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Episode 838 Scott Adams: Biden’s Brain, How to Stop Coronavirus, Bernie’s Math

2020-03-05 | 🔗

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  • Biden in a home and someone else running the country
  • Biden Beto after your guns
  • Regulations, emergency situations and coronavirus
  • Paul Singer and Twitter
  • Helping Bernie explain his health plan economics

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But the moon company than bump bump bump upon everybody component, it's time for a coffee was got atoms and you came to the right place, especially if you have your coffee dj that functions good to see. You could see the rest of you. Is it my imagination or all of you more attractive than yesterday? I think it's true, smarter, wiser, more attractive. Using not grown a virus. I swear,
well if you'd like to enjoy the simultaneous up. All you need is a copper bugger glass, a tanker jealously Stiva canteen gender flask of vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid coffee enjoying mean an offer. The unparalleled pleasure, the Dope Armenia to this day the thing that makes everything better, it's called the simultaneous up go. I can feel it protecting me from the grown virus. I believe it is also about to lose some of its one, some of its not Christmas. Use of MSNBC
went on air yesterday apologized for his past comments about the appearance of women and that equip- and they laughed- I guess and others I don't want to. I guess I called a rumour but there's There are people on the internet shall we say who believes that there are other India's out. Their multiple Andy is stuff was gonna comment, not enough. That's true, but. I raised this question when one of these situations comes up and it goes like this How many Andy's would it take for you to stop your bad behavior? So imagine here the host of some national tv show not like
this has happened before Warrior big movie producer and he gets called up by your management and they say: hey. We ve got this complaint when you work it out in theirs. In India, the company some money, you some how in the world do you do that again, how the world you two or three times How in the world did you have four times how in the world you do a five times, which is the sort of thing this being alleged, so there's something about the personality type there just.
Doesn't stop pushing. Apparently, so I don't know what that's about, but I feel as though it would only take me one warning before I said I can now I'm doing stuff this bad you're the first time. I honestly think that the first time you know a guy like Chris Matthews Yokota bid metal our eye it. We should like the first time this. The thing comes up that are actually surprised and they say something along the lines of oh, I was just getting round. I didn't realize you are taking their way, I'm so sorry. I had no idea there was having their effect. That's the first time, but after that, early warnings is at stake are enough that the funding
line from your funniest president is this: when the laughing about it for two days is used in a few times. He says essentially present trump does he says Provided in the home and someone else will be running the country Now there are a million ways to express this thought that binds losing step you for that one before I peoples is losing Their use aging, maybe he's got some dimension. There are a million way is to say the same thing.
Out of those million ways tropic the best one out of a million? He reached it and said I think I'll say this- that these going to be put into homes. Somebody else will be running the country. Now. Remember what I told you about Trump does visual persuasion as soon as you say, is going to be put in a home. Don't you see it here They are right. You can see the the people with suits and clipboards and staff and in their cell phones, are willing men into the old folks home, and then you can see the almost like a movie. You almost see the the people behind the curtain were running. The show you through it vice president, who may or may not be Kemal iris cobblers. So I could not be more impressed with
The way he picks out of a million ways. You can say something epics, the best one is visual, its unforgettable. It's it's a movie in one sentence is you can you can almost see the whole movie about the people behind the curtain? Anyway, it's beautiful. President, have also suggested God he's having fun. It must be a great time to be tromp right now, because he's a sort of be back all the
big hoaxes looks like he's a favorite when real action and always doing is dropping bombs on his critics, and it could not be more amusing. So yesterday said he suggested that Amy Closure and PETE Boot judge that they they may have dropped out to endorse Byron because they were promised jobs in his administration, and then tribe says. That's called a quid pro quo right quid pro quo and I have to- I have to admit- I don't know- if that's illegal, do you, because by first instinct is well. It's of course is legal to promise somebody a job and in the world of politics,.
