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Episode 831 Scott Adams: Bernie’s “Fact Sheet” on Paying for Stuff, Biden, Coronavirus

2020-02-28 | 🔗

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  • Justice Sotomayor accuses conservative supremes of bias
  • Anti-Bernie media ramping up
  • Coronavirus, is there something we are NOT being told?
  • Bernie’s “Fact Sheet” needs SIMPLIFICATION
  • What motivates Bernie supporters?
  • “Addict-Town” a place for addicts to live and work

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Bobo Bobo bump bump bump bump bump on everybody combining here gathered round. Yes, look for your cup, look for your mug. You still have a little bit of time run for it run because you know it's coming up. It's called the simultaneous up is the best thing in the world. The best thing in the entire universe, the best thing in every dimension, simulated or not at all, you need is a copper, mugger glass, a tanker jealousies, tying the canteen, jogger flask of vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me there, For the unparalleled pleasure, the dogma of the day, the thing makes everything better scald the simultaneous go.
It all compared to the corona virus. That coffee is better way better. So let's talk about does some things happening in the news. Harvey wine steam it's going to jail. I find that I don't care about Harvey Wednesday. I am happy that the the women of their getting some justice, but otherwise I don't care about so good for the women. That's all I get say about that. There is an excellent fake fight happening right now and when I say it's a fake fight, I mean it's really just for entertainment. Is between two members,
the Supreme Court and the present, so I guess Justice, Saddam Ire accused Lisbon, it well, I guess recently she accused the GEO, be appointed justices of being too the bag for a job, so sort of irish saying that the court is backed with terms supporters now and so they're, just back in the present. And then the president that comment, and also remember that Ruth better Ginsburg at once said something bad about him being president, and so the president's is inimitable style since
so that they too liberal judges, solid wire and respected Ginsburg, should refuse themselves from any decisions and involves the president. Now I could not love this more because, first of all, it doesnt matter right doesn't affect your life. Doesn't if anything, because nothing is going to be different, because if anything, the president said or anything that the justices at so there's no downside risk, it is purely for entertainment. There were watching this. And the president has this incredible ability to break some kind of expectation nor norm just enough the UK look away, and here is doing it again. Right is now supposed to be criticising another branch or government. It looks like he's
he's been a dictator is having too much influence where he shouldn't. Maybe he should just stay out of it, but don't you love the fact that he didn't stay out of it from a purely energy the perspective? Don't you love hearing this opinion and stuff is now supposed to give its opinion on this. Many things are entertained me more than that. Every time the president talks about a topic that all the smart people say is not supposed to be talking about. I say, do not in tune in what you got to say about that topic, you're not supposed to be talking about you got. You had me at now supposed to be talking about it, so none of this makes a difference, but I think it's hilarious, the trumpets and another that they should reduce themselves. It's not gonna happen on my god. It's just the boss purse
Equally pranks ter thing to say this situation, this equation, I guess Howard Curse- was asking it and others. As the press given Bernie too much of a free bass, and I think, maybe in usually what you're talking about is the the impracticability of what is suggesting. But what's going to happen when the left turns item. Which you already see happening yet a lot of the left has turned out of what will happen when both CNN Fox NEWS are saying every day, all day, Dovo for burning cassettes, kindly common, don't we don't we for the first time ever a common enemy.
Ernie is done what nobody else could do. You know before it was at roughly the same. Forty percent of the country, democratic forty percent republican and a bunch of people pretend not to be So it looks like we're just as divided country, but somehow Bernie, has given us a common enemy which is birdie now common means that three quarters of the public I don't see how any of this is going to work. We better keep this guy out of office no quarter of the public. Maybe more of you, forty percent, before we're done, I going to say, yeah use the band we can make this work or some version of that But I think CNN, MSNBC and Fox NEWS are all going to be pushing against Bernie for president. You know you all know Jennifer Reuben right.
