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Episode 789 Scott Adams: #Shampeachment Theater, Liz and Bernie, Lev Parnas, China Deal

2020-01-16 | 🔗

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  • Young people still believe “The News” is legitimate
  • Emotional impeachment
  • Robert Hyde and Ukraine Ambassador surveillance 
    • Nice try Rachel Maddow
  • CNN didn’t report the MAJOR China deal yesterday?
    • No pretense of being a news organization
  • CNN’s common opinion piece TRICK
  • Musical artist Akon building his own city in Senegal

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i hope you can hear me when i plug in my microphone after have already started sorry i'm a little late i'm late because there's so much news there's news all over the place and skins fathers the good guys it's the funny guy is the es guide and all you need to enjoy the news today is a copper mugger a glass attacks charles was again to injure flask of vessel of any kind would they re reliquary like coffee and join me now further unparalleled pleasure the dopamine
they think makes everything better these simultaneous go alone three minutes late why good reasons good reasons when you see the quality of today's per you going to save yourself i'm glad i waited the extra three minutes wow slowly away and so good first of all like to start with the tipp if you saw today's dilber comic you know it's about the topic of people will repeat
themselves have you ever been in the debate with somebody who keeps repeating the same point and you say to use being you say to them now i understand your point but here's what i'm saying and then they'll just say that same point again as if you had not addressed it here's what you do after about the third or fourth time that the pursue talking with says exactly the same point say although the second limit when we write this don't you take a look note the paper you say i i will stipulate any right down the sentence bob says that it involved birds whatever it it doesn't matter he pulled out all of his paper and put it on the table between the two of you face up so i can be read and then you start your conversation again and at that point
when the person starts repeating themselves this is what you do you just reach over to the piece of paper i just slowly move at a few inches in their direction and it's gonna make a mad then way until the repeated again because they well and then again reach over and take the little knows that says exactly what they just said you just move a little bit closer to them eventually the person we'll get really angry at you in store manner the room victory let's talk about the democrats or less say the left is in complete self immolation they ve they ve turned on each other is a wonderful sight to see you say you have all over did you see that didn't the story about wendy williams marking walk him phoenix for a
say i don't want to say i'm not even gonna say but it will say something it was one of the worst things i've ever seen on television when when i saw it i thought seriously you that's why you're marking earmarking the sky for that public will she had to apologise and it's not up to everybody except working phoenix to accepted or not but the trouble this she got into is one more example of the left eating itself but my favorite is michael more who is quite distressed worn and bernie sanders are at each other and he says they appeared in my films i love them both why elizabeth chose to stick a knife in bernie's back is beyond me well
it's not really beyond me so let me explain this to michael more there's this thing called the presidential election that's coming up and there's this thing called the primary there are people in the primary who want to win and then they do things like that because that's how you when did it work totally now a lot of you said i was with warrant sounds like you're you're causing trouble you said he wouldn't your stuff bernie assumes bad sort of bad look and all that but a day later totally work i would say that operation step burning in the back was a complete success if you saw the panel that
why sure most independence said well the big moment from the debate was when elizabeth worn said that the only people in stage whatever one and the elections were the women actually the others and one election but they also lost i think ten elections but the women had one every election tremendously good political point serve rum from the point of controlling the precision moving people's attention where you wanted to move it i'm going to say elizabeth worn a plus plus plus sheet totally changed the conversation made it about the sort of highlighted the fact that as a bunch of we'll white people on the stage which is bad enough but at least there some
right because the day before that we are all talking about ha democrats democratic the party of include seventy and they just got rid of all other people of color on the stage wasn't that's the story two days ago two days ago that was the story not anymore what's the story today thanks to elizabeth warn the story today is hey there are still two women on the stage in our way during the fact that they have won all of their elections and that the men on the stage of ten lost elections collectively it's really good point into just in terms of politics and as it is a good point in the war where there is a good boy logically or rationally or anything else but politically why so i'm gonna say
