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Episode 786 Scott Adams: Reprogramming Iran From the Simulation Control Room

2020-01-13 | 🔗

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  • FISA court overseer announced…David Kris? 
  • Fact checking President Trump’s speculation
  • Iran media appears to have turned against the government
  • Newt Gingrich: American policy should be “aggressively pro-Iranian”
  • Iranian Supreme Leader calls for increased cooperation in region
  • “Impulsive”…debunked, “reckless”…well, working good so far
  • Harry and Meghan

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ok it's like these simulation is back on track high good morning coffee was got arabs and coming to you today from these simulation control room this is where the simulation that you believe as your reality is formed in i'll be tweaking it a little bit this morning you can do you can see that there's a lot going on up here it's pretty busy space lot of people trying to tweak your real but i'm the the ultimate other so you're ingredients today and we can be tweet these simulation for your benefit today can be really good watch this but first
what do you need you know you need come on you not to do that you need a copper mugger glass attacker tells you stay the canteen jogger flask a vessel of any kind schiller with your favorite i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dope immediately the day the thing that makes everything better is called the simultaneous up go who here now have you noticed that the new started to get a little boring and since i've been running the simulation like a reality show i needed to inject some interest so did you notice how the fires are process was getting really boring i was boring so i made a few changes here and here i will vote
weeks there okay and now we ve got an interesting flies accord court again as might soon which reported on twitter in february twenty eighteen and bomb air a lawyer named david chris wrote that devon newness quote falsely accused the fbi of deceiving the size of court so somebody incorrectly said that devon newness falsely accused the fbi of deceiving we face a court only to learn later that the fbi deceived the pfizer court that everything devon nunez said was correct so what would be the most fun thing i could do to make the fire fighting interesting you now for david chris in charge of overseas and that's what's gonna happen
that's right the guy who doesn't have a shred of credibility is going to be the next defies the court's overseer you didn't see that govern didier i know you ve gotta be some credible boring person who just overseas stuff no that is not how i run the simulation couldn't would i bore you now know we're going to get the most do vice of person we could put in their somebody who has no credibility whatsoever and a complete public record approve it that's what i call a good good simulation right here's my favorite story of the day you any president trump
is getting getting louder heat because the intelligence people aren't exactly backing up his claim about the imminent threat from solomon monet and his people and i wondered to myself what was the
zack quote that trunk made war his exact words that are making people fact checking incorrectly so i went back to it looked it up here here are his exact words that their effect checking right so this is being fact checked so when i read the sentence and say to yourself oh i guess i'll find there trying to find out if that's a fact present rob said quote i can reveal that i believe it would have been for embassies and transcendent interview with fox news that the point that was that trump indicated that there was imminent danger to four embassies and their fact jackie that and the other the other folks pontio and the other person's name again remember it now or saying well you'd other there's restating that little dead soften little button the critics who said
wait wait and sign read the substance again tell me where in the sentence trump and makes the claim that the intelligent spruce or even strongly indicated that there was going to the fore embassies were going to attack find me in this sentence where trump said the intelligent says for embassies
can it be attacked watch this original again i can reveal that i believe it would have been for embassies finding a sentence where he said the intelligence says it's gonna before embassies snub there there fact checking a belief a believe about something that could happen in the future in other words they are literally fact checking his speculation about what he believed i'm pretty sure he believed that release he believed that there was trouble coming but you ve got the entire media has nothing to do today except to fact jack somebody you add a belief in what was likely to happen that's it
and a belief now was his belief unreasonable now actually there's nobody thinks is unreasonable to assume that having having surrounded one embassy that he wouldn't do some more of it went the most obvious thing to do if you would just surrounded and imma see and you got a lot of press forward and you were putting heat on arrogance wouldn't you use around some more embassies it feels like that's exactly what they wouldn't them serve tromp says i can reveal that i believe it he's not saying i can reveal the the hence it is said that he said i can reveal what i believe does he believe the four embassies minded and three
