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Episode 808 Scott Adams: Super Pole Dancing, Iowa, #BloombergBox Sales, Brainwashed vs Lying

2020-02-12 | 🔗

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  • Superbowl pole dancing half-time show
  • President Trump’s genius trolling of Michael Bloomberg
  • 42% of Yang supporters would NOT support another Democrat
  • MSNBC and CNN’s pundits promoting King Trump nonsense
  • Brainwashed vs partisan lying vs ignorant people
  • Biden versus Bernie
  • Is the Democrat nomination process legit?

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Bump bump bump bump, bump bump bump bump bump wake up everybody wake up. I know your excellency, purple Sunday, but now it's Monday stand to get serious with coffee was got em. You came to the yes. If you will to enjoy coffee was Scott Adams. All you need is a cover. A mug so tanker jealousies, Diana Canteen, juggler, flask of vessel. Fellow favorite liquid, like coffee and join me there for the unparalleled pleasure? The dope repeated today makes everything better this. Moldavia sip it's gotta, be a good one. Go super boyish. I must
so whether you cared or didn't about these Superbowl produce. Some news fell some interesting things anyway. Let's talk about those number one. Is it a coincidence that Trump keeps willing and now leaders, from keep willing, even things that are sort of loose the associated with him keep willing, because if you ve got a Superbowl, that's Kansas City, middle of the country, sort of your trunk territory essentially again, San Francisco Pelosi, territory.
Everything is really about politics. Now his lip that sort of all about politics, even if you don't want to be even if it's not supposed to be it, is, though I mostly opening but correct me if I'm wrong, I dont believe anybody was kneeling for the nationalism and my rights fact check me on that. I dont believe anybody was kneeling that sort of a Trump victory took a while, but there we are so Trump and Trump ISM sort of gets the win over San Francisco. I had I confessed having mixed loyalties there that I have to tell you. I don't know anything about football you I used to watch it. I don't watch it anymore. It's the only game I watched this year was the Superbowl. I didn't know the name of the quarterback for Kansas City until the game itself. I wasn't
sure about the name of San Francisco quarterback until the playoffs recently, so I came into with. No knowledge whatsoever turned it on a few minutes into the game, and I watched her Rome is that his name, her aim, who is who is the quarterback before the Kansas City? I forget her aim. Robe anyway, I watched him throw one pass and from that one pass, I just said to myself: I dont think San Francisco is win. Because just watching that one pass, I just such myself. I don't think that looks normal. I don't know that much about four all, but whoever through that thing is not like the others. So I did they serve you screw, was gonna win, win their add, but what I saw that goes arm. I thought maybe that he looked pretty good my homes. Thank you,
A wearable user jabbering about to have time show end Jenny from lock, J, low and Shakira did a little bit too sexy dancing crush grabbing rendition of the rack, leaving many people with conflicting feelings. I have to admit, It's not exactly what you wanna be watching with your kids, you I mean it doesn't bother me personally, but I totally get how other people would be bought by so I acknowledge that and it was interesting in terms of what it says about the country in about were heads are, etc? I think they got away with it, meaning that Jennifer Lopez
she Kara are just so well loved and popular and when whatever they can t get away with what people other people couldn't get away with? So. I thought it was graecia. I have to tell you. I saw Jennifer Lopez, live performing in LAS Vegas within the past year, You watch her perform live for. Long show is an hour whatever it is. Effort, our she's, doing intense physical activity dancing and singing, and when you. Here, actually sort of in person meaning you in the audience and the others there's no camera between you and her and the whole time you're thinking. What does she do for her fitness? The shaken look like that and do that It's obviously the most watching her in person at her under current age. Doing what she does looking away. She does.
