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Episode 755 Scott Adams: Brexit, Those Pesky Russians, Shampeachment

2019-12-13 | 🔗

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  • Russia interfered with the election…in the UK?
  • Anti-Semitism Act by Trump Administration
  • Lindsey Graham agrees with my no witnesses concept
  • Good brainwashing and foreign election interference
  • President Trump’s gentle brushback of Greta Thunberg
    • Chris Cillizza says we should be appalled
  • Patton Oswalt tweet and adults deeply scarred by childhood bullies
  • China decoupling and the potential for new business in China
  • My North Korea conditional surrender peace plan suggestion…
    • …Why did my lights just go out?

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump up up up up on the Hague. Heaven one of their good to see you, everybody come on end come on it's time, Mellow London, enjoy your election. There will be talking to you this morning, but not until we have enjoyed the unparalleled pleasure of the zone. they us up we're gonna. Do this international version. simultaneously sipping across the pond. As right, great Britain joined with us, the rest, the you countries I know you they're all over the world, all you need is a copper mugger, glasses, lifter Stein, Jealous Tiger Thermos, last canteen, grail, goblet vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite lick where'd. You know what I like you coffee join me now, for this unparalleled leisure thee.
Dopamine here the day. The thing that makes everything better though it does the simultaneous up, go Who well, sir. We got some news today happens. Every day seems like every time you wake up. Look, there's news. So great brunetta, little vote in decided that Boris Johnson and his party the conservatives, would what role the day and therefore they would get breaks. It done in a few months, air. What people say about that? They say my god. Even Joe Biden, the saying is evidence that the far left camp- and so even Democrats were saying that
there's a perfectly good reason why the guy who looks like the poor man's Donald Trump literally abortion is the poor man's down. drop it. He wins, and even Joe Biden cannot understand. Why does is competition was too far left just there is Joe Biden. Competition is too far left. Apparently, there's gonna be some massive trade deal that the? U S and Great Britain will do now that breaks it released once breaks. It is behind them, Ed. This brings up the question of code reuse. Now, I'm not going to say this proves were living in a simulation, I'm just gonna point now for entertainment. Sake turns out that Glenn Simpson,
Believes that maybe there were some russian interference lent Simpson of Fusion GPS, also known for the steel dossier, is act. How saying this, without any irony or embarrassment whatsoever, that Russia interfered with the election in the great Britain, Hillary Clinton saying the same thing. Oh my god,. so somebody who reminds us of the poor man's Donald Trump meaning Boris Johnson, has an election and the same players are saying that Russia rigged the election. Do you think the Russia. Do you think the Russia wanted to rig election to make great Britain More economically sound because I think that's what's gonna happen.
I don't even know what to say about this. This Glenn Simpson Russians influence the election thing because it so I don't not know, word is absurd. Coincidental was at the simulation. Is Crazy is it shameful shameless? I dont know what this is I don't even have words to put on this Just so weird, but it exists every, though that have you ever had this experience? gonna make it an analogy just for fun and suffer persuasion just for fun. You have read. This is written worrier, we're sitting at the stoplight next to a bus and for whatever reason, the bus next to you starts moving backwards, a little bit, that it makes you slam on your breaks, Gaza. It makes you feel, like you're, moving forward position because the the context change
where those like we're delusions of life. You ve all had that. Well, there the illusion that I've had a few times were. I've got it. I've got an app on my phone for watching the news, well for watching tv, but I'm usually just watching the news, Love slipping back and forth between NEO, CNN and Fox NEWS, nervous every everyone, while MSNBC and all. every now and then I'll have the following experience. Where I think that I hit the Fox NEWS icon But I really had MSNBC or CNN and obviously we are listening to the news thinking that is Fox NEWS and I said myself. What the hell is wrong with the news world, What one of my hearing, because it'll sound just batshit, crazy and also myself what happened? The Fox Lou,
and then look over the horizon. I accidently hit the abbess NBC button there. This happened this morning and I swear I'm not making this up. I thought I'd hit the Fox NEWS, but I like suddenly here, Emerson, B and doing other things I hear you're out of the corner of my ear. I hear them asking about trumps state of mind because of the impeachment about, and I thought to myself state of mind work the crazy. This is this on Fox NEWS is, are going to be doing mind reading and talking about what the internal thoughts of a stranger that would be stupid. How can fox news to its msnbc? and then I understood if you don't have anything good to report for your team.
