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Episode 852 Scott Adams: Afternoon #WuFlu Chat

2020-03-15 | 🔗

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  • An afternoon chat with Scott

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Bump bump bump bump bump on everybody got in it's time for a special afternoon. Woof Lou chat with Scott others. Now I do this properly. Because I love you partly because sports Ghip Ghisizzle. What are you gonna do how many were sitting at home thinking. What are we gonna do for the next. Our along this is we're only be bored well. Luckily, luckily, you have me now I was going to skip the simultaneous Europe, but I can tell you need it
I don't have any coffee with me, so we will be substituted. The delicious awkward agua, some other language for water land. Doesn't matter, does it well if you'd like to join me for these simultaneous sip, really the second one of the day this one's the bonus one? This is just the almost too much. It is governed by a glass of anger, genocide against a Geiger glass, a vessel of any kind and fill it with a favorite liquid. Unlike in water at the moment, In German over the umbrella clover, the dopamine today the ashes of the second open meetings of the day. The thing that's going to make everything a little bit better still simultaneous up well
think it's up to me to give you the Good NEWS. Even you ve been watching the bad news and all those other channels in Ireland. Tariffs, for you too, to manage your stress here. At some point I might have to hypnotize you directly Not every one of you can always turned off, but at some point I want that my one little hypnosis for stressful before even just entertainment. Oh you don't. I just thought. About. I could use this time to develop like a class persuasion or something then you'd have something that was dependable will be everytime everyday. This time all talk about a lesson or something. Let me think about. Looks like we're all going have a little extra time on our hands, starting today first little updates from my area.
Of the world or a grocery stores. Pretty wiped out. At this point I was interesting about where I live as I live in the same town as the executives and the headquarters for Safeway, the biggest supermarket now. If I had to guess, I think I'm in the? U just by lack of one of the safest places in the world In terms of being sure, they'll be stuff on the shelves, because I think safe, we will make sure its own executives or somewhere near the beginning of the pile. Here's. The thing that You need to know if you're worried about running at stuff you're ready, because if if you see people ordering and you have an ordered enough. The USA are now it's the end of the world, but it is not. It is not
Because this is a weird kind of crisis is now like any others, and if you compare it to anything, you're going get the wrong answer. Only thing you should compare the the warm flew to is itself now. You don't covered everything So here's what you should. I worry in the long run the show around this goodies hiccups and you get scared because there's none of this is that, but the girl sisters a lot of different kinds of food and, if I had to guess I dont think I do have to guess. What really good at making stuff pudding? where it belongs. I can still do all of that with you know, twenty percent of the people hiding and the other eighty percent of the people working but staying six feet is six feet away from the other. People
Here's what you need to know about people will say there was a loud explosion in your block and you think it's a whatever terrorist attack recently watch what happens to the crowd. For every for every person who runs away thinking, there's some unknown danger. I run from unknown danger. You watch and there's some number of human beings run toward it every time. Every single time human beings, most most, will run away from danger, depending if we have the capability to do anything, what we know and who we are etc. But we are. We are a species that is of people were away braver than I am who will run directly a danger, laudable, it's not even a rare. Let's call them in the context of this year, the scroll vicariously
What's called them ordinary heroes, people who did up possess some special superpower, but they're gonna be taking more risk than the rest of us. There are some people who will step into the breach and say you know I could get killed, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Because that's what we do people do that I love to save some day. I could be one of those people, but the Good NEWS is: there are plenty of them so for every you idiot, whose over hoarding toilet paper, we have just as many people who will say if you can deliver bread and that truck and me the keys, am I right if there's a truck,
Where can I get you a supermarket youth thing? Nobody's gonna, stubborn of course angle. If there's something I feel the need to get back, do you think we can find some people the packet we get here? They might need to stay away from each other and wash the answers that way I get back if it needs to be stopped on the shelves of safe way and the person who does the stocking. You say that is it going to stalk yeah sure, because people just and step up the thing with the food? The foods lie a chain and really is true from the paper goods in every every other part of that, there's always stuff, meaning each each digital little a little slice of crazy, so You get sick, I could do your job properly. Tomorrow, carry driving cash register. I can do that so you're, not gonna, knock at our own people and their