We think scare you do this I'll, do that, but is it legal in the context of politics to guess ability to drop out of a race and endorse you with the promise of an administration job? I'm lucky comments because I actually dugout somebody says it's not illegal. Somebody says is legal. Legal yeah, I believe, is legal, but it's all areas right, because, even though its legal, we the public, look at it, we we say well, ok, asleep, but should it be? Am I happy that this legal can? Sometimes things are legal just because you can prove more or a report, some other problem. Things are not always legal, because the right didn't good and moral, sometimes issues hard to make things illegal. I think this is one of those cases
Where are you you wouldn't want? You wouldn't want to know this is happening, but if I had to guess I'm sure it's completely legal, but I love the fact that the Trump just drop that little troll bomb in there to make you think about it. I tweeted yesterday a little cryptic tweet than a measure if everybody understood these we're meeting solemnly on packet. I tweeted that I pray to the simulation just joking that we see a binding Harris? Stick a cobbler Harrison's vice president, in which Joe in which Joe Biden attracts the black vote And camel hair attracts the white think about what really interesting about Joe Biden, his candidate, the Bill Clinton thing about him, which is that he's an old white guy whose very popular with black waters.
So by actually doesn't need a way to help with the blackfellow right. There's that there's a fun point covered up. It's not as obvious as you think, so I think Joe Biden doesnt really need to pick a vice president to help him with the black vote. So why do I think that you will take Kamel Harris to help him with a wife? Oh here's, the thinking the think he is. The black waters are more say, was a black voters, are more flexible and independent. Then the white voters in the democratic sides this this is my starting assumption- could be wrong. Could be wrong, but I just tell you why I'm thinking! That is why it seems to me: There were at a point where black voters are going to vote for whoever they think. They think the Democrats do best of all forum,
A lot of negative over trump because I think he now is to have a little better job, but the White democratic voters they're gonna need somebody undertakings that an old white guy, because I think it's the white democratic voters who care the boast about having a diverse like it think about I'll bet they care the most and it would actually make it safe. For the year your generic White Democrat to vote for a ticket, the least said a woman and person of color on the ticket. It just makes a safe, so here's the the weird simulation reversal there by didn't a white guy would be really gonna, forgetting the black vote. Her come. Let us female person of color would be really
getting the white male democratic. Am I wrong about that? And people said that cobbler will not help with the black low altitude. Matters is by those by this probably got that so here's the what what a wonderful time to be alive, that everything you just thought about. People in the world just turned inside out, which is blue. Voters, far more flexible and open minded, then maybe most of you assume I go. Look at Joe Biden say I don't care what color is, can you do the job and then they will form? Apparently that's what they're thinking, because why would they vote for this? They didn't think he could the job at the same time, you ve got away voters who were or,
I more interested in having a diverse, take that even the black who apparently seem to be comfortable with Joe Biden so earnestly. Could that be better. Really I mean seriously. Could you live in a better world where the black voters are supporting the white guy in the white voters are supporting the person of color? Is it's kind of a perfect situation Obviously this I don't want to win, but it would be great if they can run. I have my prediction: looking there calmly would be the egg. The chosen as the candidate dared to actually run against strong will, of course, she suspender campaign. She won't be the top of the ticket, but what if Joe Biden is the top of the thicket and picks cobbler? Don't you think
at least half of the world that the conservative have that half of the world is going to say more figuratively them, then technically they're gonna say that she is the candidate, because people can say the Joe is so weak and mentally unstable. There you're really voting for the vice president. You know the Republicans again said. So, how is my prediction that cobbler listless say she becomes a vice president? Pick forbidden, it's gonna look alike, she's the top of the ticket, and it will be the greatest prediction I've ever made. You're walking course you could pick Stacy Abrams at Northanger goes to help. That can happen to Michael malice. If you know follow Microbe Alice Twitter
you're really should one the funniest people their the tweets yesterday. I think. He said it's a pretty glaring red bill realises someone said there was someone with a cap? Unless someone sat down with both closure, emerge, edge and told them to fall in line, and I am thinking of whose someone well. We did hear that Obama called in kind of talk. The Buddha judge right after villages dropped out. I think So there is speculation, Obama's the hand behind the curtain, and these he's
engineer this current situation maybe could be but here's my question- and I think, is everybody's question: what's in it for Elizabeth WAR, because if Elizabeth Warren dropped out today through Oliver's will not tonight Super Tuesday, but if she dropped her race and through our support, behind birdie, wouldn t you wouldn't get over the finish line reclose, and why would she do that seriousness report the Bernie by far as the closest policy to warn warned borrowed birdies healthcare plan. I mean. Is that close? So if you knew you couldn't win, but you really cared about your policies
