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Episode 845 Scott Adams: Oil Prices, Coronavirus, Stock Market, Oh My! Sip Coffee and Chillax With Me

2020-03-10 | 🔗

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  • Coronavirus questions and issues
  • Russia producing oil VERY inexpensively
    • American shale oil industry in danger
  • Talking people out of panic

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Bump bump, Carol Commodity here, where the rest of you are you're sleeping this morning. Did you change your clocks? I said helps out. It's time for a coffee was got elms and the simultaneous up the best thing that ever happened to you today, and all you need to enjoy the subtlety is a booze cover. Mugger glass attack your trousers time and again to inject a flask of vessel of any kind fill it with. You favour liquid alike, and join me down for the unparalleled pleasure Dublin Bay, the thing that makes everything include The corona virus better go about that, so
I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little bit tired of the growth of virus. Little did I tell you, liar self quarantining In any case, it occurs. He was potentially explosive exposed to the virus by a visitor to see back so easily. I'll do voluntarily quarantine them. After which I say good work. Ten crews I like it. What our soldiers are a good role models we should be doing so. I dont think that crews is likely to have a virus, but I think it's a good. That he may did the appropriate thing. These self quarantined. Don't you d ever wonder: when do you see a senator herself quarantine? Quarantining they get to go home and they yourself that really a penalty, because how many people,
sort of enjoy the time off? Because in that case the telegrams he's not even sack. So this is the only situation where you can get a sick day without being SEC. Did you feel it yet There's gonna be a little bit of abuse, so let me put it this way if you'd like to get three weeks off, work, fine, somebody who is suspected of having the a virus and shake their hand. I sure hand immediately immediately after legally and wash they have twenty seconds sobered all up and then tell your boss, my god, I think I've been exposed to the growth of virus, I'm going to self quarantine I'll see in three weeks, I laughter work cuz. You got the internet and everything, but I think
people can enjoy their time off, and it I'm looking at my next few months of essentially self quarantining and examine the danger area up over a certain age, and I've got a history of asthma, some basically gonna, be hiding for months, and I've been trying to figure out how to maximize my experience of fighting for months. Here's a little trick for you. Never let a good crisis go waste I think there somebody said that famously mayor of New York, I think lunch. I mayor Marrow Chicago, whose name is you'll tell me in the comments, but this is what those cases, if you know in advance, there's a really good chance, you're gonna, be spending way too much time home figure out. What is it-
you always wanted to do if he only had enough time and then make it an opportunity. In my case, I won't be able. Go to my regular Jim, and so I thought. Oh all. This is a. This is a situation where I can work on those other things. I could work in my arms, for example, yeah for more attention that I've got your freeways, oh so find out what it is. You can, Do they always wanted to do if you only had enough time, because lot of us are going to have enough time now. I also think people spend more time around their families. People don't go out as much. They might just spend more time round their family. Maybe that's good too I'll, see what's going on. So, as you know, there was an attendee at the sea back all the important publicans were there and one of them shook hands. Somebody was confirmed at the groom virus, shook hands with terror groups.
