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Episode 762 Scott Adams PART2: The Democrat Debate, Imaginary Crimes, Holiday Debate Tips, Shampeachment

2019-12-20 | 🔗

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  • Technically…President Trump hasn’t been impeached YET
  • Sahara Sea Project
  • Democrats “toxic rage”

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You're only almost there, you need the final official thing, words just doesn't count and the legal system, and- and arguably this this case until they send it over to the Senate. They haven't met the minimum requirement of it being impeachment interesting, that doesn't change anything at all, but a circle fun point now, because the simulation that we live in love us it keeps giving us entertainment. The entertainment events. The most entertaining this week is a Hunter Biden. My face a court order to discloses finances because if it is protected, he soon with the stripper some strippers taken to court and might force him to produce is funny. She'll disclosures, so we can see how much money you got from Ukraine and I don't know some banker,
China, maybe now here's what's funny if it turns out that Hunter Biden has to publicly disclose his finances before President Trump is forced to do close his taxes, I dont know if all ever be able to stop laughing. I'm not saying is good, and thus it is bad and nothing they shouldn't both released information or not, either or one of the other I'm not even making an opinion on what should or should not be done. What is right or wrong? I'm just saying that when the simulation serves you up a dessert like this. Why my mom eat that deserve, because this is good stuff I would like to call out too, for the best me that I've seen it a long time- and I didn't have a marker on it, so I'm going to describe it and still show it, but somebody could tell me who came up with this is really
and it was a two part of what is a picture of trump and the first picture of Trump says said something along the lines of well. Maybe I can fight. The vizier who showed you wouldn't it because you have to see the visual to get the full beauty for beauty of it here think I can find a prick too quickly and it looks like Hold on hold on, I swear I can find this quickly here is some top is as stop calling me orange. I could barely said, then the bottom he's gotta thumbs up. He says
hashtag impeach, you someone, you read the word in page. It looks like I am peach, so the top is stop calling the orange hashtag. I impeach like this, and they thought damn it. It just happened. Member I told you, the trump would not be the subject of impeachment and it would change him. I told you the trunk would change what the word impeachment means, because he changes everything: things don't change tramp tramp changes on the things that happened, stop calling me orange hashtag. I am peach. Could you love that better? When we take them at a temperature of the sun? Maybe you can see a better service.
Stop calling me orange hashtag, I impeach. Let me seriously whoever follow that slow, clap, slow club. So if anybody- those who came up with that, let me know or give a showdown that deserves attention. I saw you saw the news that it was yesterday that there was missing footage of the outside of Jeffrey Epstein, said all the time that he attempted suicide? I guess that it be attempted at once. Allegedly then he succeeded in a different attempt and the video from the first attempt was missing in people. Certainly Scot. I know you think this is just incompetence and it's not
no attempt is real suicide. How do you explain this video that we use to her and now is missing, and I said still competence still? and today the news as they found the video so probably incompetence but, of course, the people who still believe in the clever murder scenario set or else deep, fake It's a deep vacant has been modified. That's why I went away for a while came back, maybe maybe care rule anew.
You have to see Ellen Dershowitz, Bitch, lapping Lorens tribe, on Twitter, with his legal opinion, so Lawrence tribe was tried to make the case that Nancy did. Nancy policy did not have to turn over the articles of the patient to the Senate anytime anytime soon, if she suspects that the said it would not give him a fair hearing, and so tribe, usually analogy of a judge, would adjudge convene a jury if the judge new for sure there's. A jury did not intend to hear the trial biased way. I think I think that now G Breakaway, the boy
As I often say, analogies or not point a part of reason, they are usually stupid and that any small person will just argue that the damage is not exactly like the thing and that's the end, the argument, so don't you it's just ripped apart. Laurens try analyses and says pretty directly as a domino Jake is. The better of allergy would be extra. Why? But in any case and allergies Robin Week, so watching Dershowitz rip apart analogies from a Harvard law, professor, whose analogy was just shit, I may just shit. You have to reject its explanation to find out about it was, but that was very fond of the sea.
Joe Biden in the debates you got the the one term question you nobody be willing to run and just say he was gonna commit only wonder now. He he said you know, I'm not gonna make their decision. Public budgets pudding they are there. There's gotta be really bad for Joe Biden, just the fact that even asked and for the public, so I dont know they'll have any impact on his pulling, but it was certainly a question that suggests the people s The question were baking: smart, reasonable, unbiased questions. Here's the funniest part Biden has decided that the main thrust of his campaign- aside aside from Orangemen bad- which, of course we all know- is
that the economy is not that good Joe Biden decided to to rest his chances of becoming president on arguing that the best economy in the history of all economies in the history of science- Illustration, the best economic here we ve had in approximately of scientists are correct. Thirteen the fifty billion years so best so binds gonna say necessarily that good, That's his argument as thoroughly that good does middle classes not benefiting enough now there might be true to that, but sounds like the worst argument. Anybody ever had going into election know the best economy we ve ever No now we know that now the others have worse. At least Biden is going into it with.
