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Episode 809 Scott Adams: Iowa Caucus, “Sloppiest Train Wreck in History,” Schiff Sells Alaska to Russia

2020-02-12 | 🔗

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  • Iowa Democrat caucus screwup
  • Who built Iowa caucus app that screws Bernie’s momentum?
  • Adam Schiff fears President Trump will sell Alaska to Russia
  • China bans my book, Win Bigly
  • Nicolle Wallace STILL spreading debunked Charlottesville HOAX
  • Rush Limbaugh’s announcement yesterday

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on here is true some days are better than other days today shrilly looking good i like this or by giving you the iowa election results either through the gear somewhere in here and all the ilo caucus results now i'll have it but nobody else has the mother so i guess i'm no worse than anybody else oh i know why you're here you're here for less laughs about the hilarious incompetence of the devil
gradually iowa we're gonna bring that don't worry if you came here to mark the democrats in iowa came to the right place we're gonna do that a first i want to join this i believe you separate all you need is a couple of under glass deck attacker gentles was tied a candy juggler flask of vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid i like my coffee enjoyed me now for the unparalleled pleasure the cycle the thing that makes everything better the doping here today as i up go tastes like carcass aren't we to begin where do you begin so you all know that the eye or results theo carcasses didn't go as well as anybody poked
i don't know how long it's going take before i stopped laughing about this whole situation but it's not gonna happen soon let's just run through jokes that the hardest thing i had heard part of my morning today was organizing all the jokes because i couldn't stop taking a funny things about our and they started down and tweeting about him i thought my god i've got to go jokes about iowa i'm going have to organise used by alphabetical there's something but let's just run through a few personal how long does it take to rig voted gives bernie i mean really shouldn't take that alone they just attract little from burning added to ever they walk so
i'm not going to say i'm not going to allege that this is all a big way to rigged the vote against bernie i will simply note that if you if you were going to bed was a protector labelling had a i market and that a week ago the bat had been this the bed is that if there's a major technical screw up and the ilo caucasus so imagine this is a week ago and yet this option and you knew there was going to be a big screw up or if there were a big screw up wouldn't work against bernie sanders interest or for his interest yeah you know where i'm going here it could be just a technical mistake just like they say could be just the system didn't work as well as they know it'll take a while to sort
good it but why are all the mistakes against bernie sanders in one way or another is at a coincidence that could be could be a coincidence but it's a funny one so i got a question for you how are the iowa caucus results like the bloomberg box allay think about it how worthy iowa caucus results like the bloomberg box answer we're sure they both exists but we can see them movie on if democrats when the presidency we're all the healthcare system in the united states will that involve any apps because i'm a little worried now about my healthcare system
being run by the people who couldn't make an ep that counts now i'm no expert ethnic or i actually have been involved in making a bunch of apps but i feel as though counting is worthy easier things an app can do no i know it has to count and put them in different buckets but is still basically counting now there's some reporting and i don't think you should assume an atheist accurate in the first twenty four hours but there's reporting that maybe the problem with the epp was the volume the two billion people used at once to which i say nobody saw that common when when they were making their up there was anybody in the meeting we said we ve we ve tested are up
two or three users at the same time but i think during the iowa caucasus we might have more traffic than that do you think we should make sure that were architect and so we could handle lots of civil tedious traffic i know seems like a question i was asked if i've been in the meeting i'm not sure it was really the volume the made the made the difference but that's that some of these
unreliable early reporting do feel to you like the general election was over last night to the other feeling i felt as though the general election the election which trouble run against the eventual normally i feel like it was decided last night now of course is to early you know somebody things could change before election day but if you were to have the election today pick your democrat pick your favorite strongest democrat and hold the election today trop is the republican and you take your strongest democrat
but you have told the election today what's the result with elephants today i think there are a lot of people who democrats who i have this theory about some percentage of the democrats and others is not everybody so too is a sort of a jet grocer reality that doesnt does mean every individual but i feel as though the democrats who support burning and elizabeth worn in particular that they live in two worlds simultaneously there's one world in which bernie his policies makes sense and they all had up but there's another world that i think they live in simultaneously in which they know it wouldn't work now i might be wrong because again you don't know what's in people's minds but it looks like they simultaneously preferment
we also know that his policies couldn't possibly work fields because i don't know how they could not be aware of that it seems there enough democrats were saying that seems like it everybody being aware of it so this is one of those situations where it collapses one of the two movies because the whole argument about bernie stay with me here the argument for burning the best or you may you could make is that he is capable beyond your imagination you got that right because if birdie had ordinary capability wouldn't be able to do something as extraordinary as what is proposing which is transforming the economy gale cancelling student debt raising taxes on the rich free college in all the other free healthcare
