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Episode 849 Scott Adams: Biden’s Addled Brain, Chinese Bots, Loserthink, Ventilators, #WuhanFlu

2020-03-13 | 🔗

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  • Joe Biden opposed to Europe travel ban?
  • Impeachment distracted from coronavirus preparation
  • Emergency ventilator shortage
  • China threatens to withhold antibiotics from America
  • Which Dems are padding the emergency funding bill?

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Bump, bump, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. Well, I hope you're here to find love in a time of growing virus. Well were were limping along through this thing, together. One way work and enjoy the day. Despite all the events in the Is when the little thing called the simultaneous have now? I know you're thinking prescribe the simultaneous up here to cure the corona virus can it to which I say you dont know until you try. So
all you need is a copper mugger glass at anchor jealousies, Dinah Canteen Geography ask a vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and jointly now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dominion of the day, the thing that makes everything better. It's called the simultaneous go. Well, the dumbest presidential candidate in the history of candidates, Joe Biden, whose brain is barely functioning. At this point, I think we can agree. He has decided to go public and prove to the world that he doesn't understand the strategy against
a groan virus. I read his something he said yesterday and tell me if you think he understands what the strategy is, because the CDC has a strategy and its two flattened the curve. Those of their exact words Nobody is trying to keep the virus from getting in because that can be done and nobody thinks it can be done. There are no experts who think we can stop the spread of the disease, not if you think that the stone to change your mind. The disease is coming Forty two: seventy percent of the public get it and that's actually the only way of lever stop, because you have to have enough heard immunity that the odds spreading about their high because it always had somebody use, are regarded as immune. So that's the strategy. The strategy is too slow it down and that's it that's the only strategy and everybody agrees that the strategy, the CDC
as it clearly and often here's Woodrow binds us quote, A war will not stop the corona virus. I right we're done there right. We done. He can't be president We're in the middle of a crisis, and they cannot tell the difference between slowing something down, because that's the best we can do. And stop here a wall and stop a grown a virus. How does have anything to do with anything? Ok, listlessly, that's just politics and will let them. And then he went on and said: oh Ben all travel from Europe or any other parts of the world will not stop it by didn't continued, taking aim at the temporary travel policy of Joe Biden. You just proved you can't be present, because if you think that the travel ban was to stop it.
You're missing the whole important part wishes there. They care be stopped the employer. In is slowing it down and flattening the curve and Joe Biden. You don't know that I now you really care be resident. And was there nobody on his team? Who could advise that the strategy is to flatly curve? Nobody noticed nobody's paying attention, as anybody watched any of the city. Stuff that all somebody asked me what's this going to look what it, what will it look like if Kamala Harris becomes the vice president and it looks like she is a nurse naked for a declining vitamin
I said, unfortunately, for them is gonna. Look like a driving this daisy situation. It's gonna! Look. You know with the genders reversed. In school, like binders, Miss Daisy in Kabul is drive in the car, and I dont know how we got here. You have to do after blame? The Democrats now realise that women tromp was rowing for office. The the Democrats reality Republicans can't you see. Are you blind to what's happening here? My cats bumping the camera. That's when moves to which I said no. Actually I can't see, if not gets it you're telling me that tramples a monster you'll destroy the world, but,
at the same things look here and I don't see, it very became president and things were going well, except for the one thing he couldn't control the virus it is the one thing you could do, so they could control which is closed, closed travel fairly quickly. So is that the same as watching Joe Biden run for president clearly is in some stage of just give us at some stage of mental decline. You know I was gonna use a word I think Here's a mental medical word because, obviously I can't diagnosis, but there's something going on well enough on that. I would ask Democrats not to put the country
this kind of danger, we what would happen if we want to put this thought into the universe, was let's say, if Trump retired tomorrow, just to put it that way, what would be the backup land? I mean, of course, vice president, but for twenty twenty one. Could we survive president by news? Brain is clearly not working. What do you say? Democrats, you know what I need to do is I need to get someone aghast or were now. This is interesting. I've never talk to anybody in person, who's who supported, bided and also thought his brain was working. Have you How can it be that I've never talk to anybody who think violence brain is working now I have talked to people whose support mine.
