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Episode 792 Scott Adams PART1of2: Impeachment Stains, Mexican Cartels Theory

2020-01-19 | 🔗

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  • Are the cartels the real reason Mexico stopped the Guatemalans? 
  • Scott Jennings article on why we elected President Trump
  • Pelosi will wear the STAIN of IMPEACHMENT…forever
  • President Trump’s impeachment defense strategy
  • Disturbing Baltimore video of crowd attacking police officer
  • Link to Episode 792 Part 2: https://bit.ly/2txzQNY

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody come on in derry wondered why do these simultaneous before my periscopes while some of it as a binding experience of course but i do it also somebody s about this i do and also because it gives time for people to stream in before i get into these serious content so i don't have to repeat myself and so because you're all here so early this time for
simultaneous epinal unit is governed mugger glass a tanker jealousies diana canteen jirga flask a vessel of any kind fill it with a favorite liquid like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure with a dope of india to the day the thing that makes everything that the simultaneous go to ever said first time to come on time for the simultaneous up well now you know the pleasure oh yeah it's good so yesterday i was gonna you telling you that i saw a clip where a corner macgregor is one top mme fighters the world is on their coach mentioned me and the idea of systems over goals
as part of their training process for common macgregor and i was sort of bragging a little bit on periscope yesterday that the done something useful they crossed into a domain that i would not expect actually and then i realized the greater was gonna fight last night i didn't realize that the reason is that it is coach trainer was talking is because the fight was coming up and suddenly i thought to myself what if he loses europe and telling everybody well i i think you're right some influence maybe it directly or the small way in the process is using to train if you don't already now cannibal regular one in forty seconds
let me say that again he won the fight in forty seconds i believe the total tally of punches that the other guy landed was zero i think you ve actually on this but i think i heard that i think i heard that the other the guy cowboy aroun about who is a top level fighter you it's not like you is beating up people were just starting this was top competitor and the outcome was certainly in question and cover macgregor biederman forty seconds and the other guys didn't land the punch so i guess you want
read my book how to fail at almost everything and still win or i talk about systems are better than goals if you can't remember the name of the book just go to amazon and google my name and pop up let's talk about my most ridiculous production i suppose i made some predictions in your brain ridiculous but none more ridiculous then the one i made about it will be the nominee for democrats no unesco i said to us can be harris because she's she's got all the tools but it turns out she's a terrible just a terrible campaign like a really really bad campaign so she is suspended her her run but here's things going
would you agree that joe biden sort of the i guess you'd say he's the establishment democrats choice but i think we all agree that are not terribly comfortable with him because of his age there they unlike worry is policy wise and is connections to things but maybe not a full confidence in is current abilities it looks like the plan is this nor by them did you know that harris had one of the most endorsements from establish people that's important did you know that harris also i believe had the most hillary clinton associated people working on her campaign did you know that that's important because it does seem that harris was
the was say the clinton hold overs who you imagine have deep state kind of influence it looks like they wanted her but i'm getting retraction she was doing a terrible job of campaigning but she's almost a perfect compliment to joe biden because he's older she's young so that they give you a little confidence that if something happened to hear me say well at least there's a young person with senate experience as not only the end of the world if joe had to exit the job a little early so that's a good compliment secondly she's a person of color now so as corey booker corey booker very solid capable public servant a senator corey booker be great right except
poor workers a man if you have a choice of having you running made to say you joe biden a choice of home some of whose only a person of burn unfortunately a man versus someone is a personal color but a woman which is better which is better compliment no question about it there is no question about it the best company until the ticket is harris now i have a second theory that part of the reason they harris disappeared is that it was away close down the campaign and get rid of her sister s remain advice because if you the part of the policy shadow government deep state democrat establishment people you kindly needed to get rid of harris assist in order to make harris useful