it is the only way to do that stuff is if you were really really capable of making a system work a complicated system now after last night who among you believes that the democrats any other have the capability to make a complicated system run like a clock nobody and it's not even affair so others say that there's anything about those iowa situation that should be jan generalised i'm just saying it will be so there's no reason to think this one this one off mistakes as anything about democratic says anything about candidates or anything about either is probably a one off but it doesn't feel that way because the timing the attention
that was here a couple rules that really stick out first impressions are really sticky you know that right you know it from human interactions when you have a first impression of a person first impression of a candidate the first first impression of anything is really sticky it's hard to change that is our first impression of the professional dnc machine and and democrats has a brand our first impression was complete failure first impressions are really really sticky this thing is gonna dog them if this had been the euro they say the fourth the fourth state a kind of would matter when it is only because his first as big hold honour our imaginations the other thing the captures are
modulation is exceptions you you don't remember or note things that are just the way their supposed today does your brain can process everything that happens it's all i m looking for exceptions so so iowa is two things that are the worst things for the democrats its first so that first impression for the season is sticky also a weird exception there really captures your imagination they were really get a look at it as an exceptional like what we are all aware they do this last questions so all of our focus is is at least until there's another primary are just drill down under the exception in fact it was first the election the general election maybe because this is such a damning thing let me let me ask you this view
was a genie genie appears and finds a typical of democratic vote or maybe it's a burning voter maybe some elizabeth worn voter let's just have a voter for the most progressive policies and the genie says this there's gonna be a system in this country i won't tell you which won the only thing you get to decide is who gets to run the system do you want a democrat to be in charge of running it say let's say with the efficiency the democrats run the major cities in this country or the efficiency that they ran the iowa caucus do you have a democrat or you could have a republican even if you're a democrat who do you want running the system remember you don't even know what the system is so you don't know if it's one you like the one you know like
but you do know you wanted to run well whatever the system is as a democrat who do you pick if if you really know if nobody's watchin nobody's watching so you can just be honest you pick to run your complicated system probably a business person probably somebody with a lot of a lot of experience i feel like republicans because they just consorted chug along doing things correctly they dont quite get as much i don't think republicans gives much credit as they earned by simply making things run smoothly the gnp has a pretty well oiled machine in i think people are noticing now here's another irony because there's dissimulation is just serving up all kinds of delicious things
who is the one democrat who is running for president who could have made an app that work silly wanted didn't go like bloomberg her well ok submits a yang yang could have made an app that work yes that is correct but bloomberg certainly could have gotten an app working as he has a trillion dollar company that makes absence for those losses stuff for its own purposes i think blow broken may have their work but i don't think anybody asked him and yang could have to yeah i got one of the best responses basically suggesting that he's the kind to president that would make the sort of thing go away because he knows technology so that we get
here's a contrast is another persuasion concept that comes into play add imagine if you will the europe that you're looking at the iowa was say the digital part of the iowa carcass who do you compare that too just automatically in her head was the natural comparison because we always compare things you you can't turn that off we are comparing pattern looking kind of species
so in my mind i somewhat irrationally compare the iowa digital asked people to the republican effort that i know the does digital staff and i think a brad parcels group no bread pout personnel as of the campaign as i understand it but their digital part of their campaign is considered the most world class amazing thing this happened
history of the stuff so unfortunately not only did i will fail in their technology but your brain automatically compares to the darth vader of digital digital work i mean that the goodwill on the bed the good darth vader reference meaning that far scale he's like like i'm a monster of competence and success in that field and unfortunately he's gonna be the natural comparison to this little failure so the i loved what the trump campaign said about this now that the what i'm gonna give you was not attributed terribly anybody specifically i pull this off a fox news website but the quote from the trunk campaign was quote democrats is doing in a coup
as many of the rome crew creation with sloppiness train wreck in history oh my god who wrote that sentence i've read their centres at least two more times because it's delicious let what what yeah somebody in the college you you you know exactly where i'm going this is so visual it is not just visual but feel the words feel feel the sound of the words and perfect that is as i said this was a written statement it looks like sorry again democratic powers doing in a carcass mess of their own creation with sloppiness train wreck in history did was right without sentence everything everything whoever wrote this sentence knows how to write a sentence
