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Episode 821 Scott Adams: Democrats Realizing “Maybe the Problem is us,” Coronavirus Mysteries

2020-02-15 | 🔗

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  • Who IS the President of Mexico?
  • 4 Democrat “canaries in the coal mine”
  • Coronavirus versus an ordinary flu virus

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bob bob bob bob everybody demanded here let's have a little thing i call coffee was got items and the simultaneous up and all it takes is a thousand people do russian here next thing you know well the second is gonna be happen it all you need her all you need is all you need is a guy for a mother a glass i take your trousers died again ginger beer flask vessel by the guy and fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join there for the pleasure the dopamine either the day the thing that makes everything better thus i about eighty is set go spicy
good stuff well it seems to me that the news is sort of down to the the boring category recently but is still left us some good stuff as right fun stuff i don't really care about news that isn't fund people die in the sort of thing but we do have some fun stories for example three democratic candidates were asked in recent interviews if they could name the president of mexico two out of three said nope so global jar and style both nope who is it that the people to judge had the answer but is suited you said the answer he asked if he was right now if you the answer you
they ask if you are correct i think there's your offers very good guess leisure i was clearly we should give that but here was funny about it did any of you know the president of of mexico anybody how many of you could have mentioned young named the president mexico i couldn't have gotten close no idea in fact use bit i felt like i was the first time ever heard it when they they gave the answer to the to the democrats but of course i ever it is just forget i think to myself i is telling us anything about the candidates probably not really we love to do this i got your questions do member ups was it the bush senior was asked about the the cost of a loaf of bread or something like that they didn't know
they peoples at all you don't know the price of some bread is i forget who it was who was asked add and i thought to myself do i really care if my president those the cost of appraisal bread or the price of bread out ogier o care at all but i'll take it one level further i remember if i were say this about tribe urologist by me and you say you'd all say you're savers because you'll support trust no matter what he does but i'm only talk about the democrats do i care that they can't name the president of mexico nope i dont even care a little bit i don't care that one got it to miss it absolutely beads nothing do you know what i did i think about that if we don't know the president of man
ago i think that's his fault are you with me you know i we know the name of president tribe because president trout made us know his name do i know peter buddha judges do does peep buddha judge mainly know his name do you know i don't know the president of ex go well he's not doing much if i dont even know his name i can i can name the prime minister of canada i think is still black face through the right but if the press that mexico is not known to three the top candidates for president of the united states i'm not sure that's entirely their fault sounds a little like the president of the bank's ago these two you may be stepped up a little bit make yourself visible way trudeau could do it why can't you
our eyes oh that's one of those campaigns stories that we like to think means something does mean nothing absolutely nothing here's my question for you almost every day i see some skeptical type person talking about the growth of virus and they like to do this scared scared scared a regular flew an ordinary flu is get it
kill is already killed more people this year scots scots godless put this in context and ordinary flew also spreads and also kills alot of people so don't get you're you know get yourself all worked up about this corona virus because less compare to ordinary viruses which are even worse and we don't get too worked up about those right ok let me ask you this if the corona virus is just like those other viruses why is nobody treating it that way why is china not treated like an ordinary virus why is the united states not treating it like an ordinary virus now i said before that if we had an ordinary virus that we can isolate
to one country of origin will maybe we were treated the same way because we would say well if there ordinary virus gazelle scully kills thousands of americans and always does so we could easily any other virus we probably would have but for whatever reason without so this when the heather known source so maybe it made were such just to try and get it control of this one but i don't see ordinary things happening mri for all the people who keep comparing it to the ordinary flew you still have to explain why the people who know the most about it or not treaty it like an ordinary flu is it just at the stake other part are they simply responding to public pressure it does feel that way it feels like
the people who really know what they're doing i think this is worse and i'm judging based on really their minds but rather on the fact that they are acting in a way that not typical of something that's a normal virus normal flew side say we need to worry about that and everything about this viruses are known at this point i feel like we think we think we know about it doesn't count we say yes because of a lack of vat of lack of fire of shot so there's no vaccination for this world of ours they that's the reason julia definitely does those shots are not terribly i'm not as effective as we want them to be and the latter but i guess i'm so it's not that big efforts are such that here's the biggest story in my opinion which i have not seen anybody say
the way i believe a sand so i think is one of the biggest stories is happening but until somebody batches it up so you can see it as a trend you don't notice so that's what we do for you i would say that there are four democrats who i would describe as anti drug who are sort of like the kid area the coal mine though the clarity of the coastline if you're not familiar that they all day call minors would take a canary in a cage the call by the secondary died the liquor minors would get out of the end of the year the tunnel as quickly as possible because it meant that the air was going bad does the canary would die first before a heel and would even noticed the difference so it was an early warning sign and the canaries and the coal mine you hear my picks these lee