i'm gonna say that she may be undergoing some kind of coaching mentoring practice situation and i think if she were to be nominated form of vice president or more picked as running made i mean by that the next time you see her she's gonna come back stronger me more charisma better presentation little more crisp message on point and so that's what i would look for because i believe she's very comfortable harris is unique and there she doesn't have any she does do you have any problems that would consider unsolvable natural problems in all seems like technique now some have pointed out hey harris does not have a lot of popularity in the african american community doesn't matter because job i didn't does
joe biden popularity in the african american community is so high he doesn't really need to bring more n by his vice presidential peck he just needs to show he's being open to diversity and is being inclusive and that's why should be a perfect parliament either them individually is little weak but together actually fit pretty well embedded nobody else released user name enough a name and our consciousness right now so the other part of the prediction is that by election if it turns out of its abiding harris ticket thereby election today either literally or in kind people will be about harris as the top of the ticket i'd be saying airless flipper before election day goes joe biden looks like is falling apart or they may say well was gets through
election away this but at least we ve got our emergency spare ready so i think you get to see harris this is my most unlikely protection of all time i believe that there is not one person euro would agree with me is probably not one of you that's what makes it so we'll just track that wouldn't if i'm wrong i'm wrong the theory about mexico there was a dorothy military stopped a big proud of guatemalans will trying to the southern border of mexico if i understand this right and mexico a good job for the united states being a good good brand partner by stopping it before it gets to our border why i say to myself government of mexico the government of mexico was oh good on this point
but not good i must say fighting cartels because i look at what the government in exile during their putting a lot of money and resources and it feels they're doing you almost entirely for the benefit of the united states does assyrian character does it make sense given the other things are doing so make sense that are so flexible and really more than flexible their reporting major effort and resources is doing something we want stopping people coming through their southern border before they get our border but at the same time if you like they're doing absolutely nothing about the cartels this in terms of how much we ve offered to help them and they said no let's go with the hugs not the guns how can you explain those two things well unfortunately there is one way to explain it i can say that this is a truth
i'm going to say that it would explain our observation in a way that nothing else does and it goes like this the cartels effectively on the government to mexico the cartels make a tremendous amount of money helping small groups of mostly mexican citizens across the border so it's a gigantic profit centre for the cartel to let the ones into these cross border lots of them i mean it's a big volume but they're coming across the small groups the reason that the guatemalans form up into large convoys is so that the cartel can't abuse them and can take their money in camp profit so it seems that the haven't of mexico is very very flexible and willing to work with us when it helps the profit of the cartel
now helps us so i think we're pretty happy that mexico is stopping the the caravans but the caravans were the one way that the cartels couldn't make money because they form cartels for that purpose so the cartels could not blackmail them and threatened them it was used for security reasons why they do it so my guess is that the reason that there may be perhaps even some kind of understanding with our government there were really dealing with the cartels and that if we can get them to stop the massive immigration at least we got something and we're gonna have to figure out what to do about sentinel later i saw a loose i don't know who is talking about it that we have some kind of process where we check the incoming i guess ones we randomly check incoming containers or goods coming in from china
in our recent checks something like fifteen percent of all the goods coming in from china are contraband fifteen percent one five fifteen percent of everything that's coming in from china is either a counterfeit goods that are competing with american products or other products could be european and sentinel and drugs fifteen percent and apparently that's the way will is one of the ways we can tell if there are cooperating over time so once a month they'll do a survey and if it still fifty percent is that china is not cracking down on intellectual property there not cracking down on central does they have the ability we know they have the ability and so i'm looking all this and i'm thinkin i don't
we ve done enough working with china to stop the sentinel here there's something happen you know that there is noise about the big successful but i'll say it a million times as long as the top known sentinel dealer in china is still free which i believe is somebody can factual checking on that but i believe is just sharpening walk around and sullen sentinel other by the barrel as long as that guy is still alive and free trade is not doing this not real scott jennings had it interesting opinion peace and see them which took some inspiration from four for a tweet and scots got jennings this point was that well here's the way i summarised in my tweet so these are my work
