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Episode 800 Scott Adams: The Bolton “Bombshell” and Coronavirus

2020-01-27 | 🔗

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  • Bolton “bombshell”
  • Our government is failing us on the CORONAVIRUS situation
  • President Trump’s tweet called “threatening” to Adam Schiff
  • Rocket attack on US Baghdad embassy

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on anybody here it's time to talk about all the staff of the news while having coffee was got items as luck would have it i'm scott atoms and if you'd like to enjoy simultaneously something it's one of the great binding experience of your life all you need is a copper mugger glass a tanker channels or stein kantian jogger flask vessel of any kind filled with favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now
for the young girl pleasure the dope amusing today thing makes everything better the simultaneous up go we're so here's a weird thing last night and yesterday had decided to re watch the original star trek series you remember the original star trek with william shatner from ladder of the sixties or whenever it is and i haven't seen it in so many decades that it was like watching it brand new
that was really enjoy it because it's sort of her lips glimpse into the past of how society was an on board these starship enterprise if you don't remember the original series and watching the first several episodes re watching them and it was just me doing all over the place the entire starship enterprise was just everybody meeting each other so that point was hilarious but here's the funny part some watching i've never done this before my entire life i've never sat down to re watch all of the original starching since i saw them when i was a kid and i wake up this morning and there's a message on twitter from william shatner my life is so weird because i guess was yesterday he had asked on twitter i follow me on twitter and asked if people
soon the new picard tv show it's a series of its on that thing it's only amazon no sun cbs all access which you can see through amazon and probably directly and i will i think as part of the first person who responded inside it i watched it like it was is actually really want them better than i thought actually it had this morning i wake up to see a tweet from william shudder saying that dilber likes it mean referred to me of course the dilber like with a smiley face thinking william shadow knows who i am and i thought that my the course thing that ever happened to me in my entire life pretty cool life but anyway i'm just too i'm just being a fan boy here and enjoying that little bit everybody's here the software
the news i'm not going to talk about the cobia stuff i think they too should be just about the family i want to point out one just one positive thing about that beer everybody feels is able was like it was quite a punch in the gut for them our country but i was watching one replay of where he had said that when you use fifteen years old he made a promise to himself
sunday you would really be remembered as a talented over achiever now what he meant was that he would work hard so that whatever talent he had you you would take it to its maximum over achieving level and i thought that's us very much what i talk about when i talk about the differences between wanting something and deciding because when i got my original contract basis they get a cartoonist there was a long long path from getting a contract to actually succeeding and i made myself a similar promise i promised myself that i would never be able to look back and say that i didn't i didn't succeed because i didn't work hard enough and i think could be paid the same promise that you would never looked back
and say i didn't work hard enough and it looks like he and i both kept our promises to ourselves so i pointed out because this difference between wanting something in which he don't dedicate your life to getting at you just wanted versus deciding called me decided that's if you could take away one story from goby it's not about wanting all the things he got it was about deciding it's a big difference and once you get that difference suddenly life is were approachable that's enough about that said today we have a bottom bombshell it's a bomb shall i tell you it as though the world had to wait for me to wake up to put it in perspective so the alleged bombshell that burdens
what a manuscript was floating around and got late seems to indicate the bottom had conversations with president which the president said he had great concerns about ukraine and thought they interfered in the action twelve sixteen and that he wanted to withhold the aid until they agreed until they did this until they looked into the biden bresler election stuff now the way was being reported until i woke up was that this is bad for the president but i can't really thinking what am i dont understand here this is bad for the president why is everybody saying is bad for the present lay am i missing something do things number one have i not been telling you from day one that the president's lawyers are making a mistake in engaging in the deed
else because if you gonna be arguing the quid pro quo you're in the weeds and there might be something that comes out that makes your argument a little less strong overtime and there this right so the very reason that i said it was a mistake to get into the weeds just happened this is exactly what you didn't want to happen arguing that there was no quid pro quo and then the most credible person with the most information comes out toward the end of the process and says oh yeah those we it worse that no legal expert but to me that would like the trap all along and it looked like the worst the strategy to depend on that no quid pro quo thing as as being the key to your defence of course that's not the only keep their defence because dershowitz is gonna come on today i think for tomorrow and i share the schedule
