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Episode 798 Scott Adams: The Clearview AI app that Identifies Criminals, With David Scalzo, Plus Impeachment

2020-01-25 | 🔗

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  • Content:
  • Special guest: Clearview.ai investor David Scalzo
    • A search engine for faces, used by law enforcement
  • There should be a cost for attempting to impeach and failing
  • Adam Schiff claims and harm to national interest
  • Adam Schiff and future crimes of the imagination
  • The challenge of cartooning with diversity

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come on come on everybody come on we got a good one today it's gonna be it's gonna be let off the hook scan be made today we will have a special yes which are introduced in a moment but first things first right as right first thing first and i think you know what's common efforts were a little low on followers for some reason so let me see if there's i think i've got a bug here i'm gonna tweet go online going now appears to be that out as i think the notification failed or something well
at the weekend and i think i know why you're here at least part of the reason you here yes i do it's because you like to be here for the simultaneous up they usually way for thousand people but is everybody watching the baby watching the impeachment or something so he says i didn't get a notification here i think there's something wrong with the notification might have something to do with having again stand so i don't know exactly but we're gonna find out they way first first if you like participated in simultaneous up all you need is a copper margaret glass tanker jealousies die in the canteen juggler flask of vessel of every kind silly with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now
for the unparalleled pleasure the documented the data thing makes everything better simultaneously go near us goodwill just ass good ass i thought now if technology is working and i believe it is i'm gonna activate my guest and give you a little bit my guest and we're gonna be talking david scale so founder in managing partner of cure a negative i hope i am pronouncing it correctly if you're wondering why we're gonna be talking to david scale so is because he's an investor in a company called clear view the eye which is all the news front page new york times controversy everywhere it's the app that allows law enforcement at the moment law enforcement
to take a picture of anybody could be dead body john though these person on the street that they ve stopped and it will tell you tell the police who is it would give the identification from us photograph scary we'll find out david can you i can hear you good morning how are you doing scott under great good morning now i'm director you're investor in clear view a high rise yeah absolutely yeah right we're venture capitalists i mean the performers cure nuggets actually japanese name japanese term butter before we get started i want to say you know i'm an engineer by training and when you're an engineer by training in others people in the world you have a man crush on one seal on mosque in the others got adam so i really appreciate that i may well be here with you today well
like you i did notice from your biography that you ve got two degrees in engineering engineering and then engineering management and then you ve gotta an mba from top school in the country so you're sort of an example of what i talk about in terms of talents tax you ve u combined different skills together so they you just gotta greater view of the world which brings us to clear view i you put money into that your firm did tell tale sir what first describe what the app is doing today so that we can get a little bit of context you're absolutely said there is an explosion of digital information out in the world more and more people are being are connecting to the internet everyone or a lot of people are posting information it could be information on act
m journals it could be videos it could be people doing tick tax it could be philosophy sports religion charity everything people began in some of the most powerful tools for humans to improve ourselves too because it gives a happier and healthier life is using things like search engines like google for instance to search for words and find where those certain key words come up on the internet so what clear view does something very similar you take it picture a photo of a person in any direct you to links essentially all across the internet showing where that person shows up in various contexts so it is so in short is a search engine for faces so that you can put an identification with a face absolutely at which is now let's talk about the social implications but but
where is being used how many people are using it was using it who who has access to it is the public or is it just police force yes right now it's a start up and whenever you do is start up you know start up one or one whether you're at harvard northwestern stamp robust the school is a new target specific industry vertical someone who is a super user and where they're using right now is law enforcement so there's over a thousand independent law enforcement agencies and so this is everything from the federal government all the alphabet agencies to state police departments to only sheriffs were are elected directly by voters to local municipal police officers and there is an independent decisions to use clear view now is or is not limited to the united states right
right now it is by tom you know the technology is definitely powerful enough and broadly enough too were to be used elsewhere as well i saw how to give us some i use cases tell us what crimes are solved wasn't why do police like use the site well if you think about it detective any crime show you watch what's the number one thing they want to do they want to generate leaders who were possible suspects and then they want to track down using their skills and they use credit card data cell phone data and all sorts of other information fingerprints so what clear view does is it helps them generate leads more quickly so if you have a suspect in a human trafficking child exploitation case and you only have a photo of someone you can use clear view clear view the photo and then it will show where that
