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Episode 767 Scott Adams: Merry Christmas, The Simultaneous Sip and Good News Only

2019-12-25 | 🔗

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  • POTUS masterful handling of a possible “gift” from North Korea
  • Noah Feldman says impeachment NOT complete till transmitted
    • A clever partisan diversionary tactic?
  • “Cult 45″…confused leftists attempting to understand their world
    • The need to be right when facts indicate you’re wrong
  • Could Hong Kong end up taking down mainland China?
  • Did Greta Thunberg help or hurt the climate change cause?

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump jaw merry christmas happy holidays scuse all of you get to see all of your tyler erika merry christmas sir i know why you're here you here for the simultaneous if it doesnt have much if you'd like to enjoy the special holiday version of the simultaneous up what do you think you need
i'll tell you all you need is a copper mugger glass a tanker journalist i can't even juggler flask a vessel of any kind fully with your favorite liquid i like coffee enjoyment now for the unparalleled leisure the dope immediately day thing that makes everything better the simultaneous go best supper the week i gotta tell ya
i've been playing with my predecessor again not playing with it but doktor recommended so i have my sense of smell back only the second time in than a decade and that coffee smells really good luck i hope all of you were gathered round with family maybe opened your presence may be waiting for the kids to get up to betting on new types of so let's talk about a few things but it's all good news today no bad news today ok ok i think we're all agreed on that a start about other things that are funding going right north korea has promised day some kind of a christmas gift that some people are interpreting is maybe a missile test or something like that president trumps response to this potential of a christmas present so to speak from north korea is one of the best responses you'll ever see so remember it's all good news
so i am not saying that the president's never made any mistakes or anybody else's everybody mistakes but say we're just gonna talk about the good stuff and the way president trumpet handles korea i don't think you'll ever see better gathered there might be a limit you know what can get done how far we can go how safe things could be there might be some limits but the way sadly the so masterful let me give you this example so north is complaining in bender rattling their sabres they might do some kind of a missile test to shake a supplement
and one troop was asked about this yesterday or recently trump said quote maybe it's a nice present and then he said maybe it's a present where he sent me a beautiful vas as opposed to a missile test tom said i may get of ass i may get a nice present problem you don't know you never know now if you didn't know how the world works you'd say to yourself oh my god we have to get rid of this presidency is talking about a vas when when a nuclear capable country is maybe aiming the rockets in our direction why is he talking about of oz eyes crazy it's because he's good at this and i have said this in various ways but i'll say it again the trick is not necessarily to get north korea to get rid of all their nukes that would be great
but just as good would be that they have no reason to point them in our direction no reason to point about any of our allies and what europe is doing masterfully i mean just masterfully he's taking away the reasons you ve never seen this before think i mean i've never seen it in my lifetime i've never seen it but he go after the reasons before have you i can't think of any historical parallel to this at all no historians and maybe somebody else can buy he's literally taking away the root cause which is the distrust the dislike the need to be the bigger country taking it away by joking about it and i think it's completely working now that doesn't mean we're save for the north korea will do ducal arise
but the sitting here today i don't feel the slightest chance that north korea has even an interest even a little bit of it just in attacking the united states i believe travellers completely take about away right now the who does was happening with the sanctions are probably cheating so efficiently that are really need them to be so they don't really need to act desperate but lot of pressure and they don't need any that pressure because no why why would north korea put up with a sanction when there's nothing in return so right now north korea's punishing itself basically does the united states in the united states is already too near take them as a friend that there's no risk a risk of war totally willing to be as friendly as you can be with you the country like north korea
they just have to say yes another funny story more ufo reports over vegas now this may surprise you but these ufos i know this is gonna covers a big big surprise but is ufos we're not clearly photographed i now right when you used to sing you a thousand or so clearly photographed it's obvious what they are you can see the structure of the ship but weirdly these are just splotch ia bright spots in the air they seem to be moving fast according to people who don't know how to calculate things so i'm gonna make protection the we will not be dominated by an extra terrestrial force with their new technology i believe we will go another hundred thousand years of humanity without
seeing any actual extraterrestrials sorry i've been waiting for ellen dershowitz away in on this whole impeachment isn't impeachment is it not because italy talks i feel like i don't have a good opinion because i swear to god he ends every conversation if you have an watch this over the past few years scatter remarkable you'll see all the neighbouring heads debating stuff the on both sides and you'll be all over the place and then inertia which comes in and they just drops on the whole conversation he's done you read his opinion eager ok well maybe i should have taken his opinion because whatever the hell i was talking about doesn't make any sense compared to whenever he said areas