this is this is like this is a terrible return a us others see it was right abandons is very visual sees you could see the train wreck but when they add sloppy sloppy train wreck you almost can hear it can you not if you bachelor train wreck the first thing you imagine metal and steal rash crash bash others was train wreck was so like but when they had slept b i almost it almost sounds like dropping a bunch of watermelons hard floor here just to slay falling apart sloppy so there's something about the word sloppy their modifies train wreck in a way there's just genius frankly and then they are also says democrats is doing in a carcass mess you can actually see the still in those others you can actually see it it's like those big part of luck and
and they're just they're just soaking in the bible and still so a plus for their sentence dems wonderin democrats want to run healthcare i wasn't it i just want to say it but i did i raised to be the first lost i thought to myself i'm gonna be the first one to say that play can't run this iowa caucus how are they going to run healthcare for the nation and i typed out my little tweets by thoughts on first the first and then i go on to a guy going to twitter and there's ted cruz beat me to by our something so that wasn't my best yoke ten crews be me do it but good work that crews so here's what fascinating about there's lots is interesting about this i was situation
we can talk about it forever they're just somebody elements to it but here's my take on it bernie was supposed to win it should have been a big lunch point a big moment for bernie then burning wood gunnar new hampshire and presumably because its close to vermont he would when again then he would have bernie with two solid wins going into this one that would probably help bernie a lot in the third lecture you now so issue then bernie all the way for the first three instead by coincidence and now that was built by lissy who built the app the failed guessing oh yes a bunch of hillary clinton huge supporters her so hillary clinton supporters built an ep the screwed bernie what are the odds of that so bernie
not only doesn't get the first wind but here's that here's the diabolical part shooting go ahead and win the new hampshire what are people going to say well he was supposed to win their so if he doesn't get the first win the second when isn't gonna look important because it was the thing getting too in a row in our minds feels like war will there's momentum to row first to this the first do what you gotta both that would mean a lot you because i was inconclusive and then it goes it does when the second one but the second one's going to feel like it who's supposed to win anyway it's is home field people are just got a discount it he's going to go into the third estate with nothing instead of everything that is a big change in history
and it was done by who made that up again forget oh yeah big hillary clinton supporters more that well we found out who is the smartest candidate who banned in iowa who was the smartest person in iowa this is easy question i think your comments were a little behind so i ll just give you the answer peabody judge if let me give you this advice should you ever find yourself in the situation where there's been some kind of a contest or vote and you're you're in it and the result is ambiguous and it looks like
am i always be ambiguous what should you do in this situation here's my advice go full bullish edge buddha judge just showed is the smartest guy and race because he did the smartest thing our amy club to rewrite amy closure was also brilliant could you get out there early so the two smartest people in the race blue judge enclosure clover tour foregoing first getting really attention goes i mean you're so smart because the news the news was all geared up for this coverage and they had nothing to talk about so club which our says well again some to talk about so she goes out gives us
gives a talk in front of a crowd and she gets all the attention but buddha judge took it when he took a one level further he claimed victory he claimed victory now is that legitimate don't know we don't know if the results are maybe one day maybe you didn't we don't know but i will tell you one thing i wouldn't want to president who wasn't smart enough to claim victory in and leave town with you i gotta say say said this before others a lot you can say to criticise the the democratic field but if you if you look at the larger group of people not oliver made it to the made it to the big stage but if you are look at the larger group of democrats who were running for president s are really smart group
where they actually are only academically if we're talking academically it's a super small group of people buddha judge being probably you near the top of it so he claims victory moves are used the smartest guy i declare him the smartest one here's another interesting factoid about this you know since the beginning when we say we saw biden leading in the polls what have i been saying provocatively i've been saying have any of you ever met abiding supporter because i've met seems like i've met every other continents supporter i sit here yet is way down in the polls but i mean yang spores all the time don't you meet me yang spores all the time you see them on lies you see him in person very common
all the time i see bernie supporters everywhere they talked me they're on tv joe rogan supporting a very common have you ever meant i have ever met and joe biden supporter i don't know why but i haven't i have no one in person i've not that one single joe biden supporter in person and i wondered if you know of course you think in terms of conspiracy theories because the world we live in i thought to myself what are the odds that there never was any pulling for joe biden and all the poles are just rig is that possible i don't think it's possible because her should be enough polling companies that if any one of them got a different result it would be obvious that the game was over
