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Episode 834 Scott Adams: All The #Loserthink Around Coronavirus

2020-02-28 | 🔗

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  • The Adams Law of Slow Moving Disasters
  • Trump administration’s coronavirus response
  • Coronavirus #Loserthink
  • The right amount of panic
  • Sanjay Gupta misinterprets President Trump

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on everybody. One in here did you miss me. I hope so, I'm back where you can't keep me away. You know bad. I had to feel yesterday in order to miss the simultaneous up, far more addicted to its new are back and today we're going to enjoy the best simultaneous sip of the entire epoch, epoch, epoch e, p, o c h. The word I dont know what it means exactly, but are used today way. Yes, let me explain so
battling intestinal. Your problem with, for about one hour every day has been screaming in vain. Now, if I'm screaming and pain for I am I'm usually five by the time. It's time simultaneous, but yesterday the timing was unfortunately bad and I was screaming in vain and exactly what I needed to be under Aeroscope. Now I gotta be completely honest with you. The thing that makes the pain go away is medical marijuana. It works every time. It works. A hundred per cent And it takes maybe half an hour to kick in, so I've been staying, stoned as I can stay twenty three hours a day
the only time or not is. If I go to sleep and whereas often I wake up and screaming vain, which is what happened yesterday. I woke up a little too close to the tv periscope time and I didn't have time to dedicate so, if you're wondering Skype, why does your energy seem a little differently? It's because I've been doing these periscopes pretty stoned now, I let me say as clearly as I've never recommended marijuana as a party drunk, but as a medicinal option. There are some things that does that just nothing else can do does do not the other drug I could be taking to avoid being and screaming pain. Twenty four hours a day. I think nothing To the best of my knowledge is not even another thing, so I'm just be an honest, but,
For the simultaneous because we ve gone today's within a couple of glass, the taper tells you say the canteen jirga flask of vessel, though the guy and fill it with you. Liquid. I like coffee and join me, though, for the emperor, the pleasure the dope within the days and makes everything better, the simultaneous up go anyway? One version short I've gotta, I've got a plan we're getting rid of whatever the hell is wrong with me. I think it's see death if you're a medical nerd, that's what's going on, but we'll take her the right we'll Sir Corona Virus, because its all we want to talk about it's all, we want to talk about and why, things that could happen. But I'm not seeing happened,
sometimes humanity needs a common enemy need a common enemy and this road of viruses. It is a weird one because it should be a common enemy and they should be teaching us. Hey everybody we get along better, because here is a good example of white to get along but it doesn't seem, do working that way. So it looks like some kind of an exception to the car. Then be driving us together. Just doesn't seem to be no this the krona. Viruses can be a test kind of a stress test or an edge. Case for what I call the Adams love slow, moving disasters. I've talked about this before in other contexts and the idea is that when humans can see a disaster coming, And we all know it's come and we ve got time to prepare were usually find because
extraordinarily good at avoiding problem, when we have enough time, for example, not run out of food. Even though our population grows, we ve not run out of fuel, even though our population grows so so we're really good at it. But do we have enough time with his career virus? If Follow the resources and creativity in energy: human beings, whether to solving this, which is, I think, what's happening right now, using massive resources being concentrated, do we have enough time Now it may depend on how we How effective we are good. Our leadership is, but let me just throw out some thoughts biggest thing this killing. People apparently is lack of ventilators, because
if you're, older or compromised, especially this current virus will get your lungs closet. Pneumonia, like symptom, and apparently them of the things we can actually do about it there. Actually isn't much. You can do about it. When somebody has a virus, keep comfortable it keep you hydrated But mostly if it's real bad case, you need a ventilator There is not really anything else, they make much difference. So here's the question: how quickly, could american engineers and manufacturers crank hell ventilators in in a crisis situation. You know we leave those states famously became a manufacturing joy, because a world war two maybe World war, one other, no, my history that well but the boy,
is that when the country needs to put all of its resources toward manufacturing, there are many. Things. We do better we're like real you're, really good, manufacturing gigantic quantities of stuff. Where needed, we do it when we'll where we can make money, but we also do for emergencies. So here's a question. I just asked social media however Israel, you ve seen seep up machines. These things are people use for sleep, Albania and snoring. How different is that from a ventilator in both cases, a mask like thing they goes over here. At least your nose- is now your mouth and nose it forces air into your lungs seep app. I think it is less than a bypass and no no, my perhaps, but apparently there's a slow