then maybe in on the internet with whether they have a twitter profile or a facebook profile or whether there you know at some sort of baskets all day and that that generates leads and ideas for the police officers and detectives where its exceptionally powerful is when you're working with armed gangs whether they are terrorist networks whether they are drug cartels whether they mob gangs and where you may have an inkling of one person in the game but you may not know that the other five six seven people so if you take a group photo then what you can do is identified the other people are at least give you some leads and then of course our law enforcement will follow those lee it's an determine whether there is whether the person should be complicated enough or leaves or fog and i haven't how many cases have been solved till it tell us about the happy endings that
no about so far while the new york times article specifies one where the ugandan state police have really talked about where they posted a whole network of thumb unfortunately individuals who were taken of children and so getting those people off the street is very good there is another one end in florida that they talked about where a person had a certain type of tattoo and their tattoo was then been was able to be matched as they stand last so is there some examples there were what's who did what types of crimes are the ones that are most likely to be usefully
while the eight states clearly the most vile crimes out their rights it say you know see as the child exploitation that human trafficking domestic violence thea the drug the drug cartels terrorist though those are the ones more likely to be solved but it is also in offer shoplifting eddie eaves assault subway roper's is one where its use to lock were gathered rainy photo someone that's you know picketing on this way those aid those are different types of things were clarity is much in the audience the audience is going crazy in the comments is they want me to push you on the social risks so late let's talk about that so excepting that i would imagine law enforcement would be drooling over this product because it allows them to widen
by somebody who may not want to identify themselves or it might be in a situation where you're not necessarily in conversation with him but now they ve also cannot be used to identify elicit a dead body that doesnt have identification it would do that oh a could it could be helpful in that you know what i'm i've talked to permit me empty people and a lot of times what you have as someone who has had a heart attack or who is fallen ill and you know unconscious you who is this person to have any attacks and so to be used with the paramedics would be great why what if somebody is i just saw a crush a really good question whereby in the comments what if somebody was an under cut undercover cop and and the bad guys got this ep could they find their undercover gaps that potentially sir absolutely so there are like every new technology there's gonna be the good and bad now people are asking where did the data come
are you scraping only from public legal sources do have secret resources where do you get your database of faces from so we have a let's start out what i talked about there is an explosion in digital information that people are voluntarily pudding on the internet right in southern millions of faces up there in people have public persona is on facebook on linked in on tik tok and instagram in addition to all the other places that information put for instance almost every single work employed corporation out there has public facing website that has the pictures of for instance all the lawyers in their fur we're all the consultants in their firm or their leadership so what we do is we index all that public information and then just connect the dots essentially make it altogether so it is only public sources now there are other things that are public sources and the government wants to get out
those informations are like the most wanted less where they get a week we like that together they have on the centre for child exploitation and trafficking we blinked those stuff and we leave those together but it's all publicly available information that is helpful to everyone so i know said so stories that a new jersey is the new jersey police department decided to not use it to ban it that do not have that information right so there was a pronouncement by one of the agencies have something to that extent the less let's take a broader view you know there's autonomous the goals that are taking photos there's can be fedex that drones flying overhead that are gonna be taking photos the best thing we can do is get this technology out to everyone because what it does is it increases transparency and when you increase transparency increase trust with people and when you have trust you increase the offer
more meaningful relationships now fears what's going on in in new jersey and you know this is out firstly very early so i dont want to sound too hyperbolic on how this happens but let's say they ban this technology and they are only allow government to use its what's gonna happen is you're gonna have a two class you know a hunger games type society where the private worthy the politicians can live in security and the rest of us wander among thieves and exploiters and to what will happen in jersey is more people will move to places where it safer like north carolina florida and will have you know that is the disturbing in future when it's actually banned if we are ever to be used really i creates a better society for all of us i live it wouldn't let me tell you my personal at stake in this in the sense that as a semi famous person
my my reality is that when i go in public people recognize me by face quite often especially since i've in the lake so very much everywhere i go there's gonna be somebody recognises me by face but they also know because i'm a public figure they know something they read about me that could be bad usually not true something you know something about my background my education my career so i've lived in this world the twenty years ahead of the rest you for a long time and so you probably wondering what would it be like if every time i went out luck will you will get us a this technology creeps into the public as its inevitable when you say is inevitable that the public level to what peter demanded says there's gonna be a billion internet connected sensors in the next five which means we're gonna know everything at any time in anywhere