but even file but is it reasonable claim the trump believed embassies were the likely targets i would say that's pretty credible now i don't know what he thinks it is reasonable that he would believe embassies would likely be at the top of the target lest given that they just surrounded an embassy probably probably this is interesting i think you will see an annual reporting that iran has the media has turned on the government which doesn't happen and ran about this the headlines for the major iranian newspapers were pretty anti government talkin about the shooting down with the plane and changing the story and killing all the rainy and citizens who just thought they were there on a plane going some
what does it mean that the iranian press just declared some independence probably means a lot now it could be that the iranian leadership is saying we just gotta take it on the chin goes we must stop we ve been we made a mistake we ve what really happened maybe we just after maybe we just have to let the public in the press vent and maybe that's the best thing now if that's what you think it would be very smart i think it would be smart for ran i think to let the public in the press event a little bit before before things get back to normal because if they can vent
whether free speech what the rest of it then maybe they don't have to do something more radical maybe that's a good idea to stop that so trump tweeted they use urging ran to turn the internet back on and i thought that might be really productive in terms of a way to go in new gingrich said something interesting he said that the eu s position should be quote aggressively pray iranian now what s interesting is its choice of words aggressively pro arabian is what the u s position should be totally agree with that anytime new talks you should listen because his usually the smartest guy in the game add new says we should be aggressive pro raining now you could you
are you an aggressive means in this context but what i love is pro arabian we are proliferating because we like the people of iran and we wish them well with with i too builder yeah do more with them is just the government so new test correctly identified that we have a common enemy we the people of iran and the united states we have a common enemy which is their current government and being aggressively pro radian as a way to frame our position is really strong we are noose good at this stuff so you should listen to him that way better than being somehow entire ran were acting like we we want to destroy the country those are the worst frames here's an idea
so this is more of a year this is a thought experiment i believe this idea has no chance of being implemented but the president's tweet and and also were newts framing give me this idea just him in this i imagine if you will the we said we'd like to negotiate with your ran but there's only one thing we want and i say this will happen and are not claiming this is the idea we should pursue just a thought experiment and goes like this we say to them we only want one thing we want turn your back on that's it the only thing we want and will learn will release the sanctions now you said yourself away railway than they're gonna get a nuclear weapon you know that that's all the problems that were trying to avoid we have to keep the pressure on but here's what's different
i believe that the iranian public or at least enough of them might be on our side meeting our side meaning peace meaning they don't want to start a war meaning they dont want their government to be wasting their money and stuff like that so seems to me again it's just a thought expense the real world probably wouldn't take any risk like this but think about how strong that would be as in framing hey around only one thing we want we want you to buy your own public on the internet lemme talk that's it that's all we could ask because one of the things that i will do show that there is no difference between what we want the united states and what the public overran watts
there's no difference i think the uranium public can take care of it yes they have one thing the ability to communicate that's it anything we ask we're not even going to ask you to do anything with your nukes we're not going to ask you to change your proxy stuff although maybe that's in the process of changing already because of solomon ain't being gone but as a framing is very strong just say so we want we just want you to empower your own public wherever there goes up to you this good chance it would go in a productive direction thousand guaranteed so that's why you know we will see an idea like that but as a thought experiment is interesting the other thing that trump is doing by saying let the iranians have access to the internet
is starting to get close to an idea that i've been promoting for awhile and that's the idea that we should encourage ran to take their jihad there was say their religious impulses their argument there their war if you will to spread the kings and the ways of his love take it to the internet and so instead of making it a kinetic war where people get killed make it a war of ideas and trust their god i think that's the strongest part of it if they trust their god then we should they should also trust that the ideas there promoting their interpretation of what their god wants are the correct ones and that there will be the same
august overtime and that's all they would need what if they dont trust their own god they might have to use war on terrorism and these lesser tools the tools of primitive people because they don't trust their got enough to take it to the proper battleground of ideas because what is religion religion is not keep your arm or lose your arm religions or a belief and thoughts and ideas so they can't win on the battlefield of thoughts and ideas and argument there nation question whether they ve interpreted there there deity correctly as would their god let them lose if they were finding the right war that would be a question for them so