warren has the play of the weak political player the weak very successful i think she actually change tell people are thinking about this good job the other question is whose lie is burning lying when he says i never said a woman can't win or is whereas elizabeth worn lying when she says they did say that i have the answer to that in my opinion carried binds but if use of course we ve all seen by now the clip of elizabeth were not shaking was burning and cnn cnn magically found a separate your file that they up up with video so you could hear what she was saying and
with warm walks directly over the bernie and says you accuse me of lying on television i think did say on television or in public now what if i told you about detecting liars liars say things such as what evidence do you have war why would you make that accusation and based on what you that's what a liar says there's one an honest person says they get right your face and they say you're a liar now keep in mind that is not clear that weren't knew that this would be picked up on audio so for suggesting she is smart enough to know that there's probably was an audio some have suggested shoes who did cnn see an end and she knew there would be an audio i can say it was that clever
like an honest moment to me my impression is there she actually believed bernie lied i believe the that elizabeth warrant believes her own story i also believe because of everything the bernie has said and done and his entire career he so credible to me too many of you but to me he's completely credible so you have two versions the both believe their stories i believe so my opinion is that they both absolutely do believe they're versions of the story how unusual is that not its two movies on one scream too people were in the room and when they left the room they had two different impressions aware happened in the room how usual is that zeal
ro unusual activity of it see amid up a word unusual eighty you can use it one of the things about being a professional writer i started using the word it could enter a common usage so the unusual or maybe it's already work but i doubt it so let me give you another example of exactly this situation which is also in the news so there is a story about let's see a gentleman peter lucy do whose michigan state senator now here's apologized after a female reporters any written so a young something reporter was spent some time with this michigan stay senator and i guess he said that there were he was gonna be meeting with some high school boys later and and said
she should hang around because it'd be a lot of fun according to him this version is hey you should hang around it's going to be a lot of fun hanging out with these these guys from this high school hang around a little bit she says that the sum version of it was that you'll have a lot of fun with those boys and the level of one with you if you know what i read or some version of that her version of a private conversation between two people she left the room and i think she actually believes that he said something were they inappropriate sexual tone to it if you watched his response he looks really credible when he says that it happened i just it would be fun as nothing to do with any kind of sexual anything now possible that one of them is just lying right but i don't think so i think they're both telling the truth because
actually like worn and bernie i think to people had the same experience but watched different movies and when they left they both believe they're movie how many we do need to see people experiencing to differ movies in the same place before you understand most normal thing in our experience it's not the exception because if you imagine that snakes what time you say all get one of them is lying you know it's not it's not one of those weird cases where somebody saw two different movies in the same place that would be weird it's not that's the operating system of human beings were subjectively creating our own little environments and whirls all the time it's the basic way we operate which one understand that everything starts making little more sense
so that's my preliminary maybe it's my final conclusion warren telling truth ass she sought bernie telling the truth as he sought to people who are being honest although warren maybe a little opportunistic bye bye bring that up at exactly the right time seriously that was just a great great political play ethical nasa but still within the realm of what we expect in our political process not that not that far out talk about talk about impeachment moment here here is an example of why it's better to boomer than the duma now boomers people like me my age we have a lot of experience we ve seen a bunch of things help well let me give you an example
today i saw message came in to me from social media platforms there was a writer asking me if i would be interviewed foreign he wants to write on the topic of love and persuasion and because i talk about persuasion he thought how i'll ask this cartoon this guy if you will some quotes from my article on love and persuasion what did i say because i'm a boomer and it's not the first day on earth i said nope nope now get anywhere near it because do you imagine how many ways that would go wrong suit issues persuasion and love and the same conversation nothing you can go right from that point on whatever i would be quoted as saying would look terrible and of content
