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Episode 785 Scott Adams: Tweaking the Simulation From the Control Room While Talking About Iran

2020-01-12 | 🔗

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  • Cause and effect didn’t start this week
  • Iranian demonstrations for downing of the Ukrainian airline
  • Viral video of Israeli and American flag painted on floor
    • 97% refused to walk on the flags
  • President Trump tweets in Farsi
  • Leaving Iraq
  • North Korea expert, Devin Stewart’s thoughts

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they have got to do a little tweaking some of the programming has some issues so this reality that your experiencing the one that you think is real it's a stimulus listen i'm actually in the control room the controls and simulation for reality i had to make a few things are we talking about that but not until now until the simultaneous it what do you need for simultaneous up well you don't need to be in the control room for the simulation yourself you can just be where you are all you need is a couple mugger glass a tanker jealousies time again to juggle flask conversant with any kind schiller with your favorite liquid like coffee you might be wondering how my coffee stays in my cup as zero jeez put it does now
join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dope been inundated thing makes everything better simultaneously space version yeah you're wondering how do i how could i possibly drink a liquid in the cup as euro jeez and the answer is practice yeah takes low price so here's the reason that i came up to these simulation control room there were some seem to be some kind of a glitch in the cosmos text chain something i needed a little reprogramming are you you probably also the story about a ran downing ukraine airline with a missile and your first reaction probably was hey that looks like a rans fault looks like
and salt goes there are the ones who fired the missile and brought down the ukraine the alignment leaving turann but then some democrats and then some iranians pointed out we got that wrong this actually you after you have to back up a little bit in the cause and effect chain can see why did they fire the missile in the first place and as they accurately pointed out it was president trumps adventurism whose adventurism
if president trump had not killed solomon saw monet then there would be no reason for the iranians to be worried about a counter attack they wouldn't have blown up their missile so i think i think the democrats who are completely right they have to back it up and find out the president tromp was the cause of those problems by wait wait when this is the reason i came up to the control room for the simulation you can stop there right in fact did not start this week causing the fact has been going on for a while i programme that way there's other simulation work so i came up to the control room is here for i can trace back to find out who is really responsible so the chain is that the iranians furthermore
but it was only because president trump killed solomon ay and they had to respond and then there was danger but who created president tromp right because the cause and effect keeps going and i would say it was the voters the voters voted in president trumps so start really president troms fault it's the voters right what on earth does not exactly true as i was doing some research i realized that the voters actually there were more voters for hillary clinton so i don't think you can you can blame the voters because the voters actually chose clinton but you can look at the electorate college because the way the electoral college works even though president from got fewer votes which really absolves the voters i think he got them in the right places so you want anyway so is
about the electoral college is the problem for why they are like eyes shut down bewick the electoral college electoral college did not create itself will agree right somebody created the electoral colleges of the constitution should really the blame kind goes back to the founders right because they created the electoral college like college loudly voters to vote in trump with fewer votes and hilary trump gets a merry kill solomon nay and then the arabians accidently shoot you create airline so canada goes back to the founders of the united states so i was going to put the blame on the founding fathers of the united states for creativeness mulch series of events but then
rise wait a minute why were the founders writing a constitution they didn't do for fun there was a cause king george great britain so king george created a series of taxes in the un viable situation further colonies which caused them to have a revolution which caused them write a constitution which caused them to make the electoral college because trump that caused him to kill somebody the ceremony which cause uranium to counter attack which caused them to accidently shoot down the jap so i think we ve traced this thing all the way back to the royal family in great britain and that's sort of where the the trail goes cold so i thought to myself probably exactly what you were thinking right now right if the royal family in great britain is responsible for this whole ukraine airlines
nation there's probably some reparations that need to be discussed so i thought ass he reasonable so i thought i better call the queen and see what we can do to make good on this and i want to make us all public and everything but i want to call the queen of england and just get her take on this maybe a remind her that is for responsibility for family anyway the monarchy and so i placed the call to the queen of england and no no you're thinking you thinking you can't just call up the queen of england cause she's busy right what are you thinking of the old days the current queen of england queen elizabeth she doesn't have a lot of harm
these she's not she's not jogging she's travelled everywhere the chinese to travel so it turns out there when she's not doing a public event is not doing much so she is available to take a car so i placed a call to the royal family and of course some up greater new intercepts that i said i like to talk to the queen you know about this business with ukraine airline think shutdown it's her fault or family salt and they said sir we cannot just put you through to the queen it doesn't work that way i said oh i'm scott items on the greater the simulation and they set up very good will put your way through so i get connected the green light i explained this whole situation and i said the only thing this school make my goodness and some kind of reparations and we can get it