What I've never heard them say directly yeah I'm looking at him and he looks fine to me because I don't think it's a thing. I don't think, there's any democratic. Look you in the eyes and be honest. I mean anybody could lie, but and be honest and say you know, I don't see anything wrong, I'm watching it is. You are, I guess, there's videos or just sir taken out of context, so you're you're being folders, there's nothing wrong with job. I have you ever ever. You have you been in person, but somebody you know you're, not just summit. Tv who could lie, of course, but somebody you know They look you in the eye and say look at those videos. He looks fine to me, That ever gonna happen. Let's stop arguing about whether people are panicking or not panicking. That's worth thinking
just call it prepared everytime somebody says so. As always, a king, or are you feeling kangaroos panicking banning panic, immediately. Just replace the word with preparation. Does nobody knows right amount of emotional investment. Don't we about my internal state. Worry about what I do and let's just collar every time somebody uses that other p word immediately corrective and say: the other thing we know is or prepared you. I don't think we can define the exact proper amount of worry which, by the way, should be different for each person. Depending on your situation, Joel Pollack wrote an amazing peace and bribery today you can see it in my twitter feed a retreat between it and he's
comparing the timelines of impeachment with timelines of the beginning of the corona virus before the United States was fully engaged and there's a complete cross, there's a complete overhaul in other words, when the government of the United States should have been pulling its focus on the role of virus really early. He was instead distracted by the impeachment prospects, and I don't think you of course, of Democrats have always been saying: hey, weaken. We can walk into a gun at the same time, but they didn't, you have to wonder. Could they walk into gum at the same time
that question doesn't have to be asking, you don't have to ask: is it possible? You can simply look at what happened. It didn't happen, they walk and they did not chewed up now. Maybe they could have. Maybe maybe, if you talk to them, say you know we could have done both things. But we did so it doesn't matter if you can walk and chewing gum, if you're not willing to. If all you do as walk and not to the gum. Don't tell us you can, if you don't and they Didn'T- and you can argue endure. What's this thought out there in the universe there we can now put a price on the impeachment it lives. Actual people would
I who may not have died otherwise, because of us, slow preparation and lack of focus on this emerging problem at the time. Could it be that people will kill him? Eleven million Americans did did you just gotta that did you just scarf when I said that in piecemeal might kill a million Americans because you shouldn't have, I think, that's the upside. I don't think you'll need more than that. But if you were to price sort of african Alex economic pricing
of the impeachment you'd have to look at the opportunity cost. That's our characters like they say. If we're doing this, we can simultaneously be doing this other thing because you can't be everywhere once it's true with money, but it's true with any resource. If you're doing something, you can't be doing something else for the same resources. So I think the argument is fairly solid. That leaves we'll make a big difference in the outcomes and we probably got started later than we should have. I mean we should have been printed. Ventilators like crazy in the January, so we didn't have to worry about it in February and March Here's a question. That's really making me angry I don't know the answer to this work,
why are we not seeing reporting on the ground of an actual manufacturing company in the United States, whose going balls to the wall to ramp up to make ventilators even this they ve never main event later before now? Is that this is not happening. Is that because there is only one little ventilator company in the United States and all the rest of them are in other countries and the poor little company cant do anything. So it's better to ignore it, and just people are gonna die because we know have enough letters. What exactly is happening with the vendor situation. I'd like to see a news grew camped out outside of an american manufacturing plant and watch them work twenty four hours a day, making ventilators that they may be even never made two weeks ago, where's my apple ventilator, serious question.