Elizabeth worn. How could you morally logically justify staying in the race and almost guaranteeing that the policies you care so much about will not be implemented because burning lose and she stays and raised. So what's it of her? Well, of course the speculators will say: oh she's getting bribed somehow it could be that she's the whole. They offer a sweet job secretary of state. For me, what about Supreme Court? I think Supreme Court is ruled out as somebody somebody responded to me on Twitter yesterday, and I think that was a good point that she's,
too old for to get as many years ahead of Us Supreme Court justice as you like. Ideally you want somebody you seasoned, but young enough to be there for fifty years, so she's she's sort of age down that windows. I don't think it's a supreme court must be there must be something she wants. We'll find out Joe Biden in his continuing quest to lose the election promise. Better, better Orourke. That work could be kind of his his guy to control guns and, of course, better was famous for wanting to take away you're you're us all rifles. I should call them that, but he was take away. Your your guns and
I'm thinking myself that does the crucial I trying. If you're Joe Biden, isn't the whole point you're trying to win this, I thought that's the whole point of being the moderate is a moderate: can attract people to win, but as soon as is resident, is better working that doesn't look like trying to win. That looks like trying to lose its low does indeed Texas. What's up with us, it does make any sense that you The present drums giving some heat work continually saying that occur. A virus vaccine might be available quote in a few months, but then the export goes up six seconds later and says
No, we won't have a vaccine that can go through the tests and the trials for a year to eighteen months, and then the president gets up and says yep love a vaccine available. If he wants, then the experts say were more like a year. Eighteen months now is the president: wrong is suppressed, lying.
What's happening. So so, why? How can you explain this president? It's been more than once right. His ease obviously heard the experts does happen right in front of the other day, so he knows with the experts, say: there's no mystery there. Yet he says lavender months how they explain, but here's. My hypothesis goes like this, because a cronan virus is an emergency global situation. Wish you know we're not calling it a pandemic, yet I guess, but it certainly global emergency under a global emergency. The rules and the risk management are different, so we're also conditions that you can't have a drug unleashed on the public without going through all the rigorous testing, but that's an unknown emergency situation.
In an emergency situation, as we already see happening, you see, regulations immediately being dispense with because emergency. We saw that with. Apparently there were some regulations room. What type of profession could test somebody for colonel virus. And that was limiting the number of people who could go out and test nor that would be ok. You'd want you most qualified people to be doing the tests, but it's an emergency. So the first thing. Administration did say that rule is underway. Let's just get rid of it. So I just got rid of the rule, and now other people can can do testing and then we got so we know that emergency rules are dispensed with now Could you imagine that we would ever dispense with testing a vaccine? I'm lessons crazy right, I'm just on the surface
we're not gonna inject three hundred million citizens or whatever, with a vaccine that didn't go through testing our we, maybe maybe, and so here. Some question slashing comments. That number one suppose another country, let's call it Israel developed and fast tracked. The approval of a drugstore was legal. Israel, but we knew that it would never be legal in the United States unless it went through our testing system and that could be eighteen months. Can you imagine, can you imagine a situation in which the President leadership of the country says? Ok, I know this is a risk nobody's gonna kid you. This is a rest. Israel believes that they have
as it does just hypothetical right. Israel believes they ve tested it sufficiently. We were tested way more than that, but we don't have time and its emergency. So I'm going to make this available. You don't have to take it. Its optional nobody's gonna force you, but here's the deal it's not tested up to american standards has been tested to ex other countries standard, that's the modern country, and we trust that they have real scientists. Can the presidency is an emergency where it we're just gonna allow people to take us. I think again, I think again so could it be simultaneously true, because apparently Israel is claiming that they will have some kind of a vaccine and ninety days. So is the president
When saying that in a few months, will have a vaccine sort of yes sort of. I think what we have is a vaccine option. Meaning that we can take on more risk than with perhaps ever taken on but will have the option now You would never have that option if it were not an emergency, but synergy and say so, and then here's is an open question. So my question,
He was us all of our normal fluid flu vaccines go through attesting process. Can somebody tell me how many of those vaccines are just the normal vaccines for regular flu for years that we test how many of those vaccines were found in human tests to cause harm to humans? Can anybody in the comments tell me that off the top of their hands, what percentage of all the vaccines we ve tested for flu virus and again I will limit it to flu virus. That's important part. Just flu virus those tests. How often do we do it s.
