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Episode 776 Scott Adams: Iran, Celebrity Drunk-Tweets, My Conspiracy Theories About it All

2020-01-03 | 🔗

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  • We MIGHT be closer to peace with Iran than we’ve ever been
  • Celebrity drunk tweeters, John Cusack and Rose McGowan
  • Joe Biden notes he isn’t “privy to the intelligence” 
  • Was Soleimani singularly capable and irreplaceable?
  • Mike Bloomberg stands on the subway, persuasion errors aplenty
  • Is Steven Hassan, cult expert…in a new cult?

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Upon bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump? Dunbar, bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump on everybody got in here. Well, It turns out there. Twenty twenty starting off with a bang. We got a lot to talk about. Do you know dear rubber impeachment impeachment is so last year. What was that all about I'm having trouble remembering it? What was impeachment again, and why was it wasn't about some paperwork or something? I don't even remember, But today will have a very special simultaneous up. No today will not be a normal, simultaneous especial. So today we are going to have a simultaneous up for our
men and women and uniform who have protected us so well so far and were active in IRAN. Well actually active in rack and this time will you drink to them. So the solution you're very special, simultaneous up for the military as a thank you and show respect you're ready. One. Two three. Special military simultaneous up. There is as good as I thought it would be quite good quite well. Apparently it was an amazing military operation will get here more about it, probably in the coming days and weeks butter. So congratulations to our military. I'm
amazed at how well that went now we might find out later rose messier than we think, but at the moment it looks like we could follow a specific individual. We can target him from a drone and we could take out his car from the air and the of course we ve been able to do that for a while. But every time we do it myself is. Is ground war just obsolete I'm starting? then groundwork just don't make any sense of the world. We can do stuff like that. Does it my imagination? Of course we could be talking about the killing of solemn money. Salami solemnly, How to produce his name, but I don't feel like I have to try to already there. Is it my imagination or does he have evil eyes.
Now, when I say as evil eyes, I think his eyes were actually spread across Europe, but an acre, but before he was killed, did you see the pictures of him? He had the most evil looking eyes, I've ever seen in the human big part of his Keziah. That sort of salt and pepper gray here, but his eyebrows were black sea had like these darker our evil terrorist eyes. Now, if you don't think that matters you wrong, because if he looked like a nice guy, I think They would make a little bit and efforts. I'm not a big difference, will make a difference so Trump tweeted Day American fly last night was which was kind of perfect because he was just reminding the country they were all on the same team and things good good luck, lovely.
I would remind you that worldly fog of war, so the first first two days, you are likely to hear incorrect reporting. Now we're probably is probably true that we killed solemn, any the general, but don't be surprised if we find out new facts about the whole situation that completely changes how you think about it. So if his like every other situation, you can have some surprises accede is, but before we get to me My own theories about this. I would like to read view some celebrity tweets on the topic. Now. A lot of you said yourselves, hey, there's big international story hitherto on CNN and about listened Fox news and their catch up.
But you're not really fully caught up until you ve heard the drunk tweets of celebrities on this topic, and so I like to read to tweets one from actor. Junk music and one from actress rose Mcgowan. Now I'm reading retweeted and escaped punctuation, that's all over the place and he spilled the word until we're too else at the end and a feeling like maybe at a drink. But this is the way our readers, tweet Trout, a full facet mood one or one mode. Stealer lie until there's: nothing left to start a war, he so hideous. He doesn't know he just attack around
Alike, everywhere, owls and then rose Mcgowan Dear, around the USA has disrespect of your country. You are flag, Araby Ball. Fifty two percent of A boy apologize, we apologise: where will we walk with deportation We are being held hostage by directive. We do not know how to escape. Please, please do not kill us. Hashtag egg cell.
See now, I feel like you're up to date, lotta people lot of people having caught up with the drum tweets yet, but now so I'm looking at some of the complaints and the funniest complaints, are the ones that go like this. If somebody is a terrorist and he's killing your people. You really don't want to pursue them off. That that's actually the argument against what prompted did the argument against it is like? Well, all I know he's an international.