so i said is starting to look as if the permanent stain of impeachment we'll be on policy for trivializing the process while at the same time it confirms that trap is directly over the target he was lacking to destroy now scotch settings point which i basically stole to reward into a tweet because i wanted the crisp version because it's just transmits better small his point that donald trump was elected to break the parcel government we don't like right
pretty true where nobody elected job to be a steady state keep the same keep this ship go in just the way it was he was brought into just break stuff you he was he was brought in like a wrecking ball to just just wreck all the stuff there was frozen and broke human corrupt now of course he can't get rid of all corruption and all all problems and the government but what would you expect the world would look like if he were successful in doing what is voters asked him to do what that look like well one of the things that i if you could predict as at the other side would try everything they could to stop him there were trial the easy stuff first please try to beat him and the election ok that didn't work less
wait a minute within public opinion ok he's really growth that that's not working less beaten by controlling the press he just deal legitimize the entire press let's use are our deep stated in people we have em maybe the fbi or the department of justice they got caught think about it the democrats have thrown every everything you as president what will be the most natural result of here's the key point and this is what i'm still from scotch annex all be the natural outcome of trump succeeding at what he promised as voters impeachment given that the given that the house is controlled by the other party you would expect and in fact we should have been able to predict that the better trump did in terms of destroying the things that people want
try everything from the press italy every old way of doing things apparently was his generals idiots i'm not even said about that he came in to break stuff he's breakin stuff and he's not breaking the stuff i didn't want broken he's only breakin the stuff i thought needed to get a little bit broken we shake the box right so this weird thing is is forming which is that the impeachment is starting to more were were evolve from the worst stayed a president could have to wait for it dearest signal that he's doing what the voters asked them to do you could not have a more clear signal that he's right over the target because he's getting all the anti aircraft fire
their unloading the clip right the throwing every now all they had left and it looks desperate does about impeachment starting off to look like a death rattle for the democratic party in this turning to look not even started to look i can stay i can state this as as a firm statement of fact policy is going to wear the stain of impeachment forever because she broke one of the most important parts of the constitution she broke impeachment by miss treating it by by trivializing it by using it as a as a base split
but all instead as the last resort she's gonna have to live with that forever every time in the future there is another impeachment any you know there's gonna be a lot of i'm gonna be a lot of them every time you your president is different party from the house impeachment just automatic and what will every story say about that to to say did this this you to say pelosi broke this this used to be a process that would get rid of a richard nixon now it's not now is just a broken partisan thing at this stage will be on policy forever but what about stephen trump well here's the thing if you unimpeached because you did leslie were richard nixon dead well that sustain forever if you get impeached for what bill clinton dead
a mixed bag is how many of you think back to the clinton administration and think well would say if you're a democrat amity look back to the bill clinton administration say you know he did a whole bunch of good things was very successful nation from from my perspective as a democrat and by the way i would agree that bill clinton had a successful presidency but i have not once not one time have i thought back and said to myself you know i think less of bill clinton because he got engaged no once i believe joe clinton has a stain on his presidency as big as a stable after monica his dress
you have certainly is part of the story everybody's heard of it he would prefer that didn't happen his supporters would prefer didn't happen but if you talking about the impeachment itself which did not remove him from us is sustained by the impeachment not really i mean maybe stained by the event itself but his presidency looks completely intact to me am i wrong how many people think less of a bill clinton because of impatient i don't think i've ever met one person have you tested on yourself clinton actually did something that both parties what was worthy of impeachment or at least enough of them thought it was worthy of attention and there's no stay there is a statement what he did but not only impeachment part so i think those lynton
tells us what's going to happen with trump is those go live like a badge of success but the time he's done with your trouble better than anybody grabbing the gun actively the mothers hands and turning round fake news was originally a complaint about trump then he turned around now it's a complaint about the entire media business she is he has ruined the credibility of completely they ve done a good job that themselves sort muscles in some twitter feed the other yesterday i guess i was supporting bernice version of events with elizabeth worn sewed does the details but i was i did a supportive tweet about birds sang essentially that i believe is version of the story the number bernie supporters jumped in to say were grudgingly agreeing with make us they're burning supporters
