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Episode 761 Scott Adams: Shampeachment and Coffee. Mmmmm-Good.

2019-12-19 | 🔗

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  • Impeachment: What are the Democrats hoping to accomplish?
  • Dingell humor
  • Pelosi attempting to minimize the impeachment vote damage
  • Impeachment Definition: A political dirty-trick of no importance
  • Tulsi Gabbard’s smart high-ground maneuver
  • Pelosi’s schoolteacher “shushing” shut-down of the cheering
  • What WASN’T perfect about the phone call?
  • A persuasion trick: “nobody is above the law”

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But I'm put up a bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody commodity here, it's time to talk about, share beach and yes, and when you talk about your impeachment anything better anything better than the simultaneous up. No there is that and you can enjoy it simply by grabbing you're a copper. My glass snifters Stein, jealous tankard, thermos, flask, kantian, GRAIL gobbler vessel of any kind fill with the favourite liquid Coffee with my impeachment join me, they're off early, parallel pleasure the doping to the day, the thing that makes every share day better the simultaneous up.
He appeared await hold on hold on hold on. Try that again, there's something wrong. Did you notice that there was an impeachment vote last night, I'm all confused out cuz. There was an impeachment vote last night, but this morning my coffee tastes exactly the same. How is that even possible? I was told to expect horrible horrible things. Everything will change with all this impeachment stuff. So I don't know if you noticed, but.
The president of the United States, the most powerful leader in civilization. Retweeted me this morning, which I said: if the impeachment shit, you must acquit, that's right, the one time he decides to Retweet me is whether, for a letter word so we're we like our president, though I have to warn you that I'm back on some meds pherson nasal cavity problems, so I started taking predators own again, and I know from past experiences that it could have a mood stabilizing effect- and if you look over here, you can see that my printer well, you can't really tell but.
I printers blinking and not working? I can't tell you how close I was to throwing the printer and a second story window on pair, scope, so you can enjoy it. I mean that literally I picked it up and I was ready to throw out the second. Ray window, and then I remembered I admire the doktor told me yesterday that the presence of labour- why caused mood swings so Let me tell you the only reason that my printer is not already lying in a hundred pieces on the sidewalk below my house is numbered. My doctor told me you know you may want to watch for these mood swings. But man do I want to throw that out a window so much you can't. Even imagine it. I mean really do I really really want to throw out the window and about him.
In a bad mood. I'm just medals didn't give me the copy I need so now I look bad see. I've got the the glow of my screen that I must look out for my nose. Instead, I will talk about the impeachment. As you all know, the Senate voted they share impeach, but I think we need a name for it. When the vote for impeachment, and it is completely partisan, Should you call it in impeachment? Moreover, half punishment is a sham pigeon If only one side is doing it, is they Masterpiece are they masturbating? I think they're masturbating because start affecting any fails and I think so. You saw the video of representative to labour and others laughing and joking and being so happy under way
impeachment and one of the one of the things that idea I had to wonder is why is it was hard to read my so you're speculating what other people are thinking? But what is it that the Democrats voting for impeachment and the Democrats were who are supporting impeachment? What is it that their hoping to accomplish, because by now they figured out it would be bad for reelection right? You think, there's any democrat at this point, who doesn't already know that impeachment he spent will only make them lose. The presidency maybe lose the house. They know that right because everybody everybody is talking about it, it will be hard not to know so they know it's gonna be bad for them.
Of the election and they know that they will actually be able to remove the president and therefore there is no benefit in terms of save, the country from his future crimes. What what is left right? It doesn't help them politically that has to be known by all at this point. The poles are sharing it, etc. If it does not help you politically and it doesn't even help, you avoid the imaginary future crimes that they say he will commit. What's the point, that's an actual serious question literally. What are they thinking? I dont know here's my best guess just speculation. We cannot read mines, bankers Knelt there, as the the sure, the default assumption, because all the other assumptions don't make sense, if not for the country
it's not for even selfish purposes and getting elected. It's gotta be to feel better. When you saw the video of two lab and laughing and dancing and so happy that she was gonna, go vote to impeach the president. She knew it wasn't going to remove them from office, and sheep probably knew because Everybody else knows that it wasn't even gonna hurt him in the election, my help it. So why would she so happy? The only thing I can think of is that they believe that it would make him unhappy and that they're trying to hurt him personally, they feel bully, they feel like use a monster. They feel like he's lashed out with them. Sometimes personally, but don't you think. That we have come down to a psychological problem?
