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Episode 759 Scott Adams: Schiff, Comey, Impeachment and More Fun

2019-12-17 | 🔗

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  • Michael Bloomberg Me-Too accusations
  • Adam Schiff townhall ruckus and his public speaking future
  • James Comey admits mistakes were made
  • Impeachment riots
  • What happened to Black Lives Matter?
  • Accusation: Scott Adams is a British globalist paid troll

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But but but but bone bump bump superbum. Above all, hey everybody combine in here. It said another beautiful morning in its time. It's time for this, I will tell you said: yes, coffee was got. Adams begins now. but the real phone begins after the sap and all you need for that is well a copper bognor, glasses, snifters, nine cello, staggered Thermos last Kantian, GRAIL goblet vessel of any kind fill it with a very lucrative like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure there.
The dopamine here the day. The thing that makes everything better simultaneous up here comes up. Oh yeah, I just I just unleashes the tiger within, doesn't it around, Just like that, recycle Nelson stuff. so in the category of perfectly predictable, let me tell you the most perfectly predictable thing in the world like Bloomberg, is being accused of various frat like
I will say: male behaviour was the best way to set sort of me to wish Canada situation over the course of his career. now do we think those things are true or do we think those things are false, well, no way to know, but it certainly predictable that we're gonna hear of some Reich duties, there was any chance that a billionaire at that age did not have some me doing in his background any chance now now, really there was no chance, they had nothing so so how bad is it true? Is it are the individual accusations? True, I have no idea, but we knew that there would be accusations. The what let me tell you what's what is accused of
his queues of, among other things, one of the accusations. That specific is that there was a woman who worked for Bloomberg. I guess got pregnant and then she alleges that Bloomberg says, kill it, and then she said what he repeated killer. meaning aboard the baby, now do you I think that really happened. I'm going to I'm going to say if I had to bat gun to head Scott, you have to put a bed down, did MIKE Bloomberg ever say to pregnant woman? You have to kill you see this, I'm gonna say now now there may have been some conversation about the pros and cons.
Of of terminating a pregnancy, that kind of happened maybe possible, but do you think he actually said that I mean really I'm not defending my bluebird. I have no idea what he has done or what is not done, but just on the surface of it does that pass. The sniffed test it does not, which doesn't mean, is false because we cannot tell. But if you can ask me what sounds credible on this, surface on the surface, it does give us a little bit credible. Here's some other quotes which have been attributed to make Bloomberg, which I think you have to take with the grain of scepticism. Here's
He is allegedly said I'd like to do that piece of meat. Speaking of some attractive woman, apparently quote I'd like to do that piece of meat. Do you think the Bloomberg, or indeed any man with an education ever said the sentence? I'd like to do that piece of meat? Maybe maybe
Thirdly, and then the second one these accused of is that he said to somebody. I would do you in a second in his hands. Like sounds like I was a witticism based. I whatever was happy in the conversation, as opposed to just out of last field bell. Do I believe that my Bloomberg or any other male who has been in business for many decades, would have ever said to a female colleague in a list? looks like this was probably a joking situation. We don't know tat the context, as any man ever said, to a female cut colleague. I do you in a second yeah yeah, as probably happened about a million times, not defending it, and- and I give european nothing is good or bad.
