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Episode 853 Scott Adams: Simultaneous Sipping, #Coronavirus, The Nursing Home Pillow Fight

2020-03-16 | 🔗

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  • Human ingenuity rising to the coronavirus challenge
  • Beware of disinformation
  • The Vice President and Supreme Court disqualifier
  • Memories of the future

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody wanted it started before Congress got islands, and I hope that, although your normal schedule is probably altered a little bit, I hope that you have made time for this most important, important, credible, really, almost emergency simultaneous up. It's gonna happen now, because I think you need it. I think we all need it, there's nothing we need a little bit of,
normal behaviour amid all the greatness and all you need to enjoy the simultaneous up as a copper among our glass, the tanker jealous, restart the canteen geography, Alaska vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid, like coffee, enjoy me now for the unparalleled pleasure dope media that today. Thing that will make everything better, including the corona virus, we're gonna get the same idea. We're gonna, get it and when I say get it I mean beat it not. Necessarily gathered, although you I get it and then he will be the two, because if you ve enjoyed the simultaneous up your stronger than most people, you know it step now. Well, I continue on my system. You know I talk about systems. Gunnar them goals. My goal is to stay alive
My goal is not just to stay alive for myself, but do not be a burden on the health care system and if I can t myself, rather that well, there's one more what or ventilator for somebody else so my system, A nice long, walk everyday mild exercise, lightweight, eat, right, really clean. I just took sugar completely out of my diet, eaten clean, clean, clean, I'm sleeping right and I'm taking time off from social media now, because it's important to stay connected, I'm not taking an entire day off any time, but I find you may find this to the two periods in the day where I just have two not looked at anything for an hour. I just I just have to exist in my space without the outside world intruding. On my thoughts just for an hour,
The times a day, keep you're keep yours pressed down, I'm helping doing right now, don't you feel more relaxed? Listening to me, you know you do. Do you think it's intentional? Of course it is. I do this intentionally to make you more relaxed and I guarantee that most of you are a little bit more relaxed. When you listen to me, not an accident, this technique everywhere in the world and sometimes should recognise it. I, the stock market, is doing his stock market thing of trying to scare us doesn't always does that I'm not worried whatsoever about eight. Generally falling stock market. Do not really really bothers me when the stock market is going up and nodded. It really bothers when it, when the entire stock market
down my my share of the world, if you will say, is about the same and what it back my share of the world will go up with the share of the world because I'm broadly diversity The world has to do well for me to do well. There is no exception to that So I'm not worried at all other stock market and if you're in the stock market- and you think you'll the life for more than two years mostly well. You should not be too afraid either, because the big countries I could go out of business and that's mostly where your money should be in the car five hundred companies, or at least widely distributed so don't worry about the stock market stock market will do its thing and we'll be back. I got lots more good news coming and
My good news, a sort of the Good NEWS is common, as opposed to the Good NEWS is here, because this will be a tough day tomorrow, be tough. Somebody says I'm starting to lose. It even walk up angry. Exercise, if your physically, I agree, and you know that it's something you need to get a new control. Go where yourself out just get outside that, ideally outside, being in the house, when you stressed, is nigh helping get out, take a long walk. That's what I say to you. I will talk about the foods. I tweeted vertical from your pollack, who looked into the food supply pipeline because if you see empty shells on your grocery store, how do you feel society is collapsing, exactly the opposite, exact,
the opposite society is doing anything but collapsing its evolving hurts, but sometimes that growth does right. Sometimes it's hard to do you need to do, but society is not collapsing society. Evolving and is heartening and it's getting smarter and getting more connected. What you don't notice is that you will notice that, but I'll talk about that so personal. Your food supplies the last thing you should worry about and here's why there's no risk to it. The wording is a super short term thing, because I had no effect on the supply, the total supply of farms and farm goods and products exactly the same will now that's this lies
the same way more right now are pipeline. According to all information we have. We are hearing any stories of a farm closed aura or you know, company cantons ship. The goods were diarrhoea stories like that which, by the way, if we can't cross state lines on well, that's gonna work, but probably they'll be exceptions for food and the borders. When you look at the scary shells just understand that the entire weight of the civilizations successes that the entire capability of the United States is still justice wrong, for producing and delivering it to you. The harder bar will be if people can keep their incomes up, and I think your policies like a universal basic income, sunlight that now restaurants
Poor little restaurants are gonna get whack, but think this might be another situation where we're evolving more than collapsing, because for every server. Every every horses, every server at a restaurant, surely we need another delivery person right. So here's what I'm doing for my local restaurants, so I'm I'm door dashing now. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I get it. It is a rich person thing. Now all you care all afford to door dash. I get that it adds a cost on top of the cost, on top but again and even though by income will get whacked. Is your percentage wise as much of the rest of you, maybe more We also have enough to do so during these times, when it makes more sense to try to think of all of your actions in terms of how they affect other people.
