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Episode 857 Scott Adams: Start Your Morning Right With Some Positivity

2020-03-18 | 🔗

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  • Positivities and feel-good stories in war against coronavirus

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Pumpkin bump bump bump bump bump bump bump upon everybody. It's time for coffee was got atoms, hey Jack could see everybody. You know. I can't tell you how much I look forward to doing this every day. I think it shows amend, probably figured it out right now, but I wouldn't do any of us. If I didn't want you well, maybe I would but in the emergency
Probably would, but I do enjoy say you up: there is genuine, is by far not counting family, Christina stuff. It's the best thing I do in that and I'm trying to be useful. I think we're doing a good job here and now. Would you please, if you please, join me now, for the simultaneous zip if you're not prepared you ve got a moment to get prepared in. All you need is a copper bugger glass at anchor jealousy Thursday, the canteen jogger flasks, a vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid.
I coffee enjoyment of the donor community. Now what is it the join you now for the unparalleled pleasure? How could I forget it? The dope minute of the day, the thing that makes everything better, including the corona virus, his coffee and you're, about to have it simultaneously with people all around the world go that corona virus doesn't have a chance I period. I pity the grown virus. It's trying to attackers doing his best, but we're pretty pretty good at this. It's amazing how much led standard or analogies work where this virus,
literally our strategy against the virus, is a strategic retreat, which is what were now you divide and conquer. That's part of what the strategic retreat is buying us. We're building weapons. There are literally labs all over the world building weapons against a virus. And the world of coordinated allies have formed the entire you, no power of humanity that the highest level of power, its ever been smartest, more capable most connected most determined, and we are focusing on one problem right now. If you were that one problem in the tyre power of humanity formed over fifteen billion years.
Lastly, ninety nine percent of species dominating the earth- I wouldn't want to be on the other team, because we're gonna kick your ass and it's not gonna happen. Yet how old way for the weapons weapons are being formed right now, you're gonna be a lot we can ever tests gets ever. Treatments, for people will get it little bit later. We can have some vaccines, so hold the hill and when I say old, I dont mean just stay healthy. I mean the economy order together, I mean the psychology old. This is different than a lot of
types of crises. If this were a real world war, I might have some question about who's going to win on this one. We don't have a question who is going to win? We have questions of when and How- and you know what the casualties of me but we're going to win that part's, not a dispute, so we had an earthquake today in Utah. I guess it just happened. Five point: seven, that's pretty big! I haven't raving about damage, I'm hoping that, because it's in Utah, maybe there are fewer large structures, less damage, but you good luck to the people. You don't know who did not need another problem. Here is something that nobody is complaining about this week for a good reason. Nobody is complaining this week that they know have meaning in their life.
Does that maybe I'm wrong or somebody out there who says? Oh, my problem this week is and who have meaning in my life. We see that it turns out that we, my my discovery after living Yours is the only time you you have that internal sensation, though you have meaning, is, if you open somebody else Now it could be that your building, your own power up you're, going to school to be a doctor or something and you're gonna be useful. So that gives you meaning you you're, just not helping people yeah, but you are preparing to help people. I don't think there's an exception to that I don't believe that you can find meaning in life by pursuing. I don't know your your sculptures that nobody's going to look at your paintings. Have nobody by
I don't think you can find meaning in life just as an individual. It is the meaning is the conductivity. This is what you're doing for other people. And one of the things this crisis has reminded us of his. What that feels, like because I don't know about most of you, but were you. Were you really engaged in trying to make sure that here fellow humans were were surviving, were doing ok,. Probably that probably were all just revolved with our owns our own selves, and there is really nothing wrong with that in good times to carry yourself, that's actually good for them Why too, but I think this crisis is just flipped everybody's thinking- when we read something that I found very inspiration. Which was this. Representative MAX rose
between that Leah amazed by the number of emails I've gotten from retired doctors, nurses and medical professionals looking for a way to help. If then, it goes on to invite more of them now think about that retired medical professionals, these people and add actually overwhelmed with volunteers, so I would eat out. There is no doubt about the most at risk. Person would be a medical professionals working with patience and anyway, whose also older and that's what retirement? Professionals are so these are people who are volunteering in waves to attack the beach these are people who just signing up for Normandy. Enormity was little rougher but percentage wise, but you get them.
Right. We will have a shortage of heroes. We actually have an excess of heroes. Just think about that. We have an excess of heroes, s brain so I've got some other positivity that I get to the job or a little bit for a few different things. Sometimes a simulation play games with you. How coincidences and such- and today is one of those days last Eight Christina told me a story that I was gonna tell today just sort of feel good story.