so it doesn't seem possible but am i wrong about that make this a question so it's not an allegation is your question is somewhat coincidental that the very day we were going to find out if the polling about biden was in the ballpark because we would have an actual vote for the first time and it would be hard that the very time we're going to find this out the vote gets must stop and that we can find it out now will is possible there the new hampshire primary will happen before we know what happened and i will because it almost feels that if our a conspiracy serviced i would say that the poles have all been rigged to keep binding in the race but i don't think that's physically mathematically practically possible but if anybody has a theory how they could have happened
let me now i just don't think it's possible jeffrey tubing oversee it in points out there i was a terrible place for democrats to have their first contest because ninety percent of white started bad point but it also turned into a racing and i don't think you can ignore that is a reasonable thing to say especially for the first one is reasonable to say that your first women represent the count love crazy rules and stuff so the boy is well taken but why is it everything turns into race the democrats have a terrible problem with their own their own philosophy is because they have to grapple with their own problems of being woken up here's a very interesting comment by twitter users bonds i sharma
who points out to today and suddenly a video of joe biden he was being used leaving some business retail businesses in iowa before the votes and somebody asked me that his chances and joe said that that it survive that he would survive iowa and i thought to myself well there's a there's a winner has how winners talk i'll survive what the statement is that now as buns age armor points out i have told you before that people reveal what they're really thinking in their choice of words in other words if you look at the full sentence it could be that the sentence says one thing but when you look at the choice of words there actually tell you something else in this case it's an unusual choice of words to say survival serve
i've isn't a winning word is now what candidates usually say they say we're gonna do great will get our share of votes yeah we're gonna win it them the next one you know we're just getting stronger thus now normal candidates talk but joe why they actually used the word survive in thy sharma points out correctly i think that's a strong indicator that weighs thinking about his own mortality i remember we know that because he brought her up we don't have to read his mind when it about who we would have for a vice president he said somebody young because he's an older guy i dont know how to other matters too interpret older guy other them and i'll be around i'll write so i think joe biden is literally thank you
surviving more than he is thinking about winning so that's about look chris matthews overrun see msnbc basically said he thinks that if bernie is anomaly that democrats have no chance at all and if you see people like chris matthews who is who is no republican if you see him saying the bernie is just like the idea you like in them to an old man in the park with communist or socialist literature so even the democrats her pretty said you catch the eye news by adam schiff when when he was giving is closing argument there and the impeachment which seems fields
it is already over bonds and use using a hypothetical say that if trump is allowed to continue and office and he gets emboldened by not being impeached in all of its quid pro quo rose that day he quoted could offer alaska to the russians in exchange for sport in the next election or decide to move to morrow logo permanently and leave jeered cushion or to run the country delegating to him vision whether they go to war what now his point of course is the president's need to have limits that is the president can do anything that's not illegal and apparently wouldn't be illegal according to shift to offer
alaska to the russians in exchange for sport the next election but i have to ask myself is something the president can do can president's selloff states i'm not an expert in this but i dont think a president can sell off a state even if they want to even if they get a good price i'm almost positive you'd have to get the congress involve the morale about that it wouldn't the public have something to say about or maybe it s the alaskan sobs we may have something to say about selling their state to russia now of course shift didn't mean it literally but if he didn't mean it literally wise you say it because he's doing he's doing why should a credible argument in front of the public in the most solemn situation you can never have
its solemn and important for the senate and further country is supposed to just make i'm crazy stuff these must make up crazy stuff away here's what i think i think will happen because you know that the facts in truth the matter i think you're going to see that the the atom schiff his statement about the president hypothetically doing that is going to quickly morph into out adam chef saying we should sell alaska to russia do you see that happening even though we was talking about a potential future trump doing it it feels like the topic is getting paired with chef not trump cuz didn't have anything to do with it it's not something he talked about thought about joked about twitter
about he has nothing to do with it but you see i m shift talk about it you see the topic you said yourself does adam sheriff one sole ask it to the russians z think as possible of course not but pairing himself with that idea which is crazy here's a little updates reining in order old and new yorker dhaka about china disallowing some translated books into the country so first books get translated and then there then there are published and i'm reading this article and it turns out to be about me i hate it when that happens sometimes i just want to read the news about other people and i read the news like perhaps this was about me and the news was this my book when bigley is being banned in china that's right china finally figured out who i am