left leaning trump sort of people who would the first ones to say i think we're doing this wrong what is thus were i'd say it there is a bit more i was a freezer courier vengeance so those are my for democrats can areas of the coal mine add here's what's special about their thinking in the state it's that are making recently dear number one tribe was first running of course you do dear what people are saying about why he one or even why you got nominated do remember the main reason let people gave the primary reason that people gave for why here it so well is that republicans are racist you remember that right
that was the whole its exploration well everything he's doing is random crazy and stupid he is me might be insane but it at the very least he's just a reality tv star so none of the staff the tribe is doing could possibly explain why his results so good because this stuff is doing is random is stupid soulless look for a reason ah we found it he's a racist he suddenly magic secret races dog whistles the only other races kill here who incidentally there already all democrats but that it was him to notice that but they're sure that the republicans were also totally racist or hearing it and that must be the secret explanation for why
he's doing better than all the smart people were democrats could have possibly imagined yes they took some they took so i guess they took some responsibility there grants did for not see how raises the report like is really were was much worse they imagined solid some responsibility for not knowing completely how bad the republicans worthy there would vote in this guy that was twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen there was a little bit twenty seventy actually a lot we suddenly it was very much twenty eight it it was ass much twenty nineteen and has started to disappear twenty twenty do not replace it according to an end here
i don't wanna put too much words into other people's bells but i'll make a claim that there is a pattern emerging there seems to be a departure from the only really want is because republic as your gyre races new position seems to be wait for it are you ready the new position seems to be that he's very skilled did you see that common i'm not sure i can predict that but i was just watching last week's not the one that just a taped but the week before the omar and he was right to convince the the democrats were on the show of yellow man as replied that
this story basically this story is oh my god the stuff trump does has arisen and it works its good technique i don't think they were forced into seeing that watch from does works and its good technique i don't think there forced into their position until they could really imagine which of these democratic candidates would be on the stage next to you you're sort of forced at this point to put a spurs civic pursue their value imagined i'm standing next to their specific person allow the conversation of courses were bloomberg he's the one you put it there in your imagination sometimes birdie and you say to yourself you said we ve got a problem
they can cause bloomberg is just gonna disappear next to drop and you can see people the you can see the gear started work ever again as with the the smarter more flexible my did democrats who are starting to realise it up with this in my own words you're starting to realize what is the problem is us you did not see that in twenty sixteen you didn't see the twenty seventh didn't see much vaunted twenty eight in hours they decided twenty they did but in twenty twenty some of the just i would say just the most mentally gifted remember as a democrat party are starting to say out loud some version of it all
let's not rule out the possibility that the problem is us maybe that's why we're not gonna win maybe that's why we didn't when last i because we were listening to the people and we were giving a kind of campaign that can work now it seems that the democrats of eggs have understood they ve come to understand that voters are not rational and they started to say that out loud declared was saying that etc then for reads the courier very much a tightrope her was saying on also marshal was saying the birdie at least socialist parts of the candidates were looking to give to open the borders and also offer free
scared now normally that simply by your we're from republicans right i can't think of evil was eta trapper i've ever heard say you know if they offer these two things open borders and free healthcare to immigrants whose a vote for that does actually what for it said he said who's gonna vote for open borders and free healthcare for the people coming into we're not in this country and he's right who are the world is going to vote for that now of course the people will vote for it as a certain because that are willing formula which i think is his point so if you look at the things that you see like coming from the evangelize forensic area delmar
through college they all seemed in i was watching spurt spanish showed this morning by the way scottish odyssey it in is consistently the guy who's willing to look at both sides so he's been doing that all along but you can see though that there's a daunting realisation swans reconnaissance body yet a debate expert then he asked the debate expert who was real experts i think you'd like one of the best debate coaches in the country or something you want bored so you really do is talk about sleep of the watch for the first time as it turns out you'd never seen a debate by bluebird neither have i any commented on it and how do you think the debate expert thought the match up would be
between bloomberg trump and the answer is bluebird disappears he just disappears add he's lilting factual those who drive doesnt various voice the other debate coach had specific reasons but basically the the old thinking that the way trump got there was either because racism or the other big theory all the same harris theory is the chauncey he theory that it was literally just luck that the trouble brought no skill to bear you just was in the right place at the right time but he was a crazy old clouded all the variables the world lined up how can never happen again he was pure luck that included didn't you she didn't