Arrest- and I know, is killing miracles by the hundreds of he's tried to kill more, but if you attack, you really get a prism off. That's that's the counter argument. You gonna piss off a terrorist because I'm almost positive that guy had a reason. Kill people anyway. I let me let me put my spent on it. Are you ready? I always talk about filters. I will now give you the Dilber filter, iranian situation. Now they dilber Filter, goes like this. Everyone has a boss, that's pretty much a summary. Everyone has a boss and there's not that much difference from one situation to another. Where you have a boss,
Subordinate there are a number of universal truce, ledges simply happen out of a boss, subordinate situation, and let me ask you this:. Do you think Solomon E was over loyal general, and he supported his supreme leader. In all things. And all he wanted to do was his leader. Do you think that's does accurately described general solemnly? Do you think he was totally just a loyal subordinate? Well, maybe Carol without, but let me put the dilbert filter on this. Everybody hates the boss. Everybody thinks they could do a better job. Imagine you're come any you're, the Supreme Leader,
And one of your subordinates, who happens to be the general. It is becoming more popular every year. Why? You are becoming less popular every year. Is you are in doubt? Do you see it yet so committee, the Supreme Leader is getting better. For the economy and getting blamed for whatever bad stuff sapping and ran his own population? Is his protest in the general is just getting more pop? where every day, because he's doing things seem to be popular Moran and seems to be like you, he was winning What would you think if you are the supreme leader
you're getting less popular every day and there was one of your subordinates who was getting more popular everyday. What would that make you feel like now? Do you think the solemn any based on what you know about him so far, services bigtime mind reading this speculation? If I said it's true that would remind reading but were in purely speculative territory, or do you think the solemn
was the kind of guy who is gonna, be happy being the number two guy forever did. He seem like he was sort of alpha personality, but not totally. Oh yeah, I'm like the bad, is ass, general there's ever ban, but I'm gonna do whatever the bearded guy with the holy book tells me, maybe maybe once he might have been
dedicated servant of the republic and he may have actually wanted to be number two forever, but is it likely? Is it likely he wanted to be the number two guy? So let me ask you this: what would you do if you were the Supreme leader or part of his inner circle and you had a threat from within? At the same time, you have a threat from without, let's say, hypothetically just speculating here. I was just speculation, folks thought experiment I say that's a supreme. Later of IRAN actually kind of wanted peace. What if he wanted peace? Do you think that a supreme leader could have made me
as long as this general was still alive? Maybe probably not so here's here's the thing you have to ask yourself are alone. When we put this in the form of a thought, experiment, I'm going to simplify this. For you, there to people in a room door closed, so they just sealed in a room. I just two, people, one of them- has a Koran. That's all! Yes, he has his clothes. The Koran, the alone has his clothes and a gun one. As the Koran One has gone through the only ones in the room. Who's in charge, who, who is the Supreme leader of the room, the
with the Bible or the Koran or the one with the gun. There's nobody else under the answer is whoever the guy with the gun wants to be in charge. So if the guy, with the gun, once the guy, was a grand to be in charge, while than the guy with Grandison Judge, if the guy with the gun, wants to be a charge himself he's in charge, he's got a gun. So let me ask you: this who is in charge of around do you think that the Supreme leader could have overruled solemn. Many would say there was an internal coup which way with IE the troop scope. Here's my guest my guess, is a solemn. Any was smart. Everybody says he was smart and capable, so we will start with the assumption. He was very people once Mark EVIL Bismarck.
Do you think that, for years, solemn any has been making sure that the troops that are closest to the capital? the ones who are physically around me unto ran. Do you think that he has made sure that they got better treatment than other people? Even when the economy was going down? I don't know, but nobody did I'll bet. You did a good job for his troops. Do you think their loyalty or were about they were so there is here's? My conspiracy theory ready, there's a non zero chance. I'm not saying this is true. I'm just sailors. Zero chance lambs united by bringing up that come any the Supreme leader or somebody in is closed. Circle dropped the diamond. It could be said to be remembered.
