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Episode 836 Scott Adams: The Biden Bounce, Bernie’s Math, Iran’s Zombie Apocalypse, Uighur Slave Sneakers

2020-03-05 | 🔗

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  • AOC’s impressive skill set (healthcare video)
  • Biden’s lack of passion and platform
  • Bill Kristol and #HOAX8
  • The “Mike Pence Rule” looks smarter every day
  • Uighur slave labor in China says Wapo article
  • Turkey/Syria situation ISN’T a war?
  • An optimistic prediction about coronavirus

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump a bum, hey everybody got in I'm glad. You noticed that it is time for coffee was got Arabs, I'm your host Scott atoms. Today's episode is brought to you by the three amazing books behind me. If you have been purchased any those books and read them well, you're not operating at peak efficiency, let's just say that I pity the people weapon read my books, so dont be part of the people were left behind. Well, I think it's time we have enough people here. It is time for the best part of the day. The simultaneous happen. All you need is a copper bugger glass, the tanker jealousies, Dinah, canteen, jogger, flask of vessel of every kind,
Fill it with a variable liquid. I like coffee and join me, though, for those unparalleled pleasure this out with the dope media the day the thing that makes everything better. It's called the simultaneous up, and it happens right now yup before and after You Goebbels feel it before the simultaneous up day: words, ok, but after all after much much better, I let's talk about this stuff. Happening in my life, I'm up to Three other ninety thousand followers on Twitter. I have predicted they should I reach a million followers. I will effectively country the world. Now I know you don't believe that, but as part of the fun and the
the reasoning goes like this. That influence is a function of how big you're platform, as in other words, how many people know you exist and can hear you and skill. So it's not enough to have a lot of people. Are you kidding, guard ashen has that, but she may not be skilled in persuasion and quite the way that I'm talking about where the actual techniques and and methods of tat of persuasion work. But if somebody you, as my kind of actual trading betrayal the test, if alibis new to this- and I ve been studying and writing about persuasion for years. But if anybody with I kind of the skill set
ever had a million twitter followers. My hypothesis is that person would run the world and it wouldn't be better for me, or somebody else would have to be somebody who had those skills and had an interest now. Could Tony Robins run the world. I think he could really think he could, but he doesn't seem to have any interest in doing that, his interests or elsewhere. So you'd have to have somebody who's interested as the talents there. Has the followers and maybe a year and a half that be me. So you get to find out yourself. Are you speaking of influence influence? I tweet, I don't care even believe I ever did this. I did something today that if you never asked me if I would ever do, I would say that
but I retweeted a Lord, so Doll tweet in which he was reading, clip of AOL, see giving a little talk. I look like those in Congress and the reason I tweeted at without comment. Is you really have to say that and here's the thing you have to say she is making the case, which you know, I don't agree with that. We should be providing free healthcare, for anybody comes across the border illegally now her argument is not the one that I subscribe to. What Is that those godly religious biblical way to treat people trading everybody well.
It well, that's true in the ignores the applications and what would happen if we just start giving all her stuff away. It would be very godly, but it wouldn't be a very lasting system. In the end, it would all fall apart That said, you have to see how well she bakes case. It's just crazy skill set just skills. Forget about whether you agree with their disagree with that. You just have to see it as one of the is really impressive. Some I saw alive talk to somebody who's they thought it was scripted there. Maybe somebody wrote it for her and she was just doing a good actress like job of performing
To which I say, I'm not sure, there's a gigantic difference, because you would still have to know whose words to speak, you would still have to feel, though we still have to build a perform them. You'd have to remember them. You'd have to really incorporated into the heat of the Sun you're thinking so much your betters. If somebody helped over the speech, somebody helped Reagan with his speeches to write. Somebody helps people. Leaders girl two speeches. That's love! That's not today's news. Winston Churchill had some help, I'm sure, but you see it to see the skill level. That's all have you noticed that the election has only become about Trump. Now, when I say that you say it's always always abandoned
drop, but listen to the way people talk about the election. The the Democrats have completely stopped talking about what good they're gonna do, although birdie does he talks about herself years, but if you look at by Biden only talks about beating trump, so so violence is the world in the sort of a binary work. There's trouble and then there's be job, but he doesn't have any kind of a positive message and there was a somebody in the crowd who asked him a really good question spite and what was his passion was driving him. What is his name calling? Why is putting himself through That's what he said was there to return decency,
decency and utter to America. That's what Biden's passion his fiery assess. The question was what your fire was good and he was to return decency and other to america- does not feel like you're fire does Joe Biden fire match. Yours. Consumers, though I don't even know if it matches his base, does it because when he here, when you hear that professional pundits. Two people literally get paid to talk on tv. They they say I would also say to the president, is destroying our credibility, and our honour and are decency and stuff like that. But that's pundits talk.