because it would be his contacts whatever his article was gonna be wouldn't be my context might be able to do it but probably not i mean i don't even think i could do it if i did everything i could to put it in the right context it would just seem creepy so that's one of the advantages of just being around a while if i were twenty five and i got the same request you know what i want to set free attention i'm all over it so and by the way ok duma with the with a and dog as a response to ok boomer works really well because it does seem that the younger people feel like everything is doomed
do you know why young people think everything is doomed climate science is gonna kill us president trumps gonna blow up the world do you know why because young people still believe that the news is legitimate imagine a lot of you were with say probably half of you are over forty i'm guessing roughly i saw my statistics recently that spell right so about half of your over forty haven't you seem the doom and then just kidding process just repeat itself we're all doom i guess it's ok oh no we're gonna die i guess not we're all we're running out of oil now so much nuclear war well we didn't happen you see it enough you become skeptical of everything else so the duma which is a perfect name for them because they ve been sold this
story of doom are walking around in this weird doom bubble that i do not envy now when i was a child i was i grew up in the era in which we thought russia was going to nuke us at any moment we actually had a nuclear bomb shelter in my house now it wasn't very effective does it was just a basement but my father wasn't exactly a radiation expert let's say so we built little bomb shelter in the basement and i i actually didn't think i would grow up to adulthood i actually believes the odds were very good that i would be killed in a nuclear war
was my childhood childhood where you actually expected that was a high likely you die in the nuclear viable let's talk about let's talk about impeachment because i know you do that so i've been calling this an emotional impeachment and
i think i've ever branded anything better because once you consider that even the democrats think there's no real chance that the president will be removed from his office that what was the point isn't a point of impeachment you're trying to remove him but if you know that's not going to work why are you doing it of course is the political part and policy descended directly she said that the president would always have this the stain of impeachment would be doggie forever she used your own words but she basically put it in terms of ha ha i gotcha
that said ha ha i stay in you that's why they did it because it feels just personal and emotional and completely irrational now i get that they think it's gonna work maybe for elections but that would be done because i think they should have been able to predict that it would help is fund raising it would galvanizes base exactly what happened the same thing that happened bernie sanders fundraising went through the roof when sanders when worn attacked him so was policy not wise enough to know that this would work in the president's favour when there's a pretty good track record to suggest specially with bill clinton to suggested problem we would so if it wasn't removed from office and it was
to hurt him in the election really unless you make the case that it's all about getting democratic senators elected the next time they haven't yes to do that it just looks like it was emotional would like yours and emotional impeachment so i've joke that so far the impeachment trail which like a combination three movies did you see the little impeachment prayed ok i watch the impeachment parade live because i thought it would be hilarious it was a little funnier than i had hoped because they were all tried to serious and somber after they had all been walking it up when with nancy handing out the twenties ceremonial bans that they're trying not to look like they're happy about the day so they're doing the amber mark we are sobering it is solemn day
solemnly large with our little black suit and nancy's but were wearing nor a little black suit and it looked like there were three movies that had been put together as a trilogy the first movie if you ve ever seen march of the penguins it looked like a bunch penguins you're young men were there the monarch penguin i also know that these black suits or like or bobo walking down not talking to you march of the penguins then of course the trial is just go endeavour i dont know how to go any other way its gravity diamond dumber yeah you you don't have to wait for the details this one is gonna be and in the end we know how it ends titanic it's a three movie trilogy bargains dobbin dahmer and titanic that's the whole impeachment trial both
do you want to know how the impeachment should go let me tell you i tweeted the sound and eat up people keep the accusing me course of always supporting the president and his team and everything but i've said over and over that i think the republicans have totally botched their defence of the president terms and saw ukraine thing in the quid pro quo and all that here's wise botched they did and the senate has as a chance to make good on this so here's your so what i tweeted in terms of how the senate should handle the impeachment trial two steps step number one ask both the democrats other through tat law