There's that there's a part of the story that we now understand, which is how did we know, which are the three convoys, was the real one that could be. We just have good into it might be nothing more than that. Maybe I didn't tell from somebody in the ground could be that it could be just that most likely. It's just that, but there is at least one possibility that the arabian government itself wanted this guy dead for their own purposes. So so I just I just put man mix President Trump twisted to barter Sweden. The second party said wall around will never be able to properly emitted solemn any was both hated and feared within the country
that's what President Trump decided to tweet in one of his first year. It is among the first things he said on the topic and he said the solemn any was both hated and feared within the country. We feel that the little bit of arab hint a suggestion then maybe feared within the country might not be just the public. He might have been feared by the government itself and if they were afraid of him, what was wrong with them? If Europe, if you're the Supreme leader, wouldn't you be afraid of the sky, I'd be very afraid of this guy didn't look like any limitations on what he was wont to do then look at what President Romani of around said- and let me ask you does it seem like ran- is owning in their response. So what you should look for is if a ran is is
I genuinely offended to the point of view or your job. They're having a genuine reaction to it. You would expect to see something. Unusual really really hyper. I was less work, you did. You expect to see a big action here as President Prodi's reaction to the United States, killing the top general into their country, the great nation of ran will take revenge. That's it. I could have written this tweet a week before the event Yeah, you know ran when alike like it will take some revenge. Is this the most generic and emotion, free response? You have everything we just killed there
it's completely empty it. He found it in so you ve got to him here. They're hinting in the same direction,. Tromp is hinting when he says only was born. To him here that are heading in the same direction. Tromp is hidden, when he says all many was both hated and feared within the country, it is obvious that situation as you thought I was the solemn might not have a lot of love. We don't know who it is, who doesn't love em, but we have to ask: is it the public or is it the leadership if it's like every other big corporation and world? there were factions. We should assume that there was somebody, you don't don't you think, there's a hundred percent chance There within the arabian inner circle at the top, don't you think, there's a hundred percent chance.
That somebody in a circle was saying: maybe we gotta get rid of this guy. Let me ask you: this is if we tried to make a peace agreement with ran, could we do it? Well, solemn? Any was still alive. I'll bet No because what was solid Eddie. You, though, isn't This seems to be worn. Expansion then yeah. Origin or controlling predominating dominating it or something, but I can imagine the super leader even being able to have a serious conversation about peace while their general still live so think about it? it might be that around Israel and the United States are all on the same page, but were present trim said.
And I quote: Waller ran will never be able to properly admit it. That's the actual language from the present, while IRAN will never be able to properly admit it. So many was hated and shared within the country. He signalling that the iranian reaction to it might not be exactly on the surface. What it looks like just now. I've told you before that there is an interesting thing about being the war. So all all the smart people are saying that were a closer to war, with IRAN or or their rationally at work as a snack or but remember, being close to war and being close to peace, Look exactly the same. When things are the darkest that's, when you can get something done. Does nobody wants to go into the darkness? If you write em, if you both rising the edge of darkness, that's when he gets here
about ok, we don't really want to get into this darkness around doesnt really want to shooting war. We definitely want to shoot and more so if nobody wants a war and he ran their precipice of or was it Focusing situation so I'm gonna say something that nobody, I don't think anybody said yet closer to peace with a rather than we have ever been were also closer to war than we have ever been, which is aware situation. So there is no doubt that this makes things more dangerous, certainly, maybe even the long run, but it also shut the box because remember, are the last condition that the situation that existed a week ago was impossible to get peace. Would you agree with the following proposition a week ago the way they're very
Those were holding up. There was no way to get a peace deal with those variables. True or false. Would you not agree that there really wasn't any path to just talking about the was now this guy's got? Is there still zero chance? being able to talk it out. Now. I don't know this might have shaken the box enough, depends what people are thinking and ran. What you're thinking in iraq- and we don't know that No, it's gonna be all over. The border can be people on every side of everything, but it's possible. There were closer to peace and here's. Here's what I say in all these situations, if the variables that you used to have can't get you there. What do you do trumpery,