You right about mind, reading and things that might happen in the future, because they can't be verified to be not true. The problem with the Russia collusion problem is that when you looked at the fax, it disappeared, what do you look at impeachment and you look at the criteria for impeachment and disappears facts. Do not work. against Trump apparently, but what does work is imagining that you can see in his mind. I've been waiting for this just for the the humor element, so the Trump administration passes I other technical details, but they they, had an anti Semitism, the thing that are pushing through and if your jewish Are you worried about Anti Semitism in anyway? It's nothing but good right,
so the jewish community wanted it. Nobody Really didn't wanna too much there's some questions about freedom of speech, but basically it's an unambiguously positive thing in terms of a step against Anti son. terrorism- and I thought to myself how in the world is the fake news- gonna complained about and Anti Semitism step that the administration is. How can you possibly complain about that like what possible thing you do, you say and it looks like they had to reach per deep deeply into their bench, they get somebody who was willing to say that is really bad. They found this guy David Ferrie to write, it up add to say that he doesn't feel safer because of the anti Semitism ACT in the year
he gave reasons, and here the reasons blah blah blah basher crazy. I don't I'm not even go. Tell you the reasons because researchers so stupid and desperate and and hubris that they had to go so far into like in non regular contributor least, I haven't seen his name before to find somebody who was willing to say as a jewish person, I'm guessing to say that an Anti Semitism acted wasn't helping. Are you kidding? You got a really try hard to find out how that's bad? Okay, if you, if he had been complaining about freedom of speech, there's a point to be made there, but not the way he didn't.
Lindsey Gram, as you know, is proposing that when the Senate gets the impeachment case, assuming that the house votes to impeach, the Senate takes it. I'm next the loser gram very much in agreement with my opinion, might not ask any witnesses and major sailors just vote on it. There's nothing else to say it's. It's a crack and just voted out of business. I have said that that's brilliant but it is to be paired with a statement that is really really brief and telling why the two articles in the pigeon are not even a political they're, just ridiculous. So I haven't heard that the Republicans plant do the brief statement.
I can imagine something like that are probably commandement. Now some people said: hey, hey. We want the Republicans to be able to call witnesses like hundred widened and Adam chef, and all that is we'll find out. All this new stuff and he'll be great for the Republicans. Here's a problem. Here's why I agree with Lindsey Grab once you ve won the case or made the sale. Let's say you don't wanna keep selling you never want to keep selling after them, clothes? Have you ever that phrase I use at once while never sell pass the clothes? What that means is that say yourselves person and you ve convinced your buyer to buy in the buyer, says: ok, I'm gonna buy this thing the moment the buyer says yes do not keep describing your product, because, if you keep describing it
There's a non zero you'll say something that will reverse the sale, but if you just shut up once you ve got the yes and you say: ok is again be checked Credit Card, and you just work on the transaction That's how you betray, and as the salesperson I would argue that, having watched the house grapple with the additional stuff that in terms of the public and certainly the Republicans, the Senate, that the sailors already made. They have already decided to vote against it because there's nothing there in their view, which I agree with, but if they call witnesses they introduce new variables and they allow the other team. The fake news to create new stories about it and all it does is create possibilities.