which lawyer wasn't feldman one of the one of the democrats lawyers embedded in the last round of impeachment hearings he admitted that there was a look and then you ask a republican lawyer doesn't matter who thoroughly so question number one you ask you ask a democrat lawyer and then you ask a republican lawyer doesn't matter who thoroughly could be a young dershowitz and you say based on what we now was a legitimate u s national interest and unjust what was going on with charisma and the buttons now the answer is gonna be yes because both the democrats and republicans republicans say yeah can add to look into that step to vote
just hope because that's the only thing that matters the the democrats have correctly wait bamboozled and owned the republicans by making them talk about the topic of whether it was for the president's own self interest it's not relevant smart and any and every moment that the republicans argued that it yeah argued the case of was it a quid pro quo any of those details about who said what who wrote what who is me the sooner the republicans engage in any of that they ve lost because most of the track from the democrats is to get them to engage in all the details it's a more you're thinking about the details the more you thinkin about impeachment and the moors bad for the present it just gets you in that
my god there's all this stuff why are we talking about it it must be important because we're talking about complete mistake total mistake even the house should have done the same thing we ve got one question was a legitimate for the united states to look into this proves my biden situation the answer is yes democrats will say yes republicans will say yes that's the end it doesn't matter if it's also good for the present is re election it doesn't matter completely irrelevant the senate should say this is a big complicated thing but it comes down to one question was a u s legitimate interest yes say democrats yes
the republicans bipartisan less vote if they have witnesses well the only reason have witnesses is if they already know what bolton and anybody else's can say and then it doesn't add anything do and what they really loves to bring hunter biden now grassroots arguing that brain hunter biden doesn't make sense because he's not a fact witness meaning he's not a direct witness to any the conversations between ukraine and the president and the president and his staff he's outside of that circle so therefore he's irrelevant raw completely wrong why because there's only one question the one question that matters did the united states have a legitimate reason to look into berries and the buttons how do you know the us with their question without talking doktor barton and saying we got a few
oceans for you you're and roll over questions but well at least find out if there is something that was sketchy enough that the president have legitimate reason to look into it could be there's nothing there i mean nothing beyond the the obvious swapping us that we see so that's why should go there's as others sub story truly avi telling love love parnasse was a guess loose associated was helping over in ukraine and apparently there's a distinction that the democrats are trying make between giuliani working for the government doing the doing what's good for the united states versus was doing what's good only for trumps reelection in other words only something this person
for him and giuliani apparently was telling people precluding love parnasse that he represents be very clear that he represents the president not the government so he's the president's personal turning not the government how should you doing put that well one way to interpret is ah that's prove its proof it wasn't for the country is proof it was just for trump zone good re election no that's only one way to interpret it here's the other way to interpret it giuliani did not have official government say portfolio he was not appointed he was not elected he had not registered as some kind of a lobbyist i'm sure from a legal perspective if you're a lawyer wouldn't you like to make it clear to everybody that you're not officially working for the u s government
probably would probably have some specific legal importance that he needed to say now i'm not an official emissary from the government because i would imagine that would put him under some different legal states but here's the thing if julia they says i represent tromp can you separate that from trumps job the answers you can't i've had lost lafleur's tract i fired one of my lawyers last week i got lots of lawyers for different phases of my business yeah there's a contract lawyers or some other kinds of lawyers and here's the thing do my lawyers no matter what fields are working
do my lawyers make a distinction between me personally and me the creator of dilber was a job and a public figure this was no no they don't because if they did a fire because i am ache please person who is me personally and me my profession he kept separate that so is mean to say julia the is the president's personal lawyer it doesn't mean he's not concerned with the job of being president of course he is because otherwise you can serve the the client which is the person so i dont know that that means anything the giuliani studies personally representing the president can you get really separate out the profession from that it's not a thing now here's the folly of sport