I can imagine situations in which the people know each other really well have a history of joking. Exactly in this way in which the woman witches because it might, you know part of a million things. I've said to each other, each of them just as bad. In the real world, women say things just as bad as ban by the way you knew that right You know that the women say things that are just as bad as the van right. So is it? Is it possible that microbrew could be in a situation in which everybody, both the men and the women, were saying things that would be deeply inappropriate by two thousand and nineteen standards, but in nineteen? Seventy, whatever didn't seem that different cuz everybody was doing it. Men and women
could he said. Do you in a second as part of a joke with people he knew well? Who knows we have no way of saying, but certainly have to look at the context, no did. He have some reason to think that the people there were just like it was a joke. It would mean anything you don't know, but it was very predictable that you will give me dude, and I would imagine that takes about when you you, you can imagine a republican getting me tubes they President Trump and survival, but she can't really imagine a Democrat surviving through the prairies with a big old me to thing hanging over whom I would also expect relative terms. Dire ever got some got more attraction in those words of his pull numbers
up. You would almost certainly see accusations against him. I'm not saying that they would be true, but don't You think terms, tire because he is old enough he's been in business long time. Don't you think there be some accusations against him again and I say he's done anything and announcing any accusations would be true, but wouldn't you expected of you shall expect them. Did you see the video of Adam shifting the town Hall sues doing a town halls The topic was an armenian genocide. I believe that was the topic, but there were some from supporters who went there and started shut shouting
liar treason liar and caused a big, a big ruckus and they were there were shown the door, and I thought to myself: that's twenty twenty right. Let me ask you this Adam Sheriff, lied about what was in the secret information that he saw, endeavoured newness and some other people saw before we did and he stood progress. The world eroded then he repeated ad, and he lied to the world about all the things that we now know he lied about? He knew he was line. He knew that the impact that lie could be to overthrow it. Illegal
elected president? I can do the stakes, he knew what he was doing and he knew he was lying cuz. He couldn't do not know everybody looked at the same document, so I'm trying to think of anybody in my lifetime. I think technically I was alive and maybe a baby during Mccarthy. One was Mccarthy. Look the Mccarthy hearings leaf fifties. I forget, but I dont know that any politician has ever done anything worse to the country
Then one atom shift has done, can use o used. Eighteen, fifty four again, I was before us one. Can you think of an example? This is an obvious question on his question, who in was say my lifetime warriors, who who exactly has done something worse to the country as a politician that Adam she can you make some suggestions, so we were not good account, Mccarthy ages. He was before my lifetime. Somebody says Bush
If you go to weapons of mass destruction in the Iraq war, you would be right. You would be right. I dont know if Bush lied about WMD is thus not clear that he may have been just wanting to see what he saw, but you there's no doubt there's. No doubt it was a mistake, the Iraq WAR and the Wmds. We know that now, but it might have been just a mistake. We don't know of Bush was actually lying. All north, not really Obama, was advising the FBI and say and CIA that's pretty bad, yellow spree bad. Ah. Well, I guess we are quite a few were suggestions here
all right, but I would imagine that Adam Schiff will never again and I mean never again as in not even once I doubt he'll ever be able to speak at a public event where there won't be paid is there shouting him down and calling the liar and accusing him of treason, because here we we live in a country where that sort of thing happens, like you think of a better reason for that to happen, so I would imagine that will happen every worthy goes from now on. they twenty twenty is gonna, be lips. As I said. Rudy Giuliani is making news again, barely has documents, he has documents that are good, approve one thing or another. I'm not gonna really talk about. Indeed, What Rudy claims he has because is too vague at this point. Does he really have something
Does Rudy really have the goods they have documents to prove people liars and there's some bad action going on there? Maybe maybe I don't know, but do you think that Rudy would have done what he did, which is go over there and everybody in the I was saying roadie. What are you doing? Even the president's supporters were saying: Rudy Roadie, maybe it's time to come down. Rudy no you're trying to help Rudy maybe a little less help be good right now, so, even though even the people who support the president and certainly the people who doubt I think that everybody would say Rudy Parodi, maybe stop doing that Ukraine investigating that maybe now's the time maybe now. This is a good time to stop, but it keeps going why. Why would somebody as
Smart and this experienced as Rudy Giuliani, keep doing something that literally everyone in the world told them to stop doing. I can only think a one reason, while two reasons, if you imagine, he's crazy, if you think he's, if you think he's mentally incompetent or crazy or something that would be reason, but I don't see that mean when I listen to him talk, he doesn't look crazy domain. So the only explanation that baby is not the only one, but the one that makes the most sense is that he knows more than we do that he knows more than we do so tell us something to keep an eye on, maybe not maybe not we'll find out, but the best explanation for why is doing something that everybody says you shouldn't do is that he knows.
