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Episode 790 Scott Adams: Shampeachment Entertainment, Iran’s Scary Clowns

2020-01-17 | 🔗

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  • The alternate explanation of President Trump that Dems don’t see
  • James Poniewozik on the Warren/Bernie who-said-what
    • Maggie Haberman and “automatic assumptions”
  • Lev Parnas said something interesting to Anderson Cooper
  • Iran’s Khamenei and the translation of “clown”
  • #GreenNuclearDeal…Congress is listening!
  • Insurance companies beginning to fear climate change

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody i'm glad you found me this morning while what one we have today once again our news is full of nothing but happy things well that's not one hundred percent true but mostly news is good news and in order to enjoy it in order to enjoy it to its fullest what do you need i think you need a cover of glass at anchor jealousies die the canteen jirga flask of vessel of any kind fully with your favorite liquid i think you know i like coffee and now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine
day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous it go i'm hearing from more and more people the following comment and i want to see if any of you have had this experience apparently there are a lot of people who were actually afraid of what would happen to the world under president trump and number of people have message me and quite a bit over the last few years to say that they were even state a panic until they heard me talking about what was going on and then
oh come somebody here just said they listen to me before they go to sleep so apparently there's something about listening to me talk about the world that makes people less anxious now i'm gonna give you a little preview of something coming up i don't think i'm gonna do it today and not quite ready but have developed a brain hack that at least one person is reported completely eliminated anxiety you could imagine that imagine somebody having anxiety everyday not just about politics but more of a generalised one and that is something i said they re framed the world they just eliminated it i heard that yesterday
now i think i know why in other words the refrain was very specifically designed to accomplish a brain hack i'm surprised at work but i'm going to test that with any of you but that's coming up there won't be today so look for that our livestock my what's happening on this question of worn and sanderson who said what in their private conversation did you say that a woman can win the presidency already literally just say it would be an extra challenge warrants as he said woman care when he says he didn't so author james pony was ec tweeted in this very much agrees with what i said he said a plausible scenario is they meet both want to run so that we know it's true
and then james says he's like quote trumpets this meaning meaning bernie would say trumpets sexist and who use this against a woman she meaning warren infers reasonably tell me a woman care when so she recalls the disagreement he insists he didn't literally say a woman can win now that's pretty much exactly what i think is the most likely explanation what happened which is that he was ordered to to discourage her saying she had an extra challenge that you wouldn't have but it was me word may be clear the channel so you didn't have to compete against somebody was basically using his policies and then she interpreted that that a woman can't win turning it into an absolute which is the most common thing you ve ever seen and every human interaction somebody all say well this is difficult
and the other person will say why are you saying it's impossible and the first person says that we are so here's the good part maggie hebron and you all know maggie even she she jumped in with a comment on twitter and she said what the two james as the automatic assumption there her version is wrong just curious which is actually a fun question because in his construction it assumes the sheep that warrant is the one who went away with the wrong impression but what's interesting is the way she worded it so maggie says why is the automatic assumption that her version is wrong where have you seen something like that before an automatic assumption sounds a little like impulse
maybe a little recklessness why is it that when democrats look at anybody who supports the president they believe at their brains are not functioning like ordinary brains and that their james who is a well known author obviously smart guy why would it be on this one topic that instead of thinking through why he saw what he thought his assumption was automatic there's nothing he said there was suggest that he came to an automatic assumption and other people jumped into the comments i jumped into and i asked maggie why assume its automatic why wouldn't you assume that about anybody why would you soon anybody made an impulsive decision why
would you soon let anybody made an automatic decision there's no evidence of that i only know people who think about things and then make decisions i've never heard of this automatic compulsive thing why is it that democrats think that republicans don't have normal functioning brains their work everybody else does you think a staff and then make a decision who makes decisions without the thinking park it's not real you think i mean we do make unconscious decisions your subconscious were influenced by our biases and all that there's never automatic so this prompted one of my tweets in which i was wondering who so this is why i said thanks to the miracle of cognitive dissonance democrats can only explain what they see in politics by
leaving the trump has been quoted lucky for several decades in row you'd have to believe that if you believe that is not the skill you'd have to believe that for several decades it's less safe starting from the time he recover from bankruptcy now recovering from bankruptcy is not ease