we met again so some american fleet to stories there's a part not about russia what's it didn't come from him but i'm gonna put it in with his story i dont know the author was but somebody on the internet yesterday twill granted opinion peace they filled in the blanks for something i totally did understand about the impeachment thing maybe you didn't either and it was remember when the democrats star lawyer a constitutional scholar type person said that the impeachment was not complete because at the articles had not been central to the senate and a of people said well that's weird how often do you get a democrat seemingly siding with president trump when in fact this particular democrat was chosen specifically because he was a anti antitrust stuff and then it comes out and says
the best thing the president could ever here which is the impeachment not official cars hasn't been transmitted so it's not real a lot of people said while its that's weird and it couldn't explained i could explain it either because we live in a very partisan world it didn't make sense to me that in this particular case somebody would cross sides with an opinion that was clearly for the benefit of the other side turns out there is speculation hypothesis that it was a trick it was a trick here's the track and this is using dershowitz is insights to explain it better but early the constitution has no requirement for transmitting the articles of impeachment the senate doesn't exist so there's
nothing in the constitution says you must do this step or the senate can vote on it or actor in the senate do anything you want because a senate has complete constitutional authority to decide what a trial looks like and how its how it is and how it is published they could do anything they want as long as the senate majority leaders on the same page so one of the things i can do is that the senate can without with the articles even being transmitted they can still vote on it they could have a trial they can vote on it they can vote on it without trial they could voted and after some what this is they could do anything they want so the set it as a complete power to just wiped the
the articles way whether nancy pelosi transmits them or not now here's support were feldman comes in feldman was trying to argue that the you do need to transmit them or else it's not official but that was probably this is the speculation by because we care realism i was the only issue exploration since the facts in a way that i can then i can understand and that was that it was a diversion and the diversion was to make this i believe that there was a step yet to be taken because of the senate believe there were no more steps that needed to be taken measures that could be taken but didn't need to be taken then the seneca just love and the senate could have already voted it away but the senate was also confused because our i think the senate was saying well
ricardo got to wait for the wait for it to be referred over here way is a little unclear the scholars are debating so i think feldman did one of maybe one of the most clever legal political tactics you'll ever say i couldn't diversion to make you think there was an issue when nonexistent so that you would be diverted and nodded vote on the way would be gone by christmas so i just put that out there as something i read not something i necessarily could tell you is right but this house right doesn't that isn't it the one explanation that seems satisfy all the observation the others nothing about what i said that doesn't fit perfectly i think so let's go well we got going on here today my book loser think end of the year or looks like ireland here as the number one the seller and police
you ever hear the kindle version of my book be the number one best seller and politically humor is not very close to being number one in the world but in that category where ethical believe blogs is not really a political book but it works really well meant zone as well you may have seen my twitter feed just moments ago tweeting round some various articles about major breakthroughs happened all year in cancer research is one of the big stories that doesn't get reported because this really a little stories and if you don't see the whole field it's hard to know that there is a big story so jake novak was tweeting round a bunch of articles as boring about what looked to be serious serious major breakthroughs in cancer treatments so it might be that the biggest story of twenty nineteen
was in cancer research but since it was lhasa little stories and you have to wait for them to play out maybe it takes a while the now but this might have been one of the most consequential years in human human history yeah somebody's mentioning that the president being aggressive with hiv medications to try to essentially eradicated in this country and others i assume so these are checked can take just gigantic humanity benefits and or to check in with you since a sort of the end of the year and this is one people do this about some things that many of you have participated with me
in the same magnify messages i think that's what we do best year on twitter is a weak and magnify messages that are good and debate things that are wrong and maybe that helps along in the long run but here's some here's some topics that i believe that the u you collectively and i made some difference now that does mean where the leaders that event but we're participants in boosting certain messages all year most of you were sort of on board with a lot of that here some of them one of the messages i think we successfully boost to this year was the idea of decoupling with china but strategically and others don't just walk away
