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Episode 814 Scott Adams: “Extremist Face”, Van Jones the One-Eyed King, Bad Risk Management, Blame

2020-02-12 | 🔗

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  • Van driver intentionally crashes into GOP registration tent
  • Van Jones, the rare Democrat without TDS
  • Rudy Giuliani says he has the smoking gun on Ukraine
  • Buttigieg’s long word salad answer without content
  • The salt salesman’s path to success
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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody stood seer gather around it's time for the best part of the day except for the rest of it which is gonna be pretty good too yes skillery coffee was got arms this morning and all you need you don't need much you need
copper mugger a glass take your trousers die the canteen geography alaska vessel of any guy and fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dope visited the data thing makes everything better simultaneous zip erika i see you there doktor funk juice grab your mugs marla mud go sublime let's talk about the news and stuff stuff or lose well there's story about some idiot dinner white van who crashed into a voter geography voter registration tent in the shopping centre in florida as luck would have it you didn't kill anybody
apparently he wasn't there far away from kill anybody this one of those stories sort of had to be there to know if you were there could you oh in advance i mean or could you know by observing that he did or did not intend to her people so one report is that he got pretty close to somebody but i don't know if that person was jumping out of the way and was barely missed or if he aimed his truck at the let the people so we'll find out but uh sure it makes it that much better if he was aiming at their ted only the guy gets out these making all kinds of took a video gave them the fingers always clearly political but that we see his buckshot and you look at the mirage and you say yourself ok i'm tired of pretending that
i don't see the correlation there's a correlation so just before i got on i tweeted in the replies to another to it it s a question if there's something called for eyes in other words they have a look that you can identify so i took i took a picture of a page full of mug shots mugshots people who definitely were an anti father got caught and then i can bear to a page of shots of members of congress just head shots in both cases take a look at him see see if that looks like you could identify them just walking down the street necessarily the year anti far or that you're in congress but that one case there's somebody was likely to obey the law another case
someone with less likely know someone said quite correctly that guy that probably is whether at least compatible with the floor sophie of anti via the guy the van ran into the voter registration somebody's today looks more like one of those the neo nazis to which i say does so here is my hypothesis i think that there is an extremist look i believe you can identify people who were extreme on the right or extreme left and here's how i think you could identify them by mental illness i think that's the identifying characteristic is mental illness because if you if you're mentally ill you're going to be far more likely to be gullible drawn into something that's extreme
nea depending on where you started from you might say extreme left to extreme right but there's there's lots of science to suggest that human beings can detect illness in other words if if you will say there's somebody you very close to its espouse boyfriend girlfriend somebody family somebody see all the time you walk into the room look at them and in a minute you can tell us their sec loss of time not every time is now those hundred percent thanks but we're really good we're really good at identifying we're really gonna identifying illness that would probably include mental illness so i don't think it's a coup students they would we see these extremists
they have a look and to be again there's no there's no science and what i'm going to say next in my opinion subjectively the people on the extreme left and the extreme right look bad leal maybe different types of mental illness but they they serve have a distinctive generic look maybe it would be more productive to talk about them that way because we end up talking about them in political ways so the left will say that won the odyssey killed somebody so are you republicans or bad and of course all can say those anti fire guys the daily though that so i guess all democrats or bad you know that exactly that way but you know it becomes a political thing what i think it's mostly health inc
if you drill down you tried to health problem a mental health problem anyway just to justify bothers my bloomberg has a commercial internet i trump commercial in she shows trump quoting so according he shows trouble saying something about climate change and i don't have trumps exact words but it's something like this tromp says climate changes a lot of it is a hoax he's a lot of other much about recently that so in other words the quota bloomberg puts on the screen is not trouble saying climate changes hawks he wants to think that but if you listen to the actual words that's not what i'm saying from says something more like a lot of it is a hoax now i think that's just true i think that's objectively true
you have to accept that in the political realm the word hoax is being used very broadly for simply does not quite right something that's not true it doesn't necessarily be in that there's a pranks to remind it who's running a practical joke are you you don't we sort of morph the word hoax from the original meaning to just mean there's something not right doesn't add up it was somebody's trying to get rich off at the general that sort of thing and if you if you were to look at it that way there is objective lisping speaking let's just say the paris accords if you just like that that looks like oaks again in the general sense of pranks you're playing a track but something that develop it didn't make sense to be a part of it wasn't helping anything it was costliness money but it wasn't helping at it except the argument is in some