The apple computer, male ventilator- and they said we don't know if we're one you'll ever useless, but here's one you can have your house. It's a thousand dollars whatever it is. Would there be enough senior citizens, people like me, I mean that risk category over a certain age have some history that what I pay a thousand dollars to have an apple made ventilator, just in case you just to have a similar just in case? Yes, yes, I would so apple. Computer, if you listening, I word by apple ventilator. Now you're save yourself? How hard is it to make a ventilator right an alert follower, my twitter account should be treated as an article from twenty tat. So context is important. This is ten years ago,
Ten years ago, MIT contest, I guess to see if somebody could see of students, could develop a low cost ventilator for exactly that reason, an emergency low cost ventilator students made one with a hundred dollars and parts, and I think that he is mostly off the shelf parts. I don't think they invented parts I think they just bought parts and assembled them in a little. Do it yourself kit and actually made working ventilators in their reproducible way for one hundred dollars now, obviously, an apple need. Ventilator would not be one hundred dollars. Indeed, maybe three whenever. But the point is apparently it's not hard to make them there doesn't seem to be too much to it. Now
someone else weight in errors of fact check for your saying, Scots Gods, God it's not good enough. Just to have ventilators. You also have to have train operators. If you don't have a train operator, it's not gonna help you with your ventilators, to which I say seriously, we we could You know you couldn't do a telemedicine, call to a doctor and say hey. I got my ventilator. Am I putting this on right and the doctor said no better, you better tighten up the mask a little if I were, there are big sure, they're no holes, the other stuff like that, really a problem that these ventilators than students students can make for a hundred dollars? Is mass thing? You don't think we can figure out, but that little on masking faces without a trained operator hit the button turn along. Now then I got questions
In world war to this country ramp up to produce tanks and weapons in all kinds of stuff, and we did a pretty quickly over in China, you saw them ramp up to create hospitals. They don't hospitals in two weeks. With almost sounds like I also like I misspoke China Bill entire hospitals in two weeks. Now, of course, there were temporary, etc, but good enough and the job we can build enough. Ventilator
with this much warning. If you give the United States thirdly days warning of a problem, we can build stuff anymore. There's nobody in this country, you can build stuff really fast. Maybe I mean. Could it be that our manufacturing capability, you just generally, has dropped so low that we can't ramp up quickly in and build a little device than a student can make Roger dollars, and we can create these out by the hundreds of thousands with two weeks of notice. What's wrong, with our country, if we get an utter another weekend was have some maskew for some reporting on that so Nunez Business. Please find some companies in their business and ask him what's happening and YO, and can we help if you said to me scatters ventilator company,
road from you and the only thing they need is more labour because you need somebody to assemble the parson when we can build a robot to do this quickly. So we just need lots of people just assemble them. I'd be down there and a heartbeat. I would I would stand up I'll go to my car now drive down there. I would say assembling for free, you only need to pay me I'll work all day, I'll assembles ventilators, for you just tell me what I need to do so very disappointed in the media for not focusing on their problem. Maybe they will. I have started a new policy today are, you can of course make your own decisions, but fucking anybody on Twitter comes, my into the comments and keep saying that this is the common flew and it's gonna be.
If the common cold and we're all panicking- and we should stop worrying because it's not going to be a problem That is exactly what a baby a chinese asian laissez so gonna blow everybody no matter how long you followed me, I'm gonna block you for coming into twitter and saying is just a kind of gold is regular flu or even compared to the right. So anybody you compared to the swine flu compares to a bowler as if that's making a point that is not so bad object blocking you offer now, because this is a crisis an emergency and normally outside a free speech, say whatever you want, but that's dangerous. It's dangerous for that kind of opinion to be out there now are they write? Are they write that
a year from now, we might say Y gotta we backed and everything was fine. Are they write whilst not impossible, but it is also the dumbest thing in the world. It's the dumbest thing in the world to act as if you know it's not gonna, be a problem because you don't know you don't know maybe you should be prepared always on blocking anybody who is, acting exactly like a chinese agent, even if they're not theirs, is no excuse for acting like one hears question for you can to people share ventilator, no, obviously to people care of her face mass the same face mask on further ventilator, but
because it's in emergency is there any situation in which you can add like an adapted to event later there would keep the two peoples air separately say both as important. If both people do have grown virus doesn't matter anymore, if you get exposed and how that works, but could you put it adapter, there's just a hose adapter, so tat people can use the same ventilator. I think the answer is probably not for any variety of dozens of cross contamination, not enough power, etc. But if the only problem is that the event later, wouldn't last as long as you or something like that, or maybe each person would only get eighty percent as much air. The other may be engineering reason. Why can't work as well, but just put it out there in a normal world, nobody,
whatever have the thought that just wouldn't even be a thought that you would ever put two people and events Right because in a normal worldview- and just never do that, but. Is the only reason we have considered it because of normal World thoughts, should release toss it into the mix. There's somebody. Develop, maybe maybe somebody is making later now, that's a central processor with a number of houses is anything good. You don't know I don't know I'm not suggesting as possible. You say, let's put the ideas into the mix, and only in the deeply unlikely one percent case having having a hose double who's coming off.