This is the time to think about that. I'm gonna door dash the hell out of my area so that my local restaurants, or getting at least at least that much business and hears you. Advantage, let say you were and again this is only for people who have the wherewithal to do it now recommending if money state. I recommend this at all, but One way that I can protect your food supply is by degradation. So you know if you ve got some extra food you're saying I hope this is well one of the way I can help make it behind offers I'll get my food directly from the restaurant, who apparently a plenty supply. That's poorly! What Joel Pollack found out in his article in bright bar, you can find that a bright barred where you can find it at my twitter feed.
So food, don't worry about it and I would say I daresay with paper, goods and stuff. We there's some temporary craziness, but the pipeline has plenty of April near nobody stop cutting down trees. As far as I know, you should be aware that in this time of great uncertainty, etc. And when the news is, were wearing this continuous fog of war situation, you should expect a lot of disinformation. Some of that will be just dumb people saying dumb stuff, that's bad enough, but you should expect that countries which do not love us are gonna be spreading this information and there is. There is reason to believe we already see that, so rumour going round that the government has already talked about or decided
Do you some kind of martial law situation with a total lockdown? We can't leave your house, that's not true, but is barely people getting texts, string, yo, strings of text messages about it so years might suggest Don't believe everything you hear from the source during this situation is true all the time you should never believe it among the source, but just now, that were in a situation where were perceived to be vulnerable by our enemies, and if there are no game, they should be seeding us with. Add terror stories is that our civilization will be destroyed. So just don't believe anything out, his face value that looks like it's come for some unknown source about somebody. You talked assemblies, that's that's a caution which is really important.
As also offers a Disneyland was backed this weekend is real because again fake news is going to be so prevalent now that each sector distrust every photograph. Every I have also seen tweets from what appear to be individuals or doctors are hospitals talking about how things are at their hospital. I've seen one from ITALY have seen one from Seattle there's reasons we, as those are not real. Now of we do think, there's a in bad shape, But if you see anything that looks like I'm a doctor, here's my thread of how bad things are in my specific hospital were piling bodies in the street. It might not be true, and indeed what that happened recently. There was a Seattle doctor who one of those threads about about it. Was our people check in the house?
but always out, it's bad, but not like that. We know that those can be either missile or our rightful so watch out for those any individual that doesn't have a second source, such as a new sources as oh, my god. Yes, this we're saying the same thing, just don't believe it yet at work at all. What are you doing up pleadings so adopted after Jus yesterday and ass doktor drew you talk to Doktor Jus yesterday, alive ass, Doktor drew library and your kids are going to be a real problem, but here's here's a potential better go if you're wondering what to do about its ears,
almost cruel and unusual to lock up again now for three months: adults. Maybe we can handle it. It's gonna be tough for a kid. It's gonna be really tough, It was suggested that maybe they find one special friend where they feel with a you know, is doing good. Germ young good virus protection stuff as well talk bear to parent make sure you ve got a similarly strict situation in both households wash your hands when we commend that sort of thing. Parents staying home from work whenever and then say I: U can play with your friend Timmy as much as you want, but that's it you or maybe a few houses like that, but one at a time as if you, if you can get a kid to agree to a one ran, but getting them to agree to.