Have you ever better voter who is really fired up about America's brand me? I've never been one, not one that I believed I mean. I suppose you can find somebody else. Anything. But what would the pilots to talk about? It is because they are paid to talk about you conceptual things and your decency and honour and reputation in the country, blah blah blah. I've never met an actual real person. Like a bob. Have you noticed that your life is worse because the United States is losing its honour and its decency and Bob would say you know, noticed noticed so this that the great fire invited the thing. Driving him there's something that is based hasn't even noticed literally
doesn't have any enemies sensation of it being a thing when you go to the store and you bison groceries. Do you say I care complete this transaction? because the decency and honour of my country has been so degraded it out. You just buyer groceries, take a moment baggage cook him uppity them and you are completely oblivious to the decency. Other degradation of this country because has never been real. Then it's part of every campaign, and it's just blah, blah blah, so Biden has bought into a world in which there are just two things: there's just trump and less trop he's not even trying to make your world better. It's not even part of the plan is not part of the plan is not even talking about what he could do to the world that this real
Surplus decency and other stuff is, of course a big news. Is that by didn't gotta big victory in South Carolina? It's probably because again, an important endorsement from Providence african american leader, there, a lot of people who voted said that actually did make a difference. Seward this weird world right now between now and Super Tuesday and here's. What all these were. People who need to talk about the news for living are going to say the USA by get this great advantage for South Carolina. Let's talk about that and all the things that hence because by limited so well the binding thousand buttons back then almost without a period in the same breath, everybody's more scope to say the same thing:
And it doesn't matter a bit, none of it South Carolina if you could, if you're a godlike figure and you take the the historical Timeline It is vital that the South Carolina primary you just get rid of it like flick, just flick, about the tabloid. Like it never existed. Nothing would be different if you're a time traveler and you were back in time and completely changed results of the South Carolina Primary Theatre, maritime loaded, the future would be unchanged because nothing could be less important than the South Carolina primary. But it's what happened recently, so we have talk about it, I'm talking about it, there's something wrong with our brains. The weakened simultaneously say you know this thing we're gonna talk about. I know
You know everybody. The world agrees, has no importance whatsoever, no implications, no ramifications completely meaningless list, for a week and we're all do it. I just did it. I guess I can't stop myself what's wrong with us. So this more People are saying that Super Tuesday will be a good. Four Bernie he'll get California, probably Texas. That's gonna be the end of it in terms of who the most votes, not a majority, but the most was going into the convention, and then I think Biden, Scots, actually pretty good chance compared to other people. And here is the question of where names of people who most what Joe Biden to be present just make a list. Here are the people who famous be people you ve heard of who had most like
Joe Biden to be President obey my list I offer my list would be the Ayatollah Khomeini. I think the Ayatollah would like a binding presidency about that's, not right is it wouldn't you wouldn't? You say that feels obvious to me that the Ayatollah would prefer a Democrat and one whose- What who's gonna become friendly? Nobody might even be better, but I think the I told we would be happy with, but what about Hillary Clinton Happy, because I think she would get a vice president installed who who respond? Sir? So the Clinton would effectively be it a shadow leader if binding got in there. So. She be happy. I tweeted this morning that I think seventy five percent of the country's doesnt work Bertie to get elected.
Because it's a hundred per cent of Republicans or exaggerating by somebody like honour, presented Republicans. The hundred percent revolver gives don't want Bernie, but also about half of double grants. So somewhere in the Eu General Range of seventy five percent of the country's doesn't want Bernie to get elected and his there is their leader in their best. Their best vulgar right now, and I think that twenty five percent Who was Bernie to elected, may have confused with Obi WAN Kenobi. Because it seems like they only want him to do something magic to use the force there there's something completely disconnected the Bernie supporters, seemed somehow disconnected with math and in whatever the rest of us.
Reality. I guess there's a reality, but it feels like Bernie has become almost a mythical character. Who doesn't need to do real stuff? He can be a hologram, even still worship it s. A hologram need to do everything we can just talk and Obi WAN is the only one that can save you from the Darth Vader of Trump
having this image of Elizabeth word as Princess Leia, Obi, WAN being Birdie and Darth Vader being Trump. Have you noticed that you can take characters from movies and they they are so often won't map into real people? You can do that with chess as well. If you take a well, another story is weird: how how well the Dilbert cartoon characters map onto just said: if you spend a few minutes they hear about it, you can agree with each of the characters in my comic strip. You could previously map them to the characters of the chestnut that I didn't develop in that way, but it's a phenomenal can coincidence that they map so easily to those characters, and I don't know if it's a coincidence that maybe so
think about chess speaks to the universal away. We sort things in our minds. This probably not a coincidence that justice, less and so on. Say so. The big story listen story is abiding got the massive amount of the black vote in South Carolina, so people are going to say: Bernie can't get the black phone, but then the Bernie supporters will say he has most of the black vote nationally. It was just a wee, stay thing so that'll be the conversation. Little be interesting, the other this coming others? Whilst I dropped out so sires, one percent will go to somebody else. I guess I heard
Iron Jesse waters of the five insulting here I've laughing of over two days. I have this belief that once you see somebody's animal, you can four it here's. What I mean by that, have you ever known somebody who I'm going to try to make the sound, not racist does nothing. I'm talking about should be construed that way So everything I say next justice who is universal, doesn't apply daddy. Anyone group, but there are times in my life, will be looking to somebody seem forever somebody a fool familiar with, and one day you see them as their animal is ever happened,
never looked at somebody any say you know you look like a human, but just just at this, oh, but I dont know what it is. But you also look like a weasel. Hoping conceptually I what about your look? Courier, mannerism, a little bit weasel now famous famous example that is Mcconnell. Would you like a tartar now, the first time you hear that bitch Mcconnell looks like a turtle? Can you ever unseen that? No you can't? You cannot unseen bitch Mcconnell as a total of sorry, over so- and I am also addressing you- Berliners Obi WAN Kenobi, but who was I talk about our style.