but a duration which will argue we believe then it doesn't matter if any of its true doesn't matter what the president in order to do even if you stipulated it's all true doesn't rise to unimpeachable that's the argument that i've been making since day one but is even better i woke up this morning and realise that bomb has proven the president's case why it has not already if there s no obvious to you then you ve really been bamboozled if you well and let me tell you been members jonathan turley made this observation now you'll notice that this is similar to things i've said which is of course why
is genius and you're sorry about that stuff enough less was interviewing senator lange for this is what you really tweeted he said stefano step enough of us just ass the censure lightfoot if he thinks it ok to solicit the foreign government to interfere in our elections you are i'm going with this much like siemens biased question on sanders the question assumed the trump was asking for election interference in asking for a corruption investigation that's right jonathan surely has accurately because i said the same things right i think is accurate said that they're using a magic trick and the magic trick is to keep presenting things as though the question of why the president was acting in the way he was acting is settled and in the track used to me
you think while there was only one reason only one reason only one possible risk the president could be doing what he was doing obesity ukraine and that was for his own political gain and parental points out that's not an evidence is an assumption not in evidence bolton just filled in the assumption john bolton if the if they manuscript is accurate and if what biden says as reported in the manuscript is accurate he's reporting that the president really believed the ukraine had interfered in the election in twenty sixteen now if that is the stab list and we and we take that as true that according to bolton it was very clear that the president was genuinely concerned because he said it you don't have to read his mind he actually said in words that
it was concerned about that he thought ukraine screwed up in twenty sixteen or whatever so now that we have an evidence that the president a genuine concern about ukraine we're done because that's all you need to know that the magic trick was to make you not think about that question but the question is was any legitimate presidential reason good for the country a good foundation for trump to press ukraine and the answer is yes and bolton just confirmed at least indirectly through the manuscript so given the
i think the defence just got a lot easier now that we know the present we have a genuine concern that was outside of his own political advantage that's the end of the story as long as the other political zones yet a national interest there's nothing else to ask so i think that we know where this having now is it my imagination whereas adam she is pulling the entire country endanger chef in policy never and all the people pushing lee impatient because correct me if i'm wrong our government is failing us right now for this group virus they are not doing what we
no has to be done easier you and i are not experts but even we know all travel ass to be shut down with china even we know that now has as as the government done that i have not heard that is the government checking people coming from those destinations that problem yes they say they are thus very good we also know according to today's reporting there might be as many as forty four thousand people who are carrying the virus we have not yet shown symptoms let me say that again there might be as many as forty fourth thousand people who don't have symptoms which means screening won't catch them shut down the travel if our government is not shutting down and as far as i can tell them not and they're not telling you why they're doing what they're doing because it could be they have good reasons we just happened
but if another one of those two things shutting over the shutting everything down or explaining to us why they're not there is no argument can be day that the government is doing the work of the people not now do you play that just drop is that congress shouldn't congress you beyond the president every day to close the airports should they be stepping up i will say it i don't even see them talking about it and so i think we have a genuine example and i dont know if anybody could argue this is already counter argument to this open to it like to hear that
how to regulate what is the argument that says that the shift and closely meddler have not put this country a tremendous risk by taking our entire government was off the field during the crisis this is one of the this is one of the worst things i've ever seen so are the worst things i've ever seen any government do they they have made themselves irrelevant by concentrating on this one political thing while leaving the country exposes complete fiduciary responsibility collapse complete collapse at the moment we barely haven't government at least this week at all this stuff is over but others and of course we have to imagine that whatever is being reported about these severity of this corroded or virus outbreak
it's probably a lot worse probably worse one expert says that it could be doubling every six days doubling every six days it doesn't take many days of dublin to to get to a global pandemic and argue were already there actually woodstock about software trumps tweet that these being considered threatening drummed view that shifty haven't cheerfulness politician and probably very sick man licence from there