And you know that she is very enter trump, probably she's, most famous for not being even a little bit subtle about our bias that that's probably wishes. Most famous for is not being objective, which is a hell of a thing to be famous for, but there is- and I looked at her twitter feed additives, nonstop Anti Bernie and its she's going to hard at him and if Jennifer Reuben, they famous into chopper. He's going full out Anti Bernie. He can't be our president. I think there's gotta be more that we already saw Anderson Cooper pushed back can burning in an interview, other the James Carville. Pushing back
while people pushing back but Jennifer Reuben and I couldn't find the tweet, but I'm pretty sure I saw this suggested that Biden who I believe, she's backing, because she's anger, things and she's saying the bite in good could juices campaign up by by picking a vice. Didn't campaign here partner, early and a person of color and a woman who has some possess, so that was Jennifer Rubens term for some possess. Of course, people on the left attacker for saying what your treating these female potential vice president candidates, like their accessories they're, not they're, just to add possess the other serious series professionals. So, of course the left is eating itself, which is could not be more entertaining, but here's the interest
in Jennifer, Reuben suggested to people in particular, Stacy Abrams,. Common areas as a binding potential VP back there. You gotta know solely to give a little energy to his campaign. Now is that signalling the Joe Biden is sort of what the would say. The elites in the Democratic Clinton machine whatever's left that scant saying that they want to win right because camel would be the stealth president, even if she got elected as vice president, so I would like to tease you again by saying if you think the cobbler Harris Campaign is over, maybe She may have a way to go in the front line
Now. What would happen if Biden does well in the upcoming states what if he does well? What is what, if he comes out on top and South Carolina and then does solidly respectable unsupervised say is: does that make Bernie is still the year the as other favorite. I think it might change things now. I dont know if Biden has anything left in the tank, because every day we get a new gas. So today's new gas from Joe Biden Vague, as happened yesterday. He actually said this, as is closing up his campaign rally. Is it my name's Joe Biden, democratic candidate for the United States Senate? Looked me over if you like, is now running for the Senate. That's the punchline there.
This he says, look me over. If you like the way you see help out, if not vote for the other Biden. What look me However, if you like what you see help out, if not vote for the other Biden, what the hell is he talking about Is there anybody who is not noticing this at this boy? Now I'm This is actually a direct quote that I copied and pasted from a news article. So I'm assuming they courted him correctly at all. Gets a typo body actually said he was running for the United States Senate and, if you don't like him, vote for the other Biden, who's that his wife, where's Hunter Hunter running Hunter are you running
So I don't know, I just don't see a scenario where Joe Biden looks like a serious candidate and when I, see Jennifer Reuben, saying about naming a vice president. I think that's acknowledging that he doesn't have enough left in his career and and in reserve to be president. It's kind of saying is a backup plan and that might get him over. The line was eight. On Monday, the Deputy health minister, whose work IRAN's corona, Iris taskforce, he rejected claims. The government was downplaying how bad it wasn't ran. So the guy in charge The corona virus response in IRAN we're saying now: it's not as bad as you think.
And then on Tuesday authorities confirmed the tat guy has grown virus. That's right, the guy in charge of the grown virus response it ran, who just sudden public is not as bad as you think has the Koran now ran, is pretty scary because the numbers coming out there which- and I don't think you can believe anything about numbers coming out of her in, but there The. What we have is that there are ninety five confirmed cases and fifteen confirmed death. If that's even close
the true we're at a lot of trouble, but how reliable is this not very reliable? Now I think what we're saying so far is that the kind of the places that have the best capability of reporting have also the lowest reported death rate that we see. If that trend continues. In other words the United States, Canada, etc. There are some countries that you'd assume would be pretty good. It accurately reporting the records or ITALY's better than other countries, and that whatever you have country, that's good reporting. The death rate seems to be Lois, but the places that are bad at reporting or you don't trust them at all. It looks like scarier, so I don't know if that's a pattern. That means anything but keep an eye on that
apparently the you, the one weapons lad, has not been ruled out as a possible cause. Now the people talking about this arose very careful with their language say something's not ruled out, certainly doesn't mean is likely, and I guess the experts are now pretty much agreed- that there is nothing about the corona virus itself that has any markers for being engineered, so it doesn't look like it was engineered, but that doesn't mean it didn't come from it by a weapon lab, because I'm saying no bio weapons export, but wouldn't you think that a buyer weapons lab would have rightly of dangerous viruses and and other entities just to study them, because maybe they're combining things
they're looking for what they can learn about, one to tell them how to design another one that sort of thing. So what are the odds, the thing that Guy Araby via Weapon centre where something that they didn't designed not impossible, but I would say that the evidence is certainly not waited in that direction. At this point, if he had to bat I'd say that an animal. But you cannot rule out the more exotic possibilities wrestling by saying just recently. There is basically like a cold And that were taken then of context, and the problem here it might not be higher death rate and every flu we have every year so we might be then of proportion but like certain of its saying almost every hour on Twitter, the
Real problem might be what it does to the supply chain which were already seeing, which is why the stock market went down, and that might be the big. The problem now? Why is it that no other flew as had this effect on supply lines? What is it about this thing? There's somebody knows, makes a different. So I worry that were there's something about this virus. That's different and we're not being told. So that's pretty scary lizzie, what else we are going a lot people to speculate, how the krona virus will change politics and, in particular, will have an impact on the presidential election, and I think it will.
