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Episode 847 Scott Adams: Bernie’s Great Week (He Doesn’t Know it Yet), Coronavirus Loserthink

2020-03-11 | 🔗

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  • Biden is racing cognitive decline to the DNC convention
  • President Trump’s coronavirus leadership
  • Bill Mitchell’s coronavirus tweets

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump, hey everybody about in your style, for coffee was got atoms and because this is a special day a Wednesday. I wore my finest suasion here. I don't want this on every day now for everybody, but it did for you and if you would like to enjoy the simultaneous I need you know, you need probably Unita cover. My girl, glass at anchor jealousies, Diana canteens,
you're, a flask of vessel of any kind filled with very liquid. I like coffee and join me now for the girl or pleasure the dopamine day. The thing that makes absolutely everything, including corroded virus, better simultaneous go Good morning from Seattle Sanctuary, Seattle sounds like you're locked in figure out on the streets. Anti file will be you up and you get a groan virus so so stay now
hunger down. Let's talk about some grown virus, dolphins and politics, stuff, etc. I've come to a conclusion that President trumps tool said is best used against people. In other words, if you say a Donald Trump President job I've got a person that you need to defeat or you need to negotiate with them really to win them over and then the presence as a person. I know how to deal with people. He goes. The desert me does a very well. The president is really really really good at getting a result with people I don't know that use exactly the right person to have the battle with a virus, because you can't really insult a virus kid. He can't beat a virus with getting more attention.
Tv. You care refrain virus, pretty much the president's entire tools that is people oriented, so you struggling on us. If we're. If we're being honest I mean I wouldn't expect use believe anything, I say good about the president. If I can also say well in this area, this area is not ideal and I don't think he's nailing it. The corona virus but, as I have said, I dont think you will make any difference, because it's a weird kind of crisis in which the president's involvement is the least important poorer, and if you think about it,
The present always has to be the one charge and takes the blame and get the credit, but how much is the present actually doing? Really, the only thing the president is doing. Is he aside the right people he's done? He closed the airports early, pretty good, no question about that close in the airports, early good move by the president, but once he's got pen on board ensuring its brief the lot, but mostly his job is just talking to them. Luck in this isn't his best topic away, watching jeopardy. Last night and fairly, I was, I was one of the questions. Jeopardy has had me as or one of the answers to questions which ever does so. I get area weird. My life is to turn on television and watch in jeopardy question about myself.
There was one then Jones is warning that, because of the primary last name, it looks like binds gonna commanding lead, That isn't one burning fails, A lot of people were really wound up who lost their champion, and I like the way you put it there, the losing their champion, meaning that they have an emotional connection to this thing, there's really unpredictable and as as he points out there there's a lot of energy there and their emotions, and you don't know where that's going to go on. So it's very dangerous for the Democrats. Somebody is at reminding the comments, I was yesterday that whoever cancelled while I was here yesterday that the big rally should be cancelled now, apparently the president doesn't have any scheduled, so the president didn't have anything to cancel. He was just obvious,
smart enough not to schedule, whereas Bernie audaciously cancel something and then I think Biden followed on and cancel some other thing, and I thought to myself man, the President missed this too, he's so good at picking up free money, you're that I say this all time. If the present walked by Table Anderson Money like their looks round, and does it seem to blog everybody, he's is usually the smartest one and he says they both have this money since Bork anybody know nobody. I guess I'll pick up this free money and he does it in lots of different situations and he had free bunny sitting on the table for this situation of cancelling big events, because whoever when first looks like the later and whoever goes second looks like a follower, so the free money,
If you know you're gonna cancel your events anyway, you might as well what else it go. First, be a later forces, everybody else to be a me to player who doesn't get as much attention and when they do it's for being a follower, so the president should have very early set of cancelling all my events, even if he didn't have any scheduled, he should judge said not to have a more rallies I'll go first, it would have immediately forced
Sanderson binding to do the same, but it was gonna happen anyway. Didn't everybody knows that the rallies were eventually giving cancelled if it's gonna happen anyway, take the free money go first again see the President miss this opportunity. I think barbarity took it now. I've said provocatively, their Bernie is having one of his best weeks. Now you say is often Scots gods got. Why do you say that when he just got here. Third in the slightest series of primers, so Biden took the lead, he's gotta commanding lead. It looks like the states that are upcoming over favourable to Biden and all
smart people are saying binds just gonna lock down, but but here's the thing there sort of a contest going others a race within the race. There's one race, this, the candidate candidates against the other candidates.