Stop the test. People are getting cancer, that's really services, forty five percent, but I think you're wrong. I think again fact check me. Please. I think that when a vaccine doesnt work it's because it's just now stopping the virus, somebody says all of them a hundred percent. My guess is that every there every flu vaccine we test comes back safe enough, but some of them by some of them probably are not effective. In fact, the best flu vaccines were like fifty percent effective. Sometimes so could it be unjust could put the question other? Could it be that the nature of the way scientists do flu vaccines? Is that it's always a small tweak from the last one?
the thing that tweaking is not a thing, this dangerous suppose scientists came to you and said: look we haven't tested this one, but we ve tested twenty five of these that are just like it and out of twenty five, not one of them hurt anybody! Ok! Well, we did have with this one case where people were hurt, but we know is because this one element- and we took that on ten years ago- I suppose that's the story here. We didn't test it, but it's so close to the things we have tested. We think is worth the risk. I think that's what happened I think the president is simply keeping the options open and earth. People say that his usual hyperbole is misplaced, because in a medical center you're really really to play it straight. I dont know because the present is dealing with the psychology of the country and, as very important,
And when the president says we might have a vaccine in a few months, I feel better. Then, when the experts has now its eighteen months, but does the way I feel about it, whether or not it will be available in a few months or eighty doesn't, my feelings are disconnected from the stuff that matters. So if the president is making me Feel more comfortable by giving me a little over optimistic view of the vaccine, but there's I could do about it either way I mean, what can I do I kind of prefer it? I think I'd prefer a little happy talk as long as they are doing.
Right stuff. I don't want to happy talk. That leads me to do the wrong stuff, but if it leads me to the right stuff, what the hell is up with a one term president for the Democrats, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Democrats are intentionally running. If you're, looking here, Birdie or Biden or even Bloomberg. Are they not one term president's by definition, just cause of age and not being ages right? Don't you think that none of them believe there to term presence? Here's the thing? That's a big deal,
because if you have a one term president, that everyone knows is one term president. That's that's the real trick. Everybody knows it. How much work is that President gonna get done in the fourth year of his wonder and presence in the answers. Nothin possess the lame duck here. You can argue that all four years doc, but certainly the last year. Congresses goes away for the election, maybe get a different president. In another result. So you lose that one year, that's twenty five percent of the administration. What about the first year, you saw what happened with Trump right and I don't know. Maybe it was the same with Clinton and Obama and others it takes about a year to get up to it get you get new people in their they're getting up to speed so the first years just getting up to speed the fourth year is lame duck you're only get in the half of it
the others there's two years in the middle and I'm not even sure that that's not a little bit lame duck. And if you know what I mean so Democrats are proposing a what a potential one term president, no matter who is the top top three vulgarest right now. How do we accept that is? Lay out a we ignore that to me to me the math of that is unavoidable, whether it's a democratic republic and if you can get an eight an eight year, president, then the percentage of set up an and downtime the small. I want the least amount of time that I have a president who's in effective on the job and one term. Presidents, just a bad bad deal all right
What else we going on here. I asked this question on twitter and, of course it seems churlish that I asked, but it's actually a real quest Which of the remaining top candidates for president could survive a corona virus infection? In other words, if my Bloomberg Bernie Sanders Joe Biden and President Trump all got thrown a virus on the same day, what would you expect of the outcomes? Well, of course, my non scientific poles, as I imagine Bernie, got the most votes for most likely to not survive corona virus, and that's not funny, so I guess so I was
something else I thought of a job. That's why I left now funny at all. But the point is anybody who says: that's not a legitimate variable to consider. I dont think they're serious, I don't think, there's ears at their ages and given that this cruel virus does look like it's gonna get at least everybody use in public and thereafter shaken hands in beaten, lots of supporters and stuff like that, I think they're, all gonna get it. I think all the Democrats are gonna get grown a virus. I do think that President Trump has good chance of avoiding it because the president can be protected? You don't you, though, that there's somebody who goes in and your bleachers off the oval office that every ten minutes, don't you know that the president is probably stopped shaking hands.