so it is inevitable that this digital information will be out there just a little continues to salute search is complete the thought so if you're wondering those of your watch this you're wondering about yourself right ok what does this mean to me what would happen to me how would you feel what's lifelike if every time i won't tell anybody you saw my face could know so my biography cancer is that's my lot that's exactly my life every time i go outside people recognize me i don't recommend and they know my whole biography and they and they couldn't tree me differently if they it used it i'm sure some people discriminate against me because they he said good things about the press at one time i you gotta be into so i've lived in
world i gotta tell you doesn't make much difference so here's here's the weird thing about it if i could snap my fingers and change it and make all of my privacy come back i don't know i guess you don't believe it or not if you had asked me what i choose this i probably would said now i want my privacy does every bit as everybody's first react right there's nobody wants to give our privacy if if you ask them but nobody asked me i just lost my privacy because by let life choices and he didn't make any difference i can tell you i go through life and it makes absolutely no difference now if let's say i had a criminal record would it make a difference to me if people i interacted with new i had a criminal record but i made my time
i'm clean with society what you say about that world where somebody who really has paid their that followed the rules but now follow following round in a way that i couldn't see for what about that person would you say to that they had so that those who so that request is whether information should be hidden from people and then the second part is whether its relevant to decision making or or being left alone and so we are against discriminations very simple so we have laws in this country for instance that have statues of limitations for instance lottery let's stop right there nobody cares what the laws in the real world people are going to react away they react and don't give a fuck about the law so you know people really gonna kick you have the restaurant or that or or beauty bad service in dirty looks
i admire you but they won't say it's because your criminal record although what one is the law that is the current law that if you have a criminal record you have to disclose it or you you can choose not to what is alone that well i i am not an expert in here and very much depends on context listen listen you're apply for a job is replying for a job can the employer s question i don't want to current laws well david coke and charles coke of coke industries very famously have an initiative called banned the box where they want to make it illegal for employers to ask that question because they want to encourage people who have had neither or prison sentences and have reformed to be able to be on a level playing field and get hired basin and their skills and an end you know initiative rather than theme discriminated against because they have to disclose something that may have a locked up
what is it what is their crime was the same sex crime endlessly they had their rape somebody do you think that the other putting the son you like you have to solve all the world's moral and ethical dilemmas but though would the employees of the cup have a right to be to know the somebody rather history was a sexual assault which is unique not like anything else we should have a right to know that they gave me a cattle to say these are very complex issues that a lot of people need about but i'll put it this way you know based on your writing that humans thereby strike that we were that we take information and we filtered through our own lands and decide how to interact so the question is do we hide what people concede we try to manipulate thereby us so they act a certain way or do you give them all the information all the data points so
they can have a better sense of how they want to make a decision and were of the belief that transparency is better for everyone when trying to manipulate people hiding information so salami lenny you do what i always caution people to do which is to show both sides because typically these conversations wonders with somebody's advocate for one thing or the other so they're just go to say the class or just to say the benefits so if i could list the benefits it would be massive improvement i mean really substantial
roman law enforcement catching people who need to get caught so that only one benefit another benefit would be more information people would simply have better more information deeper information about other people that could protect the people get the information it could be bad for the person whose whose privacy has been given up because they might want to hide some things into later but certainly good for the person who was getting the information that person has benefited as somebody else's expense but am and you make this point which is faster and i'm trying to think throughout human history can anybody come up with an example where more transparency was worse and i think that the worst case scenario which hinted at is that when somebody has full privacy and somebody does not that that you're very worse situation especially if the people have the privacy or the gun
and then the people who do not are the citizens that's horrible but is also just as bad if your neighbor knows everything about you but you don't know anything about your neighbor so this is the sort of tool the sort of just opens pandora's box and allows all of us that no way too much about each other and i've long predicted in writing i have predicted as a number of times that partial privacy is the worst situation were somebody has it somebody doesn't the best situation which we may never get to people will resist gas is just natural to resist it is where we all know enough about each other that we no longer give a shit about each other's flaws in addition as hard as our concept to hold a member if you actually know a lot about another person and you know all this