No more moderate proposals that you don't imagine would immediately Disraeli you're just derail the economy, but the the the other kids. Its- are saying that the economy is not that good and they're gonna make a whole bunch of changes that every economist would agree would make it worse. They might make it more affair. The things a word and Bernie hours are suggesting. You can argue that it will get closer to a balanced, fair situation if that income, inequality and access to health care in all the other, how you measure those things but I don't see how you can have a platform that says economy is already not working and their we're gonna do something that
Think every economist would say we're just decimate the gdp. Yet if you start making these big changes in the middle of the stream is going well, and start well, something fun. Have you ever heard of the Sahara Sea project? Apparently, for decades there spend this idea that comes up and goes. Way about building a. I guess. What would you call a canal from the ocean to the Sahara Desert because it s much much of the Sahara Desert is below sea level. So if you just built a canal which wouldn't be easy, but you could you could do it, you build a canal. You. Create a vast see ocean in the middle of the Sahara Desert and then get other humanity changes and you can have farming and all that stuff.
I'm sorry says it's too dry strive to utter, not enemies. So years, Leah, here's the idea so she'll Merlin. If I'm pronouncedly, right child or jail, tweeted out. Why was the heresy project ever abandoned and he noted that it could neutralize sea level rises? so would be one place than any extra sea level rise could be siphoned off into it, the way I thought the other does make sense right. If you had a big basin, the good substantially increased legal. Quantity of of sea water and distributed to a different place, that would actually be very good for minimizing the impact is of rising sea levels up now bad. It would also create mass area for agriculture. That's currently desert
no bad- and it would do you had some other benefit here too in a word to do something else. Good. Oh it'd, be just a great economic zone for Africa. I would add to that. No, he didn't say this, but I've heard this before. If, if you could take the hottest spot in the world, and probably the Sarah would be that for four large landmass, if you can cool off the harvest part should make a bigger deference to climate change. Then everybody doing a little bit on the places they weren't that hot first place. So those areas if you could make a big difference to the hottest place, maybe that's the biggest bang for the buck and one of the ways that cooling off the Sahara by Reforest thing it
their ideas about letting livestock just wander around on the borders, because, apparently, if you let livestock wander around on the border between vegetation and desert, they'll eats of vegetation they'll poop in the desert, you ten feet over the line and then, though, be seeds in the feces and grows so you can actually have livestock increase your vegetation and shrink the desert. So what? If you did both what if you turned it into a canal built a canal turned it into an ocean in the middle. The Sarah lets you livestock, wander around reforest it. You would actually decrease the power of it Atlantic Hurricanes occurrence, Lana Hurricanes are formed.
Because the temperature difference between the oceans off of Northern Africa and the deserts so desert super heart, the ocean is cooler. It causes the hurricane to start. If you could decrease the difference in the temperature is by cooling off the desert, a few degrees, it wouldn t much. You you're hurricanes, wouldn't have the same power. Somebody says they need freshwater. They need fresh water too. That is correct, but if you have ocean front yeah. You probably have some capabilities for getting a water them by you after desalinate, but it's possible the other day, I told you that the president retreated me. My tweets that was retreated was. Is this: if the impeachment shit, the Senate must accord
Very clever I thought, and then the president retweeted I've got a lot of attention. I mention it to my brother. They looked in the president's twitter feed animals either, and I said I just thought so I wouldn't looked at it. Wasn't there, so I think the president retweeted it and then deleted it later. I would support it a decision. In fact, I was surprised to get retweeted in the first place. I was supported because I don't think to present these afford. Let her words in his tweets. Even this present there's no reason for it, but the bigger problem is, as many people said to me by making the analogy to the OJ trial, it makes people think he might get away with something body still guilty like OJ. So, even though the the
The statement is clever. If the impeachment is shit, the settlements to quit is to take off on Johnny Cochrane. Getting OJ off with the club. Doesn't shit, you must equip, and so people said. No, maybe you shouldn't do don't compared the president. Oh Jake, is he got off? Maybe he should have so. My guess is that somebody alert on the president's stuff made made the same argument in between the fact that it had letter word in it and the fact that had an orgy reference, I think it was deleted. Something is the fact that that please there now and I would support that decision. So I think it goes around. Rightly I believe of then you should read today. Also, I will point you too,
Certain marsh. Nato has a great threat today on how President Trump has done more for nuclear energy than anybody, which means which Means President Tromp has done more to combat climate change, than any other country while another such you other countries are doing a lot of this way present job. He has done more than anybody in this country too, to combat climate change, and when you read martian letters, tweet thread, you can see that there is a whole bunch of stuff. The department of Energy is done under job and Secretary Perry, who is on way out, but he rebuild, for example, a nuclear fuel test facility. Now that doesn't mean much. Do you if you're not immersed in the stuff?