the definition in this closer to a ventilator. But here's my point there. Probably not that many hospital ventilators compared to how many we might need. But I'll bet there are tons of super machines, The question is in an emergency. If he had do what you see that machine operate enough like event later, they could keep people alive. It's not your first choice and you wouldn't work people out in twenty four hours a day, but what it work in the short run. So it's a question. So the question is this: are they close enough? that we could get a bunch of those going preserve. There are quite a few of them here that are already available in the country. People using them for sleep happier, but may be first
Or periods it I'm awake, somebody with sleep at near would say you know, are probably won't die of sleep Albania in a week. Uncomfortable, but maybe the guy was a blue, borrow my machine, we're anywhere near the boy where people can be loaning there see that machine out does it might need it for themselves, but the point is how hard would be If we're already developing things like see, Bab machines to start creating them like crazy, perhaps with some tweaks to make them more? my perhaps more ventilators, or to get that So it's an unknown, but any a new rule out here, the ingenuity in terms of manufacturing
you're living on a really big variable, so it is entirely possible. The two things could be true. At the same time, it could be true that the corona virus is more lethal. By its nature, then, maybe anything we ve seen this class while at the same time, if we do a better job of treating the worst case, it could also be the lowest after it, do you care rule out there? We could be so good at responding compared to the past. That's the worst virus with the least amount of impact. Possible, one of the things that President Trump is getting some heat on any deed Rasmussen shows is approval dipped pretty quickly because of this cruel Irish are what does things he's getting blame for? Is his reaction to the press, conferences and, and
I don't know I dont know if people were typically supportive of the president are going to be siding with him as hard as you normally would. If it were just a political and probably people just take sides, and it doesn't matter what the facts are. People just takes But in this case I think you're seeing a lot more trumps supporter saying you know, I'm not complete We are happy with the way things are going. Well, let's talk about that livestock how well the trumpet administration is responding. And how the mediators treating them? For that? The first thing I would say is that if you are sure that the administration is responding poorly or if you're sure that the responding excellently- you're, probably an idiot or.
Either an idiot or your line, because the fact is, we really cannot tell the difference between a good job in a bad job unless it so extreme. Near anybody, anybody could tell, but were nowhere near or anything like that somewhere in that bumbling middle range. Where were we feeling their way through. It were doing what we can were working with limited resources, collecting information, or definitely bumbling failures of the crisis now human history, suggests that weaken very rapidly from bumbling too my god that was a good job This is why we do right, it's you humans their situation day, one bumbling
do. We know why we bumbled day three, oh my god, you're doing a great job now and that was faster than we thought. So we shouldn't make too much of how the first days go. There are likely to look bumbling. How rapidly we adjust is gonna, be the entire game, so how we do it alone? So here's here's the bottom line on the loser. Think of looking at the administrations efforts so far. You cannot compare what we ve done. We meaning the administration than the United States compared, but another president would have done, because we don't have that test, no other president doing the same job, but the different policies under the same situation you care, compare, so, there is no reasonable way to know if
president would have done a little bit better than Trump or a little bit. Worse really know what to tell one of the things that we could. Probably We also have a good feel for, but still we know for sure is that trumpet by nature is a little more likely to close a border than another present, and there is some suggestion that the United States closing at least its travel from China, has enclosed as much travel as it could still planes coming from ITALY for example, but by acting fairly aggressively and and early there's a suggestion that the United States bought itself two or three weeks Khazars, some thinking that the virus is coming. You just can't stop it, but we may have pushed back the big lump for a few weeks, which gives you time to prepare.
So yes, yourself, would a president who is in favour of more open borders. A president who is more concerned about how it would look race wise. If it's the traveller was closed. What another president have closed the borders so quickly or closed travelling? I guess so quickly and I think the answer is not a chance right. I think the answer is not a chance. So you don't know I mean, maybe you throw a burning tenders there any close on the first day, maybe, but it seems unlikely, doesn't it because the anti trumpery are all saying trucks? Humor said he was being too hasty. Looked raises its head at the time. So so, if we're evaluating what Europe has done so far, the first thing is: did he act decisively and.
