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Episode 771 Scott Adams: Confused Artists, Hoaxes and your Question

2019-12-29 | 🔗

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  • The Afghanistan war is a giant fraud…a HOAX
  • The Douma Syria gas attack…was a HOAX
  • Joe Biden’s subpoena position, above the law?
  • Impeachment…when the news stops talking about it
  • Artists (in general) seem to be more susceptible to HOAXES
  • President Trump should visit TerraPower, spotlight the topic
    • Bill Gates nuclear reactor design company
  • Viewers AMA

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody combining here it's time for a coffee was got enzymes got arms and you're here for guy an azure streaming in preparing you noticeable yes amar noise i make some of you are only to listen to this audio without watching the watch out it is to hear this this is be organizing my papers as well there's a whole industry of people who listen to all sounds like that to fall asleep true story called it s more but that's not why you're here no not a lawyer you're here for the simultaneous up at all you need is a copper bugger glass attacker jealousies time accounting jogger flask
a vessel of any kind filled with his favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine damn thing that makes everything better the simultaneous go ah ha ha ha ha the spot is right how many of you were now seven o clock yesterday get your little alert go running for your captain vessels and mugs probably a lot of it i hope you do do you may have noticed that because as the holidays all the just sort of stopped have you noticed that the only news they happened seems to be that way nobody wants you to talk about so as a jack preserving pointed out are the tweet
that in the last week or so we ve heard that the afghan the war in afghanistan was basically a gigantic fraud perpetrated on the mirror public because we imagine that we are doing something useful there probably we were just killing people in getting killed so so now has been revealed that the least privately or military didn't think they were doing anything useful whisper vice president trumpeted good lighter some reports say yes to talk to the a military enlisted people without the officers there so they get a real idea what was happening in afghanistan which what's the matter really good light i gotta say i haven't seen anybody question the report so there the report is the total is the generals at the officers to stay out so we can talk the people actually did the fighting get a real
a real honest unfiltered opinion for the first time but also we heard evidence i dont know if anything is ever confirmed these days you think you hear something this overturning something else for confirming something else you just never know but what both were hearing that the alleged chemical attack in syria that happened ass a couple years ago that president trump responded to militarily was probably a fraud how many of you remember that when the gas attack first happened there i am not alone there were a number of skeptical people said the same thing but i like to keep score i could give score when my predictions are right and when the wrong cosette give me an idea if there's some hannah predictions on good at uganda not the ones i tend to be good at
have some kind of element of persuasion or psychological blind spot i tend in now i haven't rigorously test of this but it does seem that whenever there is a psychological home and my impression which could also be off is that i'm better at that so when the gas attack happened i said well from a psychological perspective wouldn't it perfect sense for them to shake the attack because it would be easy to fake people would believe it and a good change that the fate of the war and its people who don't have access to a lot of different kinds of weapons and defenses than they ever pretty small set of things they can do and what are the things that they could is try to bring in foreign powers with fake stories so
if you read my book when bigley you know that i'm famous for saying that whenever there is situation where people can get away with something and there is a huge upsizing upside advantage and there are a lot of people involved in it situation bad behaviour will happen every time now the car i usually say that isn't financial the general rule is us there's a lot of money involved but let's say upside military situation the upside is that you survive in your site wins so whether there is a lot of money to be gained or theirs military victory to be gained or just levin there's a lot to be gained so whenever we have the situation looks like this there is a lot to be gained
the risk of being caught his small let's say the people faked the gas attack were did were detected no penalty you don't go to jail for that right is a war zone you can fake a gas attack get caught no penalty there's this literally nothing bad that would happen to you for doing so we get this enormous potential game which is your life maybe the light for your village you know if you didn't change the course of the work and its trivial to do shaking the gas tat turned out to be candid easy you just put some care sisters here you have some people say ah i'm suffering from something you fill