No longer a constitutional question, really it isn't it's not political question. Anymore, really is not a legal question: there is no crime alleged There is really nothing left. Accept people acting out to try to make themselves feel better in a situation in which their shilly helpful. The doomed. So that's a right now, I'm up. Two other other explanations, but it feels like it. It's done for a completely emotional reasons like up like a blanket. So the the champagne is more like a sham while one of those little towels, everything still the same, but I feel better. I feel better with she had well Rouge Beach, but I feel I feel
It s always left market within noted that it is twisted. This policy was fairly advised by left Wing Harvard LAW, Professor lords tribe, to delay suddenly appeasement to the Senate. So she is unilaterally sitting on the impeachment I tweeted to be fair Pelosi sitting on the impeachment is halfway to wear that impeachment needs to go right, murmur, birthright upper ass. Some talk about. So it looks like we're going to find out if Democrats can get Trump reelected enshiu gum at the same time, because that's what they're doing.
So further doing a good job, because the Democrats are succeeding in getting Trumpery elected and their chewing gum. I guess they can do two things at the same time, so by name Vladimir Putin, who, in with its opinion any Vladimir Putin, says that impeachment was for a court, made up reason.
He even Lattimer, even Latchmere Boon is laughing at impeachment, calling it a made a brazen. Of course that's gotta make people think well. Food and drugs must be in bed because there are, on the same side, is vision because that's how them we are. We just assume that the world is that simple there. So it's funny day because a lot of tweezer hilarious today now somebody tweeted yesterday, and I think that if you had the same experience, if you were switching back in the channels last night between CNN and then the present. Reality was that the weirdest thing in the world, because when you watch the president's rally, he seemed relaxed completely on bothered funny laughing having a good time. Looking for
the reelection, the crowd loves. It is nothing, but if one night and then you go over to see it in and they're all solemn has day farther Republic Wade? What, the President say about representative degaulle with the general over the job, but above up up up up up up up up up ha ha ha. Back to see other raw. We are marinating in our own face a is So the
Two movies are: one screen was quite stark, but watching the tweets after the fact was, just as there are just as one so. Here's one for Irma, maybe Rhonda Periscope right now, Robert Kaliko. He had this treaty, said the Democrats have managed to turn impeachment into a struggle into a strongly worded letter. Basically, they managed to take this. This very important constitutional thing, appeasement and turn it into a stern warning. Don't you do that. There is another funny. Tweet
from Katy Yankee, I think it was in response to a tweet. I bid asking whether the Democrats, who are only doing this, so they can feel better end and Katy tweets in narrator voice narrator, but it did not make trump feel bad and it helped with the real action for some reason as funnier a narrator voice, but it did not make child feel bad. It only helped him when the reelection, so that was good. I know what you want you want me to talk about. You want me to talk about President tribes comment about a representative dingle how to talk about this without seeming like a bad person. So I'm just gonna go out and sell. It sounds like a bad person serve, you didn't see, it is really one for the ages
and if it had not happened on the same night as the impeachment is all we'd be talking about. So the background is a representative Dingle who died earlier this year. February, I think he was ninety two years or more than he was beloved by both the Democrats and Republicans, and he was from this again and ass worthy the president was speaking his wife Representative Dingle, so Debbie them Dingle is the wife and president from tells a story about how she came to him
even though this is she's gonna vote for impeachment, and she did that she had come to him or her husband, died and ass for the full sore estate treatment and present trumps Eddie. He gave gave her the ape plus treatment with lowering the flag of everything, even though we didn t too, but he showed what a good guy was and then she goes. She goes ahead and votes for impeachment and, as the present as the president is talking about her husband who died this year, will like this year he died. He said that the events of the day or she did, that I fear one of the men who said that he was probably YO looking down on this day. The president quipped, probably without thinking about it,
much he goes or looking up. In other words, if the President joke the Debbie dangles, recently deceased husband might be in hell now I'm not proud of the fact that I spent ten minutes crying at my desk. You just crying. I was laughing so hard now again. Let me point out:
the joke is now what he said. The joke is not. That is Winnie. That is, he bade the joke, always maybe up there, but maybe it is that there is. Is that is not the joke. Is the fact that he said it at all and knocking defendants, because you don't defend that kind of comment, but that doesn't make it less funny. Now I get that are probably wasn't funny to debating goal and her family or anybody you Found the deceased beloved, I get that, but I can't change the fact that it made me laugh until I was aware puddle on the floor. I can't change. Let us I'm just describing what happened and here's the thing. Of course.