Quickly, even though public opinion wasn't with him. Yet the answer is yes, there was it fast enough? there is nothing that will happen from any country or any entity. There will be fast enough. Here's a rule relation, remember forever. If something is there, the thing to do you can't do it too vast that from the moment that it could and on his when it should have been done? If you wanted the best result, but were human things take a while
There will never be a situation where even people did the right stuff didn't as quickly as it could have been done. That's not a thing. So if you see somebody criticising somebody for not doing something fast enough, just know that that can be said for every situation could be true, but also could be true of every situation. So here's here's what I think the president that most wrong and I think people are gonna, be criticising. Him are gonna, have some traction on this number, one I have long been making the case that there is no such thing as a good precedent. There is only a president who is well suited for the specific challenges of the time, so in other words, I believe if you were to take,
you thought where your top twenty president's, if they had been president's in different circumstances,. May not have been so good, so you have to have the right person for the right challenges. The best example is a wartime president may have different skill set than Somebody presiding over a golden age with no no specific war threats. This is all always saying. I think President Trump is the rule. Personality for the specific problem. That doesn't mean you'll do a better job. I'm just saying is an extra challenge and here's. Why? If you have an optimist, president, that is the greatest presently of what he is trying to goose things that are already pretty good, and I would say
the Obama economy was was solid by the time the trunk got it. If you're trying to take something from solid to really good. You want a president rob. I doubt anybody could ever be better it. That particular skill. It's a perfect fear of personality and circumstance. You know things are good, but watch our good they're gonna be well. Things are good amazing. It will be the best, since every balance can be lower unemployment. That's exactly the president. You want in that situation, but our situation suddenly changed now. This situation is that the best that the country can do. Is the panic a little bit. Mean by that. Is you want the citizens to take this really seriously? You want them to do what needs to be done, but you don't want them to over panic and you don't want them to sell off all their stocks before they show,
Sandra so she's got this really fine line here too much amazing makes you look like you're ran a touch and that's what the president did. The president applied a little too much optimism cassettes who he is. It's hard to turn that off. That's your core personality is optimistic. So, given that Trump has two modes, one he's trying scary you about something that somebody else's problem was a immigration or China whenever and he's gotta that if he was, he just wants to scare. You he's good at that. If he wants you to feel optimistic things are going great he's good at what he's not gonNA had, apparently just based on what we watched is hitting the fine middle ground, where you say you know I'm scale,
one to ten. Let me tell you you need to take this as a ten of importance. But at the same time we're gonna Cavell come come out of this okay So really hard message outside their present jobs, just not the ideal person before that message, great optimism greater Scaring you but seriously as a heart attack, but we'll be fine, that's just not, as we spoke, and I think we saw that next time you did wrong was. Even though I think logically, the selection of pants to leader of the thing. It might, and I dont know this unjust, speculating It might be exactly the right thing functionally because if hence as a smart enough manager, and there is every reason to believe he's, smart enough. What he's going to
it would be. The club, I think, is our call them the club within the government, but he's gonna. Let the experts do the experts stuff so he's already, apparently to some personal with medical background was appointed to be sort of a bizarre below patents and, of course, you'll have access to all the resources of the government and heal There will then be people up faster than some other job good. You dont want an unknown, leading an effort. This import because the unknown might not be able to pull over Aversion make the phone calls and get people to do things immediately. Vice president of the United States, under the direct under the direct control of the president, I think it's, the vice president's calls you under this circumstance you gonna, do it. Every wants. Rikers he's got, the authority in the office is close enough to the present, so so it could be.
This is exactly the right move, but it might not be give you a couple of other possibilities the problem with balances that the knock against him from the other team. The Democrats is that these anti science and the examples would be climate change and probably something in the algae beauty Q world, but is pence going to be anti science about a virus or probably not right. Do you think there is any chance, the pen Is going to overrule any scientific or technical person who is working on this? Is he gonna say you know? I hear all your science I read in my Bible something different, some good. Really, you now know ass. I could happen. There is not even the slightest chance s going to happen.
