
oh somebody stole me it's pronounced more k letter of market i guess we to get a ruling that so we have have a different opinion and the presidency issued but i can easily imagine that the government of the united states perhaps not making public perhaps is the public maybe they just quietly off rise some private drone people too to put a little lower the drone jonah firepower above the cartels seems to me that's coming because the beauty is that even if the drone get shot down the cartel won't know who was operating it there will know that the u s government
apps was operating it but they won't really know what else we are today so i was fascinated to see what the democrat supporters were saying about the horowitz report now if you didn't actually watch horowitz is testimony i don't you could know from the news coverage just how devastating that is to the f b i admit is really really bad apparently what horror with sound is just massive bad behaviour at the fbi all in one direction so it's really bad so i wondered so one of the democrats say about this and so i looked at what jobs cable said david s or an article in the usa today
is it the hit so here's a sentence that he says like it's true he says the idea found that fell the russia case was properly opened and uncovered no quote evidence that political bias or improper motivation influence that decision launch the investigation so therefore everything that trump has been saying for a few years is all bunk because of what josh campbell said thus i feel like a complete and accurate statement what happened a really get so this is the democrats view of what the idea found that it was quite properly opened let was just do it one part in time is it true that the ideal found the case was properly opened well depends what proper means doesn't it i think what the hygiene actually found is that there is no stand
for when you can open a case because the written standard says that all you need is an articulate bull basis and other words you can simply put it in a sentence that make sense so the idea did say we can't say it was improper nor can we say as proper we can only say that the standard is so low that is like a mood question so when josh cable says that the idea felt that the case was properly opened said exactly true because i dont know that the ig ever use the word problem i think it would be more fair to say there's no real standard so therefore we're not going to say that it was improper that's really different have saying there's no stay
it does the idea did say that it wasn't illegal or anything to open it was here's what else josh campbell leaves out out there s some point fairly early on wind these steel darcy was debunked they should have stopped if you don't mention their part and the fact that the the known bogus steel dossier was used to continue the investigation after it should have been stopped according to horowitz if you leave it out you you're really just lying to the people really are declining if you leave out that there were seventeen errors at all when one direction you're not
really telling your readers will happen area s kind of important and i think you would have to mention the horwitz clearly indicates without saying so that it's hard to explain seventeen errors and less attention so did jack campbell make his point that there is no evidence that political by us or improper motivation influence the decision to launch the investigation well that's actually true but is also true that the lack of evidence is not proof that it didn't happen that's kind of important concerning dirhams gonna give us a little more visibility and here's the most interesting question and i don't know i'm not sure i understand this yet what george papa
apples retweeted yesterday that he apparently is learning recently that the investigation against papadopoulos actually started long before the event that everybody is talking about and he doesn't know how that's right there's still a mystery about how papadopoulos originally came to be investigated so maybe that's what durham knows if we find out that lets say i just gonna pick me randomly the cia was behind the initiation of all this it could be that the f b i was following the rules but they were set up by some eggs
force democrats cia or cia democrats or sunday about saying is the cia i'm just saying we haven't ruled out that option so that's what's gonna today has anybody seen brandon lately is it my imagination or classroom little bed under exposed lately like they maybe they're stay off the air maybe a guy who's reading here i'll pop a doubtless was with ben carson's campaign before use was true
look john brennan's face well let me say this when i listen to all of the people in the fbi i would say is obvious that they are by us because the human beings at its obvious which direction thereby us was because their their actions in their text messages clearly show that so the f b i people were clearly operate was biased and a reasonable person would say that's why they made the mistakes that they hey were really mistakes they were operating a bias now use question somebody is brainwashed by the fake news to think that cheating on their own internal procedures is actually worth it to stop orange heller from taking over the country would you call that a conspiracy or
would you call it incompetence and we say that again because it is an interesting question if my theory is true that there was a such an organised conspiracy theory so much as people on the same page doing independently things that they saw it would be good for them team after being brainwash by the media to think that saving the country from orange hitler if you thought you were saving the country from orange heller and you are just completely would that be a case of a conspiracy or a case of incompetence right so what does it mean to be fooled by the faint media into believing that orange hitler was taking over the country when you saw the the language in the text messages was struck page
isn't it is obvious that they are trumped arrangement syndrome looked exactly like it it looked exactly like two people have trump arrangements in rome on twitter they look like they thought that this president will just be somebody with it a different view a policy that they thought it was like the end of the world or something so i think you could call it incompetence conspiracies a little harder to get too with the evidence we have but perhaps durham will clear let up somebody says give us a toad
the break they were not fooled so those who say that the f b i employees were not fooled by the fake news have to imagine that the fbi employees have a special capability the next and immune from the tedious infected basically a hundred percent of the people on their side that's a big stretch if you think that the fbi were immune to tv ass there is no basis for that believe all evidence suggests it will affect people equally no matter their training you can be fooled into participating in a conspiracy yet and that i guess will of course have fascinating word thinking discussions about the word can spare
percy imagine if you will see that the employees all had talked about their mutual disliked for the president was say the employees of the fbi let's say that they had talked with each other on a number of occasions about how much they didn't what trumpet to get elected is that a conspiracy will not by itself suppose that they all talk about it in various yo casual and beating settings but they had also agreed that there are still trying to do the work of of the public is that a conspiracy now suppose they believed that weren't schiller was coming to power and they were they were operating in some kind of strict organised way with the other people were the same opinion it's just that when each of them were faced with