you probably old more than just about anybody in the world owed anybody and somehow recovered its if you start from that point say asked let's just start measuring from that point because you ve got along a few decades right during those few decades yet hugely successful television show ran for president successfully with no experience and has a whole string of successes as president you'd have to kind of believe that decades of consistent braking system we had some losses from university didn't go well but in this portfolio is very successful
so you'd have to assume that he was lucky for decades and that he is operating on impulsiveness alone that there's no thinking it's just weird criminal impulsiveness they ended up working perfectly for decades in a row and then they how do you explain your environment that way now compare that to the all
explanation i'm famous for offering the altar and the exploitation of trump and it goes like this he has unique skills that's it that's all exploration there's there's a person who has a unique skill set the lesson do things that other people canter won't do and that will explain why he's been successful for decades and has reached literally the top of the success pile in the world what is more successful than becoming president of the united states without any practice being a politician i don't think there's anything more so
that sort of it you're a billionaire you're married to a super bottle year just became the president had states was it all lock how do you keep that going after you seem signing trade deals you seem to feeling ices nominating judges like crazy the economies going well around seems to be tamed at the moment north korea seems to like president trump if they're not exactly pointing their weapons in our direction it is not the way they were in the past how do you do you conceive of the world that it was all luck anything one of those theories is bad you're crazy the other one is not speaking of mild curse words i tweeted at youtube just using them
public twitter account and mention that i get demonetized everyday for no good reason youtube to my surprise tweeted back and so they look into it know who they are this is however is operating their social media twitter site for youtube so that doesn't mean that they have the power to look into it but whoever was so they look into it answers is it perhaps is because my content falls into the category of sensitive stuff that advertisers are a little wary of now i am willing to accept the explanation it's possible that there's nothing going on except i talk about the news and they have decided that the news is a sensitive category that advertisers maybe less inclined to be associated with could be but it's easy to demonstrate that
so i tweeted back and said essentially on paraphrasing that i accept that as a reasonable explanation was going on with no other explanation under this condition the everybody else who is talking about the headlines and ass i thought well i literally look at see and am looking fox news i look at the other headlines and i just talk about the headlines i put my opinion on it but it's not like i'm dangerous there's nothing dangerous that i'm doing other than a few curse words now and then and i dont see people being demonetized for a few purse words now and then so that's my challenge to the youtube twitter account is can you can you confirm or deny that everybody who talks about the headlines is demonetized but
we also have to ask you this question why is it always reversed as in always reversed now when i say always i dont really been a hundred percent a few of them have not been reversed but as is rare but the one so we're now reversed work any different than the ones that were so they look more like mistakes than some kind of a decision so youtube as now in public getting me on the question of whether our being treated unfairly compared to other people who have similar talking about the headlines
so far they have not responded as of the last time i checked but that doesn't mean there will respond so will be will be watching met somebody says why does you to burn ads on my channel well after a day they do get re monetize so we appeal to manually and we say this doesn't look like a fair decision to democratize but it takes a day or so to re monetize and then adds will run now some people have reported that i haven't checked for myself i don't think i can check on my account and after not log in i guess because i i pay so i don't see adds but i fight if i log in i would see what some people are reporting that the ads are running from the first day so what did you do this for me i'm sure that today i'll be demonetized as always
this year for the ads run from the first few hours because if you see a newish post on youtube in the ads are running i'm not getting paid for that as far as i know i could be wrong maybe they put it in some heaven escrow until they until they work out the democratization questions are also covers other stuff i tweet that kind of looking forward to and maybe this is just me but i'm hoping that we have another impeachment after this one fails because stocks do really good under impeachment so i'm making a lot of money in the supply chain let me check these stocks today well looks like stocks are up again today
pretty nicely and the longer that the and even the coin is a lot of stuff is up so if we can get maybe one more of these impeachment maybe two more this i know they take a long time but if we get this one done quickly i think we will have time to get maybe two more in just for economic reasons because apparently is just great for the stock market but that's not the only thing is good for and this is the fourth part as pundits have pointed out president tromp is counter programming the impeachment by trying to get a lot of accomplishments and doing a lot of things that will take your attention away from the impeachment theatre to his accomplishments
meaning that he's had one of the best months a president who has ever had is it my imagination that the past thirty days president trump as accomplish more then more than what every president ever in the history of presidents i mean i'm no historian but i'd be real surprised if anybody's ever ran a better thirty days of presidency i mean this is pretty good stuff to major trade deals took out took out the top terrorist and the real the economy is screaming stock market is that a new high i mean seriously has any present have a better thirty days than this one so the weird thing about it and i will put this thought in your hand much is made of the president's personnel his care