yesterday i here i heard this story and even understand and make any sense noticing my numbers and way down today must be because the impeachment son or people watching the impeachment live renew so this guy love partners will we got from the documents they were produced at the sky robber hide who is a prominent from donors of some rich from donor was making in some messages to live parnasse was suggesting that he had the ukraine ambassador eu vandeveer under some kind of surveillance and i said those messages and i thought what because when i read it there's something in my lab when i read it i did not get them out of it
so a lot of people reading those messages and they seem to be getting some kind of a pointed out of it i wasn't getting one i read it and it took me a day to figure out what are you what they were saying and what they were saying is that it seem to indicate that this rich trump donor robber hide somehow was involved in direct monitoring are investigating were like stocking this ambassador in ukraine when i read it i just saw well that what like crazy talk so my impression was looks like crazy doc i didn't think anything and i didn't even know what other people were saying so he was asked by this is just the suggest so funny this is my favorite the day so it gets interviewed by rachel battle and
debbie he says no that text message you saw was just this robber out this high guy uses drunk no matter how cleverly cause she's very smart weather rachel matter we're not with allegations super smart so she sees the flawed that's and she says that hides texts which were sort of up the same similar topic went on for several days
so the explanation that he was drunk doesnt really fit the evidence and hears us the best lack a part ass quickly noted he's drunk the whole time parnasse responded he wakes up and he's drunk he starts as six i've never seen him not drunk at the star witness the best evidence they ve ever had a guess this president somebody you'd surgery here six in the morning can it be better that it can't be better than that i mean really can be better that so so not only is rachel meadow interviewing the person this love foreigners who
based on just a little bit i've heard i thought was the least credible person on the planet earth i thought to myself you know your whole case is built around this love parnasse guy and from what i can tell i mean i don't know impersonally what it feels like he might be the least credible person i've ever my life but he's not least credible person you ve ever heard of your life is the guy was texting him drunk as six in the morning that guy was a little less credible so if you look back at the messages and you say to yourself ok now let's put the drunk filter on it do those look like drunk messages yeah yeah they do they look bravely drunk to me so there's that david newness getting little heat because i guess he had said
he didn't know who love parnasse what's but we have now learned it was i think one phone call that nunez stock which he says he did not remember now if you're democrats we react to that lie liar he's a liar because he said he didn't know this letter love partners guy was but now we have proof that he had a phone call with them well that's what inexperience people say here's what experience people say they say exactly what devon nunez said he said congress i'm paraphrasing do you know how many people we meet and talk to an average day a lot how many of them would here
member their names and have some lasting memory of ten percent twenty percent of all the people who need somebody does he actually remember their names a year later no more than ten percent so if you are an inexhaustible his person or let's say an artist you might say to yourself well if you talk to the guy he obviously knows them if you've done anything in your life that involves meeting lots of people and this is my life as well do you know how many people like meat do you know how many people send me a message and i can meet today before i got on here i communicated with maybe twelve people whose names i've never seen before that i actually directly had a communication
now most of them were on linkedin people were messaging me and i was just saying hey responding to queries in quest stuff so now there are twelve people just this morning just today in my life i'm just miss but in my life twelve new p oh entered my life ever one of them will remember that they communicated with me because i'm the dover guy how many of them will i remember their name if i saw it again and they say aid you remember we talked none probably none i write by might remember the topic but i'm not remember one of their names so what are the odds that devon newness is telling the truth that it was just many phone calls and he doesn't remember it i say close to one hundred percent
they carry miles you never know you could be wrong but that's completely credible completely credible so the people who say that you should remember just inexperienced there now not just wrong probably just inexperienced let's see what else we got here hilariously jeopardy i think it was yesterday one of the questions was about adam schiff so adam ship was the answer to a jeopardy question another the contestants knew who he was so if you ever wondered hey is the rest of the country
attention like we are those most of you are probably political junkies if here if you watch this periscope and it's easy to forget the rest of the country is in paying attention to any this none of it three very smart people on jeopardy didn't even though this guy was when they saw pictural now its extra funny to me because i've been age jeopardy answer maybe three or four times and they always get it right so so when the jeopardy questions lash answers about me personally i think at least one of the contestants has gotten arrive every time they have sometimes is better dilber comics