Or maybe he's got some pure Ellen there. Every time you does. But the point is that the President elites has the option of doing far better job of staying away from the infected public. Indeed have a lot to help doing that to be surrounded by a cocoon of peoples Keep away but not the candidates, the ones were running for office. They currently have to get out there and I think they will. I don't think they ll stay all because this, so I think there are going to have the Grover's. So if you tell me that seventy eight year old candidate for president, who has the krona virus? You tell me that doesn't matter, I'm sorry that matters a lot. That's one of the top variables in this than listening. So I wonder how long the traditional mainstream
Media will not talk about that because I think it's just so. It sort of a grotesque topic to talk about some of these potential future health problems. We got into this with Hilary So I dont know if respectable people will ever even take this on this topic, but it would be a disservice to voters, because it's a big variable, Worse as a big variable, I would say, if you're looking at all the things that would make you decide to vote for one candidate or another corona virus risk is that's a solid five percent when you say that too, I too low, I think it's a five percent factor of who you should vote for present this
here's a counter intuitive thought about corona virus. This comes from Peters Times, sent me this thought and Lincoln. So Piero pretty you in this, and it goes this so we're doing a whole bunch of stuff to protect us from the corona virus. Almost all the stuff we're doing to protect ourselves also has this weird unintentional impact, which is that it makes a safer from other things, so you saw the probably also the satellite photos of how China's pollution just dropped a practically nothing, because everything shut down for a while all that's one factor. If pollution is less fewer people die from pollution. Southern some people who may have. We have a better day that day, but that's not the big factors, not the pollution.
The big factor is just staying home suppose was just pick another suppose. Thirty percent of office workers find a way to work from home. That's probably high, but let's just go that number say thirty percent, so they stop commuting and they just work from home. How much traffic reduce alot, tens of millions and millions and millions of miles of traffic. How many is that people who stated would have died in a traffic accident- probably quite a few quite issue so has any also of people were washing their hands more they're. Probably people exercise more you better, there's a whole bunch of stuff that people are
are we doing. They could have the weird unintended effects of protecting them from unrelated risks. So you might actually have this weird situation where the krona virus kills x, number of people with a groan, a virus, but simultaneously protects x, number of people who didn't know that they are they risk, but they would have been in a car accident that day it's just a food for thought that really bad at carrying killing of the stuff. So yesterday s this provocative question, I thought I'd have an answer by now and I'll tell you what I know is really interesting wishes, and I asked this question: why does any virus ever stop before it infects? Basically, everybody
In other words, why would the normal annual virus just an ordinary one? Why does it stop in the summer? And the reason I ask this because if I knew the answer that wouldn't that tell me how to prevent the corona virus is suing that viruses of our of viruses virus for the most part- and I thought that was some well known thing and little limit all of the confident answers I got that are different. So when I tell you these are and answers and their different. What I'm tell you is that we don't know- or let me say this more clearly- I dont know so the end so I dont believe in and Doktor drew them back me up on this week we talked offline. That there are studies suggest different factors are the reason that a flu dies off, but we don't know
we believe that now I know some of you are going crazy right now cause you're saying to yourself Scott. We do now we do now and you see- and you see, is coming out in the in the answers. People say Scott. We now see humidity humidity, because we know that there's something about the droplets near the suppresses the transmission of the the virus, so we do know nope. No, we don't all of you said humidity is the answer you wrong. Well, when you, let me now say you're wrong. Let me just say: science does not agree with you,
Now there were, science is not confirmed that that's the reason a virus stops no wait, you're saying yes as oh, yes, it has. We ve seen the studies, show that humidity absolutely suppresses the transmission of viruses. You write so he says that I reject the sun. Clever bastard, yes, you're talking to the sun, but I understand that junk so here's what we do know apparently humidity does suppress the virus, but it doesnt eliminated. Doesn't eliminated and here's the thing half of the planet has different different humidity. So if, if one place goes from a good place for a virus to a bad place were virus
the humanity changed, Cecily someplace else on the earth. It just went the opposite from a bad place. For a virus to a really good place for a virus and work, traveling over time. There should be no effect whatsoever of your town suddenly having the right kind of humility to suppress the virus, because the people with the virus has already travelled to the other town, where it's a perfect place for a virus. So the humidity question does the question of. Maybe why there's less of it? It does not answer the question. Why just stops? Does that make sense that a is is absolutely factor science agrees, but it's not anywhere near enough on the factor that would explain why the virus just stops.