do what you can do we got business ongoing business he might have to wine them down in a very long term situation but don't bring any new business over there that would just be crazy i think that that idea promoted primarily by people like gordon chang in kyle bass and some others and i've definitely join that join that message as well and i feel would you agree that the coupling idea is far more prevalent at least as an option in something in people's minds than it was a year ago now that the hong kong stuff makes a difference the weaker stuff makes a difference the organ transplant stuff makes a difference the trade deal makes a difference but yeah seize him yes go by i believe that we succeeded collectively because it doesn't make if if i tweet something as no power whatsoever unless there are hundreds of thousands
of you look he added and say yes i i amplify that message so there's another i can do on my own i can only tweet and you can decide to retreat and i think the the china message i think changed the world honestly i don't think that's i don't think that's too strong a statement i think that collectively we are part of what we're not the reason that anything change but we're partners this growing the influential message that the direction we need to go with china is a strategic managed decoupling overtime and that seems to be now drifting into the common i would say that's drifting into common sense where before i was thinking radical there was even a year ago think we think what it would have sounded like to say we should decouple with china one year ago does somebody were now think about how it sounds today
it doesn't sound bad is it because we saw that the trade war really hurt the economy listed in driving down maybe i could have been higher if things had been different here is another one as you know is march nadir and michael shell hamburger and others we ve been helping boost the idea that clean safe nuclear energy has to be a big part of the the coming whatever you know whether you believe in climate change or you don't it ends up being the same i feel as though then this would be a little harder the this might be confirmation by us on my part but i feel as though the national mood about nuclear energy is really different in the past year but i don't know if that's just my little corner of the world but it seems it now
some of the democratic candidates have come out and said full throw deadly yes nuclear has to be part of this vision and you see these the perry energy department saying yes were building test facilities for fuel were were very aggressiveness any see other countries and easy easy bill gates trying to get his generous four up etc i feel as though this is another category where we collectively actually made a difference you can get your opinion on this was harder to judge right think larder judge but it feels as if in the past year we went from some kind of full on panic twelve years we're all gonna die too drifting or the opinion that between the
new technologies for scrubbing co2 and the limitation of our ability to bridge builder predict things are a strong economy and the fact that nuclear energy is very promising at the same time the solar batteries and wind or getting more efficient i feel as if the all the smart people are on the same page now or it's getting that way now that the world is still afraid of nuclear populations oh but i feel i feel as though this decision making public as all drifted in the same direction that does mean we get something fast but at least the minds are in the right place one of the things that i wanted for twenty nineteen is for the president to declare the mexican cartels terrorist organisations
i understand i watched a clip in which no brandon darby was talking about this is that he is an expert on the border and cartels and works for a bright barked i've had a man on the spot guest before on this periscope air is probably the most as far as i can tell the most knowledgeable person about was actually happening on the ground and he said something interesting abner before witches that might make sense to designate a few of the cartels the mexican cartels as terrorist organisations but not all of them now i didn't hear the thinking behind that and i dont know exactly how that could make sense but because it comes from somebody i know to be sensible i'm going to say there's something in my knowledge that there is a gap i need have filled and so that there is some thinking that i can't validate as being agreeable with me at but i
agent probably ask is that you wouldn't do it all of them now the president has been talking about its other table so i would say that that is yet again another situ asian certainly with the sentinel situation wouldn't you say that we ve been part of productively persuading toward getting tougher with cartels i think so i think we can pat ourselves on the back for being part of the public voices that are in favour that another gigantic thing that i think we did this year in here all
color and especially of steve cortez and your pollack and in high all worked very hard in this for the last three years and most of you did as well which is debunking these so called fine people hoax now i have often said that the fine people hoax in that if your new to the periscope is widely been falsely reported that president trump called the neo nazis marching in charlottesville fine people quick versions if you read the transcript he said the opposite of that but what has taken out of context reverses as meaning so there been widely reported as a true statement that he actually did that while all the facts are unambiguously as clear as i can be that he said the opposite and he said it is clearly as you could possibly say no for whatever reason
the fake news and confirmation by us and everything else that became sort of i would say that the tenth pole that holds up the entire racist accusation against the president which of course all of his supporters are affected by his well it seems to me that we have made progress it seems to me it's really hard is is maybe the hardest hoax that has ever been attack the meat is one of the most resistant hoaxes boxes die hard i would however say that the number of people this year twenty nineteen who were exposed to the truth which is that