some leadership way it would make a difference but those are really so so trump's opinion of climate change is first of all not what it's being presented cuz there's really big difference between saying the sciences a hoax which he didn't say whether or not he thinks i'm just tell you what he said versus eying climate change a lot of it is a hoax because the whole topic is not just science is the prediction models lest dependable probably that decides there the economic models that are even less dependable and then there's the politics if you look it up politics and the models and stuff saying that allow that looks like a hoax that's pretty reasonable there's no departure from science whatsoever to say that this is not even a comment about science so burg shows that
the intention of sharing the trouble is tat science and then he says and here's the ridiculous bark and what does things that politicians have to do is create content that matches and paces the people there to reach so i'm not going to say that this is necessarily mike bloomberg personal private opinion but is something that he approved to put that and it says in the ad after mocking trump for his opinion said mike blue knows his sites to which i say does he does he does mike bloomberg know his claim in science because i don't think he's a scientist do you know who else doesn't know their science
all of the scientists well i will put it that way it is loser think as i devoted a part of a chapter in my book called losers to imagine that you can quote do you research field no you don't understand it let's face it if you're not a climate scientists he probably don't understand enough about quite the same to do the research on your own and come to a conclusion the says you know science is a ridiculous concept so bloomberg is is running with with this proposition i think this is fair to say i think his brow position is he's running against somebody who doesn't understand science or doesn't respect ever or about to it
and he's the more rational candidate that's the proposition right one is rational my bloomberg looks at the facts and the other is irrational according to bloomberg this trump fellow but its commercial is omnipresent and irrational and they're probably works so into reserve political adds probably works because i think the we believe this they oh yeah trump thinks sciences a hoax which he didn't say and if he had said it i think like bloomberg would have used that clip instead of the clip were he talks generally about much of it being a hoax which i take to be the political work this is most irrational thing you can ever say many of you have said the same thing so this is about you too if you believe
you can do your own research on the topic of climate change and reach an opinion that meant that is rational because you ve done your own research you're not a rational person you can't do that there's no way the you good research climate change no matter how much work we put into it if we don't have a background it we haven't waded in haven't really wrestled with the details in the scientific way we can reach an opinion on that stuff or you can do is believe people who told the stuff that set so here's what bluebirds commercial shudder said if they have done and it isn t running on honesty is now one of his biggest propositions trumps a big liar i'll give it to you honestly and then he produces campaign commercial that's pretty much the opposite of that because of an honest about trumps opinion here
said ok we don't know what he means by the hawk spark that would have been honest right we don't know what it means is he talking about the basic science he didn't say that rose you talk about the political element of it that's the best interpretation but again you'd have to get is clarification so it's a complete miss characterisation of the president's so first of all bloomberg is essentially lying by context omission just lie and he's running to be the honest guy and it still works because people will well were will accept this message the way you wasn t so it's weird situation i don't trust the guy who believes what the experts tell i've got a little more trust
in the one who says maybe but it looks fishy to me who do you trust i have a little more natural trust for the person who says maybe but there's a part of this could be a little sketchy i just naturally trust that person more i want to my favorite democrat and i mean that i mean that literally of of the people who are democrats he's my favour one what i love about watching him are you saying that in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king so van jones is like the only person will who has an eyeball whose democratic too i keep watching to see him suffer from tedious and he doesn't he doesn't
i've been watching it for a long time since before election after election including now it is comments about the the impeachment in his comments about the the debates i just can't find a the travel arrangements syndrome at all it's like he does the habit how in the world could you and operate in the world and be immune when everyone around him obviously is is deeply infected with tedious i have a hypothesis you ready i probably should say this in public so i apologise to you re ngos in advance if if you but i wish i had not but i'm just gonna put this area the only people who are going to really understand this is people's out a similar situation i predict there is some time in his life maybe not recently
sometime maybe it is younger life vengeance experienced some hallucinogens when i said that all of you who have never taken hallucinogenic drug dont know what i mean everybody who has those exactly what i just said you'll see it on the comments all the people who know what i what i mean i just goes i just watch the caverns you'll see all the people agree no i mean this totally as a compliment as you know i'd like to see the loose some kinds of hallucinogens legal costs greatly implicated in helping people with various mental health problems getting solving addictions ok good stuff but one of their benefits is it you want new once and you can start seeing the filters of life