So I don't think there's any realistic risk they having them might pence gives you any kind of entire science outcome. I think the risk that is exactly zero. He is here to listen to the experts. I just I just feel like there's. No there's no real risk there, but it does look bad. I gotta say if you're trying to make the country feel confident in here in your response. Does MIKE Pence get you there? Let me throw a second idea just for comparison. This is not a suggestion. Get something for comparisons, comparison suppose the president had put the military in charge of the response, whoever a general of some kind. Would you feel more comfortable if the military were in charge of the corona virus response Would you feel the scarier? So
think you can go either way there. What to see in your comments, having the military in charge. Would you make you feel better or worse than having the civilian leader my pants, remember, leave the avenger my pencil, not as expertise Nor is he tell you, it is the advantage of my parents. Is that he's a heartbeat away from the presidency. You don't want to send you a b team for after the coronavirus right? If my pants says something has to be done under these, relations with the authority that he's getting from the executive office. I think he's just a giant club forgetting stuff down in that way be exactly what we need
Yes, I'm? So suddenly he responses and there seems to be a consensus that a military leadership would be scary. That's my feeling too here's the counter argument. The counter argument is: it's gonna get. There are no matter what Meaning that, if the, if the emergency reaches a large enough critical level You might be there, nobody, but the military would have the capability of handling whatever falls No, I don't know that's necessarily true, but we can easily get there. So is my parents, the right person, things the right person functionally to probably not the right person from they messaging and making the the country feel comfortable. So I think the administration is to sell that a little bit better.
And that might be in the in the form of describing what might pence is doing and not doing, and I think the country needs to see my pen say: hey America, Just want to be sure. You understand that I might tens will not be making medical decisions and lobbyists transparency. Can't you can know what I'm doing about doing from, but mostly I making sure resources get to the right place. I'm not gonna, be an expert in a market to slow down the experts, I'm going to accelerate them on throwing resources towards the experts, so that's what I'm doing my job. If he explains it that way, I think people are does ok, I get it you're not trying to be a scientist. That would be crazy idea. You're trying to get the money basically get the money get them yet them attention. Resources I so
you're seeing a bunch of criticisms from usual suspects about trumps performance here and They're going for all these vague things such as well, this president is your d, degraded, the credibility of the country, you just when credibility will be the thing we need and trust any here? Those arguments amuse yourself in I understand the sentences I get what you're saying I understand Why are we even makes sense? But are we see the examples of what? What would be an example either in the past, or even potentially, in which the president's history of statements that the first checkers, don't like, whereas history of dealing with other countries or other people makes any difference. What would be an example of that because I just
one, especially in a crisis. People get pretty serious in a crisis, and I don't think that people, stumbling over trumps history of hyperbole. I just don't see how it becomes a real problem. Though will, although this affect the election, is what you're asking me? You haven't s, but I know you think you and the answer is yes, if you ask me a couple days ago, I would have said I don't know might affect the election lights. It might run his course before then. I would say at this point. This is going to be a variable, and this is one of them. I always am so careful to say when I say that the president is heading for a besides slaughter victory, I'm always careful to say if everything stay the same.
What you I always rowan- and it was the one thing you can be sure of- is that will be surprises between now and next day was his very big one so go years. The he was one of the surprises Rasmussen is reporting that the president's approval, when from fifty two to forty seven, almost overnight, directly after his response to the krona virus. So I believe the public has spoken and the public just said. You know, I don't think he had a home run here this, but the bad thing is. All of the reporting. The information is just so amazingly horrible, basically horrible that it's hard to form a good opinion here. Let me ask you this. If you believe that I tweeted this, if you believe the administration is not doing enough,
to be ready for or to combat the corona virus. What specifically, have they not done? They should have been done. There was also possible. Watch how many people have really firm opinions with the present? It has not done and is not doing the right stuff, but you say what would be an example of the right stuff. What what is he hasn't done. They should do. And you're going to find. Don't really know what should be done, they don't what he has done. They don't know what he should do, but there pressure, they have opinion so because it's a big, complicated in confusing situation and because the pundits will be spent- this and the most Anti Trump way. I think it's good leave mark. Now
by that? This could turn positive from the president is a he said. Something pretty outrageous, and this is were earning into. He's kind of act like we're, gonna be fine or that there is a good chance that we'll be fine, whereas the experts are source you know there is not even a chance we're going to be fine. The experts are pretty clear. Sort of nothing. You can do this this Ursus cover our way, we're just gonna get it that's all there is to it now again. What is it? The president should have done that he hasn't up, or do we not have enough money for something I've. Seen no report, have you seen any report this something stopped or couldn't be done because we didn't funding.
I am not aware of any reporting like that, so many wise. No, are you aware of any body whose who hasn't done the thing they were supposed to do? Maybe I don't know anybody now, so that's the the other bigger known as it is the death rate. Now I talk all the time about. The two movies are ones greed and we ve got another just perfect exit. Whenever you have complicated situations that allows people to interpret them as entirely different movies, and but the amazing thing is when people the same fact: it's video! It's right there. You can look at it. And they stuck a boy with different ideas, about that? One fact that we can both look at a replay, some video- you said as much as you want and still have a different opinion of what that fact was.