spare me so i think i'm three two one advantage over adam schiff on the on the all important scale jeopardy scale so there was gigantic news yesterday i mean really big news about trump signing phase one of the china i mean that's big big news so i went to read about it on the cnn what website but you didn't have anything is the biggest news and i looked at the cnn website and like i see well see then says about the chain trade deal crickets there was one tiny little article over on the non emphasised part of the page about something bizarre that happened during the signing it was something weird happened i think it was just because
talk about impeachment or something white whatever was that's it that's like one biggest stories of all time and it didn't make the front pages cnn gordon chang who i quote lots last i'm so is an expert on all things in terms of china north korea and other stuff and basically although this was cnn headlines the little square they had trumps truck china trade deal signing takes us a real turn that's a little something surreal about the siting itself scorn jane basically said the deal is inadequate since fake deal because china is not going to do anything they say and that the part about protecting intellectual property is totally
because they still have the ability to monitor and steal anything in the country so i anything that has an electronic communication to it they're gonna pick up in the country susie for china to say oh yeah we won't force you to turn over your technology to us then only do we'll just still so they can actually agree to work is not giving anything up the ladder will just stay anyway so gordon chang says it's a vague deal basically i don't want i shall put words in his mouth but certainly those who deal with some substantial holes in it do i think that's true yes yes i do do you know it's missing and they haven't talked about
no fenton is missing so i'm not a fan of the china deal because events and all is not the first thing that you deal you're not dealing with a country you should be doing any business with it all so we just made who deal with a country that's knowingly killing tens of thousands of americans every year well that a gigantic failure so up with that in mind in my portfolio of criticisms of trump so when everybody says a you keep agreed with them all the time but that in there
phase one trade deal i would call a gigantic failure because they shouldn't even be able to negotiate until they shut down the sentinel dealers that there should be there should be a ticket to the negotiations if that's in phase to really phase two you get away for that where it's not even part of the deal somebody said trump did trump talked about it he mentioned arrests well until the major away to see an article on that as on being corrected in the comments that he did mention it but but i don't see it in news anywhere so
after dig a little deeper non airlines we mentioned at the ceremony but it doesn't mean that they have actually done it so here's the thing and i shall say this a million times until this this message is all you can think about unfair national there's one guy in china who's the guy he's the main sentinel this pollys lesser ones but there's one who the who are and we have this picture we have his name and sixty minutes actually him and talk to him he's not even our defined he's a public figure we know his name we know his and we told china he's does a guy if you don't hear that guy's in jail or or executed they're not try anything else they do is use bs
so let me call me a giant sceptic on the china deal i say decouple let's decouple see what else would also going on here yes so somebody saying that in the comments that one guy these be dealt with i had one critic today on twitter which is strange usually there more and he tweeted back to me that i'm a dishonest clam i'm a dishonest clown so i tweeted back to him how long have you been involved in the arts if you're new to this you know that i mark people for being artists because artist do not have a good view of the world have you
an economist probably would have given me some reasons for disagree so i said to him michael grant who called a dishonest clown i said how long you been involved in the arts and responded back he has written a hundred and fifty books over forty years since i said good for you very productive i no longer want to get into debates with artists i'm just going to note there artists and then move on if you try this you really need to because somebody says you're an artist let me give some context thank you for asking first of all i'm not much of an artist but it is true that i rate and i draw for a living in my book loser think which i am sure all of you have ordered by now
we have haven't already read it i talk about have having exposure to multiple fields gives you more windows into every topic i'm an artist but also i've got a degree in economics i've got an mba in business and i've worked in corporate areas in everything from marketing to strategy too name it so in my particular case are is my job my actual experience is much broader than that yes that is what i wrote my book sculled loser think i'll put it back here see kid you can help me what else we got here we get so do you know the year the musical what do you call musical artist a com a care when those views were not up on you