It doesn't even seem real. I do not know how she could cause. She doesn't look like she had ladder plastic surgery. One assumes that everybody at that level, a little bit of work, but she doesn't show signs of it. I would say that view call have to see. Jennifer Lopez has an athlete more as much as an entertainer as an athlete. Israel really impressive. What she's managed to do and get out of her her physicality is just really the present some big fat- and maybe we ll- do sexy but we'll get over it. Throughout the Bloomberg Box. You may I have noted already yesterday I did Superbowl commercial
for my invention, the Bloomberg Box, it's an actual box that you can stand on to even things up if you're not quite debate right now, as luck would have it, I think I'm almost exactly the same high does Bloomberg, so I think of, was to be. I'm five point eight. So I think that would be insulted by all this talk of shortness. But I'm not just sues funny to me so. The whole thing is just a little bit silly. Certainly, I dont think that Bloomberg Hide stopped him from earning fifty six billion dollars and becoming bloom, so obviously is that really is not a real issue, but it is something that would probably matter if he stood on the stage now. Here's the funny trump is playing the he creates this rumour. So
everybody asked the fact jacket and I want a watery to his exact quote on this. I guess was in his and few yesterday, it's just so funny that he does this because you know is intentional, remember when he would do this year, three years ago, I would be the only person who would say no. This is and why you think this is actually get to work, and then it would work peoples. I didn't. I didn't see that coming only that cartoonists of that, but this He does this play that he's done so many times where he puts his little little piece of fake news into the consciousness and he makes every in fact jacket so that we are only talking about that, so peers boring. Called this out? The tweet noting that had to be considered genius at this point, because he's just so good at it
he's is so good at this thing so years his exact words, because quote you know now he was a box for that debates to stand on trumped said: ok, it's ok, there's nothing wrong! You can be short. I love the fact that chop says it's ok to be short, there's nothing wrong with that. You can be short. Thank you. For that permission, why should he get a box to steer the? Why should we get a box to stick with? It was a buck he was a box for the debates funnier when you put it into do his is my like this something he wants. Not only does it not exist and it didn't happen, but now also though he was says, he's deepening the the river. Why should he be entitled to lab
should we be entitled really bad entitlement. Now, let's talk about entitlement. Why should we tabled really does mean everyone else gets up Oh or other guests. Bloomberg is why We have tabled Does that mean everybody else gets a box It would be whole areas be hilarious, is bluebird didn't get a box because I think they do that right. If you ever shorter again, I think that's a real thing has never been done before, for maybe Hillary Clinton, maybe club maturer somebody else. But what would stop I'm just asking What was stopped Trump from demanding its own box? Nothing right, there's nothing! There was stout trump.
From saying well, there should be a level playing field, we're not trying to fool the audience. The whole point of the debate to show the audience who we are so if everything's must be equal trump gets a box Now is there anything that will make you laugh harder than finding out the Bloomberg gotta box? Then Trump demanded his own box, I don't know if I can ever stopped laughing. That would be the obviously I've ever seen in my life and the phone This thing is that his argument would be pretty good the. Gimme that everybody should be treated the same as their own fault if they have a look at their own beyond its. Nobody else has somebody's taller than someone else so raising hooligan Castro. Had so our sea trumped bandbox, but years, the funny bar
the other networks, everybody entered fact, Jack him and, of course, a fact check that and fell down. There was absolutely no room to what sort of her now. There's a new rumour that the Bloomberg years really angry about this. I doubt it is possible, but I can't doubt that of all the things a Bloomberg have to worry about in a day, I'll think he's really worried about the boxing but others as new rumour that he's furious about it. Never believe any of those kinds of rumours cashmere these about Trump. All the time Trump was furious about this or that or whatever, and then you think yourself, probably not probably parliament
so Bloomberg may not love it, but I doubt is furious about it or anything like that. So I wouldn't trust our reporting. Here's a funny thing as a prank. I want to see if we can persuade this box into reality and by recent persuaded into reality. I dont mean that there will be an actual real box. I mean that we will use persuasion until everybody thinks there's a box just as an experiment now The experiment is based and trying to repeat the experiment. The CNN Msnbc do