got it they figured that out but it's probably nowhere it's probably no coincidence that mine was on the list of books they got bad now what i say band i dont mean that they say that explicitly apparently the way they do it is my book is already been translated is ready to go and they just put a hold on forever so that's how they ban they just don't they just don't execute and put it into the market so that the report from the transit there is a minus that category and the reporting set its they don't say why they do it but is obvious the trade war to which i say now that's not that obvious i would say it's just the trade war i would say it's because i've hashtag sentinel
china into existence i would say is because i have argued in favour of decoupling i would say that i've called it a dictatorship by talk about the imprisonment of the wiggers on a fairly regular basis well hong kong and i certainly talk about all of their badness in general then of course now the doubt the the virus so i don't know how many reasons china has been my book but i've given them quite a few and now
among their rayner each other i i i m gonna fuck you of you think i'm done china i'm not just starting just getting started and you fuckers we're going to find out later so no me in china it was personal when they killed my steps on with sentinel it's a little bit more personal now so if you think i was going go hard at them before well you haven't seen gordon jane who expert on china in the things over there speculated i think is speculation he says it with some confidence but sounds like smoking
and their children might be overwhelmed with a volume of corona virus victims and dead bodies that the countess low because they just kick counter because people are dying at home because there's no hospital to go to so somebody dies at home because they couldn't hospital how did they get counted if the system is overloaded then made be no one now so we still waiting for that here's a question i didn't china complain that the united states wasn't helping i think we ve offered help have we not but as long as love selling sentinel to this country i have mixed feelings about helping them with this virus
i think for humanitarian reasons if we had a way to do it we have to do it i'll be ok with that but i hate helping somebody who's actively trying to kill you that's it's a hard won but your morale they might require that what else we gonna make sure i've had all my exciting topics gas can get there
so nicole wallace overrun msnbc once again spread the fine people hoax tv amazing what do you make of somebody like the colonel wallis still saying that the president called the neo nazis and shows will find people is the most widely debunked hopes of all time you could probably find more links debunking their hopes and an easily debunked to show the video show the transcript there's right there you don't have to be a researcher to find it and she still says it like is true and i actually can't tell if she thinks is true this was a tough one by gases that she believes that because it would be way to professionally embarrassing to say something so obviously false if he knows false so i have to think she actually doesn't know
which tells you what kind of a bubble she's in another big news and this is not happy news is most of you have heard by now that rush limbaugh has announced that he has lung cancer and apparently not to not early stage so it sounds like spray and he's gonna try to work as you can well worth reading in central seal miss and work and it was very interesting to hear people talk about him a number of people were way and set a nice things about it and one of the words that i keep hearing is generous thou generous he was your people talk about talented these salaries is wildly talented but but generous is an interesting word is where the words it you know if it is if you're that age and people are independently describing you
just on their own the first word they think about you is generous boy you ve lived a good life i mean you ve done something right if the first were the people think about eu after sixty nine years of life on this earth is jeff that's pretty good and what's interesting is i was actually getting used the same order madam because he has been very generous to me lately very nice things about my work and read my tweets and less couple weeks on and amazingly i was actually going to independently i was going to use the same word and call him generous because he was generously escalating return didn't ask me for a favor just said nice things about my work and gave me were attention and there was exactly the word i had four which was that was that was quite generous
no yes lung cancer which normally you think would be the worst possible situation the rates of lung cancer historically are very low but let me give you this little bit of hope there's a new stuff for treating cancers and lung cancer in particular i actually know somebody who had lung cancer and recovered now is possible people do have long guess recover but i think way more people are recovering today than have ever recovered because they ve got some new ways to trees stuff no expert on it
i don't think you should automatically assume that somebody with his access to all the best newest best experts best everything i wouldn't assume that this is gonna end and poorly for him it might not so i think you ve got i think we have cause for some will say cautious optimism that the best health care in the world because he's gonna have the best health care in the world a problem that is starting to yield to that technology so let us hope be less hopi at the window because sunday
i'll think lung cancer will even be even considered a threat and i think that could happen in my lifetime of yours so if you think i'm having less promises my the so called allergies discuss light my polyps came back some death have surgery to clear them no big deal but will be in giving it anybody can be its rush somebody says maybe so ok i will talk to you all tomorrow
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