bad stuff. That happened sure. I know you were revenge. I look. I know you want to see shift squirming and further question. but I believe that you can be brought up separately. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Adam Schiff Curtis is the Son of water. or the or the house are now that works exactly, but I'm sure they can call and witnesses for anything they want. Then you have to have a reasonably good eradicate, I guess so shift. Could these still questioned in a separate process, but Lindsey Graham, is one hundred percent strategic, Oakley lawyer correct? He got it right strategically, because once once you have won just bank the wind so that smart don't allow new variables in. It's all good! So Lindsey Gram, smart, those who say, let's keep those going because
that makes the other two bad rule interview them and make them squirm bad strategy. Take the wind, take the wind, so Lindsey, Graham Smart hairs. for here, is so easy for us to get all wound up with our brainwashing. Now I've I've described in the past patriotism, And the feelings that you, the country, are largely the result of brainwashing, but it's a productive in good brainwashing In other words, when you send your little girl your kid to first grade and your kid is taught your put his or her hand of the heart. The pledge of allegiance and stand for them. I get all that stuff. Begins a long process of indoctrination and brainwashing
In order to have a strong country, you need to have a sort of a strong common core base, belief system, That the country is good and you know it's worth. acting and you should die for it all that So we do a really good job of brainwashing. Our citizens. But the brainwashing lasts forever doesn't go away. it'll when you're an adult you're, not less brainwashed, you're the result that brainwashing by you think that you're independently. You imagine that you imagine that you have independent opinions, but nothing like so here's the provocative thing I want to put out there all right. Your first reaction to this is gonna, be based on your brainwashing, so you gotta have a really negative reaction to what I say Baxter, but not because it wrong and not because you have a reason against it.
Just monitor this in your own, mind, monitor how you have a strong negative reaction to it and then separately look out. There are no reasons I hear this. Let's say Russia in influenced are election, given that the election was says, a future elect And so we don't even have to talk about twenty sixty, let's just say Russia or any other country doesn't have to be russian, could be China or somebody else. Let's say they do influence our election and the endless and because elections are always close. Your most of our elections are going to be close to fifty fifty because people, just the party, but let's say that instead of one sided Lou winning by was a fifty two percent to forty eight list. That too, outside interference and reversed the result
so that the winner had forty eight percent of the vote And the loser actually more votes. Fifty two percent is that a problem. Here's the part you gonna hate, it's not even slightly a problem is not the smallest problem in the world. It's no problem is not a trivial problem. It's no problem at all. Now, don't you reject that? Isn't your brain sank will, of course, as a problem. Are you kidding me that means that Russia or China are basically in charge of our country they're, the ones deciding who it is obviously gonna pick the one, that's good for them, and bad for the United States is terrible right. Well, let me point out
First of all, the obvious thing that the person who got the least amount of votes actually won the election. Do you have a problem that now, because it's called the Electoral College and we ve accepted that desert standard? So as long as the standard was met here, we're ok with the poorest, with fewer votes getting elected. But let me tell you this no matter, who was the one who had the forty eight in the matter which side at the fifty two reversing it still gets you to something like. half of the people in the country happy with how it turned out if half of the people, roughly speaking, are happy about the result, no matter which way it goes because it's close to fifty slash fifty who cares They do do you think, then, an election in which the result is about fifty fifty. Do you think that the people in
either side ray only now, which is good for the country. Obviously not we're just now that smart, we're, not smart enough to Now that the person who just barely lost versus the personages barely one we're not smart enough to know which one of those wouldn't be a better present. It would make any difference, at least in terms of, predictability. When making a difference, it would make a difference now come, but not a predictable one. So here's the thing of course. Of course we should try as hard as we can to get rid of all foreign interference, because we don't want the credibility of our elections to come into question. I'm just tell you that, in terms of the outcome, not that big a deal in turn, of how it looks, reveals the credibility of the system, all that stuff important and you need to do
that zero, but as long as our elections were president are always simply legs. Fifty you can't really make your compelling argument that the one who barely lost, turned into the one who barely one that somehow this destroying the republic? Somebody says, oh God, has nothing to do with this. Well, why don't you tell me, banks Johnny is what it has to do it, because I just told you have to do. The credibility of the system, etc. We all agree on that. I'm only compartmentalizing for a moment and saying that, he care really tell if the country is worse off. You can tell the European today didn't get elected. You can't. You can tell you're unhappy if he gathered, I lost the election, but you can't
Shirley tells that the world is better off or worse off, all right enough on that, when you still have President Trump's tweet about Greta Thunberg, you've all seen it by now, anyway, she's sort of gently mocked her and told her to Chill out in she has an angry management issues, but it was a pretty gentle brush back. I would call a gentle and that's appropriate because she's, not an adult she's, not there it is an. I just wonder, been right to go any ardor runner was to split. I. and how did the president's critics react? Oh pretty, predictably, crystal is a big Trump critical CNN headline of his article is. We should all be appalled by trumps, Gretta, Thunderbird, tweet.