So Jesse Waters says that the five the other day mentioned in his little monologue, use doing about the candidates that tub style reminded him of a lizard at once. She here it once you hear it it is just there forever. I didn't know what it was about: tub style that I didn't like it. Some of it was about. It wasn't even about the things he was saying, La Jews out is mannerism. Is his vibe is something but as soon as you see that so? There's you imagine a busy lizard, because I think he does something with his tongue busily So I think sires done Well, he says he was
this warrant. Interesting leaders going to stay in the race to degrade birdies chance of getting majority by the by the convention. The word is being misinterpreted by her side, because that's what they do. The Democrats only have one mode. The Republicans do this. Do I shouldn't, I should say, is one side is pretty much all sides but half of at least half, maybe more safely, Half of all of our general jabber about politics is people misinterpreting was somebody said that in criticising their own misinterpretation happen, Both ways. Elizabeth warrant is the recipient of that today. So when she said she's gonna stay in the race and then she said why cuz she's, trying to keep me from getting it before the commission.
People said: oh she's, just doing it to screw Bernie. I thought to myself. Less than what I heard. That's just your misinterpretation. When I say what I read it, I read it the way a normal person, would read it if they were not biased, Elizabeth weren't say she would stay in the race. Why do politicians say they will stay in the race to win to win because I think it was with weren't like everybody else believes that this will be a brokered convention? Ok, not everybody else thinks that, but if Elizabeth weren't goes into a broker convention would say fourth place. Maybe Maybe she told herself up the third. She might optimistically think that's possible presuppose she goes in third or fourth place.
She believe that she has a chance of being the brokered nobly. Maybe maybe she will have enough friends and contacts that she has if that is possible, but I don't think it's fair to say that she said the race justice grew, birdie,. That might be the outcome, but why would that be her motivation? Not nobody stays at arrays, just a screw. Another person. That's not a thing! You that's a lot of work to be in a presidential race. You don't do it just to get revenge on one of the other candidates, So I think the fixes in for the for the convention. It will see some here parodi that different situation I
de the the rumour. So this was the face is. It was going round now so much from the news people themselves, but rather from social media Bill Crystal was one of the several people. Prominent people tweeting this fake news, and their version of unless the fake news version of it is that President tramp tramp called concerns about the virus or the virus itself, depending on you're talking to a hoax, and of course he didn't you talk about. Other Democrats are phrasing it as the whole export, as opposed to the virus. Of so of course, is a ridiculous, stupid misinterpretation and an obvious one, and I have to look at the video and its obvious what he really said, verses what he was reported to have said so What I tried to do was given.
The early, I don't remember help me out of this was either. First person the use or call this EL as fake news that there were misinterpreting what the hoax part of the virus was. Probably other people were doing it at the same time as soon as you saw, you probably said, faint lose and I'm sure it wasn't but I try to get an early so whether was first, which is certainly the point, is the same and tried to get in ruin it because if you can kill, if fast it my stay. If but if you it and it and it gets, is like a virus, you know if you don't shut the border. The first time you get a you get reported cases,
what is Brad and then there's nothing. You can do that's what happened with the fine people hoax, the fine people hoax became hardened as the fact before people like me, and you know, Steve Cortes and Joel Pollak started hammering on it. Just all the time saying. No, fake news, so I tried to get those normally does he have a killer, and one of the tricks I used was to say that the only people doubled up to believe it were artists, I don't know if that makes any difference. There's no doubt
I know that if I were one of the people who was inclined to believe it, but before I'd before I had then listen infected by it. The first thing I saw were were somewhere near the beginning of my belief system. If I saw somebody say only artists are done enough to believe it. Just speaking for myself. That would immediately reset my brain, and I would say maybe I look at this myself because I don't want to take sides with just artists. If I know that the economists and that lawyers and the scientists and engineers are all can be on the other side now that doesn't mean that's true, but if the first thing I saw was that only artist believes this. This bs immediately be biased against. So that's what I was trying to do is try to basically YO strangle. This.