was to be they would believe that if there are god wanted them to win their god would let them winton that's how it works so the president has tiptoed right up to their line but i think there is another place to go witches let's take the war to the internet because asking people to stop their their jihad or or to stop their aggressive promotion of their version of islam that's too much to ask you can ask the ayatollah why don't you be a little less islamic that's not it's not a path that's not going to happen but you could ask him to fight the war of more effective way one that's more compatible with their own god that seems like that could be done so i'll put that out there if we can change the simulation a little bit right by this week tweaking tweaking yap by this week will see more of that
here's an idea for a ran again i don't think this idea will be implemented it's just food for thought once a year in iranian citizen you want to protest your government but you don't want to take the risk is not an accident that allowed the protesters are young and students because the young stew hence the beggar risks but there must be millions of just an ordinary middle class married people with families who would also like to protest pledges to dangerous how could you let the people who want to protest also protest but make it safe i have a suggestion is called the ambiguous protest i ready we might give it a different name and goes like this instead of going outside with masks
clubs and went around so doing and tearing down flags and essentially sort of rioting in the streets instead of that where it would be easy for any police officer to look at the people say will a person with the mask who is tearing down a poster is a protester no doubt about it so will rough them up will kill them will do whatever we do to protesters but what if instead of that it were made a little bit more ambiguous and it goes like this shoes let's say you have a call that at a certain time everybody will go out outside that set
whole protest everybody wherever they are if their indoors just walk outside they don't have to march they don't have to chant then to sing that i'll have to throw things in fact if you just walk outdoors on your own sidewalk how do i know you're protesting at all maybe you're just going to the store somebody's going in a flash mob that's probably a good branding so what i m talking about is a show of the the pure volume of support for the protesters without the risk of being a protest because if you simply walk outside in your regulars reclose could be because you wanted to see who else walked outside it could be because you are going to the store
it could be because you were going for a walk but you round doors and here's the thing how big with this day if it's the iranian protestors who said i eight p m tuesday night walk endorse if you support the protesters just walk outdoors dont have to march no have to go anywhere you can stand from your own just walk outdoors some people will be just going our doors to see how many other people what else i see he granddaughters for two reasons one did you see what's happening to to show you this show they are protesting scan it's gonna get like the same and the idea would be to disguise the identities of the protesters from the people were just happened to be outside but imagine if you will you thirty
in people walked outside at the same time that's it hard bar is getting from the number of protesters you have to some numbers is big enough to overthrow the country without going through the phase worthy uranium national guard kills thousands of you on the process the only wakened skip that phase is by having tens of millions of people just walk outdoors the same time you say we're outdoors look how many there are will just take some pictures that's all just go outside take some pictures that's the end of it i don't think that'll happen but it good
here's something that reigns supreme leader said recently and what he said was quote that then said turbulent situation with the u s and he called for increased cooperation in the region isn't that an interesting response the supreme leader blames the u s for the turbulence in the region but then as a response to the turbulence in the region it calls for increased cooperation in the region and not sure exactly whose cooperating maybe just everyone but what does that mean to have increased cooperation in the region well here's the dog didn't bite if the u s is blaming
if the iran is blaming the you asked for the turbulent situation shouldn't the next thing they say they then the u s should change what they're doing because if the u s is to blame does it wouldn't you expect that the iranian leadership would say well u s is to blame therefore the u s should do something different but instead around says the u s is to blame for the turbulence but who should do something different is the other people in the region isn't that a soft response is very anti aggressive it's it's almost is flagrantly anti aggressive but it does suggest that the solution is a larger
peace deal and i feel like that's where this is happening well as measures having my way simulation controls on control left one cup of butter right there we got no simulation said we should be seeing a wider peace deal in the region maybe not in the next weeks but maybe in the coming months because nothing it would make sense all the other plans or bad the plan of having a large regional peace deal were ran could consolidate someone it's gains such as its influence over iraq which would be a gigantic gave for ran wasn't that many years ago that there were at war with iraq and now ran owns now they own iraq under saddam erech attacked ran and caused