Are you appalled this funny? I don't feel appalled. and I'm willing to say that if a Democrat made a tweet against somebody we may be on the right. probably wouldn't be a bald. If you're appalled by this, you need to seek help. You need to maybe get some professional help if the president's gentle tweet about Gretta Thunderbird, who clearly can take a joke because she she put the tweed into her profile immediately now say that her her handlers did that but obviously she would have had to agree to it.
I don't know how you can how this can by the use of much help and and solicitors making the point that is not a partisan position. The EU should be appalled at the president. Sweet, it's a moral one, it's a common sense one now, that's weird, because. if its common sense. Why can't I see it if its a moral position? Why can't, I said wizened invisible to me, isn't common sense post me carbon? If it's not common, snuck common sense, I would think I would have most of the carbon stuff. But to me it just looks like Good fun, honestly it and look like anything but fun. It looked like the president was having fun with a nod issue witches, whose times
the year has no importance to the world whatsoever. So the present just has a little fun with it, and then credits Unbroke has a little fun with little fun both of them get a little bit of attention. Does Grandison bird like attention? Well, I don't know she likes it internally. In terms of her told cognition of it, but I know is useful. Every time President of the United States talks about her. She becomes more important so and then there was a pad knows what you probably all, no bad knows what comedian, who tweeted President is a stupid anyhow, and if you voted for him, you're stupid a hole and if you still support years, do stupid day all and then he wrote. This treaty is going to make all the stupid animals not like me where now
remember what I said about. I feel as though you could divide the world up in terms of our people, think think about Trump, You you imagine, that is broken up into people on the left and people on the right, and you imagine that people in the right, like him and the people left out, but there's another filter on this- that I dont think can be ignored and pad mouse wall is a perfect example of it. I think people who had been bullied as children. I have a really triggered feeling about Trump because he is a bully. Now he's the bully that half of the country hired with complete and full disclosure that they knew exactly what they are getting because the president offered to bully
People that his voters wanted to get bullied. Other countries, China, ISIS Democrats they basically signed up to have a bully, do some blame for them. So I think that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have been bullies or were at best case, have not been affected by bullies. Who are ok, because they they just see a strong character, who can do some strong things that they need fear your Patton. What are the chances You were bullied as a child. Pretty I write everybody is not six foot four and ripped with muscles.
Has been bullied as a child, some worth worse than others, but I swear it just looks like a psychological problems. Now somebody said my wife called calls in the boy. I would say also that, in addition to bullying in the mail to male way, there's sort of a perpetual problem that all women have, if you're a woman, you can't walk outside without some some male concern? In other words, so you're going to get whistled at you going to be approached it's dangerous. You know, just being a woman in the world is sort of that sort of stuff, think so it's not exactly like bullying, but you certainly have had the experience. If you're a woman. I would imagine this is closed. The universal had the experience of was saying
I will do what is a powerful men, because that makes it sound like as a positive in some the men who have bad intentions, enact bad so whether you would call the bullying or sexual harassment or whatever else if as I probably so. I really think that explained so much of what we think is politics, because it so attenuated end of was seemed like formal behaviour some of his course where a lot of it is the fake news. Going people worked up, they'll suck my China, the present as tweeted that there's some kind of a positive move. It China Trade, deal. the the leak has something to do with
fifty billion dollars of agricultural purchases from China and baby girl tighten up on their stealing of intellectual property. Now that wouldn't be a complete trade, the elder other thorny issues, including sentinel, etc, and here a few thoughts number one. Let's the so called phase? One gets done this one sort of trivial in the sense that the easy stuff he notes that the authority or issues are holding out, but it certainly makes sense to me that if we we have ongoing relation Ships with them that are going to change right away there, we should optimize so make sense, that if we already doing this this kind of business with China that we would want best deal, we can have to do more of this kind of business at this.