laws and they know a lot about you and they also know you're flaws and they still say he's got you wanna go to lunch i am so cool with that person i'm is cool with airports because you could possibly be because i know you you know me if you call me i'm cool with you i can understand your human being we ve all messed up this is why in part why have the twenty year rule the forty eight hour rule about forgiving people's pass behaviors i'm i'm a real big proponent of judging people by who they are right now not judging people by that thing they did that's does follows of around forever and i feel like we all have to get their place and this may forces there because if you think about it you wouldn't like anybody if you knew all of their mistakes you wouldn't like anybody
it would be the end of friendships land of hiring the end of marriage everything but if you all the other is just as flawed as you are different laws but it is just that poses your humanity you say you think i'm ok no i just tell you everything back to president trump because we do that i think the fact that all of his let's say is personal life peculiarities some would say their laws are so known that we worked out a comfortable with em there's something about knowing people's flaws that allows you to capacity is not knowing they can become a scary so given all that well what is the biggest pushed back what what do you think is the what do you think society is going to jail around to say will you could know there's gonna be pushed back
what do you think they're gonna focus on as these thing that's the big expensive lists while i think the biggest complications when people say the word privacy really split into two things anonymity and autonomy or can you be hidden and can you be free those can be separated being hidden maybe everyone knows everything about you but the most important thing is is just leave me alone and those are the that's the complication and that's where we work is a society on figuring out what the rules are about being hidden which i think is is being eliminated by technology and the left alone which i think as a government as a society we come together figure out what the rules of engagement aren't you always afraid of the unknown and was things i like to point out is if you could do you good rewind to twenty years ago and i said to any one of you how would you feel if you lost all
all of your privacy about where you go and what you buy in all of your transactions and all of your physical location what is that was all knowable or known how would you feel and most people set my god i could not live in there world but we live in the world we live in a world where all of our transactions many thus have our dna already on some database i do i get my dear raises several databases i would think and it doesn't really make much difference i still wake up drink my coffee had labour scope and unless i'm committing a crime and somebody's looking for me it makes no difference so i think we are approaching a time when crime i just go away because what we would give up so much privacy not to every single person but at least to the government and law enforcement should they want to check and i'm looking for the class you i keep looking for the tragic
societal cause of either me who was no privacy when i go outside people know who i am and the government knows everything i buy and everything right on everything i browse all that and it doesn't seem to make any difference in my life now i don't know how unique that is necessary
if i were involved in criminal activity in my make a pretty big difference but i'm not so sure thing for most of you you would be more afraid that new needs today it is natural to be afraid of the unknown and its natural to be afraid of giving up any kind of privacy but what what would you say is this the most valid argument by the people who say hey there's some costs coming at us some societal cause what what is their best argument on the other side i like the assistance to see how seo unbiased you're here i think the best argument is always about historical data you know what happens if someone accused me of something i didn't do is found innocent what happens if it's a long time in the past
that information readily available should it be available what fortune is there and then who controls the past right who decides whether data can be erased were not shown and who chose you know who decides what can be shown and that is a very difficult question to answer and a young and there's there's a cost to to doing both wasters across the letting people see the thing that happened in the past and there's a cost to allowing some group to manipulate surpassed about what can be shown so there it is not an easy answer for that was so something some good questions going by europe in the car people are saying what if you're not multimillionaire i soon less i soon ass directed at me you and pointing out that i don't have as much to lose so i would imagine if you
trying to get a foothold in life do you get a job after some that situation in these past that would be pretty devastating but where do you see that evolving do you think there are some people who just bees just told teachers and they upload hundreds of photos every week and their interacting with hundreds of friends and instagram tiktok and snap and it's interesting that they realized most of the stuff is transitory uneven dumb and they do allow their friends to evolve and change positions and there still friends with them kind of like what use they realized most of the stuff is transitory and even dumb and they do allow their friends to evolve and change positions and there still friends with them kind of like what you said is that they can be authentic and vulnerable and out there without having long term biases against these