then he said and he has not paid the price yet for what he has done to our country and of course the he is not paid the price makes it look like is threatening him from the office in the president's looks ominous and he's a dictator and know that but is it that the right question here if you soon somebody and you lose you have to pay the legal fees right there's always at the expense of attacking somebody in being wrong if you kill somebody because you thought they were robbing your house and they weren't while you're still in trouble so going after somebody in being wrong wishes what impeachment looks like at this point because we know that when a lent it looks like something that needs to be honest now the words there has to be repercussions
now that doesn't mean you put him in jail but there needs to be repercussions i mean there ought to be big ones if the the russian collusion thing alone given that ship was telling us he's seen evidence that we haven't seen in the president's guilty i mean that should be automatic removed from office for that performance and then they just doesn't again he just doesn't a second time he does something that anybody should be fired for the russian
june thing and yet he just get to do it again what kind of system do we have where the guy who made the biggest mistake in american politics that wasn't lucy attacking array rack for weapons of mass destruction probably shift is made the biggest collectively the biggest set of mistakes as politicians made and muttered history except for thou in the iraq one and any gap promoted for it that actually happened right i mean innocency got promoted because he is now the star of the new ukraine thing in war world does complete failure and lying and damaging the country get your promoted well i guess it's the democratic model is a participation trophy them and how well he does i s and the system seems totally corrupt and listless hope that
things you cleaned up a little bit today now here's near some extra questions about this bottom manuscript how reliable is it no i'm saying that if it is reliable that's the end of the case because the president's cleared it would clear him but can you believe was the transcript let let me give you a little context because i'm an authorised icy enough of the industry that ever since what's going on now i have not had the experience that bolton probably had because i don't write that kind of book that's a teller but probably there was some point at which wolden and his publisher had a conversation likeness hey there are a lot of books about trump you need to stand out was what's your claim this really gonna make your book get a lot of attention instead
now and of course the obvious thing would be something around the ukraine situation that would be the thing that would sell this book now i'm guessing that bolton is not the only author of the book this is just a guess probably there's a ghost writer because unless boldly as a background as an author in probably it's hard to set down in writing a book he probably get it goes right now the ghost writer be working with an editor or two at the publisher so there would be at least three authors involved there there's the editors the ghost writers and then there's boldly self is what are the odds that the way the the current draft is written does exactly what bone would have written if nobody else had been involved
what are the odds that the way is presented is just exactly the way board and would have done it on his own love the odds are love because or to other people involved who are going to want this to be a big book now of course he wants it to be had been both to or else it will be doing a probably but the polish are really wants to be a big book and those conversations go like this do you remember exactly what the president said in that meeting now i dont remember exact words because i don't remember exact words who doubts really so now now boldness right about invent in which in all likelihood he would not remember exactly hell yes a memory of a basically the idea that happened so he words it one way and then the
editor looks at it or maybe the ghosts writer rice at first then the editor looks at it they say you know it change the sentence a little bit really would sell more books now that change to the sentence this is all speculative hypothetical i'm not saying that this happened i'm saying that it would be normal in this process that there's a bit of a committee approach to every sentence if the sentences the bomb the bombshell sentence
so i would say that that little bit of writing they get to the point of what the president was talking about with ukraine and withholding the money and cetera is probably a combination of one person's faulty memory plus two other people trying to shape it a little bit so it was the most provocative is still actor is it could be the care rule now it's it's totally possible that it is a perfectly clear and accurate ex explanation of what happened as possible you know the other possibility is not there's an inaccurate explanation what happened how would you know will you and i ever know the answers now what if i told you about situations we have a lot of money at stake and here's the keeper no way to get caught
what do i tell you always happens when there's a lot money at stake if somebody something sneaky or illegal and this case just sneaky there's no chance of being punished or not oh chance suppose it was just a private conversation between bolton than the present and it wasn't recorded and maybe you didn't talk about it directly afterwards and there's no way to prove happened urgent happen it would have the opportunity to make a gigantic madame we buy wording the meeting which cannot be verified just the way that makes that book sell now do i think the bottom is the kind of guy who would sell out his integrity to sell a few extra books actually no i have no i have no reason to believe that he's are kind of guide you