i'm selectively with your camera is literally the easiest leave everything and by the time anybody found out you had fainted the damage is done you you ve already created situation so here's the setup whenever you avenue enormous thing you the game you ve got lots of people involved suddenly some of them are going to have the bad idea it helps them a lot of people involved if there's only one person in the situation well you might get a situation where that one person is virtuous and they won't take thee take the opportunity to do evil but if you have a lot of people involved is guaranteed guaranteed the one of them is gonna say are you telling me that i can change this the war maybe there's no penalty and it's easy to do the eu should happen every time remember as soon as the year the turks
started taking over the territory for the kurds the most recent stuff immediately you heard stories of atrocities and immediately i said could be true but if the kurds or not inventing fake atrocities why aren't they is the obvious play somebody in that big current community is gonna say wait a minute if i think an atrocity could help and it could help a lot but if i got caught faking an atrocity no penalty there's no penalty at all in fact if we found out that some syrian or some third had faked an atrocity for the purpose of helping their own people survive i wouldn't you feel bad about it you know what i wouldn't even have a bad opinion to the person who did it does indeed let me say as clearly as i ask as i can
if you put me in their situation he said scott were made surrounded by enemies we might i'll die but you could do this faint gas attack scott my change things would i scott do a fake hoax gas attack if i thought it will work yeah of course harvey would you as war i enough about that joe biden has painted himself at the corner where i got painted for him and i sure but you can't not love the fact there at the whole reason the print will a big reason its presence being impeached is that he refused to comply with congresses
it refused to let his people go testify and now joe biden is doing the same or saying he'll do the same but he wants to be really clear that this is different and here's how it's different is different because as the sun s joe biden to testify which they threatened they would do that that would not be legitimate so it's different because joe biden in his opinion says that asking the president's people to test i would be legitimate so therefore as a problem when you didn't do it but joe says i of course i would comply with legal request as was illegitimate and it will be illegitimate they asked me to go in and and testify to which i asked the obvious question who gets to decide was legitimate because if joe biden yes to decide what
legitimate he's putting himself above the law i mean literally literally as liberals anything can be you can't you or literally above the law i mean not only distance above sense but in terms of putting yourself as more important of a decision bigger than the law then to say is your decision whether to obey it is your decision if a law is legitimate do we all get that do i get to kill somebody and say well oh oh i know what you're thinking yes yes i do berger my my neighbour that's true but you have to look out legitimately was i mean have you seen this he's loud is i'd noxious i'll get a yeah i get murder has to be illegal for most situations but can we make an exception
seriously have you met did you know my neighbour i think you have to say was bright legitimate if you knew this guy you deserve to get killed so dont be arresting me for this murder thing that here the gin eric law you don't look at the specifics the specific is sure kill them because he was annoying it's really annoying it was legitimate this time so joe biden has blundered into probably the worst of you could ever have which is this time he gets to override the congress so the law superiors the court's i'm is i don't know what to say about it except that is funny it's a sort of funny that he trapped himself so completely i dont think you will make any difference to anything because we're at that
point in politics and society were maybe this is a matter what you say or what you do or what you like i they get if it matters are you having the same feeling about impeachment that i am after after several days of being sort of hull they mode and the news just sort of stop talking at it does it feel they any other stuff was ever important have you noticed that as soon as the news stops talking about russia collusion and impeachment stuff i mean they stole the other they take a little bit but basically they ve stopped talking for the holidays then as soon as they stop talking it didn't matter think about that as soon as the news stopped talking about it it also start
bring in every way the anything can matter none of it matters is what it is all moments where he should step back and say hey wait a minute is the problem with the congress is doing the presidency doing or is it the way we talk about it does assumes we stop talking about it i know my life's the same nothing hurt me i'm not worried about something it's all fine every budget stop talk about so there's carry a lot of people predicted that after the holiday break there
the public would just be exhausted and totally over the impeachment stuff and the more they talk about the more we're going to get bored and annoyed with it and it's not gonna be productive not that it was ever proactive so i've been having this fascinating experience since my book losing came out incredibly successful you should have it everybody is talking about it i think everybody is talking about not everybody of course but a lot of people are using the quotes out of the book lotta people using the title in light of the concepts so it's definitely making a dent in the national consciousness as i but one of the things i rode in their sector that artists would have different world views and lets say economists your scientists and engineers are liars whatever