Strangle this fake news in its crib. Interestingly, I saw Jake Tapir Tweet on this subject now. Jake is the most interesting personality at sea in it, These interesting because I dont, I can't think of an example- worries ever said now right lie and you could probably thinkers and people than CNN the opinion. People who, maybe you think have but remember when the fine people hoaxes go was raging. Edwin, Jake tweeted about it. Even though CNN was widely reporting Alex as true when Jake tweeted about it. He simply referred to the controversy and then connected to the full transcript are the full video. I think it was not the transcript, so you can see for yourself and I thought to myself
Ok, I would prefer you wouldn't stronger at it and said you know this is a hoax, but he did with the actual, the full video which shows the thugs without covered at least one time: the air when one of the gas brought it up brought up. Folks Jake did advocate, next, no again without opinion, you said the context is that the president will not to say I'm not talking about the races there. So Jake added that. So we know that the president. So clearly, that's not. I'm talking about so this comes up. Very similar situation. It's a message
reputation of something that the President said and Jake tweeted about again in the same technique, which is he said this is what people are saying, basically pointing to the issue and then just included the the full video sake if we use of fair enough here, I think it is reasonable to assume that you Fox NEWS and see in urban areas- and we say they they know? Who pays the bills? I know, watches the network, Ed. There is: there is a limit to how far anybody's gonna go in the constraints of their job, but our I'm gonna give him my thumbs up for that because he just play this rate said here's what they say see for yourself. So I appreciate that.
Following a guy twitter who see to know a lot about IRAN's risks. Family there and we, I saw somebody else. I think it was largely Sweeney fastened. Pointed out as somebody to follow, to keep up with the iranian corroded virus situation. We think he's real amuse her to know in today's world, but he says the cow for long time in and these aims to know stuff. So here's what he's telling us always David's alley. Oh said he could see him in my twitter feed. What is his head was at EL, I o S, T a d and he's a good follow. This is what he says about the crowd of ours and read Four boys who says the regime we had the initial cases since the
and it was just before the election that needed high turnout, though I don't know, if that's true, so that's it Alex Isn't that their election coming and they didn't, I turn out, it would have been suppressed if they said, there's a problem about them. Due to political lead did not stop flights to China again this opinion, because we're not they heads, but is a reasonable array. All suspicion right, certainly. Category of you could be. Number three sources seem to be cleric. Students from China arrived in com or, however, you pronounce Q. Oh, am I dont think everybody knows that, but he seems to have been for me. There was just a normal: your travel from China situation.
Apparently, that red dot, closer religious shrines, which, of course, clauses transmission to be greater than by here's. The thing. The same observer, who seem to be Wait insightful. I can vouch for so. These items seemed a little but he's got a little more, very ability, as opposed to factual. But you speculated that IRAN's I too implode at those gonna happen quickly, he thinks the law and order is actually a breakdown in red that it's a matter of days now. Do you believe that- Do you think law and order will break down and read in a matter of days.
So this falls into the category of anything is possible. I dont think it in a matter of days. You're gonna see IRAN's social fabric breakdown, I think, is more likely people, wool bug together and just try to get through it. What have I don't think the rabies? Whatever revolution wrote a virus outbreak at the same time, so I think he is wrong. I think that the citizens will say with central one problem better time. Current problem, emergency gotta put a tourniquet. This virus. The later later, once we've got a handle on this, it might be here for now, maybe later but later we're going to take a close look at how our government handle this and then maybe the revolution is on somebody in the middle of a medical emergency.
Also wanting a revolution: that's the worst possible thing they could do So as much as I would to see the arabian people fulfilled. Our wishes and dreams and have the government that they want, which is probably not the one they. As much as I'd like that, I would like it to happen quickly. My advice, to the people of IRAN, is don't do it now, because the last Let me say this: a breakdown of society. At the same time we gonna medical crisis, so I'd say I'd, say no breakdown of society. I think the iranian people are going to be smart collectively, and I think that they're gonna you're to keep their priority. In order and live on their side? So so the citizens of Europe- need our help. I hope we give it to him. I know we ve offered. This is probably not the time for a big change. So.
Twitter users be Machiavelli. One of my favorite follows makes us questions. Lash observation, the yes. He asked me on Twitter. But the chances given their ages Yoke is incredibly virus affects all the people more. What are the odds they give the right that birdie, our Bloomberg. When the icy you, words. What are the odds they would have? are very senior politicians. Guess the corona virus bit before election day. What do you think the odds are. Well there's a day, they can't really stop shaking hands Kelly. Wanna give anybody ideas, but I think in this case everybody has the same ideas like it's not like. I'm gonna cause this to happen. People are gonna be evil the odds
The ability to spread this thing intentionally is easy. Pretty soon all of us are gonna know somebody was the corona virus feels like it. It's not going to be hard to say somebody to rally the shakes a man's so One of the things I expect- and I hate and even sightless is- I expect dirty tricks the campaigns and there's probably as much chance that they will all be in effect infected. Then there is that none of them will. Let me say that again, theirs is much chance that all of the elderly candidates can infected all the same chance as none of psychic. Fifty fifty.
