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Episode 829 Scott Adams: Why Bernie Can’t Beat Trump, California Homeless Solutions, Biden Hallucinations

2020-02-28 | 🔗

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  • Bernie’s math, persuasion skills and enthusiastic young supporters
  • Bernie is ripping the Democrat party apart
  • Coronavirus did NOT come from the wet market
  • Is MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell, crazy or acting?
  • James Carville’s smart observations
  • Gavin Newsom and the homeless problem

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Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump bump bump everybody. Commanded style for coffee was got. Arabs today will be one of the best coffees was got items of all time because we ve learned their coffee is even healthier than we thought how about that? Her? Yes, the reason science Nero tides reports says the coffee is really really good for you. So Not only do we have the delight of these, I will tell you said, but we're all gonna be healthier in a moment. Those of us having coffee and all you need to participated, cover micro glass, attacker gels who started the canteen jirga flask a vessel of any kind? Fellow with a favorite liquid. I like coffee, because it so healthy.
And jointly now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dope of India the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous go? Yes, science confirmed, I feel healthier, don't you? I think you do. All right? How bad is it for the Democrats when one of the biggest conversations is which candidate Trump would destroy the most? Have we stopped even talking about Democrats
winning the presidency. I feel as if the conversation is shifting to how badly Trump will destroy you ever gets nominated, probably birdie speedier birdie. What does it mean? The Bernie has so much support from young people. Once I tell you well, I can tell you is bribing them with the money of old people Irene. Basically what he's doing he's transferring money from the old to the young so that we get some young people, but the problem is our young people, the dumbest among Us- and I say this with love because everybody was young and if so lucky they older, I tried this following experiment with a teenager and by in my social world.
So recently a teenager was noting that you know she seemed to be as smart as an adult. Doesn't matter the topic and I sent this: have you ever noticed that you know more than you did when you were six years old? Try this with a person in their twenties person under twenty says: Bernie, it's burning is burning all the way and say this you know, do you think you know as much as you did when you were six years old or do you no more? Are you smarter than the one you were six years old there? Anybody there twenties is go, say, Obviously they say our you're smarter than you when you're, let's say fourteen now, you're twenty five, are you smarter than when you were fourteen years old? Most people, not one is save. Me
well uh, smarter and here's here's the punchline! Do you think that stops the? Do? You think that you're not going to be smarter of forty, that you are a twenty five think, there's any chance that now you can argue their when you're. Eighty five, you my slow down and maybe a twenty five year old, is smarter than eighty five year old and on average could be, but you ask a twenty five year old. Do you think you're gonna stop growing and you're, not together they smarter or do you think it will be like every other year of your life, where you get more experienced and smarter, because if the people who are twice as experienced
are generally thinking that the person you are voting for is a really bad idea, but you don't see it. What is the problem here now? You care, really change people's minds with this argument, but it's a lot of thought get people to first agree. They youth is associated with lack of experience and that we know that because all of us are smarter than we used to date. There is no exception. You can't find anybody who believes they were smart fourteen than they were twenty five nobody's gonna say that. So we have to look at the fact that there is a candidate who is getting a lot of the young vote and it's not a compliment. You gonna be I wonder if there is anybody who will take this position in voting? Say let's Sanders gets nominated will do Anybody who says I really really don't want trump,
but on the other hand, I dont want Barney to destroy the world with socialism. So what would you do because you don't want burning to destroy the world by your desperately? Don't one president trumpeting more? How would you vote. I'm wondering if some people will do this vote for burning and then vote for all Republicans in Congress. Just try to try to flip the house Republican. Why? Because birdie, if he's elected president means you don't have president rob so that that mission might be accomplished for somebody you for whom that's the biggest mission. But if you get Republicans in Congress, Birdy cant do anything doesn't have any power, so you can get a job without worrying about Bernie. If you also slip the house, I wonder if those by the way, I M not suggesting anybody, take this path. I won
it's just a question. Is there anybody out there who says you know? I just can't take it One more year, but I can't take a risk. Bernie son gonna volume Republicans to keep him there. It could happen, Imagine somebody voting where. Why does Does does Bernie have persuasion, skills, the way Trump does and here's a filter, I'm gonna put others to. Let you see the whole race more clearly generally speaking, money war predict outcomes. If you follow the money, you generally get to be closer to a good protection than if you doubt you ignoring the effect that money is just always the worst,
predicting mistake, you make a right there. You have a situation less. If you agree with the way I'm gonna framers politicians generally try to bribe voters, somehow that's all bribes one way or the other the way to try to do it. Is he tried to bribe the american voters with money from other Countries right because tromp was say, was closed down immigration, which would be bad for the other countries by his argument, would was that it would be good for especially low income voters, so he was exe. Listen, trying to obtain money out of the hands of other countries and put it into the pockets of
in other words bribing Americans to vote for of look I'll, give you money. It's gonna, come from these other countries and I'll even make Mexico pay for the wall. You argue with happened or whether Mexico paying for their forces on there, southern border to keep the caravans out is sword like ban for the wall, but the point is Trump said: I'm gonna make other people paying our bills. What did he say that NATO I'm gonna make other countries for more of the bill? Let's say free body. What did chump say about about spending instead of being a deficit hawk, he ran up the deaths, it basically tribe said I am going to give you money today. It is gonna commander people in the future, but using money from the future and give it to you today, right as what that is.