And they happen again on CNN, so you probably Seen by now the clip of Doktor Gupta asking the question at the press conference and the doktor group does question: was about the relative danger and lethal reality. The death rate of the corona virus versus the regular flew so here's what group to say
I'm gonna paraphrase little bit tell the story. So Gupta says that the regular flues have mortality rate of point one so a tenth of one percent, whereas that he goes on to say that the krona virus says something like a two to three percent which could be you know twenty twenty five times worse than a regular, flew President Trump says its higher than that. So that's will present. Job said he said, is higher now, Gupta goes and talks to weather Anderson, Cooper Cooper after these talking about his question and the answer- and this is what Gupta says happened- and I remember this is on video. You can go watch yourself. What goop this has happened. The president said live tv during that press conference.
The regular flew, had a higher death rate than the corona virus, which Person does not. Only wrong is wrong by a factor of twenty five. It would be exactly upside down. Good to see that we talking about how does the present is that this most critical fact about the krona virus, he has upside down and he did it during the press conference about the Krona virus at the very time you should be the best informed. He was completely uninformed backwards, except that didn't happen. Go watch the video the entire report about the president. Getting those two figures backwards. Didn't happen, but Gupta goes on camera any talks about it like it just happened like you just watched, so I had to go back and watch it What the hell am. I saying this not even close,
whatever Gupta. To I mean he was there. And I'm watching the video of the exact exchange and here's. How I interpreted group too said the rat The regular flu has a Deathray two point one. Then he continued talking and he says quota virus two to three percent. The president says is higher than that. Interpreted it to say that the president was saying that the regular flu is worse than what Google is saying. No, I don't think it is, but he sang it is worse than your saying goop to interpret that is to say that a regular flu is worse than the krona virus, which struck didn't say. That's just something to the interpreted now I watch I thought? No, I'm not the same words at the same time. That's not how I interpret,
and the reason I dont interpreted- that way is that it would be crazy. Now, if who said that the regular flu is is worse than people? at his rider wrong but it's sort of immaterial. It's not terribly important. The story. But the way CNN interpreted it was, I Reversed something- point. One was something that's two to three twenty five times difference and that's a jig canting deference somebody in the common somebody says I saw that now is confused. Here is see and ensure that they should have said. His answer was ambiguous. We'd better find out what he meant. That would have been honest because I think that were serve expecting The true trumped be so one informed that they leaped to that conclusion, and if that's true well, I would be
there. It's also reported in this part is just head shaking, but maybe I'm just uninformed so fill in the blanks. Here is reported, also see in it that the president, was not aware. The regular, flew just ignore annual, flew in its different forms- also kills tons of people. And CNN is reporting that he learned that, just before the press conference from some expert route of thinking to myself, ok where's, where is the evidence of that? That's a pretty big claim saying that the president only just learned before his press conference on the krona virus that he had just learned minutes before that that the regular virus kills lots of people you'd better show me the quote:
You'd, better show me more than one named source or say that didn't happen. It's a little bit mind, really isn't it the eggs We know what you were thinking, here's. What I do think is likely. I do think it likely that before he went on he was being updated about how bad the regular flu is, and I think most of us every day, we find that, even though we all know that lots of people die from the regular flew when you hear the actual numbers, it's gotta shocking, even if you know the general idea that the regular Slim kills while people. I believe that here is reminding those numbers before he talked. One group too said that the regular flew NEO kills point one, President, just having having just been breathed that the regular flu is bad stuff may have
play does usual hyperbole inside the notes, even worse now so, in other words, probably didn't happen the way and unreported. So, Does anything the news tells you about any list after one of the questions I had was, how do you calculate the death rate of a virus? If you don't have the denominator, In other words, you know if you do interracial dead people too, Who have the virus but did not die, suggestion that there might, when people die. Little bit better accounting that possess a discreet event. You can usually tell if it was the krona virus so the numerator dead people. We probably do that, but there is a strong suggestion that there might be a lot of asymptomatic people People know of any symptoms whom I as the other their careers.