A friend for three months, there's gonna be nothing but a terror and your own household. So you ve got enough of that external through. You don't want to turn your own children into an internal threat is a good thing they're going to get on your nerves too? And you don't want your nerves to be broken in this situation, so stay strong, all right. Here's a situation and ventilators A little bit of lack of clarity here and here's the situation, and again Joe Pollack, reported this: U S agenda later. Manufacturers least one of them. Had received a lot of inquiries but not a lot of orders- and I wasn't sure what was going on with that. Why? Why would it makes sense that turn a lot of orders for do. Ventilators specially, since all the parts apparently are available in the United States,
One of the answers, but I think he's an incomplete answer- is that as doktor drew exclaimed yesterday on his show, the hospitals actually in the states we can flax better than other places, and in particular, apparently every operating room has event later that they use for the operations and, if you have given that it will probably be postponing a lot of elective surgery, we can report so, first of all, there's a bunch of unused ones that would just be sitting there that we can put into production pretty quickly. Secondly, Apparently, the military has a lot of them and they could temporarily be used for this purpose because we're not at a major war except against, that would give us a little flexibility that other countries clearly don't have
there's no other country, I would imagine who has any kind of military cure that military healthcare year this anything closely with the United States without. But I also here- and I don't have a confirmation and that that the United States might be looking to put some orders and for ventilators now I don't know who doesn't happen the stuff and says: well how much is enough and how much is not enough ventilators, but I think we're in do everything and do a hard the situation, I dont think we're in situation where we should be saying it now we might have enough and or we probably have enough or we're almost certain we have enough ventilators, that's not the place where it were in the place. If you, if there is any chance, we need ventilators any at all costs and ventilators so I hope the government is looking to do that,
a question I'm gonna put out here publicly. I think I can find the right person in the government, but I've been asked in it's weird out this world, every citizen is the sort of entering the fight as they can. You saw him in the fight with all of you and people ask me one person in particular we'll be temporarily not named, but probably layer asked who, in the government can make the decision to buy more masks, more gloves, more more equipment, as an individual, is actually just spontaneously organised with others to look at some factories to convert them like a wartime funding to emergency, produce, mass and gloves and other fields and no sanitizing other things that one might
so here we have you american individuals of who are starting to build factories without the government's help. Oh my god, the capability in this country is, is just incredible here's my question to you, so you can, you can join in if you know how to tell who our government can say yes to writing a check. For more mass, more of women, more everything is ready. A government whose who's the emergency budget person, who gets to say. Ok, That's it in the budget does not in the budget we have, we got, a million dollars. That's in less out so well Services Congress by name Neither I need a name and phone number, basically I'm so if he deemed to be.
Somebody s contacts to send my way. Most of you know how to contact me pretty easily Carter goodly DIN. If all else fails so In ITALY, here's an inspirational story: ITALY was running short on ventilators, but they had three ventilators. There were missing apart. I think it was the same part and might not event, but it was missing apart pretty hard to get a park. These as for that later, I guess so. They brought in a local company with a three day printer and the local company looked at the bar engineered in three D printed it right there. Oh, my God, human, you're like watching desire because as so much death and misery. But it's like watching me sporting event, where individual players and making great plays
your brain the reedy printer people to make you an emergency part for your ventilator. That's like that's like, curry, passing behind the back under the legs of the opponent. For the light up. These are serious. People do in serious things and I'm amazed and impressed so and of course, Google is stepped up to do the corona virus website. We can plain about whether it is or is not on timer what the president said, but its people doing things. I need to do. At least thirty five companies and academic institutions are rushing to create a vaccine at least four have tested on animals already. This is amazing. We ve never seen anything like this. And you'll, see Madonna Madeira biotech company in Massachusetts
already ship the first batches for testing and euro here. Here's my take Human engineer, ingenuity, I'll, say this. Also this a thousand times until you until you have this picture in your head. We all know the virus has. As you know, this curve were executed, STAR Slow and like we're, not worry that, oh, my god, it's a panic and that's the worst sort of in that in their dangerous part of the current by human ingenuity looks just like that. Just like that in our curve, we'll be faster than the virus because of the things were doing and I heard somebody's more say- we're not we're not self, dreaming and shutting everything down, because it's a crisis. It is a crisis that is not because of the virus.