and that each of them might be great in their own way but unless you have a little bit of experience in different fields is hard get a really good view of the world and in particular i i've called out artists of all time others visual or writing more or music of them as being unusually usually obviously less capable of understanding their world now lenity is carefully again there are lots of artists are not all the same there are some artists who also take a real interest in less a critical thinking and philosophy and things and so they they probably just well rounded so in those cases their artists but there also lots of other things
the people who tend to get stuck are the ones who have not broaden their horizons and and so assumes that there took us firms but who have fully round in view of the world and they can have opinions anywhere but the ones who were sort of stock and artists mode if you will they seem to be universally appalled by all the hoaxes they'll believe that the fine people hoax they believe that the president marked a disabled man the norm and in some cases per se was say the persons an engineer and they believed wanted two things so you're an engineer and you believe that the present call the neo nazis find people so you say while i believe that i mean i sought in the news that's what they reported not just one news i saw reported on multiple new stations that the president
but if you're an engineer you just need one fact that you believe that will change your mind so you send the engineer the transcript you say oh here's apart they cut out they show you the first part the reverse is the meeting now you see the whole thing you can see that you didn't say that he said exactly upset you do that with an engineer do you know the engineer will say ok good point i have these other things complain about but you were done without the point made evidence evidence given none but that doesn't work with artists more often than not again there are less different artists but the correlation is today for example i told you before that all the professional trolls seem to have disappeared for nowadays you noticed that so the people would just come in and insult me or bring up some some hoax about
from the past nothing because trouble there all on vacation they're just all gone and twitter is become this kinder more gentle place so when people disagree with me this week because the professional trolls on vacation there actually real people and it's the first time you it's just obvious that the people who have been aging with me lately are real people with real jobs are not trolls and what i noticed is almost a hundred per cent of them who are disagree on the hawks stuff artists according to their own profiles so what are the odds and what is causing this isn't just lack of x in one case so there is an artist who is arguing with me that the president marked the band with the bad arm
and i said all she just google it and you ll see the compilation clips of the presence of using similar gesture from that's a different people and then you'll know what in context so you know that's likely not what he was doing and she argued and said well you know if you had a link for that you set it up like our eye i so i google it i sandro leg and then she looks lankans clear as day these marking other people with the same gesture and then she says but he was a little more animated and his is pictures were bigger when he was talking about them the man
the actual bad are when you talk about the other people it was a similar gesture but it wasn't as wasn't as a big to which i say so that these nothing because the cliffs show that he does usher in a variety of different ways sometimes bigger sometimes smaller is very clear you could see it throughout the club sometimes he would go back sometimes he go now so big so the fact that one of them was extra big doesn't mean anything one of them was gonna be bigger than the others so the credit while thanking involves from the artist is shockingly lacking but they seemed still seem confident here's my speculation my speculation is that when you work in the arts everything matters
that is to say if you are reading a novel and in the first chapter there was something about the hero of the story playing with their expenses watch you can reasonably assume that later in the story that watch will be important because world art weathers music photography writing you don't put something in the art unless it matters in fact art is about getting rid of all things that don't matter so when you look at any artistic world there is no such thing as coincidences zero engineered out you live in a coincidence free world when you're an artist or an you're trying to make it though the real world is all coincidence it's just
things happening randomly that you don't know while times not often since but its is rife with coincidence so when you see something like this very example when she says well is it a coincidence could be scott coincidence that what he is talking about the actual guy with the bad arm there he goes a little bit bigger in his gestures at a coincidence to which i say yeah that's how coincidences work that's exactly occurrences there could be no better example than that ass the perfect example of a coincidence but the artist s now there's gotta mean something because if it means something and so they thought they pull these coincidences into their world where everything mean something in his heart to get him off that but the engineer the scientist the lawyer they live in a world where coincidences are probably