you'll transcript so they can see for themselves that the tenth pole races claim was just made up literally just made up and now if you don't want a tense paul references is a reference to if you have a big circus tempt there's one main pole in the middle it's like the important one so i think if people understood that they had been duped i mean really duped seriously do by the fine people hoax should soften them up to at least be open to the possibility that they see the other things differently and wrong as well so i think that's good i think we did good work on those things radials we did good work on
i see it the air and on hearing from a lot of people on twitter who got some benefits from my balkan is anyone in my books it before reporting that they ve lost eighty pounds that's that's you john talk to you people say that they ve changed jobs if a great their careers saves improves their social livestock has is that some feel good about that lotta people report again that that their lives of improved because by the dispersed offer my box
and if any of you have any success stories you wanna tweet it meet the speed with which to do it because i like to highlight three their stuff is very is very motivating to me to find out the somebody read something or took some advice and got a good result so if you like to share that al tweed rounded gardens i see somebody says i survive somebody says you have changed my life i don't ever right on twitter but will for you will take you becoming a certified hypnotists did somebody do that you're trying to invent an all i feel like i made a dent in the chinese sentinel story
but no no yet result so we don't see anything that looks like china actually cutting down the sentinel but our job supporters occult well that's what i call word thinking so you ve been seeing a lot of called forty five on the internet the idea that president number forty five present drop is gulf and that the people who follow him believe him because he is called later some side now if you'll notice a pattern here there's a pattern the pattern is that the people on the left was called only empty trumpeters consistently care understand their world you agree and so they're looking for reasons to explain their world they're trying to understand how they could even be oppressed and trump how he could have tens
lisa supporters it doesn't make sense and how they understand their world so under those conditions cognitive dissonance kicks in our cognitive dissonance kicks and you you come up with all kinds of wild explanations to paper over the fact that your worldview just has a problem there's there's a break in your consistency of your worldview and asked to fix it and so you saw it while he must have been elected by the russians and i mean must have been the russians goes no americans would do this then of course people had to prove that they were right all along and even though the president's progress seem to be pretty good economy nice is not the things he did they still had to be right so how can you be right about him being the worst president while the observable facts or that things going well well you you declared that he secretly erases tease secretly a dictator is secretly trying to take over he hasn't
listen you happily as bad thoughts and he has bad intentions for the future so you end up with all this magical thinking and weird stuff now called the called part is part of that field of cognitive dissonance patches these are things that people are trying to imagine to make their world makes sense you and i don't need it because our old made sense from the beginning right here here's where my world look like twenty fifty years it here my view of the world her there's all just standard boring politicians running there's one really capable super persuasive guy who seems to have every tool you need to win against all odds so my world was completely consistent because i saw guy with special tools used the special tools and get exactly the result you expect when the person with the best tools can peace against serbia
you don't have any tools so to me that seemed completely consistent next i assume that he would do well with the economy because he's a sales person and the most the economy needs more than anything is is a good cheerleader he said that he would be that good cheerleader and anyone who did it and he did it so well that it was exactly what i expected because of his toolbox i saw the tools and i said well there's a guy who could sellen economy and these are smart enough the other way he conceived the world is as us psychological engine and he knows that the prime the psychological engine he just ass to say here is a good reason the economy is going up here's another good reason cotton is going up and here's the key part it doesn't have to be that true meaning that the present cut a bunch of
regulations and he uses that is one of the reasons for why the economy is going up is that a reason or maybe they in some small way maybe not but it doesn't matter the president understands their when you say that item is going to improve and hear my reasons abc that's good you're done abc dont have to be that true they only have to make you think it's true and you think well if the economy is gonna be better next year i better invest and and that makes it a self fulfilling economy so the present understood that so what i got was exactly what i expected and predicted we are currently experiencing the identical future then my worldview predicted economy doing well isis defeated for all the reasons that the presidency would doing better
conversations with even our friend armies everything that i expected happened just the way i expected so you would expect their since my worldview was completely consistent i would have no triggers to create cognitive dissonance because everything was consistent but if you were a emptied tramper nodded made sense how could a crazy guy be presiding over a green economy how could it be that the commission has an already notice how could it be that he's not in the pocket of russia in all these crazy stop as other the cult accusation is just more that confirmation biased and cognitive dissonance kicking