A single ventilator might actually make sense. One percent chance Iman snobbery, I likelihood but opted out. There may be some reason says my God. I never thought about that. You this report from you see San Francisco on what is likely to happen in the United States. Goes like this, so their estimate the forty two seventy percent of the? U S will be infected over the next year and have forty to seventy percent. No you need. You need that many people to get infected to have any hope that slows down or stops, because you have to have enough people who care gathered again because they have already been exposed and have some immunity. Presumably, then I think we are agreed that increase immunity from had at once, but I guess we should get a coffin that is well. They estimate that one point
Five million Americans may die compared with seasonal flu. That might be fifty thousand. So this is why I'm blocking people who compare those are doing that dumping worthy comparing the number of people have died. Already from this flu. The total number who'll ever die from the other, flew so like a few hundred compared to fifty thousand. But the real number, of course, is the risk number that it could be one point: five million people, mostly old people, compared to fifty thousand- that's not really close, those are different problems. Fatality range there still saying is in range of ten times as much as a regular flu, there are some reason to hope that that could be downgraded when we have more information. This assumes no drug is found, and I think that's fair. So the boy five million people dying who might not have,
otherwise worthlessness. While they everybody dies, everybody dies but wouldn't have happened that quickly or for that reason here's something I would like my government to do for me, so schools are closing in various places in the country not everywhere. Last I checked, three states have closed and a lot of individual this calls schools and stuff for probably closed. So schools are closing. I dont see much hope that that won't be widespread. Now the words I think, the states, if not all enclosed schools will probably have to so. I think school clothings coming here's what I need from my government to make that work. If you have
kids between a certain age. Let's say their old enough to be a little bit independent. You know eleven years old to eighty, so you ve got it. Now, some eleven and you say: ok, kids, you to stay home from school and the kid say: yea yea stay home from school. And then you say, and do you not to reveal the loot, leave the house and they say what your kids you're actually get to stay in this house for the thirty two. Ninety days tell that to your eleven year old.
And then they say well, but you are friends, will be able to come over and least list will be with our friends and then you as apparent say. Ok, I don't think you here in this. Yet not with friends. You not gonna, be with your friends. You knock libyan school you're going to be so, or they, your head is gonna explode and then they'll say ok, but can I go visit one friend in the future?
pair. You know you're gonna break down, you can break down because you get his gun, nag you and nag USA, but just one friend I just wanna go visit. One friend I'm going crazy. I have nothing to do unjustly played with my phone contagious was at one friend, you're gonna, say aright aright, but hard rule, one friend, so you can go to their house and if you can directly back one friend and you can go to the house and fifty fricking friendship up, because the kids get say: hey come over to my house, my mom says: ok or didn't say it's. Ok. I and the committee way you can't keep kids from bunching if they,
Phones. So unless you took their phones away, which nobody's gonna do right, nobody's gonna, take kids phones way, especially not teenage ranges just impossible. If you don't take their funds away, they other less aid. I got permission to go to one friends house meet me there Kids will not comply, they will not comply. There is the slightest chance, but when they walk out of the house they will comply, they will not have to play, world in which there is massive non compliance. My government to do this, the silly more schools, clothes or even the amount that I want. My government to issue an executive order telling kids. How much or escalation socialize. In other words, I want my government to tell me as apparent what to tell the get. Because the only hope I have is to tell my kid, my God,
I would let you go play with your one friend. I really would I mean I think is reasonable, but it's the law there is an executive order. Is the law we could get arrested, no, I couldn't be a law. Would you get arrested now? But these are kids, you don't have to lie to them. You're. Gonna have to lie to them and tell That's a law. Otherwise there is no chance of compliance and even then there's not much chance, but it would help, So I would like my government to assuming schools close to There's some kind of an executive order. Obviously there's no such thing as a binding order of this type. It wouldn't really be legally binding, but parents could use it. They could still tell their kid look. There's the executive order from the president. The says you gotta stay inside. It's not me, you take take the pressure off the parents, that's all I'm asking,
Apparently, China I'd seen stories about this barbarously didn't believe it. You I'd heard stories that chinese officials were starting to blame the United States for putting the virus in China or starting in ourselves, or something like that, and I thought well they're not less crazy. They, the chinese government, is not blaming the United States for the womb virus that I speak not, and then I saw what is actually happening. China at real officials. Your people were titles on twitter.