Somebody in future is to pay for it, but today we have free money. The other way Trump gave us free body or tried to bribe us is by cutting regulations in cutting taxes to use the economy. If the economy is better, it creates a crazed money that, where it didn't exist before. And then Trump says that we can all share on this money. So tromp was bribing the public. But bribing is was money that didn't yet exists and money from other countries, and am and money that maybe was even imaginary. That's that's a pretty good package because nobody whose voter had to say, oh, I'm gonna, give my money to somebody else. It was all somebody else's money coming to us. That's good persuasion else. Look at burning the home of you'll be able to see this clearly, but maybe you will.
So here is my little chart. I say burning is an obligation. While you can expect that republicans are still give over Trump because Republicans are pretty unit. Right now, so whether you are an older and richer or younger and poorer citizen, if you're, if you're republican or even a independent, who usually votes republic, You're still gonna be happy with your choice, so you can expect that Trump will get pretty much all of the republican vote. Then what about Bernie remember follow the money. Birdies plan is to take money from the older and or richer part of the public usually tends to be the same right. It's not completely overlapping but it's the older people are more money any to take A lot of that away and give it to younger people
You should expect the younger peoples, who would say hey free money, yeah side me up. So if you're, a Democrat and you're younger indoor poor tends to be the same, doesn't have to be you're, probably gonna, say that looks pretty good today, so I think a could be expected to get. All of the younger aboard emigrants, but what about? the people of Gaza money or their little richer say: you're? U, R, Chris Matthews Illicit Christs, Chris Matthews Otherness TOP left, Quadrant and any is getting ready for retirement. One assumes yoga easily age where you are thinking about. How much do I have I earned in? What's my retirement look, I feel all that and is looking at working all of his life, where he really hard sing, a certain amount of money getting ready to retire.
And then Bernie is saying: I'm going to take that money that you earn fair and square and then going to give it to people who ran up big debts, who really shouldn't have less a student loans and did not work as hard as you do for their money. Is Chris Matthews. Even though, is a Democrat going to vote to give his money. That worked all of his life, and I was looking for his retirement and son Lee Bernie says I want to take the comfort of early retirement away and give it to people did not do the hard work. You did and did not do the right things Is that what is what is Chris Matthews gonna do? Is Chris Matthies can say? Yes, it's good for other people. That I have a less secure retirement and then I worked hard and then just sort of gave it to people didn't is going to be ok with Chris Matthews, I'm going to say now
I don't see any scenario in which Bernie can get the older richer on his side. If you take the filter, the money used to payment. So here's basic problem trump be bribing, the public with money. That is, This is future. Money is potential. Money is money from other countries. So no voters or at a pocket for this stuff and then Bernie is doing the opposite. You say I'm to take money from People were above average in terms of their living conditions and I'm gonna. Try for it to people were below average. All the people above average should not both for birdie if they're going to vote for their own self interest are you, so some people are going to do it anyway, because a meal,
a better world or they're not do in the math good or so so. People will still take these suboptimal path, but I think money really predictive and Bernie has a proposition, which is the half of the people we should be voting for him should be able to look at it and say you know, I'm in the half, that's doing! Okay, it's all! It's just all bad. For me, it's just good for the people at the bottom. Why would I vote? For that say the people who work in the top half dozen z the same to you that nobody is taking the Buddha judge seriously. At the moment, I feel as if you, if you look at the last three contests Buddha Judge, either came only first or second rate, or he was near the top in all three countries.