I hear some other suggestions. People have given me that are equally confident, but it doesn't mean the right one is that the air some people say the sun You're, the rays of the sun kill the virus, to which I say how much of the virus spread outdoors no scientist, but I have to think that the virus is now spreading in the woods. If you take her, if you take a walk in the park, gonna catch the virus, I think so I think, is using the bathroom and interacting with your coworkers and being indoors. So even If the sun, the sun's rays, we'll talk about vitamin d in minute, but even if the sun's rays are killing virus in my they should make any difference at all, because it's mostly transmitted indoors. Other people said that vitamin d is a big factor in protecting yourself, so
if it's a sunny earth season, we're getting more vitamin d were in the sun, and it's not that the virus is different. It's just that were more immune to it, because we are all thy vitamin D. Do you think that make sense? I don't. Because he was missing, wouldn't to see these sea be telling us to get out the sun really. If that worked, when the CDC now it wouldn't, you see these sea be telling you to do more than wash your hands when they, tell you together, she met a fire when they be telling you to get more. Some take vitamin d. What they tell you that So I dont believe that the vitamin d explanation gets right.
Here's another the theory that the virus mutates so whatever got it into humans in the first place, with some kind of a mutation that went through animals, presumably- and the thought is, every time simply passes. Someone else? It gets a little bit mutated until eventually it mutates to the point. Where is not dangerous that real? I have no idea again. Let me let me say for the base to regulate everything I mention as a reason. The viruses any kind of virus eventually stops inciting people. None of them seem solid than theirs. There's something wrong with all of these explanations and I'm gonna go with doktor drew's.
Overall summary, which is it's a little unclear? We just don't know why they stop. We know what can influence them, but we don't know why it stops. That's a whole different question, but here's the most provocative thing I saw. Say as clearly as possible. What I'm going to say next is unlikely to be true. Please here that because I'm going to give you a little conspiracy theory, you just saying that is interesting. I think it is worth putting out there, but don't assume that this is true as it's in the category of things that if you had the bet on it, you shoot that against it. But it's interesting that goes like this. Apparently it again you'd have to effect me on this this just maybe this is true, and I know that the virals or not having much effect on this krona virus. I suggest we give you some data points,
So why would it be a virus? The antivirals are not working. Well, maybe they're, just not targeted for that virus. That makes sense, but here's the part this confusing. Apparently there has been some success with antibiotics. Why? Wouldn't antibiotic help you with a virus but one? But it is sure I'm going here, so there's some suggestion. Not a virus- and these specific will say hypothesis- is that it's a form of tuberculosis and here's the interesting part, and so was the spanish flu. So you know we can compare this
Spanish flu, it seems have some qualities like that, but apparently there is some scientific question about whether the spanish flu was a flu because apparently there's a form of tuberculosis that can mimic the flu and then give you the lung infections and here's the other interesting part, apparently and again. If he had- that you should bear that. Nothing. I'm saying right now is trip. I'm just tell you it's interesting and I'm reading and on the internet is really interesting.
There's a weird aspect of this weird tuberculosis, which is the kids don't tend to get it. Do kids tend to get the regular flew they do, but kids do not seem to get corona virus. Do you know what else? Kids did not get spanish flu again Anne of Austria just some? I read today so and then apparently the tuberculosis kin, somehow prepared with the where the virus such that every time you look for the virus, you would find it because it came paired with tuberculosis, but is not. The virus is actually the problem. The problem is the underlying tuberculosis, which, in this hypothesis, would not be identified. Here's another thing,
didn't. You always think that if you got the flu. You had an immunity and then you couldn't get it again right that isn't that the whole point of vaccinations, the vaccination is sort of like the the flu, and so it's enough, if bodies and then he can't get the flu again now nothing's a hundred percent, but we're here stuff about the this corona viruses? Maybe you could get re infected like maybe that's the thing not confirmed yet, but there seem to be some reports that you can get free infected. Do you know our other flew at that quality because its different than the flues we see every year? There is one other flew. They had that quality that you can get reenacted spanish flu.