On a regular basis in which they ignore the facts, the dome, the don't agree with the reporting and just continue talking as though they had not been debunked. Now these aims. If you see this, for example, the EU, the fine people hoax, has been debunked a billion times, but this they still just act like a hasn't instead of addressing the debunking, they just act like it didn't happen when, when Dershowitz, acted their reporting about what he said during the impeachment presentation. Dershowitz goes on CNN and says: no, you take a word in context, I didn't anything like that. This is what I said and you can check the transcript yourself to see in the full context is very clear what I said you are reporting it wrong. What did Wolf bliss
do when the guy, who was the only person who knows for sure what Ellen Dershowitz said and meant, meaning elevations corrects them. In the most honest, viewers way? What does CNN do they just acted like it didn't happen and then continue talking the way they were talking. So I would like to give you a one act play in which I will be talking to deal. The entire jumper and convincing in through my powers of persuasion that the box exists. Dale, you further The Bloomberg to stand on that box. Do you think that's fair, Scots, Scots Scott? There is no box
Let us think knew something your president does, he lies lies like a lying liar. He made it up. There is no truth to it. Bloomberg has confirmed. There is no box. Every single network has confirmed. There is no box, Scott, no box. Color is the box, but they are you talking about. I just told you there's no box, you can have a color box, it doesn't exist, no Box Bloomberg says: there's no box. Every report says no box, no box, no box; it doesn't exist who is paying for this box? What is happening now? What is happening I can tell you is fake news: there's no pots! There's no, but does not deal. Do you think it's fair? The Bloomberg gets a box, Trump doesn't get a box
was fair about that with that of movement, we ve seen. So, no matter what everybody says about the box, just as a prank, just as a prank look at them expression, Leslie and ask a question about the bar. It'll be hilarious, don't don't ever leave character, no matter, no matter who you're talking to when they tell you. The box doesn't exist, just look great Adam and ask him about a detail about the box. It will make them crazy. Funniest thing ever go for so much. I created my Superbowl commercial in which our selling the Bloomberg Box, my product, which you just saw, which, by the way As more than one user can be used as something to stand on
What is also can be used by for this kind of a kind of a mask so you can use the box if you're attending do far rally. We all know where you are. They might think you're like Bloomberg, some not very observant, but there has multiple uses I don't make products that are only good for one thing forget about seventy six thousand views on that looks like it's going some over IRA. So that's good. On other news. I think this is fascinating, have talked about it before, but according to uphold Warren supporters said they would all? Basically, ninety percent of them would support. Whoever ever gets nothing.
If it's not warm so, in other words, worn as very soft support, their supporters prefer, but if they have to go to second or third choice, that's ok! Ninety percent of them would do it. Yeah supporters are at forty. Two percent would not support the Democrats. If it's not began forty two percent Now that's forty two percent of a small number, but I wonder what those people say when they get pulled. I wonder if Yang supporters are just sort of breaking the polling. Because I don't know who they are. Are they people never voted before, because it was never anybody who spoke to them are they people will vote you're, the people when it comes to election day, like wasn't Yang I'll, just don't care unlike individual or is it? Is it trump supporters who have lost faith in God over For some reason I don't know who they are, so I think-
Yes, I understand this a lot better than we do about the association and Emerson BC. Running this persuasion play in which there have been other their dumbest pundits. And it really is the dark ones. Those there's no way to be nice about this. Philip nets, embarrassing, Shallop, Nance Arrow these done certainly, but use ie just goes on tv and he will say absolutely anything so He and others who were equally. Let's say not credible, are saying that we have just learned that present trumpet. To be a king and they're all using that word, a king, he thinks he's a king is above the law and wants to be king. King king and they're tried to sell this into existence. Thinking to myself
you have really rather material and if you run out of material, if what you ve got left is were reading his mind and we think he was to be a king got nothing left. That is the most ridiculous this complaint. It doesn't ring true on any level, and if Democrats are buying into this that says something about them. This magnitude our years of fun question for you for your democratic friends who were opposed to trumps wall. I want. I want somebody to report back to me after trying this experiment find. Internet, rubber or democratic, was very opposed to strong immigration and especially somebody of years the key somebody who is opposed to the what was called the muslim ban. But it was really a ban on countries that didn't have good systems for identification.