And then there's a headline. Unfortunately, a sad one today that Kathy Griffin's mother died. I think she was a very elderly, but if you follow Kathy Griffin for a moment, just hold your comments about what you think about her. These are emergency etiquette. You know where the crisis, so it's a little different, advocate we're not going to chew up the enemies. Are your political enemies are not real enemies but political enemies. That right just let me finish my story just hold your opinion of Kathy Griffin for a moment, so she's going to tragedy on top of a tragedy today and must be just horribly hard for her today, because she was very close to her mother. She was
ACT Sara. I said a little message of condolence but here's the coincidence last night, just randomly Christina said that I tell you the story about Cathy Griffin, and I said no, I don't think it and here's your story as I was twenty eighteen and so Christina Daughter and her sister were New York City for recreational reasons, Her sister had tickets to gather, driven sweating show that might not instagram. Here. Christie were just happened to see their Cathy Griffin was promoting or show, and she knew her sister had tickets to the show so Christina just it will send a direct message through Instagram to Kathy Griffin, who she doesn't know and as far as I know, Kathy Griffin is not aware of her connection to me. Cuz, I'm not part of the story. As far as I know,
She sent a message to Kathy Griffin and said: you know, I'd love to go to your show but too bad. You know I'm with my daughter and I have to watch her and Kathy Griffin replied back to Chris whose random fan, as I wish to go to the shout me big, sold out, probably shell, and at the Griffin says, maybe we can help get a babysitter and offered free tickets. Think about it. No Christina does not have an adult die. She has a very young daughter and so gathered rhythm offered to help babies. It your find somebody tell baby said a complete strangers,
Kid just offered. So you I'm gonna, give you some feel good stories, that's one of them. So you know Sandra condolence today. The least important news and new world happened last night there was some called the democratic primary for several states. And by didn't, continue to widen his lead on burning Bernie, continue stay in. We think too pushes policies which is About reason, stadium, because he's been six a swollen and getting that to happen, but I've never been less interested in the political event of you have ever been less interested in such a major political event, You know what I try to watch the news, and maybe is
because we just figured Biden was gonna win solution of surprise. It could be that could be. That the normal times, I think he's all we'd be talking about. I I'm talking about it because I know some of you will be interested, but think I've ever been less interested in a major political event, then than that because we're in this situation- I just I just can't care, but here's was interesting about this. The two most influential democrats right now in terms of this crisis, so you influential of them I would argue, our Andrew Yang, because the EU be I thing which certainly is gonna, get a test and Bernie Sanders then a very capable and loud voice for those working families and death, We part of their productive part of this crisis.
I think very end and Yang are the two most influential people whom they lost divine now tell me what binds them unless yours necessarily his job to do anything except run for President that is not a criticism I am, is more of a compliment to burning into Yang the losing it didn't it didn't, stop them from being patrons, didn't stop them from being useful, didn't stop them from helping didn't, stop them from being powerful voice at voices from four upcoming, inevitable victory over the virus. So thank you too. Bernie Sanders. Thank you, Andrea, Sue, Ann. You know images yesterday when I did my special evening, periscope, maybe I'd better. Yes raven data bash well known one of the most prominent funded voices on CNN.
Pointedly, indirectly, complimented the president for his new leadership style. His revised current one. And I really appreciate that, as as a citizen, I appreciated that use more stuff. I wanted to give you some more good added at my nose out of order, so Joe Pollack is reporting today that does stores are already restock restocking is hoped, delays and a few things like certain meets the eggs or back and plenty of Proteus. I told you, the proteins produce will never be problem, you're worried about a starving, there's no worry at all, because you can't hoard fresh fruit and broccoli. Worse
is the worst case scenarios in my after Easter vegetables for a week, even that's not gonna happen, because the meets already coming into so. The Grotius oblige aim as jewels as its treaties is amazing I have a little bit of experience. Gazeta food company start out for a while, so I got a little bit of exposure to either the whole food distribution. My restaurant businesses have a little bit more vision that world and the that I knew early is that it would perform know about what is the nature of it is that people can stay away from each other physically still get all the work done. You're picking the vegetables, you can there lots of space from you and the other people pickin vegetables. If your planet that way, you know if you're in the processing plant, I'm sure you can get enough this. So what is the nature of the problem that it would be easy to find people to substitute in Seville,
and lots of backups lots of YO. If this goes wrong, Probably our most mature and solid pipeline is our food, and so knowing that it having little bit of insight into that that world, until you ve some since a star is the last thing you have to worry about story, no food, we're gonna, be ok, the paper you here were starting to see. People realise that wasn't any reason to hope that the first place, if nobody and hoarded it we'll be fine, it's only the hoarding, because the problem and I think the horn and just cause the stimulus to the toilet paper. Companies build they'll catch up probably already are good. I read you a whole bunch of these positive, looking trend. So there are list, I'm not.
Until you the source, only because I am an S permission, but I think in normally I wouldn't read it because I s permission and it was an email, it wasn't public. But because it's the emergency, read you the Good NEWS. The good news. More than I need some minor old world etiquette about not tell you something that was an email, ok, so emergency etiquette- I wouldn't do this normally is good for you. So without mentioning the source cause. That's not important at the moment. There are things that are relatively good its relative world right willing the lottery goods such as better than better than we could have done so China's closed down is less Corona virus hospital because there are not enough new cases. That's that's very big Indian doctors, successful treating current virus with the combination, drugs, so they're using these drugs called lop innovation.