are you not to run in the food as long as people have money to buy it, so the people, who were a baby losing their income have a bigger short term problem than the rest of us but they will also be so surrounded by people who did not lose their income and for whom Yo feeding, one extra. The mouth is not a big deal so well. You know I would never advise you not to take precautions cause you change just be ready for having had never emergency, think the thing you should worry least about. While also prepared, not talking, preparing I'll be lawyer, that preparing is good, if for no other reason than in stimulating the economy, do you know how much the grocery store, and maybe even other businesses like Costco Drugstore,
how's. Everything didn't have. Actually got stimulated this month, or so it s about hard cash. I think there is another good example. We, the odds of the banks, being closed minimal that there's a good chance that you won't be able to go into the lobby of the bay without certain precautions or something but it'll get done? Most of that suffers telephones, anyway ATM should probably work. Fine, I imagine that they'll be people standing outside with young cleansing. They'll tell you to use your elbow rough or a pencil to push the buttons or something that may be a good idea, but now I don't I don't think, there's really any real risk of running on the banks. Cash, food, electricity, gas both are both the liquid gained in the
gosh you stole runs on. I don't think, there's any chance of those things being impact in any longer so utterly given day might begin, inconvenienced convenience, but you'll be fine, so different about this and, if you're, if you're, saying yourself here Scott, but I see pictures emergencies, these other countries, and they don't recover that fast. Well, what's differently, this, is it we're not? we're not running out of anything. We actually have so much extra in terms of extra labour there? If we did, it An extra everything so mostly need to make sure that the people were not getting a paycheck. Yes, some kind of compensation. I would say again: next probably do this next heirs of but a pledges by gift certificates and all the local restaurants, and just a good idea and then later you can use that use it so
all. It does is your shift you're spending, because, moment. I can go back the restaurants. Madam I go back in restaurants, GSM pent, up travelling in some Penta buying in some pent up a lot of stuff. So I say it again: when the economy comes back, is he'll come back faster than you expect. Whatever you, whatever you thought, was a long term member. If you reject the average of all the experts. Put me at the fast I would be the public figures saying that Once we get ahead on the virus which we now have yet, but once we get the recovery Scooby frankly astounding, I think it will be just breathtaking. Scott, you think we have a diplomacy opportunity with around nope. I do that. And is very low on my list of things to worry about this week. But
think a ran is going to budge. I introducing deal their problems will deal with ours and then will get back to things. Here's what I found you worked with kids, All of you were adults are having a problem right now tell your kids that their time with their friends is gonna, be shut off, I didn't be testing and the ABC testing to Germans, that there was one thing I said the seemed to be completely effective. So here it is the one thing I said was the government says you got to stay six feet away from your friends Which is true, so it has the advantage of being true now
law per se, but I would also like to say the government says you need to stay six feet away from your friends now. Let me explain why that works and everything else does goes like this, hey, mom or dad. Can I have to go to sleep over now? Can I have? Can I just go over to one friends house? No, can one friend come over here now, so the boy did you get negotiated to death? But if you say the government says you have to say six feet apart, that hits the heads hard because that serious business, that's not a
these three friends better than for friends, is usually stick with two. Should I phasing out the one as soon as you get it anything that can be negotiated here, you're gonna die negotiating a nation, so try to homes if it works and give me some feedback. If you say that we discuss they succeed in part because it gets wouldn't want to play with the friends of the state's ex feel foreign anyway, There is some good news coming in its pretty big. It's pretty big this, this fight. Racing affects yo every part of our human experience in one of the pilot. One of the things that affects the most is our psychology. So the way we think about things, just got changed and we don't know exactly how that that will play out Let me tell you I'll, just give you a small example. How good are you gonna feel when this is over
No, I don't know who will be over, like the other, be one day where they say: everything's, good price probably blue phase back to normal. Only the way, a sort of your face and word is what's gonna, feel great and here's anything you're going to appreciate your normal life like you have never appreciated before, because man do we take for granted everything really. But it's not your fault. It's not your fault that you take for granted the other things worth around. You sell your folded all because of the way your brain is designed.