More than us, so he knows there's something there could be there. I will find out. James call me emitted in an interview with MIKE was that there were mistakes made by the FBI and they were terrible mistakes and he feels really bad about it. I That was the best place for a call me because he could no longer say there were no mistakes and he could not take responsibility because he was the boss, so I think he had to do this so in terms of commies strategy, probably made a lot of sense. Do finally just say: ok, there were a bunch of mistakes because ass the least bad thing. We can say about him if you, if he, if he goes right at it,
and he says hey. I was just a bunch of mistakes or process wasn't good. Then it doesn't sound so bad as occurred out No, I don't have any reason to believe they called me, was personally involved in a coup attempt, but it's early smart for him to get out front and frame it as a bunch of mistakes and in confidence, and let let me let me just stop in every once in awhile, you get into the details and you lose sight of the bigger picture. I want you to back out for a moment just laugh. I look at the bigger picture. Have you noticed the people there go after? The president, though, have good outcomes. I dont know what could possibly amuse me more than just
call me who has been one of the biggest critics of the president having to defend himself from the accusations of treason and his best defense is gross incompetence on his part, a happy that enjoy that President Rob S been YO demonizing. This guy forever turns out. There are good reasons for that, and now commies best play Not look like use of evolving was with us and to make it look like he's not involves was simply that would be the death penalty. I think, treason his best defence as they. He personally is massively incompetent and did a terrible job if you ever get a chance to destroy your enemies
The phase that you'll enjoy the most is where defending themselves. By trying to kid and you that are not really evil they're? Just really really bad at their job. Likely after enjoy that you have to enjoy that, but we are still still grappling with the question of whether the mistakes on court were intentional, where they are part of it organised conspiracy? you. Were they individuals acting within the realm of their own bias. I think that we used, you still have tooth hypotheses the fit the evidence, so the evidence
so based on what we know so far before Durham tells us more obviously, Durham knows more exceed disagreed with Horowitz, but we don't know why. So at the moment, the evidence listen that's available to us would support the hypothesis that there was an organized conspiracy, but it also fits the evidence we have. It is also Fitz. There was just a bunch of people with Trump Derangement syndrome who maybe couldn't really see that what they were doing was so bad at the time in retrospect, as they look back on it with some with some distance, they probably looked.
Than their own actions. There's just guessing you. I don't know what no idea, what their thinking but are probably look worse to them now than it did when they were doing it, because it's not that unusual for poor people in a big organization to cut corners is not unusual to act on bias, but it's different. If you think you tried to do the right thing, verses, trying to do the wrong thing if they were trying to overthrow the government, and it was just because they preferred their candidate when is just as they were, to keep their jobs or any of those things. Well, that's pretty pretty evil, but it could about the other thing. somebody says naive, naive, naive. I'm gonna block you for saying naive three times.
That's one of my red lines. You can I remind you that you can always say you can always say: what's? Were you disagree with, but just saying your naive Scots we'll get you blocked, as you just saw a cave in mind. I dont know that I ever t explains the fact that I'm saying that there are two parties that both the evidence. That's just a fact right now is perfectly fair for you to say one of those is way more likely, in my opinion, for all these reasons as fair, but is also fear that they both hypotheses footing
Haven't, even if you prefer ones wrongly so, we'll find out from Durham you no one. I wonder that one of the things about this whole from collusion.
call me FBI this. This whole story is is complicated and it takes a long time to to grasp enough of the different moving parts. They can start to see it as a whole, and I was actually just getting there a morally just getting there and when you see it as a whole, unless the way that Bill BAR explains it, if you like a bill bars explanation of where we are at a really really bad is wave is way worse than I assumed would be the case for most of the time we ve been talking about this, so my by current opinion has been
having between is it just biased people acting biased raises some mask and spirits. He where people really do have to go to jail for ever that NATO is moving closer to. This looks like something where people have to go to jail for ever now we're still waiting for the involvement or non of Brandon and clapper. To me, I think if there's a conspiracy. Those guys are probably part of it. But if Durham looks roundly says no, there's nothing going on. It's just a bunch of people acting by us, but you know some of them. I have to go to jail because they were so biased. They do something so bad, but that wouldn't look the same is organised. Harrison if this organised, there's gonna, be a leaner, so well, we'll see
Durham knows that is Larry Charles who you might know as the director of brat. You might know him as one of the early creative people and writers on the Seinfeld show any my also know him as Michael executive. record of the short lived Delbert animated Tunisia. So I know Larry one of the greatest guys in the world in person. Your politics aside, Larry Giles is just one of the most beloved people you'll ever made, and I would concur with that, while some guy, he has been saying some provocative things politically, and one of them is predicted that there be
riot. You have trouble is removed from office any if he's impatiently doesn't leave. I guess ed. I thought to myself, but that's true if, if trumpet gets impeached by the house and then the Senate, no matter what the so called trial looks like if the seller votes to say I'm just a bunch of bs, we dismissals, I think there could be rights because Anti. I was just looking for reasons the riot right, so I think that's fair to assume that no matter which way goes. It would be right now if tribe is impeached, but the said it decides not to remove from all,
us. Yes, I think Dolby Riots, Anti followed by writing was let's go the other way. Let's say there is impeachment, and then the Senate surprisingly removed, decided to remove from from office now they'd have to have some new information Khazars, nothing at the moment. The suggests there would do that, but suppose it would there be riots remind me of their baby and when I was talking about the atom Schiff stuff, where the tribe supporters were we're disrupting, he has public.