This because we want to avoid the virus, the sort of the positive way to look at- the reason we're doing shadows is because we're can avoid the problem now, because we have the problem of small, Small change, but I like it better that way and. You're, saying human ingenuity add up at the hour. Maybe I'll call it the elbow you are curve is going like this. Two were gathering gathering information were able, testing, retesting were testing or building lads will duly factories were testing will build in factories, will try and stuff we're ready elbow We were right were right in that little. You shape part where we ve been flat for three months, because here we have known about the virus. Three months for once how long we ve known about it, but so little information and is wrong information. Not sure- and China is not telling you stuff, but Other information coming in the fog is starting to clear here:
when the capability is being put on this thing like nobody's business somebody passed round a quote attributed to me, but it's not really my quote. I quote somebody else, but I dont knows that it first, so I am mistakenly credited for this quote, but Emily affair of it, and then it goes like this. If you want something find out, the prize and then pay it as basic as as ours we so Don't do that the startling de here that's the way to success This growth, a virus is, is presenting people all over the world with this proposition. What do you want? I want to be able to get rid of this cruel virus from the world, really that we want. Do you really?
yeah yeah before I was a little ambiguous, limber, ambivalent, let's say but now one hundred percent, that's what I want once you know what you want, then you're no wandering anymore. We're all out of this point. That's a decision. Is one thing to what the virus to go away. We have passed wanting to go away. We are in deciding to make it go away and that's different, because once you do Why'd, you do everything and you see that happening. People would do we're watching our healthcare professionals, some of them getting infected, I guess, or to emergency doctors just reported, were badly infected and having some some
problems are pretty bad ones and when you see, or medical professionals run toward danger, these people are better than there. They are your standard. You should look at the doctors who are doing this stuff, the nurses to. And they know they're not completely protected they the risk and they're doing anyway. They are that they are our best heroes right now by so use that is your standard for what to for what? What did you as a citizen, because you might be asked to do something that hard, maybe already are, but not that hard? you will be asked to make that kind of a tough decision. Just remember were not. We're not at wanting wanting was before we're at deciding.
Get yourself out of wanting to get into deciding, because it's easier, more effective was decide to kill it, the virus, one way or another Here's an ugly truth that I tweeted and this this gets too. This is related to human ingenuity. But it's also related to deciding verses wanting what I'm going describe as possible any other world. You would never even consider this. So what are we going to suggest right now is ugly and you don't want it but were passed the wanting phase. We are now at decision. Imagine if you could imagine if the government demanded
anyone who saw the ticket to any large event for this weekend had to give the government their data. We want to know the names of anybody who was let's say on wise enough to take themselves into a crowded situation. Someplace to applicants lose their crowded bar. But they're probably are credit card receives because we're a credit card kind of world. It wouldn't get everybody some people or cash. Some people don't buy drinks, but the credit cards. We get a lot, never say you you bear those listen names of people who clearly were in large groups recently, if you answer that facial recognition, something like the clear view at somebody says absolutely not we're just talk in here. So I don't. I don't have it
those of us, so you don't need to complain to me. I'm just tell you what we could do. What we could do, yes, is an app and every citizen's hand. By the end of the week, it's possible in which you can just take a picture of your kids. The kids friend before they come over. The house said here, for you said your kid: who is a friend the you you want to hang out with today, just one on one this, as my friend Timmy show me a picture. Timmy book, Jimmy's family just came back from Disneyland. Sorry Timmy Mission, who told you that, but Jimmy did not to music get. He didn't know to tell you that so You know I don't even have to look at the comments to two years. Oh
big brother were pass that you want privacy, we're pass that were passed wanting weren't deciding. If we decide to get rid of the virus, we have tools. There grotesque tools, there, expensive tools or tools. We may have trouble getting makin the ear, the toothpaste back and then the thing the tube. I guess it's a tube toothpaste, but we have tools so just know that. As a pole, the who do you think would be the best picked for vice president. It was an ever simple and Harris got the most votes. Twenty percent. Second, most votes, was Yang, so Andrew Yang. Of course, very capable person did exceeded expectations in the race but dropped,
but he was learning apparently with the rest of us that his penis disqualifies him for public office, And how would you like to be under Yang? He joined a team team Democrat you fought for months and months. You lost sleep. You worked hard, you fought and fought for your team and then your team said. Thank you very much. Andrea thanks for being part of the process. Now we're gonna pick vice president, but we're only it is from among people who do not have a penis like you do Andrea So the young, when I call it a shaggy, ANG Wang disqualified him for for a potential. But you know, thank goodness if he can't be vice president, because he has been this at least Egon
be nominated for the Supreme Court. Ok, you can't be nominated for the Supreme Court because he has a penis Andy's, not black, because that's what Joe Biden said. He said it's gonna be a woman. It's gonna be a black one. Though I applaud the you, the attitude, I applaud the attitude that we should have a supreme court that looks like the country- S, not a bad. That's not a bad thing. If actors- but how are we to react, feel about that? You know that the thing about being liberal is: it is a great idea until somebody comes for yourself until somebody comes for a year stuff, it's easy to be liberal gives you giving way, other people stuff, but Andrew Yang, they just gave her yourself. How does it feel.