A return of year, oh shit, maybe you're, along with cholera fishermen so the Indians now have a body of experience. They may or may not be the answer because I dont know if I'd heard of most of these drugs, very valuable, so you seeing the using humanity with your pockets of knowledge, starting to starting to bring that knowledge into one unified. You met her brain if you will and when that happens is pretty amazing and we're really close to it. Researchers at the Erasmus medical Center- We have found an anti body against crony virus. I'm not a scientist. I don't know what that means, but sounds good right
a hundred and three year old chinese grandmother made a full recovery after being for treated for six days. Now. China is also released to us what all the things they tried they have released to the world. This is what we found out didn't work. This is what worked very valuable and when the president tweeted a thank you to the chinese people and to President she for their transparency and all the sacrifices made. I think it was genuine and you, I certainly am maybe the world's biggest critic of China, There might be people who make more noise about China than I do, but I'll think anybody hates of as much as I do and talk about the government, not the people- and here because I was the steps unto sentinel so for me, is, but it is nonetheless true, then I think
and it has done the world a solid, solid favor by working as hard as they have in by compiling than inflation Sharing and so were way ahead of them, because we know what they tried and that's a gigantic avenge. Apple is reopening all forty two stores and Jane I don't know what that means economically, so much as what it means psychologically, because apple has a whole donor or global consciousness there, just more important than other company. So when you see China is Apple, make any move. The first thing is is whether the smartest people we now so probably the right right move and there they have a de facto leadership role in the world, whether they wondered if you're not so apple good leadership. Thank you. Cleveland Clinic is developed over
I can tell the gives results in ours not days how big a deal is it there's somebody is hacked away to do attested hours. Instead, it is really really big. Now I don't know This can be immediately put into production anywhere else and and scaled up, but it's big. This Good NEWS with South Korea, where number nuke This is declining, so good job. South Korea, ITALY's to hit hard. But here the explanation is the the elderly population. There. I don't think that's the full story will find out more about that, but so ITALY, the Good NEWS, bad news- is there something special about them that makes them in the worst situation, but I think that's it. Story: will scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of a vaccine.
We knew that was coming. So that's good news. Three merrill run a virus. Patients fully recovered enabled returned. Well, I don't know it's just three people, tomorrow Filipinos, have recovered a network, Vivian researchers are making excellent progress together with the details of San Diego biotech companies developing over nineteen vexation vaccination working with Duke University in National University of Singapore, Good There is every thought all hands on board the mean everything's, theirs a body on the sidelines now I've been saying from the start, this is this is not a spectator sport if you're not in it, get in one way or the other, all seven patients you're getting treated in New Delhi Hospital recovered. Here's the most interesting thing, please from newly recovered patients can others and who are infected. So if
you got it, you got over it, they can take your blood serum here a global or whatever else, no scientist, and they can take it out of somebody. You had it and recovered recovered being an important part. Give it to somebody else, and apparently the early indications are that that can make a difference. Now, here's that's the Good NEWS balance, and so is this plan human globe and thank you so just assume. The rating I say about the the medical technology is probably wrong: button directly accurate here's, a good news, the more people they get. It. The more people recover and the more people are available as candidate for giving blood to be
this year, newly newly recover people giving blood serum to the two other people to protect them. So in the beginning there, not that many people that you could even get to volunteer, but as the as the crisis worsens, So too will our weapons improve now for a good reason. In this case, the good reason is that so many people, that now we have a lot of recovery people and they become the least potentially everything. I say about My work jitney just public Carry in your mind, know anything right now, but we have strong indications of some things that are really promising. That's worth noting, I put the slaughter meter the elect. The slaughter meet around sixty percent.
I didn't have a that over. I think my last my last use slaughter meter was room five and six hundred percent, basically saying that the Trump was gonna win easily, no matter what so that's what the slaughter meter recourse. That's just my opinion is not based on anything, and I live market down, sixty percent because the, The uncertainty of the crowd of virus takes, one would have them otherwise fairly slammed Unc reelection for Trump and unjust introduces variables that they cannot yet be. Fully seen supper is sixty percent others, a fifty percent greater chance trampling reelected than than by lewd win, but you have to postpone sir Certainly back under water, and of course, a lot of rhetoric is updated, so it doesn't.
What's going to happen at the end, it just tells you order visually if nothing changed. This is what it would look like. Something always changes, something always changes. What if we get go to the polls, we'll figure. Now, between now and November, I have great confidence that the full weight of the United States, power in energy and focus can figure out how to involve an election doesn't look rig. I suppose we get a yell that it was rigged over what happens, but I think we can is that the fuels well within our capability a wartime funding which were now that's. November is a long time way in a normal world, if you suddenly Scott, can we design or voting system by November and say what you ve been drinkin
I can't do anything. Laugh asked we're not. Redesign are voting system before November. That would be crazy, would be reckless and we can get it done, but that was yesterday we're on war footing now. Frictionless sorted disappeared in terms of like political friction and people just carping about what would be the best thing to do at this point that the time it takes between now and November, to figure out every town avid legitimate election in the United States. That's a lot of time in a crisis. If we can get that done, well I'll, be surprised I'll, be surprised, there's very early indication that people with blood group blood type a might have a greater risk than blood type o. And so I immediately went my online health records to find out what my blood type was.