and some of their complaints you can say to yourself even if your big supporter you can save yourself i can see that i guess you i don't like that it doesn't bother me personally but i can see why you don't like that so there definitely parts of the president's personality which reasonable people can disagree with some say no big deal is just joking some say it defends you you're all entitled european but here's one thing i think we all agree on in terms of his personality he is one heritage of more file if he's a contest and there's gonna be a winner in the loser you can watch his game elevate does anybody disagree with that by the way is it not true that the eu set it directly he thrives in tough competition you just a perfect
we'd better when the pressures on is this president performing better because of impeachment risk of impeachment impeachment the threat of impeachment all that do you think that that makes the president perform better than he might have otherwise i think maybe i'm not sure it would be hard to measure it cause you don't have that you don't have the euro the test case measured against so you can ever be sure but if you have a choice of putting pressure on tromp meaning impeachment to cause him to compete at its highest level or let's say that lets say the alternative let's say the democrats decided they liked trump tomorrow and everybody says you know
see how goes looks like he's doing pretty well how well with the president perform if the democrats just started agree with him so you know you don't ok yeah just this more what you do and will work we'll talk about it will debate you when we disagree of course will vote against you if we need to but merely you don't ok he's gone i dont know if he would do as well because there's something about this is focusing his competitive impulse since and again i am not in his brains i can't read his mind we're speculating here pure speculation but i think we're seeing him for warm amazingly well he's probably putting a lot of energy into it and he's going to focus on accomplishments and this kind of fun to watch so stock market goes up term stays
we are severely entertained he gets all these accomplishments because he's focusing to try to counter programme what are we lose him didn't we find complete the accidentally did we not find the very plus best placed to be i mean nobody planned but somehow we drifted into the best place to be speaking of entertaining when we find the quote by mitch did you see much more camel scope find here in my notes mitch mcconnell said quote nothing so seriousness and sobriety mitch mcconnell equipped like handing out souvenirs the second part of his sentence he should left out
as though this were a happy bill citing instead of the grievous process in our constitution if you if mitchell just stopped half way through their sentence it would have been one of the funniest quotes ever sure just said nothing says seriousness and sobriety like candy yo souvenirs you should just stop it was so close to being one for the ages like the scornful thing you you ve seen earlier but then he added the area the guild the lily lily bit as though there was a happy bills i use of the gravest process in their constitution this in part was assumed so don't ruin your perfect first part of the sentence with that deal cumbersome second part but missed on the entertainment scale a plus is worthy over the phone
i don't know anybody use watching impeachment because they don't know out what's gonna end when you want the movie titanic which i raised is the worst moving of all time by the way worst movie of all time titanic but i would acknowledge that a lot of people like a different opinion than me when you went to titanic you knew how it ended right you knew renew titanic probably them women the end but you still what does you like the entertainment until then so the impatient says who feels like that we're all being entertained but doesn't matter we know in advance so there's no mystery speaking of how it ends rights private i had some interesting thoughts which lead to you said one of the shows
said sometimes the best defences the so what difference you just say well what if everything you say is true we're not even though they asked questions about his true what if it's all true what if everything the democrats who are saying is true let's hope because none of its unimpeachable and i thought that spring a defence defence would be might be true might not be true but you can assume a soldier not even need any witnesses we'll just take your word for it s vote no nothing there no rights also suggested that it was that he liked the witness reciprocity idea this is ted cruises idea that if you
you get one with this we get one wins you get too we get to that sort of thing and that's one way to go sure but isn't that complained that the republicans didn't get their witnesses during the house because the house was in charge and the republicans complaint we didn't get there all of our witnesses wouldn't it be fair enough unless suggestiveness but wouldn't be fair for mitch become to say hey i've got an idea republicans will have witnesses and democrats what he could do that right couldn't you just say will willingly
i have the witnesses in the senate that we wanted to have in the house but we didn't get so we'll just be completing their process now there's no way you'll do that but it's funny to think he could i've got a better suggestion here's a suggestion that again they won't do but it would be really funny and that's why i like it and the suggestion goes this to say we're gonna bringin witnesses but when do them in a certain order because we i want to bring an infinite witnesses and you keep adding home and we just keep going with witnesses so going to do them in a rational order here's the rational order the entire case against trump rests on wait for it rests