And, while I don't think you're ready to be a Republican. The Democrats did throw you under wonder. Bus ran over you and then backed up over your to make sure the job was done, because it's not enough that you have a penis. You also have the wrong ethnicity. For your own party. Sorry, Let's see now what else we got going on here, I want I watched much of the debate was right and I'm wondering if you had the same response that I did, which is, I don't care, because the corona virus is so big in terms about the mental
lower than a puzzle me that my normal high level of interest in presidential politics was maybe twenty five percent of normal. I couldn't get interested now. I dont think either of them can be trumps. I'm not sure that matters. I don't know if matters what they say. But did. Did you also have the same experience that that he didn't It didn't draw you in didn't feel like didn't feel like it was important anymore, which is weird. Now I hope that we get back to a point where that feels like is important, but here is some of the comments I saw on line and I plan to keep my my gallows humor through the growth. So I'm just tell you right now
Sooner or later, somebody's gonna try to come up with a pitchforks and torches because I made a joke and urgency and manage yoke, but I'm tellin you right now. I'm not gonna lose my sense of humour during the chroniclers. So if you know like it. This would be not the place to be by years. Some things are people said about the debate last night. This would make me laugh out loud assemblages. Adventurers were flying, dentures overflying that such a that such a clean and crisp visual that capture so much of essential Yup dentures, we're flying. Somebody else said: dog Ehler we forgot, said the first one, but dog Ehler on Twitter said final score.
Any rhythms and dimension nine heart attack eight, which is funny because the candidates were starting to see them by their medical conditions. Right. If you look at tromp, what do you think of US haircut, Delaware figures, your personality or whatever You birdie Biden together debating, don't you kind to think about their health, especially during the krona virus, so we got to get a days were being defined by their health problems, running against the most capable politician in our time with that said, I have to be honest about this case were in an emergency situation. I have criticised the president's messaging on this being muddled and
Getting some facts wrong stuff, so it wasn't building confidence. He has a wrong personality for this situation. He's a is a just a natural salesperson and politician in a lad, but just doesn't fit the problem and I've been hoping to see him adjust Does everybody's adjusting right? That's what what we do well as a species we adjust were really gonna gestures, in the present appear apparently has adjusted. Apparently has he has adjusted and I didn't see it, but I understood the president. Yesterday's events where there were just keep updating the public. I think he just sort of Mason introductory comments and then let the experts talk exactly what I want. To see exactly what I want to say, so the country needs.
The government is your hearing. It responding in real time. I think the girl, I think the country spoke as one of course or some hard core republicans were just the present scale, but those was we're just trying to be helpful. I think we we spoke as one and said, Mr President, with all due respect. Your messaging on this is is just not good faith. Maybe maybe you could let let the people who are now that the experts of this be more of the messaging, and it appears he's done that it appears he has done that. So, do you feel more confident when you're public as a concern you government hears it, you can see a response and real. I'm this used to be the right response. You should feel good about that, and I would remind you over and over and over again, The normal way, civilization, creeps forward is by making mistakes in quickly correct.