incidents is at least as often as their meaningful so they're all on their along the alert for a coincidence being over interpreted artists probably that probably the opposite i say the hills happen a coincidence that the mai is it my imagination but now much has happened what is the best path for rapid u s development agenda for nuclear here's what i think it is so the energy department has already set up a test test site to rapidly test different nuclear fuels which would hey you closer to the generation for technology i think what we need is more leadership at the top
now what i mean by that is present in trump in my opinion and every time i criticise the president for not doing enough or or doing something wrong i like to call it out cause for some reason people can watch me forever and come to the impression that i've never sized anything trumpeted which has looked so completely wildly wrong that i call it out so i think nuclear is one of those cases now when i say wrong i mean nothing i believe that everything that trump has done has been really really good because trumps the boss he's apartment and energy has been quite aggressive under perry to helping to develop nuclear but probably not nearly as aggressive as it could be for example i always talk about bill gates and terror power what one of companies is funded is trying to build the new jail
they should not have nuclear energy and the main thing that they need is places detested now maybe they have that you don't baby the plan on that but i would think that the president of the united states be visiting terror power should actually take it and go there so that the rest of the country can be informed because if you can inform the rest of the country that is a good thing happening that technology eat existing nuclear waste and turn it into fuel is being developed i should just be a little blurb in our magazine they should be a little thing in the new york times a there's another technologies we think they could be good ones that should be the president of the united states the day off meeting bill gates and having bill gates walking around the test facility and then maybe do and a few more times at
new scale there are other companies in the business but the president has this gigantic spot the spotlight on anything and if he spotlighted nuclear energy here take the high ground on the climate change debate imagine being able to take the high ground on your opponents maybe one of their strongest arguments you could actually taken away from them so how could i not call that a mistake presidents bark rikers it's a mistake when you do something that's an error but is also a mistake when there's a big teeming obvious thing to do that would be positive and you don't do it you know if you're not taking the the opening this giving that's a mistake and on the nuclear stuff while trump has been i think a plus in terms of policy he's been completely missing an a
in terms of persuasion and it's a persuasion problem you know it doesn't help the country to have a good technical direction is there's no persuasion backing it opted to get me the policies probably pretty claim anyway so scott maybe you're just out of the loop what i dont know how that common makes sense because the loop i'm talking about is public exposure and i watched the news lot sir i doubt i would have missed it if the president was the loop i'm talking about is public exposure and i watched the news lot sought i doubt i would have missed it if the president was strongly persuading on nuclear power a heart himself a little the windmill stuff you know it
i worry about it is the people mock him for not understanding the windmills but if you see him talk about his drugs are facts about windmills this obvious he doesn't know about windows so it was a mouth about windmills pluses and minuses to build a rough on it here is no expert in green technology but he does nobody start well need does know that a lot of birds he doesn't know that is the wind is blowing you're gonna have to do something that was this big boats i think twenty twenty might be the the year the trump goes hard at it now there must be some political or other reason why hasn't done it so far my guess is that it just doesn't feels safe to do it maybe as a political strategy maybe the appalling you so
anti nuclear that maybe it just doesn't pay to be vocal about it i think that would be leaving the entire civilization of the world apparel if the reason you not talk about nuclear energy is causes politically inconvenient then earlier literally allowing civilization to be a risk for a political point that's a pretty big trade off can it make electricity the call promises totally about jobs and pushing hard coal while we still need it and creating jobs is actually i would set a respectable tradeoff even if you wouldn't do it meaning that letting unemployed people have jobs is pretty important and if what their cost