with us you just young your monarchy king george kirsty revolution the constitution like collars trump plank is shut down what're you gonna do about it you seem like to be some kind of price for that and she said he if we if we make a money nobody's gonna find out was a big deal is re way we can do something on the download so well the tire if if it's not gonna be money money sir the universal self sell for everything self centered says i look work something out this is what you gotta do sell queen elizabeth this is a big deal there's gotta be a price to be paid but
if it's not be money this is what i'll settle for i need you to pick two members of the royal family and kick him out of the family and that'll be your price and the queen said i kick kick to members of my own family and of the royal family i can't do that as a look i'm not even could tell you who it is it doesn't have to be one of your favorites right it doesn't have to be charles i do you like him you kind of attached to her he just pick any two royals if you want you can pick whichever royals are the biggest pain in the ass and just kick him out of the family now i'm falling headlines lately so i dont know if she followed up on that but that was our agreement that because of this horrible chain of cause and effect the monarchy those taking responsibility and they're getting rid of two members of the royal family the ones they like the least too
to make up for it so that's why i'm here i'm in the dissimulation control room because every now and then things get out of whack and i just i just gotta go in there and push a bun tweak something little bit so we're all gonna have you seen the pictures of the iranian demonstrations so apparently the them public some some portion of protesting mostly students i think are protesting their own government for lying to them about the doubting of the airplane but i've got a little bit suspicions about the size of those grounds have you noticed that the the images were seeing the videos coming in around and learned there not many because you could probably get killed for taking that kind of video but have you noticed that the pictures
really show the full it will say perimeter of the crowd so you guess uncover aerial kind of view i feel as though those protests may not be as big as were hoping that they are i just don't know yet so i'm just gonna put that out there that based on the images we see we may beginning a distorted opinion of helping these demonstrations are my people are smaller than we think not because the public doesnt want them to be big but because the others are real fear of being killed because the last group a protest hundreds of them got killed we know that to be true so here is the question is this is this ukraine airline flight sort of a turning point does you know sometimes people need what i call the fake because we do things because we have
reasons but sometimes there are things you already wanna do but you need a trigger in his son to get you go and you need something to focus i would say oh that's why i'm doing it because this is the final straw so sometimes sometimes people need a psychological crotch to allow them to do the thing that they very much wanted to do anyway they just needed that little bit of a fake because of this and i'm wondering if this ukraine airlines situation given that around shut down and they are lying with lots of romanian citizens on it i wonder if the citizens of europe will say right that's the final straw they
compared to all the other things the the regime is doing it's not worse its now worse than all the other stuff there doing but sometimes the publishers needs a thing to grasp on say okay now we're done you now you ve taken too far this is the final thing it might be that but i am suspicious if i had to better that against it but i'm home for that the public has changed there's a viral video if you haven't seen it scared of its really interesting and it is about one of the universities where these protests and ran the government or the university or somebody had painted a giant take is really an american flags at the entrance to the university
so that everybody who walked into the university would walk on top of the u s flag and the israeli flag i mean you think of that and we just think about the fact that there was an official like from an act to put the flags of two other nations on the grounds that he can walk on a realistic about the cat can we we'll be friends with a regime that does that the video showed that the protesters in ratios and probably ninety seven percent or so it looked were walking around it so the protesters refused to walk on the flags of the u s and israel while their protests
their own country as i imagine that normally they just go walk on it because its the fastest path now there were a few people were making a point of walking on the other protesters realistic but watching just as huge throng of crowd walking suspect com people walking toward the place where the flags or on the sidewalk and then and they just split and they walk it's kind of interesting cassettes that's one of those things that tells you what they're really thinking you can't always look at a protest and know what's going on does you don't know here was a government protesters it your deal than we think smaller deal is it just political or do they really feel this way but when you see them spending seriously unwilling to walk the flags of the two countries that their government told them are the devil you see
something basic happening i think it's respect i think that's what i think is really that and as a really good sign and let me say the arabian public that respect is completely returned meaning that the u s has a lot of respect for the iranian protesters lotta respect and a lot of respect for the public in general it's a very it's an excellent public and i think that maybe social media especially you know if a ran ever got any kind of real social media you'd find that public to public we just don't want a war and we may be at a point in history think about this for a second ran isn't quite there but you can see the beginnings of this if you will sometime in the future there are two countries doesn't have to be the united states does not have to be wrapped just two countries and their about get into a war or it looks like they might