Does the same thing as the same move in every situation when the variables are not conducive to victory. He shakes the box and make sure that the variables change and then one he's done shaking looks at him again. He says about now and if that still isn't good enough, he's gonna shaped the box again, so he basis more shaken, but also one of the questions that people are asking all over. Smart people is what's his strategy. What is trumps strategy now? I am somewhat famous for writing. The strategy is what you say when you don't know anything so early put it in a different way. The people were crying. There's no strategy to this was our strategy. There is the weakest fingers
in the game strategy is really a thing. People like to think that there is a strategy but has more to do with her the mental I've heard of why things are the way they are. The truth is you wake. We make a decision today on the independent of anything you ve done before. In other words, everything leave thought about or decided. Yesterday is always a some cause. Every day you wake up, and you say, based on the variables today, washing We do today for our greater good and because the variables every day are changing. It wouldn't make a lot of sense They have some overall strategy that was immune to the situation changed. In the real world. People do what they can do as the situation presents itself and then, after the fact, smart people say well, it look like Prodigy strategy is often hindsight. Where are you? Are you going to the future
and he looked back and a well. I guess the strategy was to do this or that The truth is we make decisions as we go? and that's the only way to do it- it wouldn't you wouldn't make sense- to have some kind of strategy that isn't gonna change is the variables are changing and the variables rejected this change the big variable. But let me tell you a few other things as accomplishes, so this is different than saying is a strategy. I'm gonna say several things, several things this accomplishes and that their good. So if you do something that accomplishes several good things, is that a strategy? Well, you don't need to put a word on. It is just we saw an opportunity to do several good thanks here's some of them one of them is it reinforces trumps unpredictability. You ve heard Trump talk about it all the time I'm going to be predictable. I'm intentionally unpredictable.
I'm using unpredictability as a tool watch me be unpredictable and watch how well this works I'm in trouble. This is as directly as you didn't say anything and they were watching the situation and we saw that he didn't he did. Attack, at least in the kinetic way after a Saudi Arabia's oil refineries would take it out. He did not attack and kill a lot of people when around took out a drunk so so then ran thinking out, he's not gonna get tough. Then he kills their top general. What does what does a ran? Think about them only to predict trump. Now I guarantee that around saying we have no recognition. What this guy's gonna do! Next, that's it
exactly what tromp was wants them to feel like right. So the first thing he accomplished was he reinforced unpredictability as it as an asset that we have another word around. You cannot depend on us reacting in a in a way that you think will react. Our our range of reactions is insolent, so you have to take your chances and that's scarier for that. Pluska Here's the other thing it reinforces, however far ran, is willing to go. We will go further. How important is that here we saw drop, is beginning to establish the principle that no matter what they do, we're gonna. Take it a little further. And I would imagine that if they respond so most people are thinking that around disorder has to respond.
So was by the way I disagree with it. I think, is more likely, though, respond not respond, especially since all of the the surrogates are sort of Zaire Autonomous, but they will have to respond. They really don't. I mean they do have a choice but more The experts are saying they well. What will happen when they respond? Well, Lindsey Gram has made a pretty clear indication of, What will happen so Linzer? Grandma said you know, their oil refineries are basically next other people have said you know if they, if they were to mine thee. Yeah. You know mine the waters around Duran if they were to interfere with international shipping. Other people have said yes in the comments here sink the Navy week Cynthia Entire Rainy and David? What would
they can afternoon. So I Lindsey, Graham and others have created the expectation that we will always go further and that the next thing you do to us is at the expense of entire economy and all of your oil refineries and or maybe both the loss of your entire navy. So that's productive. Isn't it productive to set the pattern that, whatever you do, we're gonna do Of course, it is another thing it does. Is it impacts away and around we're in a war were sort of in this long term. War of attrition with ran saran is trying to make it harder and harder for us and more painful for us to stay in the region. Meanwhile, president. It's been packing away it around autonomy and ability to do things, so
does one more pack in a strategy of infinite packing as a really big pack. So this perfectly fits our strategy of putting more pressure on them. Overtime puts service it tells us toy. It also might slow down the slope hacking away. That around is doing on us. That's good right, so we ve just said yeah you can you can cause them pain and death to our people or contractors are military in the area but if you do it's gonna hurry you more than us so less productive to put that side of the line in the sand. Now that the administration is saying that the purpose of this was due,