he'll be where she should a bubble blah does the luck i partners is stand up anymore well i'd never stood up for me of course the most of you i would imagine but now you can see again the smartest people who were at i trouble are seem to be firmly on the side that whatever trump has been doing and continues to do is good technique they are finally understood what i wrote in win bigley yo yo after this is technique
no luck is stagnating and also looking to borrow it because i recognise its good technique and watching bill mar be frustrated at his own team for not being able to understand what's going on here is really good entertainment i gotta tell you if you're not watching a real time was built more you should really watch it between now and the election at least because he has finally figured out just what kind of trouble therein and why and eddies i think that more is actually pretty much on the right of the right trail and watching him try to convince his his teammates were still in their little tedious bubble is really good entertainment this fund watch i i watched gilan
who lost his care bade me governor of flora that's why you ve heard the day before he was responded to bill morrow who's who say that tromp was essentially you say the trouble smart because at the state of the union i said it was obvious the tromp was crafting the entire state of the union to improve the votes he was getting from the african american really and here's the ears a funny thing bill mar did not mark that he did not mark the fact the trumps approach was just a completely over the top and obviously a bid to get the african american vote why did he not market because it was a good good try it was a good technique now is by there was little
you're too obvious i guess i was what the but that's such a minor criticism if you are african american and you were watching the speech you saw a whole bunch of people will look like you were the stars of the shell and i would think that would have an effect on how you thought about the whole situation so the really watching from knocked out of the park there watching him make probably the most credible play for the blacklist daddy republicans ever made because he's got some real accomplishments and he is asking for their vote the meme essentially by by putting so much focus on that that one area but here's the thing they give him said about that so he dismissed trumps attempt to put more
focus on the black voters and he said it was like saying that you have a black friend and so it s me do i need to blow my nose if you knew here of yellow medical problem i say this is that won't be helped by blowing my knows exactly bergopzoom surgery and clear that up in the coming weeks away what you'll upset it's like having a black bread tat he was being dismissive of the president making it obvious attempt to appeal to black voters and i thought to myself that is just strategic clearly the dumbest thing that the black community has ever done will you let me say as clearly as possible the black community here's the dollar's thing that you have collectively ever done it goes like this is this this one black friend thing i've said this before but it
this makes me so angry to tibet does he bad strategy when i see people shooting themselves in the foot i just would like grab the gun away like stop shoe years although the flood please you what you got enough problems it goes like this you should never penalized people for moving the right direction and i'll give you a story to make the point now analogies of course are not persuasive but they are good for explaining a point sancho uses analogy to explain appoint years ago many years ago and i passed relationship when i was much other why romantic other would say to me and i ll be great yeah she liked receiving flowers and she dimension that it will be even more for if it were not a holiday
neither will i salisbury reasonable you like getting flowers and you like it when it's not yo some required valentine's day air a holiday settled this looks like you you know really carry you just do it weighs lucas's holiday so i thought well that's pretty clear i know exactly what to do so i would i was randomly by flowers and just however some roses it what do you think she would say instead of saying oh my god i love these yo you're the greatest thank you for doing so exactly the way i wanted you to do it it was not
all you to show that you care to guess the flowers did i get that now i did that she said what are you guilty for what have you done as right she asked me what i was guilty for because the sort of a job now she said it s sort of a joke but it was also the first thing she said that what do you think the effect on me was now i got that it was a joke from which she until their job but he s just the joke so time goes by and i give her flowers again the different time
was the first thing she said oh what are you guilty of what did you do i said i'd really in and by the way i wasn't you'll leave anything else just get your flowers and i said i you know it's just the worst really do i swear to god i'm just giving you flowers you like flowers you told me like flowers you told me like it what does not all day i just did a twice and you just you just said what are you guilty for like almost starting a fight was going on and of course you would say it's a joke the third time i gave her flowers she looked at me and said oh what do you guilty for those last i've ever gave me flowers now
he asked her she would say i was joking he knew i was joke joking we always joke what's different about us we joke about everything why would this be different and the reason is i didn't get a benefit i was doing something that took some effort and i was being punished weren't there suppose you were one of those people who did say but not a racist because i have a best reduce black how should you treat that if you are a black person who hears that should use oh i get it you have one black friend you have one black bread should you mark somebody for making a small step in the right direction the answer is now is the dumbest thing anybody ever did so if your black and you watching this don't ever do that