have you ever heard anything in his entire history there was suggest he would just make some prop up to sell some action books it doesn't really sound like him does it mean there's one thing being wrong there's one criticism for being a hawk but i dont know that anybody's every call him a liar feels like you would have heard that by now right so he's probably quite incredible but i dont know if he would back the version in the book if you put him under oath would he say that exactly the way is written in that draft manuscript which might or might not even be the final thing would you say that exactly web dont know because two other people were probably involves in writing though censuses so we are the misery will let me this cause more people to be called as witnesses i say no because
i think whatever dershowitz talks he is going to basically say it doesn't matter what the details are even if everything that is alleged even if everything said is true completely irrelevant because first of all it was within the job description of the president given that we have evidence he really believe ukraine was a restore elections and that's all the evidence that's what it says and that it wouldn't matter because it is not impossible anyway so i don't think years lose agents of colleague witnesses euro although the republicans my if you want more because if all bolton has is this what is this is all born is completely clears the president that's it wouldn't you be willing to trade more of that
presumably if poland were called the worst case scenario is says the same thing this in the book because if there were even worse things in the book you'd already nobody so there's gotta be the worst thing because s white late if that's the worst thing it basically totally clears the president does it says the present clearly was indicating that he actually cared about ukraine not just the political fall out from it that's what we know so far you have the clothes from the book i do not i do not have the actual quote i dont know that there is an actual quote maybe somebody can find that when i was looking quickly before i got on live here i was looking for the actual quote and i only saw paraphrase
so i don't know if we ve never re quote so let's hear the possibility is that it simply being misquoted and if you look at the manuscript yourself you may say to yourself that's what it says because we ve seen this happen over and over we saw people look at the transcript of ukraine call people are different opinions we know they shift looked at the stuff in the skiff different opinion the nunez never looking at the same documents so is a hundred percent believable that the quote doesn't sound exactly the way people are saying is ends
told me possible at least fifty percent possible so this is the least bomb shelly thing i've ever seen but is only god yes i understand there is at least one rocket attack and the embassy in iraq i dont know if we know where it came from i did predict the even if things settle down a great deal after the killing of generals how many they even a thing settle down a great deal that there is a hundred percent chance you still gonna see random rocket attacks cause i don't think that ran necessarily has a hundred percent control over every rocketing has fired by every proxy group some some groups may be more loosely attached to the governments
more so there was no chance i would drop the zero but for doesn't get much worse i think we're in good shape i'm still predicting that there will be aimed at least peace plan because we ve never had this situation before we ve never had the people who need to agree so we compared to the people who want them to agree very strong nowhere where energy independent we have really strong leaders from israel to united states to saudi arabia say what you will about if you like how they act but there are strong decisive deal making leaders and if they can't get this done is not doable because the strongest in this ever been
involved so i think there is entirely good chance that by the end of this year you see a middle east peace plan mostly involving the felt palestinian situation that looks pretty good they may say to yourself that looks surprisingly good and we're down to one person who s to agree just the ayatollah just one person and you have middle east peace that's just what have we ever been at a point where only one person has to decide her face instead of war and war is disastrous how hard would it be to decide you want peace when the alternative is complete destruction hard and i think we're right there all right scott a middle east peace plan will never happen command stop the bs stranger says it all caps
are you are you may not know this but the screen we have in all caps did not make your point more believable now i'm completely opened the possibility that there can never be a middle east peace yeah if you're saying you believe that they soon all industry you ve seen again just never happen by not be wrong you might not be wrong in fact the odds probably are in your favour but was what's different is we ve never had this sad event it was all in place we ve never been this clubs and we never know the stronger to u t meeting all the different leaders there all strong leaders it has never been this close with a team this who could push it over the line if they wanted to i think so whether they want to honestly i think you
everybody in this story wants peace they're gonna get it that's awful now i'll talk to you later
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