just the horrendous losses as around trying to defend itself we just human waves of soldiers who were getting mode down by superior forces and after all that not too many years go by and ran owns the country than attack the lock and give it back and maybe they maybe they maybe there and you know i tell you if a country attacked the united states and we had a chance later to own that country we might do it i wouldn't i guess you around giving it up so president rum also tweeted about national security adviser suggested today that sanctions and protests have aramco joke
off and will force them to negotiate and then the president talking about negotiating this has actually i couldn't care less if they'd negotiate with we totally up to them but no nuclear weapons end quote don't kill your pro dusters now we don't have a lot of control any control over whether they killed her protesters but somewhat embedded in this we don't care if you negotiate or not is a threat and the threat is we don't care if you negotiate
but no nuclear weapons what does that mean negotiating is optional but was not optional is that you're not gonna have nuclear weapons that's that's a military threat or an economic threat but some god of his red says that's not going to happen and it doesn't matter if negotiator that i like that but then the part about don't kill your protesters which is a good thing to say i feel as if they don't kill your protesters there should be aimed more at the uranium public or basically the problem would not be the problem with the united states it would be a problem with iran and its government yes they killed or protesters again i think that might be a step too
far specially was plain situation i have said before that the plane situation could be iran's fake because sometimes leader air reason is not really a real reason because you are already inclined to do whatever it is but new something mr trigger something you can point to say yeah it's because of that we're all rallying round that and that may be the ukraine there like got shut down and the lying about which seems leaving a bigger problem domestically that mistake itself tragic as it was
so anyway were watching i was greatly just whatever happened to impulsive and reckless does it does seem to you will see if that keeps coming back but it seems to me that the complaints against from mostly from the democrats were they he was impulsive and reckless now impulsive has been debunked by the fact that we now know that they ve been planning for eighteen months if you been planning something for eighteen months
where's the question i would say not planning but rather they then mulling the question of whether to take out solid made for eighteen months can you really argue that it was impulsive miss the opposite of impulses so that just was stupid then about reckless well reckless is one of those things that you get and lies after the fact has a ran ever been quieter than they are this week it seems that reckless has turned into that thing that work too early to say things could change but can you call him reckless when he does something that completely works it absolutely shot ran down in terms of their malign activities
as far as we know now wicked we could learn that their proxies are all reactivated in ten minutes neck and all change but at the moment is it reckless if it worked because it looks like it worked it looks like the equation has completely changed in around animals i'm saying more whispers not in any credible way at but whisper that the arabian public wasn't so unhappy about losing that guy and maybe the government itself wasn't so unhappy about losing that guy doesn't like every other government organization any big organization there were people in the government who didn't like that guy and they wished he did not exist anymore more but now he doesn't
by the way how many of you went and looked at the photos of solomon is dead charred body i saw something on the internet about that existed that the resistance actually photographs of the sea where you can actually see in there with his will his burned out body so i think most mostly you mean professional press sites don't carry it but it did take me long to find it i went over i think i saw one in four worse and i had the worst time understanding myself looking you that that i've ever had it here's the thing
i kind of enjoyed it and it is so hard to admit because he was so bad you know it was sort of like your fencing bin laden with a hole in his head or something i think i would join it and it says something terrible about me i know because i don't like that kind of stuff had that been some random you just is minding their own business and that a horrible fate i wouldn't be happy about it it wouldn't be entertaining i certainly wouldn't go to my will look at it but i actually went on my way to look at that charred body and i am not proud of us i enjoyed it i enjoyed knowing that his end were so terrible and i found myself hoping that
you stay the live long enough to know what happened which is a terrible thought i made a really it tells me too should i myself and i wish i didn't know but i assure you that i have these impulses for normal people is reserved for your worst terrorists but there it is so so watch this week and see if impulsive and rough reckless disappear i think the attacks is going to turn totally on this for embassy thing how did you know why did you have this belief that for embassies would be attacked and there will be fact checking and a pen that's it that's gonna be the main news this week they'll be fact checking trumps opinion that's not a thing