Are actually blaming the United States for the one virus, to which I say thanks a lot man. I just stop myself from really swearing alot. My my cursing reflex was was let's just right on the right and the barrel there. Thank you China for guaranteeing decoupling the other a lot of the lot of reasons to decouple before this virus came out and I've been one of the most vocal people saying we do it now, it does mean we do tomorrow. It just means that there should be a national strategy together, stuff out of China, move our manufacturing back become less dependent because they actually Not only did they blame us for it, but here's the good for the good part being the bad bar,
China actually has threatened to withhold antibiotics for political reasons. What are you giving me? We have critical manufacturing in a country that just threatened to use access to medicine as a weapon. Thus, decoupling is all there isn't anything. We could stop decoupling. Now, let me let me state this is a fact and see if any of you disagree with it four months ago. When I was putting hashtag decouple in every other tweed, and I was saying people people people, we have to decouple the other people were saying you two are not the only one but wasn't wasn't that general reaction to that well, ass, a little extreme, we're not going to decouple China
we gonna problems will work through it. It's normal we're not going to decouple. What do you think now now that now that we put critical pharmaceuticals in China and they just threatened to use that against us now, maybe they won't? My guess is they won't use against us? It would be too dangerous, but once they thrive, that's the end of the story, you others, you ve, got lots of variables that you say how do I way this variable and should we decouple? Maybe we shouldn't. While we can work this thing out and we can work that thing around we could put up with this I'll. Let you know we don't really need to decouple. I see your argument, but you know it's some sort of a gray area anymore,
not a grey area. Now when a country threatens to withhold antibiotics during a pandemic. That removes all doubt, there is no longer any doubt decoupling has to happen and, more importantly, it will there isn't any chance were keeping our shit in China anymore. That's over. So whatever you do, you're planning in terms of looking at this world and if what's going happen with the economy, My mobile is good news. There were bringing manufacturing back the United States, but if you're wondering, if we're going to decouple from China, you it'll probably gradual, bears no longer if this no longer, if one say threatened, our health doesn't matter if it's empty
that doesn't matter if they meant it doesn't matter if they really would have no intention of doing that. None of that matters, the threat, is the end of the story. No conversations need to be up. No debate needs to happen anymore. We need to be on the same side on this. It's time to decouple lab. I see Trump blaming Obama for the same You see now being ready for the pandemic and you can make the argument that the other guys than more prepared but Thompson three years on the job and it took there's Obama three years trumped up not be prepared enough. I guess I mean there is obviously preparation, but some deficiency in preparation testing, for example,
no. I don't have any tolerance for this anymore. I have no tolerance, four blaming the past I don't have any tolerance for Trump blaming Obama, but else don't have any tolerance for anybody. Blaming tribe is just backwards. Thinking during an emerging we only need to focus forward if you're spending, any of your time tweeting or blaming the last administration. Or even blaming what Trump should have done in twenty seventeen, as if we knew what to do, then it's just wasting time. Please don't waste. My time blaming the past was less look forward. There's a weird thing happening. That is its terrible dimension, but I'm going to do anyway,
That the worn virus- and I don't need this to be a joke Just this weird element of the simulation that we live in that this could ever happen. Our biggest. Problem had been climate change looks like the one virus is almost designed to solve it. Now I don't think it's designed, I'm not making that claim things probably natural, but It does seem to really help for climate change because a slow down the whole economy- and it is not our international travel- will ever be the same, but there's an even darker side to this there's a hashtag trending. If you haven't, this is his dark. This is really dark stuff, apparently young people who are relatively immune to the war on virus.
I have started a hysterical, boomer remover and you ve got a really have a dark sense of humour to laugh at that, and I do happily so, even though its about removing me, because I'm at the tail end of the boomers. You kept. You cannot ignore the fact that is weird, that young. People were blooming a certain generation for climate change and then this virus comes totally removes the smog because all the industrial stuff stopped in the most polluted places of China in particular, and those started killing the people that they blame for. The problem has everybody virus more more suited accidentally, I think more suited to solve some other problem.
And so the young people are actually so cold anthracite. Well, you boot His ruin the world for us, here's a virus, that's gonna, take you out and leave us with your stuff, maybe not so bad wow wow. I dont know what to say about that. That's just this is my bungling month, Maccallum on Fox NEWS, astern, CMS, administrator Sima, firmer. If there were enough ventilators in the country and she Esther four times and each time she refused to answer the question directly. Instead, just talk Nelson talking points until Martha was pretty frustrated. But if you have voiced question four times,
that is your answer. You can avoid a question four times and then say: well, I guess there was no answer. No, the answer is the avoiding the question four times. The answer is no. The answer is no. We do not have enough ventilators.