france and the other thing that people need to understand is most people don't give a crap about you were all your floss they really don't i mean i think we all like to have this huge egos best i'm so important in bed everyone knows that i did something wrong ten years ago the gonna care most people don't care and if someone does a bare find a different friends it let limit on yellow be giving it to two other filters to look through certain certainly that's that's one of the most important things that people don't care about you so much but let's say everybody knew that you're a very here you will just making the satellite say they do that you like to dress up in animal costumes check now now your neighbors would immediately say i don't know if i can let the kids come over there any more because you like to dress up an animal customs but here is a then people never never think about all the other people who dressed up in animal costumes would also
be able to identify you next you know your life is ten times better because you don't care too much about your neighbor who doesn't like your head the usual nothing we gonna call a weird was a non standard practice you can find all the other people like you and suddenly the only person i know has some we yeah or less i unusual not even gonna call a weird was a non standard practice you can find all the other people like you and suddenly life's actually better now worse the second thing is i'm gonna give you this real life example my late stepson when he was i think he was eighteen or so i got him one of the greatest jobs you could ever have which is job at a dj companies use could be an apprentice to be dj kind of a cool life etc he lasted one week on the job because somebody send his boss a picture of somebody else who had taken the photo and sudan snapchat in which you
in a room with some marijuana paraphernalia and the boss quite recently i dont disagree with the boys at all said i don't want any employees who have this kind of a picture on social media and he fired him there was a great job less than one we can get fired now imagine if he also knew what what's happening with his other employs what he would have found as you would lead to fire his whole damn staff only one for them got caught every one of them did something that will be your roughly equivalent to this level of young bad behaviour if you all that and i would say that probably my steps on would have kept his job if you were technology was ubiquitous i would agree with me when it what did the boss do when he was in college and i spoke in a what if there is any rice sugar quotas because remember the boss did not fire him for his behaviors
he fired him for being caught in his behavior it was very specific he wasn't a moral there wasn't anything moral and ethical right thing you just said that's that's not the reputation i want associated with my company because we deal with the public what are you gonna soon found out that was prairie standard with all of its employees i think i've so give us give a summer wrap up here i've got a few more topics i want to share with landscapes south look i know i know your show you talk but about amerika great in and the reason why america's the greatest and most prosperous is because of our bill of rights in the first amendment right says we do not have to be it has to be free we do not have to be hidden to say what we want to share ideas to share information and be with people and so if we just embraced and understand that that's why we're the greatest we don't need anonymity we can be free because of those bill of rights and clear view helps us out make happier help
you're safer place i would even go so far as it might help even race relations because you can start seeing people for what they do instead of your first impressions but may be a little little too optimistic so thank you david scales oh tell us again the name of your investment
i fear naga partners spilled carry i r d and e g a lake the eighty eight edgier sorry no prior and work where can i find you into her scales o underscore david right thank you so much for joining us and we're gonna talk about some other topics and i'll talk to you later that was fun this this topic firstly sack enemy to sustain change everything but less thought well some other stuff let's talk about impeachment and having chef and although stuff the scotch settings an interesting piece for cnn in which he notes the adam ship is essentially doing prudence work because if woe if what we are worried about is that russia was trying to undermined trust in our system and that's what were worried by right were worried about those pesky
russians interfere with our elections and undermining our faith in our own system and as god jennings points out is there anybody whose eroding faith in our system faster than adam chef that's always doing so we care really care about eroding faith in our system if we're all engaged in doing exactly that they mean even just watching your part of that and as a job pollack pointed out the democrats are literally obstructing their own their own election because the democrats by forcing the impeachment vote have taken several of these people running for president as democrats off the field and they they basically a ceiling iowa to the people were not already employed joe biden and indonesia
so it turns out the being unemployed just turned into a big advantage for running for president of your democrat so i don't think we can claim there's any kind of moral superiority going on with any of this impeachment stuff because everybody involved is doing nothing but chasing their own political game you know in lawsuits how if you see somebody i don't know if this works in every case but if you see somebody and it turns out there you're wrong and the other the other party wins they can often if not always are neither works but they could often recoup their legal fees so in other words there should be a cost
two impeaching unfailing you feel me if you impeach and win than the decide the starts impeachment wins politically in every other way i guess and but what if they try to impeach and fail what if they fail should there be any blow back any any any close to that end i think maybe there should day because tucker carson always says and i swear i probably heard talk recalls and say this for a solid year does this or those things he said regularly and every time i shook my head and i said to myself talker tucker that's crazy i agree with a lot of stuff you say but that's crazy and here's what he says he says the time the democrats accuse the republicans of doing something is because they themselves are doing it and i thought to myself there's no logical