but i did right in my book loser think that there isn't one called one called called quality there is becoming common for both sides will say democrats and republicans just keep it simple and that is their coats don't like you too communicate outside the cot and have you noticed there is getting harder and harder to talk politics if you're talking somebody who doesn't you don't already know agrees with you their sort of an accidental double called situation happening on the left and the right but is not because the called leaders is because the media and the way things have sorted out social media's especially just makes us less likely talk to each other if we think we disagree so in a sense there's an accidental called being formed to other just because we don't talk in the same way we used to talk
so good it is what are the good news happened this year then we had good news with isis we had a relatively good news about terrorism miracle it was due to just looking at your comments somebody got a job congratulations breaks it happened here i mean if you think that's good probably is the ran protest here will see if they re protest turn into something for them somebody had their best year real estate congratulations we had hostages least somebody's still no wall yeah but you know the president did get money approved to put it in the places where
to put it in the places where it makes most deference to see if that makes a difference space forests yes first step back there was in a red big shoot down last nice embracing the carpets i didn't say anything about them the news hong kong is trying to become the fifty first state here comes a big problem i don't know how there's gonna be here come gordon chang has been hinting at this for a long time and he's he's one of the smartest guys this topic so i take them seriously in the thought is that hong kong could end up taking down mainland china now my first reaction to that was asked not gonna happen is mainland china is pretty darn secure and pretty solid and hong kong as isolated the out it just
i didn't see how it could in fact the mainland but if i'm gonna doesn't give up and it looks like that might be the case that looks like hong kong might not many give up in hong kong may have decided you know you you heard me say this before one of the best pieces of advice and and ways to look at the world you ever see there's a real big difference between wanting something and deciding to have it because you act differently if you simply want it you might now put in the other sacrifice in cost to get it there's just let me watch but you can't afford it if you decide to get it then costs doesn't matter because you get you just gonna go online you gotta diatribe if you ve decided and is starting to look like hong kong has maybe maybe shifted from wanting more freedom and wanting china not to have them
power over them they may have turned the corner into deciding starting to look like i can't help because that's really internal thoughts he can see them from here but it looks like they have they ve up the level of personal risk to american revel ocean levels meaning that the founders of the american revolution they knew full well that if they didn't succeed in the most unlikely task against the biggest foe you great britain england adjust england they knew if they didn't succeed then i'll hang them they said that extra finally in their right so hunger is in the same situation if the it's the people whose fate i have already been caught on surveillance if they dont succeed
a lot of them we're going to hang you figured if we speaking they may end up in jail so it's not impossible as i sit here today it is not impossible to imagine the hong kong will change china i wouldn't say that a year ago but you see how plucky and determine the hong kong residents are there not joking when you have people that smart and that brave what can they do right because the reason that the americans one thee the revolution is that leonard all do you know you think the resources and the wherewithal but the plan he revolutionary army and its leaders were apparently very smart very brave if you put those two things together smart and brave and
and you're on your home court territory i mean there's a reason the taliban can kick everybody out of afghanistan maybe not the smart parts that much has by certain we brave if your brave enough you can't lose it seems you just willing to put up with enough laws so do not count out the fact that china might be in a lot of trouble next year and on com i beat part of it that might be of it shrinking commonly might be part of it so could be a tough here for china shaping up
is more stories about ukraine rudy hundred binding and others but at this point all that looks like stuff you should rely on to be true it so i won't talk about that stuff because i don't think anybody reliable yet but shall be fun i am the other stores pablo z etc so i do believe any of that stuff call me in britain well i'll tell you that i have a real say a psychological barrier when talking about brennan and clapper from the very beginning breton clapper have these faces and mannerisms and let's say
their exterior presentation and the words they choose and just body language and everything else they look like there the guilty of two people who ever lived now i can't tell if that's pure confirmation by us because in my mind i think they are guilty of thing or maybe i want them to be guilty of something and i'm i'm interpreting what i'm saying that frame totally possible but i've never seen two guys who look more guilty from the start i mean from the jump they were guilty and i would say that's not true of your call me out i didn't say that my cable if you look at call me in macao i said to myself well there are guys who may be their guilt maybe they weren't we can't help i look at you can't tell by listening to him