I can't figure it out, so I wish I knew I think I would already know if our blood type all right, if you blood type, o your doktor topside tabs on the shoulder. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but this is just an assumption. If you blood dope, oh, I think people somebody to have shown the shoulders a you know. He'd be nice if you don't need a blood, because I think I will everybody that there is and must demand so you'd, probably know if he had blood type o if you're an adult of a certain age- and I dont know that in some guessing I'm probably There is also a way we're getting information that conflicts about whether you can get the corona virus from surface, as opposed to somebody breathing on you in some fairly intensive way and the conflicting,
information is that scientifically the the virus can live for a while and services a day or two, depending on the surface I think what is safer than something else etc. But glee. The scientists say I can definitely live on surfaces, so in theory, if you get it from touching something that somebody else touch but they also say that there are no confirmed cases where we know somebody got it from that. In other words everybody who has. It has as a story of a direct connection with a human being that they said they were close to physically club, So there's no case of somebody who says you know I'll have any connection with everybody I just, lived my life cuban, my distance, but wash my hands are much and I got corona virus now,
I don't know how easily we can tell. How easily can we tell the somebody got it from a person versus gather from it? object. I dont know that we can tell us whether summons uncertainty, but there are so many cases that have been exhaustively researched because, as the main thing you do- and so I guess it- you say I who did you talk to? Where were you and he knew deconstruct their recent history? If I know who else is infected, so we should have kicked up at least at least some people, Are you to say you know? Maybe they gather from the surface, because even if somebody got it from close contact with a human, You got it from year to year droplets flying through the air verses. Somebody touched a glass of their spouse, who had it now so
At least there is some reason to be a little bit optimistic that services are not going to be the main source of infection. I think we can. We can probably confidently say that's true. I think you can confidently say that the main problem is not gonna be surfaces but, of course, is still exists as risk, so Wash Williams usual, hence advertisers comprehends way for your face. So I think there is no question that it's a potential problem so treated like it's a full problem. So Democrats are trying to blame Fox NEWS for the slow response by the president, or at least not taking it as seriously as they think you should have they ve got some very clever, but misleading means showing the Fox NEWS House, your downplaying it while the while the virus was
worse now. That soon happened. So in terms of describing what happened. We are watching and so there is no question about what happened, but here's the thing was some kind of weird isolated conservative Republican Fox NEWS watch your problem. Can anybody tell me that there were any damage as in the country or Democrats on tv who also were saying well, looks like it's just the flu. Does anybody think that now excusing anybody for anything? That's not my job and I don't want to look back too much. But I would note that I think we were sort of all in this. Together of people slowly, realizing that this wasn't normal. A lot of us went through that went through that phase, where we're trying to figure out that it was but
Our second myself, who are the earliest voices, saying closed travel from China. Were they Democrats, who is the first person to say, close the airports from China? I think it was me A Democrat now I'm putting that out their provocatively cause. I want somebody to prove me wrong. But is there anybody in the public. I consider myself a public figure. It was already in the public who said who said loudly- and I was pretty worked up about it on January, twenty fourth to close airports from China immediately figured out later, but closer close airport now and then figure. Now I don't think anybody said that before Am I right who is telling you that the supply, the supply line problem could be as big if not much bigger?
the virus itself, whose aim a really early motion, which makes our knowledge. Is he a Democrat? No, I don't think so. I think is independent, but yeah you can. You can tell you what he s business Democrat who were who are the biggest hawks on China really early, so names like a Gordon Jane lands Bass. I don't I don't know their political affiliations are, but I dont think either the Amber necessarily classic Democrats iron, what they are some just put not out there, but these are the strongest voices. I heard that the people who were on this. Thank you. Tom cotton was next. One is going to mention Tom Cotton, who had never been on my radar before you. I've heard the name, and sometimes he was against the present issues that are really remember what they were.
But I would say Tom Cotton is showing tremendous leadership on how to think about this. How to be aggressive. How to deal with China on this. So Tom Gun he's he's no Democrat So I hear what you're saying your way you're, saying Democrats, the Fox NEWS has some explaining A conversation could happen later and I invited because I think, is actually useful conversation. You always want to already always wanted. Do an autopsy on anything that work and anything that didn't work. So, let's have a conversation, but let's not pretend this is. Served has got it all wrong. The Democrats were smart because nothing like that happened, nothing like that happened, so I don't think it serves the country to be trying to frame it that way at the moment. Let's have the conversation. Let's have it.