i would say a respectable and trade off even if you wouldn't do it meaning that letting unemployed people have jobs is pretty important and if what that first is one one hundreds of a degree over fifty years of extra temperature or whatever it is because american coal minors are the x the little bit of extra america coal mining that might happen because of job what's that on one thousand subtler degree of temperature over fifty years doesn't even couldn't even measured so if if as creating jobs and having a trivial effect on the and the world since the start of its nodded disrespectful tradeoff people
the jobs do who drops out of the democratic race next corey booker's can have a tough time holding i think free energy is the near future could be somebody said nuclear is net inefficient well depends what you mean by inefficient if you mean for the price then i would say that you can't the term that because the price of nuclear is if you look at it historically is all distorted by politics of the fact that the technology was legitimately dangerous in the beginning so you ve got a lot of factors that just wooden exist if you build smaller modular generation for
you can standardized apart you make them smaller you could have the engineering and approval of sort of canned says so that instead of starting from scratch on a new design for nuclear you know if you ve had a new plant that's never been built before even if it uses some parts of technology that exist is sold new plant so getting approval and then sign off on new technology for nuclear is just start to say you could possibly do but then the future is the small modular ones were once you have decided that one of them work you just build another were like it and then the second time the girl get one of these so easy much easier to approve
and therefore the car they cost will come wait out of whose good question from geishas cabin say i which topics you purposely manipulate nuance where would you saved manipulate the new ones to be persuasive of that question because i believe i i try to persuade on anything important so the word manipulate gets to intentions saw usually try to stay with my word so i dont manipulated for bad purpose by everybody communicates tries to communicate effectively that means emphasising this over over something else oh maybe always am not sure i can turn off
the just the communication heather emphasising what i want to emphasise and i should like to join that off by a danger question was built one maybe i could think of an example but doesn't come to mind we'll dilber dip into the political discussion and twenty twenty not in the democratic verses republicans sense but i might have delivered more evolves with topics so i've had climate change interfere with the with the dilber world but without making much about focal point just yet exists is part of the conversation mason someone overlap at some point
let's say giver laugh of course i do you see me laugh on here can democrats higher persuasion experts to catch their candidates will they have hillary clinton and barack obama both and persuasion experts coaching them and and all the political professionals should also be persuasion exports of a different type sammy as worried that you are manipulating him during the podcast well what does that mean is thy word manipulating that threat is everything off what if you just said that i'm persuasive what's the difference if you say somebody's persuasive you take that the evil intention out of it if you say a here manipulative one if you just persuasive because you can persuade in a positive way
yeah manipulation is not the right word because i guess to intention as opposed to the tool what is one online self promotion advice you would give a writer well some of the best advice i saw came from writers stephen king he wrote a book called on writing so ass the title the book on writing in one of the pieces of advice he gives which is spot on in my is that is actually easy to get published people don't realize this but if you decide that i'm going to be a ride or tomorrow and you've got a little bit of writing talent you can get published by the end of the week but where you can get published by the end of the week is it not the small local publication or maybe some kind
online thing that takes a guest artists or something something small then maybe you get a letter of retweet or clicks maybe be the local newspaper publications that all we like it give us another one c build up a body of work that you can take to the next level up now the next level up if you ve been writing articles for small newspapers might be larger publications might be blogging might be a guess blogger huffington boy you do is you just keep on creating a body of work that becomes you're ready for the next up until until you're a popular columnist and then a publisher says hey if you're gonna writing these popular columns maybe you could write a book so basically you take advantage of the fact that pretty much every writer get published is one of the easiest feels to break it
two is where does that sounds now it's almost impossible for any one person to become a best selling author that's hard but becoming a working published author very easy i was told a story back when i was in my corporate days big bank in one of my employees also supervisor one of my employs decided one to write in article four spreadsheet magazine a magazine that just did check some tips for people use spreadsheets he'd never written anything never been paid for adding anything hadn't been asked for anything you just saw this industry publication lisa i have some ideas that i should submit maybe they'll pay me so i worked with them a little bit he rode up an article it was not really good and they got polished they actually rewrote