So the spanish flu and the scroll of ours have these qualities, while this was before the age of our also, this petition one allegedly response and antibiotics which would make it more of a bacteria or some other tuberculosis. Anything kids don't get. It doesn't Sense for regular flu can get reenacted fairly easily, maybe not true, but there's some suggestions that that would say not a flu, so I would say that the the thing I'm looking forward to find out if this is completely bs, I think it is, I think, is completely bs. The thing I'm looking forward to see if urgency of vaccines work, because if somebody comes up with it, it works. Well, then it is the flu virus. Because you don't like a virus vaccine that works on a bacteria,
So will now was an interesting thought, China has a corona virus app, I don't know how it works, but apparently it I'll tell you what you can cannot do. They'll tell you whether to quarantine yourself, etc, and I was wondering how long it would take for an apt pop up, because, if a napkin, let's say identify people, you ve heard of the clear view app right. You could take pictures somebody's base and I will tell you who they are often could tell you who they are. They can also tell you where they ban in theory- maybe not today, but this theory. There will be enough information about everybody and certainly that they'll know where their them. They might even know it
they ve been near somebody you at it. So it's a great idea, I think an app to keep away from people have the virus might be great idea apple is paying have billion dollars to settle a lawsuit for intention please slowing down there all Iphone, so you would buy a new one. They did. Software updates, though, make your Iphone so slow, you'd say I can live with this. I get up
and upgrade now. I remember when that happened and my Iphone slow down and I thought dammit. I think this is intentional and that I was sort of beating myself up the sulphur, for it is a bit myself up and say now: it's not intentional technology. Just slows down scattered much suffering there now, but it was intentional. The company that you respect the most well- maybe not, but if you think about it apple is probably one of the most respected companies in our country and then they intentionally slow down their products to make you think he was dying so you'd be doing as one of the worst things. This is horrible. But surely they got caught doing that? It's amazing! You really can't trust anybody.
Are you following the story about Elliot Management looking to oust Jack Dorsey from Twitter and install, I guess some of their own board members and maybe a friendlier sea were or zero that they now here's was infinitely about that. So Elliot Management is run by this billion earn and Paul singer. You should google him to find out our biggest story. This is now, in my opinion, I've called twitter. The brain of the plant facebook is sort of like the heart. Where is your family things you you feel emotionally about that you care about. I would say the instruments were like your eyes and maybe you're your sex drive sorted out the visual, but twitter is your brain and collectively we ve become the sort of global brain for me.
Sort of a god like entity which, in my opinion, runs the government. So I have said this before we used to be a republic where we elect people may go often make laws for us, but today the system is that social media says what they can and cannot do. And then there. Sponsor, because, if you're, if everyone, if everyone on Twitter, said no, no, no don't do this policy, it probably wouldn't happen. I think social media is now that the dog wagons tell So this is why this is important. I would say that Jack Dorsey gets a lot of heat for people's easily leans laughed and therefore there, some by us in the company, I think he's admitted that the employees left and that
your biases sort of part of life, so I don't think there's any secret or dispute that Twitter has a lot of left, leaning employees and probably some impact on how they do business, but Paul singer. Famous for being a sort of an anti tramper Republican, his job, if you think of it. That way is interfering with politics, Essentially, what he does so, the The pulsing there is most famous for is directly. Monetarily interacting with politicians and the political process to get a result that you but how in the world, do you let that guy control the border twitter I mean? Can you think of a worst idea for the republic? I can
the game does Twitter is sort of the in a way. I think Twitter protects the republic because it's the freest speech in the most in the poorest, most efficient sense, and I twitter drives politics. So if somebody who's intention is to influence politics, somebody says in the common somebody says is true: he hired fusion, GPS. I believe it's been demonstrated that he paid for it. So the guy who paid for the most famous fake news, that's ever been produced. One staff. Or control over Twitter, the primary entity that gives us information and opinion etc. Can you think of a worse idea for the republic it's hard to imagine, It would be worse combination, they will watch their story. Who knows
feel every success. We give you an idea that were burning doing wrong selling his plan. I watched him fall into this trap that the poor borri they have said this before my book. Loser think is about this. Bernie is spectacular, doing, is rallies and getting people to be excited and that so there's there's a part of Bernie. That is just like the he's, really talented, and he can't take that away from him. But one thing doesn't know, is economics and is terrible of explaining it, which is a problem because he's primarily proposing economic changes and if you can't explain how it can be Trump and here's. The problem here is a trap. The burning keeps falling into and care clay men of his critics keep taking the cost of his proposals and multiplying