But it could be, is not the dumbest thing in the world for the government, maybe not worrying about it if he can't fix it. So if you can fix it, somebody it covers says it's confirms that the brazilian president, as Chrome virus. I was expecting that I don't know. If that's that's just a comment here, I'm not saying that's true, but check your news. I wish I was I've been expecting bad news. I been expecting to hear that the brazilian president has it because some of the members of his staff did but check that I'm not sure if that's true yet.
So I wonder if three d printers will ever become part of emergency preparation, can imagine having a three day printer- and I guess you'd after projected into the future, where the three D printers or just better and there's this problem that comes up and the government just sends a blueprint- amount, everybody's three d printer on how to print your own hundred dollar ventilator. Could you get to the point where you could printer ventilator now before that they get a point where you can print a mask, maybe maybe a prince and toilet paper. So I'm wondering if the far future that will help us this time. But I'm wondering if the future.
If the ears and NATO is that each maybe it's each town, not each house, but each down as a three day. Printer ensues emergency breaks out these printers activate and they serve printing up the very thing you need for this very problem, because each problem needs a different set of supplies, so you might have a problem. We need a different set of supplies and they're gonna be limited because nobody expected emergency. So maybe there's a world where three printers become the emergency plan. Democrats, apparently, are there handicapping these. These emergency congressional legislation, things that are trying to settle the markets, analyse handle the atomic etc and Democrats are adding adding pork to it of its pork or just stuff they want.
A slowing down and So I see news about the US and the NEWS War report, while the Democrats collectively try to add this thing, let's go slow it down during an emergency, and I thought to myself. You show us names. I want to see a one page slide the says Congress, but real somebody propose this bill to fund the Pandemic one way or the other. These three Democrats proposed things that are slowing down there. Maybe they're good things in another themselves, but they couldn't get passed by themselves who are trying to tackle onto the something. This is an emergency. Let's showed the public exactly who is slowing things down now if they can make their case well, maybe they get an audience for that people say area. You should be slowed down because we should add this.
Extra element to the bill. Maybe they can make their case, but Y know you know the names, the actual name, the person whose right to slow down these bills by adding stuff Now, in a normal world, you don't care like a Democrat sedulius doing this, but this is the normal. This isn't it urgency. In an emergency you have to list all of your resources and water. The resources is the american public and social media, and the news tell us who is slowing things down. Can you give us a picture? The name news, Lydia show us the people is that all of them do all of the Republicans want these things. I'm sorry Do all democrats want these items are added to the emergency bills. Well, let me get to know, or is it
there are some specific leaders or specific people who are trying to add these things, because I need another names, though you guys you're in this now we're not spectators anymore, were all in it this is. This is a global show me. Their names will see what we can do about that When I got today. What are the weird, the weird things about this emergency Ninety eight percent of my day can be exactly like. It always is, except for the thoughts. My thoughts are sort of preoccupied with this but ninety eight percent of my day is completely normal and then to preserve the time. I think some, Big problems are really close, so I'm in these two worlds mind where
we think normal and is also a big emergency sort of at the same time and in my head is going phasing back and forth depending on what I'm doing at them. So that's weird, but one good things come out of it. I think I mentioned this before I'm taking very seriously the the building up of my personal immunity, so I've always been ill. Fitness advocate and follower, but I'm taking it to the next level. So I am seriously getting enough sleep which I've never done this, actually no time in my life, have I ever attempted to get enough sleep. I've never even trying, because I M one of these people can operate a low sleep.