and they hated it because i'm such a terrible person and that on the worse person in the world and that agree with me is this hard because i'm so terrible and i thought to myself oh no too many people i will call terrible people i know a lot of people i disagree with no alarm people have done specifically i don't like what i really think you're too many people is just terrible people and i think what kind loser you really i gotta leave nor comes from what exact we have i done there would qualify me to be a terrible human i mean not just somebody disagree now somebody you set a stupid thing the damn thing now somebody you whose opinions don't make sense none of that but a horrible human being which is the most common thing that people were saying about me yesterday on twitter
release the critics now none of that bothers me of course but i'm sort of amused by it because bernie supporters are more toxic than i had imagined you probably saw the project very tough thing with one of the burning supporters who is just as some things to say denny your that and probably made you think these many supporters are an interesting group of people most of them are just have preference for him as a politician there is some bad people in their group like going to pay the entire group by the bad ones but there are some really some rough characters that group now here's a year hearsay graham for you then maybe you haven't heard yet correct me if i'm wrong as possible somebody said this or maybe lots of people at the diameter
the remember the old days when ibm had personal computers there competing against apple computer an apple came up with this great way to frame the situation the competition now i dont know exactly how true it was but it was a terrific when framing and one like this that the other people will go from ibm pieces back in the day they would switch out they become mac users in a fairly good but what realized is that people didn't go back in other words you didn't see or at least it was rare happens of but it was rare for somebody who was the other user and i now have decided to change my mind will become an ibm pcs but it was very common for did you go the other way and just stay there and that's all
really powerful frame assumes you hear that you said yourself ok that tells me everything i need to know that this is just a one way trip now let's take that analogy again analogies about four persuasion they're just make points here's my point we ve been talking about elizabeth worn and dirty bertie sent having similar voters and the one of them leads to shrink in order for the other to grow because it's the same pool you know that neither of them can grow until one of them declines in popularity because the voters can go to the other one let me ask you this after this elizabeth worn incident with bernie hell bernie voters could go to elizabeth worn after she stab three candidates candidate in the back according to them how many non
maybe now how many heavily warren supporters let's say she started from in the polls and they wanted somebody who had similar policies how many war and supporters would be cycle lee price ready and willing to go into bernie maybe maybe all because a similar policies and it works they go to if elizabeth warrant isn't gonna work out we're gonna go because bernie bernie in stab elizabeth warren or at least it doesn't look like that some people might think that what i think is a one way trip so at this point if all of say the progressives or the socialists democratic social who was one of those to the disease already over women say that again
if you're wondering which weighs gotta go will burn these people go to warn or warns people go to bernie that's over you don't have to one furthermore there is only one way you can go at this point i can only go from orange bernie the burning to war path is closed by what fall because work can closed so if you're dirty predict that's an easy one bernie will rise word will fall because war can never get enough birdie voters after what she did you know i'm right i saw an article that problem it's more studies to back it up that the birth control pill shrinks a part of the brain in women or it might be coral that might be a weird correlation but women
but then on birth control pills at one specific part of the brain the trunk six percent on average company or a smaller so let me let me correct what i just said the study did not show that being on the pill shrunk that part of the brain in always showed that people on the have on average a smaller that brain could be some other reason but it's hard to know what that will be however i ask you this have you ever had this experience just anecdotally i've seen somebody who went on birth control and their personality changed a very real sealant i've seen it twice i saw us so people who basically became different people fairly quickly after going on birth control bills now i dont know if that's a causation report relation