All of the all the proper people will will be they'll, be outraged, they'll, be outraged his prisoner edge. Let me get my Dell beard. How can the fragile and say let us allow Red This now raid on, look at me all. I raise our age first of all Debbie Dingle probably cares, and the family probably cares, and maybe some people who really close to the departed. They probably care everybody else who says they care They're just liars: nobody really cares about this. The sell this bad joke.
What I say bad I mean hilarious but inappropriate, which is what makes it hilarious now was legal context. Debbie Dingle just voted to impeach the president and overthrow an election legitimately in my opinion, because I this is my opinion, I don't think the impeachment process was legitimate, and I think the fact that is completely partisan is strong evidence that so, if you're Debbie Dingle and you just participated in essentially in the illegitimate coup attempt trading, It is here that the constitution, the Azure fig leaf you're kind of a piece of shit, you kind of r, and if the presence of the United States gets up and for the public and calls you Alfred
a piece of shit when you're being a piece of shit that very day, and he does it in the worst possible, insulting inappropriate. Disrespectful way, I'm not gonna care a lot. I get it. I get it somebody's offended, I get it. I just can't find the caring The care enough about them are so I love the fact. Words were Nancy. Blowsy is desperately looking for some way to salvage one of the worst defeats of all time. Here's here's! What makes it the worst defeat of all time, no probably help the election for a tramp and will probably help get more Republicans elected. So it's a complete
a complete disaster, but please yes to try to salvage something out of it. So the latest thing to thinking about is not sending over the you'd, be sure to the Senate. Solicit Senate. Can't slap down just put a cap on it, but people who are smarter than me, including Joel Pollack, was tweeting that tell the Senate can still still voted down without actually receiving. I think that's but that misinterpreting so the Senate doesn't actually after receive, although I think the constitution requires that date, they do, but they can just voted did you just say: well, ok, it's an earlier, so I dont know the policy has any real play there. I think she's trying to figure out how to minimize the loss, because this all bad, even though its postal supposedly good
now. Remember I told you, I told you earlier this week the trumpet changes changes every room he enters? So it's not the room affecting tramp tramp changes, the room, and the room is entering their oars impeachment and I told you that whatever you thought impeachment was a week ago, whatever that word meant you, whatever, whatever importance credibility. You put that word a week ago that when tromp was done with it it wouldn't even mean the same thing level. That the word impeachment would just change in our minds from this solemn, important, yo, most critical part of our constitution, one could argue. Ah it would change into just something ridiculous and he woke up this morning
your president, many of you voted for him. You feel that your presidency has been impeached at this morning. What is impeachment mean to you it just doesn't mean the same thing anymore: Trump completely changed what that word means to all of us now. It's just a political dirty trick of no importance. Just completely empty meaningless. Nothing it's like you got a tattoo on his shoulder, the sudden pitched assistance tattoo. It's nothing and, as I said yesterday of fissile character, does he's a bad boy if you're bad boy- and you don't have a prison record, we haven't been beach. Well, what kind of a bad boy are you so
he's got that known for let us talk about their tarsi governed, so does he gave it is the only person who voted presents all but two of the other Democrats voted to impeach a hundred percent Republicans, voted not to impeach in the house and tells him said that impeachment has to be a bipartisan process as and because this is obviously not bipartisan. It does not meet the constitutional test, so she voted present. She could. She didn't want to vote against it because she thinks the president made some mistakes. But she's not willing to vote for it? Because it's partisan and that's not what impeachment is now? I said it was the smartest play of them.