but what it means is that they are there now, for the first time to fairly quickly test a bunch of strategies for cleaner, safer nuclear. And if you don't have a way to test it, you don't you still have a way to get there and the Department of Energy built them. So that's that's happening right now, so that alone, if the president had done nothing else except approve that There would have been one of the most important things done. Do battle climate risk and, if you said, hey, there's no claim a risk. It's all made up doesn't matter, we still they clean energy. We still need clean, are clean air, so it doesn't matter either way, but it can be said, I think, with a straight face. The trump has done more to improve at least the risk
management of climate change than anybody in the United States. No president has done very much now now, of course, you ve got people like Obama, banning incandescent light bulbs, and you said yourself: well that's what about that? Well, it's not really a big deal because, first of all, you ve got the waste disposal problem. The new bulbs are harder to dispose of, but this love that big difference, but building a nuclear, a safe, clean nuclear capability to create general trade, electricity a million times more important than light bulbs this affair. A thousand times more important. Maybe million times more important than the light Baltic. There's no contest. If you were to be objective and say who did the most to minimize the risk? Because we don't know you don't know which way climate changes going south, you were still the scouts.
Go side, but you scholar, risk nobody's mordant minimize the risk, because he put in place the one you need the most robust nuclear energy testing facility. Seeing get a nice long Mitch, Legato had a great turn of phrase. He talked about the impeachment impeachment process and he spoke of the Democrats and Review of Trump Ass quote toxic rage. Toxic rage and spread it. Doesnt doesn't feel exactly like. What's going on, because anger is normal anger, then they political realm is just like oxygen, is just always gonna be there. People are the fight for theirs, I they get a little you get along,
ray etc. But that doesn't look like this. Does this look like people were just angry because are fighting for the policies that they like. It doesn't look like that at all Not even a little bit, there is not even any consistency you about that. This isn't what they want. It looks like toxic rage. Cause rage can actually be useful, ripe, angry people. I've done and if you're angry about an injustice. A little bit rage is exactly what you want to fight that injustice, so I'm pro rage if its use productively, but this does seem like toxic rage, doesn't feel like there's a benefit at the end of it, and I said this before that the Democrats were celebrating impeachment simply because it would make the President feel bad right. What would you call
that is the impeachment would make the GDP improve. I'd, say: well, ok, there's a useful rage, or at least somebody's making, an argument that it's a useful rage. Nobody is making an argument about this engagement. I mean nobody is making an argument that the impeachment, without the removal is benefiting the country I mean it's a pretty loose argument about. Well, the voters needs down. Ok, both it's just a week is, is more It seems obvious to me again: I don't wanna, mind read, but that's how it looks so I can only say for sure how it looks to me and how it looks like toxic rage. Let's just approved craze, I might use it unless I am for today.
And I'm gonna go back to beginning my big weaker holiday. Yes, for son birdies debate performance on his read a few comments you I didn't skip burning, so let me go back to Bernie. I thought birdie as others. Said suddenly, like one track pony, I don't think he had a good day. I think Bernie strong support, you didn't say anything that will eliminate him. So he just had an ok I'd be surprised if the rankings under democratic side changed, except that I would expect Yang to go up. So the only change I expect is Yang to improve the last the commander. Somebody
I think it might come out of them equally because I don't think Yang directly, I don't think he's in anybody's lame. Is he back to see update unless I missed an email? I haven't heard back from her So far this always gone. So I got Andrew Yang agreed to be on my periscope turned me over to his a campaign in weeks age, the media laws, and then they disappeared tools. He gathered also personally responded to me and said: yes, let my campaign schedule it they got back to me. Then we talked in that it fell off. They just fell off the table. Likewise Mcafee
You said yes and turn me over to his books and, like the other two examples, I don't expect I'm here from the book, so I guess it's easy to get people to agree but its harder for their people to think it's a good idea. I think that I'm just speculating here, but I would guess that, if Yang Tulsa, Gabert or Mcafee that I was the one who wanted to talk to him. I can imagine them saying I do that, but I can also easily imagine there's somebody on their staff will take a look at it and say you know this. One might be a little dangerous. It isn't. I don't think it's dangerous failure, because our idea, I would not be a jerk. I can commit to that. Luckily, the jerk hit piece you I just want to destroy. You in public
I just have no interest in that at all, so I will give them a totally fair hearing and I would try to make sure that I had highlighted their strongest points, but if you're the staff, do you believe that Well, compared to the other things the candidate might have done to schedule Workers are all over scheduled. You sit right, so it doesn't surprise me if the. If the staff of any of them say you know, maybe we'll prioritizes slow is mistake, is a gigantic mistake. Let me say this: if Yang Word tools, he gathered appeared on my periscope there there pulled numbers would go up. I think so. I think that I can actually make that happen because, like it, I could take them out of their political
frame and like is an unlucky trying to trying to destroy anybody on my periscope. That's not what I do. I'd rather do the best job I could of highlighting what makes them a good choice So whoever is smart enough to to complete the circuit and get on my periscope, you probably would not have a hundred thousand people at least can't you and have a more positive opinion, so that Sir when I go around today, Mcafee would just be the best bet. Mcafee would be full frontal, entertainment. From beginning to end. I would love talk at him. So I'll talk to you later.
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