Shouldn't we be talking really really seriously about people judge, but we're not even the Democrats, her really tight taking seriously- and I think that the year the whole Powerpoint attack at him just being sort of an empty jargon, filled suit. I think took it. All I think, be went from exciting new and use these the shiny new thing. Any smart unease follow these he's good. Looking and yes, lot of cool things about him, but then listen to it just sounds like empty jargon too. Can, I think, as soon as the word Powerpoint was mentioned, I think that was the end of the year. Of his political run. This time so
I may be over overstating how much different said aid but use you just don't see any enthusiasm for him anymore, say. Who, who would you say, is dividing the country if Sanders and Trump run? if you listen to Trump talk, trouble, be saying and doing things like this Let me in a room full of young black voter. Chairing the preserve Republicans. Here's me this is from Here's me praising black leader. Here's me breaking lowering black employment. Here's me brie S basically bring everybody together.
Not insulting Americans insulting other people, but it is critics, but not insulting. Voters were my new business and then their sanders, Do you know a Sanders insane? Have you heard him recently he's decided that he's gonna go full racist sexes, z though phobic coma? back at first, while none of that even really lands calling Trumbo Homophobic. That is so not even close to where I was observing. Are you I mean in what what would even look at to claim the trumpets homer for workers they give us and the other claims are just warm warmed up here. The Charlottesville find people hoax and ridiculous, so you ve got Bertie whose ripping, apart the democratic
Party, wouldn't you agree, I mean there's a lot of division with the Democrats that didn't exist before is now something the Trump made. Tromp is out there every day. So, let's get together, we Americans, and that does not include people who came here illegally. That's his message like it or not. That is It's all about coming together,. But birdie is all about separating the rich and the poor, making the rich and the poor enemies making the Republicans look like a bunch of races. Success and it looks to me like burning issues ripping the fabric of the country apart to get elected. Am I wrong would with that looked like a biased statement today now, if you are looking at candidate Trump in twenty fifteen and compare
the two candidates centres and twenty twenty you'd probably say all you know. There's two candidates will look like they're they're trying to divide the country. That was candidate trump, but president job is funding the historically black colleges he's doing prison reform these bragging about black unemployment being low? doesn't look like is divided the country to me he looks like everything is doing is to bring it about, and is working as hard as they can to divide. It gives past the to victory, imagining things so. Certainly we could not accept the trumpets one dividing the country is now happening now, You said he used to be that way and is rhetoric used today bore more dividing, I would say yeah, that's to say that's probably too, it's just not true they're so
Does anybody taking Joe Biden seriously? You hear the to the two things. So this week she told audiences three times in the last two weeks- He was arrested forty years ago and South Africa will try to meet. Nelson Mandela, accept There is no evidence. Independent, I'm saying it recently said that ever happened. Joe Biden, seems to have hallucinated some history of his own, in which he tried to meet Nelson Mandela in South Africa and got arrested, but better than he also told audiences that his decease son had been the. Hardy general of the United States, which he had been
have you been an attorney general of a state or something? That's probably when it was thinking out. Another razumihin, his deceased son, but those are some, really big departures from reality, and at this point Everybody thinks binding seriously much less isn t. I m fascinated by how the media mobiles or giving hinder, handle Bernie Sanders. Let's say your Jeff Sucker Jeff Sucker makes a lot of money. Does just sucker want to live in a world where Bernie Sanders takes Jeff Suckers money way and gives it to other people, I'm gonna say no, I mean I'm, not a red is mine. I can't readjust suckers man, he might be the greatest guy in the world. Aid just thinks you, no other people should take my money.
