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Episode 779 Scott Adams: Coming in HOT, With Coffee

2020-01-06 | 🔗

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  • Ricky Gervais Golden Globes monologue
  • Michael Moore’s letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran
  • Anti-Trumpers continue to fear imaginary futures
  • Who and how many, did NOT join the Soleimani mourners?
  • Could the Palestinians be offered resettlement in Iraq?
  • 60 Minutes report on Epstein proves it was suicide
  • Also 60 Minutes: Psilocybin cures addiction and anxiety

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don't run bump bump bump bump on a meme bump bump bump bump empire everybody got in here time for coffee was got atoms sure no golden globes your ways but is something one i'll see you watch the news stare at the wall no you're here because you want to sell multinational all the good news that comes with it there's a lot of goodness gunnar slogans
and all you need is governed motor glass a tanker jealousies diana canteen jonah flask of vessel of any kind fellow with your favorite liquid ought i like like my coffee and joy now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine daily the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous go ah the goodness is permeating my body so i know what you want to talk about you wanna talk about the golden globes ricky drove aids for those two people who don't know the news wreckage surveys was the host of the golden globes which he said it would be last time you do it and then it
look advantage of the fact that it was the last time you do it to get pretty brutal with hollywood crowd now i gotta say i don't think he's jokes were clever but they were super mean and that the funding for it was just but he was saying it to their faces and it made them sit there made them so there were the caravan them squirming so we don't need to repeat any of the jokes cuz frankly the jokes were not that strong but the but the way he did it was actually very entertaining because it was more about making them on multiple with the on them and married that he deliver that if you want to see celebrities looking uncomfortable watch the video so i could not like ricky jervis any more than i do meaning
this my favorite people so what has happened the funny thing was that iraqi juries called out the the actors rubbing the least informed the most ridiculous citizens who have a who barely gone to school and is exactly what the public thinks now of course see the funny part but it is now you'll be called a right wing not because he was making fun of left wing people but trust me he doesn't go easy on and have the right either so he's pretty brutal too to both sides which is what makes some wonderful now i've been getting for several months listen my book loser think came out that artists are the least capable of understanding their world
because they live in a world where everything's meaningful everything fallen the story are again says they live in this artificial world of imaginary stuff and they don't really have in most cases training as scientists economists your lawyers or people will learn to look at things objectively so the funny thing is that it was a collection all in one room of the least capable people for understanding really literally the all the least capable b more important one room and their lives the camera and they say ok least capable people give us some opinions and public and i don't know about you but when i when i listen to their opinions it's kind of funny is it just me and it doesn't matter who it is worth repeating this when it comes from the people who work
just artists as the only lens i want to live it looks just kind of funny because there oh poorly informed haven't thought anything through does he long term ramifications anyway just funny spear funny celebrities michael more appear we wrote he wrote a letter to the supreme leader of overran thank god you a little bit worried that world worth three was gonna break out well you have to worry anymore because it turns out michael more has surrendered for you so like a more i told around that we surrender no he didn't say that he said quote asking you to leave this up to me what as letter to the supreme leader a supreme leader leave it up to me
michael more i got this sure you have revolutionary guard you ve got proxies you ve gotta hezbollah but you don't have michael more leave it up to me i'll take care of this now what he means is he's not talking about assassination i think that he means that he wants to help get tromp not elected and he says a gimme a all of ten months and i and millions american will remove from from the white house so am i wrong he took sides with the ram kinder i mean it's not as clean as that but one of the things that used to always be true is that when the united states got any kind of a defensive
or a warlike funding people would most people would join in and at least for the period of the highest danger people saw beyond the same so america but michael more as decided that he could run things a little bit better here so he's gonna take charge of country and you just leave it up to him he said
so you'll love organise all the democrats will vote dropout problem solved so good job there michael more or saving the world from world war three ok with one of the biggest problems that the anti jumpers have had since since he got elected really since he gus warning is the lack of anything that looked like what they thought was gonna happen in other words trump didn't do all the horrible things that they expect to happen but they're sure they're right but how how can this we'll be right about everything they predicted about tromp when none of the present information seems to support it and the answer is they have decided that his real problem