parents. I was asking myself what would it look like if Trump supporters ever got mad because, as happened right, I mean transporters YO complained about this or that they complain about snow snowflakes and social justice warriors and blah blah blah. So it's not that everybody's in complaining all the time but mad as different being actually mad you're, not just politically mad, not yelling at your at your television, bad, but actually mad mad, as in a citizen mad. What would happen we haven't seen it right. I think I think them.
or would be pretty high for Trump supporters to start violating the law that a massive way saw the way anti phones. I need the borrowed very high, because transporters are typically not inclined to go out and great violence over politics is just not something that's natural to them, but there are some points that it can happen, but, but I dont predicted, have you noticed that black lives matter disappeared? What happened to black lives man? Why were they such a big thing around the time of the elections and the inauguration. What was the last time you heard of black lives matter now, keep in mind black lives matter. It wasn't in one city there, they were national. There were a lot of big places. What why are they disappear?.
Does anybody have a theory for why they disappeared? Yes, the funding stopped. The funding stopped now was black lives, better funded by american entities or foreign entities, the foreign entities? So I can't prove that, but I have a good authority, but let's just say that I talk to somebody who believes he knows the answer that question and said with complete, certainly that it was founded by foreign foreign money, so how'd you like to be going after
President Trump, for allegedly, you know trying to influence the election using another country, Ukraine, Russia and whatever how'd you like to be making that argument, while at the same time, what are your biggest protest groups is funded by a foreign entity. So I have a feeling that funding for black lives better disappeared, because it would be politically inconvenient to be funding something this affecting the elections like that, I see what else we get, so this is fun. I said yesterday on periscope that it would be fun to interview.
John Mcafee, founder of Mcafee antivirus stuff, who is, I think he is wanted by the is wanted in the United States for something and so is living in another country, but he's running for president in the United States, which will be difficult since he can enter the United States, but he's one of the most interesting people in the world, and I asked People if they like to see me interview, it, took all of one day for user Mitch, Roderick who might be on this pursed up right now. I Mitch to tweet at Mcafee and ask him if he'd be in my periscope, then Mcafee responded with the email address to schedule it, so I just email them. This morning I emailed the address to see. If I can scare
him, sir. We may say that that would be fun. Only Mcafee is on my very short list of people that I really want to talk to us, because I can't imagine it will be boring. Somebody tweeted today that I've got atoms and a british globalist paid troll. So there's actually somebody who is smart enough to write sentences and use twitter, who has been watching me and is determined from watching me that I may
a british globalist pay, troll good, take good, take came. Ah here's the funniest comment from church humor use talking about what rules the said it would have for the impeachment trial should come to that and checks. Humor wants it to be a real trial with real witnesses. With one exception. He says that the Hunter Biden shouldn't testify because it would turn The process into a circus by do you think there's a chance in the world there s, the Senate has a process that allows both sides have witnesses. Do you think there's any GS honour by won't be called to be with us. Oh hundred by he's gonna be called to be witnessed
So is Adam chef, so, ah, well, I could not be more entertained by any this, but it seems like I think we know which direction is getting. You know. I don't know if these at it will ultimately have a minute is gonna, be tough call if they have witnesses, they might do a better job of show your bad. The other side is, but the other side will have their witnesses to. Maybe something will come up that didn't have to come up and could be bound for the president. So if I were the prizes lawyer, I'd say, cut your losses, justice vote. You don't need any witnesses and just treat it like it's a ridiculous process and it hasn't met the even the minimum standard of being credible. So you don't need a trial just vote on it, just wipe it off the table and say
I'm sorry. It was ridiculous. We can't take it seriously but of course, people that would complain that they subverted the system, but they're gonna complained that way. The way says we outlined I tweeted out this morning. You ve seen it before, but it's the transcript of the fine people
comments from President tribe and what I suggested by tweet is that you printed out it keep it with you when you meet with your family, for Thanksgiving just happened in your back pocket or take a screenshot just keep it on your phone and it and I've met you this before I think last year, but it never gets less hung in the task. Is this when you're a relative source complaining that Trump there's a big racist, ask him for essence, for example, and then when they mentioned the fine people thing which they will you say, hey well, let slip see exactly what he said. Could you read this read it out loud see if you can get somebody who believes that the President called the NEO Nazis, fine people see if you can get them to read and allowed to you. That's the key see if you can talk them into reading out loud, the entire thing, including the the death sentences.