most of the article and pay them they re railways bad writing because this idea was was fresh and i like the idea and then he said well i got paid i got paid for being a writer and it was actually pretty good money was like one thousand five hundred dollars thirty years ago and so he has paid is like well all right another one so i write another article it's also not that good they re right half of it but not all at this time it gives published he gets paid my the guy was my boss at the phone company saw me saw me succeeding with dilber he said i think i'll try to write a book basically random guy in a cubicle decides to write a book now what are the odds the random guy i'm cubicle my boss
who had no writing experience no writing spears whatsoever what are the opposite he would publishes book he published african buck is an actual book he wrote a book about his father had been captured by the japanese in world war two and executed and here he d had those story from the war crimes are records and stuff and we write a book about it was actually really interesting book no experience gets paid and the book did well enough i think that if he had had a sec look at him i don't think you did but he would have been able to read the second book sir is actually probably one of the most accessible feels you'll ever get into but only to start instead the bottom entry is really easy then then you have to build yours your way up
by the way the year the delbert twenty twenty counter ended the year as the number one calendar i think it is the number one calendar on amazon is ranked in terms of all books amazon and imagine emily books on amazon millions and millions of books i think it ended at the rank was thirty four sign of all the books and calendars there were sold on amazon the dilber counter was thirty four i think that might be one of the best performance is yet so thirty years the dilbert it has been out and the calendar just came in number one that's not bad that's that's got legs so he says well still uses calendars so their use was entirely as a gift item and something that people put on their desk justa
have a joke so i dont know that anybody uses a dilber calendar for the counterpart is moreover as moreover is almost in tradition people been giving it to their father forever only just keep doing so he says lucy uses one i'll give you some when hub updates after the the new year somebody says i love that you're so happy thank you i'm pretty happy any advice for five and artists let me tell you a story somebody s stop me in case i told you this story because i feel like i was planning to tell it maybe i did but i ll forget it so a few weeks ago i got i got a message from a young man who was who had been part of my was extended social circle
i'll be i'm gonna be a little bit nonspecific here for privacy purposes so as a young man who several years ago i had asked for my advice on what to do with his life he was smart ambitious but you didn't have a direction and so i started telling him my talent stack but now the idea was to start with whatever talents he had then intelligently pile on new talents until he had something strong and i said it was a sort of brainstorming what i would do if i were him if we switched places and i had to you my strategy but starting from his starting point what would i do i said i'll tell you what i do i would use he was a good graphic artists so we already had a base for the artistic mindset and i said if they also had a good mind for
technology and and other stuff so i said i would learn to programme and i learned to design a user interface because if you have artistic talent and you know how to design a user interface those go really well think up the artistic sense and the user interface design if you got both of those that's a strong one on top of that if you could actually if you could actually coded you get you visualize it you can visualize it well because an artist and then you could coded yours with a variety of languages so i said that's what i would do i would take classes until i do user interface graphic design and i can code it all up and everything i wanted and he so i give this advice
maybe i'm three years ago and i was aware that he started taking classes in that realm and he just eat just email me think was emu the other day i think maybe a text message and he told me that he won't let me now that he just got a job in the field with apple computer either user interface group now some of you understand what i just said for the rest of you let me explain it if you were trying to get a job in the field of designing user interface there is one place is the best place in the world and then there's every place else the best place in the world on a big innocently is apple computer day area user interface that's the job he just got
this was after probably five years of extreme poverty meaning that he was starving student living up living with grandparent ethnic and could barely make it to school like if he had car problems that they couldn't go to school he also he was just just scraping by here with physical resources and he put his talent stack together created a strategy and nailed it maybe so really gonna get inside if you're really good name one podcast you recommend you know i have to say i don't spend time listening to pod gas but i will give you feel that i can recommend anyway anything the tim ferris does