by social media allows the public's of each country to talk directly and the public so each other and says do you want a war and the people in the other country say now we like you guys do you like us and the other countries as you know we kind of like you guys we don't like what you don't know soon but we like you you like us why is that why are countries getting into war isn't the real problem our common enemy is our governments i think we're at the point where citizens will directly stop wars think about that this is an extension of my my concept that the republic already a legacy system sore archive institution was drawn up as a republic where we elect people and send them off to make rules for us but the public now because of social media largely
can control the politicians in real time down to the minute will you can change i believe you could change what's happening in in government in fifteen minutes now i'm just gonna pick a number if somebody made a viral tweed saying your gun and don't do whatever it is you planning to do it would take fifty minutes to see that that we were so popular that the government was i what can they look at that we in i see has twenty eight million likes or retweets against what they're going to do they're gonna wait i think as a war that we just get one million re in fifteen minutes apparently we don't have the country behind us on this that's be a real problem now we're not there yet but you
can see us knocking on the door right the days of our idiot leaders bring the nation into war might be over over we might actually be at a point where the government can't go to war if they also have social media does this social media will say not your life you leader will never be re elected will go to the streets we will tear you apart do not gonna to war i think we're knocking on that door also in the highly symbolic but maybe not a meaningful iran's only female olympic medalist i guess well then type window gimme a al jazeera she just affected so the only olympic medalist female and ran just affected good timing
good timing right the southern there's nothing to this except a symbolic and so here's the question ask you would ran be the way ran is women were in control probably not right do you agree that ran would be a different place if women had political power into the point where they were making the rules probably not in the united states wouldn't you say that women probably have as much were many would argue more political power if only because there are more of them there are more women than men and sir land some issues i would say that they dominate the conversation so
what's the difference between the iranian women who don't much power compared to the men there and the united states whereas at least closer to equal depends on the issue in other still there still lots of prejudice and discrimination stuff than ever goes way but in terms of political power one vote is one vote and there are more women in this country the men so mary they have slightly more power in reality we don't know but what it makes me wonder if there's something about the about the nature of the relationship of men and women in personal situations that makes this difficult won't let me let me put this in the clearest possible terms this is speculation i dont know enough about the cultured now but i put this out there is the question
there are x number a man on the street protests and probably a lot more men would like to protest but there there being reasonable about their personal risk let me ask you this do you think is the women overran world the big variable that is the women in iran who are preventing men who are not protesting from going to the state in other words and maybe not directly and so in the sense of don't go out but even indirectly as in the man doesn't want to go in the street because he's the only form of support for his wife his mother and sister letter so could there be a whole bunch of men just put this out there who individually are absolutely brave enough to go out risk their life for their country but they're not brave enough and i'm not saying this is a flaw this
the original decision and they're not brave enough to put their wife at risk their mother at risk or their sister at risk could there be a gigantic bunch of men who are just itching kitchen to just throw out the government because you know it's going to be the man physically it's going to be the man i'm talking about the kinetic part the part where people get hurt that's going to be the man right now there's extra man usually younger ones rather different risk profile maybe they have you in the family situation etc but let me ask you this if the women of iraq the women of iran if they ever unleashed their men unleashes a wrong i want to put this in a negative contacts everybody's acting reasonable there's nobody no unreasonable people in the story i'm telling but if the way
men of iraq decide to let their men go meaning don't worry about me do what you gotta do it's over right i think the women of iraq not maybe maybe not directly they may not be telling their husbands don't go outside do not be telling their sons and brothers don't go outside but those listen brothers and fathers are saying if i go outside these people in my family in both men and women will suffer the obvious if i get her they hear it could be the women of iraq are getting close to saying go do it because if they do it's over does the men in iraq i think have unlimited capacity for danger danger in a positive way
think the men of iraq have on limited capacity to take the risk for themselves but they don't have unlimited capacity to take risk on behalf of wife mother sister nobody asset if the women if the women say go is on lesser speculation by the way again i don't know that much about the the the world over there so that justice maybe so present trouble quite provocatively tweeted in farsi so the english version of what it means we did an english farsi version speaking directly to the arabian public and if you haven't seen it it's historically
really interesting so the english version says and to the brave long suffering people of ram sorry i've stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my administration will continue to stand with you we are following your protest closely and inspired by your courage now you know we always talk about other hussein ran did i say iraq and i may have sent a racket sliver ran people in the comments are correctly me so what i'm talking about his ran everything everything i've said recently is ran around ran so if i said erech just the race that from your brain so here's the interesting thing worse