And I think it was a representative goes- are also said. He was himself quarantine for the same reason I don't know if anyone else had it we're seeing Irene Cassim reporting that TAT he may have come. Back of it. He's got more fever and he was there any met that the individual. Now here's a really interesting, or rather of annual policy mayor I should argue sudden, don't wasted good crisis or, worse than effect, they re. It's really interesting, isn't that we don't know the name of the person who infected people as super. Seeps back because whoever was were shaking hands with all the important people, so it's somebody who's, gonna Barton
But you ve got those weird balance where that person's safety and health privacy risk the person. Who is that the spread her at the same time? What about all the people who were nearby or shook his hands? Don't they have a right to know? Doesn't everybody have a right to know if they were exposed, she's got to impossible rights that can be reconciled in and watching this play out is really interesting, but how impressed to you that the name hasn't been published? Obviously, if tell crews knows that he will, he came in contact with the person. It should be obvious that lots of people know the name of the individual. Have you ever seen something of this level of importance
that was universally, not reported, scattered, repressive that that nobody's reporting it because you gotta be a lot of people who know the name of the person but I'll check something You probably know the name by now, but nobody reports it and I'm not sure I don't even of those good or bad, because I do think the people who were potentially exposed needs oh, but if the person presumably is cooperating with authorities nor tracking who this person talk too in touch so maybe they're already being informed if they were getting close enough to this person. But I certainly like to know if I were sitting next to a woman. You know if you are selling next to the person you my recognise that person, but the person. My now remember you, so he wouldn't you know he or she would not be, would not know to tell authorities that you had been exposed because it would even know your name used to somebody that sat next to
So I think maybe you do have a right to have their name, but it's a tough balance goes whoever that is through no fault of their own, presumably would have a tough time if the name got out I, why is it that there's one day mystery is the biggest ministries, the one the matters the most about the scroll of ours? Why is it That this year, some things that I can understand. Why is it that China and now South Korea reporting today that the number of new cases is falling, which would suggest getting handler. And experts saying is the worst gnarliest virus in a while. But at the same time, the user question asked: why is it that I don't hear about people just dying of the regular slew
Just the regular flu is apparently there could be of fifty thousand Americans ear dying of the regular flu, but I never hear of it. And yet I hear about people dying of overdoses, drug overdose has all the time people. I know Personally, people in my family and its round the same number per year now could be that the drug overdoses or more unexpected and their younger people. So we hear about, whereas if a senior citizens dies, maybe they're not even bother to say it was the flu It was just the moaning and that's what I always gets a means is either that or their hard, so it could be. Some kind of a weird reporting thing and I'm still trying to get a handle on whether this krona virus is mass hysteria or actually real, and we sort of got into this point- and I still don't know for sure, is
real or if it's a mass hysteria now the argument for mass hysteria goes like this. So yesterday there was an official in the health and human services. Admiral Brett gear, our Gerard Assistant secretary for health at Helsinki, human services. So this is an official government person who, as official government information and as of yesterday, he said the best S. That's now for the overall mortality rate for govern. Nineteen is somewhere between point one percent and one percent now way? One percent would be right on normal virus if it's true that the death estimate is between point one and one percent, because I guess
the denomination they keep getting better information on it, so the numbers scope lower. That puts it if its boy one is right at normal virus if it's one percent its ten times as deadly as normal wires, but still it's been lowering every time they update it. We haven't had a situation that it will get worse, got up right. Every time we you'd, better numbers, the numbers and lower. So here's the thing I don't understand: how do we explain that there were these clusters of death, the one cruise ship and then the one old people home whatever's called arrest nursing home. Whatever was how do you explain those two clusters of high death because they go way beyond what you would expect from coincidence,
But, on the other hand, don't coincidences happened. The hasn't there. As ever been less say. What are they called old people? Homes rest homes, nursing homes was right. There's a correct term. For that I don't think I'm using it, but as ever been one where ten people died in a month. My guess is yes right. So here's, yes right, so
so now. Imagine these two possibilities, one is exactly was be reported, theirs is normally virus. The scientists have discovered it is bad, is killing more people than normal. That's what's been reported in all the evidence was support them, but here's the other possibility. Why is this virus was just sort of everywhere and a yoke just all over the place and then, for other reasons, there were clusters of people dying, because there are clusters of people who die right. That's gotta be a thing: there's gotta be cruise. Ships worry of several people die, but I am not really kind of buying that it could be.