would deter future attacks, the solemn any was planning future attacks. Well, I'm pretty sure the number two guy could plan the future tat. Now I doubt I can doubt that they don't have the ability and will to do future attacks, but maybe you know I certainly wouldn't banker deterring anything, but it's not impossible. The other thing that this did is it puts a rainy and influence in Iraq on trial Remember, I told you that what Trump is really good at is focusing attention where it helps him the most. In this case, where helps the country the most? Don't you think that Iraq should be having a much bigger? Let's say that they should be a lot more concerned about a rainy and influence in their country. What do the
the typical iraqi citizens, think of our ran dominating their country, what it little They put you in the head of an Iraqi you're, an iraqi citizens you're, not the government you're, just the citizens of Europe. And you heard that ran, landed there top general in your country to cause trouble. What imagine that here, an iraqi citizen- and you found out that that the top general overran a country that you have no love for you remember wasn't that long ago the dragon ran were at war and was about war. You have no no love for them and they could land their top general at your mainly airport, your own governments,
we get this straight. I'm Iraqis is an I'm watching. The news alike went about. Let me get this straight. You saying that my own government, the iraqi government, is letting the general from an enemy country. You are trying to be friends but sort of enemies And they can just landed our country, so we can organise a cripple, activity in our country and somebody in another country killed him when he came her. Do I mind, do I mind? So I think the other thing that this does is it focuses the quest for the iraqi citizens. What the hell is around doing in your country.
Because a lot of this has been like a slow progress of a random gaiety influence over time, but I think this calls into question a rack. What was I do? You want beyond you wanna be dominated by the radiance. If not maybe you're happy about this. I said before that this might have removed the primary obstacle to peace. I dont have away knowing this. But this is just an understanding of big organizations in a big organization. It is not uncommon that the top people disagree- in fact, I would say, is pretty common right is very common for the top inner circle. Deaf, some young factions and disagreement. Could it be the solemn any was one of the main obstacles to array and getting serious about some kind of elastic
peace deal totally possible. Would it be possible that the United States is aware of the internal thoughts in Tehran and within the leadership totally possible, You know who, even where the smartest comment about this every time sleepy Joe, does something good, I'm going to mention it. I don't think you should be president, but I don't think you can ignore. When, when somebody on the team you don't want to when you can ignore, when they do good stuff, they make a good play. They they playthings right So Biden actually at by naturally did a pretty pretty good job in responding to this and here's what he said. So Biden said your basically complained that the present in good enough
By nor made things more dangerous, so there's a generic complains that something bad might happen now. Remember the Democrats mostly focus on imaginary problems, an imaginary future problems, so Biden takes the democratic view of this will create unseen certified future imaginary problems that sort of their entire attack is future imaginary problems. So does that, but here's this Martha needed. He says directly, I'm not privy to the intelligence, but here's what I think now the statement, I'm not privy to the intelligence, Tell you what it tells you, the Joe Biden has been on the other side of the current and Joe Biden knows what a lot of people don't know, which is that the story that to you that the public hears and even the other candidates here is not,
Necessarily the full story, Biden signalling by saying I'm not privy to the intelligence that he believes theirs another chance that it was worth mentioning that there's something going on that we don't fully understand one of those things that could be going on, that we don't I fully understand the solemn any was as bigger problem to the iranian leadership, as he was to us are now saying that true, I'm just saying that the personally fits the evidence, as we see it, the the other thing that this as this is a momentum changer. It seemed to me that the momentum in Iraq was that ran was was pecking at us and in their hadn't been much response. So the way the human mind works, as it were far more influenced by the direction of things
then, where things are where things are just wasn't as important is the fact that things are getting worse and it looked like a ran was willing, if you can call it that change the monitor this completely eliminate whatever that they, whatever they think they have accomplished and reverse it? They are now clearly behind and the end and reversing direction is important thing, not even where you are so that's good. Now, I'm still talk about all this things. There were benefited by this without calling it a strategy is just a bunch of energy at the risks, as well, of course, risk of greater violence, but there are benefits. Here's another Tinker Bell Jester tweeted there.