So if he's gonna happen here is a here's, a weird optimistic thought you ready for this is this is a horrible thought on its view on it surface? So I don't wanna make lioness. So there's no joke here. But is actually optimistic, and it goes like this. There's a really good chance that the corona virus, already in the United States in a much bigger way than has so far been detected
so elaborate case has been detected. Is the love you dozens? The number, the number of cases that we assume must be active, because you couldn't have a few dozen confirm unless certainly there's a large group of people who also exposed. But what does that group hundreds, thousands? So here's the Good NEWS disguised as bad news. If I had to guess this is just speculation, saw somebody on Twitter saying they thought fifty thousand people were infected. The United States. I think that's probably a real The people of Gaza is true, but that's a reasonable speculation. The fields well within the well within the area of if you found out later, the fifty thousand people were infected. Already today, he proudly say to yourself: you could be, but yours today,
Fifty thousand people were already affected, the means it's almost below our notice, the almost amuses blower nuts, which means Of if we had was, let's say we were less clever and no. When he had ever identified. The corona virus scan nobody ever knew what it was that it was special lower than a travel that it more viral spos, nobody do any of that, are you just one Every day I went to work and some of you got a cold and some of you didn't but its winter, so everybody gets a little something we all get. The flu take three days off. Go back to work. Talk about it! Now you ve got to slowly. Agatha flew to is pretty bad The bad weak wasn't too bad, not the worst flew. I ever had to hear somebody's Greg
Mother died, others too bad held washee. Eighty five work elder Hiroshi Pneumonia. So it would be really easy to imagine a world in which, if we didn't The growth of virus had a name and its special they use. Live your entire life, never know it did destroy the entire country The thing which I equate to this this climate change, so the the the people who are most afraid of climate change. They did economic estimates. They said that it eighty years the GDP could be down ten percent because of climate change. Though, what they say is down ten percent from one However, it would have risen to eighty years, which is about five to ten times bigger than it is their civic, grew by five to ten percent of five.
Mr Ten times, and then at the end of that. You know we saw that. Well, we could again another ten percent more. We wouldn't noticing it would both be a multi trillion dollar problem, because ten percent of the global GDP is many Chileans dollars. At the same time, you wouldn't notice, because you gotta fight, Percent before he lost that ten percent, just one even notice, so it's possible that if we never heard of the corona virus, It would appear that a lot of people in the eighties or dying of pneumonia, we think to ourselves, will listen, that's that's terrible that they died, but there were eighty five arrogant. I wasn't gonna be that law.
So just keep that in mind if you find out tomorrow that this is already massively taken hold in America. That's good news, because it means you didn't notice by right about that. That's crazy! Isn't that the best news could be that a hundred thousand people It is already have that. We still don't know why people are dropping dead, apparently in IRAN's just walking down the street. We don't know why China, as a high death rate.
We don't know why the United States has not yet experience that except one person died and was elderly. Somebody says Scots writing off the eighty five year olds. That's not was happening, so maybe you miss the first part of this when you said that when you said that you progress the first part of my periscope, let us talk about misinterpret people have been criticising the misinterpretation, which is what you do. Of course everybody cares about every single person, but I have to say you wouldn't notice it, which is different from saying it's not important, I noticed a regular. Just a little bit. Those Saturday that live that the the actress which they
brought back to the show to play any closure is Rachel Dredge. That's that's the whole story, I'll give you you got it, but you probably already filled it if you know who Rachel dredges she's very, very funny. Comedian had better Saturday that live in the past, but what she's most famous for and hear about being cruel, because she's accept this. Moreover, of brand but she's sort of favors for looking strange, looking and sort of not attract and others asian not attracted. I'm just saying that. That's your brand! That's the comedic. The community roles. He takes this sort of that person, and so they ve got that person playing a club which there's something about them, That is, firstly, hilarious.
Of all, is just so is just so gets that Irrational party, your brain. Where are you look at her? Look Rachel wretched, you say occasion doesn't look like enclosure they showed up together and a party, you wouldn't confuse them, they don't look like each other, but you still get it you gotta get where their Gower, which has allowed us, but I also think it's sort of the the end of a closer he's gonna get things is the hashtag.