Coincidence. Just but that's how coincidence is work they for you, so I can easily fall so here's what I cannot understand. The people falling down dead in China and the amount of effort that China put in it suggests is extra extra deadly and so does the cruise ship, and so does the nursing home. They also justice extra extra deadly, But how is it that China and South Korea are getting a hold on it and Why isn't it doesnt affect children theirs I'm sort of rarely here, but the hot the point of it is there some large piece of information there would explain what we're saying this message: isn't it it doesn't seem to use their something really important happening, that we don't understand, because
because we're getting two movies are playing simultaneously. What is its getting under control, and one is it's worse than ever. I don't see how they can both be true way, we'll find out. Clarity will come soon as we get so here's your some things. We no that's growers and by were able to give you some hint sunsetting talking people out of being panicked about it. So that's worth staying for em they're, probably to waves coming so you dont know this. You should know analyses have surprised the normal. The normal pattern you should expect we'll get some kind of cool all over the current virus over the summer, with the help of former weather, and that it will come roaring back? Maybe in the winter? So you should
spectres to clamp down before it comes roaring back and the thing to worry about is the roar back. Because that could be even bigger than the original here. New things coming? Apparently, the bill Gates Foundation is funded, some kind of a company. They can do home testing with Schwab. So this so the ways to test are increasing every day. So thank you. Bill gates- and I mean Thank you bill gates for being such a productive member of the planet earth and were now being behind. These tests gets that you can do a home and mail in that seems like that's a big deal to me. Pelagia renovation was saying on and twitter, and I agree that we need some kind of her right to try legislation or executive order, something for the people,
grown virus in there is at least some indication that some existing drugs might make a difference. So there's some thought no expert in this area. I can't I can't say that I'm just says that the question is out, there were there should be some right to try some experts
and all drugs. If you have grown a virus- and you could turn suddenly- has a guess. People are returning bad suddenly years, not date. I ve been talking about. We need to temporarily for the emergency, get rid of the restrictions of doctors practising the cross state lines, because we might need people in other states to help with the overflow, especially for telemedicine. So I had suggested that the government temporarily do an executive order and say: ok for now, doctors can use telemedicine to practice crusty lines just for the emergency. I can worse than that, I did did make it all the way to the White House. So I did get confirmation. I do have confirmation that the right people in the government and see the idea and have increased we expressed expressed Express
policy agreement that that's a high high productive thing to look into. So I don't know if that's gonna happen. I just know that the model of the social media bubbling up idea, is to two people can make. A decision is working life Is your coming off the internet in Sweden Brainstorming way hey about this about this about this and the good ones rashly getting sheltered and there actually making it too the White House Inn in less than two hours. Which is a remarkable if you think about it, josie of atoms, here's some other things are happening, sing the delivery, ramping up lot, more people telecommuting using telemedicine, spitting up your savings, Or you, robots and test gets the world is really organizing other stuff. Our self, organizing and and
and what they need to do so. Here's my prediction on the growth of ours. I think I think it's now. Take us down, you don't knock em civilization. You gonna run toilet paper. I think the odds are there low. I have no objection to anybody preparing for disasters because the whole point of it is that they're low percentage of vents, but why you should expect prepare for the worst, but we should expect Well we'll muddle through this, because there is an amazing amount of skill and energy being focused on this problem. You don't see this much energy ever being focused. Anything since may be World WAR two, I suppose. So. I think you should be optimistic. The the track record of human beings verses other
entities is a hundred percent. There is no other species, be there. Bird lizard or metal, who has ever beaten humanity I, like the odds of humans, again gets us now. Of course we get through this now. At the same time, just anything interesting, Russia has dropped while they increase their production, which is dropping the prices. Now here's was happening in the world. Just so you got the the lay of the land. Apparently Russia has figured out how to produce oil very inexpensively. Some of it has to do with the nature of where they're dealing with some of that systems improvements, but the world was not quite ready for the fact that Russia can produce oil.
And a lot of it, wait cheaper than the Middle EAST, but here's the bad news also way cheaper than she'll production. In the United States. So now the OPEC has not agreed to cooperate and keep their prices high, Russia, just one rogue started they're gonna drill. Like crazy, produce like crazy and drive the worldwide price of oil down below the price were Saudi Arabia and the entire higher american she'll industry can even stay in business, so you're watching one of the big I would say this has gone beyond economic war. This is actual war. At this point, so I think it would be fair to say that Russia and Saudi Arabia are actually a war. The bullets are not fly, but this looks like a complete take down with an entire
country- and it looks like Russia's rush- is getting ready to take Saudi Arabia out. They will take out also possibly know it's looking that way in the entire shale energy business in the United States, which is big and which is good. Painful and it's gonna be expensive and doesn't help Donald Trump wondered What's gonna happen without the Pandit to say, hey, you couldn't abundant and trumpeter practically best friends and all that, if proven takes out- and it looks like that's exactly what he's doing aspirant takes out the shell industry in the United States, who is gonna, say that for the fur trump anybody is there. Anybody can maintain the argument that Putin and travel