But I suspect that anybody you wanted to have less money so that poor people can have more. They certainly have ways to do that is called charity. You can give way as much as you money as you want serve Jeffson. Where you want to give away all his money, he could do that without Bernie Sanders. I'm guessing that he doesn't want to do that, What does CNN do when they ve got trump? Who is there nemesis? They of course, have to say bad things about him, this their business model, but they care really promote Sandra. Because he's can be really expensive for the talent and they As I see it in the other managers, it would be a disaster for them the same as that would be a disaster for me. You know I would suffer greatly financially under a Bernie Sanders. Regime, so I think we're starting to get the answer to that because,
CNN? They recently hired Joe Lockers and Joe locker. Rights. This article on CNN, their website saying boot Bloomberg needs to take out Bernie and quickly. Can you imagine this sort of shocking? Is that that they would hire and very anti Trumpery guy, Joe Lock ART and he's super super partisan, anti chopper and they lay him, write an opinion, peace and see them basically anti burning, it's pretty much anti Bernie. So I think CNN doesnt wanna take sides with birdie What would that look like for like wondered? What is their business model even go? Look like Cassandra, clean model which was Democrats over the world united against this evil trumpet, What if they don't like either one? What did they do
like either one. What did they do? What do they do? That so I think CNN is going to have to try pretty Argotic Bernie out and We have this weird enemy of my enemy situation, in which CNN and Republicans Ogilvy on the same side. So look for that, How wonderful wizard thirty two top candidates to run against, from the other, the devil that said you years to prepare. They knew exactly what they were up against your president. Travellers really well known quantity, so they knew exactly what kind of candidate will match up. Well, what they packed were. One billion there. Who's got accusations of sexism, racism in foreign entanglements. Ok, that's one of the choices that they came up with after years of thinking about what would be
a good match up with job and the other one is literally live theirs, there's no other way to say what Bernie is doing, because thing Bernie believes is math works right I need to be a mind reader. I can't tell wasn't his head What do you get in there? The indication, the bird Sanders believes that, despite whatever you economists than anybody can do math, them the he alone knows how to make the math work in it all work out now, if I guess again, I'm not a mind reader but think there's any chance that Bernie thinks that the proposals is pushing are actually practical the he lay yanks like a true believer, but my guess is that
was a push things in that direction, at least as far as a logo. So I don't think- and again this is just speculation because another mind, but I would guess the Bernie was to push it in that direction. As far as of now, and he doesn't know how far that is both probably doesn't think it would go all the way to the other, the extremes that use promoting sue Looks to me, like Bernie, is essentially a con artist whose saying I'm gonna take money from other citizens and give it to you. If you vote for me- and it just doesn't look like leadership, it just looks like a con. You just taking money from one pocket and putting it in another and he's the one who benefits.
How in the world will president Trump compete against Bernie saying he would forgive student debt, because, if you're a student or you have some debt or even if you have a family, Who has a lot student dead? That's a really attractive, saying thing right so We suggest one way their president Trump could take the issue of student a completely off the table. I ready for it here this president Trump could say by the way I dont think you will do this. So I just like thinking through the persuasive techniques. So? This is just a thought experiment, but President Trump could say you know Bernie to forgive all students, debt I'll, tell you what, if
Congress passes such a law outside it. Now your first reactions. That is what the hell that would put presence Trump in the same places, birdie just nearest wiping off debt of the people who made what what looked like the wrong choices and the people who were hard workers in paying off their debt, they get nothing. They get nothin here in your suggesting Scott, that the president should say he would sign such a bill here's the thing. If Congress pass that, it would mean that both Democrats and Republicans and the representatives of the people wanted it to happen by a majority, if you are the president of the United States and if the President of the United States and both both thousands of Congress release the majority and the people are closest to the people, say
majority here we want this law, I kind of thing President ought to sign it. Just in general, Now, if I had a, was a national defence element to it or if it were discriminatory against some disadvantaged group. Well, then, the president should step in yeah I get to the will of the people want to do this, but this is mob law and that's why you happy you had me to stop, Blah blah, but there's nothing like my blindness. Would be rational people, look at their choices and hypothetically Republicans and Democrats got together. Sufficient number to say a word a away all others do that nothing there's no chance that it would ever happen. So that's the first part lose no chance will happen, but what, if it did? What? If it did, I would say the president should sign it
even if you don't like it, because it would be actually a pretty fair representation of the will of the people there representing I would say you know my people can want this, so I'm gonna before it. I think the president could completely take the issue off the table. By saying you burn is just say that if Congress gives them the ability to sign it, well guess what? If the public was it that much that it can get through Congress all sign to takes a completely the table right because I don't think it would ever gets through Congress, but it has to get through Congress. Weather is Bernie your job, in order for a president even to be part of the decision? There's a in no particular order. Oh Tom Tom Cotton was tweeting, because apparently China has determined.