Which ended up being a lot of muslim countries, now that's been expanded. I don't know what percentage from muslim countries now but most democratic say still say that President there's only closing the borders, because the people are Muslims, so he's he's, discriminating against muzzles they'll, find a person like that somebody holes ever you And ass than hell, that's different from the travel ban on China to prevent the corona virus. Because, in both cases, you're punishing a large segment of people who you know to be innocent. You know You know the ninety nine percent of the chinese travellers, don't of any virus. You know that so why
You punishing ninety nine percent of the chinese travellers just to prevent the risk that the one percent by bringing now how's that different from the ban on countries, many of them were muslim majority or most or all how to do it. It is different, because we also believes that the Muslims coming in eighty nine percent or more completely innocent have ever right to emigrate, like everybody else does, but the one percent or less whenever it is, might be very dangerous. How exactly are those two situations different now. I always warn you not to do persuasion by analogy so so Missis Goodenough Gee? So analogies? Don't when arguments you not going to change it but his mind with this analogy. Trust me second change. Anybody's might, but it's an experiment see if you can get somebody to walk through the risk management of it.
Because those who do not think that the ban on countries is based on racism, and I note I don't believe in space the racism. I look at it as risk management. So to me it looks exactly the same as the virus. Thing is just a risk management is based, are not being able to identify the risk within the population. So do that you'll, be fine, then let me know, let me know what your Democrat says when you, when you try that, did you see the there is. I think it would to trump on the Superbowl. One of them in particular mention that Trump has made the country what stronger and safer he talks about the economy and he shows some militarism. I think the two words worse
hunger and safer there was a really good, strong and safe, and he can back it up. I don't believe that would be anybody who disagree that our military guys for everybody would agree with that. And that are accompanied US ruler when the present says were stronger and safer, there was a really basic needs. I mean that really goes down to you know your biological requirement now thinking that the straw, bad quite well done, and I can say is the best add they'll ever make. Bush is really it's in the top shelf right, it's in the category of some of the great ones, maybe not the greatest but the stronger and safer think how, how basic and biological letters compare that to lesser lesser candidates,
rings, which I think you'll see such as we can of their job. He is dividing us serve a concept. He's dividing us ok. What was I mean? Do you like that? How does I change your life? In fact the apparently the poles who show exactly the opposite, the poles so the racism has gone away down since trumpeting president. Did you know that by the way factually on that? But I believe the polls show
That is how we feel about race, has improved substantially since tromp became presidency lack of video. I did because I think those things improve no matter what, generally speaking, Obama was kind of a blip, because some people got excited because we had a black president's, though that's inflamed things for a while, but apparently the the Ark is their words getting better on the stuff historically pretty much all the time, and I think that will continue so here's what I love about the ad so first of all, it was basic and biological got right to what matters to you in all The works really work for women and works really well for anybody who feels vulnerable if you feel vulnerable in any way,
you wanna know there were stronger and safer and there were looking out for you, but here's the brilliant part that I dont know if anybody caught if you're trump you trying to do something. This kind of a fine line you're trying to win black voters trying to win hispanic photos you trying to win a female voters right, because those are the weaknesses for troops. Supporters, but it's not really republican thing, just go out, and so their public are not good at saying: hey black people. Oh for me, I will give you some stuff. Republicans, don't like to sell that way. Right, because that begins into identity politics. It is its opposite the brand. So if you can't all our group, but you still want to appeal to them. How do you do it and this add is suddenly suddenly brilliant? If you do,
catch this here's what they did the under the ad. Where there is some talk about employment being great somebody, says something. Employment for everybody is good and then the net. Voice you those who through is talking, but you can tell from the voice in all likelihood it's a white woman, newscast now they'll get into the argument about whether you can always tell somebody's ethnic d? From hearing their voice- yes, yes, I know you can't always tell but remember an ad is just give you a quick impression of things is not about reality, so the impression with probably is right but could not be ripe its power was- was that the sound of a white woman talking of waste over says that black unemployment is the best spending forty nine years, whatever right. So yours
here's the clever, for it was a white woman applauding black employment, improving and then the very next voice is actually they should showed. It was a black man. Newscasts run fox applauding hispanic employment, since what they either. It was kind of subtle in both cases there's somebody who is not, in group here was Charles Pain, so Charles Pain, african american men was talking with his little clip, is about hispanic employment being good, not sure that that, if you saw the whole Cluppy pride talked about employment and general and black unemployment to. But what was brilliant about this- that I absolutely loved is that they had, people celebrating the other group, do see our powerful letters. So