where he says I'm not talking about the way nationalist and NEO Nazis, they should be condemned totally. Now here's my prediction that you won't be able to get any of your relatives to read it out loud to that's my prediction: if you can you get another, some cognitive dissonance is really fun and then they're gonna start saying yes, but there weren't any people there who were fine people if they were marching with racists, and then you say, but the news is already reported, New York Times, etc, and- and I personally you could actually use me- I personally of interviewed several people who attended the Charlottesville event and they all had the same story that there were marchers the NEO Nazis. There were eighty five m,
This is the important part. There are all kinds of other people who are not marching and we're not antiphon. There were there for their own reasons, some pro some against. So you can use me as an authority. I haven't reviewed those people and I can guarantee that there were lots of people there for their own reasons, because its America and there's no such thing as a big protest without lots of people there was. Completely different ideas from each other, the saloon normal thing in the world. In fact, if Charlottesville had been the only time in this country, when people only had to opinions,
Nazis and Anti five note, and there was no third opinion: that's not impossible its America. You can get that many people in one place and only have two opinions. That's not even the thing you have all kinds of opinions. If you have a big group, its America dammit, we got different opinions, here's question for you, the press is reporting you pricey. A lot of this is the end of the year people like to do these statistics for the year. and so apparently, Trump is now up to according to the fact checkers who don't like him over fifteen thousand lies since he took office. Fifty
thousand lies. Now. Here's a test for your relatives. Relatives can you name any one of the fifteen thousand lies the damaged the country. The way they shifts lies about the fire, a process in which he said everything was fine and the steel dossier was an important that all of it was just completely lies with which of any of trumps. Fifteen thousand lies was as bad as that. One one lie by ship: give me an example: was it when he lied about the size of his rally? Crowd was it when he lied and said that its the best of employment in fifty years, but it was really only forty yeah we're which, which lie? Was that the wonder was damaging, and I have said this many times, but it's worth report repeating before you go talk to your relatives that
There are different kinds of political lies. Some of those lies are things like what you do in the future than you know? Maybe they won't some of those lies or about how bad the other side is, but they're not really that bad. Some of it is about how good you record is was not really good. You left some context, those are normal political lies and the president present fifteen thousand apparently, but why shifted, which is reading a secret secret documents that he added just two, and only the only those special people in Congress had access to. He wanted. ere he random, then he told the public the opposite of what they said. At the same time, Nunez was telling us accurately what they said. So it's not even like we didn't have yet somebody to competitive what is worse than that? I can't think of anything. We're
I can't even think I can't even think of anything this close to kill. You give me an example, so I will say that sheriff. it's gotta be if there were any kind of award for the most corrosive worst politician in american history. He'd have to be there. All right? Who would be a worse politician in terms of effect under in the world? Then chef? I guess you said a bush before because of weapons of mass destruction, which is not a bad points. Now I will hear your comments so Said Harry Red Java Garthie here became maybe.
So, what's your first shifting voted out of his office because you will have some competition this time. Let's somebody says: what do you think she's lies about getting back. What he lied about was the whole Pfizer process where he said it was.
Done correctly and that the steel that the steel Darcy was not part of that decision, and now we know all of that was untrue to body also Greece's, suddenly AIDS and trencher. What did quenched I do have I discuss the Afghanistan papers I haven't, but here that fits perfectly in the context of what I'm talking about with their different kinds of lies. There's one kind of lie that year,
that will always tell you. So you have two can be treated as you may be sure that at a normal lie, one you should expect so they should be different than other cause lies and yes, Jennifer who Barboza is running against shift this next election and I've offered to help her, because I think shift needs to go so we'll talk more about errors is near near goes on, but yet so seems that our military government, who was lying to the people of the United States, about how well we are doing in Afghanistan, but is unimportant because do we have a history
of we always lie to our public, about our doing militarily, just show like businesses as usual, because I am not aware of any time. This is just personal, but I am not aware of any time I thought we were winning in Afghanistan, so if they were lying about how well we are doing in Afghanistan, there wasn't lie that registered with me. You didn't register All people are asking is Jennifer Barboza, a Democrat she's. Not she is an independent so should be running as an independent, apparently there are more independence in that area that there are Democrats or Republicans
somebody's ask about the b S garden, Christina Video, that's coming. We have recorded it. So Christina interviewed be number of topics, including my book and we're looking at it now, but the lighting wasn't quite where we wanted it to be so we're trying to decide now whether we can adjust delighting in post or maybe not posted. They wanted this one to be good quality saucy, but it is recorded. Somebody says, did I know: Black lives better and pirates disappeared. At the same time, that's funny it's not true, but it's a funny comment. Can I play the piano like Christina now I can't I don't think many people can play the piano like Christine again. She does seem to have a special
All right I'll talk to you later, that's all for you