isn't that true and i haven't really noticed it and certainly crazy thing to say and then i started paying attention and i dont know what causes it i dont know if there's a cause and effect i dont know if it's a perceptual thing but damage consistent we're watching it again it is just time after time after time it is exactly that the democrats are complaining that trump as put our system at risk by degrading it's your trust and integrity but is what they're doing their spending twelve hours a day eroding our trust in our system they have actually just destroyed part of the constitution while we were watching you know that part of the constitution the said impeachment a real sullen thing they just
a real solemn tool probably the most one of the most important maybe the most import it could be the most important part of the constitution that there's a way to remove the top person and if they ve degraded they ve turned it into a joke you can't make a cleaner argument that they're doing actively at this i want the things are accusing somebody doing you ve never seen a cleaner example that i wish i could tell why when tucker says it makes me think that it's actually is ravaging no he doesn't say that but it but it feels like a strategy that if it isn't just the whip lays out and so i ask you this if shifts claim is that the only
reason the trumpet did what he did with ukraine asking them for the investigation the claim is that the only reason it was done was for his personal political benefit the only risk now that borders on crazy because there is obviously something to be worried about if your next president might have some blackmail material or some corruption entanglement anything that's a problem over in ukraine so obviously there's a little bit of interest or or or should they but what is the standard for how much a decision by a government official how much of it is politically motivated and other words personally beneficial verses good for the gun
what if it's ninety term what if it's ninety percent for their own good and ten percent for the public can they be impeached what if it's ninety nine and one what if one percent of it is for the public good day s good for the public in some trivial way but ninety nine percent of it is just for me personally that the standard fifty fifty one of its forty nine forty nine fifty one the point is there is no rational logical way to make a standard for how much you what percentage of the reason is personal verses what percentage of the reason is good for the public and certainly with this biden imprisonment situation it is trivially easy to show that there is some national and
maybe you could argue how big that national interest is but i don't think you can argue it exists it clearly exists let let let me prove it to you let me prove that there's some national interest in the prisoner biden thank you this is the absolute proof right i'm a citizen of the united states i have an interest in knowing what happened with brazil and button and alive absolutely honestly i'm interested in knowing that because i think it could be important if i had to guess probably not that much but i'm interested i would like to eliminate there is a risk now can it be said that there is a national interest yes i just proved it i proved that one three hundred in whatever sixty million americans is legitimately interested in that question
would it matter if there are two of me doesn't make a difference if there's there are a million people like me what point can you say you satisfied the question of national interest because i'm part of the nation i just said i hadn't interests so there's some percentage the certainly has an interest so my point is you could not create a standard where you're trying to parcel what percentage is national interests and what percentage is per personal and that's the entire case their entire case is it that's a standard which they can recognize an actor and it can't be done it is rationally logically impossible the parcels out now did our founders know that to be the case yes they did they designed a system in which that those those decisions of what percentage
was personal and what percentage which was for the nation they design a system where that doesn't matter does not matter because you can vote and you you can change it to lawyers said mind reading there's somebody but i would like this to be true sondra saw the comments and i assume that that means that the impeachment defence started have are you talking about officially as part of the defence did they blame sheaf of and their side of mind really is our happened i've check on that but it looks like somebody saying that i will look for confirmation her away so at sea is a standard that can be enforced which is what percentage was for your own good let s get us there are two things that
people say just like it's certainly true and it could be but i'm going to push back and both one is a russia wants to undermine the trust in our system that's one claim another claim is that china has this strategy of something called total war in which is not just military but therein a current or with the united states is good goes this line of thinking in which they are trying every possible avenue to damage the united states and lessen us for their own benefit
and that total war would include everything from your spying and stealing intellectual property sending a sentinel yeah you name it is like everything yeah messing with our elections just everything it's all on the table so so that the two claims that russia and china are two biggest rivals in terms of military prowess that their engaged in a current war with us and i say i am not convinced i am not convinced now i do believe that all the things we talk about you they're probably relatively true russia probably access china does all the things that have been said but do they have do they have a some kind of a comprehensive plan or strand