So when we talk about but there's another raised, this happening right under our eyes will see it. But we have talked about it this way and is the race to get Biden nominated before his mental decline becomes so obvious that it can happen and if you ve been watching the cliffs lately, Abiden is looking like he's failing fast and that's confirmed by the fact that his campaign is keeping him away from the stage. You don't put your candidate on the stage for only seven minutes. If you think he's he's got the goods, nobody would do that. So it is obvious that the campaign noses failing and failing fast, as probably to me to my eyes to my non medical, lies and I'll put the question
on that everybody should put on this. Witches were not doctors. We can't diagnose things. Bite will hear people on tv unless it's so obvious, they even they non doktor, could see it, and I think we're at that point I think were well beyond the point where you would have to have a medical degree to look at Joe Biden and say there's something wrong. I don't know specifically what's wrong, I don't know how to treat it. I mean I'm not a doctor, but I'm not I have eyes, I m afraid I can see what's happening,
anybody can see, and if you re a relative, you can see it easily. So here's here's the real contest, the real contest is abiding support is growing. All his mental acuity is declining. If that crossover happens before the convention- and it looks like there's a good chance that could happen. There's a good cheer. Second cause. There's nobody who doesn't see it at this point. Anybody says they don't sort of lie. I think he was was from afar. You am, I forget his first named David, who tweeted that people pretending they can see bindings mental problems or you know, are killing themselves
But the sort of a desperate in the last move is pretty clear that the Democrats can see it at this point. So if Biden crashes and burns before the convention, just because of his own, you don't decline. Do you look at Bernie? What, if Bernie is still in the race still has the most votes without being Biden and Biden's mental faculties declined to the point where the Democrats say: okay, okay, we got to stop this It's it's gonna, be really close is not am I wrong that so what day is the convention exactly? But it looks like he's gonna be close. He might completely fall apart before he actual use of the convention stage. Now if he gets to the convention,
I think you'll get it, and that is all about the vice president. So we'll see, President Trump keeps being asked whether it's gonna be tested for the virus, because he shook hands at sea back or something, and his answers is just the worst. They answer maybe he's just these is now forming as usual level for this this crisis and trump answers that he feels fine. I just cringed like that's, not why you get tested you dont get tested just because you now feel in fine. You get tested because year, the commander in chief and you ve been exposed and it's just a test. Do you think somebody in the country
maybe give up a test, so the president can get tested. I think that would be a worthy trade off. We do put resources into protecting our leader greater than the resources we put into protecting any individual and most of us think that's a good idea, as the leader in who is always so years. What the president should say, instead of their terrible terrible answer that you feels good. Oh, my god. It's you so bad! Here's what he should say. He should say I delegate that decisions. My doctor, the White House physician. If he wants me to get tested, I will but I'm not the experts. So I'm not a doctor. Export told me want to be tested. He hasn't told me to do that now. If he's a that, wouldn't you feel a little bit more comfortable, but when
comes out, says I'm not getting tested bigger and I feel great that makes you feel like he doesn't understand the problem, because a lot of people without symptoms, that's really the biggest part. The problem, if the only people who could spread it were people showed symptoms, we'd be in good shape because we just say I'm symptoms, stay away from that one. So I don't know that I don't think the president could have done much worse and answering that question, but they should just defer to his physician next time. See what else is going on. I feel as if people dont quite understand the strategy for dealing with a groan virus.