the filters of life are the people who get you'll pardon little mental prison and then they can only see the world through one filter and they think that their one filter is reality this luck if you have one experience with hallucinogens you experience living in a world through a different filter even temporarily and when you're done you always remember it now you don't see the world the same way as you said when you were doing the lisbon agenda but why you come away from israel standing that you can have a completely wrong or different view of the world and you can still operate you can still eaten to procreate and go to work and everything else so if you had never had that experience
surrounded with people who said you know the world is this one way this president trump is an existential threat is he's gonna destroy the world what would you do well if you if your entire experiences i've was that there is just this one reality and the smart people can see it in the dumb people can't you would buy into the majority view so most natural thing you do you go with me around you was like i'll have a voice in the world the same way they all seem pretty smart i think i'll probably adopt that view why wouldn't i but time and time again van jones surrounded by tv i mean just here like right in the middle of this boiling cauldron of insanity and he's not here
not even a little bit and work and explain that well you have my hypothesis i believe is experienced and it doesn't have to necessarily have been hallucinogens but my this is the vengeance at least once in his life has expired see the world through a different filter on our north i felt it was if you see the world through two different filters different times and you come to realize the subjectivity of your experience it's easier to see past other false filters and know that there are more of a lifestyle choice they could be a mental prison etc here's what here's how vans described this in his own words roughly speaking in a clip i just saw today i'm not sure what you said it but was recently
and he said that the democrats are playing quota fantasy football and then he explains this now listen to much that sounds like two movies playing one screen but it's it's a slightly different version and his examples of fantasy football that the democrats are playing according to him are there remember when trump first get elected there was all their talk that they would throw out the electoral college results really was that wasn't really realistic was and then it did happened like so surprised that didn't work then they did the mulder report that in work that workers like a fantasy of getting rid of trump then there impeachment which also didn't have a chance of working and when there
turns explains those three things and those are just three examples are by no means what i expect these to be the exhaustive list but isn't that description fence football kind a really good turn a perfect because they're playing a game with the electoral college mahler impeachment that they can fantasize is real meaning that in their minds are like here we gotta now when mother brings in the goods we gotta mill so it allows them to live in a manufactured fantasy world in which there are willing or order about to win it's gonna be good any minute sure it's been bad for us for years and but every minute i thought i was a great great way to frame missing so
pour it am i love watching vengeance talking reasonably the cauldron today s i don't think other people know quite what to do with it they don't really push back the distorted change the subject because if you are the only rational person irrational room the sometimes baby they just change the subject so i tweeted this this morning said there are two things that msnbc pundits know to be true two things i know to be true if the animals msnbc number one president rob isn't quote existential threat to fraser use an existential threat meaning is literally a threat to our existence we could all die because of or at least a lot of us could die because of president trump so they use this exact phrase is in existence
threat and they know that to be true because they i'll say it without any pushed back there nobody on msnbc use as war will wait a minute you you mean that i probably right you don't actually literally mean we're all gonna die nobody does that do you know why fantasy football that they have all taken on this fantasy that is as president whose who's gonna kill us all in there all the other two there are better than to van jones is less even put the list but to me it seems the same that there's a like a fantasy folder on this so that's a firstly many of the present trappers an existential threat years the second thing they know it's a spell kind of existential threat the disk
this is a for the first four years as a continuous flow of good news meaning that the countries in good shape things are going well and so the people who believe that europe is an egg essential threat i would say to them i can and see what you meant three or four years ago remember by election day we'll have for continuous years of a trumpet ministration if he's an existential threat what we see is besides lead it's is one thing to say this is a bigger known the election of the president they want what sort in it's a pretty known so you would expect face of unknown unknowns that people have different opinions closer to sing you over there predicting with their biases or their preferences or their fantasies whenever so