And I thought it was a great point you can lose. Sometimes you can lose sight of context when you're looking at the details, how? How awesome is it that way? we just entered a war is necessarily ossipon entering oars, not awesome. How awesome is it that the first casualty of the war was the seniors. Now don't know held Sunday was but tell me, is the least over fifty. So you ve got a senior citizen, tromp, killing and other senior citizen, and we call that or somebody saying the solemn any was sixty senior citizen, traditionally for years, the war being something where the senior citizens send
twenty somethings off to die. That's what we've always called before in the age of Trump WAR is economic war and I'm going to kill your senior citizen who caused this problem. I'm not going to send my twenty year old, unless I have to if I have to I'm going to send them, but let's, let's handle this cd. Now. I don't know that this is a trend reading, but isn't it kind of refreshing that the senior said those who are in charge or just killing each other here. In this case, it is good that we did the killing so that some context, I was taught me how affected we think this will be one of the things people saying is that this characters on many was unique.
So was alimony. Unique was a unique in the sense that you can't be replaced. Do you think that have you ever have experience in a big company in which there is somebody you saw, it couldn't be replaced, and then they quit what happened when the person who couldn't be replaced quit nothing? Nothing. You ve had those periods right, the irreplaceable personal lives. I didn't make as much differences. You thought then my much evidence so will the quality of work go down in me, the terrorist. Uranium trouble making world. Maybe- but probably not, I don't think you can depend on, but it is true that there are people who are singularly
capable he might have been one of those you know it's not like. It's not like working for IBM were the irreplaceable person was a second line. Tanager. Here's a lot easier to find. Secondly, manager, but this guy the Bam special. He might have a special at a few different ways. One of them might be his connections, so we may have good relations. With a lot of people, if you replace them with somebody who doesn't have those same relationships- and I would thank Relationships- Are- recital a game over there. If he doesn't have those relationships, maybe that person's less effective. I've always thought that killing the killing terrorist leaders, starting from the top and working away down as as they replace the leader it has to lower the average iq later. Doesn't it
doesn't seem likely that if the top guys a genius well maybe the first one replaces them is pretty bright too. But what about the fourth wonder the fifth? What did you do there? Do all these terrorist organizations? Do they have a fifth guy who's as good as the top guy, because you are the first one or two? Maybe the first three gonna be really good, but you very quickly leaves the talons zone and get into the average. Soon it's possible, the sky was special and taking them out makes a difference. I like also that this sends a message that you can't make us leave anywhere by by picking at us. The sends a very clear message that the decision to be in Iraq were not be in Iraq. Skinner remained by Trop, there's nobody else who gets a say in the decision,
this. This reinforces em right because before you can send you said yourself. Well, you know they're gonna cost so much pain that I guess trouble be sort of forced to leave because we don't want to lose a service person every every few weeks, its Kennedy unbearable, but I think you just change that need just said: are ATLAS lesser at least establish whose decision it is is mind. I'm gonna kill your general. Such is my decision. If I leave One of the things you can see is tolls. He gathered getting a lot of attention, leave already seen her, probably on the news. So tells you Gabert message fits perfectly well: yeah what's happening in the world, so she is famous for they don't get involved, don't escalate and she's pointing out that this escalation could be dangerous. She is right, it could be dangerous,
Gilbert graves analysis, yeah. You know ninety nine point, nine percent of all the people who are going to be talking about this iranian situation, our unqualified to do so- and I am certainly no exception, but the one there arson universe The things that I think are worth considering and one is that this guy was as much a problem to ran ass. He was to us, so I think you have to at least put that in the next as it as a good, possibly Tucker, girls who doesn't like somebody says. Why not think we firmly Iceland vacation, but I think you're probably right does it feel like
you don't want to talk about any other topic. Have you noticed that this topic just to wipe it wiped the board clear of other topics? I don't care about the president to raise and I'm care about the impeachment cannot. Suddenly I don't care about any of it. It just focuses cause. This is such a big deal, but I'm here talk about a few other things. Anyway, I did you see the photo I tweet around of Might Bloomberg standing on the subway and he's is re, repaper stamina and he tweets that he stands on. The subway like us is going to be some. I'm a man of the people thing similar to his tweet about the cubicles, and there were so many persuasion mistakes. Now I tweeted Anne S, people the spot them all and people spotted even more than I saw, but