And here's the main thing you need to know that if we can slow it down and have it won't overwhelm, are systems and that were not exactly trying to save lives compared to other flues or other problems were doing that to you, of course, try to save lives, but that's not the strategy. Saving lives is just sort of way. You do. We always try to save lives, but the strategy is to spread out. The objectives were trying to do our social, distancing, indian, washing and clear. Events and stuff, that's not supposed to stop it. We don't have a problem, we can stop. We do have a problem that we with great confidence. We know we can flattened out the problem if we flattening
and spread it on and off in the hospitals will not be overrun. Lee businesses could potentially stay open and we can we can get through it with a you, some predictable, not a pain. So it's all. Flooding of it. I didn't I didn't want to do what to gonna do now, but, but I feel like as a public service, some gonna do it I've been watching Bill Mitchell Tweeting all week, various various different ways. He saying some form of the that the panic is overdone on this virus and Really the panic is indicative of a political process, not scientific grammatical. So years, one of his tweets today. Services Bill Mitchell. He says H1N1, I guess as Swine flu, its fancying
in two thousand: nine infected sixty one million Americans sixty one freakin million covered. Nineteen he goes on has infected two thousand. Covered nineteen has received ten thousand times the media coverage they each one and one received and then Bill Mitchell concludes. He says yes, folks, it's all political. Now I ignored the first few times. He did this because I like him, I bet on his shoulder and stuff and but at this point, a sort of a public service. That I stop this right now? Don't you agree, because the problem here- and I think most of you can tell- is that these can be compared apple to an orange during an emergency, and if you
compare and apple to an orange during an emergency. What are the odds you gonna make the right decisions, none right! It's just a faulty comparison and the you can compare this crummy virus to to any prior flu is that the experts have told you a big doesn't act like those other ones. So those other ones were plenty scary, and it was with great effort that we got them under control, but the experts Bill Mitchell do not say this. One is like those are the ones except a name, other viruses, I guess, but other eyes the curve and what it does to you is different, for example, the other ones of affected children. This one affects children, far less. This one is far more deadly to old people, maybe more viral as well.
I think some of the differences are like. If you will hear bowler. For example, people died pretty quickly, so they couldn't spread it. So these are just completely different problems. So when build Mitchell compares corroded virus which, with all of the efforts of the United States, has been so far in the earliest stages held two thousand people he's comparing full national effort in the very beginning of a problem to mature problem. That's a different problem that happened some other time. That's not a good compares it's not comparison- and if you try to draw conclusions from that comparison- that therefore it's all political you're really damaging the country. In my opinion, because the country needs to know that this isn't like the other ones, because knowing that is what causes you'd modify your behaviour, if you dont modify your behaviour, this is
be like ITALY, so I use the example of ITALY and ran because there are already their hospitals are already overrun, so we ve got. Some social media reports from doctors in italian hospitals to say that there already cancelling optional surgeries and if it gets continues to get worse than are gonna, be cancelling mandatory surgeries because they have so much. Horses and their filled up? So we don't have to wonder if this virus has the potential to to overwhelm our health care system, because we can watch it. We watch happened and other countries were not doing a good job that the fact that we're doing a better job than say, maybe ITALY was in the United States- might have to do with the fact that we got here earlier star.