music is one of the most successful artists in the world and i think it came from senegal or that's that's where his family routes or i can remember in africa but he's building its own city there so acre decided build its own city and cynical and is there can have their own crypto currency and i love this i absolutely love this now no i'm not going to say that it is going to build the best city i love as are these trying and even says same thing was the point of having a billion dollars if you're not gonna go fixed stuff i'm a big fan i mean i was afraid of his meals but when you see an artist of this stature say what's the point having a billion dollars if you're not trying to fix the world and then he goes out and we try to build a city in senegal i dont even
if it works i love what this guy doing for them for the world for the way we think the way we i just love these ably testing i'm sure he wants this to be the thing that works but whether so now we can learn something maybe the city after then when the city after that it is a good one but going a gun i like to think that in some ways i would be surprised if collyer is not somehow and influence on this directly or indirectly cause you know colonies trying also separately to design and build lower cost structures for people living which stuff and there's just the best example one of their usual pundits just rights and anti term peace every day for their website
they will then make a claim about usually tromp barriers you then you have to read way way way down the article to see why they say it so what you why you say that and there's just as best exists one of their usual pundits who just rights and anti trump peace everyday for their website this is it this is how he starts it sure the sunshine and i can present
from its not waiting to be acquitted of em peter bull crimes so first of all he says that the crimes are repeatedly that's not true so the very some first sentence tries to get you to uncritically accept that these are in peaceful crimes well he wasn't peached but they're not really beautiful crimes because we're going to find out that these senate is gonna throw it out so i suppose may be technically is but they're not crimes there's no crimes involved or even alleged so a cnn in new site very first sentence accused donald trump of having impeach crimes and yet there on reporting has never suggested the crime at least in terms of what's in people and what's was on that the impeach
and then it goes on to show that no one can stop him doing what he wants to do what that's what europe is doing he's trying to show the world that no one can stop him who is at mind raining where do you get that what facts a to have the trump is quote try to show that no one can stop in doing what he wants to do this not in evidence at there's no evidence of that and those who even offer an argument it just says it like its of act they says no constitution democratic house code of accepted presidential ba therefore an islamic grow up up up up up up up up up up up is going to railwaymen so basically
nothing's going arrangements the tenor of this is that he's gonna become a dictator because he's gonna get away with this impenetrable stuff that doesn't exist and their way down the article i'm waiting for the actual reasons go so far as just a bunch of insults and accusations that domain the facts but way down for well there must be some reasons so let's get to the reasons so after him higher page of insults and live less claims such as crimes here's a reason a week after a showdown with a rather nearly erupted into new war the administrative is still defying congressional demands for more information about the rationale for killing to run tehran's top general now this entire story is based
cnn and other people miss quoting the present so when you finally to a it's not even a real one is based on the misquote because what the president said was that he believes for embassies would have been taken they change that into he saw he he claimed he saw you now intel therefore specific embassies were being targeted never said that he stated his belief therefore on this this would be targeted he's rioters wrong doesn't matter it was a belief scene and turned it into a statement of fact that fact checked it turned it into a statement that he was lying and then turned it into more of an argument that nothing will stop him and he's can only do undemocratic things things before it becomes a second term dictator
this is so far from reasonable discourse rolling stone i had an article mad tybee who what we call it was exactly what he called cnn i've got to read them is good but the summit i ve just went after see around us actually for their part were abbe philip treated the difference the the disagreement between work and bernie as being worn warrant is true because it must be true what warrant saying because cnn has reported as fat now as smart people have pointed out the number of them you ve seen a bunch of people say this the reason that cnn report
as a fact which had to be one of two people told them because there were only two people in room bernie or elizabeth worn and then she said and then and then i think was every philip said that lisbeth worn confirmed was cnn reported now obviously elizabeth or warmer people are the people who told cnn in the first place if if warren confirmed it there's no confirmation is still the same source is source said something that the other source says didn't happen so foreseen and treat it like it's a fact because they got it from worn and then instead it was true so was confirmed they turned one fact into two facts right in front of you