Hashtag even closure, quieter, razors, something so she's. Gotta have tremendous pressure of her. Adam shift is in the news. Adam chief says that of somebody's budgeting, Larry Dave and play the part of Bernie Sanders now think about that. Larry David is incredibly popular comedian playing a popular politician and sort of accomplishment. They are, even though he plays over the hearers way. He doesn't really it's all Bernie. He just as one with his personality, but when you see Saturday live dropped. The Hebron preclude any clue butcher. That might tell you where the where the left's by this. Bob I swam ship is backing the loose because he says quote profound concern
about how the way houses handling the corona virus situation so watch. How often the criticisms President, are not about anything. You can measure just just keep them we might every time you see a criticism, every every time you see something that the well. Is it number attached to unemployment? Here's my number number of people died from overdoses. Here's a number and went out so all of his accomplishments have a number something you can measure all the bad parts of President Trump fall into the category of profound concerns. We were no longer just concerned were profoundly concerned. That's right! The good parts of what president trouble doing are all things you can measure, but the bad,
parts profoundly concerned it. It's a weird color profound concern because of the kind that doesn't activate in the first four years of the president's term, or rather it only activated the second term. Now she hasn't said but I think we can all figured that out on her own. If the profound concern about all the ways that the president is ruining the country if they could be active in the first four years. The first term we'd already We wouldn't have to use words like profound concern, because he could just point the stats. Look this one neuron direction Chris, guts least reportedly was excluded from the coverage of the debates. The thinking is because you get the allegations of him being inappropriate is language, if not actions mostly
which I guess to a woman who was unsaid for a guest, Ed. I and I try to look at sort of the the national consciousness and We feel about these stories because the stories about one person is about one person, but you brain can easily star forming patterns where there was no reason for patterns to be there. In other words, you can you can see false patterns quite easily. Here's one the starting to form the people were have the news recently because of sexual improprieties include Chris Matthews he's not accused of anything sexual. Just the way you talk. So that domain, so your brain puts it in the bucket the other to bucket
of course you ve gotta Epstein, you ve got Harvey wide steed and you ve got Bloomberg accused of saying uncomfortable things as well again, not accuse doing anything sexual justice language in the past there, what are they all have a common they're? All Democrats, somebody says, watch out Scott. Why watch out for what so here's my point you ve got for Democrats dues for this me to wish behaviour and at what point does the public starts? So we ve got the anti Semites coming on board, saying that three of them,
or a jewish. That is true, its relevant relevant, but you are correct in saying that people will form a false pattern. It will give them one more reason to be prejudiced as they are. We, I would make anything out of the religion of the people involved, but
It is true that will form false patterns, and I think part of the false battered will be that will think the Democrats are the ones who are creepy in the meat to way and that the that the bike pence rule is getting smarter every day now do Beppo invite tents was first mocked because he said he wouldn't go to list a meal like lunch, your dinner, something with a female colleague unless he brought his wife. Do you remember how about how roundly mocked he was for that has a sound now every day like, like pensions, rule about not knowing lunch with a woman, Leslie Briggs, his wife gets just a little bit smarter. It's not all the way up to yell. We're gonna to do that as the only thing that makes sense, but
Started out as ridiculous right, the first time you heard it even if you were propellants propensity, if Europe the first time you heard it didn't you say to yourself: that's a little bit ridiculous Luba too far. Now what do you think that? What you think you don't think it's ridiculous data, you might not do it. You might think it's a bad idea. You might think that you'd, rather you might wish the world wasn't like that. You, my wish a lot of things.
What about you don't think it's Tom anymore now I've I mentioned before that. To the best of my recall, I have been following the pants rule now not a specific as bring wife per se, but as specific as I wouldn't have a solo, Neil were meeting even where the woman now I've had some awkward situations where the new, let's say there was some reason to be interviewed or something and add it was just a private
No reason at I've honestly may excuses. I should say this in public, but I avoided, I believe, a hundred percent of those situations, and I am also feeling smart about it, because you don't all public or public figures, get accused of stuff falsely Andrew Duff. You know that. But this is the first time you ve heard that all public figures are falsely accused of sexual improprieties. All We lived I've told you before about my canadian stalker. There's a woman again never met. She listened Canada. I live here, but she comes offer meds every now and then and calls people I work with newspapers when I read a restaurant. She called the restaurants and accuse me of travelling to Canada. To say what was I doing house ransacking our apartment going through.