Here's the thing you dont want pictures of your leaders, looking not like leaders if you're running for president. I just think he's completely misreading the mood of the public You don't mind if our mayors, casual, you might even be might even be ok with your governor being a little casual, but I think is a complete misreading of the american mind and also a misleading of what's important, I think is. I think we want to present who looks like a president. I think we wanted trump because he wore a suit every day and he arrived even as a candidate who arrived and gently looked like air force. One trump play the part of the presidency. They won. My Bloomberg is trying to do this manner. The people stuff, I'm thinking! Well, that's great! You know it. We love that you're, a man of the people in
fact by the way I have positive feelings about like Bloomberg armies. I think it means well, if you want what's best for the country. I very positive thoughts about him, but he's. Pull lately wrong about what I think my bidding about what the citizens want from the present. The president is a is not just an employee- is also a style preference. He is his arm a year. The mass god he's the he's the faces, the brand and I don't think people what they casual. So there's a cult expert name, Stephen Hassan who's been writing buxom, doing interviews that talking about how trumps supporters are occult. Now he used to be a difficult and he escaped the called now he writes about people within brain
by courts, and so he says, basin is expertise and research that Trump supporters are like adult, and indeed we do. This in support of that theory says when you look at every characteristic of this chart. So as a chart of call to behaviors, then add the trumpet thinks he's above the law. Very caused leader like and then he lies incessantly also very cold leader. Like the answers, clear Trump is acting like a cult later, Americans are being maybe Lynn, so here's a central clay marine again he says Trump thanks is above the law, so say called expert telling you that he can read trumps, mind and that when he reads Troms mind inside there there's something says he's above the law.
Based on what have we seen any evidence that he thinks he's above all now Now you seen evidence of every human you ve ever met that they like to maybe weasel around the law. You see. People who wish they d get caught you seem people do all kinds of stuff, in the entire history of people. Unless somebody is actually claiming to be a descended from a god, Is there anybody was a leader who is claiming their above. The law is not even a thing
This is not even a thing so called the expert. I would say that the call to export is in a court and that he left one called and went into another and it could be and the new cultures the entire called, so they called expert who escaped occult became an expert on calls and joined. Another called doesn't know and he's writing publicly that other people are in the calls. Cars are not the same group is it then doesnt realises he's, so that's ironic, near tabs at article about how there's more depression and suicide since Trump came into office. Many problems with this
One is that how do you know how much depression and suicide there would have been if somebody else had one I'm willing to believe is more likely that the Trump Administration has caused more depression and suicide the normal I'm totally willing to believe. That's us passes sniffed ass. You know you, you can observe people very upset about his administration. So what's the prize me if it's true that is more
Depression, suicide, unless some trump related thing, but here's the problem, the New York Times, assigns the blame. If you will to trump and his supporters- and I don't know if they say directly but ass, the implication if it's true that they trumpet administration is a cause was says one. The variables as part of the cause of people's greater depression and anxiety and suicide. Is that the whole story, because the way I see the world the press is treatment of the administration is causing the mental illness and that's a big difference and fiercely here see, I thought, experiment I use all the time and it worked well. Imagine if you will, if the press simply reported what tromp Sazen does without any opinion and let the public form their own opinions based unjust, well
what he does, here's, what he said. Would there be massive depression and suicide? I believe nobody, there would not be a chance of that. There isn't the slightest chance of the new, simply said what he does, what he says: here's the tweet make there are nine, I dont think the public would even be a little bit concerned almost close to one hundred percent. I would say of how we feel about. It is opinions that have been assigned to us by our preferred media silos and the press has decided to assign and opinion of great risk in harmony and fear and the republic's about to end. None of that comes from Trump. If you simply reported, were trumps, says and does it.