In an emergency, you should see more mistakes Curzio, for although the right reasons, the timing is compressed air, you should see an enormous amount of mistakes in the beginning. But you need to see fast correction. Are we seeing fast correction from our government yeah we we're seeing it really? Well, I would say so You can always argue something should indeed than faster. I wrote about that. My book loser think that you just always can say that there's nothing, that's good. They, you can't say and faster. So if you hear the people saying here's my criticise criticism, something should have happened faster they're, not legitimate players. That's not a legitimate comment could be true could be true because everything could be done faster, but not a legitimate criticism, because it's a universal truth that everything should be done through. So, let's less rebels
focus on the future and correcting fast correcting problems shout out to representative Gilan who to alcohol rehab, I have a little rule. It goes like this, roughly speaking. If somebody does you battery, arising behaviour in public, above having a good time with it and thinking well surrounding unfold. The political world. Of course, you were more likely to make fun of the side that that you're not supporting but when somebody goes into alcohol rehab- and I think this is legitimate, be surprised very surprised. If this is some kind of an act in which is pretending Pollack or something. But when I see somebody make that move, you did a publicly and and by the way, I believe, any of his story about what happened? I don't believe it
but also care, do I care? I mean that's between him and his family. I care about is fair But I don't care about personally doesn't affect me, but he went the or already happened. Here's my rule. I always praise people who make their step. Exceptions doesn't matter what you did before that if you can make their step and any willing to take the new. Take the heat in public, especially although in this case appalling helps him are you say, congratulations and- and thank you, congratulations and thank you. Now, that's all I want to say about it and I are full respect for that himself. But I want him to know, at least from one person that at this,
meant that decision. I'm completely supportive, and I appreciate it, and I are full respect for that. How many people have died. Emily doctors have died from past flues now as we're trying to figure out how much Is the right amount of being worried and how much we should not be worried? One of the questions I have is: is this typical that, in the past we were having doctors were dying from treating just regular flew because I had to be happening somewhere right, because the regular flew can also take people out in some doctors would be older over. Stay etc is, but I think that these rational, younger doctors, but isn't a reporting phenomenon. In other words,
is it? Is it true that every year there we lose a few doctors actually dying to the flu does happen every year and we just don't we'd have reported because at sea More like the baseline in are we over reporting some specific things? there are certainly worrisome and you know it doesn't mean we should treat the the ads. Situation and the less seriously but I'm just wondering if the when we are about the doctors who are dying. If if any of this is because, as there's more reporting about it question, but the seriousness, of course, should not be underestimated and. The reason that matters there is the matters to us is that I would like to know the odds of dying if I get it. And the only way, I know that
No, how many infected people are not having problems. So, if you tell me, Scott is very normal for doctors to be dying during flew season from catching the flu, it's just the low percentage we don't reported. It's just sort of baseline badness. If I knew that, that's what I was saying about these doctors dying was just more of that. Then that would give me a little more comfort than if I get it. I'm not gonna die So it has to do with our national state of mind, which is important, because this is in a way. What we're, having is an information in psychology problem, and we have to treat That way, as well as health and physical problem. But I'd like to know if more doctors, more young doctors, especially are dying from this flu than from last flues, because that would that would give me some information
should I contracted from that point on what are my art thou? Give me some information right. What about. What about maybe I've already talk? I will talk about Birdie invited here again. Are you you just watch to happen in real time, I'm so uninterested in binding and Bernie Sanders that I just forgot to talk about. It was like the Big NEWS that, the virus last night, the biggest news literally just forgot to talk about a year ago back to it, What I saw I refer to it as a pillow fighting a nursing home like all of that is that there was a lot of activity there They were loudly. Are we talking about stuff, but it