It's not good for me, but I liked being awake. I just prefer it like being in the world. I just don't like sleeping so in the past. I just didn't do much of it for hours night, I'm good, I'm fine, but now I'm get serious about it because, as it is a big impact on your immunity, your hearing momentarily your momentary, immunity so I'm getting of sleep and am also taking a walk in the sunshine and doing the light exercise, not exhausting myself. That's bad from my beauty, But a little light exercise get out with some good you, vitamin d builds up your immunity limits on doing that. I'll be right to them. We doing light weight, training, etc. So here's the weird bar I've, never
better, I'm in the middle of a global pandemic? But personally, if you ask me, how do you feel Scott I'd say? Well, I'm embarrassed by this, but honestly, I've never felt better and even the social distancing. You know if you, if I had to choose, I would interact more with people: unjust, unnatural social creature in some countries, moreover, and I need a let alone time too, but are very happy to interact with people not during my London
but have you noticed that the less you deal with people, the less rescuer, because press comes almost ninety percent of stress comes from other people, so I've decreased by exposure to other people in person. I feel like less stressful, even even if those people are good people they're not trying to create problems, just normal people create stress and other people we do. We can turn that off exactly just being normal. Greece dress, so
that's easy. The irony is that I've never felt better now up and I'm getting a little bit addicted to the feeling. It actually feel so good. There's I been on drugs. I heard somebody tell me this a similar story some time ago and I scoffed at it. Like I don't know, you know I don't think, being super healthy and well rested and stuff who feels as good as drugs, and then I got health. Well rested and actually feels is gonna drugs like actually literally, it literally feels as good as being little buzzed, I'm a drug just because my health is just speaking assistant, couldn't be possibly better at the moment. I'm awfully I'm off the apprentice and by the way, I think I've been off long enough that it
having too much effect on me, I am a hermit somebody saying in the comments I can be a hermit, but not indefinitely. I need I need people, so I'm an introverted, but I still need a healthy dose of social interaction. Like most people, let me tell you the funniest thing that I heard yesterday. I won't tell you who said it cause that powers, may or may not be watching this video right now, but there was a conversation that are running out of toilet paper and somebody who remain there was said is training himself to school across his front long like a dog just in case the toilet paper runs out. Aren't you glad you waited for the end of the Paris go for that,
and I had my immediate feeling was that's a terrible plan. What kind of dumb plan is it if you run a toilet paper, you gonna trainees off like a dog to school across your frontline instead So dumbest plan, I've ever heard during your neighbours have lawns. Don't they aren't they ever asleep?. Why would you do with your own long now? The law on part of the dog scooting part, perfect sense, But why would you do it on your own long, your neighbor sleep context or something I just ok. If we get a thundering the corona virus we're dead inside. If you dead inside it doesn't matter if your dinner, the outside, so let us not lose our sense of humour entirely, not entirely.
The serious deal, but we're still human can't lose our humanity. Oh by the way somebody mentioned to you see me, there's a there's a funny video of accuracy saying you shouldn't touch your face and then they do a quick cut of all the time she's touching her face. Well tell you not to touch your face. Less worry about not meaningful in any way by years. What is meaningful, ABC did a prime was a program. I think so. Interview with bread bear on Fox NEWS. That's right, Elsie wouldn t until the lions DEN. And then an interview on Fox NEWS. Now why this is important is that Deborah Democrats in general. Are very reluctant to appear on Fox NEWS, because it feels like the enemy. They probably don't, think you'll get a fair shaken and all that stuff, but a Yossi broke the seal
Now, what do I tell you about master persuading people were good at it. They take free money. If there's a pile of money on the table, everybody will walk by it, except the people are a good at this. Before a good at it will walk bibles, a big problem we will table. Can I have it? Does this belonged? Anybody know it doesn't and that's what ails you did by appearing on Fox NEWS when other democratic did not she raised her national profile in a very substantial way. Yeah, of course, all the people on Fox NEWS or saying blah blah blah. We don't like you what you said is bad cetera. We all remember that you will remember that
Why you remember his Yossi, went on Fox NEWS and wasn't afraid and and guy interviewed by bread there? So for us all, if you're going to go on Fox NEWS, who are you gonna pick, you ve decided to go and Fox NEWS you're ABC: do you pick Sean heavy duty? No data. Do you think tat? One thousand Now you do not because their opinion, people and you don't know how that's gonna go but Brett Bear famously you know competent famously independent, fair minded news, teachers array. So I'm just pointing that out as technique you can. You can go back to heading like you used to what else we gotta go.
But she chose the right one. So I'm just pointing that out as technique you can. You can go back to ignore, like you used to. What else we got going on somebody says to me: wasn't she a racist p o s? Yes, yes, she is. You can old both thoughts. Am I not allowed to hold both of these thoughts that. Heresies your statements and preferences etc suggest strong racism, but that doesn't stop the fact that she is also tremendously talented as a public figure. Those
both be true what's wrong with that, I'm not gonna, be the the person whose just gonna take aside. So if you need that go somewhere else, if you need me to say, there's some good in their some bad about both sides came to the right place and I will talk to you later.
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