Supposed to stop paying attention to the things that are not a problem. You wouldn't be able to live your life if you put as much attention on the things that are not a problem as the things that you need to solve. So of course we take it for granted, but man a singular, feel good when it's over like seriously good in this gonna last I give you will give you an example to examples actually owes one time way back in my past, when I couldn't eat for a week or something kisses and dental issues, I could have a new rule and the first I've had a solid meal after not eating regular food. For a week you kid, believe people. You cannot believe that food felt likewise somebody no problem. I lost my ability to speak for a few years when it came back
I have no idea how happy I am continually grateful all day long. I'm grateful all day long that that old problem resolved and have that anymore. So it's gonna feel good and it's gonna be very connected feeling. Is Europe going to feel good at the same time? So I look forward to that, but there are some other good canoes come in. Alas, to do the same point that our psychology just changed, the psychology changed, but we ve never had a time in human history. So fifty Bill billion years- fifteen billion years of transpired, since the Big Bang give or take tours rebellion, and we have never ever
The galaxy, if you like the smartest people in the galaxy, focused on the same problem at the same time, not there's nothing like this. You know you can go back to well. Nothing like this. You know you could go back to well what about the Manhattan project? Nope nope because in the men and project communication was kind of bad and we just had to use the scientists that we had happened, the beer, but this problem, the entire world, those the smartest most capable people are all immediately engaged and their working hard and their put him in the Pullman the serious time an effort now here's! What should it they'll? Do you ever wonder what your dog or your cap the things of you because your dog, your cat, looks at you and it knows that can do some things that they can do. On the other hand, the dog and cat can do some things. You can do
so I don't know if your dog and cat recognise how smart you're, because its a curious thing that if, if you smart one in the room you can tell, how does the Dublin is? But the Dublin can't tell how smart the smart one is right, because you can only understand things up to the level of your own intelligence of somebody's above that don't know how much more above that they are because it all doesn't make sense to you, so they could be twice as smart and present smarter and is all just confusing. You just like your dog looks at you. This sort of how you and I are looking at the geniuses literally geniuses around the world and mighty, you know basically ever
Sloan gathering, basically everywhere, that you got geniuses they're all working on this? Yet you Silicon Valley, geniuses, you got people build an app. She got a lot now. Our government is not really staff with the same level of genius if we could be honest, but then only today, because their job is to guess, focus moving in the right direction. Close airports get regulations, stuff like that and they're doing it. Well, so there two types of jobs in this crisis? There's the every here of a job where anybody can do it. If you do somebody to driving that bread truck to the supermarket, so we don't run out. My can do that. Give me the keys. I care, I can't invent a new vaccine, but luckily we have people who can Jesus and we have
politicians who are closer to the everyday hero type, a person than the genius but they're doing their job. To do I care that they have made mistakes not right now I now later when this is all over I'm gonna be one of many people say hey, we better look at what we did here too, we can learn find out, well well. Well, I wouldn't NASA four blaming people, but you need to know. I worked in London, so I am all for that later. At the moment blaming each other for doing things. Wrong is sorted out the revived for an emergency, because our president does not operate in our government at the moment anyway, in twenty two. It doesnt operate as some kind of independent machine that software making decisions as now what's happened,
That machine is wholly dependent on the public and the experts feeding it. What works And I have heard nobody say and correct me: if I'm wrong, here's the point where you would lose confidence, and I don't think this has happened. We somebody very smart or ideally more people than one say, hey we, we we made this presentation to the president. We said use. We think you should do acts and then he used his lack of expertise to override us. If you hear that You have a right to be worried if what you here and so far, this has always we've heard. We've heard it even from political enemies of the president, for bringing him ideas fully formed? That's the kind of idea you aren't fully formed idea. And they say: can we do this and the present say? Yes, why help What can I do to make that happen better