post to weeping countries are now supposed to interfere with the internal politics of other countries that scant basic right that's all we ve been talking about all we ve been talking about for two years is the the other countries interfering with our elections in here the presence of the united states he's not just interfering a little bit this is a lot of interference and it's not slow the presently i stays the same go broke go protestors basically use is actually encouraging them to overthrow the government now you talk about interfering in the local politics in another country you can interfere any harder than less this is pretty interfering
because it suggests that the uranium public would get some support whatever that means should they you should they have some success in changing the government is very provocative i'm not sure if other and would have done this i suspect another present will stay out of it but i'm not sure or at least maybe he said something little more neutral like while we hope everybody safer i hope their voices her something someone generic birthing thing trump leaned into it others there talk about so this part is about iraq
the question of whether the eu should pull his military rule fifty seven hundred troops eric s still in iraq and iraq is asking sleeve and apparently trumpets threaten the wool will shut down some account that iraq has that the central bank accounts of the federal reserve controls or something so we're gonna put sanctions and penalties on the iraqi government is they forces to leave their country i dont know what to think about that now i suppose is just part of the normal given take your word motioning to not be kept out of the country but don't know why i dont think our government has made a good argument to the public why we need those fifty seven troops fifty seven
troops have you heard i have not heard any argument from my government that's credible this out this is why why they should stay so now we have this absurd situation where my government is threatening another country to prevent them from forcing us to do the things that i want my government to new does like any sense at all you mobile sanction me i mean you're randomly sanctioning people who are trying to hope you do the thing that you're that your citizens want to be done what are two things has to happen iraq from a voter perspective so just talkin as a citizen of the united states i want to see one or two things either get all of our forces out of the rack in whatever scheduled makes sense or make an argument to the pub
why we should stay i'm up into an argument when you listen to an argument i was only listen to an argument this is why those those few thousand troops should stay i haven't heard one i've heard in general vague things about bobo blood but i haven't nourishment give us an argument or get out that's what i say pearly the public and fifty seven percent of independence to who are the ones who depend decide most elections are against trumps actions on iran are you will support why then are you surprised that the majority of independence are opposed to a trumps actions and ran i dont know if that means where we think it means i think is easy to be opposed to his actions at the same time you acknowledged they work am i wrong about that
i think the world is of is a two brains simultaneously at least some of us are i think you could say president trump i am totally opposed to you getting all warlike and threatening military action against iraq and that would be normal i mean it would be a pretty reasonable opinion they europe goes to any warlike threats against ran but you could also say well i watched you do it i watched you take our solemn their nay i definitely would not have done that but i watched you do it and it didn't work out well i think you can have both you can say i wouldn't have done it but acknowledge at work i think a lot of into then sir somewhere in the grey zone where this where the services the fifty seven percent of them disagree with
president may not mean why you think it means i think this one's sort of conflicting louder stuff and maybe more misleading them useful let's see what else we gotta know i'm here i think add not certain that north korea so when you see me talk about north korea as you know it's not like i'm some kind of north korea expert so helps when somebody who knows what you're talking about agrees with me which happened recently so devon stuart maybe watching us right now it was a senior fellow at carnegie council for ethics in international affairs and was founder of the council's asia programme at least talk courses and asian politics in international affairs i'm only bring this up to say he has qualifications
and expertise in the area of that we're talking about these document grand he's writing publication called the national interest and unjust can read this paragraph two largely because it agrees with what i said but even more largely because it's such a big opportunity i don't understand why we're not we're not take you look for the big opportunity so this is run devon stored in the national interest most crucially this is at the end of his article kim warned his country to not sacrifice security for economic benefits so another chemicals signalling very clearly that it be great if we could do
a poor country make more money but that's not the main thing so worse i think we're on the same side that the main thing is a kim stays in power in the country still safe so isn't north korea is not asking for a gulf horses are to become another south korea true but it almost no cost no cost right no cost the united states could alter the security environment in a positive way in asia by jointly declaring an end to the korean war which is what i'd suggest in the united states has learned from its endless wars in iraq afghanistan on the korean peninsula then it cannot spread democracy by force or edict but american can be used for good by creating incentives for peaceful behaviour as reagan defence official fred equal noted everywhere must end its past time for the united states
to declare an end to the endless korean war kim has left a small opening for trumped move forward trump just is to push on an open door now i love that analogy for before pushing on an open door that's what i'm saying does anybody have a reason why we can't just declare an end ryan war now given the king is watching the i'm sure he's watching on some little how the congress of the united states is trying to say is trying to put some controls on the president's waging war so kim trusts that present trump does not want war i think him trust that so there is evidence to suggest that kim likes truck personally which suggests he's not he's afraid of trump as they might be of some other