this question was a legitimate united states interest in asking about biden and britain so we're gonna bring in witnesses to all we ask that question will bring in some democrats will bring in some republicans and will only ask that question was this alleged in a minute interest of the united states to look into it now we already know because even the democrats top lawyer said yeah that's worthwhile he into
there you then you bring in a republican i think i mistakenly called turley and duration which republicans when i was talking about this in the city there both democrats even better bring internally bringing dershowitz three democrat lawyers experts in the constitution and say what do you think did this look like a legitimate thing for the united states too look into all three democrats will say yes i'm pretty sure once they say yes you're done you dont we need to look into any details of how the president did it because nobody is arguing that the president has to do
things the way you want him to do it that's not that's not part of the debate a river everybody accepts that once the presidents in office the president can do everything this legal as long as this is a reasonable reasonable attempt to get stuff down so if our image mccall i'd say let's find out the important question first we will take witnesses for just that question if that question says if the answer to that is that the witnesses say you know it's a mixed bag we
think that was worth looking into well then you can open up to the second question which is the details of what the president was doing was for his own personal use etc but if you can determine that the president's thought or the or any reasonable observer thinks that looking into the biden britain a thing is legitimate for the united states you're done you dont need witnesses to talk about the stuff that doesn't matter if it was good for the united states you're done this is something that the republicans of garden wrong consistently since the start that's it now what is the argument that this is worth that the united states has an interest and looking into it are you kidding me are you kidding me
biden is still leaving in the polls to be the next president of the united states and there's a very strong suggestion that ukraine or somebody over there might know a little bit too much about war hunter was doing and it might reflect on the present is there anyone could any reasonable observer think it's not worth now if there's only problem there i mean on the surface is certainly looks like something you can look into thus we are go if it turns out that they need to dig into the details we ve got this interesting thing that live partners said that loose associate of was in giuliani rudy giuliani who is talking in saying stuff
rachel matthau into anderson cooper now as john paul pointed out in an opinion peace in bright bark that love said something interesting parnasse something interesting to anderson cooper and he said that the reason that there was a push for ukraine to announce an investigation was because in according to left parnasse no one trusted ukraine to conduct an investigation no one trusted ukraine to do an investigation if you if you look at the implication of that it means that the ordinary way you and approached this nobody believed would work the ordinary way would be hey have
f b i talk to you you're just as people put together an investigation look into it and here the witness it's coming forward he was part of all this and he says no one leave that would work so now you have the answer or at least the most credible explanation of why it was not on a different way because the different way nobody believed would work so what way did they take if you if you guess somebody a little bit pregnant i like to use that that analogy there's a good chance that they will continue to be pregnant let's not talk about abortion because it ruins by analogy so in business that's it that's a common a common phrase we got somebody a little bit pregnant i am dealing with now
vendor in my life who shall remain nameless who got me a little bit pregnant in other words or something hu i gave a large amount of money to do a job and now it turns out a job will not be done for months when it should have been done in one month now what can i do turns out that in the specific situation in does matter no it doesn't have anything to do with went up it's it's in my my personal life it turns out that it would be really impractical for me to fire them at this point because they ve done half the work so i have no choice i just got wait a few months because i just don't have an option that's economical and sensible so this vendor got me a little bit pregnant meaning now they ve started now that i've paid i care really back out now they only they only a kind of got to do with it they need
now i don't want to dwell on that the point is that it would be a frankly reasonable thing to do to get you are going to try to get ukraine to announce it because the announcement gives you a little bit of pregnancy another if they have announced it they're gonna have to explain later whether or not doing anything about it because that you now sit so i put them in a position where they were liars the government that is of ukraine if they don't do something like what as the underlings who might not be inspired to do anything for the united states would see their their boss the president saying we're gonna do this investigation and it would be reasonable to expect that then they would say i guess that's what we're doing so it seems to me that love burners as just explained away the whole problem explained away nor problem really says one interpretation of it
now that's that's an opinion we don't know what was in those his mind but you're looking for a reason that they would ask for a public statement instead of focusing on the investigation itself now we have it they don't think the investigation was even possible but if they get him a little bit pregnant now this is the part that speculation that what they were thinking we're they completely happy to walk away with just an announcement i don't think so if you were in rudy shoes would you say to yourself if i get the announcement undone i don't need anything else now you would of course what the announcement plus the investigation of course