fairly reasonable fairly reasonable to be afraid of president trump on his first day of office i disagreed i had a different opinion that strong different opinion but i don't think it was crazy to be afraid of the unknown because he did talk here he did talk in a way that people can see people found a scary you know so reasonable reasonable turned out to be wrong but it wasn't crazy but there are three years would election it comes round this for years and i think at that point is kind of crazy right you should be able to change your opinion for years go by and all we are is better off but no really truly early when jesse waters show last night and
it is i don't know of jesse knew that he was gonna be breaking a big story you look surprised but there was now you may have seen president tribe tweeting ahead of last night shows that there is going to be a great light up on fox last night so present job just as basically just did a tweet commercial for a judge you deem the the gulf held showed just u water shell and now you know why because rudy giuliani was of course he knew he would get you get your favourable coverage in general burundi julia avi as its claim these he's got three witnesses are ready to name names investigation into hundred binding so there's
corruption rudy giuliani says he's got at least one document three people who are willing to testify to something i don't know exactly had something to do with money laundering through different country i beg alone not look like a load the details i don't want to characterize it but rudy is making a pretty big claim that there was something that wasn't too hard apparently been rudy found it with a lot of help and that it would change how you saw president trumps request to ukraine now do think that rule rudy julia they really has the goods what do you think if he had bought the odds on it and of course we do now but there are two possibilities is it rudy is just being political
really have the goods but maybe it they were you could convince you little suspicious so maybe that's why i personally the other possibility is he totally as the goods it only has it now given the rue de juliet is literally famous as being while one of the most effective prosecutors of all time what are the odds the rudy de giuliani can't tell the difference between having the goods the smoking others he called it had not having a smoking gun i feel as if he'd know that and you would have to believe that he was intentionally lying to you about the quality as evidence in order to think that there is something something to question
what are the odds that rudy giuliani who has names and he can show it to you so another words he's offering he's practically begging to show his sources when people lie do they beg you to look at their original sources the same stuff they looked at to reach their opinion will not that often he wants us to look at the evidence which suggests and given his experience and background if i had the gas fired by money arab sounds like he's got something so we'll see
in general i have a year a proposition one way to tell the difference between republicans and democrats is risk management and i often see that republicans seem let's say better skilled i think that's the wins it better skilled at managing risk now i've said often the managing risk is not something you're bored with necessarily it's a learned skill so if you had never learned to manage risk you probably think you're good at it but you wouldn't be cause it's like a lot of things after you get moreover tied in iran is a lot of anti far people either don't have corporate jobs to say the least or their very young people who twenties
what would you say is generally true of people who have never worked the corporate world and our young there not only on but many of them are so its people don't have corporate experience i would say the one thing that really characterizes that group there will be a number of things that they have in common i spoke but one of them is that they never learn risk management evaluate risks see that all the the ears there's no better example than this one that word bernie sanders what you radically changed the economy at a time the economy is doing better than it has ever done if you are good at risk management would you ever take something its operating better than it has ever worked and change it completely you could argue completely but unless i a big change
thank you would i don't think there's anybody who would make a big change to something that's working perfectly now the exit the exception to that would be will say you're in business in and you make a good product and its better that it's better than you competitions product in that case you know you competition is going to catch up soon so that case you actually would make a big change because you have to state that you competition will match you so you better you'd better kin lies your own product and make a big change like here are old what was dominating the market but we're still gonna throw it away because if we doubt the competitions catches so they throw away their own products even though its the best will in the market to try to make it even though we business you have to do that because you can depend on competition pretty much of two percent of the time but when you talking
bout the american economy while we have sort of general competition china and other countries but were beating although probably will continue to because we have the superior system and i think that's a really big difference there take climate change the climate change if progressives got everything we wanted would be a gigantic change again to the economy and would be really expensive and it would be a big risk in terms of how much money will be spent now it would change the way we live but they say there's there's a big risk of not doing it so this makes sense so the risk management analysis said sure it would be risky to disrupt the economy make all these changes but
even bigger risk to let climate change do what is doing according to them here's what's wrong with that is very bad risk management and other words its yet sort of risk management water one it's how you manage risk if you don't understand risk the republican approach is to say well we don't know you know what the risk is the models are not that accurate but there's probably some risk so let's do all the things don't hurt us there would all would be the right thing to do if it were a big risk nuclear power planting trees just two examples present rob it was all in favour of planting trees and is all in favour of developing nuclear power at least he doesn't say enough and i think that's a flaw but observe the department of energy in the government the do a lot to do a lot