Later. I canceled the to surgeries for myself, so I had to upcoming minor surgeries that modern Around one was so minors not worth mentioning, yellow just well, then stitches getting rid of her assist wall near the system already is is cleared up, but I guess we have a little they leave. What's. Gonna wall will structure beneath the skin and I can't even feel so. I had the most minor surgery plan for that there was gonna, be attendance and walk out with stitches together that desk. Old until further notice that I had far more important surgery, going to have on my sinuses that is just postponed forever mental.
Further notice, so that when an interesting louse, I was contacting my health provider at the same time, they were contacted me. Both of us were cancelling the surgeries the same time, because even if my healthcare providers- and here you know we're not an emergency, yet, let's just keep your surgery on the books, and you will do it next week. I want to have gone ahead because I can surgery. The nasal stuff is is optional, in the sense that I could push it off better than somebody with a heart attack or something but it would have been a really hard well, it is going to be so if my symptoms return- and this can be a tough time for me- but I was gonna- cancel the surgery because this option and its emergency and people like me, you can just get her, get our business and of the health care
in a way tat. We should do it, so I guess I myself. I should tell you that this is just a personal note. I feel like we have a personal connection and I hope you do too, that I had a big worry. They went away, he's an mri on my sinuses was not just to get the lay of the land so that they can plan the surgery. It was because there was a suspicion that I had that there was a problem with the brain barrier to my silence, which would have been pretty big brown. And the cascade showed that it might be a problem. The MRI said no problem once it could be seen clearer. The brain barrier was intact. I'd never know this is a problem before, but apparently, if you're scientist problem gets to the extreme level than my did. In some cases the brain barriers risk is at risk and never
I guess what the infections overtime, but mine is not so. As of yesterday, I found out, I had a gigantic thing to worry about it. Just went away, and I got it made me feel good that wasn't sharing that with anybody, but toga news. I can tell you now new language Seven. Three, the rapporteur s me today why conservatives were initially so sceptical of the threat of the crowd of ours, which we, which many of us were at least in some some ways, Having said that, I tried to explain that one of the dangerous consequences of having a totally dishonest left wing news media was most Americans discounted, their hysteria is phony. New ones.
And one of the one of the key this observers, I think that's true. I mean I don't these complete, because it's not it's not as if the left wing news was the only when they got with things wrong. Certainly nothing like that, but as part of the question, I think they news business in general has some questions answered, left and right, but Nude is right. The the extraordinary disservice that are our news, businesses has been serving up, really hurt us in this case the really hurts because there was no trust whatsoever and I'm not sure there should have been. I don't think, that's the problem of the republic.
But blaming the public for not taking it seriously as soon as they should. I think that's misplaced. I believe that the news destroyed its credibility to the point where we had trouble, believing it until was impossible, Nor do we see, looks like the government is thinking seriously about sending eendracht checks use Not really you be Ibis were looks like that baby pro, airlines and small businesses and Trump seems to be aggressive about this, which is good. I told you yesterday so last night I give an update I sent a direct message on Twitter to the FCC chair, Ajit PAI. I hope I name right off. I did about the question of doctors practising stay borders and then he said Beth
these unsay badge and has been for years and the guy is working towards that. I don't know the details I offered to offer to help persuade if there's some personal needs to change, but I am a little disappointed that does not already done, because I can't imagine anybody at the federal level disagrees seems to be the local state. Licensing boards were being little. Parents or something I don't know what's going on- that's my guess, but certainly at the federal level. I'll bet you couldn't find one person who doesn't think this is a tremendous idea to temporarily get rid of the state restrictions and let you s doctors, practice anywhere for the emergency foretell telemedicine. Actually I just need to know who say now is a basic. It could be a case of just it takes away, how to say. Yes, if you got to get your ducks in order, you know that you, maybe you need to
research on things before he say yes, but if Anybody is resisting this. Can you get me that day, if there's any entity or person that can be identified who's? On the other side of that? At the federal level, here about the states. But if anybody at the federal level is saying no to this first of all, like you're the reason and if I am not satisfied with the reason I'd like an opportunity to persuade- because I don't think I don't think we'll take me more than twenty minutes, you give me twenty minutes with. Whoever is the problem and I will change their mind. I don't usually use persuasion at least say what
great but is an emergency, so I would pull out all the stops assuming. Yet there was no good reason for the four delay, but I would there's nothing. I would mean that would get that done. Give me twenty minutes in a room with wherever these remind changed or make that happen free. Let's see, we're goin on this really interesting- I don't know how many of you will remember this but correct me. If I didn't say it like a pretty sure I talked about this some time ago,
Aeroscope there if we have a vent later shortage, I asked: is there anyway to just make additional tubes, so the two people can use that later instead of one and then you have instantly double dear capacity cells. The first thing I said, which is, is ready, waiter, a ticket actor and have to people uses in ventilator. The other thing I said was we need some kind of a tutorial. Betraying the untrained and how to use a ventilator. Now I learned a lot about that since I made that ignorant suggestion, because it was, it was an ignorant suggestion, because I literally don't know enough about that world to be smart about it, but in the emergency I feel is good for us to float any idea than these consideration. That was one and smart people told me this said. Ozma