Computer iraqi yet and various sexual improprieties. Though literally I've ever even better. Now, how carbon is it for a public figures such as myself to be accused of that sort of thing? It's almost one hundred percent, Pretty much all of us- and I will give you one example- is that one so clean is literally somebody. I never met now extend that Imagine imagine the rest of my life right being accused of things by by People you don't know were or things at an average is the most common thing in the world. If you famous. Kyle Bass, whose a big enter A change of regime person almost as big as I am lilies. Here is bigger in terms of its influence, but maybe not in terms of its internal thoughts about it
so he's tweeting and I guess there's no in Washington Post. So it's got some credibility. That China's leaders, weaker, wiggers or being uses slave labour, reportedly factories, a supply, Nike Apple and Bell Is it true? Well any reporting to China after political grain of sand by Eddie reporting from the Washington Post. Unfortunately, I have to say to yourself maybe baby that can be political barriers. The thing the Washington Post typically leaves laughed and is yet I drop but this does not seem to have. Any internal Political element to it, in other words, I don't think the Washington Post is acting, I don't think it's fake news, Freddy biased reason. It could be impractical, it could be correct, but
think there's any bias being expressed as they're talking about another country. Not our internal politics, and they say wiggers are being used for slave labour? Now I think this is just part of an overall trend in which decoupling, I think, is guaranteed at this point. When you say I think that decoupling from China is guaranteed, it will happen slowly. Maybe it'll happen faster than we think, but I think it's a done deal do, do you? Can you imagine
five hundred company would say it's a year, twenty twenty one fortune, five hundred company, they say what we want to relocate our manufacturing outside the United States. First, do you think you're gonna get away with it? Do you think that your company can take the hit of making a decision to move your manufacturing out of the United States, In twenty twenty one, you gotta get alot of pushed back for that, because the the move to manufacture in America is pretty strong radio. I dont think you could make a decision to move your manufacturing to China anymore. I think it's done now, all the stuff. It's already there you you could easily sepia
We are already doing business there feeling it's easier to do more business there them to remove it. So you'll see that, but I don't think you're going to see a new business of any scale go into China you're still so small companies do it, because maybe they don't have options. I think it's done for the big companies, which means that decoupling it is a matter of time. There's a weird situation happening between Syria and Turkey. I don't know what to make of it. So I'll give you the details. What you think. So what we know is that Turkey has claimed that they ve got into a scuffle with Syria. And they say that to Turkey as neutralised
then syrian territory of ITALY, which is kind of close to the turkish border. Turkey says they ve quote neutralised more than twenty two hundred syrian troops hundred and three tags, eight helicopters and today to jets. So Turkey, at whatever neutralize being so some number twenty two hundred syrian troops were killed or wounded or made irrelevant hundred and three tags helicopters and two jets. That's just happened in the last few days. Apparently there are avoiding war with Russia directly rather they're trying to go after syrian troops, even though it might have been russian involvement that killed some Turks earlier now. Here's the part that I'm curious
about here. The reporting of this. This is from the headline. Tensions, sore tensions. Sore if the United States had taken their or hundred three tags. Twenty two hundred syrian troops, helicopters and two jets and others, would you refer to that as tensions psoric, would you say? That's a war has another war. You see sure about her. The heads Treating this like it's not a war. Why is it I dont know, but here's a questions lash suspicion. I think NATO
there is the issue, because at the moment that we say Turkey, our NATO Ellie ally is at war, what does he do with NATO? Does NATO have to join the war by by agreement and that's what they do is right. If a NATO member gets into a hot war, doesn't NATO have to the other side they should at somebody saying now, don't do it not favouring that either. But I'm wondering if the way we reported in the West is all designed to keep NATO out of it. There's no way, I don't call this a war, that's a war! A hundred and three tags did much firepower. It takes to take him a hundred and three, thanks. This didn't happen. Our that's a lie a war going on right now, that's a hot war is active. It's a war,
but we're going to call this tensions soaring in the headlines. It's gotta be because NATO, if, if I'm wrong about that, somebody shall be it, but I guess the and Turkey is making sure that they don't directly fight with russian because I think that would trigger it for sure that we don't want to date a war with Russia. Since last thing we want. So I think that's why I trick you through that, but they're they're doing this clever thing.
Turkey is by opening their northern borders to let the refugees stream through Turkey into Greece and Europe, and I guess this threat had been made before that. If Turkey doesn't get more help from Europe, they're going to say well, ok, now you now you're having the same problem we do now on one head. I hate that Turkey is doing this. It's a really messed up thing to do: Khazar intentionally causing Europe pretty big problem, because Europe is not helping them to avoid that same problem, and I like this and I think to myself. Why is it that Turkey is responsible for
Refugees and Europe is not just because Turkey is bordering them. Turkey says that's, not that's not good enough, apparently, just being on the border doesn't mean we have to take him. I think Turkey is making a move here that, from you, I will say a moral standpoint and even a political one is kind of solid, even the aid they need. I hate that, although the problems that refugees are gonna call all the problems that Turkey is causing by letting them pass through to Europe. I hate all of that, but I have, but I have to admit if I were Turkey and I add to manage this situation, I think I do the same thing. I think I'd opened the border and say you know we don't need to be the solution.
Your problem, Europe, because Turkey doesn't have the responsibility for these refugees. They doubt the world has responsibility. You could argue, but not turkey, specifically, as Turkey said this doesn't have to be our problem. Watch this it's actually, pretty good move. I gotta say I don't know what Europe doesn't response, but that's a pretty strong move so after that I think that's not it for today the silver, Benjamin Netanyahu has do campaign slogan Benjamin Netanyahu is curable slogan is keep Israel great, Remember I talked earlier about everything is about Trump or no trump.