so if you look at it not as a left or right situation but rather as a risk management situation which one of those is better what are you that unambiguously the the trump administration approach is better no matter what you think of climate change because their risk management approach does all the things that would be good no matter what we can always use more trees trees are badly so much risk specially since everyone the world is doing it and it's not like worthy only was planting trees so risk management you look for that
look for that at all the differences is risk management difference and i think is an experience differences well here's a theory that that i have some appreciation of because of my experience as the author of the dilber comic and it goes like this when the dilber comic first started it kind of reached its peak during the nineties 90s mid when there a little downsizing employees had very little power that their job absorbing said overseas and all that dilber was immensely popular people were always selling suggestions to mark their bosses the bad management and how bad about business
so sorely heyday for being the dilber guy because people were given me all this great material for their own unhappy experiences then bill clinton came along the dark of situation happened now when the dark cobb thing happened it looked like everybody was everybody they look like it looked like the only thing keeping you from rich was yourself because so many people were doing so well in so many different ways through the dark boom that if i asked you hey what's wrong with your career and i did let me give you the exact thing people stopped suddenly be complaints and i thought to myself come on you even if let's say ten percent of the population is doing great because darker boom he can't be more than ten percent there the other ninety percent still have the same bad was they have before
the same job if you are complaining before with the same job the same the same coworkers why didn't you stop complaining liberally couldn't get people to send me complaints during the darker vieira to the point where i actually asked people to give me their phone number so like it although at work and ask them if they compliance costs i'm getting any without solicitation and so i saw people volunteered actually i recall the network and sometimes i pick up sometimes that that's a scattered on the dilber guy tell me what's bothering you about your job this we have a good day nothin's bother me i got no really there's nobody was a perfect job in a perfect i'll just tell me what's tell me what's really bugging you about your job and i couldn't prior
i couldn't pry over them a complaint about their borders whether or their company it was amazing and then you're after the darker bust things got better for the dilber guy the cuz people back to complain here's how this is relevant to our political situation when the economy is bad who do you blame who do you blame when the economy is bad well you blame the government even if it's not the government's fault you still going to blame them while you should have done more if you would done
we wouldn't be so bad you also blame management he blame rich people you blame big corporations sheer blaming banks and businesses and corporations stuff who does that sound like who did i just described that's like republicans or do that's like democrats democrats so democrats there their message of blaming the government the rich people the system that's what democrats do they blame the government big business banks wall street richfield that makes complete sense when the economy is working the democrat messages perfectly suited for about a car
what happens when you curly is really really good people blame themselves now of course these are generalities so most people were never change their mind no matter what the evidences so most democrats will just demographic and feel the same way whether zeal but for the small sliver of persuadable they suddenly fell soldiers from the governments bad the big business to do you have any complaints about your job you personally just you personally don't talk about other people none none boy don't tell me the other people are being discriminated against i get that accepting all that to be true just you you personally but
bob are you ok how are you doing what you probably saw there was a studies that ninety percent of people are happy in their personal lives because there's nobody to blame if your economy is screaming and you're not happy with your situation whose fault is it right people people understand that if the system is giving them the low unemployment they can kind of change jobs pretty easy to change jobs this economy so if you haven't changed jobs if you haven't done what you need to do if you haven't taken those courses to get their promotion undervalue so we have what i would call a republican biased situation which republicans by philosophy are you have a problem that's your butt
though solve your problem sherwood will try to do what we can to get the government ever your way but the government is allowed to solve your problem that's what you're for you're the one who solve your problem and that makes sense when you how these good people looks accept than so the point is i dont know if anybody has mentioned this effect but you can't a strong democratic turn out for an election and i think it would be reflected mostly in turn out you're not going to get a strong turn out from people who blame themselves for the problem that's the situation where it so i suggest that the low voter turnout because people what what abandon their hatred for trump they just might be busy that day you know what i mean they're not of a say i didn't vote