apparently there were eleven i think eleven of our troops were actually injured release of being checked out for concussions based on the iranian missile dec on the base and we're finally led out now and of course the big question be why are we i knew this out now who is lying to us but it looks like well then the abundance of coercion and a judgment call meaning none of these people appeared to be injured in the in the physical way that you can see the early reports were nobody injured but apparently when you're in the vicinity of these major missile bomb a text it's pretty common to get concussions from the just the blast force and so there's an abundance of caution some people they're having checked out to see if they have so we don't know how bad it is
now here's the thing i think we're all better off that we didn't know their sunday one somebody says so he lied no that's not the reporting so the reporting is not that the president or even or even the commanders inner in our forces and right there's no reporting that they knew on day one that these people would need follow up care it was a judgment call that they probably just shake it off or you didn't know if they shake it offers wait and see so is a little bit of a grey area about when you can actually know somebody was injured if you can't tell can't tell but look at em but concussions are pre pretty nasty things a concussion is a serious serious pro
sometimes depends on the severity if we'd known this sunday one would our public just demand a military attack a kind of glad we didn't know this this is one of those weird cases where we're probably just better off we didn't know i mean i i have a lot of concern about these troops can discuss concussions or a big deal but i'm glad we didn't know because i think we would have the right path speaking ran come did array appearance in which he did the the big prayer that they do periodically and speech and referred to the president and his supporters as in the government anyway as american clowns anyone else say that that them pretending to support the uranian nation but they want to stick a poison dagger into its back
which raises an interesting question what is the translation from farsi to clown does cloud mean the same thing in iran does it does a clown do the radio's have clowns it is lovers or such a thing as a clown am i not mean the same thing because he said that there are clowns but there would be using poison dagger to stab in the back that's one scary clown it also seems a little bit of overkill do you need a poison dagger if you stabbing somebody in the heart i say no stab and are probably gets done but a poison dagger there there's some kind of clown so the
really neither venomous stagger i don't know if i hired a clown and he showed up with a venomous dagger i would fire that cloud so i think i think clown mean something different but it is interesting that the supreme leader had to call out the fact that america least its government and some of his people we keep saying that we're standing with the iranian people that's what the president said in a tweet they said they lie if you're still with the iranian people it is only to stab them and the heart with your venomous staggers up thinking i think trumped wins on this because if the supreme leader is trying to explain why we keep acting friendly to their pocket nation that's the conversation we want them to have to explain because
you want the iranians say what do you mean the united states as it stands with the population of around did he actually say that i haven't heard that i don't have the internet but now i've heard it because a supreme leader had to defend it i think the supreme leader just fell for the trick that democrats have been calling for for three years which is they're talking about the topic the trump wants them to talk about what topic would trump most want the ayatollah too have to talk about with his own public the fact that the united states says unambiguously we side with a population of around let's talk about that some more
we must defend our that's not true and he had to come up with this weird venomous dagger clown to argue that is not true he didn't even have recently had an analogy that's it how about giving us a reason not an analogy arisen what else would got going on here so if you didn't hear michael shell hamburger test fighting from congress at least one party congress and use the phrase green nuclear deal now congratulations to march neither maybe watching us right now for coming up with green nuclear deal as a great way to package the idea of nuclear being the best way to address climate change
is now made his way to congress so it's now headline something that congress a scene framed it in their minds a little bit differently and congratulations to all of you because i know that i try to boost both of these these people as much as possible michael shown berger and marks later but i can't do that alone of course without all of you who follow me on twitter so you ve done the same and look what you did look what you did not telling you for a long time that are our republic has been replaced by some kind of a social media model where the government can really do was so the media won't allow them to do if there's too much of a response and social media so we're no longer republic where they just go off and make decisions they really have to watch social media
respond and here you a perfect example people with good ideas bubble those good ideas up until some people with blue jack marks colluding me lots of other people too were also part of this but people with the blue check mark said her look there's some good ideas from people who do not have boot jack works i will boost those ideas i boost them mother other people boost them and next thing you know there's a conversation in front of congress perfect example of what the government has evolved into forgot i think its positive let me talk that question of better