Maybe maybe they got infected before they knew as much as we did in other their lot of differences. Ev older people, maybe there's more smoking. That could be lots of things that are different, but when you will you watch in that, the one thing you do know is that it can kill enough people to overwhelm here medical resources that that's not unquestioning. Were we don't have to question whether this virus? If we let it would kill more people than our health care system, can We don't have to wonder doesnt answered question because ITALY has already demonstrated that I think are ran to, but we have less information. So Bilbil, please stop comparing this. To every other flew because while we
I want to panic: we do want people to know that if they don't modify their behavior, this one is not going to be as kind as the other ones. That's that's a known fact. And I don't- I don't really see this politically being just a scene of political life. What else we got going on here? I think I'm gonna records recant and take back everything. I said about Russia and oil prices in Saudi Arabia. So you all know the story that Russia, lower prices and salary lower prices and there's an oil price war that good driver american shale business into bankruptcy because shale costs more to produce. Then both Saudi Arabia,
Russia can produce so they bought more oil. Nobody buys are shell oil because there's plenty of cheap oil by instead, so what I said was that Russia was attacking basically Saudi Arabia and the United States to take our shell business, but I read another opinion from somebody. You seem pretty smart, who said it that's backwards, as actually Saudi Arabia, who's taking out Russia and the Eu S she'll business, and I think well, Baby baby both are too so, whatever is happening. There is a little bit opaque, at least to me. Maybe somebody understands what's going on, but I think that you are shell. Business is in a lot of lot of trouble. Somebody says every flu you hear the same:
so the apparently there somebody is still not convinced that this flu is different, but let me just take it down to one one element for your check. If you think this flu is not a scary as the media's, you then you have to understand that you'd have to explain why ITALY is having so much trouble now. Sure I get it. Italy has fewer hospital beds and they don't have the facility of a South Korea or even maybe China or the United States. But ITALY did not have their healthcare system crash with prior flutes, so yeah
to explain why I did if you can explain that you have to stop saying it's the same as prior flues. If you can explain it, please tell the rest of us because nobody else can explain it, except that the flu is, as it has a nasty or nature for extra old people, just an update on me because it ties into the scope and stuff. I've got some medical procedures upcoming and I'm really concerned because. I don't want to be into a situation where I forgot to surgery scheduled, and I don't know if our healthcare system is still working, but today I'm going to go. Get my head examined literally with an MRI see if my sinuses can be operated on and.
I don't know about scheduling. The surgery now seems like a dicey time even have something scheduled the I suppose I get through the surgery in and I get my being paid meds I'll, be ok because I just have to recover, but it's just a terrible time to have some unrelated medical problem that you need the healthcare systems to deal with, because you just don't know if it will be there in the month of these, be there and avail to you. It might be crushed by then will permit a virus kill the job market, while the iter the economy is getting depressed because anything they requires people to leave their house and spend money is at risk. So there are tons of people were gonna lose a lot of income on this. I don't know, what's gonna happen, but it's a weird kind of it's weird kind of crisis, because there
a bunch of businesses that will do better and certainly the grocery only toilet paper business urges new and better right there, not don't worse. So it's, oh it's a weird crisis and that some things will do better. While some things will be completely whack, somebody says: have them tests for tv S long there. Looking in my head this good idea, scissors, ay and their lava removed, yeah somebody says: is it possible for you to wait or something better to get on with it I'll make their decision pretty soon, but it's gonna be close. The last thing I want to do is walk into a medical facility because at some point there's gonna be a cross over we're going to the medical facility to get something fixed. There was the dangerous you gotta get it fixed.
Might be more dangerous than staying away from it might be more dangerous to go to a healthcare facility and be exposed to. God knows what cuz it's it isn't yet at the moment, I wouldn't worry about it, but we're getting close a month from now. Do you think you would go to a hospital for a regular problem? Maybe not maybe not all right. People who have cabin fever after this yeah I'm just starting to get a little squirrely myself, because I I keep forgetting that I'm not supposed to leave the house, and I find that I'm keeping score. I don't know if you're doing that yet, but I'm keeping score of how many
social contacts I have so if, if a normal world, I would have you know ten social contacts and try to cut their down to two or three Because I don't have to eliminate my social contact, I just have to get it down to a number where the corona virus can spread as quickly as it would so so here's like out I've I've shaken one hand in total, since the corona virus started or too maybe too I'm gonna go to zero. Both of those cases were, I wasn't thinking, but in other cases where people have offered, shake hands. I've ever refused and even walking down the sidewalk. I took a walk yesterday. Somebody who's is walking on the sidewalk and the other direction, and we.
We did this like really wide passing, so I would think I've got my social context down. If I had to guess. I think I've reduce my social interactions by eighty percent. The personal needs somebody says: they're Fedex Guy has grown a virus. Well lesson I good somebody says: there's gonna be a baby boom in nine months. Maybe. All right, I'm all the police was called at the market. Will my my super market at my stores that have everything except cleaning supplies so all of the other you Clorox, wives and stuff. They all despair pretty quickly, but plenty of food
I don't think we're going to run out of food all right, that's all I got for now. I will go get my mri and I'll. Tell you tomorrow. If there's anything in my head.
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