because even though i don't like job i have to admit things are going pretty well start can it be that it can be well i could vote or i was invited to this thing i can say no to the thing we'll have to go to the thing is that a vote today so i think it is a low voter turnout and mostly because that you probably seen by the other clip of buddha judge maybe so alive when they gave long nonsense word sell it sounded like a corporate consult in answer to a question during the debate i watch their lives as a butcher starts talking is all just concepts in words put into sentences and the sudden
sort of made sense but in some cases not and i kept waiting for that to turn into a crisp point i would do this or here's the problem here is the solution i thought it was gonna turn it to that then you just ran at a time and start and it was it was almost a full minute of talking with no content i thought to myself wherever i heard that before where whereas i bet it my life by history where i've
somebody talk for a full minute without any content they thought oh yeah i was sitting in a meeting at my old employer pacific bell at a high and very expensive consulted from mckinsey was telling us how they are going to make everything better it's consultant talk is its corporate jargon except taken into the political world it was pure empty calories and i thought to myself i ve never seen the somebody created kill sheriff themselves that was so effective if he became the candidate it ran against trump all trump would have to do is run that clip and show a picture of an empty suit our right to show the clip then do a split screen is like an empty suit the standing there there's nobody
it's over so it's over it's a big weaknesses gather so here's somebody who responded to my comments about will judge or actually i think you're a retweeted somebody else's tweet in i think it was cathy sweet and so this is this is what this individual said their website told you that you can identify people or artists without looking at the profile on twitter can i get if either by the way they address topics so i'm gonna give you this example so the tweet where people were making fun of that buddha judge statements during the debate where it was all word salad this is what this presumably a supporter at least democratic says
word salad question mark question work it's called me smart and informed trump can't even spell for private allowed do you know who was notoriously against intellectuals yeah the nazis why are you so threatened by intelligence someone is not elite because i read write though as i mentioned in my book those who think talks about all the bad ways of thinking for almost all in this won't wait let me call them out so he's saying it's not word salad it's called being smart form what does that that's what i call word thinking he didn't give a reason he just relabel that let me just relabel re labeling things is not thinking you just
different words are the same thing we're looking at exactly the same thing there is no question about the facts just at a different level didn't get anything so worth thinking that says trump can't even spell what's that got to do with buddha judge what is what does spelling have to do with what money jay z instead it's a ridiculous comparison so that's the next thing that artist do they don't they don't know how to compare things affect started good comparison because spelling things is so carbon the air one here says themselves spell the tweet i went to college between wrong how many times have i spelled a tweet wrong or spelled something wrong a blog post or mispronounced something fairly i've gotta go to college degree you ve got a masters degree i do
we're living of a professional writer personal spell suffer on all the time it means nothing so's we're comparison that then he does the hitler thing he doesn do you know who was notoriously against intellectuals yeah the nazis so that's what i call analogy thinking where you imagine that because something remind you of something that there are some something you're learning because let you not learning anything if you just got reminded us i think that's it that's the entire into the story i was reminded of something you don't take that and then say therefore i predict trouble tropical heller so that's the analogy thinking this is why are you so by intelligence who was threatened by it was there a in the story who are threatened by intelligence lectures migrating he's my
reading of getting the wrong answer so he's got word thinking bad comparisons analogy thinking and mine then he is with someone it's not a lead because they read and i'm not even sure he oddly enough he had a typo he stole the wardrobe in his tweet in his tweet in which he was you're mocking the president for a spelling has a typo in this case is the type of spell eager well you don't throw stones they weigh up he says what does not least because they read and unthinking who was arguing anything like that who does he imagined he's countering the basically creates a strong argument that argues against so he's got word thinking bad comparison analogy thinking mind really get a strawberry at all in one tweet
that's what i saw that i said to myself artist click on profile professional writer for television was i surprised now i was not now since the moment i pointed this out many of you have seen me point this out for a while that you can identify an artist by their comments because they don't know how to say understand the world in rational ways his
really obvious all of the worst cupboards on twitter i kind of from people or professional artists or what eddie it's it's not a coincidence i let me tell you the secret to success you ready if you stayed to the end you get this little nugget one of the greatest secrecy to success i learn from a salt salesman he was my neighbour and he's got a rich after being born use actually born in a shack in the south the didn't running water so this is a guy who was born into extreme poverty lied about his age to get into the navy i think you're sixteen because you just needed some way out of his extreme poverty