the starts at the top it only council if it's the leaders of the country you want to do this it are the leaders of the country saint themselves if i can dig aid trust in the united states by twenty percent i should ve dp will go up what how do they connect the dots can somebody explain to me what a rational putin or a rational president she what were they actually be thinking in which this would be smart because i can think of it now if they were really dumb people then you could explain it is they all others dumb they think they're gonna put the united states have a business with her clever tricks and then once we're out of business will have all our they'll take over you'll have all our resources and they'll be richer something do you think there thinking that
middle it doesnt pass any kind of a sniffed us we're clearly in a world of abundance meaning that we don't really have shortages of stuff we just have system those that are not optimized get that stuff to the right people in some cases but i really have a shortage of everything and so when you move from a world in which we have shortages of stuff and maybe you need a war because if you don't have you don't have resources maybe you need a war but if nobody can get everything they want which is our current world if they if they play their systems they work their economy right what reason do we have to be anything like an enemy to china or anything like an enemy to russia and advice there are simply is no reason there is it s to me the somebody like a president trump could change the framework let me suggest a frame i believe that the
i states russia and china have a common enemy maybe more than one and the common enemy is anything that disrupt the system in other words everything that could put any one of the three of us anna business is something that all three of us probably want to fight against for example how bout a major pandemic wouldn't it be on the same side i think so don't you think russia and the united states are gonna fight as hard as we can to help china to stop this latest the krona virus thing i think we will we get a common enemy through there's no such thing as one side wind this like what about climate change now some of you say it's oaks by law but you
at least agree that you want a cleaner environment and cheaper energy so don't we have a common interest there to make sure the planet doesn't get destroyed though we have a common interest in making sure that a terrorist state doesn't attack any one of us that we have a common interest that i want to failures attack which definitely accommodate you said so point is that we should re frame what russia china and u s care about we should be the same team instead of spending in all our money and wasting it being enemies of each other why don't we find some common enemies some we can fight on the same team for because there's just no strategic at an advantage to being enemy i'm picking each other like this if it's happening some of it maybe fake news i would also like to know
what is it that the united states is doing to russia and doing to china that we the public don't know about we poking them just as hard as are poking asked and what's reason as anybody ever told us our reason is it revenge does it make sure they don't poker so hard will poke you if you pick us so that we keep you jack was the reason maybe there's a good one i'm not even saying there's no reason i just i feel like i should know it as the citizens of this country can somebody explained me why the countries that absolutely should be on our team fighting with us as hard as they can against common challenge why are we have each other just doesn't make any sense i think maybe level change me baby will rethink that
livestock measure of little more he's talking about future crimes of the imagination so schiff wants to get rid of president trump according to his eloquent it is that he's been giving to the senate it was the year of president drop not so much because of what is done because he's done has no measurable impact so everything is done so far or or is alleged to do everything that shift and team alleges present trump has done if you added it altogether you couldn't you couldn't fill the tablespoon there's no measurable negative and anything the president has already done and so the democrats knowing that there's no measurable damage at all are trying to make the case there's the future somebody says you're kidding now i'm not kidding
do you see any measurable harm that has come from the presidency nobody's even allegedly nobody has made the case nobody said we lost this money we losses deal we got attacked none there zero alleged cost and so they have to make the case that this presidency is just going to get worse we're going to incur jim we're can be encouraging this president to future unspecified bad behavior but what could be less americans is rising less american than publish them trying to remove somebody from a job for the future potential problems or think their country's gonna buy that but maybe they will so this is our chief argues that he said quote can you have the least bit of confidence talk about trump
the heel stand up and protect our national interest over his own you no you can't which makes him dangerous to this country really you don't trust that the president who will be watched more than anybody as everyone watched including when he made the focal yet ok witnesses any released the transcript is the most transparent present so you ve ever had new life he has already lost all of his oliver's their privacy essentially so am i or any of you worried about the present doing something so purely personal than it would damage the country cause i don't think he has any incentive for that what incentive does the presidency have to do a bad job as president i mean let me framework that way too
oh yeah how ridiculous it is so the ship is arguing that in the future the president would be in a position in which he would choose he would rationally choose according to chef what is good for trump personally and is bad for the country can you see any any imaginary world in which president tromp could even imagine a situation where doing the worst job you could do as presidents would benefit him purse because because he would allegedly be doing this selfish thing but even look at the world