Or at least their current opinion. Is that the the war on market was not the cause of the crowd of irish outbreak. So the current thinking which I'm sure is subject to revision, but the current thing Is a China doesn't know where it came from, or at least there not saying they know where it came from So Tom Gotten gun, senator, don't gotta get a little trouble because he has said dusted, that we cannot rule out the war on weapons plant, because wouldn't that be a big coincidence, that a buyer weapon plan was right near where I wear a serious corona, Irish broke out, but he wasn't saying I think, that's what I was he was simply say you gotta, keep that option open. And then the only other option just gonna live in is right. There are only two options on the table that I know of one was
came from animals that were not prepared in the safest way. I guess and the others came from a bio lab and we just eliminated animals. Now that doesn't mean it's. The bio bright probably mean We don't know where it came from and other probably thousand ways. It could have gotten there that I can think of, but term garden might be closer to the truth, and you thought. I saw there some leaked pages from twitter, meaning because, as a leak, we know nerve. Twitter is really planning to do this, or if these are just a test and devils. But there are some linked pages, showing at least the game that Twitter is considering, marking untrue things as lies
words, highlighting them with less say, an orange color, a little tag. The says this tweet is not true. Now. My first reaction to that was that could become kind helpful. We I would like, I would like to add something, flagged. I mean I used my own judgment after the fact, but it would help me if they ve, like thing that at least some other people say or not. True, I think that would be useful. Make up my own mind. I can still see it can check, links, etc, and then I thought well guess who gets flight I hope so suddenly saying the covers, then. My second thought was when it gets to decide. We watch we watch every day as people who are well meaning, can't decide, know true, looking at the same information, so I wouldn't
don't know, there's anywhere they get there now. What I wouldn't mind is if there was a point in the county void yeah if, if they flagged in orange and said this is a disputed fact, I would be completely happy with disputed if, at the same time, there was a link to the dispute on either side civil servant. If something was flagged as but actually not true and that I can see the people say is true, and I can see the argument this as it is true right next to each other. I'd like that, then I don't have to worry about whether sure falls. I can simply note the people disagree with it like an look, so that might be something good come and will see. Lord, so doll over them ass NBC, I can
tell us he's lying or a crazy or acting and fascinated by it couldn't look away, but you did This big thing saying the President is a russian operative. This is yesterday this This is not even during the Russia Collusion Oaks, but as recently as yesterday, I think you us we're day before the president is a russian operative. That sounds like the description of a bad Hollywood screenplay, but it is real and it is of latter mere Putin's. Greatest achievement. Lawrence and intellectually said that sentence on tv and and then he goes on about how you Putin owns from, and I think to myself does even believe any of that I don't know. I can't tell: can you the sea because he looks Craig.
Like to my eyes he looks. He looks crazy, lady, like use cognitive dissonance bubble, nor or tedious or something, but it looks actually crazy so, but who knows maybe just vaguer. James Carville said something that made me pause no matter what you say about James careful. He is a smart guy and spread author and every now, and then he'll just say something that would just knock you off your chair, make you re, think he's good at that and here's where the things he said there why? I didn't think of us, I don't know, but he said, that, then is russian. We are trying to help Bernie. It's not because they wanted to be. President is because they know he's so weak you'll lose two trump
so. In other words, Carville is saying that Russia only wants to trump and night. They either do directly Through their hacking and social media- or they do it indirectly by promoting sanders as the competitor, because he doesn't have a chance of winning, and I thought, myself, I never really thought that interpretation and yet it's kind of obvious it's silly. There. I why in the world that not occur to me, and I'm not sure it's true, but I'm shocked that it was an obvious to me that Russia could play the approach trump card to different ways by supporting him directly whereby support centres, but here's a vague national security adviser, Robert O Brien, who
who has access to all the intelligence says that he's not he's seen no intelligence to support the claim that the Trump is being helped by Russia. There's no so one of the guys who has access to all the information says: there's nothing there. There would suggest Russia is helping Trump. Now here's what I'm going to add to it that James Carnival needs to listen to me James Carnival. I don't think you'll ever see this, let me give you a twist on this because you, you are a me way with that fairly obvious insight For whatever reason escaped my Maya, my filter, but here's one for you, James Cargo, If Russia wanted Trump to get elected, isn't the best thing they could do stay completely out of it.