now why he's already done the real problem is imaginary future stuff because at the moment if you just look at today it appears that feel tromp took a measure of terrorist ass a field but the real problem is what's gonna happen next so they would like to remove the president for the imaginary future problems now when i say imaginary i don't mean that i know what the future will look like and they don't i'm saying that neither of us know what the future i don't know what it's gonna look like you don't know what it's gonna look like i don't know if it's gonna be better i don't know if it's gonna be worse but i do know that the future is imaginary meaning that
it hasn't hasn't happened and it only exists as a sensation in our minds and there's half of the country has decided that they're the imaginary future problems are now so great that this president needs to be voted down tour impeached so pelosi siding with a ram sort of decided to do some damn stupid thing legislatively were lisa declaration by declaring the attack provocative and disproportionate so as the resolution says my legislations she's a resolution it is one that as joe pollux at in bright bird invites international prosecution of the president for war crimes because the whole display a provocative and disproportionate
disproportionate part that is the war crime problem i would say that nancy policy has not taken the interests of the country in mind because here's the thing i believe she is trying to keep the present from starting a full war what how can you prove when somebody from starting a fool or when their entire thing is to prevent it full war is like it's like she's trying to oversee prevent ice from phrasing now that doesn't work i'm trying to think of a good analogy to explain my butt lost my train the father but she's not helping definitely not helping
here's something that cnn said today on their website this in an opinion peace and this is one of their opinion people who does a daily intake tromp article and today's daily anti trump article is collinson i think his name dropping administration is already in danger of losing control of the swift chain reaction and political storm unleashed by killing of around stop general isn't that an imaginary future problem that were in danger of losing control of the swiss chain reaction we always in danger of losing control does had ever go away is every time when you are not in danger of losing control
thanks though we grow is in danger of that soap imaginary future problems are acquainted bed was speaking of imaginary future problems for the people who think that ceremony should not have been killed i would love to hear them described what they think the future would turn into under their preferred plan so they say that they prefer plan as it we didn't kill him and we don't do anything militarily we just sort of trying to try to stay and try to stay uninvolved what would that look like well number one around would develop a nuclear weapon now apparently there some disagreement about whether they were
an abiding by the iranian nuclear agreement according to israel they were not because israel saudi trove of documents and around the showed that there that their development was ongoing so we have documented proof that they cheated why would we expect them to keep cheating because i am pretty sure that the inspectors never had access to everything that access to what they knew about but they have access to everything of course so if you were against the presence action what do you think the world would look like without it and also what do you think it looks like with it because if he can sort of game that through what are you to have an opinion because we're talking about the future the imaginary future tell me what the imaginary future looks like under both one word
we act often around and one where we doubt because it they were simply the red word continue doing what when correctly you are sound israel would eventually have to take them out doesnt seem to want to live with it nuclear around so that would happen and do we believe that the iranian revolution would be limited geographically because all the evidence suggests that we're trying to spread the revolution as far as i can so i just like here what somebody says it would look like if we didn't do that it was so far the crowd sizes so you seen all the pictures all the people who went to mourn solemnly and it was miles and miles of people i think million
so was an enormous outpouring of outrage but here's the thing the two things you need to know number one how many people didn't go how many people didn't go in the streets i'm sure however many went the may about a lot of people in a sort of asia hidden trump voter problem you are one of the people who oppose the regime would you know so thoroughly go on public probably not mean that they have had some protest but they seem to be on other topics fake till the missile launches are and what that means to me saying something about faking missile launches so we can
really tell even from the crowd size you don't know the context you don't know how many people did not march and what are those people think because i don't think anybody saying that a hundred per cent of iranians wanted this guy dead nobody may that claim cause there's not a hundred percent of europeans who wore any one thing they're all over the map just like everybody else and as was pointed out to me just before i go then periscope somebody was messaging name and pointed out that there is a will say a social element to this and other words