But it's gotta be hard to sort out the the pushes in the polls, so here the things that might be affected so for one it makes you think differently about healthcare, you might say to yourself, you know we would all safer. If all of us had healthcare, is you don't want some person who has healthcare to be run around infecting people were if they had been part of the system, maybe could have been squandered and stopped a little sooner. So I think Bernie gets a boost anytime, there's, a story that would make you think would be better for all of us. If everybody was covered says properties but working against, that is that the there's an analogy here this I will say natures analogy: so it's not one, the necessarily people are saying, but you can't miss a complete
A Muslim in immigration until we could figure out what's going on with terrorism. Now, how did people react to that? Of course, they said racist because ninety nine point, whenever percent of Muslims or no danger at all, and it would be a great act of discrimination against them if you prevented everybody to come in just because of this one or two percent or less, that might be a problem. But here s the thing without anybody telling you to compare these things, what's the difference between a population of people who were almost completely innocent, but some of them, and he can't tell which ones have this virus That was the real difference between an idea virus like a bad philosophy that would cause you to do bad things
and the actual physical virus well there's a material physical difference in the year in the molecules only in the particles and what not so, There's a difference, but in terms of how the government handles at it strangely in the same, isn't it and I think that this is going to work in the president's favour, even if nobody besides me- talks about it, because your mind makes these comparisons sum of automatically and the comparison. I think people are going to start to me Whither without any pundits ever mentioning it is that the corona virus in terms of how the public or the government should respond to it. Looks a whole lot like a group of people infected with a bad political idea that list to terrorism in both case
is well so in the case of the corona virus, when the President's stopped travel from China, what did the public say? Well, first public said: hey, that's a little race way how many are dying in China all its still. If you, if you stop only nature, these people from coming in is really raised. Tell me again only people are dying in China, and I think people talk themselves into the fact that discriminating against people from China actually makes complete sense does is just a health question is not personal, has nothing to do with the quality of chinese people. We love the Chinese just as much as always, but there's a statistical risk. This of the moment- and it matters so I thank you-
the entire population say no, no, no, don't discriminate against the Chinese. Ok, it's just for health purposes, its temporary. Till we figure out. What's going on, I can live with its people. We're gonna start, comparing that to the proposed Muslim Ban, Which again was until we figured out a better idea of what to do about it, which happened so the president decided that the right risk reward place was do just ban countries. They couldn't give you a good idea of their citizens. It's not the same as a muslim ban, but it's a smart way to get to the most critical element
which is, can you identify who is coming in? So I think the president gains on immigration, even if nobody ever makes the comparison overtly the way I just did you just can't not compare them an idea, verse virus verses and actual virus. They act so much the same. I think, that? The idea of decoupling from China, which started out astounding to extreme now looks like a better right. Even though the virus is the worst reason for decoupling. Reasonably speaking, you shouldn't be decoupling. Your economy from another country because of a virus is probably not the right reason, but it's making people think about it. So I think that emotionally, because people are afraid of health things and viruses and things a kiss
You know this was scary about of Irish guess. Yet I feel as though people can be more inclined towards going. That China and decoupling just because of the way this feels, even though, logically, that wouldn't would make sense, The other thing this interesting here is the corona virus is very rare situation in our world, in which we all have a common enemy and that's a big deal, because you know that were in times of peace, governments will invent an is just something to impose. By invent some ethnic group is our enemy, because you need an enemy right. It's good for governments for cohesion to have an enemy But what was the last time we had a common enemy ever. As a rather than a common enemy for four, also