the decision that could have gone one way or the other they said well if orange heller's gonna kill us all air on the side of bending a rule i'm gonna err on the side of say well we have very slim provocation but that's something so the line between incompetence fuelled by trumped arrangement syndrome and actual conspiracy is called a grey and i think you'll find people who look at the same knowledge and still say you have two different opinions all was scott fooled by fake news fake news you talk about there's none
whoever than fooled by fake news that's another thing but were full by different fake news is yes so one of the statements and i think it was an email is quoted we'll stop him some each one of them asked could drop actually get elected and suddenly said we'll stop him what does that mean what does it mean we'll stop him whose way is we democrats in general is we the f b i doing their job legitimately because they thought there was actually something to be found there so they thought here will stop him because will do are legal investigation and we're going to find something wrong about asylum so you don't know what we'll stop of means it could have been bluster could have been vs
in a bender something is in a tweet could obtain just you acting confident could about just making somebody else feel better could then you could then five different things we pay the f b i director to not be fooled yes but we don't expected because everybody gets hold your argument is not come telling which part of it was to help the globalists so so what theory is that while there if there's one theory is that the fbi employees were tried to keep their jobs because they fear that if trumpet took office that they wouldn't all get their promotions that they thought they would get under clinton maybe you no one has to assume that does at least part of the buyers certainly in the next year
then somebody said the comments that the fbi is really trying to work for the global us they thus the worst take i think the fbi each individual was doing whatever they thought was good for that individual and maybe for the world battle think anybody was seeking globalist or non globally that's a strange fbi lawyer klein psmith facing solemnly obstructions doctoring size evidence yeah now let me give you the nun conspiracy version of how clean smith could ever removed the statement the carter page had had done the source and he changed it to the opposite not a source could you imagine any innocent reason for doing that well i can know i'm not going to say that the reason play
that was in honourable or a girl that he had good intentions i must say that i am simply saying that if you can imagine the other possibility your suffering from a lack of imagination as i talk about my book losing the lack of imagination than this is is that if you are locked into the theory that the only reason he would have done that disease just trying to get the president you're ignoring the other reason there people do something like that here's the reason i suppose he thought the courier page thing was necessary and important less i actually believe that was important but he knew that if he put in their little clause could raise questions in her heart answer my but maybe could be answered there just hard dancer either and it have weakened the application if he thought the application was
sufficient with or without that information but he thought you know this is good for the world it is good that we have this investigation if i put this exculpatory thing in there probably wouldn't change the final result is whether or not carter page had been sort might not be everything you need to know so he might have just said you know i'm gonna weasel words this and say well by definition of what a sources is it wasn't exactly swore a sudden say if anybody she's me on this i'm going say we use different words were so he's not a source he's just somebody we talked you i'm just making this up now but the point is the lawyer probably is going to have a defence that looks something like
i wasn't really lying because technically i was right in a very technical sense i'm going to argue that i was cracked even though it seems to have reverse the meaning of it so i think it's going to look more gray than you think it is when the details are locked into so is her eye is rising i can tell you that i disagree with horowitz who said all these errors going in the same direction have to be intention in this case i'm giving you two possibilities of how it happened and both of them are intentional in one cases intentional to get the present because it's part of a conspiracy to take down the present in the other possibility is also intentional but it's just me things easier for the person who filled out the paperwork because he doesn't want to do another round of answering questions
does one they have to defend why carter is still worth looking into even with that fact it might just spend convenience and they might just said i think i can weasel this through because if anybody ass well just say well its technical the true he's not working without her world any real way were wasn't was an important result like this one thing he changed to a lie that might be technically accurate when he gets a chest to defend himself when you talk with lawyers and you there one lawyer giver give a case how much should you rely on one lawyers opinion whose on one side it's always gotta look you're one lawyer talking without the counterpoint from their lawyers always gonna be convincing because their lawyers
so you ve heard of one side you ve heard the side the says plainsman did something bad and that appears to be absolutely true but you haven't heard is closed with who is a lawyer give you his version of why you did it and where do you get that version there's a pretty good chance is not going to be as clean as you thought i'll bet it will be something like well technically i was true i can see why you think this is misleading but it was technically true i think it'll be some like that open your mind stop so to the person who said open your mind i'm gonna start blocking people who seem to be intentionally not understanding my point i'm telling you that seventeen
errors in the same direction and everything that horror what said clearly indicates intention but that we don't have confirmation that it was your specifically a conspiracy i am certainly open minded to being a conspiracy what am i saying it was suggested that open minded and literally accepting all of the explanations talking about them all and adding extra explanations if that's me open minded what is open minded look like those many decision a year ago her saying a low levels and send the fine report just like i thought i think you have to ask yourself you have to ask yourself if you if you got confidence in your opinion a little too early
somebody same page was a source for the cia about twenty years ago yet it would be easy to imagine the clyde smith is not going to be prosecuted for this cause there's something in his answer that makes it close enough to being technically correct when he won't go to jail for you may about a conspiracy that came from the fake news as opposed to originating in the fbi scrapped
it would still be a conspiracy but it would be a conspiracy of the mainstream news to paint tribe as hitler which would have the effect of of essentially activating everybody in the public to do everything they could ever every time they could to fix it to give a time i your covers right now you have said everything even say and i'm going to talk to you all later by flu
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