anything that the james ardashir does anything that your rogan does that would be a good start and not forgetting the people depends what you call a podcast anything that might certain which does is always interesting if you call their podcasting live streaming agus so those those to be the ones that i'd like it does byron your camera podcast if i were you i would say jordan petersen but i dont know what he's doing lilies scott tell the engagement story i will tell you the engagement story so the engagement story goes like this i convinced christina that we should open one gift the night before christmas and i had prepackaged packaging sisco
there was give wrapped but one of the candidates in the middle had been replaced with engagement ring so we should just opened one thing and i had already bought her her gift earlier sir a christmas gift was already taken care of and there was piano so she got a piano for christmas but it had already been delivered a month ago in so so i said for christmas itself i ll just give you some small so i kept ollinger to reduce her reduce our expectations for christmas day presence because it's just gonna be some small but of course the whole time i knew there's something small met the diamond ring so she opened up saw the ring i asked her she said yes and that's that's the basic store oh yeah the adam corolla
anything with doktor drew a great pot gas to somebody's reminding me here in the in the comments i think out of their role as one of the most popular party ass actually in the world how is china tried to economically punish you for your comments i have not i have not yet detected any problems that would be coming from china now like you said lie trolls or on vacation like actually literally on vacation and i've always suspected that maybe some percentage of them are chinese if you are china and you're trying to conceal all things in the united states then why wouldn't you you would have controls and you and assign those trolls too
various voices that you didn't like so that they can be kept down in an argument i haven't seen evidence that china has done that was that there are no trolls which just job out as being chinese agents or anything like that but baby maybe somebody's mentioning the sam harris podcast yo the samara spot gases always gonna be interesting that's actually i probably have listened to more sam harris than anybody else because he's always interest what's your view and societal pressure for a diamond engagement ring that may suspend two months salary you know all of this marriage stuff it's just a struggle because as one size does not fit all zero is struggling to figure out
ok i know what i'm supposed to do but aren't i different this is a different situation i had no agenda no agenda podcast excellent i guess i u want twenty twenty predictions well i made some predictions at a wonder rework those had you not proposed do you think you she ever what have did you see this lindsey yvonne was at once youve on who proposed your boyfriend the answer is no i don't see any circumstance in which christina
we have proposed and but only not because you wouldn't want to i mean not because she wouldn't want to be married but rather that would be so far out of her expected behaviour to didn't mcafee inspire me to get married now he did not somebody says how do i handle my sister in law becoming gender neutral why do you care what why in the world do you care if your sister laws gender neutral what was i with you as only wants to ask if i was abandoned me the answer is no and and it was conscious i don't believe in starting a relationship was one person on their knees maybe it's just me but it
if there were one thing that is one thing to get rid of the tradition of marriage i don't think anybody should get on their knees as the first start of a relationship that will be the exact opposite of what you should do so now we did i not we're just sitting together on the couch i don't think anybody should i've always been especially bothered by that particular thing now if you look at the tradition of it i believe that the tradition of it is that under the gender balance was so unequal that is sorted made sense because the guy was the guy was dialing down his power as a male in society for this specific purpose to show that now that the lovers et cetera by it there is a world where the genders are
i will i will always argue about whose exactly getting the advantage but a lot closer to even rang there there is a reasonable arguments on both sides that one gender or the other has the advantage depending on the category you're talking about but in today's in today's world i think we should come at it as something closer appears so that's my taken looking at your questions here says what christina be a trophy wife i like to think so in all the good ways there's nothing wrong with a trophy i like trophies by others maybe we wouldn't get married and lastly the relationship was real we ve been together three years so
have any illusions ladders area three years into it is better it's absolutely better three years ago were replace her than ever big wedding or small wedding haven't even talked about it but not big were not planning on children premium i can't believe everybody s lap somebody's ask me if i ever bring up i'm an economics major what do you think i can you tell us about the mental prisons that you escaped and said were very well and you didn't write not exactly understand that the story but