having gigantic outside demonstrations with morning and yelling and stuff is a cultural thing sir if you're looking at how many people showed up and ran to shape their hands in the old death to america he can't really compare that to some other country where is not normal to get out there and check your hands at the sky and say death to america so there's something about the culture the gets people in the streets for lots of stuff they did for a bomb apparently they dinner for this this is bigger than most but you would expect that so we don't want to make it up i got a question for you is re reason that the palestinians couldn't be resettled in iraq now i dont mean carving out later on little territory
but rather just if a ran if it ran wanted to help the palestinians and it didn't look like there was any practical way that they would get back to israel every claim their their homeland or something if we believe that couldn't happen and of course i can't what will be the next best thing because of the arabians really want to help the palestinians and there seems to be one of the big stumbling blocks one to help them to allow them to move to iraq and again distributed just basic immigration they would end up wherever they ended up so you wouldn't have to carve out territory but suppose suppose we need some kind of a grand middle east deal to avoid war in which part of these resolution was the palestinians don't have to move will you stay where they are and conditions might not improve their but
suppose you gave them an offer and you also funded their move i don't know what it would cost in the middle east let's say you know some group of countries got together and said you know just the lower the temperature over there if anybody is in the palestinian area to wreck the spigot tend to do it will give you a little money for the for the move and the new spirit in the places growing because the palestinian territory may never growth somebody says like an indian reservation no nothing like an indian reservation
i said specifically there wouldn't be moving to a specific area where they would all be rack i'm just say they could emigrate they're just have the right to emigrate vessel now obviously go call from canada in recalling it doesnt blown to israel is relation to even exists so suddenly well that's maybe the dumbest comment anybody ever said i too call out there in public but so somebody said land doesnt longer israel of israel shouldn't even be there like the dumbest comment you could be right you could be wrong completely irrelevant
because israel is there and they're not going anywhere it doesnt matter they should be there what they all the differences that back european of where people should be has no bearing unreality whatsoever here's what i think i think you should be in again yeah that's why think don't approve view being where you are you should be in camera i would you care about my opinion about where you should be why would anybody care about anyplace opinion about where they should be nation so it would be great if you could go back in time be a time traveller maybe you could change things they'll be terrific and when a time she time machine is developed then get back to me once you fixed everything ok but there there now they exist now they're not going anywhere not going to change you have to do with reality as it is not not the imaginary
imaginary reality there still question the democrats for questioning how imminent the attack was from so many and and arap totally irrelevant in question would you agree completely irrelevant how imminent what if we know that has created a track record of continuous badness what would make us think it would stop there's no evidence that he was gonna stop because i ve been doing it for a long time of course he wasn't gonna stop why do we need to know how imminent it was i mean it would be nice and we called it now but it does make any difference the imminence of it is
completely relevant next week a month from now six months from now if summit wouldn't you kill a terrorist if you thought that next year he was gonna kill somebody if you if you knew that he was planning it of course you it doesnt matter african imminent it is you'd kill em if you knew the plan was there if you could let's talk about jeffrey epstein did you ever see these sixty minutes report rightly see the pictures on the sixty minutes report proves it was suicide that you take from it sixty minutes report this is this is just my interpretation of it proved beyond any doubt in my mind that it was suicide here's how
how many times have you heard the story from the the coroner who is not who was not assigned to it but he was the expert corner who observe how many times have you heard him say that the only way those broken neck muscles could have happened is by murder because that never happens with a hang yourself how many times have you heard that like a million times right and it's the best evidence of all the evidence that would be the strongest evidence a credible coroner who says no this kind of injury only happens for murder mystery credible right except finally and i i've been wondering where this was finally sixty minutes goes to the actual coroner who is in charge and says apparent
says to them absolutely forensics person would that be the right name for without it and says that the person who actually performed the autopsy and says to that person how often if ever do you get these broken bones for suicide and the guy who actually is expert enough to do the autopsy in such a high level case said earlier that happens what so we have two completely different expert opinions one says i had those boats could break from suicide and the other says can happen one of them is being paid to come up with a certain let's just say he's biased by who is client is which is absolutely brother