sometimes I think decoupling is happening I mean by that is that it would be kind of crazy too. to make a new business with China if you're not already trapped into it so Jim Cramer has added directly now that our economy is so strong that we could walk away from China still been decided? I said Kyle Bass as important Chang says it. you're, saying more and more people who are associated with both left and right saying, maybe we can just walk away, but I don't think there's going to be a walk away or in comprehensive chinese deal. Neither those are gonna happen in isolation. I thank them Reducing deals will keep trying to improve things where we can that new business just won't go. There is too much of a risk
it would be humiliating and embarrassing and also risky business wise, so em, the I suppose this will be a test of the Dilber influence, because, if you're willing to do what is so easily marked by adults, What a cartoon you're doing business with your enemies, expecting that that's gonna work out well be a deserve. What you get and then because the China deal apparently is silent on the question of sentinel. I. I'm gonna do with withhold judgment this so called phase They are because, if all it is is YO a twig,
business this ongoing anyway, it is good for our farmers. Why not its goods from the farmers? Why not? But we have to decouple and the sentinel thing until their top Fenton deal. whose name they now who's address. They know whose face they know. They know exactly. Where is at all until China gills that guy, let me kill him mean actually executed until that happens, you can't really is. Serious about doing business, which I we are continuing to do business with them in the long run. So I think that we see hence that China's might be having a that issue some companies over there
to highly leverage to them. They might be in trouble in that might make things better, but there is a direction we positive. There were somebody's asking the comments direction. We positive, won't, checked, stop working stock market will tell you the seal to start work is doing today. I think the answer is probably up. Stock market is close to flat, but the edges slightly up and the other mostly other things they track- are up a lot or a little bit. So it looks like the market has decided that China, not that big thing. Now I ask you to check your Protection filters somebody says what about genocide, the others. I think the the weaker situation is continuing to increase invisibility
as is the one balloon, God that are using four parts: the killing the flu Gov, reportedly taking their body parts and selling them for transplants. So I can't see that China's reputation will do anything but continued to deteriorate over time. So China's movie, Pretty much everything is moving in the wrong direction. Now, let me, let me suggest a solution for Cavalry Ready, hearsay out of the box solution, not hunker, I'm sorry North,
here's, a North Korea peace plan that you did not seek up ready, goes like this. The United States declares peace and surrenders to North Korea in the context of the new north korean war. That, at least on paper has been going on for generations. They ready so United States declares peace uses formally that the end of the North Korea conflict is over. Maybe it takes us congressional. offer an we surrender to North Korea. Does he was going out there? We said in North Korea? Well, here's the deal in in return for surrendering does is not an unconditional surrender, its a conditional surrender, which is fine. There are unconditional, Sir
Europe, and there are conditional surrenders in both of them can work. So we say it's a conditional surrender and it looks like this. You get to North Korea, What do you have to wait for the punchline, because I know that the first part of the cells terrible to you but wait wait for the punchline is worth it. So he said in North Korea: it's a conditional. What we want is bill to monitor nuclear nuclear weapons and you can keep. Are you ready? I haven't got the good part yet so we end the war. Formerly we surrender to North Korea. We give them the victory. So while you when we can defeat
we surrender all. We ask in return as they you don't point your nukes in our direction. But if you wanted to play your nukes towards China,. We think that would be pretty smart, because China is your biggest threats and once we have surrendered and declared an end of my stories, perhaps we can be part of your defence. Against our common enemy, China, and looking at the common, one says absolutely not, and the others has also now. Some of us are you laughing at me. Using Skype. Scouts got China, North Korea, our partners,
do you understand that there are our his car. You stupid, bastard, Scott. Here's! What I understand do you think that Kim Jong and is more afraid of trump or president. She which one which one proposal which one poses the biggest risk to north Korea in the long run. In the long run, we don't know if it's China, but all that we can convince- and it is so Here's the thing, but let me let me boil this back to assassin's lots of smart people have said, and they might not be wrong. Lots of smart people have said that North Korea will never give up. nope, it's nukes, there's just no way will ever do that lets say. That's true is also true that they can't be convinced to poyser weapons at