Here's why tell see Gabert is the smartest politician in the United States today, at least in the house, who are we talking about today? Well, president, tribe and policy, of course, but also we wish, which other, which other politician maybe Debbie, dangle for the wrong reasons, but it I remember rule number one of persuasion. You have to get people talking about you rule number one? There are two parts of persuasion. First, get all the attention, then there's all the technique of how to be a good pursuit.
If you dont new step, one get all the attention it doesn't matter. If you're gonna, step too, because nobody's gonna see it step, one get all the attention how'd, you do. Those are the two two parts of persuasion, step, one and step to how did she do and step by step one getting attention A hundred percent a hundred written it was the best get attention move. There was possible because everybody else was doing something predictable, so she did something provocative controversy, predictable and who are we talking about all day long? We're gonna talk about Tulsa Gabert, so that one dimension, would you agree that a home run just if, if we're just compartmentalizing, you don't have to yet have an opinion about the whole story.
Just just about one thing: will you acknowledge the she got more attention than other people and that's a necessary quality of persuasion? Ok, I think you with me now. The second part is that it's the high ground and maneuver? the high ground. Maneuver is when you, let all the people argue in the weeds about? Was it a perfect phone collar? Was it a slightly imperfect from call, but was it a crime in a distant eater? Was it was hi cry was it was Miss needed. What does bribery mean? That's the weeds we Swedes ways with if you if you're in the weeds. You're the small person in the conversation.
What would be above the weeds if it's not bipartisan? It's not constitutional. Does it matter if the call was perfect or not perfect, if it's not even constitutional, because the partisanship doesnt matter the details of the letter. Don't matter the the what the President did, Ukraine matters it literally doesnt matter because high ground it doesnt passed the first test. That is a bipartisan think. Chelsea jabbered found the high ground how many people had the high ground available to them? A hundred per cent of them.
Right well, this would only apply to the Democrats, but within the democratic world a hundred per cent of them had available to them that play and the play was I'm going to rise above this. Yes, I think the president is something wrong, I don't, but if they don't like to say that, as does a fair opinion and then rise above it only one person saw the free money lying on the table. Others somebody saying the commons free money. There was a big frickin pile of free money sitting at the table free money in the form of attention and the right kind of attention, because its high ground attention, it's not just attention for doing something. Dahmer stupider provocative is the high ground for protecting the constitution at the most aggressive way. Now, what did all of her detractors say to me today when I said it was a brilliant, a plus
they they said to me: Scots God, Scott, you friggin Idiot Scott. They didn't say that, but was implied. They said her vote. Voting present is the opposite of being brave. Is he sort of taking a stand. If you don't take a stand on such an important thing, you're being a coward and you're being wishy washy and you are not being a leader What people suddenly, to which I say? Well, that's about the dumbest opinion. I've ever heard my life. There were not to position. And you can vote one way or the other. There were always three. She found the third one. It was the right one because it got her all the attention and is supported the constitution at the highest level. You know the concept,
without the weeds. Not only was it brave because, she's being you castigated by both sides, it was very brief. It was the bravest thing you could do to take the least popular view. If she'll take it either a yes or no, if you half of the country would said we love you, she took the view that guarantees both sides are going to be pissed off at her. For now,. For now getting both sides pissed off at you, isn't always bad in the long run, if it also accomplishes getting all the attention
what President Trump does he makes half of the world pissed off we're getting all the attention and then he uses the attention as his tools and it works led than he becomes present. So voting present is the opposite of being on the fence. That is a very specific decision, with very clear direction about Why is the high ground? It was the right thing she took the free money lost the table. Nobody else did a plus for tools he gathered you're arguing with that. There's something you just not understanding. Does this one is a clean wind for her. In my opinion, see what else we gotta go in here. Did you see the funny clip of Nancy Blowsy, shutting people after she read the results, or was it the first to be
good thing. After the results, I guess it was, and cheering and policy was reading it and she did the the schoolteacher like you're, just a quick little look and trying to shut down the cheering. I was trying to imagine what It was like to be the Democrats when they're they're getting their fantasy, fulfilled of a successful impeachment vote. I thought that would be like and not only are they getting their fantasy, but they kissed show any emotion. What would it feel like to have your best day ever if you're a Democrat all? Finally, finally, we got the impeachment and you're not allowed to shout, I imagined, being an alarm car,