by ten and they let us do it. I mean that literally someone just watching talking girls talking about birdies play and using Bernie Zone numbers from burning zone website? If you are add up all of his proposals and then you do for ten years, that's the multiplied by temper. It comes to a hundred trillion dollars. Now do you want to sign up for something the CASA hundred trillion dollars? Then Tucker does us he compares to the GDP Gdp lay one year of the United States, Jd Peas, somewhere twenty trillion dollar rage sore entire gdp, is twenty trillion by Bernie wants to spend a hundred trillion. Did you see what I just did that
I compared one euro GDP. Twenty chilean to ten years. Birdies plans made it a hundred join what I should have compared this ten million per year to our current GDP which is twenty trial now you said yourself or that's still way too much. We can take our that we can take our budget from twenty. Two are still too much right. The gdp in the budget are different things, but it just seems like it's too much. Here's what Bernie should doing what he should do as they say. Are you going to raise my taxes to pay for healthcare? He should say if you, if you're in the working class, I'm gonna do few five times more savings on health care costs than you will pay? That should be his answer. You can save money because all save you five times more in health care than you'll pay extra taxes
done. There should be the whole argument right there and he throws them. Amidst dollar amounts, if you're over twenty nine thousand businesses just totally boxes in people's eyes, clays over just say this for every dollar, you spend an extra taxes, you'll save five on healthcare as pretty compelling, isn't if you can afford it out enough the plan works. So the first thing Bernay should do as he should refuse to deal with ten year estimates he should say: listless do apples, apples, one year and one Then the second, the issue is express it in a percentage if he can now to do that. There is one other thing: yes to fix the he never gets right. Here's how it goes right now, employers page I gaelic amounts of money to ensure their employees. Bernie gets his way. Those employers suddenly save a hundred million dollars a year because they don't have to pay an let's just say that it's a big company
so they save a hundred million dollars a year on healthcare because the governments can repay it all now. So where's a hundred million dollars go the what the other billion they were spending for health care, what happens to the bank? It does that company just say: yes, profits just went up a hundred billion a year as we don't have to pay for healthcare, while they could It would be completely legal to do that. But what would happen? What will actually happen? Let me tell you: the employees of their company would say scares me you just take away a hundred million dollar benefit from the employees and the company would say, allow us not ask us. Burning, talked Bernie and they always say scares me scares me that the company downs
It took all of those savings and put it into raises for their employees because it had been a benefit, so they just changed to a different kind of benefit and who still employs employ benefit. So Why don't you do that? Well, we're not that other company that other companies do that we were not solely as long as there's high high employment like now, people can change jobs, so companies would not be able to bank it and keep it all they kind before.
To share it with the employees, and so what that means is when they say, birdies plan costs. Thirty trillion dollars extra, which again I think it is a ten year numbers, barely three trillion extra year. It's really not that, because those employees probably would get that back from their employer and if they were paying it themselves, they would get it back directly. So Bernie is doing terrible job of explaining his plan, but it doesn't look like he's going to the nominee anyway. I do not make financial recommendations, but I will tell you because I think I think is useful. I think is useful and thinking about this, as I'm talking, I think, is useful for people too.
Well, let's say concerns when possible. So if you are concerned about these documents, market melting down, I will I'll tell you. I don't recommend that you do anything. I don't recommend that you didn't get answers day, no recommendations from me, but I'll tell you. I put all my caution to the market. Monday morning. So most of my money was already invested, but all the cash that I had that was available. I just threw it in the market and I put it in the Amazon. And the reason I voted in the Amazon is. Then, although obviously Amazon's business would suffer from any kind of global slowdown. What are you gonna do? If you don't want to leave home. Suppose you don't want to go to the grocery store because of all that corona virus. What you gonna do, my guess is that the
that's, it will be an enormous amount of people who either didn't you. Amazon before and restarting because they want to avoid crowds and people in shopping. And they'll be people who were using them, who will double their use for the same reason to avoid going into public, so I don't think there's a cleaner play than Amazon in the long run and again I don't care what happens this week or next week or even this year as soon as the long run. That's not a recommendation Amazon's, like every other company, if you by individual stocks, you were a bad investor, you should be diversifying, and that is the one and only advice I will give you diversify. So if you went and bore Amazon because I just mentioned it- you did the opposite of what I recommended, because I recommend diversity as offer. Now you later.
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