Entire world is just a chopper, no trump world. We ve completely stopped talking about things which are not trump. Even Israel was there, I think, that's about all I want to talk about. You guys got anything to say. So today and tomorrow I'm gonna be testing some new equipment for live streaming against. I dont know if it's gonna work, but with any luck I love a very special guest Monday is not for the silly periscope in the morning, but later so we're going to I'm going to wait on that because it's my technology doesn't work that I have to. I have to do a little,
but everything works you to see some guest interviews and I think you're gonna like a lot. So there's that oh you love by audio book. Thank you. So much Bitcoin somebody's s, view Nobody knows about Bitcoin, so there's that, let me give you my corroded virus prediction and then I will sign. It goes like this. I believe the United States is in this race, so were grace is to suppress the corona virus as much as possible. So we can buy time now that we need to buy- is about a year together. Some kind of vaccination. Can we buy a year while
Ram kid around cannot by you're sorry, but can the United States China Year by year, but caddy those states? I don't think we can. I dont think United States will be able to be somewhat free of the corona virus for a year. I would expect by summer it will be raging, but most people will just have a golden go. So that's where I think it's going to go, but let me tell you something you don't to add to this cruel virus story. So do you remember? In the year two thousand those gonna be the year two thousand budget. It was gonna, destroy all the computers but that the technologists got involved and they got really focused and serious, Somebody figured out how to do a quickly, maybe more than one person they built they dont programme
what about the task of reprogramming? Exactly as I predict that they would not worth their great now, of course, medical. Few medical low world is working as hard as again in the scientific world to try to find a quick response to the krona virus. Now, if you imagine that this will go the way, other things go, you might be wrong because we ve never had this much attention, so concentrated something so important and so time related. It's a lot of science focused in one place and there's one development were field of development that you don't know about, and I'm gonna tell you because I do several years ago, about three years ago, I was working with the Berkeley Europe, the of the college Berkeley University for Start ups, there were coming out of the the Berkeley world and I got to see a bunch of start ups that you haven't seen. In fact, I am
bested several of them, and so I got to learn about something that you don't know about yet and its good answers. After nine eleven, the government of the United States wanted the government labs too, to figure out how to quickly diagnosed. Various bio weapons in the field. So the problem was that if you had some suspected by a weapon somewhere, you needed to know as quickly as possible what you are dealing with, and it would appear that the time the technology meant getting a sample setting it back to somebody lab they tested in the lab and it takes The longer it takes so the government wanted the labs to develop a quick, simple portable way to test for Bio weapons, and I assume I assume that advocate a blood test,
Why what came out of that was some technology specific technology to make it really cheap? In these So I don't know the details, but basically there's there's a microchips involve and there's some tiny needles. In some cases there is basically- The set of technologies that the government labs developed, which are now available to private industry, So private industry can licence these technologies for nothing or cheaper whenever it is because the government it came up with it. I've seen these devices, so it's not theoretical. I ve sitting on a table several actually several different devices that you can put table easy to lift these are to carry out proper backpack Andrews plug it it and you can take blood us right there.
Now? The diagnosis part maybe a little harder that that might take especial chip, special piece of equipment, but here's the thing that I wanted to. From where I saw three years ago, these were already well developed devices from I was well developed devices. I don't think it's the biggest leap in the world to customize those from the virus and here's the other big technological change? The reason that we use the same stuff to China and other places for manufacturing is because they could do it more cheaply. That has changed what changed it is all about,
Is the best way to build something is is robots? Then China pays the save for robots as we do and you don't want it to be made by chinese robots because in the end to pay the ship it back here so the least cost way to manufacture used to be. Russia are used to be China because you have people do it, but, as always is robots, the United States is actually the best cost. So here the trends look for, they could come together really quickly. Robots bill, touch devices, they can wrap up a lot faster than you think so, getting we you're getting the robots built to build it. It's gonna take some work, but once are built. They're gonna build some machines and we can do that quickly. Then. The second part is the diagnostic diagnostic part, diagnostic part, that these new low cost devices are very clear,
being able to do so? Here's the thing what I mean, what I knew that you didn't know until just now is that the physical technology to be able to rapidly test everyone is way better than you imagine. It is where way closer doesn't mean that law come together and homework outlets little unpredictable, but the technologies right there so to ports of optimism. One it's entirely possible that a hundred thousand people are infected in this country. We didn't even those which, We might not noticing if it gets worse, but also the technology that looks like it's far away Three months you gotta see. Come on line, though you thought were of possible or here's my prediction, my prediction in three months. You'll see technologies, technology was say solutions.
For all of us- and it might be only a solution for testing- not necessarily solution for a vaccine- three. Once you can see things you didn't think were physically possible more technologically possible. That's my prediction: that's the Good NEWS! I'll talk to you later.
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