I'd with Eric swore well, when you have just the Mexican and Eric Sarah like keep it in Keep it felt like the same thing you felt like Eric Swollen long arrived from executed. Restaurant that'll be funnier when you think about it later. What else is gonna? That's about it. So there are a number of people who I we can sitter somewhat on the fence. Wishy washy, cowards and those are the people who are. I guess poles, Democrats and Republicans
sentence, but I'm a more angry at the Republicans, the Republicans who say that the president's phone call was very much not perfect, but they don't think you should be in peace for it, to which I say what part of his whole girl was not perfect it. If you make the claim the two phone call with Ukraine, was not perfect. What would be the reason that is imperfect, it is not so obvious to me. You can certainly say is imperfect because it cause the political problem, but that's not what people are talking about. We are not talking about that. We are talking about the actual you're doing the job of president that he did a wrong with that phone call
So was it a perfect phone call? I think I said let her answer phone call, but here's here's my take on it. Did he break the law in the phone call apparently not cuz, he even the impeachment. Don't don't allege that. Did he ask for something that the citizens of the United States will not? Yes, because we had a legitimate interest in Burma and but given the Biden was appalling high to be the next president, so as a top priority, because election interference or finding out of your next president has any kind of your blackmail potential or, I think very important top priority for the country. So as a top priority, the president did not break a laws. People last like wide. Why did you have to do it yourself,
which I say if he could have done it a different way as in just a sign into an underlying I'm pretty sure he would have done that, but in the real world off of the leaders have to agree for. The underlings will really take it seriously. So I assume, if he had other ways to do it, he would have done it months ago you only if the investigation had already been underway in Ukraine, because he, let's say, told and underlined the underling told the agreement. If it was already happening, he wouldn't have had asked for it. So he use a process that was the only process available to him, because obviously the underling process, I'm gonna work. It was something that was a top priority for the country. He either completely legally and there's not a question of whether used pressure?
about the releasing of the funds, but all the evidence says that Ukraine was even aware of it, weren't even aware of it and so a luxury matters because he would have right to withhold funds to pressure, he certainly has a right to do that and he said We had the right away. You know a few extra, However long of Ukraine not having that non lethal aid, as you know, maybe getting a invest, the Asian going on something that was a top priority for the country? Those are both really important and the president is his job to way those and say: ok, I'll. Let this go. If you actually weeks, because that might be the only way to get this other thing. If that's, what happened now, there's no evidence that the actual use that leverage, because Ukraine wasn't aware of it, and this naturally leverage if the people you're using leverage on or not even aware of it,
so I would challenge those who say that phone call was anything but a perfect, because I can't find a flawed, certainly a political law, but that's not what people are talking about. So where am I wrong? The only where you can turn that into an imperfect call, is by framing it legitimately and here's a rule for you to remember, if you free something wrong. You can get the right answer so, if where you framed it was digging up on an opponent went through a foreign entity. If that's how you framed it. Then the framing is the answer to the question like there's. No,
Thinking involves because the framing removes the thinking there's nobody who would favour digging under an opponent using a foreign country. If that's all, I was so with that framing you're stuck in their frame and what are you gonna do nobody's in favour that, but if you look at a more legitimate frame, which is, was it atop national priority, was it the president's job? Did he perform his job on a top priority in the only way that was really available for him to do it? yes, yes, yes, he did exactly what the country would have want now, if you're speculating air, but his real internal secret thoughts were that it was just all about winning reelection that still legal still perfect, still appropriate. The president has every right to pursue reelection through the process of doing the people's work.
As long as was the top priority for the country, and it was certainly a top priority for me. I can speak personally the matter, is also being done for selfish reasons, issues not relevant that's our process works. So what is the other framing the tea Democrats due to make you reach their conclusion uncritically desert? They continue to repeat, no one is above the law, no one's above the law and owns above the law, and if you accept that frame, then you uncritically accepted the president has somehow violated law and therefore, he must be must be dealt with but they're, not even alleging a law was broken, this new law alleged so every time they say he's not above Law do not even on the right topic.