but what about him he was living in imagine small nation but you have used is a rich guy lived in whenever and i once s them party what is path this success was they told me that he started out after the baby he became a salt salesman he would sell salt to grocery store so you can go in and save you can carry my brand of salt instead of the other one laughed they said how are the world can you sell salt it's just price salt is am i wrong you're out anybody say my salt is better than yourself how in the world did you sell it he said well and he told me the story
he said well yeah i'd love but point is from the consumer's point of view is a pretty junior think so he told me the story said there was a local grocery store guy who when he called upon the guy said the youth gonna be he learned that guy was going to be reorganising his store over the weekend so the guy was going to have to come in and new work all tired or weekenders something reordering shells for some purpose so the sole salesman shows up on announced to help he shows up and says well you're good at reorganise yourself so ambitious open and help so we worked well
it was done that store owner bought this guy salt forever now what is the lesson from this the less it is the people who receive things if their smart they created a situation by giving something and asking nothing in return so they so he gave something to somebody and that was the system the system not a goal system was i'm to be nice to people i'm gonna help him i'm not going to ask for anything and when they do do they want to buy soul from i'm gonna get my share and he became the best salt salesman in this company and that created a bunch of money because here we got paid on commission the parlor into a number of other businesses became famous here's a reason i bring this up somebody else's using this technique somebody who's watching this periscope
you probably already know him his name is doctor folk juice doktor fund juice started tweeting about my periscopes the one you're watching right now so i'm not how logo several weeks ago you pay the little image of a coffee cup and i guess was a jeff and announced that my periscope comes up at the other same time ten eastern seven pacific in told people to watch it for the first time i saw it i thought great fan he's such a fairly made an jeff is promoting i think that the rules i tweeted ever i liked everyone a robot enjoyed sing it then the next day he did it again and again gotta go now i've been thinking to myself you know i should do them myself but it was just one extra thing
let me feel like doing it but it was convenient for me because every time that reform juice would do one of those tweets it'll come in exactly the right time like half an hour or so before the actual periscope perfect timing and i see it in my twitter feed because the laws on twitter right before i come up here i don't have to do a tweet i'll just retweet doktor phone and day after day after day person i've ve never met always been other gave me something it was just a gift now yo you barely likes the content that comes out of this now normally i don't like to mention ethnicity but i think it matters in this case doktor front use based on his profile as an african american men and is a dj and he is found
secret success because who am i talking about right now doktor vultures i'm gonna tell you that you should follow him at at dj underscore deal underscore funky juice one word funk juice and i got to say that if i were to bet on somebody i would bet on this guy because he's figured out the salt salesman's he simply gave me something for free got my attention and the maybe something else for free got my intention and now i'm giving her a commercial so presumably organism enzo followers get something out of it but another year those specifically in mind i'm guessing when he was running it like a system i can't read his mind but i'm guessing you didn't have a specific outcome in mind he just knew
the salt salesman lou i do this good thing and ass nothing return something good might happen but i don't think he necessarily did it for that reason i think you just understands the world at a deeper level and and there is no mention ethnicity is is this is the following point i have often thought that one of the biggest one of the biggest forms of i would call it what's the word hospital racism or sort of built in racism is that if you or an atypical white kid and you ve got a successful way family you're getting all this advice if you don't want you're just beam in a family where you ve got onto manoeuvres and people who we are going to college and stuff you just gotta sort of pick up advice and there's gotta be a tremendous
over somebody who has a different situation and they don't get the benefits that learning things by us most is just being around it i have often thought that there should be some kind of a class or lessen doesn't have to be for african americans in specifically but as a group they may have access to people who have already made it that's part of the sort of intrinsic bias of our society is that there's somebody will just don't have access to mentor so doktor punctures either by being smart or possibly he had some good experiences with family members were also successful is onto the secret very very powerful secret now kenny i would imagine that if he has kids are of yours racism sunday there we do have the benefit of his experience by us moses
learn what he did maybe pick up some tricks how can you explain that was the inner cities people are really needed when i wrote my book had a failed almost thing and still when big i was i was thinking in those terms but i don't think it i don't think that book necessarily cracks every community so anyway they call out to doktor from juice for being so smart about success in particular so thanks lead and thanks for the help that's all i ever today and i'll talk to you all tomorrow
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