like two old men just go and they were punching as hard as they could, but it was sort of like a pillow fight, punch, It fell to me that there were no no real blows landed. If you are a partisan, you would look and see our air. There was a time them Bernie cornered yeoman that and that lie nobody cares. There was time Biden did their good thing. They really Healy showed his presidential Maybe nobody cares. Here's my here's, my summary of it. The by summary. Is that because Biden Lucy one by didn't. Look
I feel I have to admit by didn't look to healthier that I've seen em wasn't there. I missed the first part, but somebody said he coughed that happened because you didn't kill off for the rest of the the, and but I was waiting to see if there was a video of it. I saw that Hashtag Biden Cough where's trending and then I look for ever happens in the video yet so can anybody tell me in the comments that coffee look like it was a problem golf or didn't. Look like you're, just a dry throwed. I've been talking all they kind of course, In which we live it so so outside Biden, one because Bernie probably wasn't trying to win it looks that way. Bernie was pretty clear that if you didn't get it, you would help Joe Biden. That's a lot easier because Joe Biden apparently is stealing Bernice platform, which was a good play,
Apparently, yes, Abiden was to do some kind of re college for some kinds of people situation, these, basically just stealing one of berries, biggest biggest things now, here's an interesting thought put this in era cleared, throw cough requests. Camera. I heard some throw clearing coughing off camera, both always birdie, because I think it happened when by Talking so this is an open question. I don't think there's a reason to think there is a specific risk because that, but we should watch that. So, does this evil interesting to you. This was worn out of the ratio. Not endorsed anybody in
I just picked up her major one of our major signature pieces, which is the student debt forgiveness. Israeli possibility than Elizabeth World will be the vice presidential pick for binding, because it feels like he's at least considering it. Because if you are going to negotiate with Elizabeth worn to beer vice president, could you bring around the ticket if you had done nothing that she wanted? Probably not. May the buyer is prepping. The nation for bringing word on is always present, that's possible. Now I think it's a losing ticket. If you ask me, I think that that would cost him too much of the black vote. Thank you. I think she's, unlike a bull in a number of ways, she's too old, to be vice president. In my opinion, I don't think we should be picking vice presidents that are going to be in their seventies. That makes no sense at all
especially in the year in the middle of a situation where a virus is killing older people, can you really have a vice president who's gonna, be there seventies really is? Are you protect the country by having a vice president? It was seven years old. I think, sixty nine, and so I don't see it. I don't see it as a good strategy, but the fact that binding took Warren, you're one of one's signature things it could be he's just trying to declare the Bernie supporters outside Kneecap birdie, but give something to Bernie supporters of which would also explain it, But Elizabeth Warm suspiciously silent lately, so Kerala now
it's not going to say a couple of hers. Cobble heiresses is always been my first production and I'll stay with it and they all seven. For those of you stay to the end, I'll. Tell you a story. I've never told before and reason never told it is because it couldn't be told. There's a category of stories that can never be told until the situation is just right and. This is it, and I wouldn't tell this story unless I thought it would help some people, so gonna tell the story with the the advanced knowledge that Maybe eighty percent live, you argue, say Scott losing a little bit. I am not by that.
Sure that's true Scott. Did you just make up that story? so. Eighty percent of you're not gonna, have the experience that I'm trying to give the twenty percent know that advance, but Are you sure you're not gonna be worse off for it, and you will be interested. Twenty percent of you don't operate on a strictly rational, logical basis. That's what I'm gonna talk to Ninety percent of you live in more of the same if it were your own words he's probably say- was it virtual world, our we're all things are possible. Maybe there's a new age part of you. I need to speak to you that people who is still allow some mystery about how things work.