we had a white woman celebrating black employment, improving a black man. Very successful black men applauding hispanic employment to see how powerful letters This really really strong and its invisible. Like you, watch that commercial and we just it will just go passion. It super clever, and you know it's intentional too. I mean one assumes its intentional, because it's too good to be accidental. All right. Here's one topic as alien people ask me: how can I Tell if somebody is brainwashed. Let's say for a political party, verses they're, just lying how until the brainwash versus lying verses, they're, just ignorant versus they have a legitimate opinion. It just happens to disagree with yours. How can you sort them out, and I suggested the other day away to do
that now this is not a hundred percent defective year. There will be exceptions and overlap, etc, but these are good starting places for your suspicion. If somebody is brainwashed, meaning they literally believe something and don't have reasons. That's what it means view brainwashed. They have a belief in a strong belief, was not based on facts and reason the way you can determine at this. If you get into a conversation with them and you give them a counter argument that you think is good a brainwash persons response will sound crazy, you're so crazy. Now what is not crazy would be. Somebody has wrong facts, start crazy. It ever wrong facts like somebody as bad logic. Well, that's crazy! What's people were not good at logic
So there are lots of things. It would disagree with you there you would you would you not? Process has just been crazy, but cognitive dissonance, which is what happens when a brainwash person is challenge with the facts. Cognitive dissonance is literally where your cobbling together the reality in patching up with something that only makes sense to you. So that when somebody's the observer- and they see you and cognitive dissonance, the things you say, don't even make sense they they just like crazy talk, sets the tell for Brainwash person. Who's been presented with a superior argument. Actually crazy. Talk now, compare that to someone who is just a partisan somebody who is just a Democrat or they're, just a republican
it doesn't matter what you're gonna say. I'm going to support my team, how can you tell that person is that person is actually aware when they're lying it's a big deal, since the brainwash people can't tell whether the departing from reality than or have the ability but a lying partisan although no one there lie they know we are awaiting the topic and if you ve corner somebody who's a partisan and they're just a liar, what are they do? Well, most often they change the topic, they say well, your team did Stu? That's it that's changing the topic or they say, oh well. What about the other thing? That's change in the topic.
So liars who don't want to act like their crazy, because nobody was that crazy, nobody does unintentionally, you'd be rarity. Did I suppose somebody could, but the the people, the cognitive dissonance people, the ones who were brainwashed, they're, not choosing to be crazy. That's just what cognitive distance. Dusty Richards makes you say things that are irrational: the partisan liars just going to change the subject. That's your big tail for a liar vs, pretty one. What about ignorant people? What about somebody who just didn't have the information that you have and therefore you disagree on some policy, but once you fill in the gap being converted to one of the other two things. If somebody is only operating out of ignorance and you fill in the agreements here, you tell them the facts that their missing. They usually don't change their mind, because people, though, why change in the mind you you will end up
converting them into either a brainwashed person who starts babbling, crazy, talk or a partisan liar we know the wrong, but I'll just support thirteen anyway, so the ignorant can be fixed, but it doesnt win. The argument Were you just conversion into a liar or brainwash person so What is a legitimate disagreement? Look like what does it look like when somebody disagrees with you, but you, maybe you don't like their argument by you. Yourself, ok, they're, not brainwashed underlying this is actually there. Their actual belief is reasonable. I just disagree. Here's how you can tell a legitimate debater, Can describe your arguments accurately? In other words, you can say that person. Our aim tell me what you think, I'm saying.
Can you can you restate my argument and if they can there not brainwashed and they're, not ignorant and they're. Not part is there's they're, probably legitimate people who just want a figure stuff out. So that's a real a good way to tell if you're talking to somebody's legitimate. Can you describe my argument in your words and if you notice that in most public conversation, people will miss characterize your argument and argue against the the so called strongman the argument you never made so just ass people directly instead of just having them debate, you say: can you
just opera here. Can you put in your own words describe my argument in a way that when I hear it also yeah, that's it you got it, and most people can't do that, because legitimate disagreements was actually kind of rare kind. Room So those are the inane while people are or mentioning one to five While one as a an interesting role on the five I dont know, if you can, I don't know if you can exactly soon that the way Juan Williams presents himself on the five is exactly his personal? because remember he has a role to play, which is representing the other side.