We are working in concert for some big evil. Nope that's gone forever. If potentates, our shale industry. Figuratively war the real war with bullets, but the United States, It's not gonna roll over, while potentates out one of our most important industries. That's not happened. Supporting has some surprises coming and there would be surprises to me because I don't know what they are there's no way we're gonna roll over, and you say you know, let's just left control all the energy production coming, they just don't know what it is, and I think that she's got some pain coming. They just don't know what it is and I think the present and is probably already looking at. His options is probably just gonna turn the lights off figure if we do not actually lights, but
filling the rushes and for a big kick in the kitchen, Lee pants those of you on stock or are worried about the economy, let me give you some good feelings. Number one. The crowd of ours is a weird kind of disaster. Because it has a timer on it. It might be a one year problem. There might be a two year problem, but it's not a three year problems because by the third year, so many people would be exposed that they just couldn't be. The same thing in the end when the economy is working as well as it has been, and you ve got this. You known problem that less ex long and at the end of it you know you're gonna be ok. People are gonna, keep their production at least ready to ramp, backup. So, I would expect that the ramp back would be very fast. So when the
shock is over. The economy is going to roar back very quickly, but the weird kind of, but not all so I think the travel industry, maybe the cruise industry the restaurant industry, though, be industries that are just get devastated by this. There's no question about it and it's gonna be ugly, but there are other industries that are being stimulated by this. I'm not even sure the net effect is gonna, be nearly as negatives. Anybody imagines so as soon as soon as things stand, normalizing, they're, gonna, normalize very quickly, so the ramp back up will be extra fast because there's nothing missing. The only thing that missing is: can we gotta work now,
The answer is yes, you can go to work now banned everything's back to normal, so that now the the russian situation with energy is a little days here cause that's just a big shock and nobody like shock and uncertainly, but I imagine that the markets will do with the market still and meaning that over time. It will find some kind of balance that it doesnt have right now, but remember that when the oil prices drop is a gigantic stimulus package for people by oil is very bad for people who work in industry or people on stock in those industries. But if you just drive your car, you just saved a lot of money, also. If you cancel your vacation, you just saved a lot of money, so it's you ve never seen an economic shock like this one worth.
Maybe not one for one but roughly speaking, for every bad thing, that this is causing its accidently, causing a stimulus some Realms were some savings that will be spent later. Sometimes dub demand. This is not like, normal economic shock is one where everybody just sort of pulling back in waiting, nothing's really broken you you'd, have to have something broken to be worried. Nothing's broken were actually pulling together and operating as a country coordinated than we ever have probably more empathy. More cable, Dolly more brains, more power We rightly states is really operating at a high level right now of capability, so the odds of us getting through this well in the same year. Maybe two years are close to hundred percent close,
Two hundred percent is closer to preserve anything you get really so calm down let me give you some tips for talking other people and of panic. You know in it at a time like this of national concern where all looking at the scroll of irish stuff, I think you notice that a lot of citizens just jump into the breach people say I was my- was my contribution. What's the thing I can do where I can help. Any just signal is really inspirational and amazing and makes you feel good to be alive, and I never want to feel good about a disaster, especially ones where people are dying. But there is something about that focuses and improved. Who's, the human condition? Now, where we do get to harden the bye, bye trauma and formed by try
And this is certainly one of those cases. Others there's something horrible about this, a lot horrible about it, the corona virus and there's something beautiful about it, and it could be true to say yeah? You know that the way people are reacting, the other people were jumping into the breach and saying Are you not not my watch the old, though you civilization the sort of actors, one and said yeah yeah virus take your best shot, but it's not gonna, be my watch. You so watching people jumping risking their life under their happiness or pleasure, sacrificing, other sleep there, their personal safety, and we have no shortage at every. Ever heard anybody say since it started? Has anybody said there is a shortage of people who want to help.
Now now, there's no shortage of people want to help. It is really dangerous stuff. So that's amazing and we should not lose sight of that. But here's why you should not be as worried as perhaps you are So these are some tips for talking other people. Out of their worry, and here is the main one work: infusing statistical risk with personal lives, it is because we watch the news if you never had any news, you'd probably just get a golden. Take some days off a garment. He would never have another problem. So the first thing you have to understand is that the way you feel about the problem has probably eighty percent of it has to do with the way has been presented to you and that we live in a world where presenting scary things is good business model for the news, so you are being scared beyond worthy where the risk might be appropriate for use.
Secondly, now it is good to scare society, so society does all the right things, I'm in favour, scaring society, but if you're trying to decide you individually, how scared should you be here's what's to keep in mind? The corona virus is a statistical rest. It's not a personal risk, it is but also small. You could almost ignore it. The statistical risk is that there is a guarantee that some thousands of Americans will die for this, indeed, a hundred percent chance. The same number of people we hope is not thousands of young people die. There's no, there's nothing! That will stop some number of people, nine from any flew the slower every any other flew slash. Just gonna happen.