is that the president is watched all the time if he did something that was purely for him and had no benefit whatsoever not even one that you could argue that would be terrible for his legacy why would he do that does make any sense the funniest thing about it was when she was getting choked up with emotion did an end all of the shift shift lovers on cnn and other networks were saying that is his presently it was emotional and passionate and theirs that was a positive because he was so passionate and emotional i looked at it and all i saw was a bad actor trying to act like he was emotionally distraught
did any of that looked anyone to me he almost cried to me that didn't even look slightly believable now i hope is better at writing screenplays that he is at acting but seriously did anybody is everybody in this country was so stupid that they would watch those days of presentations and that the answer that little fake emotional thing and imagine that that was real could anybody imagine that was real oh my god i don't think so i would like to defend myself from the future problems i'm going to have i have a i've a crime in progress right now crime against humanity see if i can show it to you it's better as a visual so in order to understand this where you have to know
is that after the dilber comics are drawn their sent off to mice indication company who has i think is a third party a party that they hire and the third party as the color so you see that the strip like you see up let me see if i can lower the temperature so you see it take away this all the characters are filled with color as you can sort to see here so i actually don't see that the colored version until it runs so the first time i see it colorized when it runs in on the internet and in papers and i was tweeting with sound today and i notice that whoever adds the color had decided that the character who's talking to dilber should display some diversely because most of the characters urge their weight
suffer a shook the entered and they decided at a low diversity now i think to myself good choice especially when i have one of the non regular characters let's less have their character as somebody is not a jerk white guy show little flavourless drip what's good idea right except the person they decided to add the darker skin color to is the character there i had decided to depict as an idiot that's right so my disease was it the second character would be the idiots and dilber would call em out for being an idiot already the comic so the character comes ibm dilber says this data can only it can be only one thing and then dilber says actually can mean any one of about seventy legs and then the other character says
then why can i only think of one dilber says please don't make me answer that now of course you may find some correlation with current events in this but i promise you i was not the one who decided that the dumb guy would have the darker skip can we put that on the record not me so i had accidentally been turned into a racist by somebody i don't know who decided to eliza comic so there you go the simultaneous simultaneous up did happen but i'm sorry that some of you listed
where why are we using left his framing well i'll just tell you what the public school say it's all right no big deal well those view say it's no big deal don't know the history the cartoonist experience when i introduced should the interim so if you follow the doorstep
now that the internet is named a shock s ok which is the less common spelling is usually s s h ok but i knew somebody i worked with whose spelled it differently as ok so i named my character after that and now a shook was born in india buddies an american citizen in these strip and issues i introduce their character what do you think happened that's right the african american community attacked the newspapers and said why is this why is this african american character so stupid when all of the other characters are smarter now first of all it wasn't and isn't an african american character so that the basis of the complaint
was wrong there is somebody boarded india was american citys now secondly it's not the dumb character in the strap i make a comic strip in which all of the characters erecting dumb i'm different days sometimes are all acting up it's only a comic about dump people that's that's all it is everybody in the comic except dog or i guess it was not even a human is dumb it's a whole comic about dumb people know what do i do introduce one character who's got browner skin whose in indian american and the african american community try skippy cancelled for not even talking about them in any way whatsoever now many people of acid actually love love black fans are the strip say can you add can you had an african american character i would love to
i would love to do you think that i am perfectly happy having a comic strip with a whole bunch of white people in twenty twenty absolutely not i am not happy with that it is an because the strip is designed to sort of mere civilization and it does it have you got a silicon valley i guess you bunch of only white faces and in the technical staff now you're not you're not gonna see only a bunch of waiting you see you say the whole world representative there so my strip is completely out of touch with the real world diversity i would love to fix that can i no we don't live in a world in which i can introduce a character easily who would be an african american regular character and have any bad flaws because two to make a common character interesting laughter flaws is the flaws
that makes it a comic dilbert is that is socially adapt and he's www is low trusting is gullible he's got his flaws alice's angry competitive and wally's lazy and shook i tried to give a shortly in turn the least objectionable flaw amidst the least smallest little flaw human can have an experience because he's up and set a shucks only flaw is it is not yet very experienced because his young and still i almost got cancelled for that so imagine me introducing a a black character into the strip and i just think i'm gonna have a good time adding a little diversity trying to give people what they want and the first time that black character exhibits any kind of a flaw does no matter what it is
i'm cancelled that's it world we live in you can have your diversity or you can have your outrage but care both i can't give you both that's offer today doc you tomorrow
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