distance everywhere on the globe. Maybe the less than there's a pandemic But I don't know that the countries were coordinating- probably not as well as as well as they do now, so there's something to be said for battling a common enemy, because you're, probably watching the news in your your hearing that North Korea is reporting that they don't have any Of course they probably do don't you actually worry about North Korea like when I hear that Greece is getting the corona virus or there's no reporting of that. But you see this happen, don't you immediately feel empathy first Citizens were mining, known business and because of their government. They won't be in a good shaped to deal with this. So
yo you can say that climate change is a common enemy, but people don't believe it. There are not enough people on their side, but everybody believes the corona viruses a common enemy. Have we ever can? Can you think of another example? because you're sorry says Malaria, Believin, Malaria wasn't really come into the United States. Was it so. Don't overlook how powerful we might be to force us to work together. Let me give you an example. I may have some of this history wrongs. Some is good. Artifact check me on this. Around the time, maybe just before the iron. Turn came down and the Soviet Union dissolved. I remember that there was some horrible earthquake in Russia, and the United States, even though we were not that friendly with
USSR. Obviously, we offered unconditional free assistance, and I said to myself I think that's going to change something, Because the United States and Russia are supposed to be enemies, but when this natural disaster happened, I mean the slovenian. When the natural disaster happened, the unite, states, this suppose a great enemy to the Soviet Union. Just said: how can we give you stuff? How can we help we did, and I think a lot of citizens donated USS was donated allow the money went over help and soon after that, the Soviet Union dissolved and I think at least part of it was they couldn't in. This is just by speculation because it might have been just. They ran animal even those just time to. The other could get lots of reasons it fell apart. But one of the reasons I think is that the unit
states no longer made it made sense as an enemy because What do you do about an enemy? Who sends you relief when you have a natural disaster that really your so I have said this before, but Russia and the United States just need to figure out, some way out of the psychological stupidity of thinking that we should be or our enemies. We act like it because we think is true, but there's no reason for it. We could just as easily stop acting that way. Nobody would be hurt and everybody would be better off so these, this common anything might be more powerful than anything on the upside. That's the most optimistic take. I could think of. And then what might happen to a rat array and was already reeling right, so they had that. You know all the problems with ran. Can
They take one more national disaster ran, is right on the brink between the sanctions and everything else. Weapons. If they ve already close down their borders mean had, is how does the regime survive orders a them because they may be, they want to keep their government if it looks like the government's doing something right. I dont know if there are if they are. The sun worry. I think I tweeted this is boring. I think Bernie is only one interview away from extinction, but it would have to be the right kind of interviewer You didn't interviewer who had some credibility about economics, somebody who clearly understands that hammocks but also knows how to frame a question right, really really pinning down. And yes, I've chiefly said that all would take is one long
Form interview with Maria by Roma and It would be a race I use Maria as just an example of somebody who understands the financial world and also can do a tough interview. She has the talent stack. Not everybody has the right combination of talents to even have their conversation. Does Anderson Cooper now think Anderson Cooper was pretty hard unborn, and it did a pretty good journalist, job of mailing him down and making more comfortable and forcing them to the answer, but I don't think Anderson Cooper s them financial talent, there's somebody,
Maria by Roma and bring to or really any the CNBC legacy people, and I wonder if the Euro, if Bernie, is trying to make the meek in her inherit the earth, because I've got a feeling that the people who most like Bernie other people who feel vulnerable makes sense right disease. One who's gonna, give you free stuff and take care of your basic needs. So if you feel vulnerable in society, in other words, your make, you go get her who's trying to win at all in capitalism. You probably like burning So Bernie is actually helping the meek, inherit the earth. But weirdly love, I mean that's almost directly. What he's doing so? That's fine, but I was Bernie, was forced to put emerald factually and about how he's gonna pay for everything