It would be a boring show if the other four members of the five had an opinion As you know, and in this case I disagree with you- he it's sort of his job, it's what he gets paid for to give them the opposite opinion. So I don't know if you can make too much of of the fact that you just recently boy you do you get there's just no conclusion you. Make for that? Because there are some who says what does a good job, I would say, the reason that one has a very high level job is that he does a good job, meaning there His role in the five is exactly. He has exactly the right kind of energy. Charisma personality they just fettes. Really well with those other people and the other the little love
say entertaining friction that they have. So is a really good choice for the show. I will say that What about all this Biden versus Bernie stuff, I've, a real question about the Bernie supporters and about by didn't know what we are hearing more people or imagine? The pine is going to fall off the shelf and there's something that we get to check alright, so there's a there's, a theory of how the world works, which I happen to subscribe to that we're going to get to check. That goes like this. I don't believe that the democratic convention and nomination process is legitimate.
I don't believe that I believe that there are powerful people in a variety of roles and jobs. Probably loosely or maybe not loosely connected with the Clinton's and the Obama world. Is that sort of a service a world in which a lot of the know each other and that in a variety of ways, they're gonna get to decide who is the who is the candidate? Now they can deliver by changing rules by changing funding, probably all budget variables that they have Super delegates assembly sad brokered convention. So they have lots of tools. The other was say the the the deep state, the sort of career Democrats they Lhasa tools to keep somebody like Bernie out of office.
But it does seem that Bernie is doing the best in terms of getting voters support. So if Bernie is killing it in the polls, He doesn't get the revelation that should confirm to you that it's a rigged process now, the last time Bernie got sort of pushed out of nomination process by Clinton supporters. We also that's a rigged process, and we were right right. I mean it was clearly look like a rigged process in twenty. Sixteen to me for them for the Democrats. Stuff happens again. I feel like that's a confirmation, though you that our system is completely broken their whatever you think we're. The Democrats are are just day some kind of a cartel,
or mob situation. So if the Democrats, or more of a mob mafia kind of situation where a few people are deciding was happening, We just find out about a later, don't expect, but Bernie to get the nomination nice poses possible. He could have so much support. It would be impossible to rig the system and I think that's what trumpeted think. What Trump did was he probably would have been shut out of the system is even less popular, but just made himself impossible to ignore and popular enough that the rigging had there been any just wouldn't work. You still to popular will see a book if birdie can achieve that, but I think he can't I would expect so. Here's what I'm still predict predicting the wobbly by will use sordid stumble across the finish line, because he will have the support of the insight,
yours, but the insiders will not really be supporting Biden. This is my hypothesis and protection will really be supporting what power they will have in the Biden Prose Presidency one of the main levers live, I would imagine that they would want, is to have their own. Vice president, somebody stronger than the president, who can really be the power and maybe take over as soon as binding, fails completely. Whose rubber Biden could just quit Biden could win the presidency serve for a month. Then too, as you know, I don't feel so good, I think by vice president needs to take over that's. Why that's? Why pick such a goodwood totally possible Because we haven't seen somebody there, age in their wobbly looking become president so those conditions I would expect buried.
Lose bite into wind and bite into Sayd, either before an election day or soon after so that the vice president chosen by the machine, the real people in power, can get their power back. That's the plan. I would think somebody says please, though, say come along and makes me. Raw. Sorry about that. Now it doesn't necessarily need to be a camel Harris was the vice president back, I think she's a good chance. It just needs to be somebody who's more connected with less say the Clinton camp, then somebody you isn't that's all take watching. Might Bloomberg completely will say perverse
system is kind of hilarious, because he's he's violating just about every principle the Democrats have in order to be their leader. What does that do the Democrats, if the is the guy they chooses their leader is the guy who got thereby violating everything label. Even so, they don't believe in rich guys by an elections, but he is there don't believe in old way, guys being the leader of the party this all about diversity, but he might be They seem to be leaning more towards climate change. Is the end of the world and we'd better get rid of Oliver Cars, but he's not. So. It certainly makes me think that We'll strange that allowed Bloomberg into the debates whose prime.
What about you could be that liberalism some people are trying to take some, maybe take some support from violence. That would work against the theory. Here you go right, that's like after now and I'm gonna talk to you tomorrow.
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