so everything's working quite quite well problem is gigantic. I mean gigantic. We have seen anything quite like this recently source gigantic, but we ve never had this kind of capability focused on it. So what I would expect some says the FED reached a zero percent. Will there again, so you ve got your financial experts jumping into the into the fight? What can we do it? Then? They did it now if I feel as if these little tweaks to the economy are primarily for our psychology. Every turn. Every time the government week some little thing FED tweak some little thing. You say to yourself- oh smart people are watching, reacting they're, paying attention. I'm part of part of the big and each year where the right people are making the right decisions? so when I see the fun said, colors rates
no, that it makes any difference economically, except that the economy is a psychology machine and if you think it makes a difference, if you think about it, you did they did. Is that translates into people acting russian? We in the way the capitalism likes. Here's some things that may in that way better after this crisis passes, and other people said this was worth seeing him analysed online education. Do you think, do you think Education and personal will ever be the same because if you can enough people try enough alone education, usually long people saying first of all, I kind of like this so little bit better. And the other thing you're gonna get is alone people being exposed to it, and then people say you know. Maybe I want to work on this. Maybe I want to make this a line. Education thing them, maybe that's the industry, the schooner growing like crazy,
because I think it is so unlighted online education might have done this huge, unexpected boost. I think you can see a bunch of invention, Come out of this whenever there's a war people invent stuff is always need to invent stuff too. Can you imagine the enemy I don't know my history very well, but Think radar would be an example. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Rayner was invented for war purposes. Then look at you saw this, so we can see a bunch of it. Engines and these inventions and might be the type that really make a difference. Now I mentioned the sling other Far uv light. I don't know, that's real meaning. There is a type of light with a certain frequency. It's not regular uv, its. Far uv and allegedly it can not viruses ever the air basically have killed them on services and things
now at last ass, true or if it works well enough for an early works in some cases whenever, but you didn't see stuff like that that maybe you just wouldn't have been invented. So quickly before you Everybody'S- got an idea for something that would help the pandemic, while they're gonna get funded right? So you see a bunch of businesses jumper about this! You can see the door dashing world take off for a long time that restaurants, probably you see, little been already sort of trains modify into taken. Or delivery only so I think some restaurants are going to survive by being super proactive and take out loans lacking at the kitchen staff there, So that might be a difference here. You might you may see the cost and, and and
in some availability of home delivery of warm food just go through the roof. The other thing is people designing all kinds of systems to live better My system for dickie, decreasing any unnecessary stress, is YO exercise and staying busy in having a purpose Alaska. Nevertheless, you are here it, but I think lots of people and of hearing already have already implemented systems for them for their own world, so your system may not include taking walks everyday life, but you probably probably will find some heavy system for exercising eating and fitness and they might stick. Healthcare will be the same. The president, I guess
The federal government said it would be ok for doctors to practice across state lines for telemedicine for these the length of the crisis, but apparently there still state restriction and I thought well I myself well state restrictions. That means fifty fifty different entities have to say yes before you ve got for practising frosty boundaries. I'm expecting that figure solved Hope it does, and if thank us all of that will be gigantic. That would that, when the fact that would affect.
The cost of health care in general, so that might be some bits of coming other. I told you that South Korea is portable city regimes, so they can. They can actually test people with a portable machine. So why can't? We have those, I'm sure Well off my phone? Have you noticed that the messaging from people is got up pretty, but pretty much. Grocery stores roles, albeit with delivery, you'll, see young people helping all people use the organisers of the other things. My changes, immigration and here's the psychology partner? oh Oh actually open Albion, albeit Doktor Jews. Later,
I'm gonna get off, so you can watch him. You ve got to Jews and periscope. I don't want to compete with that. So let me just say that states experience bar and I think the immigration people may have a different opinion of it after this, because it's one thing to say: yes, we should let people come across our open border, young people unless saying that another thing when you have just put in your emergency supply of food and people are still coming across the border. You gonna think of it differently, because there is nothing to stop people from walking up and taking your food as people going to figure that out. So I think the psychology of an open border maybe dead now so I think open borders. Isn't that idea? it off- and I think I'll watch doktor juice periscope as well and join me later.
Think I'll be on at California time. Three. Thirty, so add three hours for the EAST coast and I'll talk to you later
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