and I want to read to you just as one portion of a larger fact is filled with numbers and percentages in such as way too complicated So I'm just gonna pick out one part of it and show you how complicated they made it and then tell you what he should say instead so severe? Alas, persuasion taking your cue from President Trump who knows how to simplify. He knows who is talking to the public gallery, simplify. Here's what birdies fact she says and again this isn't the whole facts eat it's much larger than this. There's lots of points about different policies and now to pay for them. But just this one point he says- and I quote now see- is watch out. Again, this is- and this is I'm trying to make it simple and still watch our cardigans- is so factually says in twenty eight in the typical working families, in an average of six thousand and fifteen
dollars and premiums to private health insurance companies under this option, a typical families. Or earning sixty thousand dollars would pay a four percent income based premium to fund Medicare for all an income. Above twenty nine thousand jobs- One thousand two hundred forty dollars a year saving their family for thousand seven hundred seventy five year, families for making lesson. Twenty nine thousand year would not pay a premium now, here fairly, smart and educated new pay attention to that you. You know what that means. I would say that sentences sufficiently clear, then a reasonably education, educated person can read it and really understand what it says on its way to complicated what what's this take the whole paragraph with all those numbers and, first of all, if you try to sell something to the public, don't say it's gonna, save you six thousand and fifty in doll
there's a year, you can do a little rounding off about rounding off a few of these numbers here. So I would say the girl working family would pay a thousand dollars extra taxes to save five thousand dollars in healthcare expenses, see what I did there I took them. One thousand two hundred and forty dollars. I just said Paul, two thousand and then I took theirs. Their savings aforethought seven hundred and seventy five dollars and said dollar five thousand. Now how much better than my explanation? burnings. While you remember forever typical working families, pay a thousand more in taxes to save, to save five thousand dollars and healthcare per year, and my right Did I not just explain burns policy a thousand pieces? better than Bernie ever has all
It was round off and get rid of the stuff that doesn't matter girl, now. He also has a whole bunch of different ways. He wants to tax the rich and some of them have to do with a wealth tax. Depending on what thing he's funding some have to do with taxing financial transactions. Some of them have to do with more social security tax for the rich people. Does it console off a few rich? certain point certain you like to stop that cut off. So basically, as like five different ways: he's gonna tax, the rich. Now one advantage is that nobody, you're exactly what he's doing and nobody can talk to it, because it's too complicated people just retreat to their biases.
So I've. Bernie supporters say you know, that's all kind of complicated. I guess I follow in all, but he's heading in the right direction. I'm just gonna say that's good work in it. Meanwhile, the people were trying to debunk We're gonna try to do it line by line. So what about is complicated numbers? You forgot to calculate this. And nobody's gonna be able to follow it so because of its complexity, it's hard to debunk because really have to go into the details and nobody can pay attention. Nobody understands nobody would watch. So it's undue bankable because of its complexity, but it's also unsaleable because of its complexity,
so he could do a lot better there. Let me give you an example of how you can simplify the taxes on the rich. I'm not suggesting this is a good idea. This is an example of simplification. Only it's not a suggestion for run the country, but suppose you said this, Apparently, we pay about half a trillion dollars a year, just servicing the debt, so the national debt costs taxpayers half a trillion year. Just for the interest bar forget about paying them. That's just the interests. Have it brilliant here. So I suppose your burning and you want to simplify things. This is all too complicated, and you say this: I propose that we will move the the interest and the debt burden entirely to the top one percent. In other words, you say if you're, not the top one
percent none of that national debt will ever true to you and if you drop out of the one percent than you don't own, either by you just say that I'm just gonna move all of our national debt to the rich. Here's my reason it will free up, half a trillion dollars a year, that we don't have to pay an interest and that money can then be used for services or to prevent the deferent going up. I suppose now this is not really a practical plan policy, all the holes in it, but think of it as a simplification. They're just help stem cell a big, complicated thing. If I just said to lawyers deal the top one percent are going to take all of the national debt because they're the ones responsible for it and the ones have benefited from it. So.