That's two to four years to learn to be a respiration. Therapist wishes the job that manages the ventilators. There are different kinds: ventilators, yeah yo. You couldn't quickly train somebody to operate. Later and then I ask somebody who actually does that job, You know you don't want the people don't do the job How are due to be to learn? W actually did the job waitin on twitter inside you, I do their summer respiration serviced. I work with our leaders, in my opinion, two weeks, two weeks so you're the things you need to know their lots of different ventilator types, but there are some was standard in the sense that you learn to use one. You would know how to use the others here. You you'd find the on button and there would be enough in common sword like driving a car. If you like
to drive one car you're probably could drive any a car. So that's the first time you don't need much extra learning for the other types of of machines. The second thing is that if you skip all the stuff, you know you don't need during you're a so normal world. Presumably you you're respirator people would need to be as smart as a doctor that narrow topic right I mean you do you're respiration observers to know everything a doctor would now but- a narrow respiration world? But we don't need that? Yes, we do have doctors with either going to be near by and in an emergency situation. At least one individual thought that you could take somebody who had medical training, let's say the empty or nurse
and you can convert. Somebody would already got a head start on the medical staff. You can convert them and maybe two weeks now, let's just one one person who does the job opinion and feels right kind of feels right doesn't. But here's the good part I'm continue. I continue to be impressed at ordinary heroes, stepping up A woman who is a doctor who apparently was part of a study in which they studied the exact question of whether in an emergency you can use one ventilator from more than one person turns out. She get it. She did. Video that she just whipped together for the emergency, and it was very well done, use just done on the cheap. I think probably done with an Ipad or something
She showed very easily how you could convert a one person ventilator into a form person ventilator using stuff. That's already at them hospital. So in other words, I guess they already have your parts. There's one part of the cotton you couldn't have to connect to things, but it is a common element and she showed it. She did a tutorial. Look pretty simple like I could have done it really and it was. It was a character for for one two, three, four four hoses one ventilator now does that work can one ventilator safely work on for patients turns out it's been tested. Unfortunately, unfortunately, there was a reason to test it. It was the vaguest shooting. So there.
The vaguest doctor, who had been familiar with the doctors who did the study so handsome personal connection to the people, did the study and suddenly he is emergency room is overrun with shooting victims from the Vegas, shooting and he needed more ventilators than we had and he knew about the study, and so he put that into practice had never been tested on the human it had been tested mechanically, but nobody ever try to another human. He tried it on humans because he had to urgency it worked. So that's not a clearly. That's not any kind of long range FDA test, but it worked on humans and it quadrupled the number of respirators now others there's a wild card here. If you have, four people have a virus.
And around the same respirator year sharing air, or at least there is the potential for sharing here and you you, you would probably reasonably ask yourself young is I can make it any worse will, as the doktor who did the video said, you would only be using people were confirmed and very sick from the virus. So is unlikely that they would give each other the virus. I still have a question or whether you could get somebody else's virus can make it worse only adopt you can use that. But the it was a doktor during the video and she said You already have the virus, Edison emergency is not the safest thing in the world, but if it's emergency, you can do this.
So one doktor in one place be here a hero said? What can I do and she made this video and she spare shared her special knowledge and now the ventilator capacity, the United States, just quadrupled there. Remember what I told you that the when, when geniuses get together- and this was happening with this grown virus situation, when geniuses, star sharing information, you form a matter brave. There will be more powerful than anything we ever seen and there when the results start to happen, that they're gonna happen really quickly, but it's gonna take a while to get to the elbow. This is one of those examples. Did you think before today did any, Do you think that you could quadruple ventilator supply in the United States in one day? Did I that
Was there in the world who said yeah, you know, I think, we'll quadruple ventilators blame one day. Nobody thought that, but we did we did how I'm giving you the optimistic view there that everybody can do this and they also the video and and thing I hope on part of a party spreading the the idea. Now I didn't, I think I tweeted it's, you could find it in my twitter from yesterday, but I imagine you good Google it something like ventilator share those taken actor corona virus, it would pop right up operation. So anybody looking for that predefined it easily. So that's good news Southwest mother technology. There is a report that balance here. Be believed us Peter deals. The investor.
Nay, I know exactly what Pelletier does sword the mysterious company, but they do something with data and and digging through large amounts, define stuff, and so the report says that Poland, here in clear view, I that's the app that law enforcement uses to take a picture of you and then they know your name are among the Tec firms now in discussion with the government about implementing widespread surveillance tools in response to the credit of virus. There's another one european system, Did you ever see coming that we probably could slapped together the technology from from existing systems that you can find out who somebody came in contact with by taking a picture them in my bring up the matter of how they would do and bring up there. So connections, find out where they were and are known
actually other works, but it seems promising peas, identifying people in knowing something about them is the primary thing we need to do to get a handle on this. I have said before that the corona viruses and information problem disguised as a health problem. If we have enough information that wouldn't be health problem and were watching the amount of information that we have expanding exponentially. Did you see the Biden LIVE stream of course again later staying home as they should, and today live stream in which he looked presidential in front of certain flags? Were the back background and appropriate?