you said they can reveal that he believes the for foreign policies will be attacked us fact check his belief makes no sense but the important thing that you want to talk about is harry megan so the two royals were then kicked off the island now they chose to leave just getting their choosing to live and the news i'm not sure this is really reliable news but the news that we're going today is that the pair of said that they want to live in a delay but not until trumped leaves office to which i say hey congratulations royal family just found two countries should not welcome it because let me tell you this if they move to allay at it's true i and i would say
i would doubtless is true so the report that they don't want to move to allay until trunk leaves office my guess is that's not true i am i would have to hear i would have to hear come out of their mouth in order to believe that was true because i dont think through that dumb right they're both pretty smart people smart enough not to say that if you can move to a country you don't start by making a public pronouncement that half of the people in the country are unworthy deplorable which is certainly sounds like so i feel sorry for them because that just made them unwelcome by half of the people in this country but let's hope
that was just a bad rumour and when their asked about it they say we wouldn't say that because i don't think they would you not in one of the things if you ve been raised as a royal use certainly know what kind of things to say in public and what kind of things not to say in public i mean you know they harried knows that and this would be very much in the category of things you don't say it would be not pollute political would not be wise to demean half in the country before we move into that country so i'll think happened i go on record as saying that that's fake news isn't my imagination or there's not much else happening
somebody says she might set the megan markham i said but when she said without checking with harry i saw a video this morning where people were trying to embarrass the couple by thing is oh harry used to say what it was let's say the the charges that maidens in charge of the of the couple if you know what i mean that maybe wants and needs are pre eminent here's my taken my take on the resources for small why do we care but if we are carrying here's my take that probably two people fell in love they tried to make it work in the what are the main way which is
in england and be part of the royal family it didn't work and probably didn't work more for megan moral than for heritage one would assume it's probably easier for him to stay in england than it would be for her i think the ad somebody say he's henpecked i'm gonna go different way i'm going to say that if you if you knew your wife couldn't live with something you could and maybe you can even make her do it you get when when i say maker i mean you could cover sir you good negotiated you could persuade you can get her to do it but does harry want to live permanently unhappy wife who wants that i think harry
is dealing with the hand he was dealt many he didn't plan to be in this situation by areas he's got a wife and then he's gonna lifestyle that doesn't doesnt work with the wife just no longer compatible water is choices choice number one leave his wife choice number to make his wife permanently unhappy choice number three the one he took choice number three is the marriage choice is the choice the says i have bury this woman and the two of us are going to make life is gonna work from the two of us and we don't care about the rest of the world i mean not that they don't care but they're not gonna run their life based on what the rest of the world tells them to do
i have a grudging respect from that which is i think that they have a right to carve out the lights their works for them and if their primary goal is to stay together because i support the matters to them the most this is and do it so yes people are using the yoko ono analogy i like that like in law because every couple has a right to run new life the way that works for them and that's all there doing there should be the beginning and the end of the story the beginning of the story is he does this life work for you answer now are you looking to change it answer yes what's wrong with that nothing there's nothing wrong with people having preferences and there's nothing wrong with them pursuing them so
wanted to avoid ever talking about them because it is now really news and my my life but i didn't want to support them in the sense that i support anybody restrained find happiness at making changes to make adam thank you you should take that lesson somethin's bugging you may be changed something i who marries into a royal family if they can't stand being in the royal family easy answer so one who doesn't know how hard it will be you can do a lot of things because your optimistic well i think it'll be bad but i'll get used to it and then you don't want wrong was being wrong what's wrong with saying i think i like this but finding out you don't there's nothing wrong with that there's no mistake there
people do not have the ability to predict the future without much accuracy diana would not approve well and who knows what other people would have would have done or not at all for now is a slow newsday i'm gonna talk to you tomorrow
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