one of them is biased but is also very qualified experts one of them probably is not biased in the sense that i mean he was just doing his job right he wasn't working for anybody except the public in the eu and have no reason to have them wrong answer unless you imagining up bribed her he was an amateur something so that was the main thing i wanted to hear i want to hear some other expert forensics pathologist tell me that the other corner is wrong that you can break your neck bone by suicide but that's not the proof that it was suicide here's the proof there were suicide and you're gonna be mad at yourself if you didn't think it less ready i thought so
i tell you why the sixty minutes report proved it was suicide and right no blood on the she's right and so he says are you kidding now and when i tell you the proof you're gonna be pissed off they didn't think about it yourself here goes there were multiple nooses so there was more than one news and there was also a piece of fabric there had torn there was up in the top of the window so i guess the window said sancho wire a barren and at the very top at higher than the top of the bunk bed there was a piece of fabric they have been tied there for some purpose presumably to himself but he was sir he was cut such little be peace left now let me ask you this you just figured out was happening right where local altogether if he were murdered
what the murderer bring multiple nooses to leave in the cell yes the murderer wanted to look like a suicide they bring more than one news not in a billion years me says yes now they wouldn't bring multiple nooses and leaves them there because multiple nooses says says that that just just nobody would do that it would be too
smart for somebody new if you wanted to make it look like a suicide you wanna get in and out as quickly as you can one news if you are trying to kill yourself might you have a few different nooses that you'd fashioned before you decided which one to use me israel is very much so you definitely would so when you see one of the nooses and has no blood on it but yet there's blood around his neck what does that tell you it tells you it tells you that he didn't use that news that are used something else
so there was also apparently in electrical device for his sleep albania that power court if i had to guess blessings more likely but let me tell you a little will jail information leading now you saw the news i guess we're a few own narrow cloth and yet you saw what looked like a smaller liquor it ligature on his neck so didn't look like cloth could have created that the type of injury had just don't look like a cloth injury here's what you don't know
when you hang yourself with cloth in a jail you you wet it so you wet the cloth to make it small and stringer so if you want to hang yourself in jail i've been told you don't do it with a dry noose you do with a wet one so you can really get a small if he'd hung himself with a wet wet cloth news it would have been tighter and it would left a mark closer to what you saw now we don't know if we saw the actual news that they sing some want to kill them beyond maybe that's enough in summer but the point is it would a dried so they would have seen a by the time they got there the noose would have been dry and it would look like us a bigger clothing and you would have said how could that create that but if it had been wet wet and twisted or something
exactly how they do it so and then there was also remember the piece of cloth from the high window if you are going to murder somebody would you come into the cell murder him and then put a little piece of cloth tied to the top of a window i will thank you it why would you do that now the sort of the waste time you might put him in a noose and euro hanging from something if you could but you wouldn't put all these cloth up there with you so here is my guess is that we killed himself and we could find out this is not true i have always said that he jumped off the top bunk because every time you hear the story of how he killed himself they act like he tied its bottom of the bad
leaned forward on his knees or something i don't know that feels like not the best way to kill yourself but it also wooden break your bone but where he had they think tide was at a high window there was higher than the top of the bank if i were going to kill me self i would get on the top of the bank tired to a little higher place and i would jump off the bank with my knees up so that a copy and away down now and might have eventually be a broken the broken the thing or him or he might have tried twice its also possibly tried more than once so i see a way i've concluded that it was suicidal and the multiple nooses pretty much that's all you need to know i think and the fact that that bone can be broken by suicide there's a sixty mass also covered a way more important story one of the most import
stories in the country at least as important as around and that is that the mushrooms magic mushrooms yuther silver silently psychedelic mushrooms sixty minutes is all in basically they didn't have a criticism was however saying that suicide him was something that could cure addiction super and they had stories of people who took one doze one time of sellers ivan and stop smoking somebody quit drinking and attacking immediately as soon as they were done with the trap those it they were done with their addiction and other addictions opium aids and other things there was the biggest problem in society right now the biggest problem in society right now