cuz it's just two people right it's just anecdotal i'm not aware of any studies that would back that up except this one that i was just talking about it's hard for me to imagine that you could put up any kind of pill in a human being male or female oh my god i'm single other uses her there was an expected back what really frankly now i do not hold the us is recovering from men beware the scooby confirmation by us this is sort of that the perfect confirmation by us begin domain so i'm not to make a claim it's a question i ask you this what are the odds are putting a powerful war moon altering substance in your body be male or female or whatever ever gender flavour you like what are the odds wouldn't change your personality because
without being a doktor it feels to me like the odds would be zero any any change to your or a modal structure almost certainly is going to have an effect on year on who you are at some fundamental lever i've never seen this many gases that was ok how many so i'm wondering if this is mostly men because it is hard for me to tell the genders of the people who responding but i worry there's all men because their worries confirmation by us but is women are saying it a little more suspicion that this is something that is to be dug into a little bit deeper but just in general changing your hormonal structure should change you think if it doesn't i'll be surprised
so let's talk about the constitutional the strategy for impeachment it looks like the the republicans primary strategy i don't know if we can tell for sure somebody mentioned the present zonia when i was in progress zone just a few weeks ago i was quite aware of a personality alteration i was definitely a different person for the few weeks i was on it so that's the same same point so it looks like the the republican strategy for impeachment is rather them to argue the details which would be a gigantic mistake and it's a mistake that but they ve been taking from the start looks like especially with alan dershowitz on the team they're going to argue it doesn't matter what the details are because there's nothing this alleged that's unimpeachable so if the republicans are planned
this approach i like it a lot like it a lot and what it would look like in here i'm just playing the game through among suggesting that i'm predicting this but one way that they could go is that the the river it is controlling the senate will say we're going to open up with discussions on whether or not any of the envy of the allegations to fit the constitutional test of even being something appropriate for impeachment before talking about whether happened or didn't happen who said what who did a quid pro quo who dimmed what you're expecting what life partners said before getting into any evidence
just say here the two charges and here's the basis for them does the constitution say this is a peaceful and the answer is no not even close so i think there's gonna be a good strategy and what i would expect is this i would expect that the republicans will hear the constitution arguments and i will put it to a vote now can they have two votes can they vote and say ok let's say that the against all odds list the majority of the senate and i don't think this could happen let's say they voted said yeah underclass number one of whether these charges if their true charges would be unimpeachable we say yes possible right then separately they'd have to have some other vote i guess the to determine
whether their charges rationally true so that there would be a supper thing i don't think they have to get into the facts i think though probably just dismiss it after the constitutional argument which by the way would be the best way to defend the constitution best way that defend the constitution is not let them talk about the deed because if you let him talk about the details you get missing the whole point and it becomes exactly what the founders didn't want it to be a purely political process even though we know the outcome why would you not try to defend the cost to show why you could if you're a republican senator by saying leah let us say that the victim here's the constitution so let's let's try to revive the constitutional little bit there was a
disturbing video of a crowd in baltimore who are sort of attacking a policeman who had a suspect underground you may have seen its a viral video so the police officer was trying to get control of fur on the ground and other people are coming up and look like you're kicking the policeman etc and some others of course a call for those people who were assaulting the policeman to be banned you said yourself well good luck with that because these were random people who kicked the policemen and ran away what he can do but it's on video so what are you gonna do sarka identify people just cause you have on video right well not anymore remember i told you yesterday there's a tool an apple clear view i was the front pages new york times because a gigantic controversy
about privacy and whether this is gonna go too far in its can cause it stop him everything were losing our privacy so those these are important all worth talking about i think the acl you getting involved them is really has become this big deal but here's my point that at all it needs in all likelihood all it is this a scream grab from the video of the crowd and a couple of screen grabs they get the face an end and the law enforcement will probably have immediately these social media and real names of the perpetrators in the crowd cosette knowledge you they probably won't have to ask people they probably won't have to ask the public they probably won't have to nor the door they probably won't need any witnesses approaches take this the camera video runs through the
clear view i up it's gonna spit out the names think about that man's newark
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