there's nothing in their presentation they just screams i'm lying to you right now he could be too could be not but when clapper and and then we're on tv every time i saw them i felt like the word lie wisley shouting at me why why why dont know why so this may be one of those cases where is just confirmation by us and doesn't mean anything and they ve done nothing nothing will happen as possible but if i had to trust my hunches if i had to trust my hunches therein for about twenty twenty but that is just a feeling
do you think gretta ton burg helped or hurt the whole climate change conversation i haven't weird feeling that she didn't help the way she wanted to i think it's great that she brings attention to it because i'm bringing attention to is good even if we determine we no matter what you determined about it focusing on it makes sense because its at least potentially a huge problem you know you might believe it's not but it certainly potentially one so i bloodshed focused on but i think the indirect effect of that is that the topic was associated with chile think about it when you think of climate change who do you think of your first people using
well there's a yossi you think a gretta you think of caprio was the actor seething overview actors but basically if gretta becomes the voice of climate change it makes the topics even less serious in a way that all think people understand now on the logic level the logic level you say oh climate change will hurt children more than a will adults because they have to be around for the about the children do so therefore it is a children's problem isn't a great that their say a child teenager who is achieved for another job at all make sense rights won a logical level i'll make sense but on a less than logical level where we all exist it looks like it became a santa claus story
or were a buggy man or monster under the bed because when you see a woman not a woman's a young girl whose literally still a child and she's the face of this year you merging your heads those things climate change a child's issue climate change something children worry about climate change let's start for adults about children now none of that accepts cause gretta was doing a an adult job to fix the doll problem but i worry that it backfire don't worry about it's just a question because remember where we are just as much influence by association as well as more more influence by associations of things thing sid overlap things that are with other things people photographed with other people people who said
same thing is somebody else somebody acts in the way that somebody else acted so just associations are very powerful and our mental map whereas sometimes common sense and rational logic and stuff not so much so i think the net effect of gretta is issue associated this potentially massive problem of climate change with something kids we're about may have worked in the opposite direction will see no either imagine measure like anything but i give credit i am typically i'm typically complimentary to anybody who gets in the eu the octagon anybody is willing to take these slings and arrows to fight for something that they think will make the world a better place if they really mean it i tend to be very positive some very positive and gretta for
stepping up trying to fix something now you can argue that she's doing it right or wrong where you could argue there's not a bit is bigger problem but i think you have to give a respect for staff and other in trying to do something the same as i say with all the anti jumpers are useless llanos my simple often i have complete respect for illicit mulatto even while disagreeing with eighty percent of the thing she says on twitter it's because she's real she cares guess evolved to try to make the world replace you i might disagree with around the details but do you want more i think you are more citizens like that not fewer than marry bilbil to hear merry christmas bill
tromp stole her childhood dreams subleasing so he says well scott turn you off you telling me offer what because i said i'd like listen llanos style will you just get blocked first block on christmas day yes i think we're at the at the golden age i believe we have reached the golden age yet i am here's my definition of the golden age so the old age is defined as a time when our biggest problem is not shortages that our biggest problem is that we haven't design
and systems to get those goods and services to every where they get go in there as we design better systems will unlocked the golden age but also looks like we're curing lot of major health problems and sarah so i also see that the the age of big nuclear countries threatening to go to war with each other just as make any sense anyone just as we might get to the point where i could easily see in the next five years whoever the president is less say his drum sitting down with putin and she and kim and wherever else and just saying can any of you think of a reason why we should be putting our weapons at each other because i can't give you can you think of a reason that we should be putting weapons that russia and vice
russia and china pointing them at both a dozen with them can you think of any reason for that i get together many reason all the reasons are gone so we might have with this weird major global shift the says war is economics and if you want to have a war it's gonna be an economic war because look adds that work those kinds it it is better than a military where i am in nineteen twelve people are saying it was a golden age too and then there was world where one but this time were writers potential invasion here i don't see any of the big countries nobody's gonna invaded nuclear country that ever happened are there any historians here as has a new we're power ever been invaded i don't think so
so the only thing we have left to fight over are the non nuclear countries i think we ve got enough for day i stabbed you open your packages have a great christmas and i will talk to you later
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