So until you know that, do you know anything now, people Sunday papers on Twitter, that brainy papers from Phds it suggests their statistical ways that they can determine this. For example, in China they can now take a group of several hundred people and they can just test them and then they can find out how many of them had it. There would not have been discovered. But really a few hundred people that got tested in China Number one. Do you believe their data, no asian Asian, believe any data that comes out of China for that are really anything else. And secondly, what about people were mild. Symptoms were hiding. If we're chinese and you had a sniffle? Would you tell anybody? I don't think so
I think you just tell your family, hey just yo to show the food under the door for a couple weeks I'm gonna be hiding in this room over here? Don't Nobody here, I can't believe four seconds that we can get the denominator right. So here's a personally and one. I think that. Rob unwisely suggested is possible, which is that we might be fired, where's. It might not be worse than the regular flew when, when all is said and done for a few reasons, one is we baby responding to this far more aggressively than regular flues, I can make a difference. Just a survival, but is also possible that this is the most most via oh flu, we ve ever had just simply fall under this
we haven't, ruled out the possibility that is the most viral virus. Weaver has just people can get a really easily at the same time that maybe most people would get it don't have much in the way symptoms or even. So we really dont know the denominator. We ve got smart people guessing. That is really high and scary. I think we should act as though it's big in high and scary. That's a small thing to do You don't wanna error in the wrong direction, but Trump has opened the possibility maybe in the end this won't feel worse in terms of death, then the regular flew stole the terrible
What else we going on here, it's a frustrating crisis goes: there's not much. You can do right, you can wash your hands, but really you could put a mask, but apparently there is disagreement about whether that makes it either. Makes things worse. Who knows so here's what job set about this quote its? to disappear one days like a miracle. It will disappear. Transcended the White House, Thursday. He also warned that things could get worse before it gets better. But then he added it could maybe go away, will see what happens they really those, though, in terms of technical accuracy, thinking is accurate it is accurate to say that there are some unknown easier and we might surprised her whip.
The surprise lots of times by things we thought would be worse than they were right in its fairly garden. We thought that the oil spill in the gulf would be way worsen. Louis, we thought that the year two thousand bug would be worse than was we thought I'm a change as bad as people think it will be for years. People have been suggesting it would be worse. The president here, if you, if you A certain age and you ve seen it many times things were predicted to be a crisis at the end. I'd, say you look at me. I guess we did pretty good at it. Here we gotta that earlier somebody saying that the college, I guess we did pretty good, so I dont think the president is wrong that we could find out. There better handling this then current evidence would suggest, but I do think he'd message that wrong
the rights, sweet spot would have been a little less optimism because it looks makes them look a little out of it. It would have been cleaner and our message to say: you're there, birthday say coming common, but we're America we're gonna, get through this, and we might get lucky but you play you, should you should plan, you should plan for it to be a big event and you should prepare for we're gonna get through this. We are aware, I will do better than other countries as well. Other countries, if we, message I want to hear, but if I hear that, the President saying one day might wake up and it's a miracle it will disappear. Then I think really the leader messaging. I worry here, so he needs to fix lap. I think
I understand that we still have triumphed, travel coming in from ITALY and in some cases there I have to know what kind of thinking goes into when you close and airport. I get that we're trying to protect the economies and stuff. ITALY. Maybe you want to think about cell phone to us, government is banned all large scale events more than a thousand people, assume before we do that, I think we're going to see our schools. Clovers and large events are cancelled MIKE. I wouldn't be surprised if this spring we see a full Slater, stadium, sports and less worthy. You don't wanna, do the weirdest parts of this whole crowd of
virus stories. That or for members of the Rev ruling. Regime who have confirmed court proto virus cases. Of course, the ayatollahs up there and age, eighty, whatever that's the dangerous so what are the odds that the A dollar has not been infected by now for members of the regime who have met with them. Recently people about with them. What are the odds. Also, the odds are pretty good that the item got this already or will get it. What are the odds that he would die at age? You'd have the best health care about you. Age. So there's something like somebody calculated a nine percent. I think, can calculate this.
Nine percent chance. That's all be regime change around just because the virus. Yo, you would bet on that, but I think there's solid Sub ten percent chance that it could be a regime change event. Here are some good news: E G, Opie Minority leader Mccarthy, has introduced some climate change. I guess you call it a republican response to climate change Stephanie about it. Is that a co2 as a problem and warming is problem, but it promotes gas natural gas and nuclear as to the biggest pillars.