One percent. You can take all the national debt and that will free up enough money that we can. We can chip away at all these other things like healthcare and paying down student debt and stuff like that. So that's not that's, not a good idea, but it's an idea of how much, you would need to simplify this until you get to I'm gonna build a wall and I'm gonna make Mexico pay for it. That's a good simplification. Somebody says defined the top one percent. Yet I mean if you dig into the details, none of it works. I'm just saying that as a simplification and might be good. I've seen various theories about why Sanders support might be bigger than people. Imagine, and therefore he's going to when, in a surprise, just like trumpeted, because people are underestimating the death of the burning support,
And fascinating, by the reasons that people are putting on it- and I guess the nurse- They people is for them that they have different reasons, and so is that one reason but here are some of the ones on hearing one of the reasons, boy Bernie, is that his supporters just like the fight? In other words they like that he's fighting for them, the working people or the young who don't money, and they just feel like is on their side and they don't take too seriously his proposals, so in other words a lot of his supporters don't believe that he's gonna do the things he says he wants to do is obviously Congress would step in and not do those things but they just like somebody who is on their side- that's not a bad bad take. I would say that Trump had some some of that kind,
Orders, while others say he's a populist, I actually look up populist. Did you know what a populist was does the sort of a weird word? You don't hear that much, but actually look it up. I wasn't sure ornament, so. A populist means someone who represents the common people now I think, there's another way of saying that the common people, since there are so many of them there are common their whatever they want should be the the popular opinion. So if you just say what the common people want here, you're you're populist gives you are in the majority, I guess no the. So I guess people would like him says really. The same reasoning is fighting for the little people. I have also heard the theory that that supporters just want to blow up the system there, just so sick of business. The way it's been the very much like some transporters they just
want to break the government, but I would argue that troms do in a pretty good job of breaking the old form of government, so I'm not totally convinced that they need Sanders to do that. Maybe they think they could take it further. But let's say this parliament, then there is the obvious that people like free stuff, if I were raised with a hundred thousand dollars a student debt may support Bernie. I might guess it would be in my vast self interest to do so. I mean it's under a thousand dollars of all for the guy. You can give me a hundred thousand dollars. Of other people's money in, but I am going to add one too. So here's my addition to it. I think there are just people who like to be active people. Don't political act
So, no matter the situation and no matter the candidates. I think the same group of voters would be the activists casucha. Some people like to be activists and if you took away if they solve the problem, that there were act activist about the day it was solved there. Become activist under a different problem. So I'm starting with the assumption that people who like to get involved and liked to get worked up about things, are gonna get involved in get worked up about something and then they have to choose what it is. I feel that backing burry is lifestyle decision and here's what I mean if you back President Trump, can you say so in public is hard Backing trump is socially very difficult and you have to know that you're going to take a head to do it so the risk, but what about
can you imagine backing Hillary Clinton so a lot of people back Hillary Clinton haven't they feel today. It seems like backing. Hillary Clinton was a little bit dangerous and maybe a lot of people didn't want to admit, even if they were Democrats and even if they preferred her over the alternative, they might not want to admit, because Heller is get kind of a rough reputation. But what about burning until this week, when a lot of his old video surface, where he seemed to be complementing Castro release? That's way, spun, wasn't exactly that. That was happening, respond that way until then wasn't in the safest candidate to support, let's say here, you're in your twenties and your life, social, you go out a lot of friends, you gotta work, work around people all the time and your social life is very important to you in your twenties, of course, is important.
And you look around and you save yourself- everybody of sports Trump is getting marked everybody who sports YO some Standard Democrat can also get my you re a Hillary Clinton type, but nobody is really marking Bernie Sanders in the way that hurts certainly, as a consequence, the sums but they're, not really the kind there hurt, he's the safest lifestyle choice. If you had to tell somebody in public who you supported, you could tell here's the key. You could tell a Trump supported these poor Bernie and what with tromp supporters say well, I think, as I can. I was still work, but I got a library even the Trump supporters go say I don't want to
my president, but you're. Ok, I can see why you would support him. I mean you're, not crazy, he's offering tv free stuff he's fighting for you. He cares about the little people these been genuine together. You don't really get that response. If somebody had been backing Clinton, you gonna get a darker response that so I think that maybe the most important thing with centres is that he's, lifestyle compatible carefully. Even please say it out loud and you don't have to worry about. The ramifications. He's is unique. That way
I was asking in twitter what country I should flee to. Should the United States become a Bernie Sanders country now? Am I serious? Would I really leave the United States? Bernie Sanders became president. While I would depend yes, the Congress flipped and it was a was sales, a republican Congress. I wouldn't worry too much about Bernie. I'd, probably stick it out, but imagine if Maginnis burning is like and against all odds. He goes on to consolidate the Congress. I'm gettin out at that point get pretty serious about getting out. If you have any money that you want to protect, that was asked you what countries will people go to, and I guess I said first safety and as well as economic,
some people, said well about the Caribbean, to which I said to myself. It's not can be an island. I said safety, I'm not going to pour. Eureka I'm not going to an island, I also would be a little hesitant to be right on the coast is depending on the coast of that year. Regains. So I'm not gonna go anywhere where there's a hurricane risk, less unsafe, I don't wanna go anywhere where there's a political risk. There might be a overthrow or cool or something I don't. Wanna go someplace where the taxes are too high and I wanna go were discriminated against and the more I thought about it. Yet Costa Rica, Ghost Rica's smallish and it's got to coasts so an assurance of safe Coast Rica's, but it will be high on the list,
But the point is the United States doesn't have any competition? Do it, because when actually sit down as they are right? can go anywhere in the world and if it's not gonna, be the United States. Where am I gonna? Go I did see Australia in Switzerland mentioned quite a few times Australia's about adapt, look at their tax situations, Wyoming. So there's not much competition. When we talk about an idea, I want to put out there in, in the car I want you to have answer this question. How many of you and you can just say yes or no. You don't have to add anything. If you know what How many of you, your lives, are negatively impacted by addiction. Now doesn't have to be your own addiction, it could be a spouse, family, member loved ones.