so then you ve got to worry about the rest of the country you gotta worry about congress in congress seems pretty anti warlike at the moment if you're kim and your looking at the uranium situation you're probably saint herself is a good thing i'm not killing any americans lately right says the firstly you say if you can cuz the gonna kill you if you kill american that that foreign policy rules seems to be now the american red line you killed even one american that's it now we're gonna get get tough now of course north korea's nuclear said all the calculations are different but i would say that we could declare in an official end the war northward and can join one could reasonably imagine at that point that we no intention of any
military action against north korea and that might make inflexible on the nukes of long term so causes nothing was declared an end to the war because we have a psychological planet we have a psychological problem with north korea we don't have a military problem remember i will tell you that an ordered a war you need you need at least one of the two sides to think it's a good idea right there's not i don't think there's any such thing as a war at least as modern times i don't think there's a in a war unless at least one of the size the thought they had something to gain what would we gain by war with north korea we get even imagine what word north ray again with a war with the united states will can't even imagine it you ve got to talk to countries who only want to not have a war how in the world can you not make an agreement had
not make an agreement when you already agree you don't even have to negotiate anything because you're both at that year both actually starting at the end point the end point is under no conditions do we want to be a threat to each other that's where you want to get too but is also where you're starting there's nothing to negotiate it's a completely psychological problem it's a hundred percent psychological at this point there is no physical reason for or just how we think about stuff that's it now of course it does matter if they get rid of their nukes but the reason for the nuclear is their psychological at one point it was real they had a real threat in the past but the real threat in the past from the united states has now morphed into just a psychological and so you need a snake logical solution somebody says i talked about krugman yes
have we did that i'm just looking at your comments here seven jabbering alluded aware saunter yes a president trump humorously says that even in its debates on these says where centre and now some protesters ensuring that binds of ants without whereas hunter the chant no less important is just going to fund the erased epstein footage i think the absence getting boring to me because i feel like that will be an endless drip drip drip of new abstain stuff but i'm pretty sure he killed himself and
the large changed my mind it was not going to change my mind is some evidence disappear that's not going to change my mind for those of you joining late i'm coming to you from the control room of the simulation where i had to tweak dissimulation olympic you probably don't know this book this is the simulation control room impeachment have you noticed them i barely talk about impeachment it's because it's because there's nothing left of it impeachment is the is the big issue this order rotted than a sound i feel like impeachment was this nice fresh piece of fruit a few months ago
a few months ago were like a nice piece of fruit and then we all went on holiday for us you know that the holiday season everybody wanted vacation stir thing about everything else we left the threw down the kitchen counter and we came back from vacation that beautiful fruit at rotted into this little rotted sticking thing and that's what's left of of of a patron i can barely even talk about it because has no relevant stating nothing's going to happen is just politician wasting my time every single moment politician talks about impeachment i want to get rid of the politician every minute i say very politician talking about a stupid issue
there's no important whatsoever is purely symbolic is wasting our time i'm starting to get to the point eight to be this year this person but don't we pay congress i mean seriously we pay them to go make independent decisions that that are compatible with their whether constituents but we pay them does this impeachment stuff look like doing work it doesn't look like work to me what the president does mostly looks like work every day we wake up
then the president goes to work every day we wake up and see here about impeachment congresses and going to work in others i can tolerate i can tolerate a great range of disagreement and silliness about politics if the people are doing work here here is a sword my red line where am i i'm no longer just joking around if we're paying you and you're not working i don't care what your opinion is i don't care i don't care where your policies are i don't care what your internal thoughts are i care what you did with your day if it wasn't work and pay area i think you need to be fired right at some point is no longer a political conversation at some point is an employment conversely i think we're right only
border that at some point this whole bullshit about walking and chewing gum has to be called out they can't walk into dumb do you know why because nobody can in the senseless here focus on everything the same way if you're focusing on one thing that is energy and attention that were paying you to pull on other things what do you get on the wrong stuff you're not walking and chewing gum you're you're taking your focus off the ball you not doing infrastructure and do not think so i think we have to i'm starting to lose the frame that does is even a political difference it doesn't feel like that it feels like people were getting paid in there now shown up for work that's what it feels like to be true
love em rhythm trumps shows up for work right every single day has trump even taken a sick day i don't think so i think he's work for three years including weekends gospel since don't really take weakens are i think he's work every day since he's been elected he soon up he's he's gone to the office probably every day and even on the golf course he's yeah he's working so i think it's time to call the question you know it's one thing to disagree politically fine i'm okay with that but you got to go to work you got to go to work that's not optional snuff say the same thing over and over again right that's all i got you today and i guess i'll talk to you tomorrow
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