Those of you think we live in a mechanical because in effect world, and if you ve, got a good grasp of all that this won't. This won't be good for you. This is for the other twenty percent, and it goes like this The only thing I promise you and then look right in the camera and promising this I'm not making up any of this. I could be wrong. I mean I could have some facts wrong. They can have some false memory, but I promise you. None of this is made up at least lilies consciously for most of my life. I've seen my future. In advance right? Eighty percent of you just said like where this has gone. I don't know why I dont have a theory on it. It's just an experience. I give an example
In my earlier early youth, I saw myself as a famous cartoonist. Now I became one. What are the odds of becoming a famous cartoonist when the odds of being a successful cartoonist report. The odds being a famous one, really love, how many famous cartoonists can you name right, maybe twenty and and and the other- Nineteen improbably started way before I did the other there already surges famous people from the past in many cases, so they become a famous current cartoonist,
the arts. Now, if that were, if this were the only part of my story, I would say: ok, Scots got that's easy to explain its the thing you wanted. You had the capability, you work for you got it in the end. If you had not succeeded, we wouldn't be listening to you. So there's there's also a survivor bias thing built into this, but is not the only part of my story. I also had a vision, of a house. I would leave him years in the future and that I did I lived in the house. There was for all practical purposes, the exact house I imagined for years in and the like. Most of my dreams, I don't remember a kiss, tell you I remember much in terms of any dream. I read, and I think I have These visions, I call them we're not dreams. There were a solid, almost
like a memory of the future, that's how I experienced them in Of course. I always thought myself that doesn't mean that real. I may have this thing that feels like a memory but of the future. That does mean real and I wouldn't expect eighty percent of you even yet most of your party checking out before I get to the good part. There is good for coming in college in my freshman year was a freshman pattern, which year was but in college one day out, sound asleep, and I woke up and dead set, sat up in bed wide awake and I saw myself live
San Francisco, now I had no connection to San Francisco. I was in college and these ghosts never travelled here. Neverbend, California, didn't didn't even know any people. I didn't know personally lived in San Francisco and I saw again like it was a future memory of vivid picture of me in San Francisco few years later. I landed in San Francisco, having sold my car for a one way ticket to San Francisco and actually to California than I drove up San Francisco and I lived there for years and built my life here. I had another vision at around the same time. Again it was a future memory. Not like a dream, because I don't really remember my dreams and an opportunity importance, but the
vision, was me standing in front of a large audience, physical audience and and talking to them, and somehow I was a celebrity now. This was weird because, the time I was having that vision, slash hallucination, whatever you want to call. It was my experience, I'm not saying it's true false are not really meaning on it. Just describing. I saw myself standing for large crowds and they were listening just I didn't know what I was saying or why it was their years later, when the Dilber thing happened. I embarked on a speaking career and family, find myself quite frequently stand there and stage alone doing essentially stand up calmly to a group of two thousand five thousand. I think five thousand was the biggest now there was none
absolutely nothing. In my early life there was suggest that my personnel you my ambitions. Anything would put me on stage as a celebrity in front of a giant crowd of people and it happened. It happened. I have one other premonition. That I've had. Since I was very young, it's my strongest one. Now these other ones world the news. I have good news. I have become a famous cartoonists mass graves, good news about build, live in this you're cool house than I imagined, and I did not thousand men. I built this and it was cool, lose out, stand in front of big groups.
Tell them were something, and it was good NEWS moved San Francisco is nice place or used to be. But there was one premonition. Really really strong and it has, Wait on me, like one of the worst part of my life, it was my hardest premonition, my worst one, and yet as weight on me for decades and went lifeless In my early sixties, which is now there would be a national disaster that people didn T come, I never in my in the vision. I never knew the nature of it. And in the world I would become important in a different way different than cartooning different than that
I wouldn't know my role when it happened, and I think it's this because as much as this is a health problem is a psychological problem and somehow by complete accident, meaning I didn't plan it. I've studied my whole life for this this moment all my skills. All of my talent, all. Celebrity you was a capital, is sort of coming together at this moment exactly exactly as I have expected for decades. It's like clearest, cleanest, scariest, vision of the future and its this.
But here s the Good NEWS it works out because in this vision we get through it and we get through it by second together and we get through it because we can, because we're Americans because we're humans, ninety nine speech, ninety nine percent of the species on earth have go extinct. Not us ninety. Nine percent of the species of the planet earth have already gone extinct, not us that fuckin virus does I was coming for it. Human ingenuity is starting to kick in hold on two weeks, two weeks,
in two weeks you gonna see news coming from your fellow citizens, the best among us. That is better than anything you ve ever seen in your life. It's gonna be breathtaking, it's going to be hard. This next year is going to be hard. It's going to be very hard, but for the twenty percent of you, Who live in a world where cause and effect isn't everything? Maybe Maybe we're not a mechanical world. Maybe there's something mysterious something spiritual something extra were simulation. Maybe God has a plan any of those things but if it helps you if it helps you even a little bit. These visions of mine have not been wrong. Yet I'm not making this up.
We are where we were going to be. If these visions mean anything but we're in a good place that looks like a bad place. We're gonna beat this. We're gonna beat hard and we're gonna be fine, and I hope I can be part of that, and I will talk you maybe it'll. Probably this after him give you a little the lecturer free entertainment is our sports are gone and that's all for today.
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