I mean seriously cause they're watching the same stuff, we're watching and they know nose like to run against them. I dont think at this point. They see anybody could be them, so wouldn't the dumbest worst stupidest thing the Russia could do. Is clumsily, do the same things they did before and easily got caught. In other words makes a means and track stuff. Apparently we can catch them when they do that. Why would they do that again of all the things of all the things that would not help trump, though, First thing the Russia could do by far by under two one? The worst thing they could do is try to help trump there's nothing they can do. There will be worse than that if they wanted to get elected. Right now, James Carver! What do you say to that? Do you think Russia is simultaneously so brilliant that they could do all these clever schemes, because they're so smart
But at the same time there so stupid that the schemes At last, I M were weaken, pathetic. It had no effect whatsoever and they got caught our so the going to do some more of that stuff. The stuff that's weaken, pathetic in there definitely getting caught because their such geniuses, that's their plan. None of that makes sense see. No, you being lied. Do we just don't want? The truth? Is. Let's see what else we go around, so California miles, might be heading in the right direction on this homelessness stuff, so Gavin Newsome seems to be learning because he's made the harmlessness thing. I priorities. Let's go, and is also made some mobile. I guess a mobile
trailer homes available for almost in the short term, and that's good English but remember, is not really a problem of people finding homes, it's a problem of the day mental illness, but it seems that, according to an article by George Pollack in bright Bart It seems that Newsome is looking hard legislation that will allow a doctor to basically take somebody, often Street there I don't know what that would look like, but you know that I think he's getting close to what I would call the doktor drew insight about homelessness and I'm guessing the probably doktor drew broke through. I think probably he was the one whose influence on this This topic is probably the one that broke through, and that was the idea that you have to deal with the homelessness problem as a as an addiction and bent.
Health problem, and now Newsome is starting to talk in those terms and talking about needing legislation to effectively force people into treatment, because if you take away the involuntary part, there's nothing there, there's nothing! You can do build houses all day long, people also on mental health and addiction problems, and they will want to be in those houses or they were ruined them. So and then the other thing the California is doing is looking to make some state land available for resettling the homeless, but also permitting make experimenting and also to reduce some of the permitting make it easier to build a low cost place just for the good stuff. That's all good. That's pretty good stuff, so say: congratulations
do doktor drew because I think, probably doktor drew you're the one who who broke through and got everybody at least thinking in the right productive line, still lot of work to do, but at least the thinking seems to be right. So, as pre positive, I see you got that I think that's about all. I was gonna talk about today. Everything else happening for you, I'm just looking at your comments now. Yeah providing honoured trailers for the ten thousand dollars or whatever it is it's a small thing, but at least maybe they'll learn something from it. But what did Houston do somebody says he.
Used and reduce their almost. But I don't know about that. Talk about Elsie. I saw a yo see was getting some saga heats because you were an expensive issue, dress on the view that really you, if you're, if we're mocking women for the dress they, where we're just not here, just not being proactive so and by the waves, are really it was really good dress. So, in terms of fashion I was a plus, but otherwise I don't think we should care about women. Dress. Novalis, disagree slightly on the slippery slope. Well, I think if we are in the same room, we probably would not disagree. Some of it is just your choice of words. It is true that things sometimes go in. One direction
is not because there's something called a slippery slope is just true that some things will go in one direction until something stop some issues farewell to think of it yeah they shall Hany apparent suicide. I'm gonna watch it s story, but you know people do kill themselves, so I'm not gonna immediately jump into the there's something fishing year. You was a whistle blower, so you after you definitely after question that one Scott, have you ever thought of moving. Of California, yes, I think about it almost every day, you know if you live in either California or New York, and you have a high income, it doesn't make sense anymore, because tax wise is a disaster
to be in the state. So some of my smartest friends have recently moved ETA, California to Florida and to taxes for the better tax treatment, and if I did not have the old ties locally, I would actually move, but I have a lot of ties. Locally. Hell cares, Giorgio, be blind spot. Absolutely. You know if, if the GNP doesn't offer a good argument for healthcare, good plan for making a better Bernie deserves to win if it's burning so You know if the president loses,
and he doesn't have a good healthcare argument or plan or persuasion these just sort of abandoning the argument. If that happens, then they deserve to lose because that's I priority is not being addressed and, as the president doesn't address it well, maybe maybe birdie contain shouted. Acclivities word would is saying good things about Bloomberg. Gonna think this was opinion matters or any anyone. Persons have been. Yedo another like about borders, the bugs and humidity. So if you can get rid of those, maybe you'd have something and of course see you ve got the hurricanes. I that's offer now I'll talk to you all later.
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