and he gives us seriously- will address that. I don't know who has written or not, but then he's done, but they don't turn off the camera. And so there's is weird awkward thing. Worse is wife walks into the camera. To I think convincing, get off error because you just understand their awkward really on camera like he doesn't want to do. Like he's old. That's what's it look like. So it's wife comes in and the narrow Think Joe Biden knew why she was coming in You didn't know that he should get off the stage because he was looking weird and awkward and old, because the cameras running any wasn't doing anything useful and so
you think she's going into the hog, so he gives her a hug and she thinks she goes along and gives him a kiss and then they sore to walk off and thinking to myself. That could not have been a worse look at that really look bad to see a lot more than that who has been quite a critic of President Trump, is changing his rhetoric a little bit and today- I quote his team- is on it. This is Governor Como talking about President John, his team. Has there been responsive late at night early in the morning and thus far I've been doing everything that they can do and I want to say thank you I will say that I appreciate it if he s mother, good words to know of
course we only when the dust settles. Everybody will be finger, pointing and we'll get political again, but thank you to Governor Cuomo thank you, for, I think exactly the right tone at exact. The right time for for a little to the healing when we needed there is report out today, anonymous source Of course, that manoeuvring was warning in some kind of a private meeting with republican centres. I think it was you senators anyway, and he warned that the U S could see a twenty percent unemployment yeah. I was merely with republican senators yesterday.
And somebody there told the media about now think about them. There was somebody in the meeting who thought that the well being of the country was not nearly as important as being a little bitch and tattling about what happened in the meeting. This is the worst behaviour I've ever seen. Honestly, because the first thing is what is the word could mean in this context. You know, do you know when other time wicket we could have twenty percent unemployment anytime I mean anything, can happen to say something could happen, is sort of also saying is on the high side, he's not putting the percentage on it. But if you take that number out of context, which is what happened,
that's a number that could take the whole economy. This is the kind of rumour their works against the psychology of the economy in such a grotesque way that whoever did this needs to wake up today, and this is what job send his tweet about this out weeks, I think he captures raises journal I have a duty to report the news you obviously so it's not the journalist fault for reporting this. Even when it's bad for the country. We are we kind of, except that the news business has a special place. They can tell us good NEWS. They can tell us bad news. We have to figure it out, but once as news this news, so the rapporteur has
different responsibility than other people in specially in the crisis, and then draw goes out. He says, but by whichever republican senator leak, this conjecture, because it is just conjecture and it's the high end of conjecture, which is what makes it so bad, which can only have been made as part of a plea for unity. Let me raise, but whichever republican senator leave this conjecture, which can we have been made as part of a plea for unity? In other words, what malnutrition was doing was trying to rally people saying how this could be bad. We need to be on the same side, a plea for unity, inaction or wrestle with his or her consciousness evening. It's not about politics. This is war. Ass night pulled together totally totally agree. Normal business when people arrive tattle
these clothes mood meetings and running to their sources in normal times. I don't like it in normal times. I think it may might be damaging, but it's also just part of the baseline political weasel process, and so I don't care about it that much but we're in a different situation. If you, if whoever did this, doesn't know how to modify their behaviour in an emergency, they don't deserve their job period. So later, when the dust settles, should we ever find out with this was, I think, we're gonna ask issue if we want to keep them on the job, and this is republican, so let me be as far as I can. I don't care what what party there- and I would say this about a Democrat. I would say this about independence. I would say this spend Republican and I am whoever did that. You really hurt the country
There's no one! There are no two ways about that. That was a private conversation for private professionals to know what to do. It was not something you tell the public, because that's not the way to fragment from the public public needs the truth, but less framer properly, if you're going to give it to him. This was despicable, despicable behaviour and we can do better. Pretty sure we will. I remind you that, even though it's impossible to not talk about, what's happened to you, you can try as hard as you want, but you sort have to. We don't have to focus. So that's my last word on that topic, because I'm not going to focus on going forward my expectation for you, senators expectation that that's higher than wanting? No, if you had to rank it either, There are things you wish he had and then there are things that you expect.