The biggest risk, and not at all who just declared peace, surrendered. Maybe maybe we remove some assets from from South Korea snow, Jerry assets that may depend on other factors as well. But what, if we just say, North Korea, we love you guys. Why don't we just be friends, we surrender, and maybe you could help us protect against the the common risk that we both hold, which is China and Russia? Maybe I don't know how Russia works in here, but so that the whole idea bright boils down to this. If you believe it's true that North Korea will never get rid of their nukes, what's your best outcome, if they're gonna keep em,
well attacking North Korea is a terrible outcome, so we don't want to attack him having them continue to have nuclear weapons and develop them and put them in our direction. Terrible outcome. We don't want that fact. Keeping their nuclear weapons but agreeing to point them at their enemy instead of us, We might be able to live with that, we might be able to know you're. All of the options are bad right. If you only have bad options, you have to pick the least bad one. If you have an option that is both possible and better than that, I'd like to hear it because you may have an excellent idea.
what about all the starving North Koreans. Starving north Koreans would be fed if they have peace with the United States, because then the trade sanctions are off so North Korea Guess food. They get it. Keeps their nuclear weapons. They just have to work with us to point them in a different direction. That's all just in a different direction. Now I realize that the problem is that it's easy to reap retarget, you're nukes and if they ever got mad at the United States, they have all these nukes legged point in our direction, but isn't that true, great Britain too,
Great Britain has nukes if they ever got really mattered ass. They could point about us, but we're not worried about, because our ally, Israel, has nukes if they wanted to make a point about the United States, but we're not worried about it because there are lies. North Korea could keep Luke's if they became allies and what would call what would prevent North Korea. Somebody says Scott is not very bright. Well, you just get blocked. Then remember, I am completely up Are you telling me why the idea, what work so that's perfectly good, but Scuff library, bright, Scotty, so naive, is narrowly reason. What about IRAN's somebody says:
I think around looks like it's self. Solving it looks like a rands economy is, is going in such a bad direction and they've got a huge young population who is going to want their internet and they're going to want their capitalism? I think so I think not, I think, a random just just wait. you know I love. I love what the president has introduced. President Trump has was say he solidified way of thinking that we always had, but we'll used it periodically, and that way of thinking is. If you have an economic option, you just always use them
Yeah use, academics, first, military last, so less what the present is doing with the rand its economics First military last is what he's doing with North Korea we're not attacking north What's economics first and the beauty of this method is labor it this way, If you only ever, did economic sanctions rarely it's just in the rarest case, you would use them? I dont think they d is good, because if you only use them rarely looks just like war but If you were to say instead, the following countries are economically was say that they have a good business record. that you can say we're going to do all we can do as much business as we can with all the countries
There are reliable business partners forget about military, just business. If the reliable business partners will do business with you, don't care about your government or anything else. But if you're not a reliable part of the international economic system, you're completely shut out- and I think that's where we're having a think to a point where the downside of being a bad actor is just being shut out of the international economic system. So why isn't Venezuela rolled Venezuela rolled over yet I have some real questions about Venezuela right Venezuela Why are we here more about Venezuela? Didn't seem to you as a Venezuela was only the cusp of something bad or a good happening. There was something was gonna happen
and then suddenly it was not even than the news what's happened. In Venezuela. They stole eating their pets, how come ledges whenever the news, so you have to ask yourself: what's going on there almost out of gold? Somebody said maybe you are, I guess, our front of ease and other countries are propping lights just well. I wonder why. Oh, you go find out why just lost power, and I will talk to you later.