He dropped, saying you know these colonies great. What would be your opinion that suppose your person who doesn't know much about the economy and the new simply reports the Trump tweeted that unemployment, a new record in the stock markets up in wages, are up? What would be your opinion. Why I think it would just be positive right, but what is your current opinion if we watch CNN or MSNBC, they say? Well, you know this what has happened anyway were probably at the edge of a depression. And then suddenly, you think maybe they companies is not so good. What would you think about now?
the Charlottesville Hoax isnt media simply reported watch from saddened, Charlottesville with no opinion, then love. What would the public think about it? Will they would have looked at what he said and what he said was. I condemn totally the races, the White Nationals, Emily NEO, Nazis, Chancel, that's what he said. He said it in those direct words. Would the public have interpreted the statement? I condemn them totally. As being supportive of them. Would that have been leading the public's reaction? To that? I don't think so. I think they only have that that reason that depression, because the news hypnotized them into it all right so. We all keep looking at the radio situation, the.
They think I had to add today, if anybody's coming in late. Is that don't be surprised if solemn any was the variable that was preventing peace. And now he's been removed and don't be surprised if these supreme, IRAN is not so sad that his greatest domestic rival is gone. So this might turn out. This might turn out positively, but I want to get too optimistic about this begins that there's a likelihood Dhabi more danger before things improve. Why was he in Baghdad? I think everybody believes using Baghdad to cause trouble. So I also,
suggest that the president's timing on this, because this gloomy little question about why now etc. Well, I think the. Why now is that we had a good shot, sets the first part away. Now she can't you can't, kill somebody until we have an opportunity to come and I obviously appertaining. Secondly, it sort of a perfect time to do it, because the embassy thing is era and and domestic play is gonna perfect too now I hate even say that Gaza so lucky, but you know the Democrats, you're gonna say the Trump is only doing this because impeachment, I don't think he's only doing this because impeachment.
But it's really good timing, so I dont think that the impeachment taught him out of it. You may have taught them into it. So in my book in my book losers think I have a section which I talk about. Anybody who says why didn't you do a sooner? Is unproductive participant, because everything could be done sooner and nobody really can answer that. Well, sometimes there's something specific, but most of the time there was something you couldn t do it soon, so that that's the the people were bad. It analyzing always say that. Why don't you do sooner? That's the lowest level of commentary. Around maybe related to strike page, so
people think that around my have some relationship to our domestic situation, probably not somebody says we ve killed every dictator. We made a deal with in the past. Well, yet so suddenly, rushing about how this will affect North Korea Kim definitely has something to worry about, but I also think that North Korea is a completely different situation because they're not actively killing Americans. If North Korea doesn't kill Americans, We're not gonna kill him. I just don't think there's any chance. I mean you could argue that warm beer was an American who got killed, but my taken, that is, that they had to do with the local jailers Mamma. I doubt Kim German ordered him to be killed
Are beaten to death, I just it just seems unlikely, not impossible, but unlikely to have long term protection on North Korea. Yes, I believe that there were more into an ally, now might be a weird. Can a friend me allies, you don't trust. Doesnt join NATO, but I think we're going to convert Nate North Korea into our side and here's what I say that we live in a time where the strongest players we should re True to our side. North Korea is a strong player militarily and when there are strong players, military militarily, would you rather have money your side? We can get China on our side. Apparently, but we can certainly.
Move North Korea closer to our realm, and that would be enough. So my guess is that North Korea will not de nuclear eyes, but I think there is a high likelihood operated in the eighty percent, arrange a high likelihood that someday within the next ten or twenty years North Korea will be so not interested in the United States, and we will be not interested in them possess the best place to get right where you wanna get with North Korea is mutual non interests that are not interested in attacking us were not interested in a secular, whereas not interested, so I think that we will get to, and maybe some investment as of now I'll talk to you later
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