If they have alleged that the president open a law that might make sense to say nobody is above the law, but if you're in a completely political process where no law has been broken, what does it mean to say is not, of the law. It is a persuasion track to put your brain and that frame, that's all. It is but it is very effective, your rights, its effective, because a sort of a bumper sticker thought. So I I tweeted out that no one is below the law either down below. What is really mean? They think as everybody is below the law, so it actually a sort of nonsense, but it makes you think, makes you think that
Do you know you get you can use the law to abuse somebody either funniest quote is one of the funniest tweets I saw today. I forget who said it but I've gotta ogre. Repeat it, because it's funny, but there's a there's, an F word in it. So if you don't want to hear the F word in a humorous context, you should turn your sound now. Here's the joke. Somebody said that The only presidents who get impeached are the ones who make the mistake of Fucking Hillary Clinton
because I don't let him now job, ok to use our back on so gay Sergei come on back, which is very clever, so we are certainly broken into these two separate worlds, and I think you can I feel it in a way that it just gets stronger and stronger. The entire trump world seems to be laughing and completely relaxed feeling vindicated really, because the fact that you couldn't get a single not even one republican devolve for it is all you need to know all you need to know. Is it not one republican?
in the house for this word now, we don't know where to send it will even vote. I'm guessing may well some point, but a sort of the beginning and the end of the story. All the rest is weeds. Does matter, Some of us who tried to eat somebody said so my son There were some poles said the Trump would beat anyone of the democratic challengers and then immediately CNN responded with a pool the sad that Joe Biden is leading. Some little confused where the Poles rat, but if it is true that the that the Poles have moved, The is beating every Democrat in the race
What are they gonna do one world? Are they gonna? Do I'm stupid question, any pardons today will be a great help to do some partners would because it will take all the all. The attention will have to go the pardons and, if it did, it would take it away from impeachment source, probably the perfect time to do so, if, if he pardoned Roger stoned for Christmas at the same time that he's gotten page became a perfect like if he's going to it. I don't know what the legalities are under no Phoebe. Even can I assume their federal charges right? You can be given clear, Roger Stone, whatever the league
Word for this it would be kind to the right time to do that because met metaphor is a special case. Manifold broke some serious laws, stone. It was a professional lyre who got call lie that doesn't feel like the same thing. If you're a professional liar and that's all you do, and everyone knows you, as you know what I think was at their Michael Tracy, who called him a fabulous. If you know the Sunday as a fabulous in words. They they spend stories continually. And you get you gonna jail for telling Alai. Well, it's almost like that's on FBI. You know it's like
It is sufficient to see their come again and I suppose Flynn would be the obvious one stone and Flynn pardons at the end of the year. If you're gonna do it. If you're gonna do, it is somebody says, exonerate yeah, so I don't know the legal tactic. All these, but if you're gonna do it would there be better time than the end of the year. The best year president ever had literally this might be the best year. Any president ever had a good day I mean is certainly
They are in the top top three already know. Who else would be close? It's Christmas and the news people are mostly on vacation and they want to talk about this impeachment. They don't want to talk about something else, yet they want to dwell on a little bit it's the time now, unless it is going to do it, but there will never be a better time then this week, if he plans to Which do Dems voted against impeachment does really matter. They were ones in in trouble for supporting territories. Yeah. I don't know, what's going on with Assange, I'm really confused about the whole story,
This is something going out there. They feel like we don't now. I feel as if there were some hidden information right, yeah, partnering, pardoning metaphors would probably be a mistake because he was a tax cheat and Hegira taxes. That means he calls me money. Men afford store. For me, And you, and if you pay taxes in the United States, because he was a tax sheet, so I'll feel the same about man effort as I do for somebody use national liar who got caught lying. I mean really pardon everybody, but current yeah. I don't think colonies earned a pardon, but I wouldn't complain if he got one honestly
if current got a pardon. It would really like everybody chatter, because people would say this is this. Trump signalling to people that they can break the law and get away with it as long as it's good for you, that's that's out would be covered, but I wouldn't. There would be the worst thing: somebody's asking better job Brendan indictment. Is it my imagination or by watching the wrong that works, but John Brendan sorted, disappeared daily? Can somebody fact check that and when it was the last time John Bread and appeared on camera recently, I'd like to know how this coming exonerate Tommy job Stalin,
How many challenges and imprisoning, whereas I thought he'd get out? That's all I got it. I will talk to you all later by female.
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