Friend coworker, how many of you are being negatively impact in a serious way because of somebody has an addiction and it might be thought those little delay in the comments way for that and the recent messages, because I want to put a suggestion. I know some when my own stepson was going through is addiction problems. We didn't Irene search about? What do you do? Where do you send people, and the answer is: there is not really any place to send attics, there are super expensive places. I've been super expensive that really are gonna work for ninety nine percent of the world. And then there are just no other options or their their places that maybe your one home go to somebody's dreary, little neighbourhood home, and there are some other attics trying to recover. But just as one house and as soon as you leave that one house
Well, you're back in the real world, with all the risks and people just fall back. So here's my suggestion. I think we need to build and abject town. Ok, you using all the asses coming in the comments. It's nearly a hundred percent. Yes, I do see some knows again not unpleasant but looks like eighty percent yeses. Why wasteful about, maybe half. So I think some of you are more effective than you know about. You may not know how much is affecting, but addiction is the biggest problem we have in the United States, that's not being handled. We have big problems, but we mostly of we know what to do about it, even the crow virus. We know what to do we're just doing it as quickly as we can but
Fr addiction, it's just ruining families all over the place is ruining the economy. I mean this is ruining everything and the reason I would suggest building an attic town is that you would make an entirely self contained community. That's got its own stores and services and people can work there and live there and just not leave now. If they get a really good control of their addiction, they can leave if they want, but you make it a place. You can go to live, not replace the you go to spend, not a place even spend twenty thousand dollars a month to to live there, because listen attic treatment place, just the place to live that you give searched anytime, you came in to make sure there are no drugs, so there would be no alcohol sold in and you
let anybody who wasn't a recovering act so would be hard to get in. If you were a drug dealer in NEO, obviously somebody would try. Then he'd have to kick him ill, but here's. The second part, the abject town, should be built from scratch. Here's one of the most important things for housing- and I don't hear anybody talk about this. I think I'm the only one of the most important thing to get right. For housing is to be with people who were in the same situation as you are, so what I mean by that is, if you live in a community and you ve got less aid to small kids in school, the best situation as he live around a bunch of other people who have kids in school, because then play with each other. The chair, the parents take turns, try, Then you share a lot of their duties. Kids always have something to do. Somebody help with homework. Likewise, if You'Re- so
say you're single in your twenties, the latter, thing you want this live around a bunch of kids senior citizens so pretty much. Everybody is happier living room. People were in their situation and I think that's true for annex as well, because the last thing that Alex Wanna do is live in a world where everybody else is going out and drinking they care fit in this very uncomfortable. So the first thing to get right is the people who are sums lifestyle like you in some important you're. Are the people around you? That's why a college dorm can be the best lifestyle while being the least expensive you're, just a little room with two people shoved into a shared bathroom and still the best time in your life is because you around people that are like you and you're doing stuff. Do you wanna, do learning, etc so this is how it should be designed if you design adequate treatment from the
person or the one house I have one house and people will go here. I just don't think stuff. I think you need to build entire towns and people just gotta move. And just say: I'm gonna live here as long as it takes, and that can be The clear because there's nothing here. I couldn't be initiatives if I wanted and then, if you start from scratch and build it, you can do things like experiment and lower the cost of the housing and try to try to build a lifestyle. That's an ideal engineers situation and then people will be happy to live there, and I think you can actually make his self sustaining.
Meaning that, instead of paying twenty thousand dollars and was to be there is just a place you read so it's just a low cost city and you'd have to have a job or a source of income, but things would be cheap there. That's offer now think about that. Talk about that later.
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