It was going to happen anyway at some rate, but said we should treat that risk very seriously. Even if we don't know the names of the people are going to die, but let's they were talking about you, one of the odds that you specifically we'll get a corona virus and die. So small is vanishes, your actual individual risk just disappears. It is a system risk its people whose names you don't know who almost certainly are not going to be you almost sir. There will be a lot of them. They have real names. Are real people we care about them when almost impossible that that'll be used specifically given that the nature of this, so that person. People need to know is that when we everybody talk about the risk, its statistical risk is that you, the answer you dying or nothing so list. I me as an example:
what are the risks the eyes got? Adams will die of the crown of ours. So small is the last thing I worried about, but I'm still do everything I need to do to protect myself. You know that staying in a crowd and washing ends in Alaska, because I'm part of the systems, so my contribution to keep him myself healthy, actually is not that much about me yeah. I mean it's good for me just in case, but is mostly though, if we all do what we're supposed to do to stay offices and stay and acted in and do what we're supposed to do. We reduce the system risk server that you doing to keep yourselves is safe. Think of it as a system safety, your actual risk, practically nothing. The other thing I would suggest of you you have people are tried to feel better is to do something as long you're doing something you ever since
control. I tell you, I told you that I go for a walk every day and especially on the sunny day is invited to D. Get mild exercise keeps my keys. My immunity up, I'm making sure I get enough sleep of eating right under in all those things. So I feel like I'm doing something and I put in some supplies just in case I don't think we're you run out of any supplies. Could supplies in the one things that really isn't that the industries that are at risk are the ones where large gatherings get together. Event some restaurants in such the ones, who are not a risk because you can still operate even if a lot of players are sick, that weak are things that make stuff So I don't think we're going to run out of stuff we're not going to run out of electricity and water and toilet paper, and Could I just don't think that's gonna happen. I think you just don't
the recommendation will be limited for a while here's a more context: Human, it is really good at emergencies really good and already we ve got it. China's got a handle on it and how hard was that South Korea's gotta headline, and now the number of new cases are decreasing. How hard was that How many people are there in China and South Korea were infected and they still got a hold of it. Pretty impressive, madam. I was just people that they stop binge watching all the virus born, because the news talks about whatever's news wherever you know, whatever is interesting
it doesn't mean you have to watch all it might be good enough. Just to pick up the statistics everyday and say: ok, how's it look today. Alright, let's go on with my day. I also recommend that you make stress relief, a full time job, so don't allow yourself to just get more and more stressed and say well, I can. I can help Let's just go after it, because your stress level is what's degrading your immune response. So the least during the the time of the corona virus risk. I would say you should make it your full time job to get an app relax. Do some meditating exercise you do whatever it takes for you to reduce stress, because that will reduce your cortisol levels and make you safer. So those are the main thanks
reminding people that the risk is vanishingly small, actually smaller than driving a car smaller than getting the plane in general. This is smaller again So let s talk about the William half method breathing to boost immunity,
You should read up on that William off breathing method, just Google it- and you can make your own decisions about that. Somebody says wash your bananas okay. So let's was trying to make something positive and it is grown virus. We're all gonna be staying home. State crowds release those innocent a certain age, sugar, away Hindu, where you can command had the industry months, have a new skill be a little more fits, be a little more relaxed, learn how to meditate. Do some useful? That's a German! Let's talk about the funny story of the day this! This is the funniest political story as funny for all the wrong reasons. I mean I there's a shot and fried here, meaning that I enjoy other people's misfortune, but they had come, and so this is
So you ve all seen and now by now the Biden Sound clip and video clip in which he seems to be are confused and at the end he says something about helping President tromp get elected, just make any sense altered so that its edited clip. Now when I I ever did. I dont mean that any of the club that you're seeing is edited, but rather they cut out the last few seconds after the club. If you had seen in the last few seconds, you would know that these substances were Biden appears to be saying, will do nothing but elected president tromp. It is not endorsing him. The rest of the sentence is is something like I'm just paraphrasing here by something like will elect President Trump. Unless we do x Y see so the parts is cut out is the. Unless we do
X Y see if he cut that out. It looks like he's accidently, so confused endorsed president rob. That's that's away, people having fun with it now. Does that sound familiar? Yes, it does, because this is exactly what the left did to President Trump with a fine people. Because anyone what people say when they see the fine people hopes video. They say: Scots gas got a novel. Taken I'm looking at the actual another video of what the President said and I'm watching him call those nazis. Fine people is right there, I'm lookin, I believe, my own ears, my own eyes
you say yeah, but they cut out the last bar, where he made sure that you didn't think that by saying in case occasion excellently thought that he doesn't say that part, but he says he clarifies he says, and I'm not talking about the NEO Nazis, the white Nationalists, who should be condemned totally, so you cut their part out and you leave the first part and reverses the meaning. It reverses it is a hundred percent different than the actual leaning. Now what did people say when I said hey that find people clip is edited. They said Scots Gasket, it's not edited. I watched it live. I watched it on tape. It's the same thing I watch live. There's nothing edited is exist.