is there not even trying died so as turkey girls and pointed out that you be pointed out and rolling stones stone cnn is just stopped the they ve stopped any pretence of not being a political player any any thought of being a news organisations sort of outer door and it's amazing to watch because as i said before the duma there's still think its news the dumas watch msnbc and they watch cnn and they actually think they're watching the news though not snapped the news anymore that's that's what it used to be i would like to close by saying if you ever tried to male letter recently i
so yesterday i had these w2 succumb to me they come in these envelopes the size and i needed to mail them out to my a couple of systems and i thought to myself male things it's been so long since i put a stamp novel opened mailed it that i was having a little trouble remembering how to do it so the first thing i need to do is get these things called stamps and i thought i had some in a drawer here there's a little jump drawer in my kitchen sure i saw some stamps and there some time ago so i looked through the door and i looked again because i knew their stance and i couldn't find him i looked again and then i really looked i took each item out and really look and the stamps we're not in the drawer
now all the men watching this no what happened next i don't even have to say that export doing so finally after several times of what use of this one drawer i didn't look at where anywhere else i knew it was in the drawer looked and looked confined it i went to christina and they said can you help me find the stamps i think they're in the store but i can't find it so she said sure but i think we said it when i was in the car within right down to remind ourselves and forgot and i thought about it again but she was busy i thought about it again but she was out of the house i thought about it again but i was busy it took me one week to find it when christine and i were both available to save time and in my kitchen so that she could open the door and do this here ego harrier stamps that are right here
here you go now you already knew that's what gonna happen right this is a basic male female difference when i looked the drawer i just see noise and is really are forbear began an item when she looks in the drawer she sees all the items like how just some gonna male female difference i guess she's isabel so she says here's your steps i spent probably thirty minutes total on different occasions looking through that door without finding those steps so now i've got my stamps and i thought to myself you know how many stamps to pull out the letter because its not a regular size letter so i've got the website for the u s bs dot com
for the information on like how much postage to put on it and luckily i've got it a postal scale behind me so i take out my postal scale i go to the website and there's no example of this yeah yeah sort a guess well maybe sorted this thing that thing but not really a direct answer some sort of guessing so then i use my scale and the batteries dead so i've gotta go find a battery to put my scale so i can way my envelope so i can look on the website figure out what the postage is get my stamps put around the lever now i finally figured out roughly what the postage would be but i figure all doublet cause i don't wanna go light so i take my stamps and there are these four her steps and i look around i go
what's a forever stamp i mean i think i now positive i know does a forever stamp work for any kind of animal is it a specific value or does it say that anything that system evolve lobe will always be this so after google what's a forever stamp but i don't have enough forever stamps i've got some other stamps with a value on so i'm looking at these unlike i just put too much so i just over postage and now i'm going to take him somewhere like will i put him in the mail box and put the thing up but sometimes i don't take it drive into the european store because i had another package at the drop of anyway and i think all together i spent half a day trying to pull stems
novel open mail i thought to myself i did not like the stamps they were they were self licking stamps man we gotta get rid of the post office let me ask you this is listen listen if amazon com offer to buy the post office and privatized it would you be ok with that i would because that post office should be taking the mail that i get scanning it and even earlier to me period i should never get a piecemeal let me tell you my other male problem as such four years ago i created a rule where no u s mail can enter my house it can only the garage because the garbage is so i always saw my mail in the garage because if it gets in the house it becomes a big pile of garbage in your house
and almost all of the u s mail is garbage almost all of it so i started in my grudge so that it can get my house but my main man keeps thwarting me because kill him if he has a package will bring it to my door and then to do me a favor he brings the male also to the door well then i love my mail man is a great guy but i don't like mail in my house can you bring it my garage do should ever be mail in my house was not a nothing i will talk to you all later
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