And I think that's what we been waiting for, because the president had been basically you all armed when it came to talk about climate change. But this Mccarthy thing gives him gives him a path. Those Completely compatible, but with all past statements, because, Do you believe that climate change is a big problem or another problem? You'd still The sellers much natural gas is good, because it's better than the altar we sell it. The United States makes a lot of it and you just Want build nuclear as quickly as again for a whole variety of reasons. One of them is going enough energy polluted glass preparing for the the war in space where we wanna to. We have we're going to need a good nuclear scientific community for all that. So anyway? That's some good news, but it's not getting much attention, is cruelly viruses taken all the attention
Speaking of which Josh Holly Senator from Missouri has some someone station that, that, will allow the United States to better diversify away from being have too much of our medical supplies in one place outside the country so the big problems that China makes a lot of her medicines and medical supplies, and this Josh Ali legislation proposed legislation would make it easier to adopt If I were problems are we could bring more manufacturing to safer places like the? U S, and I think that's a great idea. You say that: So this would be gigantic news, except for the krona virus. But apparently syrian forces, which probably means Russia in this case.
Apparently they bombed and killed a few dozen Turks somewhere in Syria. So Turkey is responding by opening their border and letting refugees flow into Europe. What. So we have this weird NATO situation because on one hand, we back our NATO ally Turkey against Syria, that probably russian. The reaction against them, but wasn't relax whether they do we don't really know what's going on there, because you have thirty, people could have been won. What missile one Bob. When rocks. We don't know exactly was governor, but can we have a NATO ally who just opened its border to pour a bunch of refugees into Europe. What kind of a NATO allies that much of a NATO allies.
So we're watching that. I guess the biggest news about that is that we don't care. Does the United States care if Syria and Turkey are killing each other May we wish nobody were dying right, but in terms of our national interests, I just don't know no if we care Now I would like to ask you this question for those of you than washing my periscopes when the first news broke of the corona virus in China, some of you saw me, give a rather expletive laden, periscope, in which I was calling for closing the airports. This is a question and the answer was either First person that you heard say close airports.
As you know, I like to do an audit of what I have tried to persuade I would do others compatible with what actually happened. He care really tell if you been indifference, but you could tell if its compatible with what happened it, but in in the public, was I the first person the most of you saw saying closely at an airport and can we say at this point so people say no side like if other people are saying I would be interested in that, but my expletive laden, periscopes, became very viral and, as you know, a lot of people watch them who were part of the government in part of the media. And I'm thinking I dont know, if anybody what as strong as early as I did
in a light. Does I'd like to think it was helpful, so tell em said close down, but did he persuade as aggressively as I did so I'm seeing other names? People said: show them was first. While I like to know who was- was early and persuasive, and that I will it will not make the claim that I was first cuz. Others make any sense who knows whose thinking what were at one time, I like to think that I did something useful by giving in as fast as I could in being, as we say, aggressive as I was about that point, persuasion check your biasing responses here,
We are also seeing way more decoupling talk than ever before. I'm certainly one of the most active people talking about decoupling. I would not be the strongest voice for that, but certainly do my part. Secondly, the ban was first some people saying anyway, it doesnt matter was first, but the people were Their early and were aggressive about it that yourself from the back. I think that the US talk about this before that our form of government has trains, magnified revolved,
from being something like a republic to something more like a direct democracy were an influential people on social media are pushing the government so, instead of instead of electing people and they go off and make decisions on your behalf, the public is more directly pushing the politicians on these issues, and we understand. I think this. For example, I would say that the public, and primarily primarily social media- I think that the persuasive people and social media probably saves the United States two to three- weeks to help us get prepared again uttered off. The preparation makes a difference, but probably does the so I. Say: congratulations Anybody who is on social media who is part of really regret, pushing the government to act quickly.
Decisively, in a way that everybody knew, would be politically unpopular, Everybody knew it would be politically unpopular. The president did it did a pretty quickly and I think you did it because a social media pressure- and I think you got a pat yourselves on the back. Right because any, but anybody you retweeted my curse, laden opinion or anybody retweeted. Your bed in rainbow else who is saying the same thing, makes a rich jack preserving any of those people You all helped me you're, you're, directly part of that solution, so pays off in the back. Who knows how it all turned out, but I feel as if reason, one didn't you know, I feel, like the system kind of proved itself pretty well. There.
I think that's about all. I got document somebody said you were more aggressive, but not necessarily the first. I think that probably isn't most accurate statement I believe I was the most aggressive. Of the people who were early. But being early and not aggressive, I dont know if that makes a difference. Being early and being crazy about it gets more attention. That's all I have to say for now. I will talk to you later.
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