I don't want you to stop leading to the press It's not something of what this is an emergency. I expected I expected song. Gonna say it's not that it's not always not what I expected get on board see what else we are going on here. Here's one that snuck up on me You know the the company's zoom, which is a tremendous product by the way you know, I don't know a global about too many products. I go about this one that this is the apple LE the air, but this like one of the best products ever invented review. I could quibble about a couple things about mostly that I lose it
but because their small items- that's my fault, but man. This is a good product. Zoom is like that so soon, as a video conferencing product that you can very easily send somebody link, they don't didn't know anything nor have any special software. They click the link, and you have here in a video conference skull cancer features is of great gray. Product in I've been testing a lot of different video conferencing things. I do pod gas in the pot castors as a guest. And the Pall Castro's all use different software and stuff. No doubt about it. The zoom is the good product may is really solid, love their product. I wish I could do live streaming, but what it does it as well, but here's the thing American Company s good right. Aren't you glad that the the aren't you
Add the zoom is an american company, so first all they're doing well that's great good that anybody's doing well. Maybe they can partially compensated, at least in terms of stimulus to the economy, before the people were not doing well, she needs some people to do well. That's great. American company, but here's the thing there. Engineers are chinese in China. So they ve done the smart thing, which is that if they ever lower the cost of labour tremendously by using offshore experts so the main engineers for the biggest most important business communication tool in the United States are chinese engineers living in China, China, chinese citizens, If you were the person who owned zoom- in other words, you are the company in Europe. I e the engineers who work there
Could you see were capture every bit of high level, business and political conversation that goes across that platform, because I soon works is the one I have zoom on my side and you ve got it on your side. It's the traffic is going through their servers. Is it not now might be encrypted? I hope is encrypted. But how would it be for them to unencrypted now, are right now, here's what I hope, I believe the the the top guy the found resume. I believe you would, born in China, but he's an American, so he came over here early in his life, so easy just an American. So none of this is about the entrepreneur. Let me be, as is clear about this:
The guy who start as soon as I don't care where he came from he's an American with Let's just put a period on that he's an American. He was doing what Americans do bill. Gregg companies is a great company. It's really great in terms of product body out of one or ability was advantage and until now I think. The vulnerability is a use using chinese engineers. Now can we trust that the chinese government cannot co, opt engineers who live in their countries? You can't all you can't trust there at all. Unfortunately, could the These government twistin arm away some engineer lives in China.
And works on the zoom product is, of course, a good, of course, a good now. Here's my request to the american owners of zoom see what you can do see what you can do my assumption and I'm gonna be as firm on. This is again that everybody who is working on this product, who is american once American to do well and knows how to do the right thing and will do the right thing. I don't know what that is, it could be. Of your diligently watching your code to make sure that, if anything has changed by somebody in China, you can tell. Now, not smart enough to know what that entails. In the short run watching carefully. Please, because the rest of us are going to be
watching it in the long run kind a need to bring your engineers Home Canada candidate, to bring their own, because I think that as a security, a potential security for I don't know if it is a serious problem, but as a potential one there's enormous consequences. You know all the most important business in the United States is going through. That platform. Could they put on a sniffer? They could pick out a key words and know what to listen to. They could technologically they could, but again the founders, an American. I have every reason he's gonna do the right thing. Every reasonably is on our side completely. So let's assume that I'll take care of that. That's that's! That's a request from the public. Here is a question I don't know: does proto virus
It's like a scientifically ignorant question. I would just like to understand this. It is a general virus question, so it's not specific to the krona virus, but maybe there's something different about. It goes like this. If you are, if you get a small exposure. Let's say you get it on your fingers and you touch your mouth and the virus comes in that way. Little just trace bit on your finger trace bit, got on your your lips and got into her mouth and then I grow. Compare that do, let's say somebody was on a cruise ship were confined spaces such as a nursing home where, where their exposure- maybe I we know this I'm more of an aerosol sort of sort of in the it's in the room as opposed to something you touch it once and put on your lip, and then I got in your body
offer those affecting the same way gears. Why ass the psychosomatic? We had a discussion it on my face. I will wash my hands at the moment. I turn of Sicily, so physically. Do you have the same outcome? If you got a small infection work, its way into your body, verses, you're, you're, sort of marinating in virus. Sort of common, your ears near mouse, new skin, you maybe you're getting into multiple different ways. At the same time, What do you have a better outcome by getting something that groups only through one opening, because your body would would get the warning faster and more time to to build up a defence Versus you're, just overwhelm than is coming from everywhere in and then you're dead, because the reason this is important. It is
would tell us a lot about mitigation. You know it will tell me that if I simply stay six feet away from people and don't stay in the same room with people for too long, and that sort of thing that perhaps even if I caught it, perhaps I would get the the slow growing kind. That maybe gives me a little time to build up my defensive search, just a question Somebody says our bodies. Have no defence will that's not true. We build the defence. Yes, we recognise your body kicks out, say that's a defence people ever from somebody says, is not the same lot or know. If any of you are experts on his recent comments, so that some somebody's speculating that the the size of the viral load matters and I've heard that, but I'd like here from somebody who's an expert because it could be, it could be one of them. The main determinants
Of where things are gonna go why everybody was answering you say yes, but I don't know if any of your expert so put it, but Ass Rick's on that, maybe we'll find out more. Those are the points I wanted to talk about. The traffickers. You ve got other things to do. I hope on being helpful- and I will know when, but I'll probably trying to pop on again tonight we take enough in this. Can we just get your comments now because I've been sorted looking at my notes into now, will I love you to stay safe, dad got it, but only one of three
Instead it happened in my city here, that's good news: if, if a family member gets it and only one other family member, guess it in you and even new sensitive separated them, it's pretty good news. Replacing the vice like it's time to go. Thank you so much for joining me. I will see later today.
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