here's the correct use the correct response if he is one of your white associate says that a racist of my best friends is black here is the correct response that's great you here if you want the world to be a better place the correct response is you ve got a black read this great i hope you have to two black friends sometime soon fact i'll be your friend about we be friends you have to double the number you black friends think about that answer compared to getting mark for doing the right thing albeit in a small way having one black trend is certainly doesn't absolve you of racism that doesnt doesn't mean much but if you don't reward people for moving one step in the right direction don't expect a second step don't expect a second step
you're not gonna get it so stop penalizing people for doing the right thing that doesnt work was enough of it so this is what the present term said it recently in a tweet this was already ago i guess he's had many mike bloomberg is a loser was money but kit debate does euro presence you will see that the debate expert as recognition finally agreed with that and he said that the that bloomberg doesnt have much presence that he said he reminds me of a tidy version of job low energy i dont know what could be funnier like calling him a tiny version of job hush that is frankly hilarious add by the way the i regard this also they talked about how making fun bloomberg height might not be a bad idea because biologically were worse
were deprived for size being important issue important there the reason the president is to be a certain size we should we care about that at all but at some subconscious level we do so either that technique has been recognised as a solid tangley while the love ok what else we are here have you noticed there one of the unintended effects of bloomberg entering the race as it makes us dire look for you ve got a dire whose primary claim to fail as they can go toto with president trial by the economy gas goes dire would say while he understands economy he became rich he can really speak too that against rub the blue
aggressors race expire looked like a loser what's what style got three billion dollars or something i don't want the numbers one billion three billion bloomberg skylight seventy dollars so stars only advantage that the other users successful business person he doesn't look so successful will you put a bloomberg just like say some edge one guy who was the right place at the right time say oh added also there was a legal expert on this was also said garnish but legal expert was agreed with stones registered sentence was do up i'm watching the news today and all i'm saying is people agree with everything tromp a or republicans a sad or origin
supporters have been saying add as israel is really weird to watch people agree on this it probably didn't hurt the oven adi got convicted it looks like he's gonna go to jail for a very long time i think that all the people were praising of another using him other shows well maybe they ve i think they got a little bit of humility they made them i bet it but i'm noticing a very distinct turn because it would be hard to notice all of these pieces of information to see that russia collusion was fake to watch the president go full of tried to get the black vote in the context that most people think he still arise just they try to figure out wait a minute wait a it doesn't make sense
if he's a racist he should not be trying to get the black cloud and he should be tried to tighten up the border but he's only tightening up the border while he's trying hard to get the black though it has actually accomplish real things that matter to that community how does it make sense other just starting to figure out the maybe the border stuff is actually about it the first it guess who's in america african americans republicans prioritize black voters higher the democrats do there's no way around that anymore no reasonable person say anymore libya based on this year no reasonable person connect the claim i don't think that democrats prioritize black voters of this country black citizens higher than republicans
i don't think it's close anymore right because only the democratic party they probably put deal well that they ve got a lot of identities over there some measure whose first there is certainly not the black community i would say it would be more likely the immigrant communities so i say the democrats early pulling a higher priority non citizens and if you're in africa
and here is citizen what what do republicans were america first where did they rank citizens top number one right so if your black in your american hero citizen republic is right you at the top with themselves right that they put you in the same category as observers and say why your american american we follow the constitution were the top top priority come on over here you'd i top priority how in the world do you vote for the other side when one side is giving you a record of accomplishment and says explicitly i'm is is this is built into the whole belief system the constitution is
old into the bible there were all equal under the law and under god according to people believe that stuff now appropriate legit and just not a believer myself i just i just i care fathom how you can be a black voter and still sport democrats and twenty twenty and they made sense in the past but if you look at the current situation is not a close who prioritizes you hire thought in clubs are you take some calls i like here from anybody have done this before it it's fun causes educational i want to talk to people who i've changed their minds
anything doesn't have to be politics does it have to be about trump doesn't have to be about anything really but i want to hear from people whose minds were changed by one of my books repair sculpture a tweet or something so let's primarily what i'm looking for so you should be or to joy by clicking the that little icon at the bottom that looks like happy faces and since i didn't tell people why i wanted to talk some few who already signed up i see already disappeared but look for somebody who's elusive mike is following directions like can hear me like you did i lose you in any way definitely anti does
in sixteen originally other big failure comic strip in the whole story about you you know chaining careers suddenly the ban in yours i used to be i had a bernie sign on my firm on i don't eyes really into the whole being a democrat and didn't he does the sixty new influenced media and have become an independent offer some bias you now have a good so see the change kitty remember was ready morbid when you said yourself oh i think you're gonna change my mind was already topic do you remember anything specific grows assure that the wages of things were is what you get not veterans at first i was the typical troll had anonymous out you know that