because most things are going well and i think i ran will be limited in scope as well the biggest problem in the whole country is addiction i would say addiction and anxiety those two things so simon fixes both of them for about two thirds the people or something it s got a really high success rate now i knew about this a long time ago that one of the people who you see in the show i talked him privately long time ago and as wide eyed and up to date on this maybe five here's ago were whatever was but is the most important thing in the country and the fact that he be ass a sort of blessed it had apparently was nixon who made all the stuff it legal you know when he crackdown on drugs and a lot of a process as being illegal here's the thing this is so
a big issue the addiction and anxiety and all that and there is a cure and the only thing that's keeping this country from curing its biggest problems is the government does not that's not an exaggeration and the government is preventing it without a even an argument there is not even a debate there there's no two sides to it the science is unambiguously all this stuff helps not just help we're not talking about aspirin helps we're talking about rewiring your brain
instantly the meme over the course of a few hours instantly and the only thing this keeping something like a third of the people in this country from getting their biggest problem in their life cured is that the government is incompetent on this topic other topics as well and i would go so far as to say that if we say p buddha judge will just use it as an example if pete booted edge came out said one of my main things is i'm gonna be looking to legalise suicide and to battle addiction and some mental health things that such a big issue that if people have said that i'd have a tough time now supporting him for president i really would cause frankly i think you things you i think that trumpets fixed enough stuff colony looks great you know well
we finish up our trade were negotiations which everybody thinks was worth doing at this point i got a feeling that trump would never do this i can't imagine anti drug trump being pro is suicidal now if i had time to talk about it or somebody who knew and set him down went through the whole thing maybe i mean he's he's u his intellectually flexible used to be a democrat now is republican so i think he could be convinced but i don't think anybody is doing it and how things can happen so if if somebody on the democratic side said they were going to champion the cause and i thought they could actually succeed at it you'd have to look at them seriously as a present that's that's bigger than any other issue
is bigger than any other issue the trump has an already solved right you don't have to resolve the same things why solved and i'm always a big proponent of you dont need the same president however because as the problems the change you need a different you know a different employ for different kinds of problems i think tromp was kind of perfect for a certain set of problems such as negotiating with china may be dealing with north korea i think he's gonna succeed in iran but still early to say but maybe the next set of problems is different and maybe maybe you need somebody else for that just pointed out there it was fascinating to listen to the people we had these mushroom experiences described because you care really describe i've told you before that once in my twenty is early twenties i had one experience with psychedelic mushrooms and as i have often said
it was the best day of my life i'd say that and you know what it was and fundamentally changed who i was who i am i guess forever changed the way i see the world changed the way i process everything change the way i felt her everything and offer the good there wasn't a not a single i can't even come up with anything that would look like a downside it was the most impact full useful completely good thing i've ever done now i don't recommend it because if you take a bad that sure there's something different about you when you know have medical supervision is a very bad idea to throw some young especially if it's a piece of mushroom land
are you control the dose the way i did it was i had some there was from exactly the same bunch there some other people and taken the night before so at least i had the benefit of knowing that they took this much tonight before from the same bag if ways if i take this much i'll be fine because they were all fine and this will happen now one of the things that they describe is losing your ego and there they also to use that language they say under the psychedelic experience your ego shatters now i've got a ego death and i dont know that there is any way to explain that to someone who has an experienced it as i have what i have often said that the secret to success is ego death and probably mushrooms are not the second alex are not the only way to accomplish that irish
i always recommend that you put yourself in embarrassing situations and maybe even some minor dangerous ones because if even learn to think past protecting yourself that's that at least a little bit similar to release a year ago but i would put it this way notice how we all see the world through a filter of ourselves yeah went one were navigate me to through the world everything starts with us and then we interpret the world as how relates to us because we are important and everything revolves around us when you take mushrooms you lose that she lose the fact that the that the preferred point of view of reality is you rather you just see the stuff is just the stuff without you being imported