Finally, what he said- and they can't seem to understand that the part the gap left out- reverse this meaning until Joe Biden had happened to him, and this is the fund for because its, exactly the same, it's exactly the same track. They just took out last bar the reverse. This meaning pointed out there and some, millions of people saw the original club. The other Clinton million saw the clip without that, the part on the end, and then it gets young people realise that that's misleading and they put out a correction, but how many people see the correction? Ten percent? Maybe it's so you get ninety one benefit with the fake fake news club. Now there are some of you were protesting in your saying sky,
just got. The binding clipped is not misleading, because the point of it is not that anybody really thought he was endorsing present tromp. Nobody really thought that thou, just that was just funny, but they did think he was doddering and confused. Yeah issue does show him dotterine confused. I would agree with that. But Dotterine, confused and away. That's not entirely different from this stuttering excuses. Using which isn't about excuse. I gotta say so. Biden has said that these have studied in the past. Some have suggested the Hindus eat that uses attract wear if he feels a stutter coming a word that he doesn't want to pronounce that stutters that learn to do a workaround where they use other words instead and that you can become not fluent because you're thinking too hard about
substituting words, and then you sound confused the. Why you're really doing is trying to think and talk and substitute words. At the same time, it is just too much now. I have some experience with that because I had a voice problem for three and a half years wasn't stutter, but at the same issue there are some words I couldn't pronounced and- and I would point out to the same track, I would try to say substances. So if I asked for a diet coke, because I had a voice problem in which I could not pronounce coke I'd, have to say something. Like my usual. It's so does the Brown one out what are usually have a legislative area, because I'm just trying to talk around using were coke, because I know my mouth campaigners,
so he is Joe Biden losing your eyes. I think. Obviously, yes, I think there is something about that. Stutter workaround thing, that is true, but I think he used to be better at it because he was a little more was a sharp. So I dont think that the excuse of him talking around the stutter is tell you everything you needs now. I think he probably always did it, but we didn't notice before, because it is a little more clever about it. So anyway, this sort of the beautiful karma that the democratic rabid to deal with, that others that article in Breitbart today a little write up of an interview. I did in the radio with the Joel Pollak last night, the burning Biden. If you want to see that you might see my opinion on what's gonna happen in the election,
Wise and burning making violence decline and issue. Well, there seems to be consistent with burning, so Bernie has been trying to run. A campaign is not about the people, but is a little bit more about the other policies. Of course you would, after President Trump for allegedly being racist, so he does go after people as these do a baby is because their friends- maybe it's because he thinks Biden- might get the nomination it's better to sport. It is hard to know a Bernie sinking, but if I had to guess well so I've, I predicted that Bernie will have at least one more surge could be more than one, but I think you have at least one more sir, and a good becoming really soon, and it could be becoming because this year, if he decides to talk about violence, mental decline,
That should be enough to give him another surge. So my job, I. So tomorrow we ve got another, though the primary so will find. That was what, after that lay your covers. Right was like us all: we are going. Gotta hating, all of this corroded virus news, because it isn't is interesting because as important but is not indifferent everyday. I would like to talk about better things. Did I buy more Amazon stock today? I am all in on the market, so I'm just gonna way that our long it takes but idea I did load up on Amazon.
When adept way way, can you talk more about the oil industry? Please did you have a specific question? I'm certainly no expert on the oil industry, but the bottom line is that consumers will get lower cost. That's it. Who knows the industry in the rail industry make your wiped out we'll see. Others goes. I that's all. We have now I'll talk to you tomorrow,
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