maybe not be anonymous and then it was kind of seeing some of the news reports about bernie started with bernie like they say other throwing chairs at the convention and then i see the video and there wasn't a chair and then you are talking about agnes dissidents and a kind of taking me when like me dad who is a lifeline democratic comical you gotta listen this guy's name is keep over many spit you'll love you the people around me that i can listen to be floor were very much starch democrats and in for me like way than we have seen these new reports and act by right disguise talkin about confirmation by us cognitive dissonance relate i had all that and then i you know i was for me as i realise that
a lot of guys not as you know a bathing site argue as does less great thank you now that we will see if i guess morez stories here but thank you don't want to grow weighing it see worlds we got here oh got lots of lets people weighing it let's go with the but tricia but treasure can you hear me the treasure the treasure carrier reproaches oh i did i lose you in any way patricia speak up a little bit you're a little below can you tell me out
may i went up and fellow audio problems of which i am going to have to try somebody else because we don't have a good connection there but i wanted to hear the rest let this go to lorenzo lorenzo c4 technology works here lorenzo girl now share of people get the shy just what i select them or what's going on here but i think they're michael sweet the duchess michael can you hear me unfortunately i can't hear you you're just a little buzz in the background so you have to trust somebody who's got a better collection i can hear you but i wouldn't i would build until the actual words
let's try jeremy jerry can hear me
a journey of i influence you in any way to change your mind about anything all everything epic so much i've been telling you like three years i think yourself when you election was going on and on and yellow europe it was a video on you to hear how chop is a master persuaded and watch that and it was totally changed everything because at the time it was i trumpets a crazy to me as a democrat i was taking out a burning i oughta be bernie guide them and then during the election it was our changing ever seen like all the fake news and and now my girlfriend is a bernie person and it's gonna be allowed here i swear it's gonna be a very interesting but good looking and i dont know how to persuade her like you
well you're you're after some days were all you do is listen to my videos i want what they saw the gall your doctors were people i don't know if the audio is good on your side i can barely here in my had set but i don't know it's just something is happening to me look get chase chase j skinny read i do
today includes you in any way chase are you sure did wait twenty fifteen to early twenty sixteen ended a change of vote it denies i'm easily boat republican although i had it has passed couple like since but it has changed my mind i think about things so i just lost sound nearby think some people can hear but thank you for that and i don't mean to be rude if i cut it my office just because i'm having what are your problems in some cases
we will live has to say lynn let's get here be lifted i can hear you did today pursued persuade you or judge you by the very thing not copy money now actually day back at me i didn't about him i will be very brief and i will be very well worth paying up in my view the patent and then maybe i can't wait world coffee i got up and walked out what a while
you think you ve lived i'm having much audio problems i get move on to another collar i'm seeing the common safety i think you guys can hear the audio better than i can see mr mendoza mr mendoza i yes by voting for me like everyday driving we have always made away that's different that's where people can anxious when they drive like you ve taught like that people act selfishly that's one way that i've learned to knock affected by way other people drive ended we will get into an accident about eighty five percent of people bigger drivers and ask com dissidents kicks in people say that's not me
far be it caused the accident so something go display rarity is here everybody say that are below below average driver you never the idea now out information bias i drive and creates some people pickup truck straddle always imbibing so information by his kicks in there's no a previous cannot drive faster than a pickup truck somebody's been cut off left or right does like a problem i thank you fix labour as taking other he's more fundamental b c of maximilian can hear me maximilian max max is gone that didn't work i'll stay with me was we're going to jake jake jake
take it easy i can hear you die influence your change your mind had all we're so i yesterday i so i would have been the level of a predicament where i'm generally yeah pretty optimistic person but my roommate has been spiralling down this sort of ourselves deprecating in negative radical and i've been trying to think like you know what i do want to employ it's me you know song i distance myself but i heard your periscope where he said you you're either programmes or you programme so i thought you know is it if i don't want this the influence me i have to make it my responsibility to influence my roommate so they cannot like change
hope respective way is the kind of like guard my psychology to make sure that negative people than inform me or fire outwork so others say out as a huge change what watch out how much more effective than gets over time so you get it you see that that just give stronger and stronger as a concept i am glad that the values monitor takes little upon it let's see we gotta get lots of people come here was try renda lorenzo lorenzo lorenzo technology seems inadequate
so lorenzo to failures on that when i let's try alex alex can hear me alex alex i well i guess the technology is not going to give us all were alex clear alex i was no funds you desire in wonder i get you anything so i think i'll and here and oh you you're still here fairly not sorry about that and i will talk to you all tomorrow
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