now there's no way to explain what that feels like but i can tell you what changes everybody forever and it allows them to get rid of anxiety allows them to quit addictions allows them to just sort of enjoy the world now if i had to guess why this helps you with anxiety and why else you with addiction is that the biggest problem in people's life is the ego your problem is not the stuff around you is how your processes i am elisha physical health problem maria desperate poverty here that there are situations that are real but beyond that if you just have a normal life and a job in life and you start anxiety or you need your you need to do drugs is because there's something that is important you they need to feed and i think it is important to you as you your ego
once you lose their as important you can just enjoy being yes it's it's not you you're trying to protect you just part of the whole i want you enjoy being part of the whole and you can let your ego die your anxiety goes away so two apparently does you need for drugs and alcohol and cigarette because you ve already satisfy those needs by getting rid of your ego there's nothing left to protect there's nothing to feed there's nothing to drug there's nothing to change it just doesn't there so somebody says there is no magic cure bullshit well if you again science so that's it was a brave stand you're taking against every single test every single study i hope some view saw my doctor drew interview if not i tweeted
it last night so you can see it in his feed doktor drew or my so we had a long conversation i think you'll like it did i laugh alot yeah there's a sort of non stop humorous when you're when you arrive listening who says ella well now do the risks ok so the risks if based on sixty minutes is that some people had what they call a bad trip but apparently nobody had anything that lasted so as far as we know the risks were zero based on all science all experience anecdotal scientific as far as i can tell the rest or zero m i dont know if anything allowances like that now you have to assume that it must be somebody in the world who will be worse off
that would be true of aspirin you'll be true of eating peanuts it be true of other things so there's always somebody who's allergic to something has about reactions something so if i told you that there's nobody in the world who could ever have a negative permanent experience with mushrooms are they lying seven people in the world there must be at least one of them wired in a way that one trip like my break their brain all i know is i've never heard of it in my entire life i've never heard of it happening once with mushrooms other things may be different so he said a had a terrible trip on mushrooms yeah so there are reports of people were bad trips and mushrooms the thing but there's no lasting damage is just a few hours you wish you have done it's not addictive
i did it once i like i said it was the best experience of my life by far sighted and close to a normal experience and i've had no real no real the impulse to do it again i do have some interest in the empty and some other some other things like that but i know we do that under the right supervision re situations i had one out many good so oh somebody who was done it many times and grows in their home
somebody said how do you know that everyone is different how do i know what i said everyone's different i said what you said twice is better than once i dont know i dont know if you need to do more than once to get the benefits because i think the people got the benefits somebody says don't do the empty when you know i don't recommend everything to anybody so if you are doing
with medical supervision don't do it did you have a shaman sherman present now what i did it now it was just recreational about seventy fifty untruths know what that means my cousin went force gets a frantic it can trigger latent mental illness well you now here's the thing i hear lots of stories are people who took a drug
could be a different drugs effort from marijuana math two solutions and i bet you read and heard it with an operations vaccinations so there are lots of stories are people who were perfectly normal until they had marijuana of acceleration lsd or math and whatever so there's plenty of stories that but because there are plenty of people who were from the same to having an episode at the same time there are plenty of people were trying drugs for the first time or just doing drugs again you should have lots of false negatives in other words in the normal course just people doing what they're doing there should be lots of coincidental examples where somebody took a drug and then soon after they had a mental problem
some of that maybe cause and then there may be others that are just coincidence so i don't know that i don't know how much it costs and how much is coincidence and all that stuff yeah i'm not sure i totally by the the idea that people who did not already have mental illness that would not have come out on his own why do we have to do anything can't we just learn to problems of nope probably not meditation and prayer see much healthier well depending on your problem you can't meditate and pray away you're addiction in one day but you can take so asylum change your life make you happy or in small
and get rid of addiction and one day so if you could do that with praise i would definitely recommend the praise but you can't so much drug use is self medication nothing else for me today i will talk to you later
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