the book loser thing and also in my book when bingley i do talk about bubbles that i've been in that i can ask so i think that your question but it's better you ought to see the long version buckets means more anything how can one third of people not have a sense of humor well so that i've been famously saying that a third of the public doesn't it a sense of humour and also doesn't know it because if you don't have it you don't know you're missing it you you think yourself well i laughed things other people ever things i guess i have listened to you but you can see it in the wild where people will just not even recognize a joke necessarily unless other people recognise the first will you write a book regarding the relationship and road marriage now
you know one of the tricks of writing is you have to write about other people i learned this hardly you can imagine that if you're a big celebrity use writer you your own biography in people care because you're famous celebrity but mostly care about themselves so when i write i'm saying to myself ok whose who's the consumer for this and what's good for them but how can i make their life better by something i've written could be related to them and it's gonna be about them that's my personal writer personal writer philosophy
are the one third within the consumer bitter and unhappy i don't know i haven't noticed that are less happy they might lashless it i feel as though having a sense of humor is sorrel it's almost them unfair advantage in life because there are times when things are going really poorly when i can't stop laughing area rather situation where something goes so wrong that it becomes hilarious and you're actually genuinely entertained and he cast a laugh it does something just so rock die of that and i think what if things went wrong you just so bad what if you are one of the people who we some bad luck and it just makes you feel bad i thought lessons terrible because when i get bad luck unless it is heard universes like a real problem but most problems or just be a b s
but most of them just made me laugh i cannot tell you how many times i've been busted in our personal relationship for laughing at something that i never was left out it happens a lot i will laugh at anything wrong which sometimes is good sometimes you're laughing is something is wrong in front of people don't think they're so funny so it's a problem somebody same concern of issues covering the jewish stabbings in stabbing in new york city you now i'm i'm seeing headlines stories suggesting that anti semitism is on the rise and i dont know if that's true cause it's exactly the
category of things that could be reporting is true without being true i worry that is true and i would certainly says in the category of a big problem that we need to treat as seriously as possible but it's the sort of thing they have to ask yourself how is measure before has a being measured now is that the measurement this different or is it really more or does it really not more but it feels like more because the way has been reported i would say i have great questions on this category but questions aside there has to be treated like it's a minute only makes sense to treat it like as one more serious things in the world because it is likewise senselessly holiday season and and full of love for my fellow human
then there is a tweet i retweeted from jug capital now if you dont knowledge adaptable super talented director many kid movies nearly including including a whole bunch of fire hit movies you know about the hang over reserve and his super anti trump super antitrust and so hill he's got a pretty harsh twitter feed when it comes to republicans and trump buddy tweeted i think was yesterday there why is it that china has caused nutrition camps for the weaker minorities and we know it our sword i'm not talking about it so paraphrasing very poorly the journal our point of view that how could it be how can a billy and by the way i dont know if your appetite was jewish but that would be important
the story because anybody was the holocaust a sort of her and informing history for themselves i think have to ask some extra questions here you gotta some extra questions if the holocaust is part of your history and i don't know if this case which other capital but if it is he's asking the most respected question then you'll ever seen on social media i'm seeing people saying that they use jewish but whether it is not that they should be to relevant to my next point which is i can't think of an opinion i wouldn't respect more
then somebody with a jewish background who's got a lot to lose right or public figure going in public and say what's up with concentration camps in china how the hell are you ignoring this i respect lebanon i really respect that happening because that is consistent is moral is right as everyone is everything you want an independent so i reiterated it with support for that opinion and i like the fact that at least on this issue japanese apatow i would be almost polar offices for a lot of political stuff but on this issue which has nothing to do us on this issue jumped up tat was under present right what's wrong why are we ignoring this like it's a small business it's not small business
it's a million people in a concentration camp because of their religion sound familiar to governs between both were i wanna get too far too that just like your comments here kissing his quiet felicity this is the part guest when i go quietly because i am reading i looks like we were extended are that we were we ve done everything we can do for now so i will talk to you later
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