on climate change lot of people have said two things one why are the insurance companies acting as though climate change is not a risk here that overtime right that the people who think climate change is not a big problem say if it were a big problem would it not be reflected in our insurance rights for people with property on the coast turns out if you do a little googling on this question the insurance regulators companies are really really concerned about this so as one of the biggest issues in the insurance business does that there might be bankruptcy level risk from climate change so we're we're definitely at the point where for example apparently cold
parents are having a tough time getting insurance so more companies are getting out of the business of ensuring coal companies somehow because of climate risk i don't know if that means that the car companies are likely to be to be sued measure exactly why they're getting other business but they are if they keep getting another business you can have a coal black because if he can't get insurance here have a business leased out of business of those scale so it could be that the insurance companies will put coal and business just by not ensuring but here's the point i wanted to get you if you're wondering how can you make money by being so right in your opinion that climate change is not a risk here's a way to better there are index slums called spiders slight difference but let's call it index fun
of insurance companies you can find a basket of insurance companies that are collected for you in a in a fund called the spider here's one example this is this is not a financial recommendation i'm only talking about the concept of investing i'm not telling you you should invest in this called can be w insurances low fee insurance fund if you look at the the growth of that fund it span pretty much consistently up since two thousand nine two thousand nine took adept like five dollars
of the thirty five so this group of insurance companies is seven times higher in the stock price than it was at the two thousand nine dip if you think climate change is not an issue that would be a good way to back because in theory you should be able to get these insurance companies relatively cheap because it will be so many other people who think they're gonna go out of business because of because of climate change so it turns out that there is a pretty clean bet you could make which is that insurance companies are already underpriced because they don't have that real risk of climate change if you believe the other way well i suppose you could you can bet that is going down
so there's actually market for that and at the moment it looks like the market is bedding that insurance companies will be fine but what it looks like were based on just the chatter you see when you will you google ensure its companies and climate change it works like that's right on the edge of maybe changing so i think it's possible that that insurance companies and this index organ drop like a rock in the next five years so you could way for the dep again i'm not giving you financial advice i'm talking about the concept of betting on climate change are not tell you should do it i'm just saying it's do mobile so away for a big drop in climate in insurance companies as everybody panics i'm sure that will come that if you
leave there's no real risk japan but not advice just something that can be done i believe that issues short the stock some people say that is correct so i think that's all we got let me give you an update on my studio situation because i think it's fun concept for the last few years i've been trying to upgrade the quality of this what your watch try to get a bigger and bigger attention etc i have spent maybe thirty or forty thousand dollars trying to do it so far so far for two years and thirty or forty thousand dollars of effort nothing i've done has been as good as
sitting in front of my ipad with cheap little twenty dollar clip on lovelier sitting at my desk now if i can find something is better than that then do it now put another nine thousand dollars into it this week i bought a box from tell a scream accompany their would allow me to in theory live stream to a number of different platforms at the same time i have tried obese software i've tried wire gas software adjust the software version this is the hardware version that has wire cast built in if you do podcasting you ve heard of work ass so it's a software that allows you to stream to different platforms in theory the hardware will solve by problems that i couldn't solve every other way but i've been wrong every time so i'll let you know something to be working on that
for the weekend of lovelier abusing is just something i bought off of amazon com bottle whenever one had a high high rating there very cheap so you talk about sixteen dollars or twenty dollars apparently the professional ones that much better somebody says it's your room the needs more tuning oh have you have this problem with amazon do by things on amazon and being the miniature of the thing you thought you were so a few weeks ago i bought some bins others big plastic bins for storage i think i'm gonna get some big blasting bins post referendum and the plastic been show up and early this big i didn't even know anybody made plastic bins early this big i ended up with the ministers
as i look at the pictures i didn't even look at the specks i didn't know anybody made a little plastic them that looked like a big plastic been but is only this big and then the other day i bought a microphone screen it's a it's a cushion to scream this around your microphone to shield her from noise coming from the back side so i buy this scream to put on my desk and i'm looking at nothing will obviously in other things by this big and i get it it's like away the speck is a manager psyche by managers because i dont check the sizes of stuff don't don't be like me all right i told you i would teach you a method for solving your anxiety i'm going to do that as soon as i've got a little more crisp christmas on that and i will do that at a different time
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